A continuation from The Good Samaritan
It had been an interesting summer. Adrena had met with a few charming encounters; none of which would last but they were exciting to have. In the sweltering humidity, Adrena lie in her bed naked as she tries to gain a little relief from the heat. Though it’s night, her tiny room in the condo was known to be warm in the winter and hot in the summer regardless of the AC. Thank goodness she had installed a ceiling fan which helped to soothe her. As she lie on her bed in her birthday suit she closes her eyes only to hear the faint sound of her roommate Sybil and boyfriend Jason. They were at it again. Anywhere from three to four times per week, Jason would stop over to extinguish Sybil’s fire. By profession, Jason was a firefighter. He and Sybil had met a few months prior at a bookstore and after a few dates, finally set it off. No amateur fuck, Sybil was sure she could get down and dirty with the fireman but time would prove that she was no match for him. To put it mildly, Jason was a beast in bed with a cock the size of an aerosol can. And he knew how to use it. Their first encounter would prove to be too much for Sybil as Jason massacred her tiny pussy penetrating her for 10 minutes straight without coming up for air. Sybil lost count of the orgasms she had during this epic penetration session. Before the end of their lovemaking, Sybil would lie motionless in bed as her beaten pussy endured the brunt of Jason’s relentless cock. It would be a few days before Sybil could walk normally again. Nevertheless, she would continue to come back for more and on a regular basis. Let’s just say she got the hang of things.
As Adrena listened to Sybil’s cries and moans she could tell exactly what they were doing. Sybil was on top as Jason would often make her ride him. He loved to see the writhing pain and pleasure that flashed across her face as she mounted his throbbing hose. Her cries of desperation would soon turn in to screams of pleasure and hot sex as Sybil neared orgasm. Jason would now be planted deep inside of her and she would now ride him uncontrollably as her life depended on it. Wanting to stop, her pulsating clit wouldn’t allow her to quit until the task was completed. At this point, it was inevitable. She’d have to cum and she’d have to cum all over his cock that was submerged inside of her. Adrena imagined Sybil holding on to the backboard as she could hear the frame hitting the walls amidst Sybil’s screams. Her tiny tits would bounce up and down above Jason as she would have the screaming orgasm that only Jason could bring her too.
As they are momentarily quiet, Adrena finds her own love canal wet and in need of a little attention. She reaches into her nightstand and pulls out her trusty friend, Black, her 12 inch dildo. As Adrena guided, Black would make his way up and down her wet slit making her even wetter. He’d travel up between her tits and into her mouth as she sucked on him while finger her own pussy. Who needed a man when she had Black? Black had done the trick a many of nights when there was no man around so it was quite possible that he’d be handling business tonight. Black would make his way back down to Adrena’s dripping wet cunt and enter in. Pressing several inches of the rod inside of her, Adrena closes her eyes, rests her hands behind her head as she gyrating swallows up the rest of Black inside of her using the bed as leverage to push it in. Mid-stride, Adrena’s bedroom door opens and closes. It was Jason. What was he doing there? Had he gotten lost on his way from the bathroom or kitchen? Not hardly. Jason knew his way around that Condo like the back of his hand. This was no mistake. Holding his rock hard cock, Jason quietly walks over to Adrena’s bed, stands over her and watches her while stroking his cock. While Black made his way deep inside of her, Adrena couldn’t help but stare at Jason’s throbbing knob. She had had Black on several occasions but had never had Jason. Well, that’s not entirely true. When left alone in the Condo, Adrena and Jason had messed around. She’d suck his cock and he had finger fucked her to orgasm and eaten her pussy but that was the extent of it. They had never crossed the line to actually fuck. Though they both wanted it, it seems that the time was never right. But if the time wasn’t right when Sybil was out of the Condo, was now the right time with her being two doors down?
