A sister has a fascination with her older brother...can it lead to more?
Spying on Big Brother
by Sister Seducto

It was the noises that started it, every single time. The creaking of the bed, the moans and screams, the panting. It was the noises that piqued her interest. Tracy tried to be a good girl, she tried to be a decent respectable sister. Sometimes it was just hard. Especially on the nights when her brother, Craig, had his girlfriend over for a visit. Tracy tried not to think about what they might be doing in his room. Or rather what they must be doing - especially when Brittani had been in Craig's room for a few hours already. She knew she should put on her headphones, or turn up the TV, just in case the noises started. She thought that every single night, but she never did anything about it. This night was no different.

Tracy thought her obsession with sex was weird. She was 14, and though her girlfriends thought about sex and talked about it, too, none of them seemed to think about it as much as Tracy did. None of them masturbated every night, let alone twice a night, like she did. She didn't know what they would say if she told them that, so she just didn't tell them. And she definitely didn't tell them about her most perverted hobby...

Sometimes she spied on her brother. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't seem to stop.

Craig was 3 years older than her, but despite the age gap they'd always had a pretty good relationship and she loved him a lot. He made time for her, he didn't bully her, and he was the first person to take action if anyone messed with her. Well, that was how Craig used to be. But then he went through puberty and became too obsessed with girls to pay her much attention. Things got even worse six months ago when he got a hot popular girlfriend. Brittani became his whole world and lately he was either having sex with her or talking to his friends about having sex with her.

Tracy knew it was really none of her business, but she did miss Craig, and she was curious about this sex he was having. She also felt a little jealous that he was doing the things she dreamed about so often. All of this came together to create the curiosity. Once the curiosity was born, she started to indulge it. She started listening at her wall whenever Brittani came over.

The sounds coming from the other side of the wall made it pretty clear that Craig was giving Brittani a lot of pleasure, but she was the only one who made a lot of noise, so Tracy started to wonder how much Craig was really enjoying the sex? She figured he had to be enjoying it a lot, or else he wouldn't invite Brittani over nearly every night. So she decided that if she couldn't hear how much he was enjoying it, maybe she could see it. She also wanted to know what sex looked like in real life, not some cheesy porno online.

One Friday night when the parents were gone for the weekend and Brittani stayed over really late, Tracy snuck to the door of her brother's room to spy. She listened at his door, and when the sounds of Craig's mattress creaking grew insistent, she wrapped her hand around the knob and slowly twisted. She waited. Then she gently pushed the door open. There in front of her was a sight better than any porn. Brittani, the blonde, tan, 17-year-old, model-pretty girlfriend, was on top of Craig, riding up and down on his cock.

Tracy had seen her brother's cock many times, because she liked to peek on him when he was in the shower, but it was always soft then. Now it was erect and glistening with Brittani's juices as it slid in and out of her pussy with the most delightful wet sounds. It looked thick and really hard, and Brittani's cute little butt jiggled as she bounced up and down on it.

Tracy couldn't see Craig's face, but she was happy enough to stare at the lower portion of him as he thrust his hips, driving himself up into Brittani's eager pussy. As she watched the muscles in his thighs contract and his long cock disappear entirely into the girl straddling him, Tracy's pussy let out a gush of cream that soaked the seat of her panties. She knew then and there that watching her brother would never be enough. She had to have him. She wanted him to do to her what he was doing to Brittani. She wanted that hard impressive cock to fuck her senseless until she came on it, just like Brittani was starting to do at that moment.

Brittani cried out loudly, and her body locked up for a second. “Ah fuck!” she cried. Then she let out a series of whimpers and moans as her body shook and convulsed. Craig grabbed her ass and thrust up into her hard, letting out a groan as he continued to pump for a minute. Then he relaxed with a sigh.

Tracy watched thick globs of white fluid slip out of Brittani's pussy and down Craig's balls. He came so much it made her pussy clench and tingle. His cum was the most erotic sight she'd ever seen. All thoughts of being a good sister flew out of the window. She no longer cared. She was so horny she couldn't stand it a second longer. She ran to her room and masturbated, shoving two fingers in her pussy while imagining Craig's beautiful cock filling her with an endless river of his cum.

The next morning when she went downstairs for breakfast she saw that Craig was sitting at the kitchen table eating a giant bowl of cereal. This was pretty standard for a Saturday morning. She had on her usual tank top and shorts that she slept in, and she knew that would not do if she wanted him to start seeing her differently. So she dashed back up to her room and took off the shorts, putting on her cutest, skimpiest, bikini panties. Then she wandered back down into the kitchen, pretending not to see Craig at all, as she went to the fridge, opened it and posed. She knew that she was in his direct line of sight, and that the panties showed just the tiniest hint of her smooth supple butt cheeks. And as she rooted around the fridge, she felt his eyes on her ass.

'Yes! Look at it, you'll be fondling it while you do me soon,' she thought, with glee.

She was surprised that things were going so well. But then again, Craig was so perpetually horny, maybe she wouldn't have to try very hard to get him to give her some cock. She grabbed a bottle of orange juice, shut the door and whirled around, hoping to catch the sight of lust in his eyes. Instead he was looking out of the window.

'Wait a minute! He was looking at me, I know he was!' she thought. But was she sure? 'Maybe it was wishful thinking?'

She grabbed a glass and poured some juice. She decided to try a new tactic. Maybe if she could get him talking about sex, that could open a door?

“So, how was your night?” she asked.

“Good,” he said.

“Yeah, it sounded that way to me,” she said, with a smirk.

“Huh?” was his genius response.

She looked at him, fighting the urge to sigh. He was so stupid in the morning. But at least he was hot. Craig had adorable brown eyes, really dark hair, and he was about 5'10 with a good build. Not muscular, but not scrawny either. Just the right size to make you want to get your hands on him. And all the girls in town wanted to get their hands on him, too. Even her best friends. They called themselves his biggest fans. If only they knew, his biggest fan would always be his sister.

