I had spent three years in the infantry and met Tasha a year before I got out and it was love at first sight, we were married six months later. I wanted to start a small home business but didn’t have the start up money. Tasha was the one to find the overseas company. They needed trained operatives with military experience and were willing to pay me a hundred thousand for six months.

Two days after I left the army I was headed back to the Middle East. I had received half the money up front and I had a friend who had become a stock broker and turned the money over to him. It turned out the… work I was hired to do was classified wet work.

It was a month before my contract was up when I found out what Tasha was. There was this internet site that showed prostitutes. They talked about pimps brands and how the whores displayed them. The site was based in my city and had the pictures of known whores and there was Tasha.

It even had video clips with each whore as she sucked, fucked and let her pimp fuck her ass. Now Tasha had always been reluctant until I got her aroused. To say I was pissed would be an understatement.

My friend the broker surprised me with my earnings a couple of weeks later and suggested certain long term stocks to invest in. Basically I was set for life and would never have to worry about money. A week later I walked away from the company helicopter and took a cab home. Our house was a small three bedroom two bath house on the very edge of town.

It was late afternoon when I paid the taxi and opened the front door. I could hear voices from the bedrooms as I tossed my bag on the couch and my keys onto the entry table. I started down the hallway when the man I recognized from the video with Tasha stepped out of my bedroom. He looked surprised, “Who the fuck are you!”

I didn’t even hesitate, I started hitting him. I crushed his balls as Tasha and two other women screamed. I shoved Tasha away before kicking the bastard in the face. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked him up, “Poacher, you branded the wrong whore! If I ever see you again I will gut you!”

I threw him towards the other end of the hallway, “Get out of my house!”

I looked at Tasha, “What the fuck do you think you are doing!”

She looked down white faced, “I… we belong to him.”

I stepped closer and grabbed her hair in my fist, “You belong to me!”

She looked at me wide eyed, “I owed him money and…”

I pushed her towards the bedroom, “Go shower and wash his stink out of you.”

I looked at the two girls holding each other, “Go with her and make sure you get his scent out of you.”

They rushed after Tasha as she ran into the bedroom. I turned and followed the crawling man as he tried to reach the door, I pulled him up and shoved him out. I slammed the door and turned to my bag, I knew it wasn’t over and pulled out the silenced 45 I had been given. I went to the window and then went back to the bedroom.

I heard the shower running while I searched until I found Tasha’s cell phone. In the two guest bedrooms I found the cells for the other two girls. I walked back to the front room and looked out to see the pimp still sitting in his car. I smiled grimly and turned to go out the back door after grabbing my keys.

I went around the house and slipped over the fence and quietly slipped through the hedge until I was next to the front entrance. Five minutes later a car sped up the street and pulled in behind the pimp’s car. He got out slowly and talked to the two men that had gotten out of the other car.

One man walked back to the other car and pulled out two shotguns. On the walk to my front door he handed one to his partner. The pimp was struggling to keep up and by the time they reached the door he was passing me. I stepped out and dropped him with a blow behind his ear and pointed the pistol at the two men that turned to face me in surprise. I smiled thinly, “Drop them.”

They knew better than to try something and dropped the shotguns. The one that had been talking to the pimp smiled, “your dead.”

I laughed, “I just finished killing people for the last six months and you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

They looked at each other and I stepped sideways, “Tell you what, you get to decide which of you I kill first.”

They turned pale and the other guy spoke, “We can pay you.”

I smiled, “You just said you were going to kill me.”

They tightened their lips and I cocked the pistol, “Goodbye assholes.”

The first guy dropped to his knees, “WAIT!”

I looked at him and he swallowed, “We won’t come back.”

I finally stepped back, “take the pimp and don’t even look back.”

I watched them quickly grab him and drag him towards their car. After they had driven off, I unlocked the door and went back into the house tossing the two shotguns on the couch. I found all three girls in the bedroom holding each other. I set the pistol on my dresser, “Pack one bag for all three of you.”

Tasha turned towards her dresser as the two girls ran out the door. I looked at Tasha’s lovely back and my eyes dropped to the dragon tattoo across her lower back. I turned away and grabbed my pistol and headed back to the front room. I glanced out the window and a few minutes later Tasha and the two girls came out dragging one huge suitcase.

