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Sean’s Story
Chapter 6: The Best Kept Secret

We lay on my bed for a while before the cold hit me and I realized that I was still naked despite the lack of any sexual feelings between us at the moment. I was content emotionally for now but I was cold. Laying in front of me was Josh, his eyes were closed.

“D-Do you mind if I get dressed?”

He laughed.

“I guess the moment died huh?”

“It went down in flames.”

I carefully disentangled myself from Josh and stumbled off the bed. My right left leg was asleep. I walked to my closet, feeling his eyes following me as I walked away.

“You’ve got a cute butt.” He said as I walked into my closet.

“So do you. B. E. A. Utiful.”

Now it was his turn to blush.

“Yeah. I noticed that you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off of it at the beach.”

I walked out of my closet with a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt in my hand.

“Oh, I tried. But failing was so much better. And hey, it got you to realize I wanted to suck your dick.”

He puffed up like he was trying to be an arrogant ass.

“Let’s be honest. We all know you’ve wanted to suck my dick since the first time you saw me.”

“Shut up.”

“Hey, I can’t say I blame you. I am, what did you call me? ‘Beautiful’.”

Smartass. I threw the shirt I’d picked out at him and it him in the face. While his face was covered, and he was recovering from the shock, I took the opportunity to put on the shorts. He threw my shirt back and I put that on too.

I decided to get a little serious. There was a lot that I still didn’t know.

“Was yesterday the first day? That you noticed I mean.”

“Kinda. I mean, it was the first time that I actually caught you checking me out. But I noticed some things in the way you looked at me and talked to me at times. Things like you notice in guys when they think a girl is cute.”

Apparently I was the most obvious gay ever. My friends had seen me checking them out in middle school and I hadn’t learned to hide it by the time I got to sophomore year of high school. That’s just stupidity or carelessness. Or both.


“But I didn’t really think about it much. I mean, guys are always checking people out. That’s what Casey thought you were doing yesterday but I didn’t notice you looking at any other guys really. Just seemed to be me.”

Yep, obvious as fuck.


“So I decided to play along.”


“Oh. So you didn’t catch my playing with you? I didn’t think I was that subtle.”

Maybe I hadn’t been wrong when I thought he was being purposely sexual during the surf lesson and he did make that “ride this stick” statement.

“So that wasn’t just a surf lesson?”

“Well, I was certainly trying to get a point across.”

“Oh, I got the point. Even if I’ve yet to take a ride on your stick.”

He blushed then laughed as I mentioned that innuendo. I guess that was something on the table.

“There’s still time for that.” He said, grabbing his crotch through is shorts.

“One day.” I replied.

His eyes lit up like a five year-old’s on Christmas morning.

“Is that…Is that an option?”

So this cute boy wanted to stick his big dick in my ass huh?

“Maybe…. If you’re lucky.”

I bent over with my ass towards him and touched my toes before slowly going back up. Teasing him was fun. Honestly, the idea of him fucking me scared me a bit. I’d never even fingered myself before and his cock was a lot bigger than a finger. But at the same time it excited me. The idea of his cock deep inside of me got me hot and bothered. Maybe I’d try and finger myself in the shower tomorrow.

Apparently thinking about his dick in my ass, thrusting about, got Josh hot and bothered too judging by the large bulge in his shorts that he was slowly rubbing.

“What you thinking about?” I said as seductively as I knew how.

“That nice ass. I can’t say I’d mind sticking this in you.”

Josh pulled down the front of his shorts and propped his cock up so that it was standing straight up. It was just as perfect as I remembered it from the night before and I wanted it again. Looking at his delicious dick I tried to imagine how it would fit inside me. The idea seemed crazy. Crazy and painful. And yet, people did it all the time; I just had to figure out how. One day.

Enough with those thoughts.

I walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt down next to it. I waited for a second while he got the message and scooted over to the edge so I could have access to his beautiful penis. I loved how it looked; just a slight curve to the left and up. I wrapped my hand around the base and just looked at it. The length was wonderful and it was just the right thickness to make my mouth fit perfectly around it. The head was perfectly shaped and leaked a delicious amount of precum. Truly Josh had to be sent from heaven. No mortal could be this physically perfect.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Oh how I wished I owned a digital camera. Or a cell phone period.

I decided to try something new. I leaned forward and took his right ball into my mouth. I slowly jacked his cock while I sucked his ball and rolled it around in my mouth with my tongue. He sighed and I switched to his left ball. Unlike me, Josh didn’t shave his sack but I put up with the hair and tried to savor his ball in my mouth. The skin was warm and clean.