“I just meant it sounded like you and Brittani had fun,” she said, slyly, as she sat down at the table across from him.

“What? Oh. That...” he stammered, starting to turn red. “Sorry about that. We weren't doing anything! It must have been some movie we were watching. Not that we watch things like that! Um...”

“Don't worry about it. I'm not a kid anymore, you know? And it's not like I didn't know you have sex,” she said, casually.

His face took on a look of shock.

“I don't want to talk about that with you!” he cried, getting all agitated. “And go put some clothes on! No one wants to see something that heinous so early in the morning! Or ever!”

Tracy's mouth fell open. He rarely yelled at her, so where did that come from? And did he really just call her ugly? She should have known her body would be ugly to him. After all, she was his sister, and unlike her, Craig was normal. He liked other girls, not the ones related to him and living in his household. Besides, it was not like she could compare with Brittani. She had dark hair, gray eyes, and barely a C cup, while Brittani had a D cup. Of course he preferred her. That made perfect sense. Even so, what he said hurt, and it crushed all of her hopes of someday getting him to see her differently.

She stood up and glared at him.

“Well, no one wants to see your face ever!” she yelled. “Because it's a nightmare! I don't know how Brittani stands you! She's totally too good for you! She's obviously the catch in the relationship!”

She then stomped off upstairs, so she could cry and sulk in her room for the rest of the day. One thing was for sure – this was the reason why her feelings towards her brother were so wrong. They would only cause her to get hurt. Was there any other possible outcome?

It was best to just stop. Stop feeling the way she did. Stop spying. Stop thinking about him. Stop wanting him.

Stop caring.


Craig sat there with his cereal feeling stumped. What was up with Tracy? She was acting so weird that morning.

It was embarrassing enough that she'd heard him putting it to his girlfriend the night before, but then she came downstairs in just her panties and made him feel...weird. Then she tried to have sex talk with him like she was just one of the guys or something. What was that about? She said she wasn't a kid anymore, but that was exactly what she was – a kid. Did she really think about things like sex? Obviously not, or she wouldn't come downstairs in those panties in front of any guy – related or not. No guy could look at a round pert little ass like hers and the soft indentation of the cotton that covered her pussy without getting at least a little firm. And he hadn't meant to look, but once he did, he instantly felt that familiar urge come over him. God, he felt like such a pervert now!

He hadn't meant to be so hard on her that morning. He wasn't angry with her, really he was angry with himself. Why could he never control his damn cock? He had a great girlfriend who gave him a lot of sex and the best head he'd ever had, but he still felt like it wasn't enough. He still masturbated all the time, and he still got tempted as soon as a hot girl came along. He wished he could have two girlfriends, but if Brittani ever caught him cheating she would end his existence, so he knew that was not an option. Still he wondered: How could he still not be satisfied? He decided that he himself was satisfied, it was just his cock that wasn't. As soon as a half naked girl was around it shot up at attention, ready to play. Even if said girl was his own sister!

'Ugh, I need a shower,' he thought. 'Preferably a cold one.'

He put his dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to the bathroom. He shut the door and turned the water on, thinking that he might as well just forget the cold shower and just jerk off like he knew he wanted to.

'But won't it be weird if I am doing it because I got turned on because of Tracy?' he wondered. He convinced himself that it wasn't really about her, he was horny all the time anyway. Content with this logic, he took off his pajamas and climbed inside, sliding the glass door shut and letting the hot water hit his body, soothing him. His cock was still kind of hard and his hand gravitated towards it. He began stroking it lightly. His eyes drift shut and he imagined Brittani with her perfect plump lips wrapped around his cock. He stroked faster, a small moan escaping his lips.

He was starting to feel really good, and he let his other hand cup his balls, massaging them for a bit before going back to stroking his cock. Steam was rising in the shower, and his orgasm was building somewhere deep inside him, rising closer to the surface with the continued slick friction of his hand around his throbbing cock. He was completely immersed in his fantasy of Brittani on her knees before him, totally naked and pleasing him. But then he realized something. There was a presence nearby.

His hand stopped.

Was Tracy in the room?

He turned his head quickly, just in time to see the door click shut.

She must have walked in on accident.

'Damn, another embarrassing moment,' he thought, angrily. 'Is she going to bring this up, too? She knows better than to come in here without knocking!'

He hurriedly took his shower and dressed, so that he could go give Tracy a piece of his mind. And since she liked entering rooms without knocking, maybe it was time to show her the same lack of respect. He marched up to her door and opened it, waltzing in. Well, he only got a few steps before he froze. For a moment his mind could not grasp what he was seeing, but his traitorous cock grasped it fully and it immediately solidified in his pants.

Tracy was on the bed with her legs spread, her panties around one ankle, and two slick fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were clamped shut, her head was titled back, her lips were parted, and little cries of pleasure were coming out. At least they were, until she detected his presence. Her eyes popped open and when she saw him, he expected her to scream. He expected her to snatch her hand away and throw something at him. Instead her eyes went wide with surprise, and then a little smile tugged at her lips. And then she continued to masturbate!

At this point he felt both repulsed and incredibly turned on at the same time. His brain was screaming 'this is so wrong, run away!' while his cock was screaming 'this is so hot, let's join the fun!' In the end his head won out. He let out of a shocked gasp, turned and stalked out of her room, slamming the door behind himself.

What just happened?

Did she really not mind him catching her masturbating?

Did she want him to see?

And why was her pussy so cute? It was all smooth and puffy and wet. It looked like she could barely fit two fingers in it. It must be really tight. He could only imagine what it would feel like to slide inside...

'No! Stop thinking gross things about your BABY SISTER!' he scolded himself.