They were all wearing short mini skirts and tight blouses. I shook my head but had to admit it was one bag. I tucked the pistol in the small of my back and grabbed my bag, “Put it in your car.”

I opened the door and stepped out and looked around before letting Tasha and the two women head for Tasha’s Jeep Cherokee. I opened the back and tossed my bag in before turning to lift the suitcase. I nodded to the back door and the two girls climbed in. Tasha hesitated and then held out her keys. I shook my head, “You drive.”

I waited for her to open her door before sliding into the passenger seat, “North to that small resort we stayed at for our honeymoon.”

I let her turn the radio on as I turned in my seat and watched the road behind us. I took out Tasha’s cell and started checking for pictures or videos. I looked at her call log and finally took the battery and sim card out, I did the same thing for the other two cells. I looked at the older of the two girls in the back seat, she looked maybe eighteen or nineteen, “What’s your name?”

She looked into my face defiantly, “Jamie.”

I looked at the other girl who looked younger and she looked at Tasha, “Marisa.”

I looked at them both, “You belong to me now.”

The older girl opened her mouth and I shook my head, “You are mine. That asshole pimp branded my wife so I am taking something that was his. You will work for me until I let you go.”

I looked at Tasha, “My whore is going to be paying off her debt to me too.”

Tasha bit her lip, “Debt?”

I kept looking at her and she finally nodded. I looked at the two other girls, “Do you girl’s enjoy sex?”

They hesitated and then Jamie nodded, “Yes.”

I looked at a slightly blushing Marisa who nodded as well. I glanced back at the road and relaxed, “Well, I have several friends that would enjoy you girls. Nothing rough or violent, they come back once a month from different places.”

Tasha kept looking at me as she drove. When we pulled into the resort it was late and I got one room with two beds. I let the three women use the bathroom to shower before I went in. When I came out Jamie and Marisa were both on one bed while Tasha waited nervously on the other. I only had a towel around my waist and turned a chair and sat down. I pulled the towel off, “Come here Marisa.”

She looked at my wife and then moved to kneel between my legs. Tasha was frowning as I nodded to Marisa and she leaned forward to lick my thick cock. It was a minute before she put it in her mouth and started to fuck it. I groaned and caressed her face to make her stop. She looked up in surprise as I looked at Jamie.

She looked back and then moved off the bed to kneel beside Marisa. She almost swallowed my cock before her head started bobbing. I shivered and looked at Tasha, “Well?”

She looked up from watching Jamie and hesitated before moving off the bed and joined the two girls. She caressed one of Jamie’s breasts and when she lifted her head from my cock Tasha kissed her before putting my cock in her mouth. After that all three took turns kissing and sucking my cock. I was in Marisa’s mouth when I started to cum.

I groaned and spurted a thick jet of cum against the back of her throat and she pulled back startled. Jamie took her place to get the next two strong spurts and then she pulled back and Tasha took her place. Tasha took the last three spurts of cum and then licked my cock clean. I smiled as they looked up at me and nodded to the bed, “On the bed.”

They hesitated and then moved to the bed and I shut the light out and sat back in the chair. I had a lot of thinking to do and relaxed in the dark to do it. The three women shifted around several times before settling down to sleep. Just before dawn I made a call to a sat phone and talked to a friend that owed me a big favor. I slipped out of the room and went next door to a pharmacy for a box of condoms.

After the girls got up, we dressed and I handed out the condoms, “make sure you use them with the other men.”

I took them next door to eat and when we were back on the road I gave Tasha directions as I started my touch pad. The news from home didn’t surprise me, someone had fire bombed the house. I shut it off and had Tasha pull over and I smiled at Jamie, “You drive.”

She grinned and I looked at Tasha as I pulled her onto my lap. I opened my pants as Jamie jumped out and opened the front door. Tasha turned to straddle me before I lifted her and positioned my cock. As I entered her Jamie took off, Tasha wiggled and moved back and forth until I was all the way inside her.

I held and caressed her sides until she finally looked up into my face. I caressed her face, “I was tempted to kill you when I found out.”

