Rodney becomes a Pain Slut for Sadie and her girlfriends
Little Pain Slut Slave.

Rodney was an average guy. He worked in an average office and s apart from people he worked with he didn’t have many friends didn't really socialise but spent most of his free time writing short stories as he dreamed of becoming an author. He was always known as Rodney never Rod, straight as a die, honest, single minded, hetero, clean cut, handsome in a sort of bible belt way yet he had a hard time with girls, not in pulling girls but in keeping them since he just wanted to do the minimum to get laid.

He was too uptight or mean to pay for sex and he never really took time to get to know girls or even to bother to ring next day if he got lucky. He spent so much time writing that he never had time to go out or even visit his family, he just kept writing and believed one day his writing would change his life forever.

He was right his life would change for ever but it was he way he used Ellie one night that changed his life, when he sneaked away when she was sleeping and never called, leaving her feeling cheap, when she woke and wanted his cock and his mouth and that's when she firmed up the idea that he would be an ideal Pain Slut Slave to share around her group of women friends.

Rodney was running late, it had been a long tiring day at the office and then had stocked up on food and beer for the next week at the grocery store so it was getting dark when he parked his car in front of his garage and went to unload his groceries. Grabbing his bags he idly wondered why there was a van parked across the road as he walked towards the house but suddenly his world dissolved into agonising pain as someone tackled him from behind, grabbing his shoulders and smashing his or was it her knee up between his thighs to smash into his testicles.

Intense white pain blotted out his conscious thoughts as he crashed to the round landing untidily in a heap clutching his balls and scattering his bags in the process, and as he fell his attacker pushed his face into the ground and jumped on his back to hold him down.

"Woah!" she hissed, "You stay right there." He tried to get up but could not move due to the pain and the expert martial arts hold the woman applied as she put all her weight on his back. He tried to scream but as he opened his mouth a pair of women’s panties was first forced into his mouth and then duct tape as wrapped around his head multiple times, there must be two attackers he realised, at least two, maybe more he thought as they pulled his arms behind his back and he felt cold metal cuffs tightly encircle his wrists and with a click his hands were locked together.

Duct tape were fixed around his upper arms just above his elbows forcing them together and then a Panel van reversed up his drive, the rear doors flew open and a woman he vaguely recognised jumped out and grabbed him by the hair, "Remember me?" she asked rhetorically, as she jerked his head up and back, he stared she had a false moustache and wore coveralls yet she seemed familiar, "In the van girls, now!" she ordered and the person on his back let him rise and taking his arms is attackers pushed him straight into the back of the van.

The floor was bare no mats or wood and they threw him in so he fell forward so he smashed his face against the cold hard steel plating.

"No escaping," the woman ordered, "I'll just make sure, hold still or I'll maybe cut your poor aching balls off by accident!" she said and she took a pair of outsize scissors from a holdall stowed in the van and began to cut up the inside of his trouser leg around the crotch and down the other before with another cut which snipped right through his belt she was able to pull his trousers and then his underpants off him, next she cut away most of his jacket and shirt just leaving a bit around his bound arms.

His legs were then bound in the same way as his arms with metal handcuffs around his ankles and tape around his knees and someone wrapped a rope around his wrist and ankle cuffs and pulled it tight forcing him into a strict hogtie, the rope was knotted in place temporarily and then an extra set of handcuffs set beside it looped through wrist and ankle cuffs so he wouldn't get loose if the the rope slackened . He rolled over onto his back facing his attackers as he tried to understand what was happening to him

"Go go go!" the woman ordered slamming the door."You go on I'll follow." she said as she walked past to pick up his groceries and car keys,

The van drove off leaving Rodney sliding painfully from side to side as it took the turns, crashing uncontrollably around the smooth hard metal floor unable to save himself or even protect his poor aching balls as he rolled around.

The van drove for hours it seemed though it was barely thirty minutes until it turned onto an agonisingly rutted track it drove into a building and the doors opened to reveal a gloomy warehouse or barn.

A woman in a tight fitting black leather cat suit with a black cats eye mask opened the van door, "So you're Rodney," she chuckled as she climbed in the van and placed a wide stiff leather posture collar around his neck and tightened the straps forcing his head to stay straight, "I think I'll call you little Pain Slut, That’s your name from now on. 'Little Pain Slut Slave, like 'Little Red Riding Hood but sexier!" she laughed

"You like pain don't you?" she asked, he couldn't answer, she looked familiar, the same woman She grabbed his balls and twisted, he nodded.

