Once per month, Adrena heads out to the country to help with the needy. Though there are plenty of programs in the city that she could get involved with, having been raised in the country, she feels it’s her duty to go back to the rural areas to help out. Many years prior, Adrena set her eyes on a local mom and pop shelter and food pantry. Many of the county’s poor would go there for a nice hot meal and a place to sleep when it was too cold or hot to sleep outside. It was a heartwarming experience for her. Yet as great as this venture was, it was also very dangerous. One of the reasons Adrena had moved away from the rural areas was because of the staunch racism that was prevalent. Though we were in the new millennium, blacks and whites stayed in their separate corners of the county making sure not to cross the tracks after dark. A many of blacks had turned up missing after having been spotted on the wrong side of the tracks. Not to mention, this was the headquarters of the local KKK association. Rallies took place frequently and cross burnings could still be witnessed on the first Sunday of every month in commemoration of days gone by. With this, Adrena would always leave the shelter by 5pm to ensure being out of the county by nightfall.
In her car, on her way back to the city, Adrena begins to experience car problems. It’s 6pm and the sun is fading fast. Out of reach of any towers, her cell phone is not able to pick up a service. She had been stupid. She should have taken the car in when she heard the noise the first time. Secondly, she should have stayed on the main road instead of taking the back dirt roads to the highway. Now she was stuck. Several miles away from the highway, Adrena had no choice but to walk. She grabs her purse, locks her car doors then begins her trek towards the highway. Dressed in a flowing sun dress, socks and Timberland boots, it really felt good to be out walking. It had been a while since she had had to walk anywhere. The exercise would do her some good. Moments later, Adrena hears a noise. It is the sound of music. She has been saved. She could get a ride into town, call AAA and have them come and fix her car. As she turns around she witnesses where the sound is coming from. An old Chevy truck with the rebel tags and a swastika painted on the hood is coming her way. This was not the help Adrena was hoping for. In fact, it was that which she had dreaded. Trying to maintain her composure, Adrena continues to walk as she prays that she doesn’t end up one of those missing persons that tend to disappear after dark. The truck drives past her then comes to a stop bringing with it a cloud of dust.
“You lost?” Richmond asks.
“No, my car broke down so I am walking to the highway. Hopefully I can get cell phone reception there so that I can call AAA,” Adrena nervously answers.
“So that’s your car long the side of the road,” Richmond continues to probe.
“Yes,” Adrena responds.
“Might not want to leave it there over night. Ain’t no telling what some stranger might do to it,” Richmond advises.
“I’m on my way to try to get some help right now,” Adrena shares.
“It ain’t safe for people of your kind to be out here this time of the evening. Nightfall is about to hit and that’s when the boys like to go hunting,” Richmond snidely remarks.
“I’m well aware of that,” Adrena answers. “I’m walking as fast as I can.”
“Don’t spect you’ll be able to out walk the boys,” Richmond continues. “They’ve already been drinking and they’ve already started to hunt. I just spotted a few of them on the other side of Callahan. It’s just a matter of time before they make their way over here.” Richmond pauses as he sees the fear in Adrena’s eyes. “Tell you what I’m gon’ do. My momma raised me to be a God-fearing man. If the boys see your car on the road, they’re going to start searching and they won’t stop until they find you. So I’ll pull your car off the road into my yard. I ain’t never been to school or nothing like that but I’ve been known to be good at tinkering under hoods to get cars running. That way when the boys come through, they won’t have no cause to stick around. I’ll get your car running and then you can be on your way.”
“I don’t know how to thank you,” Adrena says with a sigh of relief. “I will be more than happy to pay you for your services.”
“We’ll talk about that later,” Richmond states. ‘Hop in.”
Adrena gets into Richmond’s truck. She doesn’t know if she has made the right decision by doing this but it seems to be her only recourse. As Richmond turns his truck around, Adrena can’t help the notice the dirty magazines that are lying on the floor of the truck as well as the beer that is sitting between Richmond’s legs. She doesn’t know what she has just gotten herself into. Richmond drives back to Adrena’s car when he spots the boys he has been talking about.