Tasha looked down, “I’m sorry Jason. I don’t know what happen. I was feeling depressed because you were gone and started using… drugs. When… he just kept giving them to me, I should have known. I couldn’t tell you and…”

I pulled her against me, “Its over but now you have a debt to me to pay.”

Tasha hugged me tight, “I will Jason, I promise.”

I rubbed her back and thrust up suddenly and she gasped as my thick cock hit her cervix. I relaxed with a shudder and Tasha grinned, “I forgot how big you really are.”

I felt her butt as she thrust back and forth quickly. She groaned and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. Suddenly she was erratic and incoherent as her body spasmed and shuddered. I waited until she sighed and leaned against me. I rubbed and caressed her, “Climb in back.”

She looked at me and turned and lifted up to let my cock come out of her. After she had climbed into the back I smiled at Marisa, “Come here.”

She looked at Tasha and then climbed over the seat. I moved her onto my lap and pulled her panties aside. I looked into her face and she looked up from watching me. She glanced at Tasha and reached between us to guide my cock to her pussy. I pulled her down quickly and her eyes opened wide, “Fuck!”

I looked at Tasha biting her lip and she looked at me and then grinned, “Get used to it.”

I held Marisa’s hips and began moving her. She shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed and tightened. It wasn’t long before she was grunting and shaking. Five minutes later she spasmed and jerked erratically, “Yes!”

She was jerking and convulsing as her pussy grasped and released my cock with the head pressed against her cervix. I could feel it opening as she stiffened, “fuck!”

I shuddered and held her tight as I spewed cum through and into her womb. Marisa jerked in surprise and howled, “he’s cumming!”

She continued to spasmed as her pussy milked my throbbing cock. I pumped strong spurts into her until I was finished and just held her until she sighed and shivered one last time. She looked at Tasha, “I’m sorry Tasha but he just felt so good.”

Tasha laughed as she leaned over the seat to kiss my cheek, “He’s a stud honey we need to get used to it.”

I didn’t say anything as I let Marisa climb in back with Tasha. Tasha grinned and turned her and spread her legs before starting to lick the cum leaking out of her. Jamie grinned as she glanced back, “Now that is service.”

I smiled as I closed my pants. It was an hour later that I had Jamie turn off the main road. We were on the outskirts of a big city, the houses here had high walls with gates. A few minutes later I had her turn in at a wide gate. She rolled her window down and pushed the intercom button.


I leaned over, “It’s Jason.”

The intercom shut off and the gate started opening. I nodded to Jamie and she started up the long drive. We stopped in front of a garage and I got out. Tasha, Jamie and Marisa followed me as I headed to a side door. I walked into a large kitchen and smiled at the large man leaning on the counter drinking tea, “Hey Sampson.”

He smiled, “Killer. Are you sure about this?”

I looked at Tasha, “Yeah.”

I looked at him again, “How many are back this month and do you still need an ops manager?”

Sampson grinned, “You want the job?”

I shrugged, “Since I don’t need to leave the country yeah.”

He nodded, “Saves me a lot of work. You’re still in the system so you can see what we have going on.”

He looked towards the other door, “I only have two back this week.”

I nodded and turned to introduce the women. Sampson grinned, “Mind if I try your wife?”

I felt a tightening in my chest but nodded to Tasha, “Find me after he finishes and I’ll show you our room.”

She opened her mouth and then smiled, “Sure baby.”

She walked towards Sampson with an experienced sway to her hips. Sampson grinned and looked at me, “Take the big room on the second floor overlooking the pool.”

I watched him take Tasha’s hand and leave before turning to Jamie and Marisa, “That leaves us to take the bags up.”

Ten minutes later they were looking around wide eyed at the suite of rooms. I stripped them both (except for the tiny purses filled with condoms) before leading them downstairs and into the play room. The two men looked up and grinned as I stopped, “either of you want company?”

Jamie kissed my cheek as she walked past, “Of course they do lover.”

Marisa laughed and came to kiss me too before heading towards the other man. I left and walked across the hall to a room with a hand scanner and a key pad. I placed my hand on the scanner and then punched in a fifteen digit number. A man glanced at me as I walked in and smiled slightly, “Killer.”

I nodded to him as I crossed to a calendar on the back wall. A minute later he stopped beside me, “Sampson said you have your wife and two other women we can use?”

