I walked into the bar and glanced around before crossing to the counter. I ignored the hisses and growls as the aliens saw me. Humans were a minority here even though the world had recently been ceded to us by the Alien council. Of course it had taken ten years of war and two billion lives to do it. Mostly the aliens here on Trinidad were harmless.

When the tender kept ignoring me I sighed, he did this every time and I was tired. I drew my pistol and fired. The room went silent as the huge nesting sphere exploded in sparks. The tender spun and reached under the counter. I smiled as I pointed at his head, “Go ahead.”

It froze before pulling its tentacle back. I nodded and set the pistol on the counter, “next time you ignore me the owner will need another tender.”

Several patrons snickered as the tender turned blue. I gestured, “Water and it better be pure and clean this time.”

It moved to bring out a bottle of water and set it on the counter, “two credits plus the damage to the nesting sphere.”

I smiled and slipped two slim credit chits across the counter, “You can pay for the sphere since you caused its damage.”

It glared before turning away. I checked the seal on the bottle before opening it and taking a drink. I turned as the door opened and Del the trader entered. He glanced around before crossing to me. There was more hissing and growls but it was mostly because they knew him. I nodded, “You said my cargo was in?”

It smiled showing lots of tiny sharp teeth, “yes.”

I straightened, “Well, lets go see.”

It glanced at the tender before turning to lead me out. His warehouse was just down the dusty street, across from where I had parked. I checked windows and roofs as I walked just in case. In the warehouse were several stasis crates and he led me to the side. He lifted the lid on one, “Bovine stems.”

He held out a med scanner which I ignored. I pulled a small compact one and he shifted. I reached into the crate as I kept an eye on Del. I pulled out a slim tube and passed my scanner over it before putting it back. A minute later I looked at the small screen and then at Del, “These are straws for Pas fish.”

Del shifted as one hand touched his belt weapon, “Your scanner must be faulty.”

I smiled showing my teeth, “I had it checked before coming here. I think I’ll call the council rep.”

He flinched, “There is no need...”

I stepped close to him, “You took two hundred thousand credits to deliver ten thousand Bovine class A straws, a thousand class B straws and five thousand Equine class C straws. Now you are trying to cheat me.”

Del looked around disparately as I pulled my pocket comm.


I looked at him and he shuddered, “I have something to compensate.”

I kept looking and he move back and turned to walk to a wide tall crate. He turned to look at me as he cracked the front seal and opened the front of the crate. Inside, standing together was two girls in their mid teens. I looked at Del, “You are selling humans now?”

My voice was low and dangerous and he backed up and raised his hands, “NO!”

I gestured and he swallowed, “Their parent female sold them as breeders.”

I almost growled and he shivered and licked his lips, “Another hundred thousand...”

I pulled my pistol, “I think the council rep better intervene. You took credits and tried to defraud me. Now you want to sell humans as breeders.”

Del looked around frantically, “WAIT!”

I lifted my comm and he turned to another crate, “Your straws are in here!”

I touched my pistol to the back of his head and he froze. He was shivering and shaking as I moved around and opened the crate. On top of the stasis unit was a Class three energy pistol. I picked it up, “You are dead Del.”

His eyes closed as he slumped, “okay, okay. These are yours. I got a better offer in Trendel and you are a...”

He shivered before squatting, “take them.”

I tucked the energy pistol behind my belt and bent to pull his belt weapon before I started checking the straws. They were what I had ordered and paid for. I lifted my comm and he looked up and opened his mouth before swallowing, “take the human breeders too?”

I hesitated, the odds of a human female coming here were very small. I finally nodded, “sign them over and don’t play games or I will shoot you myself.”

Del nodded eagerly and stood as I waited. He pulled out his comp screen and filled out a transaction. He hesitated before changing it and holding the screen out to me. I touched my screen to his and worked a translation before accepting. I made him move the crates out onto the loading dock and went across the street to my vehicle.

I pulled up beside the dock and loaded the crates before looking at Del, “I will be telling the community what you did. I would suggest you find another planet to work on.”

He nodded before running back into the warehouse. I started my vehicle and headed out of the small city. My ranch was two days away and a day from the nearest small town. I drove through the rest of the day and all night before stopping to get some sleep and eat.

When I woke in the late morning I drove all day before stopping to eat and sleep. I drove the rest of the way the next morning and pulled into my ranch around noon. I pulled up beside the large plascrete bunker that was for cold storage and unloaded the straws.

I hesitated before moving my vehicle to the wide porch around my house. I opened the crate and glanced down at the two girls before reaching in to shut the stasis off. They blinked and then stretched before looking at me. One smiled shyly, “Hi.”

I smiled, “hello.”

She looked at the other girl and bumped her, “Well?”

The other girl sighed and smiled, “Hi.”