Tracy was acting really weird, and he didn't know why, but he figured now was not a good time to try and find out. He was just going to keep his distance for a while. He grabbed his car keys and drove over to Brittani's. He found he had a lot of pent up sexual energy when he got there, and he ended up fucking Brittani silly for the better part of the afternoon. Since she loved sex as much as he did, she definitely didn't complain. He showered at her place, then he went to go stay over with his best friend, Chuck, for the night. He just wanted a break from his sister for a while. He just wanted to not think about her at all.

Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards. As soon as they started playing video games, Chuck brought up Tracy.

“How's your sister?” he asked.

“Fine,” he said. What the hell was he asking for?

“She's growing up pretty cute,” Chuck said.

So? What was he getting at? Craig didn't reply. But it was pretty true that Tracy was filling out in all the right places. Her dark hair was long and shiny with traces of red, and her breasts had become full, barely contained in a C cup bra. Her hips were round and her thighs were very shapely, though still thin enough to create that gap between them that he admired on women.

“She got a boyfriend yet?” Chuck asked.

“No,” he said. “Don't even talk about that. The idea alone pisses me off. Some guy putting his hands all over my sister? No, I'd kill him.”

“Okay Mr. Over Protective,” he laughed. “I used to feel that way about my sister, too.”

“Used to?” he asked. He didn't see why he'd ever stop. Chuck's sister, Carah, was 15 and she was very hot.

“Yeah, I did but...Well, we started 'doing stuff' and things got totally weird. Now we're not really that close anymore.”

“Doing stuff?” he asked.

He thought he knew what he was talking about, but he couldn't really believe it. He didn't mean he fucked his sister, did he?

“You know, man. Stuff,” he said, giving him the 'you know' face.

Craig stared at him in disgust, his controller drooping in his hand.

Did he even want to ask more about this? Did he even want to know as much as he already did? What kind of brother did “stuff” with his baby sister? Chuck was that kind of person? He thought the only guys who slept with their sisters lived in Alabama and had missing front teeth. Or they were guys who were too ugly for other chicks to want. But Chuck was a normal guy. He was popular at school, and he had plenty of girls after him. Maybe incest was more common than he'd thought?

Seeing his puzzlement, Chuck laughed nervously, and directed his attention back to the game.

“Can I get some help with these zombies, bro?” Chuck asked.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” he said, going back to the game and letting his mind get completely caught up in it.

Ironically, killing zombies was a lot less weird than his real life had become that day.


Craig went home the next day around noon and he hid from his sister until their parents got home that evening. He looked at his mom and dad, wondering which one to talk to about Tracy's weird behavior? He just wasn't sure. Either one might freak out, so maybe it was best to keep it to himself?

Dinner time rolled around and Tracy came down to the table. She chose to sit in the chair next to him and when she sat she smiled at him like absolutely nothing had happened. Like she hadn't purposely masturbated in front of him, and he hadn't been gone most of the weekend, leaving her to fend for herself. This was too weird. He had to talk to someone. So after dinner, he pulled their mom, Laura, aside in private.

“Mom, something weird is going on with Tracy,” he said.

“What? Oh no. She isn't on drugs is she?” she asked.

“What? No!” he said. “Why do you always think everyone is on drugs?”

“Teenagers love to experiment,” Laura said. “But I'm glad my teens are more responsible than that. So, tell me, what's going on with your sister?”

“She's just acting strange,” he said, trying to think of a way to explain it. “Asking me weird questions about me and Brittani, walking in on me in the bathroom. Just strange stuff.”

Laura thought on this for a moment.

“Well, your sister is growing up a lot and maybe she is just curious about relationships. As for the bathroom thing, you know how oblivious your sister can be. Just remind her to respect your privacy. Also, she is probably just trying to bond with you. You two used to be so close when she was younger. Now you spend all your time with Brittani and she hardly sees you much anymore. She just misses you.”

“Oh,” he said. He should have realized that. The way she was acting was just her way of trying to get attention. She probably thought that she had to do something shocking in order to get him to even think twice about her.

'Wow, how much have I been neglecting her?' he wondered, guiltily.

“Yeah, you're probably right,” he told his mom.

“Why don't you spend one night with your sister this week?” Laura suggested. “You don't have to spend every night with Brittani, do you?”

“No,” he said. “I am capable of spending one night away from Brittani.”

Though that would be one night that he would not get laid...

He guessed it was worth it in the end.

“Good. Problem solved,” she grinned. Then she patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

All he had to do now was plan something for him and Brittani to do, then ask her about it.


Tracy had to put in a lot of effort to be normal at dinner, but she was sure she pulled it off. She didn't want Craig to know that she moped all weekend, secretly missing him and sleeping in his t-shirt and underwear that she “borrowed” from the drawer in his room. All her girlfriends had gone to the movies to see Killer on the Loose, but she'd refused to go. She just wasn't in the mood. And truthfully, she was waiting to see when Craig would come home. Each hour that he was gone depressed her more. Now that he was back she was happy, but she had to quickly and inconspicuously do the laundry so she could return the items she'd borrowed before he missed them. So even though it was midnight and she had school in the morning, she snuck down to the laundry room and threw his things in with a load of her own.

She stood there thinking about the weekend's events, and she felt really bummed. She had told herself she would give up on Craig – she wouldn't talk to or think about him at all - but as soon as she heard the shower running in the upstairs bathroom all she could think about was his body all wet and soapy, that impressive cock in his hand as he washed it, or maybe even stroked it. She'd never caught him doing that before, but she desperately wanted to. What did he look like when he pleasured himself? She wanted to see. She promised herself she would give up, after she saw that one last thing. Who knew? Maybe today was her day.