"Good, if you're very good we will torture you every day until you cum," she said, "You do like to cum don't you Rodney, in fact you cum so quickly a girl can barely feel you in her before you cum, isn't that right Rodney?" she asked, "But don't worry, when we have finished training you will cum when we tell you, not before, do you understand?"

"Or are a pain slave already?" she asked and she pushed him to the door before she kicked him out of the van to crash to the dirt floor. "Are you secretly Gay Rodney?" she asked, "It doesn't matter now though does it?" she sighed, "You blew your chance Rodney, say good bye to your old life Rodney you will never see it again," she said as he lay on the ground behind the van vaguely aware he was surrounded by black suited ladies."

"Cum for me Rodney!" one lady said soothingly as she kicked him in the balls hard enough to make him scream through his gag. "Cum for me baby!" she cooed as she kicked his balls again, "Baby!" she said again and her black leather horse riding boot crashed into his testicles again and the pain overwhelmed him and his world slowly turned black.

When he woke he realized he could not move. He thought he was paralysed but he was just strapped down to a metal framed hospital bed so tightly that he couldn’t move a muscle. His wrists, elbows and ankles were bounded to the metal bed frame with duct tape, the posture collar was still strapped around his neck. The panty gag had been replaced with what he would learn was a trainer gag, a six inch hollow rubber cock pushed deep in his mouth and throat, and his balls felt like they were on fire, he spent the next few minutes trying to loosen up the tapes holding him down but lay still when he heard a door open.

The woman from the house, the one from the back of the van walked into the room and over to Rodney. "Hi, I hear you're called Little Pain Slut Slave now, did you have a nice rest?" she asked, "Because you should be sleeping, do you want to sleep?" she asked sweetly, "You look tired and your little cock is all curled up and that is very very rude because I am a mistress and little Pain Sluts cocks must stand up when Mistress comes into the room, do you understand?" she demanded.

"No, well, I don’t care!" she yelled as she brought her fist down on his balls making him scream through the gag again.

"No talking!" she ordered here are five Mistresses here. You will serve all of us, mainly myself. One day each of us will have our own slave. I always wanted a little Pain Slut Slave but mainly I want your house and car, so here you are. If you will follow all of the rules given to you, you'll love it here serving all five of us. but you do have to learn, and men are so bad at multi tasking aren't they?" she continued, "So we'll help you concentrate on your cock, because you're just a cock and a tongue now I don’t see a purpose in my, Little Pain Slut Slave having arms, legs, or teeth."

" You don't need to see or hear either do you?" she asked, "So, if you're good a friend of ours will be coming in and removing the bits you don't need, and if you are very good we will make sure you will remain conscious throughout the process so you don't miss any of that lovely pain and pleasure because you'll love it and you will cum and cum." She laughed as she saw his eyes grow larger and he struggled harder.

"I want you to pleasure me! lick me out like a good Pain Slut!" she ordered and she climbed onto the bed and knelt with a knee each side of his head, unzipped her leather suit right down around the crotch, pushed her thong aside and sat on his face, and when she was satisfied she was in the right position she undid the gag strap and pulled out his trainer gag before lowering herself to grind her sex against his mouth.

"Lick, lick me!" she ordered as she ground herself against him, "Lick my cum swallow my piss swallow everything I give you, miss a single drop and you will regret it! she said as he tried to please her while choking, she had to stop to let him cough and in frustration she gave up trying to cum and climbed off him, "I warned you!" she raged.

"Wha!" he asked as she climbed clear and before she could force the trainer gag back in his mouth, but the half word was all he managed before she silenced him again with six inches of hollow rubber down into his throat

"I warned you if you didn't swallow," she warned, "And you wasted some valuable nutrients. It’s time for a punishment."

"Girls!" she shouted and suddenly there were five girls, one for each hand and foot and a spare and they expertly slashed the duct tape and cuffed his ankles and wrists together in in a single tie, he relaxed at least his balls were protected now he figured as they rolled him off the bed onto a sack truck and wheeled him from the whitewashed room back out into the gloom of the dirt floored barn where they unceremoniously rolled him onto the dirt floor.

"You're a useless sucker, how are you as a face fucker?" she asked as she pushed the end of the double dildo into the trainer gag which was already anchored in his throat making it look like he had a second pink cock where there used to be a mouth and as girls kicked him around so she could straddle him she eased her sticky cunt down onto his face and nose smothering and choking him. "Cock face, you can smell my sex, you'll have to train yourself to recognise me by smell when you can't see or hear any more," she cooed as she pleasured herself.

