Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The last episode ended with my wife finding out and video taping me in the act. Now she intends on using me as a sex slave for her friends, or so she thinks.
My Daughter's Girlfriends 7 - Sally

Dear readers. I had intended on the previous episode to be the last of the series which is why it ended the way it did. But I have been requested to continue it. I had sort of boxed myself into a corner with the last story so created this absurd transitional story to get me out and back to the girlfriends. Please be kind. You'll soon be rewarded with more girlfriends, starting with Tara, a total tease.

Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The last episode ended with my wife finding out and video taping me in the act. Now she intends on using me as a sex slave for her friends, or so she thinks.

I stood there looking at Edith. She had just motioned me over to her. "Wait," I said.

Looking out the window I saw my wife drive off with Sandra, Edith's daughter, and Megan, my 13-year-old daughter.

I frowned, "Why Edith? Why did you do this to me?" Edit was one of the obese girlfriends of my wife Alice. I had just been caught on tape fucking Edith's underage daughter Sandra. Now I had to fuck Edith, and eventually all of Alice's fat friends.

"Oh don't get your panties in a wad," she said. "And don't get any ideas about us. Fucking you is the last thing on my mind. You should know that, after catching me with Joan a few months back."

"And I never told anyone either," I complained. "Yet you still did this to me?"

"Did what? Nothing happened," she cried.

"You had Sandra video tape us together," I said. "I'm screwed. Now I have to do whatever she says or go to jail."

"Yeah, about that," Edith explained. "It's not what it seems. Let me start back a ways."

Edith began her long explanation. "About a month ago I was with your wife Alice and she was complaining about how she thought you were fucking your daughter Megan. If it was true I thought you really were screwed. But she only had a feeling, nothing concrete. I really didn't know what to say but I wanted to help you because you were kind to me, not telling anyone I prefer women over my own husband. If he found out he would divorce me and leave me with nothing. I like my lifestyle, just not my husband."

"That's right," I interjected. "I didn't tell anyone."

Edith continued. "I didn't know where I was going with this but I wanted to help you. So I came up with a plan on the spot. I told Alice that if she had a video tape of you fucking an underage girl then she would hold all the cards. Apparently she wanted to make sure that if you ever left her that she would get everything and leave you with nothing."

"I told Alice that my daughter Sandra was 15 but she's really 18. So you didn't break any laws fucking her. I hope it was nice by the way," Edith added. "The evidence is worthless to Alice if she ever tried to use it with the authorities. But she won't. I convinced her that a good punishment would be to have you fuck all the ladies in the group. I told her that it would be great fun for us, she would increase her standing in the group, and she could get you to do pretty much anything she wanted forever."

"Thanks, but no thanks," I told Edith.

"Don't worry, we're not fucking," she confirmed. "But I had to have real responses so Alice wouldn't get suspicious. I had Alice force Megan to pretend Sandra was her 13 year old schoolmate and have you all go to the cabin. Sandra would seduce you and get the recording and give it to Alice."

"Oh brother," I sighed.

"Hey, I was winging it here remember, making it all up as I went along. By the time you guys got back from the cabin I had found out that you and Sally had a short fling." Sally was part of the group of grossly obese ladies that my fat wife Alice belonged to. But Sally wasn't obese. She was plump, especially in the butt. But not anything like the others. She was more than a decade older than the others though, being in her mid 40's.

Edit continued, "I had my suspicions before but did a little digging to confirm it. So what better gift to you than Sally. Here's what we do."

Edith filled me in on the rest of her plan over the course of the next hour or so. By then Alice was coming back with Sandra and Megan. It was time to finish this.

"So how'd it go Edith?" Alice asked as she walked in.

"Well he's no stud," Edith complained. "But I did find out something that changes our plan a bit. You may not want to force him around to the other girls after hearing this."

"Why not? What's up?" Alice asked.

Edith explained, "Well first of all he enjoyed it with me way too much. Second he told me something that you are going to find very interesting. Even though he doesn't mind fucking us fat ladies, he hopes you don't make him bed that old hag Sally. He thinks she is way too old and ugly."

"Damn you Edith," I screamed. "I told you that in secret. I thought we had a connection."

"We did, just not the kind you thought," Edith responded, playing her part.