So she quietly opened the door and watched. He was standing there just like she'd fantasized, hair wet, body glistening, cock in hand. His eyes had drifted shut as his hand stroked that hard horny cock of his. It looked so good, like something she wanted to touch, taste, and fuck. She watched as it seemed to get even bigger the more he pulled on it. Then he fondled his balls and she licked her lips greedily. She wondered what they would feel like in her hands? Then he went back to stroking. His breath caught in his throat and he moaned a little. Her hand slid down between her legs, her fingers brushed her panty seat. And then his hand stopped. He knew he was not alone.

'Shit! Busted!' she thought. She darted away, quietly closing the door behind herself.

Maybe he hadn't seen? He couldn't have seen, she was fast. But oh man, what a sight that was! What a thrill! She had seen enough porn to know that most guys did not have cocks as delicious-looking as her brother's. Something about his just called to her. It was the perfect size, the perfect shape, and the perfect shade of pink. She wanted to touch it so badly. She wanted to see the look in his eyes as her hand stroked it, lovingly.

She went into her room and even though she knew she shouldn't, and she felt like a total pervert, she started masturbating to the fantasy of giving him a handjob. In the fantasy he was sitting in front of her on her bed and she was jacking him off while he told her exactly how he liked it. And then she was doing it just right. He started getting really into it and thrusting into her hand, telling her how she was sexier than Brittani and he loved her more. Then when he was about to cum she spread her legs and he came all over her pink satiny panties. She could feel the heat and moisture through her panties and it made her pussy throb. The fantasy was so hot she didn't even realize when the real Craig walked in the room. She didn't notice until she heard him exhale a little surprised puff of air.

She opened her eyes and saw him, and she saw lust in his eyes, just the same way she had in the fantasy and, oh God, it turned her on. Had he finally realized how she felt about him? Had seeing her like this finally made him see her as a girl and not just a sister? She didn't even realize she was fingering herself to the sight of him until his eyes dropped to her hand and a revolted look came over his face. He sprinted out of the room before she could even pull her fingers out of her pussy. But when she did, and when she thought about what had happened – what she'd done, and how he'd reacted – she burst into tears.

'He thinks I'm such a pervert now,' she realized. And even though it was true, it was still painful to see such disdain in the eyes of someone she loved so much.

But what hurt even more was the way he'd avoided her for the rest of the weekend. She knew that she did something so shameful he couldn't even face her, but she regretted it now so much. Things were going the exact opposite of how she wanted them to go. She wanted to be closer to him, but she'd never felt farther. She knew that she would never fuck Craig, that was a luxury reserved for other girls. Still, it felt unfair. She loved him most, so why could she not feel the entirety of his love? She wished she'd been born to some other family. Any other family. Then she could have him the way she wanted. But she was just his sister. His baby sister, at that. He would never want her.

When the washer stopped she took the clothes out. She was bent over, putting them in the dryer, when a breeze blew up under her gown. The door had just opened, and since she'd been wearing Craig's underwear all day and had taken them off to wash them, she was bare down there. Whoever was there had just seen her pussy. She shot up and turned around, expecting to see mom or dad. Instead she found Craig.

'Oh no no no NO! This is only going to make things even more awkward!' she thought.

And awkward definitely described his face. His eyes were wide, his cheeks were flushed and he opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“Um, I...” he began, then scratched the back of his neck.

She glanced downward to see his pajama pants were tented. Her heart swelled with hope. She looked at him with happiness. He had come to talk to her? He'd liked the little view he'd just gotten? He looked confused for a second, then he looked down and saw his cock poking out.

“Oh my God!” he yelped, and then turned and swiftly walked away.

'What the hell just happened?' she wondered, right before he came barging back in again.

“Wait! Are those my boxers?!” he asked, pointing inside the dryer, which she'd forgotten to close.

“Um, are they?” she asked, playing dumb.

“What are you doing with my underwear?” he asked.

“What are you doing with that boner?” she retorted, pointing at it. It wasn't as big as it had been, but it was still pretty noticeable.

“Um, I was watching porn before I came down here!” he immediately said. Then he turned red when he realized that excuse did not lesson his pervert factor at all.

“Well, those boxers must have gotten mixed up in my laundry by mistake!” she said.

“Okay then,” he said.

“Okay then,” she nodded.

“Okay,” he said, trying to move his hands in front of his groin without being noticeable.

“I'll bring them to you when they're dry,” she said.

“Y-you don't have to. Good night!” he said, and practically ran away.

She thought on the interaction for a moment. Craig was obviously turned on by her, but that fact horrified him. She smiled. That meant there was still some hope. A small hope, but it was there.

When the laundry was done she folded it. She took hers to her room and took Craig's to his room. She rapped on the door lightly. He didn't answer. She decided to let herself in. After all, she had somewhat of an excuse now. When she walked in the light was off and Craig was sleeping peacefully, sprawled on his bed in just pajama pants. She put his t-shirt and underwear away. Then she went and stood by his bed, watching him sleep bathed in the moonlight spilling in from his open curtains. He looked like an angel.

She leaned down closely and whispered, “I love you, big brother.” Then she kissed him lightly just below his ear.

She left the room and went to her own room, turning in for the night.


Craig slept horribly. He'd been awake when Tracy came into his room, he was merely pretending to be asleep because he still felt weird. He'd hoped she wouldn't come, but she did. And the worst part was that she kissed him in that spot, the spot where Brittani always kissed him when she wanted sex. It gave him an instant hardon. And what was even worse, was the fact that even the way she'd said she loved him had turned him on. She hadn't said “I love you” to him since she was five years old and it sounded like she was talking about an entirely different kind of love now.

It was so wrong, and it made him think of how he'd seen her fingering herself and she'd looked him dead in his eyes while she was doing it, like she was getting off on him seeing her like that. He'd suspected then that she had sexual feelings for him, but his talk with his mom had made him think it was something else. Now he was pretty sure his sister was into him. What the hell was he supposed to do about that?