I let his ball fall from my mouth and, backing up, looked at the pair from a further distance. They were wet and they moved inside his sack as they were exposed to the cold air. His cock throbbed gently in my hand. I leaned forward again and licked the underside of the glans causing his cock to twitch and some precum to ooze out of his slit. I smirked in anticipation.

I licked again, starting at the same place but moving higher to lap up his delicious precum. Just as sweet as yesterday. I licked again. I moved back down to the base and kissed the side by the base before licking up towards the head. His cock was firm, and yet soft, against my tongue. I repeated it on the other side causing him to moan. I moved slowly, savoring it, to tease him as long as possible.

Finally I returned to the crowning jewel of his glorious cock. It was swollen and leaking precum down the underside. The color was a nice pinkish purple and it looked ready to shoot a warm load already though I figured I’d be able to get a couple minutes of good sucking in. I kissed the head slowly and then looked up at him, precum glistening on my lips. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open in a look of pure pleasure. In a moment of insecurity I wondered if he was picturing someone else, a girl, between his legs, working on his cock. He opened eyes, probably wondering why I’d stopped, and looked down at me. He smiled questioningly.

“Please, suck it?” he asked in an almost pained voice.

I guess he really wanted it.

I licked my lips and touched them, pursed, to the top of the head. I pushed forward, keeping enough pressure to make my lips nice and tight, but loose enough to allow his cock to naturally separate my lips and enter my mouth. The head popped in fully and I started to move down his shaft until I felt myself start to gag as the head of his cock neared my throat. I backed off until just the head was in my mouth and then went back down. Over and over I bobbed on his dick. I licked, sucked, bobbed, and jacked on his wonderful cock. Everything I could do to get him close.

I could feel his cock getting bigger in my mouth. The shaft was getting thicker and the head was becoming harder. I could hear the moans of pleasure as he got closer and closer. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him again. But I wanted to see it happen too. What a dilemma. I started paying more attention to the glans, just sucking on the hard head and licking underneath, while stroking his shaft with my hand.

“Sean-“ he moaned.

I could feel his cock starting to pulse. At the last second I pulled his cock from my mouth and jacked him off. His eyes opened when I pulled my mouth off and he looked down to see his cock pointing straight at my face as the first blast of cum exited the slit and hit me on my forehead. It was warm and wet and I could smell the faint ammonia aroma of it. The second blast came quickly and hit me on my cheek. Another strong stream hit my cheek before I managed to get the still pulsing cock back in my mouth where I accepted the last couple shots and the eventual, slow, leaking of cum as his dick started to deflate.

I let his dick fall from my mouth only after I’d drained every drop of cum from. But I stayed on my knees with his warm cum splattered across my face and looked into his eyes as I slowly swallowed his load. When I’d first taken my mouth off his cock he’d looked disappointed but as he coated my face in his semen he looked more and more turned on. His face was practically radiating horniness and he’d just cum.

“That was fucking hot. You look good with my cum all over your face.”

“Thanks.” I said as nonchalantly as possible.

I used my finger to scoop up some of the cum off my cheek and into my mouth. He leered at me.

“Let me help you with that.”

He took over and, using his finger, scooped almost all of the cum off my cheeks and chin into my mouth but left the cum on my forehead. I licked his finger clean and then swallowed what he gave me. He made to pull me up to him and I assisted him by getting up a bit. To my surprise he licked the cum off of my forehead and then the stray bits from around my face. I was even more shocked when he started to kiss me; sharing his cum with me. It was amazing. My mouth was filled with the manly taste of his cum and so was his as we delighted in the musky essence. Was this real life?

I couldn’t believe Josh had done that but it was unbelievably hot. I was actually really happy with how this night had gone even with the couple low spots we’d experienced in our conversations. They were conversations that we needed to have and I was glad that we’d gotten them out of the way sooner rather than later. And we’d had our fun too.

It was late and there was no way that Josh could spend the night no matter how much I wished that he could just fall asleep next to me. We tiptoed downstairs so I could lock the door behind him. We stood in the open door and he turned to me and pulled me in close. Our eyes met and he kissed me. It was a wonderful kiss, a kiss that made me want to swoon. He was getting better at this. The kiss was brief. Before long he broke the kiss and stepped away.

“Night.” He whispered.

“Goodnight.” I replied.

