My name is Casper Saint and I had been part of the Cav Scouts, Recon team five to be exact. I was twenty five and headed home or the closest bar I could find to help me forget some of the things I had seen. I was in a small system called Joy, well in a bar in a automated transhipment station.

I barely glanced at the bejeweled Slith when she walked in. Slith were reptilian in nature and believed the only real sentient species was them. I don’t remember anything after that, I woke naked and in pain, it was a sharp stabbing pain in my balls. There was blackness again and slowly I became aware again.

I could see the open cargo hatch at the back of a small cargo shuttle. From what I saw the shuttle was Slith which was bad. I looked around the small cage I was in and then at the other cages with male Maury. (Maury were descended from felines.) That explained the pain in my balls and I knew the Slith had altered me so my balls would produce sperm with Maury DNA to attract me to females in heat, they were very good with the bio stuff.

The Slith loved to hunt and now we were their prey. The female Slith were the aggressive ones and the dominate of their species. The males were always submissive and normally there were anywhere from three to six males for every female. I glanced at the male moving through the cages with a shock stick. He was wearing a long shirt with a belt and a thigh sheath for what I knew would be a long bladed carbon fiber knife.

I glanced towards the front of the shuttle where two more Slith males were gambling. I knew the sadistic little shit would shock me when he saw me laying down, they couldn’t help torturing something they considered helpless. I slowly turned my head and looked out the open hatch to see tree tops barely below the shuttle. I knew we must be on the surface of Joy which was bad.

Joy was mostly thick forests with large predators like a millasnake or a canind or a type of feline. I watched the male approach and stop in front of the cage door. I moved as the stick jabbed towards me. My right hand wrapped around his hand and twisted and snapped the wrist back as I flowed up against the door. I thrust the end of the stick up and under the male’s chin and into his throat.

My other hand reached through to pull the knife and I brought it up and around before stabbing through his ear hole. I released the stick and glanced over my shoulder at the other males still gambling. I held the dead male up and removed a key. I held him with my left hand and unlocked the cage. I slipped out of the cage before lowering the male.

I quickly stripped him and put the shirt on followed by the belt and sheath. I wiped the knife blade on the male before slipping it into the sheath. I glanced at the other prisoners and they were looking at me closely. The Maury weren’t really hostile towards humans but they were an arrogant race. I quietly slipped to the next cage and unlocked it, “quietly.”

He nodded as I moved to the next cage. When I finished with the last one I headed towards the open hatch. I looked at the Maury, “they have pistols by the bridge hatch. I’m going out the back.”

They sneered but I ignored them as I walked to the hatch and glanced at the trees passing not even a dozen meters below. I crouched and a moment later heard the Slith yell. The shuttle slowed and I dove and turned as I reached for leaves. I smashed through the top layer as I heard plasma shots. I grabbed a small branch and my body slowed as it snapped around.

I let the branch go as it snapped and spun to reach out for another small branch. This one slowed me more but broke too. I let it go and spun to grab a thicker one as I dropped past it. I slowed and almost stopped before the branch cracked and started to break. I glanced below and released the branch to drop down and grab a much larger branch that stopped me.

I hung from the branch before taking a second to look around. I moved hand over hand towards the tree trunk. I climbed down slowly and kept looking around until I dropped the last five meters. I stood and glanced up at the tree before turning to walk towards what I thought was west. I knew this wasn’t the only uninhabited continent. The inhabitants had left most of the other continents to the predators and only lived on one small one.

I was in a newly burned area in the forest when I heard the caninds. I glanced around quickly before moving to a slim tree. I started climbing and barely a minute later they rushed through the brush. I climbed high and started looking around before glancing down as one of the beasts began climbing the tree below me. I grinned and glanced at another tree not to far away and started the tree swaying towards it.

The animal was almost to me when the tree I was in got close enough for me to grab the other and I let the other one go. I smiled as the canind flew off the tree, a moment later the others went after it. I glanced around before starting to make the tree sway. I was trying to reach a large fully grown thick branched tree that was easily a hundred meters tall.

The caninds were tearing the injured one apart as I finally reached out to grab a branch. I was about fifteen meters off the ground, the branch I grabbed was a secondary one. I released the tree and swung before grabbing another small branch and used both to move towards the larger branch. I pulled myself up and glanced at the caninds as they trotted back.

I glanced at the thick branch I stood on and grinned before pulling the knife. The branch was wide and thick with several smaller branches growing straight up. I moved towards the trunk after cutting one off. I sharpened the end as the animals moved to the trunk and started climbing. At the closest small branch to the trunk I stopped and pulled it back and down like a bow.

I glanced at the others behind me but waited. The first canind struggled onto the branch and moved towards me quickly. It was almost over the base of the smaller branch when I let it go. The branch whipped up and slammed into the beast and it jumped before scrambling and falling. I moved to grab the branch again as the next one reached the branch.

It was the last one, the one that had fallen wasn’t moving much. The trick worked again and the canind fell, thirty minutes later I was eating roast canind and watching the forest as I cleaned one of the skins to make crude moccasins. I climbed back into the tree before it got dark and in the upper branches I made a nest.

I slept through the night and woke as the sun began to rise above the horizon. I was careful and alert when I climbed down and started walking again. I was really thirsty as I started down into a wide valley with a rushing river going through the middle, north to south. I risked walking out onto the smooth river rocks to get a drink.

I glanced around before stripping and slipping into the water and washing quickly. I dressed as I shivered and then I slipped back into the forest and started walking north just inside the forest. The quiet warned me and I dropped to the ground. I slowly looked around through the fern like undergrowth.

To the east was movement and I almost snarled as a Slith male moved towards me slowly. Right behind him was a bejeweled female followed by two more males. I stayed on my stomach and started crawling. I came to my feet behind a thick tree and put my back to the trunk. As they stalked past the tree I moved around and came out behind the last male.

I slipped the knife out and stabbed up through his spine and into his brain. I kept moving as I yanked the knife out. I sliced across as the next male turned and cut his throat. I lunged as he staggered back grabbing his throat. I took the bigger female through her earhole and yanked out her jeweled energy knife.