He couldn't get to sleep for the longest time because he kept thinking about it, and when he did finally sleep it was only for a couple of hours, and he was hounded the entire time by nightmares of his parents being mad at him for doing something inappropriate to his sister. They kept asking the same question: “But how could you do that to your sister?” Their shame and disappointment made him feel lower than low. Then finally the dream changed, but it only got worse. It turned into Tracy crying and saying she couldn't stand him anymore, even though he didn't know what he did wrong. He woke up in a cold sweat.

All morning long he sleepwalked through classes. He found that lunchtime came in a snap. He was seated at his usual table with Chuck eating a cheeseburger, when Chuck asked him what the hell his problem was.

“Huh?” he asked, in his usual fashion when he was sleepy. He just couldn't be bothered to work out what Chuck was talking about.

“Dude, are you just tired or are you still freaked out?”

“About what?” he asked, eating some fries.

“The stuff I told you over the weekend. About me and Carah,” he said, quietly.

Craig thought about that. No, he was not freaked out about that. Yes, he was surprised that Chuck was a pervert. But considering how he felt about his own sister, he was in no position to judge.

“How did it happen between you two?” he asked. He knew it was blunt, but he suddenly felt he needed to know. “How did you go from normal siblings to...'stuff?'”

“Well, she got boobs.”

“Are you serious?” he asked, in disbelief.

“No, it was way more than that. But the boobs didn't hurt. Listen, what happened was...I was about 15 and she was 13, and we were really close at the time. She had just gotten boobs and she asked me did they look funny.”

“So she showed them to you?”

“Yeah. And they were so awesome. Then they were all I could think about. So I asked her if I could touch them, and...”


“Things progressed,” he said, waving a hand generally.

“To sex?” he whispered.

Chuck nodded. Craig could tell he was beyond acting like he was ashamed now. He was actually proud that he had seduced his beautiful sister.

“Did it feel weird?” Craig asked.

“If by 'weird' you mean 'insanely awesome,' then yes.”

“So why did you stop? Why are you not that close anymore?”

“Cause we got caught.”

“What?!” he hissed.

“Yeah. We used to do it on lunch hours when our parents were gone, but one night we got greedy and did it when they were home. We thought they were asleep, but they weren't. They caught us.”

“What did you do?” Craig asked.

“Well, lucky for me Carah insisted that I didn't force her. We just kept saying that we were curious and experimenting. They were really mad at us but they found some child psychiatry web site that said 'sexual experimentation between siblings is normal.' Of course we were way too old to still be considered exactly normal, but they weren't as mad, as long as we kept saying we weren't in love with each other or having a relationship, we just wanted to know what sex was like so we experimented with each other. They eventually forgave us, but they made us stay away from each other for a long time, and, well, I guess we just both got used to it.”

“That sucks,” he said.


“But she doesn't hate you, or blame you for getting caught or anything?”

“No. I mean we were both really embarrassed at being caught, but we didn't blame each other. it was fun while it lasted. Totally convenient sex. No dating, no lying, no games. Just 'are you horny? Me too. Let's go.' I miss it,” he said. “I really miss it. Maybe I could talk her back into it...”

Craig sat there thinking about what he'd just learned. So if they hadn't been caught, would they be as close, closer, or still like they were now? And if he were to do it with Tracy, would that be considered cheating on Brittani? It couldn't be. It wasn't like he could fall for Tracy, or something. And it wasn't like he'd ever let anyone find out.

“You're grossed out, aren't you?” Chuck suddenly said.

“No. Actually...” he trailed off. He couldn't exactly say he wanted to fuck his own sister and was wondering if it would be weird. He also didn't want her to end up hating him, and he didn't want their parents to find out. He was pretty sure Tracy wanted him, and he had to admit he wanted her, too. But he didn't want to end up hurting her somehow. He'd wanted to know how Chuck did it with Carah first. Now that he knew, he was pretty sure of what not to do. He just didn't know if he could actually physically do it with Tracy when it came down to it. Fantasy and reality were two different things.

“What?” Chuck asked.

“I think it's kinda hot,” he said.


“Yeah. I mean, I never thought of a brother and sister doing it. I mean, it's weird and wrong, yeah. But that's what makes it kinda a turn-on. I'd like to see something like that one day.”

“Oh? Really?” Chuck asked, leaning forward a bit with excitement on his face. “Because, I might be able to arrange for you to see something like that.”


“I could hide you in my closet while I do her,” he grinned.

“Chuck, I do not want to see you naked, dude,” he said.

“I get it! I just thought you might want to see Carah's tits. But if you don't - “

“No, I do! I do! I guess I could just not look at anything I don't wanna see. But are you sure she'll do it? You got into so much trouble last time...”

“Yeah, she will. I know how to get her tempted. Besides, our parents are working late these days. They won't come home. Just come over to my place after school. I'll hide you in my closet and then you can see what it's really like.”



After school Chuck snuck Craig into his house. He handed him a box of Kleenex and pushed him into the closet. Craig left the closet open just enough to see. Then he called his sister into the room.

“Carah!” he bellowed.

Carah came in. Craig could see her pretty heart shaped face, and her cute round tits straining against her shirt. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a shot skirt that showed off her shapely legs.

“What do you want?” she asked, sounding distracted.

“Nothing. I just miss you,” Chuck said, giving her puppy dog eyes.

Carah was now actually paying attention.

“.....Really?” she asked, hopefully.

“Yeah. Come sit here,” he said, and patted the spot next to him.

Carah went and sat.

“You're getting more and more beautiful every day,” he said.

Craig almost burst into laughter. How cheesy! Did he really think that line was going to work?

“I am?” Carah asked, brightening.

'Wow, it worked!' Craig thought. Maybe he should be taking notes?

“Yeah. C'mon, you know you're gorgeous. You see the way guys look at you, right?” Chuck asked his sister.

“You don’t look at me like that anymore,” she pouted.

“Only because of mom and dad. But they're around a lot less now,” he said. “They won't know anything. And, you know, I really miss you.”

