I had been working at the brokerage house for almost three years. I had gone from an intern to a junior broker. I had also gone from penniless to several million in stocks. They were given to me over the years as bonuses on holidays. My boss was one of the co owners, he was almost eighty years old but looked fit.

I was in my office when he walked in and closed the door behind him. I glanced at him and finished the company research I was working on and sent it to the client. I turned and he smiled, “I don’t know how you always manage to find the good stocks for our smaller investors.”

I grinned back, “I get a feeling when I check the market and do my own research.”

He grinned and then sighed, “Samuel, you have seen my wife Helen. What do you think about her?”

I sat back not sure how to answer, “She’s very beautiful, sir.”

He waved that away as he turned and walked to the window, “She’s sixty years younger than me.”

I waited, not sure where this was going. He turned to me, “Would you consider having sex with her?”

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I cleared my throat, “You want me to have sex with your wife?”

He actually grinned, “You don’t have a girlfriend do you?”

I shook my head and looked out the window past him, “No, the last one said I was never there.”

He sighed, “That’s always the case.”

He looked at the glass wall of my office and grinned. “If you mirrored the glass no one would see you in here.”

I looked the other way at the glass wall, “Mirrored the glass?”

He looked at me, “Would you have sex with Helen?”

I looked at him and finally nodded, “sure.”

He grinned as he started for the door, “You won’t be sorry.”

I shook my head in disbelief and went back to work. The next day I came in to see the glass on my office mirrored. I nudged one of the female intern’s named Patricia, “What’s with the glass?”

She grinned, “It came from the boss. He wants all the offices done like that.”

I nodded and absently handed her a list of companies for initial research. I was only in my office a few minutes when Helen walked in and closed the door. I looked up when she locked it and started towards me as she started undressing. I sat back, “Helen?”

She grinned, “Edward said you agreed to satisfy me.”

I grinned as she stopped next to my chair. I scooted back and moved her around in front of me. Helen was a blonde and from the tiny patch of trimmed pussy hair it was natural. Her breasts were firm with beautiful pink nipples. I sat her on the edge of my desk and spread her legs before licking through her pussy. She gasped as she shuddered, “Damn!”

I smiled and teased her clit with my tongue while using my thumbs to rub along the sides of her pussy. I nibbled on her labia and sucked on her clit before pushing my tongue up inside her leaking hole. She jerked and shuddered hard as I went back to teasing her clit. While she was moaning and shuddering I reached down and undid my pants.

I stood, letting my pants drop as I moved forward. I bent my hard cock and pushed into her warm, moist pussy. Helen gasped as my cock pushed all the way to her cervix, “Fuck!”

I held her hips as I began to fuck her shaking body. She held my shoulders as I fucked her with long, slow strokes and kept whimpering as my cock started forcing her cervix to open. She slowly lay back as she spasmed and shuddered. As I fucked and ground against her, she lifted her legs and I pushed deeper. Helen spasmed and jerked as her pussy squeezed my cock. I held her as I began to pump spurts of cum into her.

She jerked at the feel of warm cum filling her and then began having spasms and convulsions as her pussy squeezed my spewing cock. After six huge jets of cum I was done. I was still hard and my cock was throbbing. I rubbed her erect clit, “Ready for another one?”

She laughed and gripped my wrists, “Let me turn over.”

I slowly pulled out of her and she shivered before sliding off the desk and turning around. She bent over the desk and spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy and squeezed her clit before pushing my hard cock back into her. I used long thrusts that made her grunt and shake. Her messy pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she spasmed and dropped to the desk, “Fuck!”

I smiled but didn’t stop, I started rubbing her warm asshole as she thrust back onto my cock. She jerked and her pussy gripped my cock suddenly, “Shit! Fuck! Damn!”

She began convulsing as I started fucking her hard for a few minutes. I was almost pulling out of her before thrusting back in all the way to her womb. Her slimy pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she jerked and thrashed around on the desk. I pulled her up as I moved back and sat with her impaled and she leaned back against me with her body still shaking.

She leaned forward as she calmed down and put her legs together before starting to fuck my cock. It wasn’t long before my cock was jerking and throbbing. I pulled her down and held her hips as the head of my cock force her cervix open and I began spraying sperm. Helen jerked hard with the first strong gush and pressed her pussy down against my pumping cock.

I spurted and spewed thick jets of cum as she shuddered and sighed. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and leaned back, “God I needed that.”