I turned as the last male yelled and charged. I rolled back with him as he hit me and let his momentum roll us until I was on top of him and stabbed up under his jaw with the energy knife as I flicked it on. I slowly looked around at the convulsing bodies and stripped them and took the plasma pistol and the large bore rail rifle the female carried.

I removed the small packs the males were carrying and found water bottles and meal packs. I knew the meal packs wouldn’t do me much good and I tossed them. I put the long green gown like dress from the female on after cutting another shirt and making a type of kilt. I placed the plasma pistol on my thigh and filled one pack with all the water bottles, knives, belts and some cord one male had before leaving.

I walked north and about three hours later I sniffed. I shook my head at a haunting smell before glancing around. To the northeast was an area that seemed lighter. It was also upwind which meant the smell was coming from there. I moved east a few hundred meters before carefully and silently stalking north.

Through the thinning brush I could see a clearing with a single large tent. I could hear Slith talking and went to my stomach and crawled closer to look out. What I saw sickened me but it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen it before. In front of the tent was a large heating pit and above it was a metal spit with the remains of a Maury.

In a cage to the left was a teenage Maury female that was grey with black spots. I sniffed and knew the smell came from her. I looked at the male Slith before pulling the energy knife and slipping the pack off. I pulled a carbon fiber knife and wormed my way up beside the tent. I waited for the moment and came to my feet as I moved.

The energy knife came on as I went past the first male and stabbed up into his brain from under the earhole. I kept going and sliced across the next male’s throat as he turned. I continued into the last male and brought the energy knife up under his jaw. I held him as he jerked and spasmed before shutting the energy knife off and letting him drop.

I glanced around before stripping them as I tried to ignore the smell from the female. I looked at her finally and sighed as I realized she was in heat. That was something the Slith like to do to entice males in during a hunt. The problem was if I let her out she would attack any male until one mated with her, if they did it would be for life.

I couldn’t leave her, the Slith would eat her and I couldn’t let her go, they would catch her again quickly or she would be killed by one of the predators. I sighed and began stripping as I looked around hoping I had time. I took the cage key from the male that had it and moved to the cage as she growled at me. My cock was hard and drooling as I reached out and unlocked the door. I moved back and shifted before she suddenly exploded out of the cage towards me.

Her claws were out and extended as I slid to the side and brought my left hand up to the right. I swept it across to the left knocking her reaching hands away as I turned and shifted around her. My right hand pushed her down as I slid onto her back and followed her to the ground. I grabbed her right hand and extended it out and held it as my left grabbed her left and did the same on that side.

She yelled and fought as I held her pinned under me and used my knees to pushed her legs open. I knew that a Maury in heat would not resist that. I shifted down and thrust and she froze as my thick cock slammed into her tight pussy. She mewed as I wiggled and pushed and slowly thrust into her deeper. I let her go and moved down slightly before I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts.

The fight was over now that I was inside her. She shivered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and I groaned. The way she squeezed my cock was amazing. It started at the entrance and rippled and squeezed all the way down to her womb, which I was already pushing against. Slowly I started to fuck her harder and she wailed and convulsed.

It was only five minutes before I thrust into her and buried my cock. I grunted and shuddered as suddenly I was peeing cum. I had never had this happen and knew it was the change the Slith had done. I kept pumping almost hot sperm into her until it was leaking out of her full belly. I pulled out of her and moved back and she turned to looked at me. She smiled almost shyly before rolling onto her back and speaking in halting standard, “again?”

I grinned as I looked at her leaking pussy and glanced around before moving between her legs. I rubbed my face against hers before lifting and pushing into her slimy pussy. I fucked her steadily with deep thrusts as she clutched me and shuddered. Her tight pussy was back to milking my cock as I fucked in and out. She wrapped her legs around me and started to wail and spasm.

I wasn’t trying to hold back and kept fucking her firmly as I felt my balls churning. I shuddered and rubbed her face with mine as I buried my cock to press, hump and jab. It wasn’t long before she was thrashing around and I was back to fucking her hard and deep. It took me ten minutes before I thrust into her quickly and held her shaking body as my cock erupted.

I gushed and spewed and spurted until she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out of her and moved back before standing, “come, we have to go.”

She stood and followed me as I went to get my pack and then got dressed. She sniffed at the shirts but put one on with another cut into a kilt like mine. I pulled a dozen fiber blankets out of the tent and grinned before stuffing them into their sack and slinging them over a shoulder. I cut the thick cushioned suede floor out of the tent before rolling it up and tying it to my pack.

I looked at the locked containers on the other side of the tent before breaking the locks. Inside the first was more water bottles and meal packs. I broke the lock on the second and opened it to grin. During the last part of their hunt they used what they called primitive weapons. I pulled out the short bow and the quiver of arrows but almost put them back when I realized it was to small for me. The girl cleared her throat, “Me?”

I looked at her and handed the bow and quiver full of arrows to her. Inside the case was also more charges for the plasma pistol, the rail rifle and a map. I took everything and added it to my pack before looking at the girl. I pulled her close and wrapped and belt around her slim waist and fastened a sheath to her left thigh before doing it again with one on her right.

I added water bottles to her pack before drinking a couple and making her drink. I took one last look around as I thought and then starting to walk east, “what is your name kitten?”

She laughed as she caught up, “you can call me Caylith.”

I smiled and glanced at her, “okay kitten, listen close. While in the forest look for anything that moves quickly. Listen for the forest to change, by that I mean going silent or getting louder.”

I slowed as we walked into the fern like brush, “move slowly and watch where you step.”

She was nodding as she walked and I shut up. I knew they might find the dead Slith to the south or the ones in camp. The river was a little fast out in the middle so I was hoping they would look to the north. There was another clearing to the east about forty kilometers away with another Slith camp. The forest went quiet a little later before a shuttle went over us and headed towards the camp.

There were several small creeks that crossed from the southeast to the northwest. I made sure to refill our empty water bottles when I could. We also saw a lot of herbivores and once a large millasnake as it ate a grubbing herbivore. It was a couple of hours before Caylith touched my arm, “I... I need you again.”

I glanced around before pulling her to a thick mossy area, “my name is Casper.”

