These stories are of Tara, a young teenage girl, and the growth of her own sexuality. In this first chapter Tara has her first sexual experience.
Tara's Sexual Journey 1 - The Awakening

These stories are of Tara, a young teenage girl, and the growth of her own sexuality. In this first chapter Tara has her first sexual experience.

"Stop will you, I have to go pee," Tara exclaimed.

"Can't you just hold it?," Natasha asked. "We'll be home soon."

My name is Tara. I'm a 13-year-old girl, about 5 feet 1 inches, brown hair to my shoulders, brown eyes, and a cute dimple on my chin. I look pretty skinny but I don't have much in the way of breasts yet. I try to stay active so I haven't gotten plump like a lot of my friends. I guess I'm waiting for that burst of growth like my cousin Natasha. At 15 she is several inches taller, weighs about 120 pounds, and has a nice B-cup set of breasts. She's a blonde with blue eyes and I wonder sometimes if maybe she was adopted. I think she's beautiful.

"I can't hold it," I cried. "I'll pee in my pants before we get home."

"Fine then," she conceded. "Go over there in the bushes."

We were going through a park at the time and there were plenty of bushes, trees, out-of-the-way places to go pee and not be seen. I found one, pulled down my pants and panties and just let loose. It felt good to releave that pressure and know that I wasn't going to wet my pants. Natasha would have made fun of me.

As I finished I noticed that Natasha must have followed me to the bushes. She was standing nearby watching me. It kind of made me feel uncomfortable. "Hey, I'm peeing here," I scolded her. "A little privacy please."

"Oh it's OK, we're both girls," she explained.

I hadn't thought much about that but she was right. It was OK for my mom to see me but not my older brother. So it made sense that girls can see girls but guys can't. Maybe guys could see guys, just not girls. It was all a little confusing so I just let it go.

As I stood up Natasha walked over to me, "Let me help you with that Tara."

Before I could react she was standing behind me and had reached down to help pull up my pants, so I just let her. She pulled my panties up first but stopped at the top of my legs. Natasha then took her left hand and wrapped it around my waist. With her right hand she brushed her fingers across my bare pussy lips. It felt like she had shocked me.

"Natasha, stop that," I shouted. I was a little embarrassed and even caught myself looking around to see if anyone else saw her touch me.

"Just relax Tara, it's OK, we're both girls remember" she said, trying to calm me. I still felt uncomfortable, trying to reconcile what Natasha said, how it felt, and my own gut feelings.

Natasha held her fingers on my pussy, putting pressure on it. "But we're not supposed to touch there," I pleaded, unsure now if I really wanted her to stop or not.

Natasha started rubbing me up and down with her fingers. "Now doesn't that feel nice?" she asked. "Surely this can't be bad between two girls if it feels so nice, don't you think?"

The more she rubbed the more I liked it. "Does that feel good?" she asked again. Yes, I said to myself, but I couldn't seem to talk.

"Uh huh," was all I could get out. I had stopped squirming and just stood there letting her rub me. I knew then that I liked it.

"So do you want me to continue?" she asked. Natasha hadn't stopped rubbing me since she started and I don't think I wanted her to stop. My mind still felt like it was wrong somehow, yet it felt so damn good. My body won out. Feelings beat out brains.

"Uh huh," I grunted. I still couldn't talk.

Natasha kept rubbing my pussy with her right hand as she moved her left upwards from my stomach. Soon she was massaging my little breasts, flicking my nipples which were getting hard. She pushed my head to the side as she began to nibble my ear and kiss my neck.

"Hmmm, you taste good," Natasha said. "I would love to taste all of you." What did she mean by that, taste all of me. What more could she do to me than what she was doing right then, I wondered.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I began feeling light headed. Natasha was kissing my neck, pinching my nipples and fingering my pussy all at the same time. How could it get any better than this.

Suddenly I felt Natasha's finger slide up between my pussy lips, up inside of me. I gasped at the change in the feeling, the intensity. She pulled me tight against her. I could feel her breasts push into my back. Her finger was plunging in and out of me. I was beginning to get a tingling feeling all over my body.

"Just let it come, Tara," Natasha whispered.

But it never did. We both heard the voices at the same time. A couple of older boys were walking towards us. Natasha pulled her finger out of me ordered, "Get dressed, hurry."

I yanked up my panties and pants and the two of us ran off towards home.

We stopped at the edge of the park, out of breath. "That was close," I said.

"But not as close as you were to cumming," she replied.

I looked at Natasha and we both laughed.

The End (until the next time)

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2012-12-31 06:39:59
These two were driving in a car when they were "going through a park," then stopped for a whiz. When they were frightened they ran back to the edge of the park toward home, leaving the car. Now there is room for all kind of plot twists.

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2012-09-01 16:22:00
Anyone looking for sext, text 435-705-3539. Love the Story. Cant wait to read more.

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2012-08-28 23:23:15
Quick part two please

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2012-08-26 22:19:10
nice story good job holding back there are too many stories that jump into sex I like this story

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2012-08-26 20:06:11
Previous reader, I only see "both girls" phrase twice not three times. And the second time Natasha added "remember" in her attempt to convince Tara that it was OK. The story shows how a young girl struggles through that initial decision. Don't worry, there's going to be plenty of goodies coming. This was just The Awakening.

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