I held my hand down, “time to get up sleeping beauties.”

They grinned as the first one took my hand and I helped her up and out of the crate. I helped the other girl and looked at them, “I’m Jason.”

The first girl smiled, “I’m Susan and this is my sister Amy.”

I nodded and turned to gesture to the porch beside the vehicle. They jumped across and I followed and led them inside. I knew they would be thirsty after being in stasis and went into the kitchen as they followed me. I pulled out the filtered water in my cooler and poured two glasses before handing them to the girls, “I was told your parent sold you as breeders.”

I was calm as I kept looking at them. They sipped the water and looked at each other before Susan sighed, “Mom was left with a debt after dad died. We were the ones to find a trader that would buy us as breeders. We knew there weren’t many women out on the new planets.”

I smiled, “to be exact there are twelve on this one, counting you.”

They grinned and Amy looked around, “So we belong to you?”

I shrugged, “The trader offered you to me and I accepted.”

Susan grinned, “Then we belong to you.”

I turned and walked back to my bedroom and they followed. I nodded to the other door, “The fresher is in there. I’ll be out in the cold storage room unpacking and separating my Embryo straws. You two can make yourself at home.”

I left and went out to the bunker. I made a few calls to my neighbors as I split the straws. Each straw held a hundred embryos and I put a hundred class A bovine embryos in artificial wombs and then twenty five class B. I added twenty of the horse before setting the rest that I was keeping in the long term stasis cabinet. I looked at the door as Susan and Amy came in and smiled.

They were both wearing one of my shirts which reached down to their thighs. They had the sleeves rolled up to their elbows and were barefoot. I turned to gesture, “Our cows and horses.”

They walked closer and Amy smiled, “We are going to have horses?”

I nodded, “we’ll need them.”

Susan leaned against me as she looked back and forth over the racks of artificial wombs, “what happens when you open the wombs? There are a lot of babies here.”

I nodded as I looked at the wombs, “I’m putting together nursing stations. Most of the straws I’m trading to neighbors for sheep or the new shogs.”

They looked at me and Amy grinned, “What’s a shog?”

I shrugged, “It looks a lot like a sheep but longer, wider and shorter. The hide has hair like a sheep but finer and softer. The milk is like sheep’s milk but the meat is like pork.”

They looked at each other and then grinned, “And you are trading some of these for sheep and these shogs?”

I nodded and turned them to the door, “the neighbors should be here tomorrow morning. Now, I was thinking of eating something and trying to get some sleep.”

Amy slipped her hand into my left hand as her sister slipped hers into my right. Amy squeezed my hand, “You need to fuck us too.”

I looked at her as she blushed and Susan laughed throatily, “we aren’t fertile but we sure want to practice.”

Amy nodded when I glanced at her and I grinned, “you girls are in for a long night.”

They giggled and Susan pulled on my hand, “We hope so.”

I laughed and led them into the house and straight back to my bedroom. I turned and started undressing as the two girls slipped onto the bed after tossing the shirts aside. I reached out to grab Susan’s ankle and pull her to the edge of the bed before kneeling and pushing her legs open. She laughed as Amy giggled and I leaned in to lick through her pussy.

It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and Susan tasted a lot better then she had. I checked for her hymen before starting to tease her clit. It didn’t take her long to start shuddering as her hips thrust up and she became wetter. She finally covered her pussy as she tried to close her legs and I stood up. I grinned as I lifted and spread her legs before fitting my thick cock to her tight unused pussy.

I pushed and wiggled and slowly worked my cock into her. Susan groaned and grunted as my cock entered her and stretched her pussy around my cock. I used the thumb on one hand to rub her clit as I pulled back and started fucking her. I used long, slow, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she was howling.

Her tight pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock as I continued to fuck her. I buried my cock and started humping and grinding and Susan jerked and started convulsing as she wet me, “YES!”

Amy giggled as she lay by her sister’s head rubbing her pussy. I fucked Susan hard and deep as I felt myself getting ready to cum. She bucked and thrashed around until I shoved into her and held her hips as I began to spew a strong stream of warm cum. She tilted her hips and shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock, “cccuuummm... iiiinnnn... mmmeeeeeee!”

She continued to shake as I pumped gushing spurts of cum into her. When I stopped cumming she groaned and slowly relaxed, “mmmmm... that was so good.”

Amy laughed as I pulled out of her sister and then she squealed as I reached out and grabbed her ankle, “Your turn.”

Susan laughed as she wiggled back on the bed and I pulled Amy to the side. I moved aside and spread her legs like I had her sister. I leaned in and started licking her pussy and she shivered and thrust her hips up, “aaaahhhh!”