Jason reached down and pulled Black from Adrena’s wet cunt then climbed on top of her sliding his own love muscle up inside of her. From his head to his shaft, Jason pushed every inch of himself inside of Adrena’s grateful pussy. What would he do now, Adrena wondered? He certainly couldn’t penetrate her as the noise of the mattresses and headboard would alert Sybil. Maybe he’d pick her up and carry her over to the chaise lounge and fuck her there. This way there would be no noise. Adrena had been in sticky situations like this before so she knew how to keep her moans of pleasure quiet. But none of those things happened. Jason simply grinded his shaft against Adrena’s swelling clit while is dick stayed buried inside of her snatch. As Jason continues to quietly grind against her, Adrena could feel herself about to explode. Wrapping her arms around Jason as she held on for dear life, Adrena came as hard as she had ever come with her creamy cum juice dripping from her ass. Whimpering in pleasure, Adrena’s body shuttered beneath Jason as she tried to regain her composure without alerting Sybil. Slowly pulling his still hard cock out of her pulsating pussy, Jason stands from the bed and whispers, “Come with me.” Reaching into Adrena’s nightstand, Jason pulls out a condom then leads Adrena over to the chaise lounge with Black in tow. Adrena knew what was about to happen. They had discussed it on many occasions and now it would manifest. Slipping into a pair of 4 inch heels, Adrena straddled the chaise lounge as Jason slipped the too small condom over his head and halfway down his cock. Adrena cooperatively bends over as Jason’s latex laden dick became familiar with Adrena’s ass. Though her asshole dripped with cum, more moisture would be needed if they were going to complete the mission. As Adrena shoved Black inside of her pussy, Jason spit into Adrena’s ass as the head of his cock meddled around her opening. Without warning, Jason pushed his cock inside of Adrena’s tight ass while Adrena continued to fuck her own pussy with Black. Her nipples became as hard as raisins as Jason continued to press deep in her. It had been a long time coming but Jason, as promised, was finally fucking Adrena up the ass. Unable to bear the pleasure of double penetration, Adrena dropped black onto the chaise lounge then held on to the back of the couch while Jason pressed deeper and deeper inside of her. She hadn’t been fucked up the ass in months and had almost forgotten how good it felt. Enjoying the moment, Adrena reached down and began to suck on her own tit as several of Jason’s inches were now stretching her tight ass hole. Wanting to push more of himself into her, Jason reached down and grabbed Adrena by the waist hold her upright. She was standing as Jason’s pole was lodged in her ass. Cupping her left tit with his right hand around her neck, Jason forces Adrena down on his cock fucking her deeper up the ass. As her head rests on his chest and arms haphazardly swinging beside her, Adrena would pop her load in just a few minutes.
“I’m going to cum,” Adrena whispers as Jason releases her to grab the back of the chaise lounge. Fucking her as hard and as fast as he can, Adrena’s pussy juice gushes from her opened snatch while Jason unleashed his spunk into the condom. Adrena, no longer able to stand, lies on her stomach with her legs straddled on each side of the chaise lounge. She humps her clit against the cushion of the sofa as Jason rips the condom off of his slowly deflating member and rams it inside of Adrena’s cumming pussy. Grabbing the back of her head, he humps the last ounces of cum into her already wet pussy. As his orgasm is over, Jason kisses Adrena’s cheek as he dislodged his cock from her fucked pussy. Needing just a little bit more, Adrena moans as she finger fucks herself to her final orgasm. Jason helps as he tongue fucks her ass. It was over and done with it. They had fucked and it was good. Jason stands as Adrena turns over on her back and watches him. He reaches down and kisses her then picks up the used condom and tosses it into her garbage before exiting her room. As oily thick cum continued to drip from Adrena’s cunt, she picks up Black, steps out of the heels then looks back towards the door that Jason has just exited. “Thank you,” Adrena whispers as she walks into the bathroom to shower.

“You whore!” Sybil shouts and she throws a bucket of ice onto Adrena and her bed. Startled, Adrena jumps up. “You fucking slut. You slept with my boyfriend?”
Adrena, at a loss for words, looks towards the door and sees Jason standing there. He quietly walks away.
“How could you?” Sybil continues.
“Sybil, Jason came into my room. I didn’t go after him,” Adrena defends.
“So that makes it right? I don’t give a damn if he pulled you in off the street, you know that he’s my boyfriend. You shouldn’t have fucked him,” Sybil states.
“I was in my own room, minding my own business with the door shut when he walked in,” Adrena advises. “Jason climbed into my bed.”
“Why didn’t you get up?” Sybil asks.