"Don't just lie there fuck me darling!" she suggested, "I suggest you start before you run out of breath!" she wriggled her cunt deeper onto the rubber cock forcing his nose into her clit making her gasp, "Maybe one day as a special treat I'll let you lick my pussy again." she laughed as she ground herself into his face until she felt his whole body go limp, sadly she rose up "Sadie!" she shouted, "He went to sleep on me, have you got a cattle prod?"

Sadie stepped forward and lovingly grasped Rodney's cock and eased the spike electrode on the end of the modified cattle prod up the eye of his cock and then clamped his balls with a crocodile spring clamp connected with a wire to where the other spike in the prod used to be, "Clear?" she asked and she pressed the lever,"Wakey Wakey!"

"Ummmmm!" He screamed as his cock stiffened and twitched uncontrollably shooting a fountain of piss into the air..

"Bad slave," Sadie cooed, "Now concentrate Fuck Face, Fuck face the Pain Slut, what do you think, Elllie."

"It's 'Mistress Camilla!" Ellie hissed, "Get your own this one's mine."

Rodney's world was an agonising blur of red mist and pain, "Cum for me darling!" Sadie whispered as she made his balls tingle with the low setting on the cattle prod, his cock reared like a snake charmers cobra as Sadie stepped up the power until finally his cock twitched uncontrollably until it exploded in a geyser of sticky silvery cum.

"You see you love it!" Sadie exclaimed.

"Sadie, he's my slave!" Ellie or Mistress Camilla reminded her.

Rodney passed out in a riot of pleasure and pain so the girls left him there and went to eat. Ellie, Carla, Rose, Janie and Phyllis, just regular burger joint girls, college drop outs no hopers going nowhere and turning tricks for dollars most times but fem dom dommes in black leather when they had time out.

Sadie, Camilla, Priscilla, Cruella and Lucy, Mistresses par excellence, "We should clear a hundred thou for the house and car," Rose explained, "On top of the ID which should fetch at least ten."

"He got any cash?," Phyllis asked.

"No, debt mainly and he has a father in Oregon," Rose replied, "Can you deal with that Sadie."

"My pleasure," Sadie agreed, "Phase two?"

The girls finished their meal and filed out into the barn, it used to be an engineering company but went broke and all the equipment was sold except some junk which lay around, the girls rented it telling the owners they were going to open a gym and there lay Rodney filthy and helpless.

"We decided to keep you," Rose told him as she lit the flame on a gas torch they had hired in.

"Wh?" Rodney gulped as Rose passed the flame over the back of his head setting his hair on fire.

"Stay still!" she said Cruella and Camilla heaved a couple of big wooden blocks across and jammed Rodney's head between them Ellie nailed some lumber across to keep Rodney's head straight and when she was done handed the hammer to Sadie.

"You'll love the pain!" she said as she took a metal rod and eased it down beside the gag so it was against Rodneys upper left front tooth and then she tapped the three pound hammer smartly down onto the rod and Rodney screamed and passed out.

Twelve times she smashed down on a tooth and each time he screamed and passed out as the tooth snapped and they had to use the cattle prod to wake him up again, finally the angle got too acute and Sadie had to stop.

Rodney gurgled, drowning in his own blood, his mouth full of shattered teeth and trainer gag he stared at the neon tubes of the overhead lights oblivious to the girls shaving the last of the singed hair from his scalp and barely aware that his hands were now above his head attached to a spreader bar.

His balls ached and he became dimly aware that someone was sucking his cock, Phyllis had his disgusting appendage in her mouth and was sucking greedily.

Rodneys mind whirled, his cock twitched, Phyllis sat up, "Now!" she said, "Are you ready my sweet, ready to go to the next level?"

"He's my slave!" Sadie protested, "One more pull?"

Phyllis gripped Rodney's shaft and Rodney floated ion a sea of pleasure as Sadie picked up her razor sharp axe, "Yes!" Phyllis said, "Now!" and as the first spurt of cum erupted Sadie brought the Axe down across Rodneys right hand severing all four fingers at the knuckle, Rodney screamed silently and as the second spurt erupted Sadie severed the thumb, she missed the third lesser eruption as Rodneys mind overloaded and unable to differentiate pain from pleasure sent him into spasms of uncontrollable ecstasy and pain better than any trip he ever experienced with hard drugs, and then Sadie had severed his fingers and thumbs of the other hand and cold realisation set in.