“Put your head down and don’t look up until I tell you to,” Richmond instructs.
Adrena heeds to Richmond’s instruction as the three truck caravan of white racists drive past honking their horns. “It’s all right now. They kept going. Give me your keys,” Richmond states.
Adrena reaches into her purse and hands Richmond her keys. She then looks back and watches him walk to her car. She would have never guessed it. He didn’t look like a racist. If she hadn’t seen the paraphernalia on his car, she would have never known. He was a sexy white male who was well built. To be quiet honest, he was rather attractive. After having hitched Adrena’s car to his truck, Richmond puts her car into neutral then walks back into the truck. He tosses the keys into her lap then drives a mile down the road up the path to his house. It was old and run down. Richmond appeared to be a shade tree mechanic as the yard was littered with cars he had been working on. Richmond parks his truck then opens the door to get out. Adrena doesn’t move.
“Well ain’t you going to get out?” Richmond asks. Adrena looks at Richmond then gets out of his truck. Richmond walks around to the back of the truck, unhitches the car, then presumes to push the car 25 yards to his garage. Now sweaty, Richmond walks back over to his truck where Adrena is nervously standing. “Come on.” Adrena follows Richmond as the two of them walk into his house. As run down as it looks on the outside, the house was very well kept. Surely, his wife must be an awesome housekeeper. “Probably ain’t what you’re used to but you can hang out in here while I work on your car. The kitchen is right through those doors and the bathroom is off to the left. Richmond takes off his shirt then tosses it onto a pile of clothes in a nearby basket. The bulky chest bore the story of his life. From KKK to other racist statements tattooed over his body, Richmond was most certainly a devout hater of blacks and other people of color. So why was he helping her or was this some kind of set up. Only time would tell as Adrena notices all of the KKK memorabilia and hate signs plastered on every wall and aligning every table.
“You live here alone?” Adrena carefully asks.
“Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” Richmond advises as he notices Adrena eyeing his collection. “My mom and dad passed away a few years ago. This was their house. Since my sister moved out of the state, I got the house. My daddy was a grand wizard in the Klan.”
“And you?” Adrena continues to ask.
“Am I in the Klan? Yes, I am,” Richmond confirms.
“Then why are you helping me?” Adrena follows.
“That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the last half hour,” Richmond admits as he walks out of the house.
This was crazy. No one would ever believe her. Adrena was literally sitting in the house of a Klan member as he worked on her car. This would definitely be in her next book; if she lived to write it.

After about an hour or so, Richmond walks back into the house as Adrena is patiently sitting on the couch. “I’ve got it running but you really need to get it into someone that specializes in that type of car. I don’t know how far away you live but I wouldn’t trust driving it over 25 miles in this condition,” Richmond advises.
“Is there a hotel around?” Adrena asks.
“Yeah, but they won’t rent you a room. The closest town is Franklinton and that’s about 35 miles away. You’ll need to get up to Howard’s on the Highway and see if you can call AAA from there.”
“Thank you. How much do I owe you?” Adrena asks.
“Your best bet is to stick around here for the night. I’ve got a spare room in the back; that is if you ain’t afraid to stay with a Klansman. It’s dark now and the last thing you need is to be outside.”
“Thank you,” Adrena answers once again as she follows Richmond to her bedroom.