“Why did he come in here?” Adrena counters. “Sybil, I was wrong. I was in here with the door closed. I was masturbating. Jason came in, climbed in bed and we fucked. I can own my wrongness. But I wasn’t alone in this. He came into my room. Have you said anything to him?”
“It’s none of your goddamned business what I say to him,” Sybil coldly snaps. “You’re nothing more than a trifling too-bit slut. You will fuck anything with a dick as long as it smiles at you. You’re pathetic. I mean, look at you. You fuck complete strangers. You meet someone and two hours later, you’re sucking his dick. What is wrong with you? Don’t you have any shame? Have you ever been in a relationship for longer than three hours Miss I-Don’t-Travel-Down-The-Same-Road-Twice?”
“No, I’ve never been in a relationship,” Adrena admits. “I’ve also never enticed or lured anyone into sleeping with me. Every man that I have ever been with came to me because they wanted to be with me including your man. I have never walked around this Condo inappropriately when you have had guests. Yet two days after you brought Jason here, he was finger fucked me to orgasm then proceeded to lick every ounce of cum from my pussy on the kitchen table. I was in the kitchen fully dressed making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when your man walked up behind me and slid his hands down the front of my pants. I’m sure if you ask him, he will deny it. Just like I’m sure he made up some bogus story about me coming on to him last night. You have every right to call me a slut and a whore. And you have every right to be mad at me for fucking your man. But here’s a question you might want to ask yourself. Why did he want me? He had just finished fucking you. So after fucking you and bringing you to a screaming orgasm, why was it necessary for him to come into my room and ram his cock up inside of my pussy and then my ass?”
Shocked by what Adrena has just said, Sybil is all but at a loss for words. “I want you out of here by the end of the week,” Sybil spouts as she walks to the door. She then turns back. “No, on second thought, you stay, I’ll go. Staying here would just remind me of the slut you really are,” Sybil states as she walks out of Adrena rooms.

Later that day, Adrena shows up at her church in hopes of meeting with Pastor Wiley. Though she doesn’t have an appointment, Adrena really needs to talk to someone.
“Pastor Wiley?” Adrena calls out as she sees him getting into his car.
“Sister Brown, how are you?” Pastor Wiley asks.
“If you’re not too busy, I was wondering if I could have a word with you when you get a chance,” Adrena asks.
“I was on my way to run a few errands but they can wait,” Pastor Wiley assures as he gets out of his car and escorts Adrena inside the church into his office. “My secretary is on vacation this week so I’m here alone. I’ve got to play receptionist, grounds-keeper and everything else around here,” Pastor Wiley states as they walk into his office. “Have a seat.”
Adrena takes a seat in front of Pastor Wiley’s desk. “Thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice,” Adrena states.
“No, problem. That’s why I’m here,” Pastor Wiley advises. “What seems to be the problem?”
“That’s just it, Pastor, I don’t feel that I have a problem,” Adrena admits. Other people think I have a problem but I don’t.”
“I don’t understand,” Pastor Wiley states.
“I know that I may not be following the bible or kingdom principles,” Adrena continues. “I have sex, Pastor. I have sex a lot with different men from all walks of life. I sleep with a man only once and then I never see him again. I have a rule of never traveling down the same road twice. Sometimes within hours of my first encounter with a man, I’m in bed with him. I’ve been called slut, whore and every other despicable name. Last night, I slept with my roommates’ boyfriend. After he had finished having sex with her, he came into my room and he and I had sex. She blamed me and is moving out of our Condo as we speak. Pastor Wiley, I didn’t approach him. He came to me. I was in my room with the door closed. Admittedly so, I was masturbating but I was quiet and gave no evidence of what I was doing. Yet he opened my door, climbed into bed and began to have sex with me. She says I should have stopped him. She said I should have gotten up. But I didn’t pursue him. He pursued me. Did I want him? At the time I had a plastic dong inside of me. I would have pleasured myself as I have done many times before. But I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t happy when he climbed on top of me and replaced his hardness for the plastic one that was inside of me. Many think that I’m dirty; that my lifestyle is socially unacceptable. But I like what I do. I have no remorse or no regrets. When I get up from having sex, I put on my clothes and I walk away and I never look back. In that moment, I enjoyed myself and had the time of my life and so did he. How am I wrong?”
Pastor Wiley is clearly taken aback with Adrena’s openness concerning her sexuality. “How do you feel when it’s over?”