She shrugged out of her pack and set her bow aside before starting to strip, I caught her hands, “wait.”

I dropped my pack and set the rifle down and reached for her. I turned her and pulled her down onto her hands and knees before lifted the bottom of the long shirt kilt up over her butt and tail. I rubbed her cummy pussy and squeezed her sensitive clit to make her shudder. I lifted my shirt kilt and positioned my cock before pushing into her. I held her waist as she put her head down and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

Her pussy was milking my cock like the first time and I groaned as I buried it. I reached around to start fingering her clit and Caylith shuddered violently as her pussy clenched around my cock. I pulled back and fucked her with deep, firm thrusts and she almost collapsed. I held her hips as I continued to fuck her and a few minutes later shoved into her and grunted.

Like before I peed cum into her womb as her tight pussy milked my cock and she spasmed. When I was finished I pulled out and knelt behind her as I looked around almost guiltily. I moved forward to rub her leaking pussy, “I would love to fuck you for a week kitten but we are hunted.”

She groaned and slowly sat up and turned, “thank you mate.”

I grinned and stood, pulling her up, “don’t thank me, I’m tying you to a bed after we get out of here.”

She grinned and bent to grab her bow and pack. I froze as I heard the sound in the forest change. I grabbed my pack and the rifle and looked back the way we had come. I looked at Caylith and touched her and put a finger to her lips. I stood and walked to the south about forty meters before turning to stalk west parallel to our tracks. I stopped after a hundred paces and pulled Caylith behind a thick tree trunk.

I whispered in her ear, “stay here and don’t move.”

She nodded as I slipped my pack and the cord holding the bag of fiber blankets off and set them on the ground. I stayed low and moved further to the west before stopping beside another tree trunk ten meters away. I checked the rifle as I knelt and waited. Through the fern bushes I saw the Slith appear several minutes later. The lead male was bent over smelling our trail as they walked.

A second male followed the first and then the female followed by the last male. I slowly turned and moved to the other side of the tree and brought the rifle up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Caylith kneeling with an arrow nocked and the bow ready. The file of Slith moved past my tree and I aimed at the female’s head and slowly squeezed the trigger.

There was a crack as her head exploded and I shifted to the last male in line. An arrow streaked out to slam into the chest of the second male as I shot the one I was aiming for. The first male spun and started to run but even as I started to fire an arrow took him in the middle of his back, severing his spine. I moved forward and checked each of them before collecting packs and knives from the males.

I pulled the shirt like dress off the female and then took her pistol. I checked the rail rifle she had been carrying before dumping the ammo into my hand and turning to smash the stock and bend to barrel. I carried everything back to my pack and put it on with the bag. I walked to Caylith as I loaded the rifle and handed her the two bloody arrows.

She grinned and took them and a shirt before using it to clean the points. I divided the water and cord from their packs between us and we headed east again. A couple of hours before dark I had Caylith kill a herbivore and made a smokeless fire to roast it. She ate as if she were starving and then we washed in a small creek before I led her to one of the larger trees.

Fifty meters above the ground I walked out on a thick branch that paralleled a branch from another tree. I had Caylith help cut strong thin branches from other large branches and wove them into a nest between the two I had chosen. I made traps on each of the two branches and hung the packs and rifle up with her bow and quiver before stripping her.

I undressed but kept the two pistols as I spread the cushioned floor and fiber blankets and moved onto the nest we had made. Caylith smiled as she followed and straddled me. I set the pistols where they wouldn’t fall and lifted her and my hard cock. She wiggled and impaled her pussy with a sigh I shared and then grinned as I held her hips and pulled her back and forth.

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I cupped her breasts and played with the nipples as she began to thrust back and forth on her own, “you know I might have to do this to another female to save her.”

Caylith shuddered and her pussy tightened as she looked at me and growled, “I know mate.”

I smiled and tugged on her nipples, “keep going so I can put a kit in you.”

She rocked and started convulsing before falling on me a few minutes later. I rubbed her back and hugged her as her cummy pussy continued to milk my cock deeper into her. She rocked back and forth and purred as she pressed and rubbed on me. She spasmed and jerked several times before I held her tight as I shuddered and began spewing cum.

She shuddered as her pussy milked the cum into her and when I finished she sighed. I lifted her hips and pulled my cock out as she purred and rubbed her face against mine, “you can’t really give me a kit.”

I smiled and made sure I could reach the pistols before relaxing with her on me, “If you knew Slith like I do, you would know they are more them capable of making sure I could.”

She turned her head to look at me, “how do you know them?”

I looked above us at the darkening sky, “We found a few of these hunting... camps they make. The slith never survived to go to a prison.”

Caylith put her head down, “you are a warrior.”

I smiled to myself and hugged her, “sleep.”

I woke to the chuf of a large feline below us. I was reaching for the two pistols when I heard them climbing. From the sound they were climbing up both trees. I glanced at the branch we had climbed out on when the feline moved closer. I aimed the pistol and then the cat tripped the trap I had set.

A light branch swept up and into the beast and it screamed and yawled as it crashed down through the branches. I looked at other way as the other feline tripped the other trap and it to was knocked off the branch. I looked at Caylith as she lifted up, “what is it?”

I smiled and set the pistols back down, “relatives.”

She leaned close in the dark to look into my eyes, “what?”

I pulled her down and rubbed my face against hers, “two large felines stalking us for dinner. The traps knocked them off.”

She glanced to the side, “it’s a long way down.”

I chuckled, “yeah.”

She grinned and relaxed, “dumb cats.”

I woke to the false dawn and caressed Caylith, “time to get up.”

She squirmed before moving back and carefully standing. By the time we reached the ground I had noticed the dead felines, they had been almost completely pulled apart. We ate a little of the roasted herbivore I had saved before drinking water and refilling the bottles at a nearby creek. The clearing I was heading for was only about ten kilometers away.

We were about a kilometer from the clearing when we heard the small explosions from plasma shots. I was tempted to have Caylith stay but started stalking closer with her watching and copying me. I looked out to see four dead Slith males around a fifteen meter dead millasnake. There were still two more males and a female Slith.

