Zach finds out what a pervert is.
Face it, anyone under the age of 16 must find money where they can. From delivering newspapers to cutting lawns, it all adds up.

Although I had a paper route, the pay was monthly. How crazy is that? This eleven year old needed his candy, pop, and comic books now; not a month from now! So, I mowed the neighbor’s lawns on weekends. 5 bucks a yard to an eleven year old boy doing three yards on a Saturday was a fortune!

A house around the street corner had been vacant all winter long but I noticed a moving van there this summer Saturday as I worked the yard behind it. A family of three seemed to be busy emptying out the moving van. The husband was an older man, gray on his side burns, Dockers and polo, white tube socks and sneakers. His wife, seeming flustered, was rearranging the items as the husband placed them just anywhere. With light red hair, a wife beater shirt and blue jeans, I thought she looked pretty good for someone of her age.

Then the appearance of their daughter shook me from my thoughts. Wearing track shorts and a halter top, she came bouncing out of the house with a hundred questions for her parents. “Where do I…” “What do I…”, etc. I guessed her age to be around sixteen if not older. Blonde hair with a tint of red, God mixed the parent’s hair together to get that effect, I supposed. Perky nose, small breasts, and shapely legs, she struck me as a very pretty girl. At the ripe old age of eleven, I was struggling with the word “girl”. Was she a girl? Perhaps young woman fitted the description more but I certainly knew she wasn’t in the adult category.
Since I was only eleven, nothing sexual entered my thoughts; after all, I had no clue what sex was to begin with. I did my best to phrase her in my mind as a piece of artwork. She captivated my interest so much; all I could do was drop the rake I was holding while gawked.

Picking the rake back up and turning back to them, I then saw I had their undivided attention. Not what I expected nor wanted, but I wasn’t going to stand there looking retarded and decided to make the best of the situation.
“Er… Hi!” I said, as straight forward as possible.
I received a chorus of hellos from the three of them.
“My name is Zach. I do the yard work for the neighborhood. You guys just moving in, I see.”
The father said, “Yep, we’ve taken over the place.”, with an arm wave over the property.
“Awesome!”, I replied, “Should you need your yard tended to, I’d like to earn your trust in doing it for you.”

“Well, we’re moving in today and tomorrow, perhaps next weekend?”

They had a much bigger yard than the neighbors had on my block. Do I charge them more or go with the standard 5 bucks? Thinking they may find out what another neighbor was being charged and the yard didn’t have a lot of obstacles in the way, I said, “I’ll mow and rake the yard for 5 dollars if you can take care of any weeding that might be needed”, noticing the wife and daughter still glaring at me.
“Sounds like a deal!” he stated shaking my hand.

“I’m Bob”, said the father, “And this is my wife Sally and my daughter Melissa. We are the Benson’s.”
“Good to meet all of you.” I said as cheerfully as possible. I know that if it were me moving into a strange new place, I’d like to find a friendly face.

We then settled on next Saturday and the time. Since they were moving in from an apartment, they had no yard equipment to speak of. I mentioned that I had a lawn mower and rakes. I explained that my parents weren’t quite ready to trust me with a weed eater. We finished the business at hand
Sally waved, turned and walked away, headed back to her rearranging. Bob nodded and headed back into the moving van. Melissa just stood there, eying me from head to toe. Then she realized she was by herself and headed back into the house.

I turned back to the chore at hand and passed the glass screen door, catching a glimpse of myself in its reflection. I stopped dead in my tracks. Backed up and studied my appearance.
Wearing no shirt, I could see my ribs from my gangly 5 ft. tall body. My shorts had fallen way below my belly button and caught by my hips, saving me from the embarrassment of losing my pants. My hair was messed up, giving it a wild prairie look. Sweat covered me from the excursion in the hot sun… oh, and I had grass that had blown up from the lawn mower and stuck to my sweaty body from head to toe.