Rodney silently screamed and passed out as Rose burned the wounds with the gas flame to cauterise them so he didn't bleed to death.

"Gee look at all that scummy cum!" Rose commented as she looked at Rodney's broken body, "Shall we do the feet now?"

"Sure," Sadie said, "I'll get the bigger axe."

Rodney was barely aware what was going on, there was a blinding white flash of pain and his feet were free, his toes hurt, his ankles were on fire and then the lights went out.

He woke next day or the day after, woke and passed out from the pain, "Hi!" Ellie was with him, "You wake?" He nodded slightly, "Only Sadie said you were to see this, my dog Ollie likes fingers, we thought maybe you'd like to see him eat your fingers, 'Ollie!' she called and when the little white dog came she set down his bowl filled with Rodney's fingers.

"No!" Rodney silently screamed as the little dog crunched and chewed the little sausage like digits.

"Think of him chewing your cock!" Ellie laughed, "Chewing chewing, chewing your cock." she reached out and cupped Rodneys balls, "Chewing your balls!" she said and suddenly Rodney's cock erupted.

"Holy shit you are a pain slut!" she gasped in horror, "Jesus!"

Rose came through, "Didn't you realise?" she asked, "Might as well ring him she said as she lit the gas torch and flared it to white hot brilliance.

Rose took a steel rod and heated the end white hot, "Hold still," she said and she burned a hole right through Rodneys nose cauterising the wound as she did so, she did the same with a smaller rod to pierce his nipples and then she took gold coloured wire and curved it round to make gold rings before she soldered the ends together using a heat shield.

"He's comatose!" Rose said, "You said he'd be conscious."

"If he was good!" Sadie reminded her, "But he wasn't!"

"Was that real gold?" Ellie asked.

"Lord no!" Rose said, "Brass, he isn't worth gold."

"He's awake." Sadie said, "Rodney, how are you?" she asked and she removed his gag, he was too traumatised to speak.

"You're going to be our first pet, yes you is!" Sadie said as if speaking to an animal.

Rodney was choking on teeth and trying to spit them out.

"Girls!" she said "Rose, on his knees ok?"

They gently and lovingly helped Rodney onto his knees as Rose heated the end of a four feet long rod to red heat and bent it around so there was a curve something like a shepherd's crook on the end.

"We love you Rodney and we are going to fulfil your wildest dream," Sadie promised as she stroked his cock, "Enjoy!" she said as Rose dipped the rod hissing and popping into a water trough before she expertly eased the smoking tip of the crook up Rodney's ass hole and eased it round through the soft flesh to emerge through between his legs just behind his cock.

Rodney found his voice and screamed beautifully as with the girls holding him and his cock erect rose widened the hole until it was big enough to take a rusty big chain link which Rose found lying on the floor.

"There there!" Sadie exclaimed as Rodney's screams diminished, and his cock hardened and even as rose welded the chain link shut between his legs so Rodney's cock twitched and he started to cum.

"Ass hooks are so much nicer," Rose said, "They don't rip out like nose hooks, and they stop you sliding around the van!"

Rodney's brain had finally shut down the pain receptors as Sadie promised, he stared at the light, he was free now except his ass ring was chained to a 56 pound block with a long chain, his stumps and smashed fists were bound and he was allowed free run of the barn, he found there was food spread around in the dirt, sausages and corn flakes and filthy water to drink in a trough and every movement sent confused messages to his brain which he read as being pleasure but were really pain.

Even the slightest kick in the balls made him hard now, and he spent his day hunting for food, pork laced with steroids and viagra and hallucinogenic drugs, he spent all day with a hard on, unable to bring himself off with his fingers he spent hours trying to fuck work benches or blocks or the dirt floor desperate to cum.

Eventually the girls tured of watching him and they made him a ball clamp to go behind his legs and clamp around his balls so he only had to try to straighten up pull on his balls and make him cum.

"He's no fun," Sadie said one afternoon.

They took him out that night, he was still alive when they tipped him over the guard rail and he fell eighty feet to land naked and bound in an empty gondola car heading through the freezing cold of the snow covered landscape as it headed east for the mines.

They waved good bye and blew kisses as the red light on back of the train receded.

"Maybe his dad will be more fun?" Camilla asked

"Thats for sure," Sadie laughed, "Gee was he boring."


Part two sees Cabot Cove sleuth Miss Marbles and Inspector Clouless investigate the BDSM scene.

This is a re write of The Beginnings of True Pain, Pet, Toilet, and Sissy Slaves by Lady Morgana posted on BDSM Library (dot) com

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