He grabbed my hand, squeezed it, and was gone into the night. I felt empty, as though a piece of my soul had just departed. I didn’t know if it was normal to feel this way about another person, especially so soon, but I knew that this feeling felt awful. And I knew that the only way I would feel complete again would be to be around him again.

I stood in the doorway for a minute, staring after where I’d last seen him, before closing the door and locking it. His absence was palpable. I walked back upstairs in a daze. I was like a love-struck schoolgirl with the way I was head-over-heels for him. Uggh.

I brushed my teeth and got in bed. It felt empty without him. That night I dreamt of a picnic in the park where Josh and I had the most amazing time together. We ate and watched the clouds together. It was perfect. And then my alarm went off and I remembered that things were very different. We couldn’t have a picnic in the park together if he was closeted.

I performed my routine just as I did every morning with one exception. I spent more time primping than usual. I wanted to look good for Josh even though I knew he liked what he saw already. My entire school career I hadn’t cared one bit about how I looked. Now I had someone to look good for and I liked it.

I had some cereal and milk for breakfast, grabbed my backpack, and headed outside. Josh was sitting on the curb at the end of my driveway waiting. He was wearing a blue & white polo and some jeans that really showed off his ass. Unf. He turned his head when he heard the front door close and I could practically see his face light up when he saw me which caused my heart to flutter. I know I was excited to see him.

I walked down the driveway towards him and he stood up to greet me.

“Morning.” He said softly.

“Hey. I had a dream I about you last night.”

“Oh really?”


Right as I said that I noticed that Casey was crossing the street to meet us. But Josh was facing the wrong way to see that.

“And was I as good as last night?”

“What were you so good at last night?” Casey asked, blissfully ignorant of what he’d walked into.

“Quadratics!” I said a little too excitedly having remembered our alibi. “I was helping Josh with quadratics last night. He got really good with them.”

Josh looked relieved that I’d been so on top of things.

“Yeah, those are a bitch.” Casey said, running his fingers through his hair, “I wish you would have told me. I would have come over to get some help. What about tonight?”

It was Josh’s turn to answer now that he didn’t look like he was about to shit himself.

“Neh. I think I’m good now.” He said as he patted me on the shoulder, “Sean’s a really good teacher.”

“Told ya. Ready?”

The situation was diffused and we headed to class. We talked about some upcoming movies and Casey told us about this new singer he’d discovered on the internet.

“She’s hot, not that you’d care Sean, but she’s a young country singer and she’s got some catchy songs.”

“What’s her name?” Josh asked.

“Uhhh. Taylor…. Taylor…Shit. Her last name starts with an S I think. Anyway it shouldn’t be hard to find her. You should look her up.”

“Eh. Not really big into country music.” I interjected.

“Yeah, yeah. You and your Simple Plan. You really weren’t meant to be from Tavares.” Casey quipped.

The conversation droned on about other senseless topics until we got to school and headed our separate ways.

Most of the time I enjoyed my classes. They were all easy. English and History were fun but it was math that I loved. It was wonderful how exact it was. There is no exact answer as to why Germany lost WWII. You could argue about the Russian Campaign or the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor until you were blue in the face but there would still be disagreement. But you always knew that tan(x) = sin(x)/cos(x). And it would be the answer no matter where you are. It was the same in Germany as it was here, in small-town USA. Math came naturally to me and I loved it.

After math was lunch. It had always been me, Casey, and a couple guys ever since I could remember. This year Josh joined us after he realized that he didn’t really know anyone else and didn’t feel the need to try and figure out somewhere else where he belonged. He sat down so that Casey was between us. Even with the distance I felt complete with him there. For lunch I had what the school called a hamburger and fries with a coke. I doubted it was very healthy but I figured I could stand to gain a few extra pounds.

“Hey, Sean, you got some uh…white stuff on your face.” Jeremy said out of the blue.

What? I guess I had been daydreaming or something. Regardless, I was now back in the conscious world and was confused as to why everyone was staring at me.


“You have some white stuff. Right here.”

He pointed to the right of my mouth. I wiped with my finger and got some mayo that I licked off.

“Thought maybe you’d missed some the last time you blew a guy.” Jeremy said as if he’d been dying to say it.

He laughed hard at his joke and then a couple of the guys joined him for a hearty chuckle. Casey didn’t seem to find it funny and Josh was difficult to read. He could have been lost in thought but was probably trying to ignore the conversation.

“Not funny.” Casey said as sternly as he could.

The guys mostly quieted down. Casey was always my defender. I didn’t need a defender. I could take care of myself.

“That’s ok.” I said to Casey before turning to Jeremy, “And I don’t miss a drop.”