“Way to make a first impression goof ball.” I thought, looking like I rolled around in a hay field for giggles. “At least you got another 5 bucks next week.”
I finished up the yard work on old Mrs. Henderson’s place and headed home.

Next Saturday arrived and I headed out to get my yard equipment. Pulling the lawn mower, broom and rake with some garbage bags draped around my neck, I headed across the street to the three neighbors there. This was going to be fast work. There was no fences between the three houses and I could start from one end of the first house and mow all the way through the other two houses. I had it down to a science. Six strips with the lawn mower in the front did all three lawns at once. Doing the hardest back yard first, the next hardest, then the easiest, I was done in two hours.

Perfect! This put me on time with the new neighbors around the corner. Grabbing a full garbage bag and tossing it into waste can of the last house done, I was on my way.

Carrying the broom and rake like a soldier does his rifle, pushing the mower in front of me, I rounded the corner and dumped my gear in their yard. I looked around and wondered if maybe I should ring their bell and let them know I was here. Glancing up to the second story window, I saw Melissa pulling her shirt off and putting on a different one. I thought she had a pretty lacy bra on but it was all silhouetted from the inside of the house. She caught me out of the corner of her eye and whipped her head in my direction. “Well heck.” I thought. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t know she was going to change right in front of her window! All I really could do was wave at her. I figured it would be about 10 seconds before that house knew I was there and ringing that doorbell wasn’t going to be necessary.

I waited about thirty seconds. Nothing; Nada; Zippo. A full minute passed. No banshee screams, no mamma bears running out to defend their young. No bullets whizzing past my head. I sure wasn’t going to look up to the second story window again so I just started mowing the lawn.
Finishing it up, I moved to the back yard. Coming through the gate, I studied my task at hand, thinking about where to start so that I could make it quick and easy.
I was startled when a voice on my left said, “I saw you.”

Snapping my head in the direction of the voice, I saw Melissa sitting on the back stoop. Her head was tilted sideways, resting on her balled up hand with her elbow propped up on her knee.

Well, what was I supposed to say? “I saw you first.” Was all I could think of.

She said, “I saw you perving me.”

That’s a new word for me. “I don’t know if I was.”

“Sure you do. You were perving me changing shirts.” She said flatly.

“Ok, could you help me to understand what ‘perving’ is?”

Melissa lets out one big dramatized sigh, “You really are stupid, aren’t you?”

I drew offence at that. “My dad tells me that a lack of knowledge is ignorance, stupidity is having the knowledge and not using it. Therefore, I am ignorant of the word ‘perving’.”

She said, “You were eying me while my shirt was off. Perving is short for acting like a pervert.”
Well, I’ve heard of perverts. I thought it was supposed to be some old man wanting to do bad things with children.

“I’m too young to be a pervert.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Just how old do you think a pervert has to be?” she said wistfully.

“Well, I don’t have any idea what a pervert does. Perverts do mean things to children, is all I know and you don’t look like a child and I don’t look like pervert.”

“Aren’t you a boy?” she questioned.

“Yep, a full-blooded American boy.” I said with pride.

“Boys aren’t supposed to watch girls change clothes. I’ve got boobies that boys aren’t supposed to see.”
“Oh, I think it would be ok if I did. I wouldn’t know what to do if I did see them. Besides, it wouldn’t bother me if a girl seen me change my shirt.”

Laughing, she said, “You don’t have to tell me that! I saw you last week and it didn’t bother you at all going around without a shirt.”

“Most boys I know don’t worry about wearing a shirt or if a girl sees them changing into them.”

“Why are you wearing a shirt now?” she asked.

I told her, “Last week I noticed you staring at me and I found all the grass that stuck to me because I was sweating so much.” Then I said, “I wanted to make a good impression so I wouldn’t appear to be some street bum.”

Waving her hand she said, “You don’t have to worry about that. We have already met. Why don’t you take your shirt off now?”

I shrugged and reached for the bottom of my shirt. I hesitated half way when I noticed her eyeing me very intently.

