Sadie teaches Agnes a lessn
“Continue your confession, my child,” Father McDonald encouraged.
“Yes Father.”

I rushed upstairs to finish my shower. Thank God I had turned off the water else there would have been a flood in the bathroom. As I stepped back into the shower, I couldn’t help but reminisce about what had just transpired. I had just been fucked by the Delivery Man; a complete stranger and it was good. I could still feel his cock splitting my under-fucked pussy. He went so deep inside of me. There were times I thought I would pass out from the pain as well as the pleasure. As I bathed my body, I water trickled down my swollen and raw pussy; washing away any evidence that it had been invaded by an outsider. But I was still hungry. Though my pussy had taken a well needed beating, inside I was still hungry. I craved more. There was an animalistic hunger that had been unlocked inside of me. In other words, I had stepped over a line and now there would be no going back.
I finished my shower then made my way downstairs to have a bite to eat. I was starving. Having had only a cup of coffee before the Delivery Man had come, I really needed a hearty breakfast.
“Agnes, could you make me some eggs and toast. I’ll also have a bowl of grits. I’m famished.”
“Uh, I’m sorry, Ms. Warren but we don’t have any grits,” Agnes informed.
“No grits? Why not?”
“It wasn’t on the grocery list,” Agnes replied in her thick Hispanic accent. “Besides, you nor the Bishop ever ask for grits.”
“Things change,” I snapped.
“Would you like for me to go to the store and get some?” Agnes asked.
“No! I’m hungry now. If you go to the store to get grits that means I’ll have to wait that much longer to eat.”
“I am sorry, Ms. Warren,” Agnes nervously responded. “I don’t know what you want me to do.”
At that moment, something came over me. It was as if I was possessed by some crazed sexual spirit if there is such a thing. I walked over to Agnes and smacked her across the face.
“Ms. Warren?” Agnes cried out.
“Shut up!”
I ripped open her black and white maid’s uniform to expose her perky little tits. They weren’t as big as my jugs but they would do. Without notice or permission, I began sucking Agnes’ tits. I could tell she was shocked and taken aback at what was happening. Again, all of this was out of character for me. I never did anything like this. But I was hungry; so very hungry for hot, kinky sex.
“Ms. Warren, what are you doing?” Agnes fearfully asked.
I then pushed Agnes down onto the table lifting her legs and spreading them. Just as I suspected, she didn’t wear panties. The only thing that separated me from her hidden pussy was a pair of nylons. I reached for a nearby knife and cut a tiny slit in Agnes’ nylon then proceeded to rip them. There it was; a hot hairy Hispanic snatch. I rubbed her thick pussy lips causing her to wiggle ever so slightly.
“Ms. Warren?” Agnes yelped.
Again, I ignored her. I was on a mission; a mission to subdue her; to conquer and to release her into this wonderful place of bliss I had just discovered. I placed my head down between Agnes’ legs, parted her jet black hair and began licking her slit from top to bottom. God, her pussy tasted great. It was better than any other honey I had ever had on my lips and tongue.
“Ms. Warren, please! What are you doing?” Agnes again cried out.
She’d soon see what I was doing or rather what I was going to do. I ripped the rest of Agnes’ dress open. She was a work of art; big perky tits and the perfect snatch to match. Fuck the grits! I’d rather munch on her instead. Once again, I took off my robe then climbed on the table hovering over Agnes’ timid body. Looking deep into her eyes, I reached down between Agnes’ legs and rubbed her quivering pussy. She tried to fight it but couldn’t resist what I was doing to her. Agnes closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride.
“Don’t worry, baby, Momma is gonna make you feel really good. I promise.” I assured Agnes as I kept rubbing her moistening twat.
“Do you trust me? Do you trust me, Agnes?”
“Yes Ma’am,” Agnes groaned as she began to move her hips forward and backwards with the motion of my fingers.
“That’s it, baby. Work your pussy up and down over my fingers,” I instructed as Agnes continue to gyrate under me.
“Mmmmmm,” Agnes groaned.
“Does your husband fuck you like this, Agnes?”
“No ma’am,” Agnes sighed.
“I’m going to make this an experience you will never forget,” I assured her as I opened up her pussy hole with two of my fingers.
“Yes!!!” Agnes cried out as I opened her. “I like that, Ms. Warren. I like what you’re doing to my pussy, Ms. Warren. Mmmmm,” Agnes stammered.
“Do you want to cum, Agnes?”
“Yes, Ma’am. I want to cum. I want cum hard.”
