My daughter wanted to learn about sex but not from her mother.
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Your Daughter Is Beautiful

It was a Friday, right after school had let out and I had been watching a very attractive woman as she shopped. My daughter and that woman had been in the same store several times as I kept an eye on my daughter. I had given her a pre-paid credit card for her birthday. She had turned thirteen so I gave her a card with the amount of one hundred and thirty dollars on it. I gave her ten dollars for every year of her life. Her mother had done a similar thing the weekend before when she had her.

I got my daughter every other weekend, every other holiday, and most of the summer.

Since her mother is a control freak and had insisted on picking out her daughter’s clothes and only getting practical things, I just let her go wild. She could buy anything that she was comfortable wearing in my presence.

After Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany brought Ginger over to meet me.

Tiffany said, “Dad, I would like you to meet Ginger. She helped me get just the right bra for my huge breasts.”

I chuckled and said, “Honey, your breasts are not huge, in fact they are perfect for your body.”

Ginger said, “Exactly what I told her when we were in the changing room together.”

All of a sudden I realized that they had been topless in front of one another. I knew that girls did that a lot but I was still apprehensive about a strange woman seeing my daughter topless.

Then to my surprise Ginger said, “Your daughter is beautiful, her breasts are shaped perfectly, but her pussy needs some attention. You need to help her keep it trimmed and shave around the edges where it would show with her new bikini. Be careful not to shave it all off. A girl likes to let others know that she is old enough to grow hair there in the first place.”

Tiffany said, “Ginger suggested that you cut a heart shape on my love mound and then shave the rest smooth.”

This was a conversation that I had never thought of having with my daughter.

Ginger said, “She was very curious about the birds and bees.”

Tiffany said, “She means SEX!”

I said, “I’m aware of the meaning. What is it that you wish to know?”

Tiffany said, “The truth. Mom lies to me all the time about sex. I think she is frigid.”

She had hit the nail on the head. Her mother was the most frigid woman in the world…after childbirth. After literally no sex for ten years I had divorced her. I had a couple of girlfriends but nothing seemed to click with them.

Ginger said, “I would be available to come to your house for dinner. That way the two of us could explain and demonstrate what she wants to know.”

All I could choke out was, “Demonstrate!”

Tiffany smiled and said, “Ginger has a great body. You will really like to see her naked.”

I just looked at Ginger and she said, “We did a lot of talking. She knows the basics. She just wants to see it for real. That is when I offered to let you demonstrate the various positions to her, using my body.”

I looked straight into Ginger’s eyes and said, “So I get to fuc…I mean you will allow me to make love to you.”

Tiffany giggled and said, “It’s just sex Dad. Sex and love are not the same thing.”

So I took the girls to a restaurant and we talked. Ginger was three years younger than I was, single and she had no children. Her boyfriend had left her about a year ago. She was a schoolteacher, biology, and she thought that my daughter was beautiful.

She was perfect for me.

We had been having a very strange conversation so I asked, “What is your bra size?”

She answered, “36-C.”

I asked, “What shape is your pubic hair?”

She answered, “Jungle.” Then she laughed.

My daughter laughed and said, “She has a very thick jungle down there and she has the biggest nipples that I have ever seen.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll see them later.”

Tiffany said, “She will even let you show me about deep throat blowjobs, anal sex, and doing it in the shower.”

There was a pause then Tiffany added, “Ginger will show me what two girls can do together, if it’s alright with you.”

I just smiled and asked, “Can I watch you two have sex? You will be watching Ginger and me having sex. It’s only fair.”

Ginger said, “I can spend the whole weekend with you two and drop her off at school when I go in on Monday.”

I paid the check and let Tiffany ride with Ginger as I led the way to my house.

We hardly wasted any time at all in getting into my bedroom. I could not believe the way my beautiful daughter just started removing her clothes right in front of me. She had never done that before. Ginger was right beside her trying to keep up. I was just watching the wonderful show that they were putting on for me.

My thirteen-year-old daughter stood before me completely naked. Her hands were behind her back and her firm breasts were standing out proudly. Her dark hair framed her face and her bangs seemed perfect. Her white teeth shown, her tiny nipples were hard and light pink, and her pussy was perfect. I would hate to shave it, but at the same time, I would love to shave it.

Ginger was thirty-two years old and she could have been a model instead of a schoolteacher. Her breasts were big and heavy causing a slight sag. Tiffany was right Ginger did indeed have the largest nipples that I had ever seen. They reminded me of the top of a twenty-ounce soda bottle. Her areolas were rounded to form puffies on her nice big breasts. It looked like she had pressed them into soda bottles on purpose. The look was magnificent.

Ginger’s tummy was rounded, her hips were protruding, and her love mound was swollen. I could not see her pussy lips through her very thick jungle.

Tiffany said, “He isn’t getting undressed. Should we start without him?”

Ginger and Tiffany went to my bed. I watched them kiss, I watched them run their hands over the other’s body, and I watched them thoroughly enjoy themselves. It was a pleasure to watch.

I was naked when they rolled over in their sixty-nine so that Ginger was on top. I got right near my daughter’s face and said, “You wanted to watch us have sex. Now you have the best seat in the house.”

Then I slipped my cock into Ginger’s wet pussy, wet from my daughter’s saliva. The feel was amazing. Even Ginger said so.

Tiffany said, “Oh my God, she let you stick all of that into her. I can’t wait to taste your cum after you pull out.”

Ginger said, “Don’t be in too much of a hurry. I like having your father inside me. Oh with me in this position we call that the doggy style.”

Tiffany giggled and said, “I’ve seen dogs do that. Mom got really pissed when the neighbor’s dog did that to her poodle. He was twice her size but she stood perfectly still for him. Mom called her a bitch in heat and chased the boy dog away with her broom.”

Our pace picked up and soon I was pumping gob after gob of cum into her. Just as soon as I pulled my cock out, my daughter was right in there. Her mouth was open and Ginger was contracting her tummy muscles forcing a bigger gob to flow into my daughter’s open mouth. She accepted it and swallowed it, then went for more. There was something wonderful about my daughter eating my cum out of my new girlfriend’s pussy. My new girlfriend! I liked the sound of that. I liked Ginger and obviously my daughter liked Ginger too.

That weekend we had sex in several positions with my daughter just inches away from our contact point. She was on her knees in the shower when Ginger was sitting on my cock with her arms and legs wrapped around me. We were kissing and fucking as the water rained down on us. Just before I started to cum I felt my daughter’s tongue lick my asshole, my testicles, and along my cock as I pulled it out part way.

Ginger then felt my daughter’s tongue run over her taint meat, over her asshole, and up the crack of her ass to her waist.

The following weekend was just more of the same only more intense. The two women had sex in every way imaginable. Ginger and I had some wonderful sex. Tiffany and I enjoyed oral sex but no penetration on my part. She came to me a virgin and she left the same way.

After a month Ginger moved in with me.

After a year we were married.

The following year Tiffany had a baby sister.

The next year at sixteen, while babysitting for us, Tiffany lost her virginity to her boyfriend. She was so proud that she could hardly wait to tell us. He was a nice boy and they were thinking about marriage after college but they didn’t stay together that long. So on her high school graduation night I had sex with my own daughter.

That was also the night that she started living with Ginger and I full time.

The End
Your Daughter Is Beautiful
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