“Are you going to be um… ‘perving’ me when I’m taking it off?” I asked.

A wide grin crossed her face at that and she said, “You are clueless! Girls don’t perve on boys!”

“Well, I just don’t get it. A boy perves on girls but girls don’t perve on boys.” I said, while I finished taking off my shirt and tossing it on the step below her.

Seeing that I was lost she said, “When a boy perves on a girl, his thingy gets hard.”, pointing to my secret place.
Astonished at this I said, “That isn’t true! My, um, thingy doesn’t get hard!”

Dismissing my statement she said, “You’re probably right; you are too young to be a pervert.”

This left me with more questions than answers. How does a thingy get hard and what does a boy do with it? Why does watching a girl have that effect on a boy but doesn’t do anything to the girl? Are all boys perverts that have their thingy hard? How do I prevent becoming a pervert? My last thought struck me as the most worrisome.

“How do I keep from being a pervert?” I mumbled.

“What? How do you…? I don’t know! Try not to stare at girls changing clothes for one thing!” she said all exasperated.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was perving on you. I’ll try not to be a pervert from now on.”

With that I started the lawn mower, blocking out all other sound, and started on the back yard.
Melissa left the stoop and headed back in side. I finished the yard and headed back home.

Two weeks later, I was back on the four yards to do that day.

Working as usual, I found myself headed back to Melissa’s house. Needless to say, I didn’t dare look up to the window. I made short work out of the front of the house and moved my gear to the back. Coming through the side gate, I saw Melissa lying in a lawn chair face down wearing a swim suit. Remembering last week, I went ahead and took off my shirt and threw it on the last step again. Since she was on the patio, I didn’t have to worry about making her move so I started on the yard right away. I kept glancing her way, expecting her to take notice of me, but I saw no reaction from her. The more I glanced, the better she looked. I finally double checked my lawn mower path. Somehow, my lines were all crooked and a few spots I had to re-mow.

The closer I worked my way towards Melissa, the weirder I was feeling. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. She was a vision alright. I kept thinking of all the artwork the Greeks made and Melissa would out last all of them. For some reason, Greek art portrayed woman a little on the chubby side to me. Melissa would make a far better model for them. Another thought flashed in my head. Wonder what it would be like to just kiss here once?

That single thought affected me like nothing else. Suddenly, I felt a reaction in my groin. I had never felt that way before. What was happening to me? I rubbed my ‘thingy’ as it began to ache something fierce and right before my eyes it rose up and stuck straight out! “Oh My God!” I thought. I’m a pervert! What was I thinking? Why would I let this happen? Now, I am in serious trouble. My family will kill me, I’ll lose all my friends at school, I might even wind up in jail with the rest of the perverts!

“Melissa!” I screamed as I quickly turned the mower off and ran to her.

“What’s the matter!?” she asked popping up from her lawn chair.

“I’m in trouble! I need some help! One minute I was mowing the grass, then I turned to look at you and now… Crap! What is this!?” I stated with serious concern in my voice.
Looking down at my cut-offs, Melissa stared at my predicament.

“Aren’t you in a pickle!” she stated.

She got up and grabbed me by the hand and started marching towards her house. I stalled at the steps, pulling back, trying not to get in the house.

“What’s wrong with you? Get in the house!” she told me.

“I’m not going in there! Your mom will know I’m a pervert! She won’t let me cut your grass and she will tell everybody to keep away from me!” I said with fear in my eyes.

“My parents aren’t home on Saturdays. Get your tail in there!” Pulling me even harder.

She led me to the bathroom and closed the door. Turning around she simply said, “Drop ‘em.”

“What? I can’t do that! My momma told me to never let anyone see my secret place.”

“Well, it is going to be awfully hard to fix that with your pants on.”, saying so while taking a seat on the toilet.

“If I do, you gotta promise me you will never tell a soul. Mamma said to keep it out of sight till I was old enough to know what to do with it and I still don’t know what to do with it.”

“Yeah, you’ll figure that out sooner than you know. Now lose the pants.” She giggled.