"Ho ho, what a wonderful idea," Alice thought out loud. "That's perfect if Sally will go along with it. You are going to go spend some time with Sally and you will do whatever she asks, or else."

"Do you just hate me Alice?" I asked. "Well at least it will only be for an hour or so."

"I found out something else too," Edith added. "He never did fuck your daughter Megan. In fact the only one he fucked was my little Sandra. Too bad she was only 15, you bastard." She spat those last words at me. "You seduced my precious angel."

Edith was playing it up good to Alice who was already on the phone with Sally. "Yes, I'm serious. Well I guess if you want him the whole weekend then. Hell why not. I sure don't want him. Yes you can treat him like your slave. He'll do whatever you want, I promise. But you have to take Megan too. I'm not going to get stuck taking care of that little shit all by myself. Yes, sure, he can watch her. I'll send him over right away then, both of them."

It wasn't 15 minutes later that Megan and I were on our way to Sally's house. "Daddy, I know about the plan, about Sandra really being 18 and all," Megan said. "We snuck away from Momma a bit and Sandra told me everything. I know you are going to want to be with Sally, even though Momma thinks you hate her."

It didn't take us long to get to Sally's house. I still remembered the way.

"Well, slave, get in here," Sally ordered as soon as she opened the front door.

"Yes Mistress," I laughed.

"Edith filled me in on everything," Sally said. "But since Megan is here she can have the spare bedroom. You'll have to sleep with me."

"Is that an order Mistress?" I asked with a smile.

"You bet it is mister," she said as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.

Megan had already gone into the spare bedroom. I could hear her talking on the phone to one of her girlfriends.

Sally rustled up some food for us and we just chatted the rest of the evening. But before long we all headed for bed. With the bedroom door closed I took Sally into my arms. "I can't believe our good fortune. Alice is such a fool." I said.

"Don't spook our luck," Sally warned. "Let's just live in the moment."

We didn't rush to undress, each of us slowing undoing a button here and there on the other person while we continued kissing. When I got her blouse open I pulled it off her shoulders and quickly undid her bra. Her breasts were aging but still had some firmness and shape to them. I took one into my mouth while I massage the other one with my hand.

"I've missed this, missed you," she cooed.

"Me too Sally," I agreed. I gently pushed her back onto her bed. Then slipping my hands into the waistband of her pants I pulled both them and her panties off in one quick movement. "Ooo hairy as always," I laughed. She was too. She never shaved down there.

I removed the rest of my clothes so that we were both nude. Kneeling on the floor in front of her I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, giving me perfect access to her pussy. I licked up and down her hairy pussy listening to her moan. As my tongue slid across her clit she jerked slightly and let out a soft cry. "Oh my that feels good."

She was getting wet not only from my mouth but from her own juices. I kissed my way up her body. When the tip of my erection reached her pussy opening I just slid right in. Sally was wet and warm. I had forgotten had good she felt.

She lifted her knees up spreading herself for me, allowing me to go deeper as I slowly fucked her. She was the first to climax, her pussy walls spasming around my cock. But I didn't change my speed or rhythm.

"Oh God that was great," Sally exclaimed. "Yes, yes, more."

A couple minutes later I suddenly climaxed. I knew I was getting close but it just came quickly at the end. I pressed in hard and shot my cum deep inside of Sally, setting off her own orgasm. Her body milked me until I was dry. I rolled off of her onto my back, both of us out of breath.

"You've still got it," she praised me.

"You're not so bad yourself," I told her.

We climbed under the covers and were soon asleep, not waking until Saturday morning.

At breakfast Megan asked me, "Daddy, could I have a friend over for the night?"

"That's up to Sally," I answered.

"Sure honey," Sally agreed. "She can stay with you in the spare bedroom."

"Thank you, both of you," Megan said with a big smile on her face. "I'll call her right now. If it's OK can we go get her right away too?"

"If it's OK with her parents, sure," I told her.

A few minutes later Megan came back into the kitchen after calling her friend. "She's waiting for us to come get her. Her name is Tara and she is 13 like me. She has really long hair." Then Megan leaned into me and whispered, "And she's a virgin. I just thought you might like to know."

I couldn't help but notice myself starting to get hard. "Are you ready to go get her now?" I asked.

"Let's go," Megan said.

We picked up Tara and she was as beautiful as I had imagined.

The End (until my night with Tara)

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