a boy gets a new dog
When I was about 10 my dad came home with a puppy for me. I was as happy as a 10 year old could be. I had wanted one forever. I was told the dog was mine to train and feed. I named him Sparky and we were inseparable. I took real good care of him, giving him baths and feeding him.

Giving him baths is where I discovered his red rocket. His red rocket (my dads name for it) would show sometimes when I would bath him and after seeing it once I noticed it more and more. Dad said it was natural and it was how boy dogs make babies.

Sometimes I would wash him there extra to see his red rocket stick out. As he grew a little older his red rocket got bigger. I was fascinated with it. I was getting bolder with my washing and probably giving him more baths than he needed. Mom said he was the cleanest dog around. She liked having a clean dog in the house so she didn't complain when he slept on my bed.

Sometimes I would get him muddy just so I could wash him. My friend Bobby helped me wash him one day and told me he had a big cock. I didn't know what he was talking about. He said it was called a cock. He laughed when I told him my dad called it a red rocket. He said all boy animals have cocks. That's what older kids called it.

Bobby wasn't afraid at all and stroked his cock until he started humping. He let go and Sparky humped air while we had a good laugh. Bobby said he would cum if we did it enough. I asked what that was. He explained that boys cum if they stroked their cocks enough. I asked him if he could cum and he said he could. I said I never tried, so I didn't know if I could. He said we could try the next time he stayed over. I said that might be fun but he would have to show me how.

That night I was watching TV with my mom and dad and I was laying on the floor like I always did. Sparky was laying across the back of my legs like he always does. It was warm in the house and we were all dressed for bed. I had my pajama shorts without underwear on and that was all. Mom and dad were playing kissy face on the couch as usual.

Mom and Dad said they were going to bed early. They make some strange noises when they go to bed early. I said I wanted to watch some more TV and they let me. After they were gone me and Sparky would wrestle on the floor during commercials. Sparky would get all excited and then he would calm down during the show. Then we would wrestle some more.

It was during the wrestling I noticed his cock was sticking out some. I was on my back with him above me and I reached for it. Sparky stopped very still when I touched it. I rubbed it some and he started the humping. His cock was right above me so I had a good view of his cock. I stopped because my show was back on. I rolled over to watch the show but Sparky still wanted to play. He was back between my legs laying on my lower back still humping. I was getting mad at him and tried to get away by getting up. As soon as I did, he grabbed hold of me and started humping against my bum.

Something exciting was happening on the TV so I was only half aware of what Sparky was doing. I was on my hands and knees with Sparky holding on tight. This was the best part of the show so it had my full attention... until I felt a wet cock touch my bum hole. My mind snapped to attention but was still a little behind Sparky. His cock had worked its way up the leg of my pajama shorts and found my bum. By the time I knew what was going on he was in me and humping hard and fast. It hurt a little at first but then felt warm and kind of nice.

There was no way to get away from him so I just relaxed and let him do his thing. I didn't have any idea what was happening on TV anymore. My cock was hard and feeling funny. All my attention was on what was going in and out of my butt and my cock. He humped for a few minutes before holding real tight and shuddering. Then I could feel something warm inside me building. My little cock was hard as a rock and twitching terribly.

All of a sudden it felt like I was paralysed and convulsing. My little cock was spurting cum and it felt amazing and scary. It kept shooting out all over the inside of my pajamas. By them Sparky was standing still behind me panting hard. When I was done I sagged to the floor and Sparky backed out of me. He went to the corner and licked his cock. It looked a lot bigger than I ever saw it.

I must have fell asleep on the floor because I woke up in bed the next morning. I had on clean pj's so I was worried what my parents were going to say. I wondered if they knew what I did with Sparky. I was relieved when my dad gave me a talk about growing up and what I could expect sexually and that sometimes boys have wet dreams. He laughed and told me the first time he had a wet dream he thought he peed the bed. I played along and said it scared me too. He told me it was natural and to not worry about it. He also told me if I jacked off I would have less of them. He gave me a somewhat abbreviated description of jacking off. He said all boys do it and not to let it worry myself. He said it lets the pressure off. I didn't understand that.

The next few days went by without anything special happening. Then Friday Bobby called and asked if he could stay all weekend. His parents wanted to go away by themselves. My parents said ok and that night Bobby was at my place with his suitcase. We quickly went to my room to get him settled in. We would share my bed which was a queen size. We talked and played games for a while and got ready for bed. Sparky always slept in my room, usually on my bed.

When the lights were out and my parents in bed we talked and the subject went to Sparky's cock. He asked if I wanted to try to cum. I told him that I found out I could cum. He was real excited and wanted to know more. I told him it was an accident. I explained what happened and he was amazed. He said he wanted to try it. I told him to take his shorts off because it should be easier. We played with Sparky a little and started playing with his cock. Bobby was laying on his back and I was holding Sparky by the collar. His head was under Sparky so he could see better. All we had was a little light from the window.