I nodded, “Nothing rough, the others need to use them too.”

He touched my shoulder, “I sorry about your wife.”

I looked at him and sighed, “I didn’t know what else to do John.”

He smiled, “At least it is in the family.”

I touched a screen to show the story about my house, “I beat the shithead pimp and two strong arms showed up. Now they burned my house down.”

John grinned, “maybe someone should talk to them.”

I grinned, “I’m tempted.”

He looked at the door, “I think I will go introduce myself to your wife.”

I looked at schedules and made a few calls before setting up a planning session. I left and walked upstairs and into our suite. I crossed to the balcony and stood looking down at the pool where Marisa and Jamie were both getting fucked. I turned as the door open and Tasha peeked in, “Jason?”

She saw me and came in and closed the door. She hesitated and then undressed before walking to me as she bit her lip. I caressed her sides and cupped one of her breasts, “Ready for me now?”

She grinned, “yes.”

I led her to the bed and undressed as she laid down. I sat and started caressing her and feeling her pussy. Tasha sighed and shuddered as her hips lifted off the bed. I bent to kiss her as I turned and moved over her and between her legs. I pushed into her and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She groaned as her warm pussy tightened.

I buried my cock and pushed before going back to fucking her. A couple of minutes and she was spasming and clutching me, “fuck!”

I fucked her pussy hard then and she lifted her legs into the air. She jerked as my cock began fucking in and out and started convulsing, “JASON!”

She continued to jerk and spasm as I fucked her and I finally buried my cock and held her shaking body as I began to spew a huge, gushing stream of cum. Tasha wailed as I flooded her with warm sperm. She was jerking and spasming as her pussy contracted and rippled around my pumping cock. When I finally stopped cumming she was tossing her head and moaning.

I pulled out of her and laid beside her to caress her shuddering body. When she took a deep breath and relaxed I rubbed a nipple and slid out of bed. I pulled her out before slipping my pants on. I took her hand and led her out and down to the pool. Jamie and Marisa were both laying beside each other on a lounger. The guys were gone but the girls grinned at me as I let Tasha’s hand go.

She looked at me and crossed to lay beside the other two as I sat at a table. I relaxed as they whispered and giggled. It was a minute later that Jamie stood and came to sit on my lap, “I’m horny.”

I looked at Tasha and Marisa, “did you get off earlier?”

She smiled, “I always get off with my clients but my owner is the one to satisfy me.”

I rubbed her nipples, “Careful Jamie.”

She grinned, “Each day you need to cum in each of us to mark us.”

I nodded and looked at my wife and Marisa, “You two service the guys if they need it.”

I stood and took Jamie’s hand before looking at Tasha and Marisa, “We will have an early dinner after Jamie and I finish.”

I led her back into the house and nodded to one of the guys as he walked out. In our room I stripped out of my pants as she walked to the bed and sat. I followed her and she moved onto the bed. I laid beside her and caressed her before slowly fingering her pussy. She shuddered and lay back spreading her legs, it took a few minutes before she shuddered and jerked.

I moved over her and gave her a soft kiss as I slowly pushed into her. I started fucking her and didn’t stop when I hit her cervix. She lifted her hips and hugged me as she wrapped her legs around me. It took another couple of minutes before she began to wail. She was bucking and thrashing around as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

I buried my cock to keep kissing her as I humped and pressed into her. Jamie howled as her legs lifted and spread. She started kicking and convulsing as she kept squirting. It was a constant thing as she came continuously. Almost a half hour later I thrust into her and held her as I pumped cum. She stiffened and lifted her hips as she kept shaking.

I spewed and spurted and pumped until her womb was more then full and she was only moaning. I kissed her before slowly pulling out and laying beside her. She groaned and shuddered as her body relaxed onto the bed, “God you can fuck.”

I smiled and tugged on a nipple, “for my girls.”

She grinned and then giggled before turning to kiss me, “thanks Jason.”

I moved off the bed, “we need to get the others so we can eat dinner.”

Dinner was nice, we sat together in the kitchen as I cooked and served them. They talked candidly about the men they had been with and what they had liked. Tasha looked down before looking at me, “The box of condoms isn’t going to last...”

I smiled, “We have a service that brings supplies every other day. I have a few more boxes ordered.”