I grinned and tugged on her nipples, “So did I.”

She stood and went to pick up her clothing. I put my pants on and stood to help Helen before walking her to the door. I left the door open after she left and went back to work. I glanced up a few minutes later when the door closed. The intern Pat stood at the door, “It smells like pussy and cum in here.”

I smiled and sat back, “Finished with the research?”

She smiled as she crossed to me, “If Mr. Thomas finds out you fucked his wife…”

I waited and she leaned against my desk setting the folders she was carrying down, “Any chance I can get in on the action?”

I looked at her body, “What did you have in mind?”

She grinned, “Well, I like cock as much as the next woman but I wouldn’t mind taking a turn with Helen.”

I laughed, “I’ll ask her the next time she is horny.”

Pat smiled as she turned towards the door, “Thanks.”

I watched her walk out and my cock got hard just thinking about her. I picked up the folder and went back to work. It was almost lunch time before I sat back and sighed. I glanced at the door as Helen stopped in the doorway. She smiled, “Anything planned for lunch?”

I glanced at my calendar, “No. Your husband has a meeting though.”

She stepped in and closed the door, “Maybe a quickie?”

I smiled, “My intern wants to play with you too.”

She frowned and I hit the intercom, “Pat?”

Helen looked at me sharply and then turned as the door opened. Pat smiled at her and then looked at me, “You need something?”

I looked at Helen, “I was just telling Helen you wanted to play too.”

Pat looked at her and smiled, “she’s gorgeous.”

Helen blushed, “I’m not gay.”

Pat laughed, “Neither am I.”

Helen looked at me and I stood up, “Close and lock the door Pat.”

She did and turned as I walked to Helen and slowly undressed her. When I looked at Pat she was already stripping. I undressed as Pat came to kiss Helen passionately and then pull her to the desk. I watched as she turned Helen at the end of the desk and sat her on the edge. The next thing Helen knew was Pat licking through her cummy pussy. Pat looked up into her face, “you taste good, like cum and pussy together.”

Helen blushed as I came closer and kissed her. I felt her firm breasts and rubbed the nipples as she shuddered and moaned into my mouth. Pat stood up and pushed her down, “Go ahead and fuck her.”

I grinned as Helen groaned and moved between her legs. Pat looked at my cock and gasped, “Damn, if I had known you were that big…”

Helen laughed and then groaned and shuddered as I slowly pushed into her. I started fucking her slowly and Pat moved around the desk and leaned over to suck on her nipples as I continued to fuck her and press against the back of her pussy. Helen shuddered harder and I fucked her shaking body hard for a minute as she wailed in Pat’s mouth.

I buried my cock in her spasming pussy and Helen stiffened as it pushed into her cervix. Suddenly she was thrashing and bucking and I couldn’t hold it. I thrust into her and impaled her on my cock as it throbbed and then erupted. Pat pinched her nipples and kissed her hard on the mouth as she screamed.

I was pumping huge, strong gushes into her womb and Helen just kept jerking and shuddering as her pussy clamped down and held my pumping cock. Finally I stopped and Helen gasped as she came up for air. She grinned at Pat, “God, you should feel that.”

Pat grinned, “If you are you coming back this afternoon I can.”

Helen laughed as I pulled out of her and Pat helped her up. She kissed me and looked at Pat, “How about in an hour?”

Pat grinned, “I’ll move his appointment back an hour.”

I grinned and rubbed Pat’s bald pussy before they moved to get dressed. For the next hour all I could think about was fucking Pat. An hour later I looked up as Helen and Pat walked in together and Pat closed and locked the door. They turned to each other and kissed as they undressed each other. I stripped as I watched them continue to kiss and caress each other.

Finally Helen pulled her to my desk and sat her on the edge as she knelt between her legs. I moved to kneel beside Helen as she began licking Pat’s pussy and reached down to finger her wet pussy and rub her clit. Helen shuddered as her pussy squeezed my finger and she pulled back, “fuck her now.”

I stood as she moved around to kiss Pat and then move down to suck on her nipples. I wedged my cock in her tight pussy and slowly pushed in as she moaned and shuddered. I started fucking her as Helen kept playing with her breasts and it wasn’t long before I was forcing her cervix open. Pat jerked and shuddered as I began fucking in and out.

Helen moved up to kiss her passionately as she started having a jerky seizure. She jerked and convulsed as her pussy spasmed and milking my cock. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and then held her as my cock began throbbing. She screamed into Helen’s mouth as my cock erupted and I peed huge gushes into her womb. She jerked and kept thrusting her hips up as I pumped and spewed until she was full and leaking.