They were only thirty feet away and I didn’t hesitate before aiming at the female. The crack that exploded her head was followed by an arrow striking one of the males in the middle of his back. The other male spun and I shot him right through his mouth. I didn’t hesitate and moved in to check the others before starting to strip them of weapons.

I ignored the cage with a female Maury Caylith’s age. I could smell her and knew she was in heat too. We put everything in front of the tent and I went in and brought out the dozen fiber blankets. I glanced at Caylith looking at the other girl as I stuffed the blankets in their bag one at a time. She finally touch my arm, “I will do this, you go to her.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “she isn’t from my clan but...”

I smiled, “just don’t scratch me for it later.”

She took the bag and one of the blankets, “I think you did the job on me already so go take care of her.”

I looked at her and down at her pelvis before turning as I slipped my pack off and then started stripping. I walked to the cage and the grey and black stripped female crouched and growled as she followed me with her eyes. I unlocked the door and before I could move back she was lunging and hitting the door. I slid back and brushed her striking hand away.

I grabbed her forearm and pulled and twisted as I shifted and slid around behind her. I used my weight to pushed her down as she stumbled and grabbed her other arm as she screamed and fought wildly. I spread my weight on her as she struggled and pushed her legs open. I moved up and humped and thrust until suddenly my cock pushed into her warm slippery pussy.

She stopped fighting and sighed as she relaxed. I shifted as I let her go and started fucking into her and moved up. My cock slipped into her and hit her womb as she began to milk my cock. She shuddered and purred as she thrust back, Caylith sat beside us and I buried my cock as the new girl shuddered almost violently.

I humped against her and she mewed and shook before I pulled back to start fucking her again. Almost every other minute she jerked and shuddered as her pussy milked my cock. It was fifteen minutes before I thrust into her and peed cum. She froze and tilted her hips when she felt the warm sperm erupting through into her womb.

I held her as I kept spewing and pumping and when I stopped Caylith touched my shoulder, “moved back so she can turn over.”

I smiled and pulled out and moved back to kneel, “you mean like I did for you?”

She grinned as the girl turned to look at her and then me. I moved forward and pushed her down as I spread her legs. I rubbed my face against hers, “do you want more?”

She nodded and whispered, “please?”

I lifted and pushed into her cummy pussy. She purred and clutched me as her hips lifted. I pushed all the way into her before pulling back and starting to fuck her. I kept rubbing her face as I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts. Her messy pussy was milking my cock again as she hugged me and wrapped her legs around me. I pushed all the way into her and began to hump and press.

It was a few minutes before she wiggled and squirmed as her pussy spasmed. She wet me and mewed as she jerked and convulsed. I pulled back and fucked her steadily with deep strokes and she started thrashing around. Her grasping, squeezing pussy milked my cock and felt so good I knew I wouldn’t last. I continued to fuck her and began grinding and humping.

It was barely ten minutes before I thrust into her and held her as she squirmed and writhed around. She clung to me and mewed as I pumped and gushed cum into her. She shuddered hard and spread her legs as her belly was flooded. When I stopped cumming I continued to rub her face until she relaxed. I pulled out and moved back, “feel better kitten?”

She smiled shyly but nodded. Caylith giggled and reached out to caress her pelvis, “our mate put enough seed in you for awhile.”

She stood and looked at me, “we should go.”

I stood and bent to help the new girl up, “what’s your name?”

She pressed against me as she stood, “Emilia.”

I held her against me, “I’m Casper.”

I let her go and turned before going to dress. I pulled Caylith close and removed the sheath on her right thigh and replaced it with the holster for the plasma pistol. I showed her how to hold and use it and reload it before turning to Emilia. I pulled a long dress like shirt on her with a shirt kilt and a couple of belts before fitting a knife sheath on each thigh.

Caylith was helping her fill a pack with water bottles as I broke open the standard two crates. I was going to give the extra rail rifle to Emilia but she knelt to pull out a fancy looking auto cocking crossbow. I glanced at Caylith to see her grinning and knelt to remove the extra plasma charges and the extra rail magazines.

I cut the floor out of the tent and folded and rolled it up before tying it to the bottom of Caylith’s pack. I looked at the map and glanced at Caylith and Emilia, “we go southeast. There’s another clearing about fifty kilometers away.”

Caylith looked at Emilia, “why east?”

I sighed, “The freight shuttle landed further east in a small plains area. The rest of your people that are still alive will be there. If I can, I will take the shuttle and kill the Slith to save them.”

They nodded and I gestured before starting to walk. The fern underbrush began to thicken after a few kilometers and then the land began to rise. We reached a wider rushing stream an hour after that. The land leveled off and Emilia and Caylith whispered back and forth before Caylith giggled. I glanced back and she grinned, “we need to take a break so you can take care of Emilia.”

I glanced past her to Emilia before looking around and leading them to a large tree that had fallen. I slipped my pack off and turned to see Caylith helping Emilia remove hers. I set my rifle aside and took Emilia’s crossbow and gave it to Caylith. I pulled Emilia close and bent to rub her face with mine before pulling her around me and bending her over a thick branch.

I lifted the back of the kilt she wore and the front of mine. I rubbed her hot pussy before moving closer and fitting my hard cock to her tight hole and pushing into her. She shuddered as I started to fuck deeper and began pushing back. By the time my cock was pushing against her womb, her pussy was squeezing my cock and milking it. I kept going and used long strokes that finally opened her womb.

Emilia jerked and squirmed as she purred and thrust back. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she stiffened before yawling and thrashing around as she clawed the tree. I slowed after a few minutes and fucked her steadily with deep thrusts. She was shuddering almost violently by then and tossing her head. I continued to fuck her for another few minutes before slowly and firmly burying my cock.

I pressed into her as my cock erupted and spewed a huge stream of sperm. Emilia jerked and spasmed as her pussy milked my cock and the cum into her. When I was done cumming I bent to rub the back of her neck before standing and pulling out. She shuddered and stood slowly before turning and embracing me, “thank you mate.”

Caylith stepped close to rub cheeks with her before helping her with her pack. I took it slow for the next few hours because we were in an area with a lot of deadfalls and breaking an ankle would not be good. By the time we were ready to stop I knew we had traveled about thirty kilometers. Emilia was the one to see the grubbing herbivore and kill it with her crossbow.