She smiled, “Thank you.”

I finished and cleaned up before pouring four small glasses of brandy, “I expect all of you to be in bed by twelve. I have a specialist coming out to look at each of you. If you want, he will permanently remove all or some of the hair around your pussy.”

I looked at Tasha, “He will also look at the tattoo. If you want, he will arrange to have it removed.”

They were looking at me and Tasha smiled, “I was going to ask if I could have your name added.”

Jamie and Marisa looked at her and then grinned and nodded. I looked at my wife and she looked down, “It would go below the dragon and say Jason’s Concubine.”

I snorted and then laughed, “Fine.”

Jamie and Marisa grinned, “Us too?”

I held up the small glass, “you too.”

I nodded to the door, “See if anyone wants you, I have something I need to take care of.”

After they left, I finished cleaning up and went to find Sampson. He grinned when he saw me, “I saw the request for a helicopter.”

I nodded, “I need to... explain a few things to certain people.”

He grinned, “It should be here in an hour and will wait at the local airport to bring you back.”

I glanced at the two composite single shot silenced pistols on the counter and Sampson grinned, “bring them back and we will melt them down.”

I looked at him, “The fabrication shop made them?”

He nodded and I picked them up. Three hours later I was stepping out of the helicopter. I had an idea where to go and (borrowed a car from the parking lot). The internet site had talked about a club where the pimp paid his mob connection or appointments were scheduled.

I parked a block behind the club and made my way through the shadows like I had done many times a world away. I waited in the back parking lot where I found the car I had seen the two men driving that had come to my house. It was almost midnight when they came out and started for the car.

It was simple to slip up behind them. When they reached the car I cocked the two pistols and they froze and I stepped closer, “I gave you a chance and you fucked up.”

One started to turned and I pressed the silencer against his head, “goodbye.”

I squeezed the trigger on both pistols and shot the two men in the back of the head. I removed the casings from the pistols as I turned to walk towards the back door. I reloaded them and opened the door that was supposed to be locked. A large man looked up and opened his mouth as he reached into his jacket. I shot him in the head and reloaded as I walked to the door.

I opened it and a man looked up as he opened his mouth, he froze as I stepped in. The other man in the room was beside him using a cash counting machine. The guy in the business suit sneered, “You don’t know who you are fucking with.”

I smiled as I walked closer and almost absently shot the other man between the eyes, “a dead man?”

His mouth gaped open as he looked at other man and then back at me. I lifted my pistol and pointed it, “goodbye dead man.”

I shot him between the eyes and looked at the stacks of cash. I grinned and took two packets and left. No one saw me as I walked out and headed back to the car. I drove back to the airport and parked the car where I had found it. It was almost dawn when the helicopter landed on the estate and I got out. I wasn’t surprised to find Sampson waiting.

I pulled out the two packets of cash as I walked by him and handed them to him and then went downstairs to the small forge. He grinned as he followed me and watched as I melted the two pistols and the casings. When I walked into the bedroom Tasha and the girls were sleeping in the bed. I showered and folded the clothes I would burn in the incinerator.

I slipped into bed beside my wife and caressed her hip before rolling her onto her back. I moved over her and pushed her legs open with my knees. I pushed into her warm pussy and kissed her again as I started to fuck her. I used slow, deep thrusts and it was a minute before she shuddered as her hips lifted. She put her arms around me and sighed, “morning.”

I smiled and buried my cock in her as I kissed her passionately. Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as she shivered and thrust up. I went back to fucking her with long strokes and a minute later she jerked and thrashed around, “oooohhhh!”

I started fucking her hard and deep and she continued to buck and twist. It was a little while before I shoved into her and held her as I started spewing cum. Tasha lifted and tilted her hips, “mmmmmm!”

She kept shuddering as I pumped cum into her and filled her. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed. I kissed her before pulling out and looking at Jamie beside us. She was grinning as I moved over her and pushed her legs open. I guided my cock and she grunted when I slowly pushed into her. I gave her a kiss before starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts and started humping and grinding and it was a minute before she began to shake and shudder.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock and tightened as I kept fucking her. A few minutes later she was wailing and bucking as I rode her writhing body and started fucking her harder. By the time I needed to cum she was incoherent. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy kept spasming and milked my cock.