“There’s a shower right through there. There ought to be clean towels and face cloths in there. The only problem with this room is that there is no door. It used to be our playroom. One day us kids were playing and had closed the door. My cousin got his hand stuck in the window. When daddy tried to get in the room, he couldn’t because the door lock was messed up. He busted it down and vowed never to put another door up. I could have put one up by now but I wanted to respect his wishes. But you’ll have your privacy. My room and kitchen are up front. I don’t ever come back here. First sign of daylight, I’ll follow you up to Howard’s so that you can call the people to come and get you and your car. Be up and be ready.” Richmond turns to leave. Maybe she was going to be okay. Maybe she would live to write the book. In desperate need of a shower, Adrena begins to undress. Upon reaching the front of the house, Richmond remembers he has forgotten to tell Adrena about the tricky window. He heads back to room when he sees Adrena’s dark naked body. Her huge tits and hairy pussy were a work of art. He had never seen anything like it; only in his dreams. She reminded him of Princess; his 5th grade crush. Princess was black and nothing more than trash at least that’s what he was taught to believe. But he liked her and she liked him. One night, the two of them decided to meet. In his daddy’s shed, Richmond rubbed Princess’ bare pussy until wet stuff came out of it while she held his throbbing cock in her tiny hands. While rubbing her pussy, Princess began to make noises. Richmond stopped as he thought he was hurting her. He wasn’t hurting her. She liked it and wanted him to continue. He taught her how to jerk his cock so that his wet stuff would come out. The two of them would continue to fool around until Princess and her family moved away. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to stick his dick in Princess’ bare pussy but she would move away before he had the chance. And now there was another Princess in his home.
As Adrena walked out of the room and stepped into the shower, Richmond walked back into the living room. What was happening to him? Not only did he have a black woman in his house but he wanted to fuck her just like he wanted to fuck Princess. Raised to hate blacks and other people of color, all he could think about was stretching her out on his bed, spreading her legs and fucking her until she couldn’t cum anymore.

Moments later Adrena emerges from her shower. She puts her clothes back on save her panties and her bra. Not having a change of clothes, she rinsed her panties and left them hanging in the shower. Though she had her dress, socks and boots on, Adrena still felt inappropriately dressed but she needed to speak with Richmond before going to bed. With this, she grabs her purse and walks into the living room where Richmond is sitting draped in a towel. He too had taken a shower and was relaxing on the couch watching television and having a beer. Adrena reaches into her purse, takes out a check and hands it to Richmond. The check is for $100.
“If that’s not enough I can give you more,” Adrena states.
Richmond looks at the check but doesn’t take it. “I don’t want your money.”
“I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me,” Adrena admits. “I feel like I owe you something. Is there anything that I can do for you?” Looking at Richmond’s rock hard abs and his bulging chest, Adrena hopes he’s feeling what she’s feeling. He had pushed her car 25 yards and he was angry. Strength and pent up frustration equated to hot steamy sex according to Adrena. She wondered if she’d see if her calculations were true.
Richmond, continuing to stare at the television, sits up, places his beer on the coffee table then pulls Adrena towards him. He lifts her dress and looks at her black, hairy snatch. Adrena holds her dress above her waist as Richmond massages her clit with his thumb. Pulling her even closer, Richmond opens Adrena’s pussy lips and begins to lick her. The mere thought of what was going on caused a shutter of heat to flow through Adrena’s body as she takes off her dress. Not only has she just been helped by a Klansman, she was about to have her pussy eaten by him. Stuff like this only happens in the movies! Trying to make things easier for him, Adrena lifts one leg and rests it on the arm of the couch so that Richmond would have better access to her pussy. As his tongue played with her growing clit, Adrena held on to the back of Richmond’s head with one hand while pulling on her own tity nipple with the other hand. But she wanted more. Adrena didn’t just want Richmond to tongue her clit, she wanted him to eat her pussy and she wanted him to eat her deep. Adrena slowly pushes Richmond back, steps up on the couch and stands over him. Wearing only socks and boots, Adrena lowers her moist cunt down onto Richmond’s face as he licks her gyrating pussy from top to bottom. Moaning in delight, Richmond slides his tongue inside of Adrena’s canal.
“That’s it. Right there,” Adrena releases. “Slide your tongue deep inside of my pussy.”
No amateur at lovemaking, Richmond strategically places his thumb on the outside of Adrena’s clit as he massages it.
“Fuck!” Adrena cries out as Richmond is really working her erogenous zones. “You’re going to make me cum.”
Pulling his cum-covered tongue out of Adrena’ love tunnel, Richmond momentarily releases Adrena’s clit to lie her down on the couch. Adrena stretches her legs as wide as she can get them as Richmond goes back to work on her pussy with his tongue and fingers. He wants to see it. He wants to see what he’s eating. Her hairy pussy had become a pond of sticky and gooey secretions. Richmond would slide his finger in and out of her as Adrena’s love muscle swells to the size of Richmond’s thumb.