“I feel fine,” Adrena confidently answers. “After we both climax, I feel that we both accomplished our mission.”
“Does it bother you that they never call you afterwards?” Pastor Wiley continues to probe.
“That’s just it,” Adrena informs. “They do call. They call, email, and send text messages. They try reaching me by almost any means necessary save knocking on my door. You see, the men that I tend to sleep with are men who want me by night but won’t acknowledge they know me by day. Sometimes they are married. In once instance, I slept with a Klansman; a white supremacist. Do you really think he’s going to bring me around to his friends and family? Not hardly. These encounters take place when wives are out of town or in the backwoods hidden away from everyone and everything. To the men, they are secrets. I represent their deepest, darkest desires that they are ashamed to admit to having. I perform acts that they want but are too afraid to ask for. From oral sex to double penetration, I do whatever they want to ensure they have the time of their lives and in the interim I enjoy myself as well.”
“Then why won’t you travel down the same road twice?” Pastor Wiley asks. “Why do you sleep with them only once?”
“Because they aren’t willing to acknowledge me,” Adrena answers. “They want to keep me locked away in a closet until they want another session of hot sex. But after they are done, they go back to their comfortable lives and never even think of me until they want sex from me again.”
“So you’re a tease?” Pastor Wiley asks.
“No, I’m not a tease,” Adrena informs. “If I were a tease, I’d let them look but not touch.”
“I can only imagine how many happy homes have been destroyed because of these acts,” Pastor Wiley states.
“The homes were destroyed before I showed up,” Adrena shares. “The fact that I showed up is the proof that the home was already destroyed. The men and or women were just too blind or ashamed to admit to it. Pastor Wiley, I’m a realist. I believe in being true to myself. And what these men experience with me is truth. They experience their wildest desires and they see that it’s not just a fantasy but can be a reality. And if they would own up to the fact of what they really want, they could have this and so much more. They may not be able to get it from me, but there are countless women out there who are willing. And it doesn’t have to be a one night stand or some kind of tryst. If these men would own up to what they really want, the woman of their desires and dreams will come. That is why I only sleep with them once. After our moment, they are now stretched and find it impossible to go back to what they have just come from. That is why they continue to seek me; after dark. They want the best of both worlds. They want their perfect socially acceptable lives by day yet they want to experience their greatest desires by night. They want to keep me a secret. Did you ever think about Adam & Eve before the fall? What exactly were they doing in the garden? Were they making love to each? Were they performing wild and crazy sex acts that are considered to be deplorable by society’s standards? Whatever they were doing, they did it openly and honestly until someone came along and said something that led them to opening their eyes. Before they were free to do whatever and now after this incident they would hide themselves; hide their true desires and identities behind a leaf. Pastor Wiley, I don’t hide myself behind a fig leaf. I am opened and honest with what I do and what I want to do. The men that I have sex with in secret, I am willing to have sex with out in the open. I am not the one who is keeping the secret, they are.”
Pastor Wiley takes in what Adrena has just said. She was right. She had hit the nail on the head. Nobody wants to tarnish the reputation they have built up for society. They want to keep it in tact while by night they seek out their deepest desires. This is probably why the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Being a man of the cloth, he too had been a partaker of porn. His wife of 20 years was a bit cold in the bed and he wanted more. To be honest, Lois had always been cold in bed but she was pretty. She was the daughter of the Bishop who would eventually ordain him. It made since to pursue her. He thought about the first time he made love to her. She was frigid. He remembered wanting to lick her pussy and finger her but she was not open to the idea. Nor was she opened to sucking his cock. She wouldn’t suck it but Sister Hattie, the former church secretary would suck it. Every day, like clock work, Sister Hattie would bring in his coffee, the morning newspaper then kneel down in front of him and suck him off swallowing his load of cum. It was as if it were apart of her job description. He never fucked her but she’d daily suck him off while he’d periodically eat her pussy.
“You’re right,” Pastor Wiley admits. “We do tend to hide our true desires behind our socially acceptable behavior. I’m guilty. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and the sex is horrible. I want things that she’s not willing to do. I have had a few rendezvous outside of marriage but none of them that resulted in sex. It was foreplay.”