The guys looked kind of shocked that I’d been so forward. I was usually pretty reserved and quiet. Jeremy looked down at his food, unsure of how to react. Casey quickly went from shocked to amused at what I’d said. I’d probably hear more about this later from him. But Josh got up and left. He just picked up his tray and left. I’d wanted to make the guys uncomfortable but I’d upset Josh and that hurt me. I did my best to hide how his leaving made me feel.

The rest of lunch was awkward but I was proud of myself. I’d always just let jokes at myself slide. Sometimes Casey stepped in and chastised the guys. But I asserted myself this time. I didn’t do anything different than talk to them like they talked. If it bothered them that was their problem. Fuck ‘em.

But Josh was upset. I didn’t care about the guys but Josh was another story. What was going through his head when I made that joke? I wish I knew.

I settled down into chemistry after lunch. Chemistry is really just math’s mad scientist brother. Plus there were some fun labs. My teacher was this awesome soft-spoken lady that everybody loved and really knew her shit. I usually loved chem but today I just wasn’t into it. I kept picturing Josh walking away from the lunch table. I had to know what was wrong. Did what I say make him regret what we did? Was he embarrassed of what happened between us?

When gym came around I really didn’t care much at all. I just wanted to skip class and head home where I could think by myself but I knew that was a bad idea. My mom would be pissed and I’d probably get fucked over by my gym teacher so I went along with it. The guys had long ago stopped caring about changing around me in the locker room. It wasn’t like I was going to rape them or anything and I tried not to look at them while they were changing anyway. That would be rude. Some of the guys took the opportunity to ask for advice on trimming or if they needed to work out more and I obliged when I had an opinion. Hell, some of the guys actually looked pretty damn good.

I put on my red & white uniform gym shorts and my shirt and headed outside with the rest of the guys where we met all the girls. Today we were running laps around the football field. Swell, I was going to die. Casey knew that I wasn’t going to keep pace with him so he ran off with some of the other guys and I ran by myself, at least for a bit.

About halfway around the track for the first time a girl that lived about three houses down from me, and that I’d known my whole life, sidled up next to me.

“Hey, wassup?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, just trying not to die.”

“Oh, come on. It isn’t that bad.”

“I guess. But you probably move more than I do.”

“Yeah. I make a terrible plant.”

She made me smile. This might be fun. And besides, talking can make things go faster when you’re in agony.

“It’s getting the hang of photosynthesis that’s the real challenge.”

She laughed and then veered closer to me. Then the conversation took a sharp left.

“So, what’s the boy’s locker room like?”

“I dunno. Kinda dim, damp, warm, smelly. Like a locker room I guess.”

“No, I mean, like do all the guys change in front of you?”

Oh God… So this is where the conversation was gonna go? Ok, but she’d have to work for it.

“Yeah. They never really cared much. ‘Cept Brian but he got over it pretty quickly.”

“And how is it?”

“How is what?”

“Watching all those guys get naked and shower. I’d have to go into a stall and rub myself a bit if I watched that.”

Oh…wow. I’d never really thought of girls as sexual creatures like this. I know that’s silly, especially given the fact that I was practically raped by Tori at that party but it was the truth.

“I try not to pay attention for obvious reasons.”

“I wish I could be in there and watch them all. Just thinking about it makes me wet.”

Sweet Jesus. This was one horny bitch.

“I’ve heard that guys get hard in the showers a lot is that true?”

“Yeah. I mean, it happens. We all try to ignore it since it happens to all of us. Plus it is kinda uncomfortable and awkward when it happens to you.”

“So you don’t think about it later when you jack off?”

I blushed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot THAT much. I’m just soooo glad I have someone I can talk to about this now.”

Oh god… So this was going to become a regular thing? I hoped not? On the other hand, we’d run three laps of the track while we’d been talking so I guess it could be worse.

“Which guys have the biggest dicks? I bet Casey has a huge dick.”

This girl…


“If you don’t want to say that’s fine.”

She smiled at me. PE was over. Time to head in.

“We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Yeah…she wanted to make this regular. Dunno if that was ok with me. We separated and went to our different locker rooms. Now that Stephanie had gotten me thinking about it I couldn’t help but notice all the guys around me as they stripped down. Some of the guys looked really good and most looked ok. In the shower the general practice was just to wash yourself and occasionally talk shit with some of the other guys. Every now and then a joke was made about another guy’s dick which was usually followed by a retort involving the offender’s mom, sister, or girlfriend. Laughs usually followed and then everyone went back to washing.