I cleaned it and started a smokeless fire before showing the two how to cut the animal into strips to be cooked. I used cord to tie the packs together before climbing one of the huge trees. I went up more then halfway and out onto a thick branch that forked. I glanced up at the thick dark clouds that were forming and pulled the suede like floor out.

I put them over the branch above and used side branches to tie them open. I used a fiber blanket at the other end to close it off and went to cut smaller branches and weave them into a nest. I put all the fiber blankets over the woven branches except two which I used to close the tree side opening. I tied the packs to hang them from the upper branch inside shelter I had made.

I climbed down and went to the fire the girls had kept going. They handed me a couple of strips of meat and I ate slowly as I glanced around, “after we finish cooking the meat put the fire out.”

Caylith and Emilia had been busy and made a couple of shirts into several small bags. After we had eaten our fill they began putting strips of cooked meat into the bags. After the last of the meat was cooked I put the fire out and we climbed to our nest in the tree. We hung and set weapons to the side and stripped before laying down.

Caylith caressed my chest just as thunder crashed around us and a huge deluge swept over the shelter. She and Emilia were hugging me and slowly relaxed as the huge tree only swayed slightly. Caylith grinned and straddled me, “my turn mate.”

I reached up to cup and knead her firm breasts, “slowly.”

She lifted and Emilia positioned my cock. She wiggled down my cock to impale her pussy before giving a sigh. She started to thrust back and forth and roll her hips as her talented pussy milked my cock. It was only moments before she was shaking and then convulsing. She wailed as she spasmed and her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

Emilia snuggled against me and reached between Caylith’s spread legs to finger her slippery pussy and clit. Caylith jerked as if shocked and screamed as her body shook and jerked. I tugged on her nipples when I felt my balls churning and my cock throbbing. She stiffened and looked at me quickly before spreading her legs and pushing down.

I grunted as I was suddenly peeing cum up into her and filling her womb. Caylith shuddered and sighed as she squirmed and wiggled as warm sperm flooded her. When I stopped cumming a minute later she dropped onto my chest and rubbed cheeks with me as she panted and purred, “mmmm.”

I hugged her until she squirmed and her pussy tightened. She grinned and lifted her hips before moving to my other side as Emilia took her place. I smiled and lifted my cock and she slowly impaled her slimy pussy. She shuddered and sighed before grinning at Caylith. I looked back and forth and reached up to rub Emilia’s nipples, “are you two conspiring?”

She grinned as she started rocking, “yes. We have decided you belong to us.”

I laughed and thrust up with my hips, “only when you let me love you.”

Caylith scratched my chest, “if we get out of here we are going to make you care for the kits.”

I grinned and pulled Emilia down and held her, “I would like that.”

I caressed Emilia’s body before rolling and starting to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She shuddered and moaned as her tight pussy rippled and continued to milk my cock. I buried my cock and began humping and pressing into her as she thrust up and rubbed her pussy on me. Her wails could barely be heard over the suddenly loud storm.

It was a minute before she was incoherent and squirming as I continued to fuck her. I finally pulled back and started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts and she howled as she started bucking and thrashing around. I thrust into her a couple of minutes later and she clutched me and tilted her hips as I began pumping and gushing more cum into her.

She jerked and shuddered hard as warm sperm filled her and sighed when I was done. I fucked them twice more each before they let me sleep. I held Caylith and she held Emilia as the storm raged over and around us. I woke to a hint of light and glanced around to hear quiet. The storm had passed and everything had that fresh smell.

I heard something and woke the girls before silently dressing. I left the rifle and slipped out before quietly climbing down. I stopped on the bottom branch and crouched next to the thick trunk. It was only a few moments before the fern brush parted and four thermal suited Slith stepped out by the fire we had last night. I slowly pulled the pistol I was carrying and took aim.

Before I could fire there was a crashing of brush and four caninds leaped out of the fern brush and took down two of the males. I watched the female kill the caninds with her pistol but her two males were dead. I listened as she used her communicator to report their death. The other male pulled them together and took one of the packs before standing and waiting for her to tell him what to do.

I aimed carefully before squeezing the trigger. The female’s head exploded and I switched to the wide eyed male and killed him. I looked up the tree at the two girls before climbing up. We packed up and they climbed down as I lowered everything. I made a shoulder holster from canind hide for Emilia and slipped the female Slith’s pistol into it before we started walking.

It was barely dawn and we made good time. Four hours later I slowed when I heard noise ahead of us. We moved forward slowly and carefully and I stared at all the male Slith collecting wood. I touched the two girls and whispered for them to stay. I pulled my pack off and left my rifle before slipping into the brush. I stayed close to the ground and below the top of the fern brush.

I moved quickly the last step and used the energy knife. It slid through the back of the males head and into the brain before I shut it off and lowered the spasming body. I moved a dozen paces to the side and waited for another male to turn before standing and stepping closer. This time the energy knife went into the side of the neck and up into the brain.

I stalked around the edge killing quickly and silently until I only had four left. They were looking around for the others as I quietly took an energy axe from the last male I killed. I was behind the four as I took a breath and stood before starting to walk. I cut the first male’s throat with the knife and brought the axe across to almost take the second’s head. I continued without stopping and stabbed the third in his chest as he spun and brought the energy axe down into the head of the last one.

I looked around for a moment before waving towards where the two girls were. They walked to me carrying my rifle and pack and grinning. Out of the twelve males I had killed, I collected four energy axes with spare charges as well as knives. I gestured to the clearing, “around to the south.”

We moved around the clearing and looked out at six tents. There were dozens of frames with Maury skins stretched on them. I knew this was one of three or four major camps. I touched the girls and whispered, “Caylith on the left, Emilia in the center and me on the right. Start with the females on the left. I will work on the females going the other way. After the females, kill the males.”

They nodded as we slipped the packs off. We moved a few feet apart and I took aim. When Emilia fired, Caylith was right behind her and then I began to shoot. I shifted and killed a second female before aiming at the third. She was pointing her pistol when I shot her between her eyes. The last went down with in arrow in her throat and a bolt in her chest. After that it was simple to kill the males as they rushed us.