“If she’s not giving you what you want, why are you still there,” Adrena asks. “Why won’t you just leave?”
“It’s not that easy,” Pastor Wiley states. “We’ve been together for 20 years and have three children and six grandchildren. She is apart of this ministry. If I leave, I’d have to give all of this up. I’m established. At this age, I don’t want to start over.”
“So what do you do?” Adrena continues to probe.
“I stay,” Pastor Wiley admits. “I stay in the relationship. I keep my ministry and my family intact and I fantasize about what I really want. I watch porn and I masturbate. And when I make love to my wife, I fantasize about making love to the woman of my dreams; the woman who is opened to pleasure and new things. That is how I am able to ejaculate.”
“Then that doesn’t make you too much different than me,” Adrena concludes. “You fantasize about what you really want and I keep having encounters until I find what I want. Both of us will probably eventually find what we want but only one of us will enjoy the fruits of our labor because only one of us will actually take the loss and embrace the truth. Did you ever stop to think that the desires we have are from God? I think the scripture says that we should delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart.”
“What do you desire?” Pastor Wiley asks.
“I desire a man who’s not afraid to admit to what he wants and is willing to go after it at all costs,” Adrena shares. “Even if that means forsaking the lie he built for the public. I want a man who won’t be ashamed of me and who I am. I want a man who will be proud to be seen with me by day and by night.”
“I, too, have desires,” Pastor Wiley states as he stands and walks away from his desk to the door. He locks it then comes back and stands behind Adrena. Pastor Wiley slips his hand inside of Adrena’s shirt and cups her breast squeezing the nipple between his fingers until it turns hard. “I want to sit down in my chair, watch you strip down to nothing then slide your wet pussy down onto my cock riding it while I play with your clit. And then I want to bend you over my desk and fuck you doggy style while I pinch your nipples until you cum all over my cock. And after you cum, I want to stick my tongue in your ass while I slide as many fingers up inside of your pussy that you can handle. And then after I have wreaked havoc on your pussy, I want to slide my dick between your tits and fuck them until I cum, shooting my load in your mouth.
Adrena obliges Pastor Wiley in all of his desires. She’d fucked a lot of men in her life but a man of the cloth was a new high or low. Adrena reached into Pastor’s Wiley’s pants and pulls out his 8 inch dick and begins to stroke it as he continues to play with her nipples. She’d suck him but because he was already so exited she was afraid he’d cum to soon so she stayed with stroking him. Guiding him back to his chair, Adrena stripped down to nothing as the Pastor desired adding a little deviation to his fantasy. Before sliding down on his swollen member, Adrena sits down on Pastor Wiley’s desk, spreads her legs resting them on the arm of his chair and finger fucks her wet pussy preparing it for his rock hard cock. Staring into his eyes, Adrena sees that Pastor Wiley has entered into a pleasure zone he has long dreamed about. With her pussy now good and wet, Adrena hops off the desk and onto Pastor Wiley’s waiting cock riding him as he desired. Who knew that fucking a Pastor could be so good?
“Is this what you want, Pastor?” Adrena asks while she bounced up and down on his cock.
“Yes,” Pastor Wiley sighs. “This is exactly what I want.”
With one arm around his neck, Adrena continued to bounce up and down on Pastor Wiley’s piece as her clit hardened and pierced through her pussy lips.
“Oh,” Adrena moaned as she smacked her pussy while Pastor Wiley sucked on her tits. “Smack my pussy,” Adrena begged. Pastor Wiley does as he is instructed and smacked Adrena’s cunt while she continued to work his rod.
“Are you going to cum?” Pastor Wiley asked.
“Yeah, I’m going to cum for you,” Adrena assures as she grinded down on his rock hard dick before resuming bouncing on it. “I’m going to cum for you right now, baby,” Adrena informs as she spews her love juice down on Pastor Wiley’s rod. Still working the pole, Adrena’s white, thick substance pours out of her and onto Pastor Wiley’s dick.
Adrena had given him the desires of his heart. She had fucked him but could he fuck her. This was the oldest man Adrena had ever been with. She didn’t know if he’d be able to give her what she needed. As she bends over the desk with legs spread wide, Pastor Wiley enters Adrena from behind and proves that he’s not lost his touch due to age. Pastor Wiley gave Adrena what she had been waiting for. Barely able to speak as his cock invaded her hole, Adrena finds the strength to give her request. “I want you to fuck me hard and deep,” as she moaned in agony and in pleasure.