“You do?” she asked, moving closer.

“Yeah,” he said, stroking her face. “You know I love you, right?”

Even though Craig knew he was saying that to get into her pants, he could also tell he meant it as well.

“I love you, too,” Carah said.

“Do you miss me?” he asked, lacing his fingers with hers.


“Do you miss being with me? Like the way we used to?”

“Well...I know I shouldn't but...yeah,” she admitted, shyly.

“So....can I kiss you right now?”

Carah nodded.

Craig stood there in shock as the siblings started to make out. Then started to take off each other's clothes. They seemed totally natural, as comfortable as any pair of lovers could be. It wasn't awkward or weird at all. It was actually very hot. The way they touched each other was erotic, but it was also playful and caring in a way. Craig couldn't take his eyes away, even when Chuck got naked. It was like he didn't even see it, he just saw the awesomeness of two siblings doing something incredibly unbelievable and forbidden. It made him so hard he had to quietly unzip his pants and get his cock out to stroke it.

They started off missionary and then moved into doggystyle. Their rhythm was so perfect together, and Carah's screams of enjoyment and the sight of her glorious tits bouncing made him stroke himself harder and faster. As Chuck spanked her ass Craig shot his load all over the tissues he'd previously thought he wouldn't even need.

He was pretty thankful to Chuck for letting him see this. Though he wished he could return the favor, he knew that if he ever got this lucky with Tracy he absolutely could not tell a soul. His parents wouldn't give a damn what some psychiatrist wrote on a web site, if they ever caught him and Tracy in bed they would either kill them both or put them in therapy. They'd also keep them as far away from each other as possible for the rest of their lives.

Not to mention he had Brittani to think about. And he would never want her to find out just how twisted his sexual desires really were.


Tracy came home from school pissed off. She had a lot of homework and she was not looking forward to doing it. She figured if she put it off she'd never do it at all, so she stopped at the kitchen to pick up a snack and a drink, then headed up to her room to get started. Since she hadn't slept much the night before, she got a grand total of one page of her book read before she fell asleep face-first on the book. She had been dozing peacefully for a few hours before she became aware of two soft lips kissing her right below her ear. She gasped and shot up, only to see Craig sitting on her bed laughing.

“Did I scare you?”

“” she said, instinctively touching the spot he'd kissed. Craig hadn't kissed her in so long she didn't even remember the last time. It was a shame she was half asleep when it happened.

“Good. Listen, we never spend any time together anymore, so I thought we could go somewhere tonight. Just the two of us.”

What?! This was awesome! Wait, no, this was bad, because she had lots of homework and she really should say no.

“Okay!” she said, cheerily.

“Cool,” he smiled. “So what do you want to do?”

She thought that over.

“Well, I did want to see Killer on the Loose. It came out last Friday. And I know how you love horror movies.”

“Love em. Well, let's look up the showtimes,” he said, and grabbed her laptop.

“Oh no, don't - “ she began, but he'd already opened it.

She had left up some videos in her web browser. Pornographic videos. They all had names like “brother does sister on couch” or “brother and sister fuck while parents are away.” She wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Just when Craig finally decided to spend some quality normal brother/sister time with her, he had to go and find out she watched porn. And not only that, he could now clearly see how twisted her sexual desires really were. If he didn't think she wanted to fuck him before, he definitely knew she did now. Her hand crept over her face in complete mortification.

“Don't be embarrassed,” he said. “Everyone watches porn on the internet. Anyone who says they don't is lying.”

She dropped her hand. Really? He was being this cool about it?

“Have you ever had sex?” he asked, casually.

“No,” she said. “But what would you have said if I'd said yes?”

“I would have asked with who, so I could then find and kill them,” he said. “Slowly.”

She started laughing. She thought he would ask about the videos, but he didn't. He just brought up a new tab and checked the showtimes. They decided to go to an 8:45 showing. Craig went to his room and she tried to do as much homework as she could before it was time to get ready. She took a shower and got all dressed up. She didn't put on anything fancy, but she put on a little makeup and perfume. She shaved her legs and wore lacy panties. Craig looked like his usual handsome self. He just put on a cool t-shirt and jeans, messed his hair up, and was ready to roll. That looked always managed to work for him.

Tracy wanted to get the most out of this night, so she suggested they sit near the back. When the movie started she raised the armrest between them. As soon as the first scary scene came on she snuggled into his side. He surprised her by wrapping his arm around her. She smiled, happily. This was going so well! Since there were several young couples in the film, of course there was a love scene. A couple was getting it on in the shower. Since she was still leaning on Craig she could feel his breathing accelerate. Even this PG-13 scene was turning him on? She looked down at his crotch to see a bulge there. The girl on screen was seen going down on her knees behind the shower wall. Even though you couldn't see what she was doing, she was obviously blowing the guy.

Tracy tilted her head and whispered in his ear. “Enjoying this scene?”

“Hell yeah,” he whispered back. “I need a girl to do that to me.”

'Please let it be me?!' she thought, even though she knew it was futile.

“Doesn't Brittani do that to you?” she asked.

“Yeah, but she could do it more often. Sometimes I still feel a little neglected.”

“Poor baby,” she said, and laid her hand on his thigh.

She waited for him to move it. He didn't.

Her heart and mind started racing. What was really going on here? What was he really trying to tell her? Why did he really take her to the movies? If she offered to do what he wanted, would he be grossed out? Would he get mad?

What if she touched him right now? It was dark. Who would see? Would he let her?

“I guess I just have a big appetite,” he whispered. “One girl isn't really enough. It'd be nice if I had another girl. A really pretty, really special girl who wanted to be with me, but wouldn't tell Brittani.”

She was speechless. What was she supposed to say to that?

“You think I'm a pig, don't you?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “You just have needs.”

She understood that. She had needs, too.