I nibbled on her inner lips before teasing her clit with my tongue. She was shaking by the time I started sucking on her clit. She was thrusting up with her hips and pulling my face against her pussy too. When I used my lips to nibble and then bite she arched her back and screamed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I grinned as I stood and lifted her legs. She panted and watched as I positioned my cock and worked it into her tight pussy. She wiggled as I pushed in and started fucking her. Like with Susan I rubbed her clit as I fucked her and it was only moments before she was howling and wailing. She jerked and thrashed around as she kept wetting me.

I buried my cock and bent to kiss her before starting to jab and hump. Amy bucked and jerked as her pussy tightened, “fuck me!”

Susan laughed as I pulled back and started fucking her with long strokes. Each time I pulled back Amy’s tight pussy would grasp my cock and each time I pushed in it relaxed. A few minutes and she was completely incoherent. Her body jerked and convulsed as she kept clutching at me and moaning. I started fucking her hard and deep as I tried to cum.

A couple more minutes and I shove into her and held her wildly bucking, thrashing body as my cock erupted. I pumped strong gushing spurts of cum and Amy froze before lifting and tilting her hips, “mmmmm!”

After six large spurts I stopped and caressed her pelvis before pulling out, “Time to find food.”

They laughed before climbing off the bed and grabbing my hands. We made dinner together as the girl told me about themselves. I was a little hesitant but started telling the girls about myself too. After we cleaned up they grabbed my hands again and pulled me back to bed. This time I was pushed onto the bed and Amy straddled me. Susan positioned my cock and Amy slowly wiggled as she sat and worked it into her tight pussy. She put her hands on my chest and started rocking.

Her tight, slimy pussy kept grabbing my cock each time she pushed back and down. It was a few minutes before she became erratic and jerked and twisted as her pussy clamped down around my cock. Another couple of minutes and she was incoherent as she wiggled, squirmed and thrashed around. I felt her cervix open and my cock slipped deeper.

Amy wailed and started convulsing as I shuddered and cupped her breasts. I started kneading them as I thrust up into her over and over. A minute later she stiffened as I pinched and tugged on her nipples. She exploded in wild jerks and spasms as I began pumping thick spurts of cum up into her. She twisted and thrashed around as her pussy tightened and spasmed around my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I keep shuddering as I pumped cum into her and then we were both trying to catch our breath. Amy sighed and rolled off me as her sister giggled and took her place. I held her hips as she positioned my cock and slowly impaled herself. Her pussy was warm and slimy so my cock pushed all the way into her easily. She shuddered and started rocking and rolling her hips.

Her pussy rippled and tightened each time my cock slipped into her. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and became erratic. She wet me and started jerking and twisting, “aaaahhhh!”

I shook my head and pulled her down before rolling. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was kicking and bucking as her tight pussy clenched and kept grabbing my cock. I kept fucking her steadily and she started howling and wailing as she clutched me.

It was awhile before I slowly buried my cock and held her shaking body as I spurted and pumped warm cum through her cervix. She sighed and shuddered as her pussy kept squeezing my cock and Amy snickered, “wanton slut.”

Susan shook me and giggled as I pulled out of her and turned to lay between them. Amy turned to lay against me and her sister did the same thing. I had been up a long time and slowly relaxed and fell asleep. I woke to my alarm and looked at the two sleeping girls. I smiled and shifted to spill Susan onto the bed before pushing Amy onto her back.

I moved over her and between her legs before lifting up and slowly pushing into her warm cummy pussy. She shuddered and opened sleepy eyes before smiling and putting her arms around me as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock each time I pushed into her and it wasn’t long before she jerked and then started thrashing and bucking.

I fucked her hard and deep and she lifted and spread her legs as she cried out. I finally pushed against her open cervix as I began spewing my huge morning load of cum. Amy bucked and jerked as she tilted her hips and clutched me, “cum in me!”

She shuddered and shook as I spewed and then pumped and finally just spurted. When I stopped cumming she was panting and shivering as her sister giggled. I pulled out as she dropped her legs and rolled out of bed, “come on you breeders, time for a shower.”

They laughed as they rolled out of bed and ran after me. After going to the bathroom and showering I dressed and went into the kitchen. Susan and Amy were wearing another of my shirts and I shook my head, “we need to get you clothes.”

They grinned and Amy looked at me, “We could go naked.”

I laughed, “I would like that but you need clothes for when we check the ranch and visit other families.”

They grinned as I cooked and then pushed me to the table to clean up. I heard the radar alarm warning of approaching vehicles and headed towards the door. Sampson and Tracy were my closest neighbors and grinned as they climbed out of their large truck. I smiled, “You got an early start.”

Sampson snorted, “Tracy heard some gossip and demanded we come as soon as it was light.”

I glanced at his wife as Susan and Amy walked out behind me, “Gossip?”

She looked at the girls and frowned, “word from the port city is that you bought two girls as breeders.”