Shyly, I undid the button and unzipped. No sooner was I done with that when Melissa reached over and tugged them down, underwear and all.

She let out a gasp and asked, “Just how old are you?”

I grinned and said with a proud arrogance, “I’ll be twelve in amonth.”

In my hysteria, my ‘thingy’ had gotten a little soft and was leaning over pointing at Melissa’s face as she bent over to look at it.

“Ok, I’m going to try to fix it now.” She said as she took a firm hold on it. Slowly, she pealed back the foreskin then stopped. Leaning closer, she looked up at me and kissed the head.

Zap! Like a shot of electricity, that hit every nerve of my being and my ‘thingy’ went right back to being hard.
“What the heck Melissa! You were supposed to fix it! Now you got it all hard again!” I was all kinds of mad.

Here I was all perverted like and she was making it worse!

“Calm down Zach, it’s supposed to get hard before I can fix it.”, saying so before she took one long lick of it.
“Melissa, you aren’t making it better. Look, it’s all red and it feels like it’s ready to bust!”
“Oh, it’ll bust alright. Watch this…”

She started sucking on it and sliding my skin up and down. Oh My God! She was doing one serious number on it and I thought both my heads were going to explode!

“Melissa! Something is happening!”

My body failed me. I started twitching uncontrollably. My head was getting light.
Melissa? Get off! I might have to pee!” But she just kept it up.

“I warned ya!” and she went faster.

I let it go. I felt it shoot up my shaft and into her mouth. I wasn’t done though. It just kept on shooting out. On the final shot, my knees buckled. My ‘thingy’ popped out of her mouth as I wilted to the floor. My ‘thingy’ wilted along with me.

Gasping for breath, I said “I warned you! I didn’t want to pee in your mouth! Don’t be mad at me!”

“I won’t call you stupid but you sure are a boat load of ignorant.” She sighed.

She proceeded to educate me. My ‘thingy’ was a dick, when it gets hard it’s called a cock. What I experienced was called an orgasm and yes, girls have them too. Boys shoot cum when they orgasm, girls just get really wet. When you have an orgasm, you aren’t peeing, you’re cumming. The liquid that comes out is called cum… and on and on.

With each new revelation, my eyes got a little bigger.

With all the new information she could provide me and all I could think of was…

“How do I make you have an orgasm?” blinking my eyes of wonder.

“Wow, you are going to do alright.” “First, you have to kiss me and get me hot and bothered.”

Showing is better than telling so she leaned over and started kissing me, instructing me to open my mouth and then exploring it with her tongue. She said to just follow her and do what she does. She kissed me on my neck and worked her way down my chest and over a little nipple. Naturally, I did the same. But there was an obstacle. Where I was shirtless, her clothes where still on.

I asked, “You want me to kiss your chest like you did me?”

“Nope, you did a fine job kissing me so we can skip that part.”

Standing up, she promptly dropped her shorts and panties. Placing one foot on the toilet, she said, “You need to kiss me down there.”

I was stunned. There was no way I could do that because just the sight of her special place made my 'dick' start to grow into a 'cock'. I could pretty much guess what would happen if I started kissing her there. I didn't want that pee or cum, whatever, to come out.
“Um, if I start kissing you there, my ‘thing…’ er, dick will get all hard and achy again. It is already starting to get that way.”
“Look, I just fixed your problem by sticking yours in my mouth, don’t you think you aughtta do the same for me?”
“I sure would like to make you feel just as good as you did me. I’m just worried you’ll think I’m a pervert when I get the same way again.”

“Wow, I keep forgetting how ignorant you really are. I was just kidding you when I told you that you were perving on me. Get that out of your head. Here, I’ll prove it to you.” With that, she took off her shirt and unfastened her bra.

Cupping the front, she shrugged off the straps and asked, “You ready to see these?”

Knowing how she acted from my staring last Saturday I stuttered, “Shhh.. Sure.”
With that, the bra fell to the floor.