I slowly pushed all the way into her and kissed her softly as my cock erupted and I spewed huge gushing torrents through her cervix. She jerked and lifted her hips as she held on, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and shuddering. I pulled out and slipped over Marisa to climb out of bed, “Get condoms and go wake the other men.”

They grinned as they slipped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. I grinned, “Or go to the bathroom first.”

They giggled as they took turns peeing before leaving. I showered and dressed before grabbing the clothes I had worn and going down to the basement and the incinerator. When I walked into the kitchen Sampson was eating with Marisa on his lap. He grinned, “This vixen crawled into bed and woke me up this morning.”

I grinned as I went to make a cup of coffee, “All part of the service.”

She grinned as he laughed and I sat down. I glanced back when Tasha and Jamie came in laughing. They made cereal and Tasha slipped onto my lap, “the guys are leaving.”

I nodded, “I know and in four days three more will be returning.”

She smiled, “so it is just you and Sampson until they get here?”

I cupped a breast and rubbed her nipple, “and John.”

She shuddered and turned to start eating. When they finished eating I stood and kissed first Tasha and then Jamie and Marisa, “go enjoy the pool.”

I headed to the ops room and my first briefing. It was a sat briefing with a strike team in Afghanistan. When I was done both John and Sampson sat back. I moved the op to the in progress server before pulling up the company activity list. John and Sampson stood and grinned at me, “We’re going to have the girls take care of us.”

I smiled and waved as I kept working and did a couple of pre op briefings before stopping. When I walked into the front room Marisa turned from watching a show, “The supplies just got here and that man you said was to look at us. He’s in with Tasha now.”

I nodded, “Jamie?”

She grinned, “with John and Sampson.”

I smiled and turned, “which room is Tasha in?”

She called after me, “the kitchen!”

When I walked into the kitchen it was to see my wife on her stomach on the center table with her legs spread. The guy working on her glanced at me as she winched in pain. I walked to her and looked down to see script he was tattooing below the dragon. I looked at him, “the hair?”

He grinned, “she needs to let it grow out a little first but it won’t be a problem.”

I nodded and looked at Tasha, “How much?”

He shifted as he went back to work, “two thousand.”

I took Tasha’s hand, “how long before it stops hurting?”

He shrugged, “a few days.”

I looked at my wife, “I’ll have Sampson give you something....”

She shook her head, “no more drugs.”

I waited with her until he was done and helped her down and into a chair. I helped her to the door and called Marisa. It didn’t take long to do all three girls and schedule him to come back in a month to remove all their pubic hair. I helped them into the front room and Sampson slipped them a strong pain pill. They were laid out on the three couches as he and John looked at them and grinned before heading back into the op room.

I worked a few more hours and came out to cater to the three girls as they moaned and cried. I made them dinner and carried them upstairs one at a time. I laid them in bed and turned the tv on as I sat beside the bed and caressed Marisa’s hip, “You girls are on sick leave until you feel better.”

Tasha smiled, “you know that man wanted to fuck us.”

I grinned, “if he did he would have fucked your cute butt, he’s gay.”

They giggled and I stood, “relax, I’ll be back in a little while.”

They were up and moving around stiffly the next morning but I woke the day after that with Marisa straddling me as she wiggled down my cock. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “feel better?”

She nodded and I glanced at Tasha and Jamie to see them nodding to. Marisa began to rock as her tight pussy rippled around my cock, “we will just warn the guys not to touch the tattoos for another day or two.”

I caressed her sides as my wife turned to put her head on my shoulder, “we have spent a lot of time talking.”

Marisa’s pussy spasmed and she groaned and shuddered before going back to rocking. I looked at Tasha, “talking about what?”

She turned to look at Jamie and she snuggled behind her and looked over her shoulder, “we belong to you, all three of us.”

Tasha nodded and rubbed my chest as Marisa rubbed her pussy back and forth almost frantically, “since you are the only one not using a condom we are going to stop taking birth control.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “It’s to late this month but next month...”

I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her as she lifted and spread her legs. We only stayed for another year before we left and moved to a large farm. We have a lot of men visit that work or used to work for Sampson, including Sampson. My wife and lovers service them but only as friends. They still wear my brand even after two children each.
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