I turned and grinned at the girls, “Well, I didn’t exactly buy them. That thieving Del tried to cheat me and I caught him. He decided to give the girls to me after I found the weapon he had hidden and told him I was calling the council rep.”

Her eyes widened, “But their...”

Susan cleared her throat, “It was our idea and we want Jason.”

Tracy looked at her and then grinned, “You took him to bed?”

The girls blushed as Sampson grinned and I looked anywhere but at his wife. She laughed and headed towards the porch, “Tell me all about it as the men get to work.”

I looked at Sampson and he tossed his head towards the bunker. I led him across and in and he looked at the racks of wombs before grinning, “not waiting?”

I shook my head, “I got ten thousand class A and a thousand class B. The class B are the milk cows.”

He nodded as he walked to the crate, “And the horses?”

I followed him, “Five thousand class C, those are the medium sized ones, Quarter horses, Morgan’s and Appaloosa.”

He grinned, “and how many are you willing to trade?”

I grinned, “nine thousand class A and seven hundred class B. Don and Mary wanted some of the class B though.”

I looked at the wombs, “I’m also letting four thousand horse straws go.”

Sampson nodded and we started bargaining. When we were done I was the proud owner of a thousand lambs and a automated sheering station. We walked into the house and stopped when we saw his wife naked with the two girls. She grinned, “The girls said they go naked at home to save on clothes.”

I looked at Susan and Amy and they winked. Sampson laughed, “You are getting so fucked later.”

Tracy grinned as she stood, “How about we go take care of that now?”

Sampson looked at me and I shrugged, “use the first bedroom on the right.”

He grinned as he started for the hall with his wife following. I walked into the kitchen, “Save on clothes?”

The girls grinned and Susan leaned against me, “I think she was just looking for an excuse.”

I laughed and rubbed her butt, “I should take you to bed and fuck you both for that.”

They laughed and started rubbing their bare breasts against me to tease me. I was ready to pull them back to the bed when I heard another vehicle. Before I knew it all my neighbors were here and I was busy bargaining and trading. When I finally finished and walked into the house with Don and Steve everyone was talking in the living room.

Susan and Amy were wearing my good shirts again and seemed to be having fun. Tracy slipped up beside me and put her arm around my waist, “Your two girls are fun but you should really get them some clothes.”

I grinned, “I don’t know, they look good like they are.”

She grinned, “I told them to come see me if they need anything.”

I nodded, “Thanks Tracy.”

She nodded before she went to find Sampson. It was afternoon before everyone left and I was able to do any work on the nursing stations. Susan and Amy followed me naked and kept whispering that they were going to fuck me soon. I finally just laughed and grabbed their hands to pull them back to the house and then to bed. I stripped my pants off as they pulled my shirt off and jumped onto the bed.

I followed them and Amy pushed me onto my back before straddling me, “My turn.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she positioned my cock. She wiggled and pushed to get my cock into her and sighed as it spread her opened. She leaned forward and started rocking, “You can play with my titties.”

I grinned and tugged on both nipples as Susan laughed. Amy jerked and then grinned as her pussy tightened. She began to thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. I continued to feel her breasts as she slowly became erratic. She wet me and her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock as she yelled. I twisted and pulled her down as I rolled.

I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and she lifted her legs into the air. She hugged me tight as I slowed and fucked her with long, firm thrusts. It was a few minutes before she was convulsing again as she howled and kicked. I buried my cock in her to press, hump and grind and she wailed as I suddenly thrust into her. I pressed into her deeper as my cock jerked and began spewing.

She tilted her hips and clung to me as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and turned her head to Susan, “I love that.”

Susan was grinning as she pulled me out of Amy and onto my back. She rubbed my chest, “Do me from behind?”

I smiled and turned to caress her breasts and rub her nipples before rolling her onto her stomach. She tilted her hips and lifted her butt and I moved over her and positioned my cock. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her. I started fucking her slowly with long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was crying out and struggling. Her tight pussy was wetting me and kept grasping and squeezing my cock.

I took my time and continued to fuck her nice and slow. It was a long time before I felt my balls churning. Susan was writhing around under me as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. She was completely incoherent as I pushed against her cervix hard and began to spew cum. She jerked and pushed back when she felt the warm eruption of sperm as it began filling her.

When I was done she sighed and dropped to the bed as I pulled out, “silly girl.”

Amy snickered, “that’s how you breed a girl.”

I laughed and rolled out of bed, “I’m going to fix dinner.”

I walked out as they whispered and giggled and started dinner. It was a little while before they came out and pushed me away from the stove. Our ranch is well known now with milk cows and beef cows as well as sheep and shogs. So far my two girls have gotten pregnant three times. Once a month we have the neighbors over for a party. They still tease Susan and Amy and say they are breeders I bought.
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