I moved out into the clearing and glanced at the empty cage and then at the other with a female Maury that was a light green with a blaze of white on her breasts. I moved to the female Slith and made sure they were dead. On the first one I found a command wand and glanced around before taking it along with her weapons. I knew the wand meant she had been the ship’s captain.

We pulled them together and stripped each of weapons. Caylith pushed me towards the cage when I turned to the tents, “we can do that.”

Emilia hissed and I looked at her until she finally sighed, “take her mate.”

Caylith smiled, “She will be our clan now.”

Emilia nodded and started for the closest tent. I turned to walk to the cage and started stripping. I watched as she growled and crouched facing the door. The smell she gave off told me she was in the peak of her season. I reached out slowly and unlocked the cage door. She didn’t react so I used my hand to yank it open.

She exploded towards me with a yawl, her claws out and reaching. I twisted and shifted to the side as I swept her reaching hands away. I swung around behind her and lunged to use my weight to bring her to the ground. I was quick to grab her arms and pull them to the sides as I used my knees to spread her legs.

She screamed and snapped and struggled until I humped and she froze. My cock didn’t go in her but she mewed and tilted her hips. I shifted and pushed against her and my cock stretched her extremely tight pussy as it slipped in. I moved before starting to fuck her slowly with ever deeper thrusts.

Her pussy rippled and began its magical squeezing as it milked my cock and I nuzzled the back of her neck as she purred and shivered. She was lifting her hips and trying to push back as I kept fucking her. It was awhile before she wailed as she bucked and squirmed. Her pussy tightened painfully and I started fucking her hard and deep.

I was pushing into her womb with each stroke and she began convulsing before I shoved into her and held her tight as I peed cum. She roared as warm sperm was suddenly flooding her and continued to shudder as her pussy milked my cock. When I was done she relaxed and I pulled out before rolling her over and moving back between her legs, “again?”

She glanced at Caylith and Emilia as they sat beside us and then looked at me and nodded. Caylith chuckled, “always twice the first time mate.”

I grinned as I pushed into this new girl’s slimy pussy and rubbed my face against hers. I fucked her slowly at first as her tight pussy started milking my cock again. She shuddered as her messy pussy milked my cock like Caylith and Emilia. Her hips were lifting and I began to grind each time I pushed into her. She started to squirm as her pussy spasmed around my cock and she squirted, “YES!”

I began to use long, firm thrusts that hit her womb and pushed against it. It was only a minute before she arched her back and wet me as her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I rubbed her face and fucked her with hard, deep thrusts. She wailed louder and began bucking and thrashing around as she clung to me and shook. I kept fucking her as both Caylith and Emilia moved to each side of us and rubbed her face as she shuddered. I kept planting my cock firmly and grinding as I started to feel my balls churning.

I pushed into her nice and deep and held her as I started to gush more cum into her already full womb. She jerked and mewed as she tilted her hips and pressed her body up against mine. She was shivering and shuddered as her pussy clenched around my cock. I pumped and spurted and spewed until cum was leaking around my cock and out of her.

I sighed when I was done and rubbed her face before pulling out and moving back to kneel. Caylith and Emilia bent to rub their faces against her before helping her stand. She smiled at me shyly, “I thought mating would hurt more.”

Caylith and Emilia laughed as I smiled, “welcome, I’m Casper.”

She touched her breast, “Talia.”

Caylith rubbed her cheek, “I’m Caylith.”

Talia nodded and Emilia copied Caylith and rubbed her cheek, “I’m Emilia.”

I turned, “we need to dress and leave.”

I was careful as I made sure each of them had a pistol on their hip and another in a shoulder holster. I also made sure they each had an energy knife, axe and a carbon fiber knife. We all had packs with two stuff bags filled with fiber blankets. We also had the folded and rolled up floors on the top and bottom of the packs. I had more than enough spare magazines for the rifle and Caylith and Emilia filled their quivers.

Talia looked at the available long weapons before she picked up a crossbow like the one Emilia carried. I looked at the map before nodding to the girls and starting to walk towards the southeast. There was a plain about sixty kilometers away with a mark I knew was probably where they had landed their freight shuttle or shuttles depending on the size of the hunt ship. All the captives would be in stasis containers there.

It wasn’t long before we were climbing as the land rose up to the level of the plains. We were climbing up a small moss covered cliff when I heard a stirring below us. The millasnake was huge, more than fifteen meters and came out of the brush in a rush, barely slowing as it reached the cliff. I swung out and pulled a pistol as I held on with one hand and fired repeatedly into the head of the animal.

A second behind me, the three girls started shooting and the millasnake dropped to the base of the cliff and started spasming as it died. I watched it for a moment before holstering the pistol, “keep climbing.”

I waited at the top for each girl and hugged them before turning to start walking. We ate the cold cooked meat from the bags while walking and the three girls quietly told each other and me about themselves. It was mid afternoon when the dark clouds rolled in and Talia killed a small grubbing herbivore that surprised us.

I decided to stop early and we began collecting any dry wood we could find. Talia murmured something to the other girls and Caylith straightened, “you need to fuck Talia again.”

I was just finishing cleaning the animal Talia had killed and glanced at her before nodding, “let me wash. You and Emilia can start the fire and cut the meat up like before.”

We were beside a fast moving stream with thick moss covering most of the ground. I started stripping and set everything aside before Talia walked to me and rubbed my bare chest, “your body is strange.”

I caressed her hips before undressing her and rubbing my cheek against hers, “Yours is wonderful.”

She smiled and I let her go and laid down, “come here.”

Talia straddled me and I guided my cock to her pussy and she wiggled and pushed until my cock was inside her. She shuddered and I held her hips and pulled her back and forth as her pussy rippled and tightened. She jerked and looked at me before grinning and starting to thrust back and forth herself. I cupped her breasts and began to knead them as her warm pussy milked my cock.

It didn’t take her long to become erratic and start to twist and wiggle. She was almost vibrating as she purred and wailed a couple of minutes later. I started to thrust up as she jerked and shook while her pussy contracted. She wet me as she leaned forward and her pussy squeezed and spasmed as she panted. I held her hips again and helped her move back and forth and she laughed as she laid on me before rolling and pulling me with her.