But Stephanie was wrong. Casey had a nice dick, there was no denying that, but Alex had the biggest dick by far. He was uncut and his soft, thick cock hung down at least five inches. I’d never seen it hard but I’d fantasized about it a couple times. If it was that big soft I could only imagine how big it was when he was hard. What weirded me out though was the fact that he shaved off his pubes. He said it made his dick look bigger. I just thought it looked bad.

And, before I’d realized it, my dick started to get hard. That’s what I got for thinking about cocks in a shower full of naked guys. I turned towards the wall and focused on washing. When I was finished my cock was still mostly hard and I had to walk to my locker with a semi. Some guys noticed but, as per the unspoken rule, nobody said anything. I was glad that my dick was pretty average. At least nobody could make the “It likes like a penis only smaller joke” at me like they could to Steve. Poor guy looks almost like a girl when he’s soft.

I got dressed and signed in relief as I realized that I was done for the day. I waited with Casey by the auditorium. He always talked and fucked around in the locker room and took a lot longer to get out than I did because of it. While I waited, leaning against the wall, I let my mind wander. Where it went I honestly couldn’t say.

“Hey man. You ready?”

Casey’s voice brought me back to the world.

“Sure. Yeah. Let’s go.”

We walked to the front of the school and headed north for our walk home. The walk was about 20 minutes so we always had a good amount of time to just talk.

“Enjoy your run?” I asked.

“Yeah, though I would have preferred to have been in your shoes. Stephanie is HOT!”

Oh God… Who would have guessed? I chuckled causing him to look at me funny.

“Let’s just say she wouldn’t mind getting to know you a little better.” I said in response.

He looked really excited about this.

“What’d she say?”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend or something?”

Casey and Carla had seemingly been together for a while now. They hadn’t fucked yet, not for a lack of trying on his part, since she was a “good Christian girl” but they were pretty serious. Or so I thought. Maybe sex was a bigger driving force than I’d realized.

“Eh. I wouldn’t call her my girlfriend… so what did Stephanie say?”

Hmm…How does one say this?

“She… well… She asked about your dick.”

He looked a confusing mixture of shocked and thrilled.



“What’d you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Why not?”

“’Cause I felt weird. What would you say if someone asked you about my dick?”

How did he not understand that it was weird for me?

“That’s different… You’re gay.”

Excuse me?

“So you don’t know what a dick looks like? You don’t know if a dick is big or small? Who’s got the biggest dick in our gym class? The smallest?”

He blushed.

“I thought so. So you do know enough about dick.”

That shut Casey up. For now. Casey never was down for long. I think that’s one of the reasons we fit together so well. I grounded him when he was flying high and he pulled me up when I sunk into an emo funk as I was prone to doing. His silence didn’t last long.

“So, who’d you blow?”


“That bit at lunch. You said you never missed a drop when you gave a guy head. I assumed that meant you’d finally sucked a guy off. Who’d you blow?”

Oh Jesus…I didn’t really expect him to get serious about it.

“I was just fucking around.”

“So you say.”

“Ok well, you try and figure it out. Who could I have blown in the delightful gay paradise that is Tavares? I don’t know a single other gay guy in this entire town. Not to mention I spend all of my time by myself or with you or Sean. So which one of you two was it?”

He was silent for a moment as if considering all the different possibilities in this. I assumed and hoped that he wouldn’t even consider the idea that Sean was gay. What would Sean do if Casey realized that we were together? Would “us” be over? How would Casey react? Fuck… If Sean and I ever came out as a couple it might cause the apocalypse.

“I didn’t really think about it like that… Why’d you say it?”

“Because I wanted to. You’re always defending me. I wanted to stand up for myself. Think of it as my version of ‘I fucked your mom last night’.”

Casey seemed to like that idea and we walked on.

“I dunno what was with Josh though.” Casey said, “I didn’t think it would bother him. He seems to like you and he honestly didn’t give a fuck when I told him you were gay or when he realized you were checking him out.”

“Yeah…I dunno.”

We walked in silence. Neither of us could wrap our heads around why Josh had walked off after the encounter. Though Josh was confused by what had happened I was scared. I was scared that Josh was going to stop wanting to do things with me. I was scared that Casey would find out. I was scared that everything that was working so well for me was going to come crashing down around me and I’d have nothing to support myself with. In a couple minutes we had reached our street and a minute later we were in the road between our houses.

“See ya.” Casey said as he started walking towards his house.


End chapter 6.

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