She moved her hand higher up his thigh. He started to run his hand up and down her arm, then he trailed his fingertips across her shoulder blade. It sent tingles down her spine.

“You know, you're so pretty,” he whispered. “I think you get prettier every day.”

Her heart skipped a beat. “Really?” she breathed.

He nodded. “And you know I love you, right?”

“I love you, too,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, trailing a finger over her collarbone. His touch made her shudder.

She wasn't misreading this. He was actually putting the moves on her! He was all but telling her to go for it. She looked at him, and he held her eyes. His eyes said 'go for it.' She moved her hand again, lightly cupping his bulge. She questioned him with her eyes. He scooted down further in the seat, pushing himself into her hand. His eyes didn't leave hers. This was it, he was giving her his full permission to touch his cock. In public, no less! Sure, it was dark and there was no one in the row. But there were plenty of people in the rows further down, and anyone could walk past and see them. It was so exciting!

She unzipped his jeans and slid her hand inside. She was so happy to find he was wearing boxers and she could easily pull his cock out of the opening. It was hard and thick and so warm in her hand as she wrapped her fingers around it.

“Oh God, Craig it's amazing,” she cooed, as she started to stroke it.

“I'm glad you like it,” he said. “It definitely likes you.”

“You don't think this is wrong, do you?” she asked.

“No. At first I did. But then I realized that it can't be that bad if we both want it. Right?”

She bit her lip and nodded.

She increased her pace and she could see the lust and pleasure written all over his face.

“Oh yeah, don't stop,” he said.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered in his ear.

“Then let's get out of here?” he suggested.

“Okay,” she said.

She reluctantly let go of his cock so he could tuck it back into his pants and zip them. Then they got up and left, headed back to the car.

“I'll take us somewhere private,” he said.

She could barely keep her hands off of him and she could tell he felt the same way when his hand wandered between her legs as he drove. When his fingers pulled aside her panties, and began to touch her she felt like her heart was going to leap through her chest.

“Oh, Craig,” she moaned, clutching the door beside her.

“You can't imagine the things I want to do to you,” he said. “I want to fuck you with my tongue, my fingers, my cock. I want to make you cum over and over until you beg me to stop. I want to fuck you in every room of the house when we're alone. On the washing machine, the kitchen table, the living room floor...”

“Oh God, Craig,” she whimpered frantically, as her pussy literally gushed juices all over his hand.

“Mmm, you're so wet. You want this bad, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!” she cried, as his finger circled her swollen clit.

“Are you gonna let me fuck you?”


“Are you gonna suck my cock whenever I want?”

“Yes!” she cried, feeling so close to cumming.

“Are you gonna be mine and never give this pussy to anyone else?”

“Yes. I'm yours, all yours,” she moaned. “I'll do whatever you want, always!”

“Good,” he said, with a little smile. He parked the car and she vaguely realized they were at a park near their house. It was always deserted at night, though. He turned toward her and watched her face as he slid two fingers deep into her pussy. His fingers were much bigger than hers and she was already so turned on she started to cum.

“Ah ah ah ah! Oh my Goooddddd!” she cried, as her pussy convulsed and creamed on his fingers. He used his thumb to rub her clit and keep her cumming.

“Look at you. Such a horny little sister. You need my help as much as I need yours. You need me to fuck this tight wet pussy, don't you?” he asked, curling his fingers inside her.

“Yes, please? Please?” she panted, her pussy launching into another spasm of orgasmic ripples.

“Anything for you baby sister. But first I need you to do something for me,” he said, glancing down at the giant bulge in his jeans.

She smiled. She hadn't forgotten her promise.

He pulled his fingers out of her and though she missed them immediately she knew she would get something so much better soon. He unfastened his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers, letting his hard cock spring free. She leaned over and took it in her hand, her mouth hovering just above it. She stroked it for a moment and then let her tongue dart out, swiping the bead of precum off the tip. His taste was exquisite. She sucked the head into her mouth and let her tongue roll around the head again and again.

“Ohhhh yeah,” he sighed, running his fingers through her hair. “That feels good.”

Ecstatic at his praise, she took more of him in. She slid her mouth up and down on his cock, taking more and more of him all the time. He started to gently thrust into her mouth. It was like he was fucking her mouth and it was really turning her on. Her pussy was probably making a big wet spot on her skirt but she didn't care. She finally had what she wanted. She had Craig's cock in her.

“Craig I love you,” she said, before taking him in again, deep.

“Oh God, I love you, too. And I love how you are making me feel right now.”

“I love your cock,” she said, licking it generously before taking it as deep as she could.

“Fuck! We should have done this a long time ago,” he said, reaching around her to rub her pussy while she sucked him.

She expected to be at this awhile, but she could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth.

“It's too good, baby, I'm gonna cum,” he said.

She wanted to see it, so she pulled back and used her hand to stroke him. His cock erupted, spurting cum everywhere.

“Wow, that's amazing,” she said.

“I don't think I've ever cum that much,” he said, surprised himself.

“That's because I'm sexier than Brittani and you love me more,” she smirked.

“You might be right,” he said. “So why don't you climb in the back seat so I can return the favor?”

She didn't have to be told twice.


Craig followed Tracy as she climbed into the back. He took her top off and her bra. Her tits were round and firm and her nipples were small and hard. She whimpered each time he passed his thumbs over them.

“You're so sensitive,” he smiled, and took her left nipple into his mouth. She moaned loudly as he suckled first her left nipple then her right. Then he moved back to the left. He nipped at it lightly and she groaned.

“Mmm that feels so gooood,” she said, as his teeth raked over her sensitive bud. He was happy, he wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible. Part of him still couldn't believe she was happy having her first time with him, but most of him felt that it was right. They were enjoying each other so much, how could it be wrong?

He started to undress, and she took off her skirt and panties so that she was naked too.

“Spread your legs, show me your pussy,” he told her.