Trying to keep up with the man of God, Adrena lifts one leg onto his desk as he presses deeper into her. He mercilessly pounds her pussy until her throbbing clit would emerge from her pussy lips.
“You like the way Daddy’s working that pussy, don’t you?” Pastor Wiley asks.
Adrena answers by releasing another load of cum onto Pastor Wiley’s cock as she lay her head down on his desk preparing for more. While resting peacefully on his desk, Adrena is in for yet another surprise as Pastor Wiley slides his tongue into her ass and his fingers inside of her stretched and wet twat. Three fingers would do the trick as Pastor Wiley finger and tongued fucked Adrena.
“Oh God, that’s it. Right there,” Adrena informs. “Don’t stop fucking it. Please, don’t stop fucking my pussy with your fingers,” Adrena cries out as she lifts herself from his desk. As a frown covers her face, Adrena opens her mouth and throws back her head as her tits bounced uncontrollably in front of her. Arching her back and lowering herself onto the desk once again Adrena yelled, “fuck me up my ass.” Being the gentleman that he had always been known to be, Pastor Wiley shoved his dick deep into Adrena’s awaiting ass.
“Oh yeah,” Pastor Wiley groaned as he held Adrena around her waist and pulling her hair. She liked it. She was hot and wanted it hot and hard. Pastor Wiley had watched a lot of porn in his day but had never seen a flick like the one he was making with Adrena.
“That’s it Daddy,” Adrena whispered. “Just like that.”
Not only did she want pleasure, Adrena wanted pain and Pastor Wiley was the one who would deliver the assault. As he fucked Adrena’s ass, Pastor Wiley pinched her swollen nipples, mutilating them between his finger tips. “Yeah, that’s it,” Adrena continued as her head rests on Pastor Wiley’s chest.
He felt as if he were losing control. He was outside of his comfort zone. Never had he fucked anyone like this and never had he seen anyone fucked like this. It was dirty and it was wrong but he liked it and so did she. While squeezing both of her tits as hard as he could, Pastor Wiley leaned in and slipped his tongue into Adrena’s mouth while his dick continued to blaze a trail in her ass.
“Oh my God, I’m going to cum,” Adrena informed as Pastor Wiley continued to cup her tits. “I’m going to cum,” Adrena states again as her voice escalates to a higher pitch. “Oh fuck!” Adrena screams as she squirts out gobs of pussy juice onto Pastor Wiley’s desk. “Shit!” Adrena continues to scream as she smacks her pussy while Pastor Wiley’s dick never leaves her ass.
Pastor Wiley didn’t think he’d last much longer. He’d pop and he’d pop soon. Removing his cock from Adrena’s ass, Adrena turns around and looks into his eyes then kisses him. The two would tongue wrestle for a few seconds as Adrena would first sit down on Pastor Wiley’s desk then lie back. She had just has the shit fucked out of her by none other than her Pastor. How sweet was this! Pastor Wiley slides his dick into Adrena’s opened cunt one last time to cover it with her juices so that he could properly tity fuck her. Adrena presses her tits together as Pastor Wiley slides his cock back and forth between them as if he were penetrating her pussy. Within moments of the rhythmic motion, Pastor Wiley delivers his load into her mouth as he would deliver Sunday’s sermon, with fervor and vigor.
“Oh my God!” Pastor Wiley cries out as she empties the content of his cock into Adrena’s mouth. Adrena takes his load and sucks his head alleviating it from every ounce of juice that was lodged inside as it cascades down her cheek.
Lying down on top of her, Pastor Wiley looks down into Adrena’s eyes. What had he just done? What had they just done? And how would he ever be able to convince her to do it with him again? As he kissed and nibbled on her neck and ear lobe, there was only one thing that could be said after this episode. Amen.


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Glad you enjoyed it! More hot shit to cum...

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There are many Adrenas in the society . A nun who lived in a convent was forced have lesbian sex with her seniors and other male members of the church. She has given a graphic details in her book titled 'Amen"


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I'll add an amen to that also. Very good writing, thanks for sharing

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