I looked up to two perfect globes. Centered in the middle of each one was a nipple three times the size of mine. My dick started twitching.

After looking at those twins I took a look at mine. Man, I drew the short end of the stick.
I said, “Melissa, I have no clue what I could possibly do with those but I sure do understand why perverts would love them. Those look beautiful on you.”

I turned my eyes back to her special place. A patch of fur was on her mound and it looked like a slit below it. I leaned over and gave it a quick peck.

Melissa said, “That ain’t gonna do at all.”

I said, “It looks pretty delicate there, I sure don’t want to hurt you and you know I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Look,” she said annoyed, “do you remember when we kissed? It wasn’t a peck on the cheek was it?”

I recalled her tongue in my mouth and the way it ravaged around in there.

I nodded and attempted to scoot closer. She reached down and grabbed the sides of that slit. Pulling them apart, all I seen was pink.

“Wow, Melissa! That’s about the prettiest flower I have ever seen!”

“See that hole in the middle? Start kissing that with your tongue.”

So I did. As I neared, I smelled her scent. My ‘dick’ was definitely a ‘cock’ now. I darted my tongue out just quick enough to taste it. It tasted awesome. There was no describing it as I had never tasted anything like it before. I dove in for more.

Melissa grabbed me by my hair. “Let me control your head and tell you what to do.”

So, being so ignorant, I let her guide me around like a rag doll. I licked when she said “lick” and sucked when she said “suck”. Feeling the effects it was having on her, I started doing better… and better… and better. Soon, she was bucking my face like a bull rider. She guided my head to the top where I found a bud. “Suck!” and suck I did. “Now lick!” and lick I did.

On the final lick she said, “Shove your tongue in the hole!” and she started humping me like a dog in heat. Gasping for air, my nose hitting her bud, All of a sudden, I stopped breathing oxygen and started taking on water. She flooded my face with waves of fluids. “Swallow!” and swallow I did. I had a sudden thought; she was peeing in my mouth. I changed my mind because, trust me, a boy of eleven knows what pee smells and tastes like.

She finally calmed down and released my hair. I then realized just how hard she pulled it because feeling was coming back in my head. I rubbed it back to life.

“Ha! You just got face fucked!” laughing hard at me.

I was amazed. I looked down at myself and seen the soaked mess she left me in. That was girl cum I suppose.

Noticing the same thing I was she said, “I’m a squirter. That’s what they call a girl that squirts like I did. Most girls don’t do that.”

I got up off the floor to stand in front of her. My cock stabbed itself between her legs. She immediately slapped it away.

“Don’t put that anywhere near there. You could make a girl pregnant like that.”

She might have teased me about being a pervert but I was sure she was dead serious about that. It scared me to think I might have caused her to get pregnant.

“I am so sorry, Melissa! I would never do that! I don’t even know how to get a girl pregnant.”

About that time, we heard the front screen door slam shut. Melissa quickly started getting dressed and I pulled up my shorts. She reached over and grabbed some toilet paper, tearing off a piece and grabbed a hand next. Melissa quickly wrapped it around my middle finger.

“Melissa?” I heard Mrs. B. yell.

“Just a minute, mom!” Melissa responded. Leaning in close to me she said, “Follow my lead.”

She opened the bathroom door and both of us greeted her mother.
Melissa said, “Zach cut himself in the back yard. We just finished cleaning it; making sure the bleeding stopped.”

“Mercy Zach, you O.K.? she asked.

“Um, yeah, it’s just a scratch. Melissa made it all better.”

“Zach, you need to take a break. You’ve got sweat just pouring off of you. You are soaked!”, eyeing me up and down.
“It’s O.K. Mrs. B. I’m almost finished with the yard.” With that, I turned to head back to the yard.

Approaching the back screen door, I once again noticed my reflection in a door glass. There I was again with messed up hair and no shirt on. The closer I got to the door the more I realized… my ‘thing’ was on my belly button but my pants were down to my hips .

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