I caressed her pelvis when I was done and slowly pulled out before moving around behind Helen. I spread her legs as she continued to kiss Pat and pushed into her from behind. I held her as I started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was moaning as her wet, slippery pussy spasmed and tightened. My cock finally started hitting her cervix and Helen shuddered and groaned.

I kept fucking her and a couple of minutes later she was jerking and shaking. I fucked her hard then and she stiffened before jerking and twisting as her pussy contracted. I was fucking in and out as she kept convulsing and lay on Pat as she screamed into her mouth. It was awhile before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I peed another load of cum.

Helen jerked and spasmed with each warm eruption as it was pumped into her. When I stopped and caressed her before pulling out, she sighed and kissed Pat, “god he cums a lot.”

I rubbed her butt, “you and Pat use my bathroom to clean up.”

I dressed and sat down as they went into the bathroom and a few minutes later came out holding hands. Helen gave her a kiss and then bent to kiss me before getting dressed as Pat sat on the edge of my desk and watched. I reached out to finger her and she shuddered as Helen laughed. Pat stood and bent to kiss me before dressing. They left together and I went to use my bathroom before going back to work.

The rest of the day was normal but I somehow seemed to get more done. The next day Pat greeted me in my office when I got in with a soft kiss. I didn’t see Helen until lunch when Pat followed her in and locked the door. I finished the research I was working on as they undressed and started kissing and feeling each other on my couch. I stood and undressed before moving to the couch.

I knelt between Helen’s legs and pushed Pat’s hand away as I leaned in and licked through Helen’s pussy. I began to nibble and tease her clit as I sucked and it wasn’t long before Helen was shuddering. Pat groaned as she twisted away from Helen’s hand and I gently bit Helen’s clit. She jerked and gasped as she shuddered and shook.

I stood and pulled Helen up before walking her around to the side of the couch. I laid her over the arm before straddling her legs and slowly pushing into her warm pussy. Pat grinned and turned to scoot under her head and pull her face to her pussy. I began to fuck Helen slowly with ever deepening thrusts. By the time I was pushing against her cervix she was already moaning and spasming.

I buried my cock in her and rubbed her warm asshole as her pussy kept milking me. She continued to shake and shudder as she licked Pat and started trying to thrust back. I laughed and held her hips as I pulled back until I was almost out of her and then I started fucking her with long, deep, hard thrusts. Pat was shuddering and twisting as Helen wailed into her pussy.

I changed from fast and hard to slow, deep, grinding thrusts every couple of minutes. Helen was totally incoherent and shaking uncontrollably. It was twenty minutes before I thrust into her hard and buried my cock. She stiffened as it throbbed and then exploded with a gushing stream of warm cum. She jerked and held Pat tight as she shoved her face into her pussy and screamed.

I pumped huge streams of cum and then spewed large, thick spurts. Her womb and pussy were full long before I stopped cumming and she shuddered and moaned when I pulled out. Pat laughed, “If you ran on cum your tank just got filled.”

Helen giggled and looked back at me, “flooded more like.”

I helped her stand and she pulled me around as Pat stood. She laid down and grinned at Pat, “Your turn at the pump.”

I grinned as Pat laughed and stroked my cummy cock, “and the pussy buffet.”

Helen giggled as she spread her legs, “lap it up then.”

Pat grinned as she went to her hands and knees between Helen’s legs and started licking her leaking pussy. I moved behind her and started rubbing her pussy before fitting my cock to her and pushing in. She groaned and shuddered as I held her hips and started to fuck deeper. Helen was shuddering as she kept lifting her hips. It was a few moments before my thick cock started pushing against Pat’s womb.

She shuddered and shook as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. A couple of minutes later Pat jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. She was moaning into Helen’s pussy as she convulsed and I held her hips as I fucked her hard. A couple of minutes later I slowed and started fucking Pat with slow thrusts, planting my cock in her cervix with each one.

Helen jerked and shuddered as she covered her pussy and Pat laid her head on her pelvis. I went back to fucking her hard and deep and she pressed her mouth against Helen as she howled and squirted. She was convulsing and jerking as I kept fucking her and pulled out. I stood her up and sat down as I pulled her onto my lap. She twisted and turned to straddle me and pushed down to slid my cock back into her.