I rubbed my cheek against hers as I humped and pressed my cock into her. I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Talia wrapped her legs around me and hugged me as she continued to lift her hips to meet mine. She was constantly spasming as her warm pussy milked my cock and I fucked her harder. It was awhile before I needed to cum and she was incoherent by then.

I buried my cock and held her as I gushed sperm into her. She lifted and tilted her hips as I pumped cum into her. When I stopped I rubbed her face before pulling out. I stood and helped her up before pushing her gently towards the small fire. I dressed and pulled our packs to the closest big tree. I used cord to tie them together and started climbing.

Forty meters above ground I tied the packs off and moved out on a thick branch to where it split below an upper branch. I cleared small branches sticking up and used the tent floors to make a roof and two ends. I wove smaller branches together as it began to rain. I moved the packs under the shelter and looked down as the three girls started climbing up.

I moved out of the way to let them pass and started setting traps on the branch. I came into the shelter and stripped before spreading the rest of the floors out and then a couple of dozen blankets. The girls were hanging clothes and weapons up before sitting on the nest I had made. Half the meat had been cooked and they had used their homemade bags to carry it up.

I moved to the entrance and looked down when I heard fighting on the ground. Two large felines were fighting four caninds over the remains of the fire and the uncooked meat. It wasn’t long before the felines left and the caninds killed one of their own that had been injured. It began raining so hard I couldn’t see the ground and closed the end before sitting and taking a piece of meat Emilia offered.

Caylith waited until I was done and moved to pull me into the nest of blankets and caress my chest before turning onto her hands and knees, “Mate?”

I smiled before turning to rub and feel her almost hot pussy. I glanced at the opening before moving behind her and slowly pushing into her tight pussy, “quietly.”

She shuddered and groaned and put her head down as she pushed back. I fucked her slowly with long strokes that pushed against her womb. Her tight pussy kept milking my cock as she pushed back each time I thrust into her. She began to shake and then shudder and jerk before covering her mouth as she wailed. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and kept doing it as she spasmed and wet me.

It was awhile before I pushed into her as far as I could and held her as I pumped a gushing torrent into her. She tilted her hips when she felt the warm cum flooding her and sighed as she began to relax. When I was finished I pulled out and let her lay down as I rubbed her cute butt, “that was nice.”

She turned her head to smile as Emilia and Talia laughed softly. I moved to the entrance and it was still raining hard so I turned back to the bed. I made sure my pistols were within reach and laid down. Emilia straddled me and rubbed my chest before lifting up and positioning my cock. She wiggled and squirmed as she pushed down and my cock slipped into her.

She shuddered and started rocking and thrusting back and forth. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as her tight pussy milked my cock. She began to roll her hips and twist as she covered her mouth and cried out. She became erratic and jerky as she thrust back and forth and spasmed. I smiled and pulled her down and caressed her hips and back as she mewed and shuddered.

She was lifting her hips and grinding them down on me as her slippery pussy kept squeezing my cock. It was another five or six minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she became erratic. She kept rubbing her cheek against mine as she purred and mewed. I shuddered as I pulled her hips down and let her pussy milk my cock as it erupted and I started pumping strong gushing spurts into her.

I fucked the three girls once more each before falling asleep with Talia on top of me. I woke to the snap and noise of one of my traps. I pushed Talia away before grabbing my pistols and moving to the entrance. There was a whining from the ground and another canind slowly moving along the branch. When it saw me it rushed and hit the other trap.

It was almost through but the branch caught its hind end and knocked it off. I aimed at the third canind but two bolt sped past to strike it in the chest. It fell and I looked around to make sure there weren’t anymore. I turned to the girls, “get dressed and climb down but wait on the first large branch.”

They nodded and turned to do as I told them. I dressed and packed everything away before pulling the shelter down and rolling it up. I lowered the four packs until Caylith and Talia caught them and secured them. I climbed down and looked at the two badly injured caninds and the dead one before climbing down to the ground. It was still early morning with the sun not even completely up.

We started walking again and ate the cooked meat as we walked. It slowly leveled out and the streams started to become fewer. It was close to the sun setting when we reached the plain. I knelt beside a large thick tree to look out while the girls rested behind me. I knew from past experiences that there would be twenty to thirty males and six to ten female Slith.

Behind the two huge freight shuttles were the large stasis containers with some of the Maury. Two small cargo shuttles were parked behind them. In a couple of dozen cages to one side were male Maury with a lot of racks holding Maury skins beside them. Between the Maury and the containers was the tents and I counted seven. I carefully looked around the edge of the sonic fence and grinned when I saw it pass over a small creek.

I moved back and turned to the girls, “we have to leave the packs here. When it gets dark we will crawl up a creek and into the Slith perimeter. Once inside we crawl to the closest freight shuttle and slip in through the maintenance hatch above the front landing gear.”

I looked at the girls, “once we are inside we have to disable the engines and I need to send a starcomm. Any Slith in the shuttle we have to kill quickly and quietly.”

They nodded and I smiled, “we go out the way we came in, through the maintenance hatch. We crawl to the second shuttle and get in the same way as the first. After we disable the engine and make sure no one is aboard, we kill the Slith outside.”

They almost growled and I grinned, “females before males.”

I moved to where the creek entered the forest and shed my pack. I glanced at the three girls as they came close and snuggled against me. I caressed them and softly rubbed their cheeks, “stay close and keep your weapons with you.”

It started to grow dark and I hugged each of the girls before slipping into the creek. I held the rifle above the water as I started crawling. Caylith crawled after me holding her bow and quiver above the water. Emilia and Talia followed with their crossbow and quiver of bolts in their hands. It was fifteen minutes before we reached the sonic fence.

I glanced back before moving under the fence slowly and turning to set the rifle up on the bank. I reached back and grabbed Caylith and pulled her to and on me. I smiled in her face, “hey.”

She smiled and glanced back before wiggling off me and up onto the bank of the creek. I reached for Emilia and pulled her to me and rubbed my cheek against hers, “go to Caylith.”