He was stroking Sparky's cock and telling me it was growing bigger. I saw him move his head up and looked to see him licking the dog cock. I asked him what it tasted like. He said to try it and see. I got under while he held him and when I put my mouth on it he humped a couple of inches into my mouth. I didn't move and he humped some more. I could taste something and it wasn't bad. I looked up and Bobby was watching closely. He said I didn't have to suck him to taste it. I just shrugged and switched places with him again. By this time my little cock was rock hard.

Bobby got under him and did the same as I did and Sparky really humped causing him to choke and cough. He got up laughing saying Sparky tried to give it all to him. He said his cum tasted different than Sparky's. He told me he always swallows his cum so his mom and dad don't find it. I found that an interesting tidbit of info.

Bobby now wanted to try what I did so he got into position. I let go and Sparky jumped right on him. He was humping all around but not getting in. Bobby told me to help him. I couldn't see so I got under Bobby and slid back so my head was right by his cock. I could barely see so I reached up and found Sparky's cock and tried to aim it at Bobby's bum. After a couple tries I could see it go in. Bobby made some muffled squeaks as Sparky got down to business.

I had a bird's eye view and was enjoying the show when I thought of what would happen if Bobby came like I did. What would we say if there was a puddle of cum on the bed and not in his shorts. Thinking quick because his cock was jumping, I put his cock in my mouth thinking I could catch it and spit it out somewhere after. Soon after I did that, his cock exploded in my mouth filling it with cum. I had no choice but swallow. I swallowed a lot of cum before he stopped. I made sure it was clean before I let him out of my mouth. It tasted ok so I didn't mind too much. Sparky had stopped humping so I got out from under them. After a bit Sparky went to the corner of the room to clean up.

Bobby was speechless for a while. When he did get his wind back he told me that was the best he ever came and we had to do that again this weekend. He asked why I sucked him and I told him to prevent explaining a mess. He said it was the best. He also said that if I wanted Sparky to screw me, he would do the same for me.

Sparky was back on the bed in about a half hour sniffing around. Bobby said that he thought he wanted to do it again. He asked if I wanted to or should he. I said that I would take a turn. I took off my shorts and Bobby got under Sparky to see if he was ready. I was holding Sparky still. Sparky started humping and I could see that Bobby was sucking his cock. He sucked for longer than needed because Sparky kept humping when he quit. When I got into position Sparky got on me and in me right away.

Bobby got under me and was sucking my cock real hard. Sparky was humping me like crazy and it felt better that anything I ever felt before. My cock was ready to fire when I felt Sparky pull me tight. I could feel the warm feeling right before I started to cum. Bobby was still sucking hard as ever and swallowed all my cum. He kept sucking my cock until Sparky pulled out of me and left. I rolled over and was breathless.

It took a few minutes before I could talk. I told Bobby that it was only the second time I came but it was the best. He said he was hard as a rock again and was going to cum again. I rolled over quick and sucked him into my mouth so he wouldn't make a mess. I sucked him for a long time it seemed before he started spasming and spurting cum into my mouth. His whole body was jerking around but I stayed with him and not spilling a drop.

After a while, we talked about it all and decided that we liked this enough to do this every chance we could. We didn't get a lot of sleep that night and Sparky didn't get a lot either. Sparky lost interest before we did so we took turns sucking each other until we couldn't cum any more. We finally fell asleep in the middle of the night. We continued this activity for a few years.

When we were at Bobby's house we would have his much bigger dog to join in. That was a surprise the first time. He had a much bigger cock and got hung up in me the first time he fucked me. That was scary for me but Bobby knew what to expect. Bobby showed me how he sucked off his dog and swallowed his cum. I did it once but the dog tried to shove it all down my throat, choking the heck out of me.

Both of us had scattered opportunities over time to have fun with other dogs. We would always tell each other about it and would compare notes when we would find something different. We never did anything with other males. It was just something between us pals. We talked all the time about which girls we would like to screw and a couple of times we would find one that would do us both.

The strange thing was we never screwed each other. I guess the dog was enough. Eventually we both got girlfriends and moved on but I found out that Bobby's girlfriend was real friendly with his dog. I never introduced my girlfriend to my dog that way.

Twenty years later I'm married with kids. Sparky is long dead and missed, but I still have a dog. My son and daughter bath the dog with my help and I make sure his red rocket is clean. I watch them wash the dog themselves and smile when they pay special attention to his red rocket.

I've never seen them do anything but wash the dog but I do see the interest building. I know that once in a great while, when we are alone, he gets real lucky with me.

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