I removed my fingers from Agnes’ saturated twat then lowered my ass near hers. Moving closer to her I parted my legs so that our pussies could at long last meet face to face. Slowly, I grinded my pussy against Agnes’ pussy.
“Oh God!” Agnes cried out as I humped her snatch with mine. “Ms. Warren! Oh God your pussy feels so good against mine. Hump it harder!”
“As you wish, my dear.” I pressed my pussy harder into Agnes cunt while teasing her bulging clit.
“Ms. Warren, I’m going to cum!” Agnes warned.
“Go ahead, baby, cum all over my pussy,” I demanded
“I’m cumming!” Agnes screamed as she began to gyrate uncontrollably on the table. “Ohhhh!” Agnes stammered as jizz seeped out of her pussy onto mine.
“That’s it, baby! Let it go!”
I didn’t think she’d stopped. For what seemed like 5 minutes, Agnes screamed as her body trembled with pleasure. I released her leg then spread them to view her pulsating clit and drenched pussy.
“I’m not done with you yet, Agnes,” I informed as I lowered my body down onto hers. I kissed her; stuck my tongue deep into her mouth and tasted her tongue. I then killed her pretty pink neck licking up the beads of sweat that had formed as she slowly reined her composure. I then moved down and sucked on Agnes’ erect nipples that stood at attention. I wanted to devour her. I wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t walk or talk. Agnes was hot and so was I.
I once again began kissing and biting Agnes’ neck. I couldn’t get enough of her soft delicate skin. As I kissed her, I resumed humping my pussy against hers as she released sighs of pleasure and approval. As I continued to press into Agnes, I saw a shiny plastic bag lying on the corner of the table. It was a brand new turkey baster that had been purchased for our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. But the way I was feeling, we’d be using it before Thanksgiving. While continuing to hump Agnes’ pretty little pussy, I pushed the turkey baster deep inside of her.
“Fuck!” Agnes cried out.
“I want you to fuck it, Agnes. I want you to fuck it good,” I commanded.
Like the good little servant she was, Agnes began to fuck the turkey baster as if it was the last cock on earth.
“That’s it. Fuck that shit!” I commanded as I rubbed my own pussy.
“Ungh! Yes! Right there! Right fucking there!” Agnes blurted out as she fucked this strange object. “Goddamit! This shit feels so fucking good inside of my pussy! Ungh!” Agnes continued to exclaim. “Push it in deeper!”
Agnes’ wish became a reality as I pushed every inch of the turkey baster inside of hungry twat. It wouldn’t be long before we both popped as I was working my pussy with the only thing available; my fingers.
“Oh shit!” Agnes cried out as she rose from her back. “I’m going to cum, Momma,” she spewed before releasing a slew of incoherent words and sentences. “Oooowww!” Agnes screamed as she came all over the turkey baster.
“Yes!” I called out as remnants of Agnes’ cum juice shot from her pussy and ran down my hand. I slowly released the turkey baster from Agnes twat. Agnes then rose from the table and planted her hot cumming pussy over my face as she buried her head between my legs; digging out my pussy with her tongue and fingers. I had always wondered what a 69 was all about. I had just been schooled.
Agnes ate my pussy until I shot a load of spunk across the table. We then released each other. We laid down on the table licking the cum off of each other’s fingers. I had no idea what my pussy tasted like. It was good. Too bad, my husband Robert was missing out on it. Fucking prude!
“Shall I prepare those eggs for you, Ms. Warren?” Agnes asked as she sat up on the table and looked down at me.
“No, that won’t be necessarily. Suddenly, I’m not so hungry anymore,” I responded.
“But what about later? You may get hungry later on,” Agnes suggested.
“I’m sure I’ll get hungry but I won’t be hungry for eggs.”
Agnes rolled over and lowered her sweaty body on top of mine. As we tongue wrestled, I grabbed her firm thick ass and prepared myself for round two; wondering what I’d fuck her with this time.

“Well,” Father McDonald spoke after listening to part two of my confession. “It seems that you have a bit too much time on your hand. This can sometimes lead to mischief. An idle mind is the devil’s playground. Might I suggest you take up some kind of extra-curricular activity?”
“I did,” I answered. “Sister Amanda and I decided to start a book club. Like me, she is a stay-at-home wife. Since our husbands work together, we thought it would be good if we started doing things together. So later that afternoon, she came over to discuss organizing the book club and picking out a book to read.”
“And how did that work out?” Father McDonald inquired.
“Things were going well until Sister Amanda and I went up to my bedroom to retrieve some papers. That’s when things got complicated.”
“Complicated?” Father McDonald asked.
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