I pulled Talia to me and hugged her before pushing her over me. I turned and reached for my rifle before starting to crawl towards the front of the huge shuttle. The tall grass hid us from the Slith in the darkness and I ignored the cries and screams of a Maury. It was another twenty minutes before I reached the front landing gear. I turned and gestured to the girls before I slowly knelt and then stood.

The landing gear struts hid me from view and I pulled Caylith up and looked up and whispered, “climb up slowly and move to the left rear once inside the hatch.”

She nodded and slowly reached up and started climbing as I pulled Emilia up against me. I smiled and whispered, “follow Caylith and move to the back and right.”

She nodded and hesitated before reaching up to follow Caylith. I waited until she was out of the way before helping Talia up. I glanced up and whispered, “climb slow and move to the left when you get there.”

She followed Emilia and I glanced around before starting to climb. I reached the hatch and turned to reach out as I took a large step. I balanced as I stood on the narrow ledge and pulled a knife. I wiggled and pushed the point behind the access panel for the inner ship hatch. It popped out and I tilted it and looked at the optic wires before cutting two and cross connecting them.

The small hatch started opening and I reversed the knife and slipped through the hatch. I looked around the small maintenance room before turning to gesture to the three girls and hiss. I moved to the secondary hatch as they slipped into the room and hit the button and the hatch slid aside. I moved out into the narrow maintenance hall and headed to the right with the girls following.

At the end was a ladder and I waited for the girls before starting to climb. At the top I reached to the side and pushed the open button. The hatch slid aside and I stepped out into the shuttle and looked around. I helped Caylith out, “watch behind us.”

She nodded and I turned to help Emilia and Talia out. I moved towards the front and up another ladder, I stepped out to listen to Slith voices. I moved to the left slowly and pulled two energy knives. I took a breath at the open bridge hatch and moved through it quickly. I sliced across a male’s throat when he turned and stabbed through the second’s head.

I looked around as I shut off the energy knives and glanced back, “come in here.”

I moved to the shuttle commander’s seat and pulled the command wand. I pushed it into the slot on the arm before heading to the communication section. I looked at the girls and carefully set the starcomm freq before keying it, “This is an emergency transmission. I am Casper Saint, lately of Cav Scouts, Recon team five. I am on Joy in a Slith freight shuttle. They have an active hunt going on with Maury as prey. Send a support team as soon as possible.”

“Leave the comm open and we will find you.”

I flipped a switch on the board before crossing to the engineer section. I knelt and looked under before reaching in to pull out a silvery crystal that governed the feed to the engines. I stood and smiled at the girls, “now we clear the cargo bay.”

I pulled the command wand from the slot and they nodded and followed me out. I turned and pushed the wand into the slot beside the door before turning it to lock access to the bridge. I pulled the wand out and slipped it under my belt. I went back to the ladder and stepped in and went back down. I stepped off and waited for the three girls.

I walked towards the back and pulled the energy knives again. There was still a half cargo of stasis containers in the hold and I moved through them and towards the back. The cargo hold was empty of Slith and I used the command wand to lock the outer hatches. I led the way back to where we had come in and slipped out. I climbed down slowly and glanced around before looking up and gesturing to Caylith.

A couple of minutes and we were slowly crawling across to the other shuttle. When we climbed aboard I told the girls to wait in the maintenance room before I slipped out. I killed a female and male on the bridge before pulling the sync crystal and locking the bridge hatch. I moved through the shuttle and made sure no Slith were aboard before going back to the maintenance room.

I looked at the girls, “okay the shuttles are ours. Now we quietly sneak up to the Slith in their camp and kill them.”

The girls nodded and I slipped out and climbed down. It was pitch black out except at the camp where the Slith had lanterns and two roasting spits. I waited and then led the girls to the rear landing gear. I looked towards the camp and pulled the girls close to whisper, “We are going to move around to the side. I’m going to free your males and we will give them the pistols. We spread out and crawl close to the camp before attacking.”

They looked and nodded and I knelt before starting to crawl through the tall grass. When I got to the first cage the Maury growled and I hissed, “quiet!”

I glanced towards the camp as the girls crawled closer. I looked at the male and whispered, “we are going to kill the Slith. When I let you out move slow and follow. We will give you a weapon but wait until we have the others free to use it.”

He nodded and I used the energy knife to cut the thick plastic locking bolt. I opened the door and pulled a pistol before holding it out. He listened as I quietly told him how to use it. The girls had spread out and opened other cages and I moved to another cage to open it. After we ran out of pistols we gave out knives until all the males were free.

I turned to start crawling and they all followed. We were right at the edge of the camp where all the grass had been pressed down from constant walking and the lantern light began. The Maury lined up beside me and the girls and I aimed at one of the Slith females and relaxed before slowly squeezing the trigger. There was the crack of my bullet and then the rippling crash of all the pistols as well as three females jerking as bolts or arrows struck them.

Five seconds later we were walking into camp and making sure the Slith were dead. We had no way to feed all the Maury in stasis so left them alone. The next day I used one of the smaller cargo shuttles to take the Maury males to each of the camps and we surprised and killed the Slith we found.

The girls brought our packs in and we set up our own camp inside one of the freight shuttles. Three days later fleet arrived and started helping. That was ten years ago and the Slith have finally been confined to one planet so there are no more hunts.

Caylith, Emilia and Talia are still my mates and we live on another colony world called Conifer. The changes the Slith had made to my DNA couldn’t be undone, not that I would let the doctors try. I work as a forest ranger and each of the girls, (women now) has their own speciality. We have a large family that the girls insist I teach survival to.

It was starting to get dark when I returned and walked to our huge home tree. It stood almost three hundred meters tall and fifty across and our house was two thirds of the way up. I grabbed one of the lift ropes and put my foot in the loop before releasing the counter weight. I moved up smoothly and stepped onto our entrance porch. I walked through the front door and into Talia’s arms as Emilia waved while playing with her current baby.

Talia rubbed her cheek against mine and then pushed me towards our room, “Caylith is going into heat.”

I grinned as I began undressing and opened the door to see my mate on the bed. She was on her stomach with her legs spread and looking over her shoulder, “Mate?”
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