“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me,” Adrena begs as she can no longer handle all that Richmond is doing to her. Richmond removes his towel to reveal his gift. Richmond would stroke his cock as Adrena stared up at it.
“Is this what you want?” Richmond asks as he continues to stroke his cock while staring down at Adrena. “You want me to stick my dick in your pussy?”
“Yes, that’s exactly what I want. I want you to stick it in me. Stick your dick deep in my pussy.” Adrena continued to beg as she rubs her pussy and opens it up for Richmond. Richmond continues to stroke his cock as he looks down at Adrena’s hot body. His pre-cum is seeping from the head onto Adrena’s thigh. “You want to fuck me, don’t you? You want to fuck me hard and deep, don’t you? It was one thing to play with my pussy and eat it but it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to fucking it, isn’t it? What would Daddy say? What would momma say? What would your friends say?” Adrena sits up on the couch and grabs a hold of Richmond’s 8 inch coke bottle sized cock. She begins to stroke it for him. Adrena then stands from the couch and pushes Richmond down while still holding his cock in her hand. Straddling Richmond, Adrena pushes Richmond’s cock inside of her and begins to ride him.
“Goddamn! I never knew black pussy could be so good,” Richmond spouts as he grabs Adrena’s ass while she rides him uncontrollably.
“That’s it baby, fuck that cock,” Richmond commands as Adrena is lost in her own world of ecstasy.
“Oh my God,” Adrena whispers. “Oh my God, your cock is so big. It’s filling up my pussy.” It won’t be long before she pops a load on his cock affording him the chance to slide deeper inside of her. Richmond helps himself to Adrena’s bouncing tits as he continues to pound her pussy. As her cries and moans get louder, Richmond turns his attention away from Adrena’s tits and looks into her eyes. He wants to fuck her all night; as long as she would let him and as long as his dick would stay hard. He didn’t want to part ways with that black pussy. Adrena grabs a hold of the back of the chair and holds on for dear life as Richmond is having no mercy on her cunt. Finally ready to take control, Richmond lies Adrena down on the couch and penetrates her mercilessly. Grabbing a hold of the arm of the chair, Richmond rams himself into Adrena filling her snatch with his bone. She feels him deep inside of her and she likes it. As he penetrates her, Adrena humps back in rhythm with him as she tries to take even more of him inside of her.
“Fuck it! Fuck my black pussy!” Adrena cries out as her pussy is seemingly suspended in mid-air. “Fuck me, goddammit!” Adrena continues to command before releasing her load of thick cum onto Richmond’s cock. “Shit!” Adrena’s voice trembles as her legs shake from the orgasm. Richmond slides his cock out of Adrena then slips into her opened mouth as she sucks her on juices from his meat. Richmond then kisses her and tastes her while sliding his cock right back inside of her. Still kissing her, Richmond picks Adrena up from the couch with his dick lodged deep inside of her and carries her into his bedroom where he begins to wage war on her pussy once again. Adrena would later turn the tables as she climbs on top to ride Richmond like a champion thoroughbred.
“Oh shit,” Adrena cries out as she rides Richmond at an alarming speed while he slaps her ass and spreads her cheeks. White creamy cum would ooze from her asshole as Richmond occasionally placed his finger just beyond the opening. With her head buried in the pillow, Adrena grabs the bed post as she continues to fuck Richmond. “Goddamn you! Goddamn you and your cock for making my pussy feel so good! I can’t get enough of your cock!”
Wanting to see her face, Richmond grabs Adrena by the neck and commands her, “Fuck it! Fuck my dick until you cum! I want you to cum all over it! Shoot your hot pussy juice all over my cock! Fuck it! Fuck it now!”
“Fuck you!” Adrena spews as she is nearing her climax. “Fuck you for what you’re doing to my pussy!” With her nipples rock hard and a swollen clit, Adrena has entered a place she has never been. It was a wild, hot and erotic place that she liked.