She rocked and thrust back and forth desperately as I reached over to start fingering Helen’s cummy pussy. Pat was convulsing as my cock sank deeper and pushed into her cervix. I thrust up and held her as I rubbed Helen hard. My cock erupted in a fountain of cum and Pat gasped and kissed me before screaming in my mouth. Her pussy clenched around my cock as I continued to spew loads of cum into her.

Helen giggled when I stopped cumming and Pat leaned against me panting. Helen stood and turned to pull Pat up and off my cock, “Come wash, I have to meet Howard.”

I watched them disappear into my bathroom before standing and following them. I helped wash Helen and she kissed me passionately before running out. Pat washed and let me finger her to another orgasm before getting dressed. I was working the next morning when Pat stepped into my office and closed the door, “Howard is dead.”

I looked at her and sat back, “How?”

She shrugged, “They say he had a seizure and collapsed in a meeting.”

I glanced at my work before absently sending it to a client. I stood, “I’m going up to the...”

Pat shook her head, “they want everyone to finish what they are doing and go home.”

I looked at my desk, “How can I reach Helen to tell her how sorry I am?”

Pat walked to the desk, “I called her private number. She said she would talk to you when she could.”

The rest of the day dragged out until I went home. It was two weeks before I saw Helen and it was only because I was told to go to the estate lawyers office. The reading of the will seemed to take a long time before the lawyer sat back and told everyone they could leave except Helen and me. I had wanted to go to her as soon as I saw her but several of the owners were around her.

When we were alone I crossed and took her hand, “You okay?”

She smiled weakly, “No, I have something to tell you.”

She glanced at the lawyer when he cleared his throat, “Mrs Thomas, first there is a matter between you and Mr. Edwards. Your husband had just made a change to his Will. He has given Mr Edwards ten million dollars with a wish that he retire from his firm. He has also asked that you and Mr Edwards have a child. Of course he left you with a majority of his estate.”

I looked at Helen and she smiled, “But his business went to his partners?”

The lawyer sighed and nodded, “yes.”

I stood, “Anything else?”

He shook his head and Helen stood and took my hand, “I called Pat and she will meet us.”

I grinned, “Where.”

Helen smiled as we walked to the door, “my home where we can speak.”

She sent the car that was waiting away and rode with me. I kept glancing at her and she smiled, “What?”

I smiled, “There’s something different.”

She grinned, “wait for Pat.”

When we pulled into her estate Pat was already there waiting. Helen slid out and embraced her as I got out the other side. Helen took my hand after I walked around and we walking into the big empty feeling house. She grinned and turned once the door closed and kicked off her shoes, “my house, my rules. No shirts, no shoes, no clothes.”

Pat grinned and started undressing as I did the same thing. I was pulled into the huge front room and pushed down on the couch before Helen straddled me and looked into my eyes, “do you want to get me pregnant?”

Pat leaned against me and kept grinning so I knew they had talked, “now?”

She grinned and nodded and I lifted her. She laughed and wiggled away before straddling me again, “will you get Pat pregnant?”

I looked at Pat, “did you want to get pregnant?”

She grinned, “yes.”

I leaned over to kiss her, “We are in for a long night.”

They both laughed and Helen kissed me before leaning back, “when Edward died everything and everyone was around me and... I forgot my birth control.”

I looked at her waiting and she grinned, “I’m pregnant!”

I grinned and hugged her before looking at Pat and she grinned, “Not me stud, I had my period last week.”

Helen giggled, “but you are fertile today.”

Pat laughed, “well, yeah.”

I stood with Helen wrapping her legs around me, “Now I really need to find a bed.”

Helen laughed as Pat grabbed my hand and I started following Helen’s directions. The master bedroom was huge with a wide custom made bed that had mirrors everywhere. I grinned as I sat and rolled until she was under me. I kissed her and looked into her eyes, “I’m sorry about Howard.”

She smiled and hugged me, “we knew it would happen. I was his trophy wife but he cared for me very much.”

She looked at Pat, “I have been thinking about us. I really like Pat and you have... my pussy wet almost constantly from thinking about you. What would you two think about an equal partnership?”

I lifted and pushed into her warm pussy and started to fuck her, “business first, questions later.”

She laughed and hugged me as Pat giggled. That was ten years ago and we are still together. The house is full of children, both Helen and Pat are very fertile bitches and never say no or close their legs. To keep busy we take cruises or visit our second home in the Carribean to swim in warm ocean water.
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