“Yeah, that’s it. Go ahead and fuck my cock,” Richmond instructs as he pinches Adrena’s nipples adding insult to injury.
“You like it? You like fucking my dirty pussy? You like fucking this black pussy?” Adrena asks. “Fuck you!”
“Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot,” Richmond answers.
“You wanna feel me cum all over your cock? You wanna feel my pussy tighten around your swollen cock?” Adrena continues to ask as she is getting hotter and hotter.
“Cum on it! Cum on my fucking cock right now! And then I’m going to lick your pussy clean,” Richmond instructs as releases Adrena’s neck and grabs her ass and forces her down on him as he presses deep inside of her.
“Fuck you! You fucking bastard! Suck on my tits and bite my nipples! Oh shit, not my clit! If you play with my clit like that I’m going to cum all over your cock,” Adrena informs as Richmond has reached down between her legs to massage her erect clit.
“That’s what I want,” Richmond advises. “I want you to cum all over my cock. Shoot that load on my cock!”
“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Adrena screams as she drops yet another load of spunk onto Richmond’s cock. Trembling from head to toe, Richmond lies Adrena down on the bed and licks her pulsating, swollen pussy. He had never seen anything like it. It was swollen, wet and it was his; his to do whatever he wanted to do to it. But it wasn’t over. It was now Richmond’s turn to cum. Spent and exhausted, Richmond turns Adrena over onto her stomach and fucks her from behind. As Richmond fucks her cunt, Adrena gets on her knees and holds on to the bedposts while Richmond brutally fucks her.
“Whose pussy is this?” Richmond asks as he moves in and out of her.
“It’s my pussy,” Adrena sarcastically answers.
Not liking the answer he has just received, Richmond moves deeper inside of Adrena.
“Oh God! Fuck”! Adrena cries out as Richmond has reached yet another pleasure point. “It’s not your pussy!”
“Whose pussy is this?” Richmond once again asks as he strokes her even harder. As his swinging sack, slaps Adrena’s ass, Richmond goes in for the kill, pushing his entire package inside of Adrena.
“Oh God! Oh my God!” Adrena moans. “It’s your pussy, baby! It’s your pussy!” Adrena concedes as she is no longer able to rest on her knees. “It’s your fucking pussy!” Adrena screams as she slowly succumbs to Richmond’s pounding and lies down on her stomach with her legs spread. With her ass in the air, Richmond continues to fuck Adrena’s gaping whole. “Fuck that pussy, baby. Fuck it the way you wanna fuck it. My pussy is so fucking wet and it’s all because of your thick white cock. Fuck the shit out of my black pussy.” Wanting to get one more rise out of her, Richmond reaches under Adrena and fondles her clit while cupping her breast with his other hand. She was again awake and gyrating rhythmically with Richmond’s penetrating as she was on her way to yet another orgasm.
“I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum!” Adrena alerts. “Pull it out of me!” Adrena screams. Richmond listened and received the surprise of his life as Adrena squirted hot pussy juice all over him and his bedspread. He had never seen anything like this before. Only in the movies had he ever seen a woman squirt yet this black beauty he had just finished fucking had squirted her load onto him and his bed.
“Oh fuck!” Richmond shouts as he jerks himself to orgasm. “Ugh!” Richmond cries out as he shoots his load of spunk onto Adrena’s glistening ass. Unable to move, Adrena lie on her stomach as her pussy was grateful for the reprieve. Richmond’s shiny pole would slowly deflate as he lay beside Adrena. He had fucked many women in his life but never had he fucked a black girl. As she continued to lie on her stomach, Richmond looked over at her. Cum trickled from her pussy and her ass. As his dick softened, he wanted more. He thought of all of the things he wanted to do her. Rubbing her ass, Richmond’s thumb found Adrena’s pussy opening and began to rub it. Adrena would wiggle her ass and pussy in approval. The marathon was not over as Richmond leaned over and once again picked up where he had left off; licking Adrena’s pussy.
Richmond and Adrena would fuck off and on throughout the rest of the night. I guess it was safe to assume Adrena’s bill had been paid in full.

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