She did as told and spread her legs, showing him her cute little pussy.

“Touch it,” he said.

She stroked it, running her fingers up and down the slit then parting the lips and running her fingers around the hole. They traveled up to her clit and brushed over it lightly. Then she circled it, staring at him with hungry eyes.

“Stick your fingers inside,” he commanded.

She did. She slipped one finger inside, then another. She pumped them in and out slowly, and he could tell it felt good to her. His cock was starting to come back to life.

“Put your fingers in my mouth,” he said.

She looked surprised, but she did as he said. She pulled her fingers out and then offered them to him. He took her fingers in his mouth one by one, licking and sucking her juices off of them. She tasted sweet and slightly tangy. He could tell she had the kind of pussy he could eat for an hour and still want more.

“Baby girl, your pussy is delicious,” he said.

“Then come closer and lick it,” she said.

“You are such a horny girl,” he laughed, but he did as she said. He dipped his head between her legs and started to thoroughly eat her pussy. He licked and sucked on her clit then traveled down to her opening lapping and sliding his tongue inside in an effort to coax out more of her juices. They flowed freely on his tongue as he ate her out like a man starved. He wanted her sopping wet when he took her cherry.

Her cries went from whimpers and moans to throaty groans of ecstasy as he worked his way back up to her clit, using the tip of his tongue to flick at her little nub.

“Oh God, I wanna cum so bad,” she said, sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

Fortunately he had just the tool to help her out. His cock was standing up hard and needy, ready to fuck her into oblivion. All he needed to do was find a condom. He hastily rifled through the pocket of his discarded jeans to find his wallet, taking out a Trojan.

“What is that?” she asked.

“A condom.”

“I know that. Why do we need it?”

“I thought you wanted to fuck?”

“I want to fuck you, not that thing,” she said. “Can't we do it without it, just this once?”

He knew it was risky, but he really didn't want their first time to be with a condom between them, either.

“Just this once,” he said.

He put the condom back and lay back down with her, settling between her legs. He'd never thought about kissing her before, and the thought of it was weird, but he didn't think any girl should lose her virginity without being kissed. Really kissed. So he cupped her face and captured her lips with his own. The kiss started out tentative and gentle, but soon deepened and became fraught with passion. Their tongues touched and slid against each other. She nipped at his bottom lip and ran her tongue along the roof of his mouth. His cock became harder between them as he realized how hot this whole scenario was. He was more than ready to take her.

He took his cock in hand and directed it to her entrance.

“Ready?” he breathed.

She nodded.

He pushed inside a little. She was so hot. And she was really wet, too. He hoped that would make this easier for her. Seeing that she was okay with this, he inched further.

“Craig it's okay. I broke my cherry a year ago, playing with one of mom's sex toys,” she admitted.

Okay....That was definitely a story they would talk about later.

“Still, I'm counting on you not to hurt me,” she said, and smiled with the most vulnerable adorable look on her face.

“The last thing I'd ever do is hurt you,” he said, and kissed her.

He already knew that he had to be careful with her. Since she was his sister he had to take care of her physically and emotionally. She seemed fine with their arrangement now, but would that change afterward? Would her feelings toward him change over time if they kept having sex? He didn't know, but he wanted this too bad to turn back now. And he knew that he would be there for her, no matter what happened.

While distracting her with a deep kiss, he slowly pushed all the way inside her. She tensed up a bit, but didn't seem to feel any pain.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. You are big, big brother,” she said.

“Does it hurt?”

“It's a little strange, but it feels good, too,” she said.

He was glad, because she definitely felt good to him. She was incredibly tight and wet. She had the sweetest pussy he had ever been inside of, and the tightest. He pulled out a bit and slid back in to the hilt. She let out a moan that almost made him cum right then and there.

“Good?” he asked.

“Yes. More.”

He was happy to give her want she wanted. He started to thrust, carefully, making sure she was okay before speeding up. He found a rhythm that felt so good and she matched it, rocking her hips with his. She started going crazy, moaning, screaming, pulling his hair. Her pussy was tightening on his cock, causing the most intense toe-curling sensation. The more he fucked her, the wetter she got. Soon even he was moaning.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me,” she chanted. “Fuck me, big brother. Oh my God, I love your cock. It is making me feel so good!”

The amount of pleasure he was feeling was insane, between her amazing pussy and her dirty talk he had to work really hard not to cum right away. She was enjoying it so much, he didn't want to disappoint her. He managed to hold out, but he was afraid that if he went any faster it would be over.

“Harder, Craig,” she moaned, her eyes glazed with lust. “Fuck my pussy any way you want.”

He could not resist that invitation. He fucked her a little harder and faster, really enjoying every inch of her pussy. She moaned and screamed more, loving it. So he went harder, expecting her to get uncomfortable. Instead she begged him not to stop. She fucked him back excitedly, both her hands on his ass. Her intense arousal spurred him on and the tempo of their lovemaking increased with each thrust until it hit an almost frenzied pace. He was kissing and nipping at her neck as he plunged into her again and again.

“Do you wanna ride me?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

They switched positions and she straddled him, positioning his cock at her opening and pushing down on it. Craig felt his cock slide all the way inside her until it could go no further, and the fact that he was the first person to ever be inside her like this was a major turn-on. Definitely not something he had with Brittani, who everyone knew had plenty of experience before he met her.

Craig watched as Tracy began to ride him, raising her hips up and down in a steady rhythm. He loved the sight of her pretty face, wearing an expression of sheer pleasure. He loved the way her tits bounced as she fucked him, and her tight hot pussy squeezed him as it slid up and down his cock. This was better than anything he could have imagined.

Tracy started to ride him faster then she let out a squeal and completely came undone. Her body tensed up and she started to hump him with complete abandon as she came. Her pussy became hot and juicy as it quivered around his cock, causing him to immediately reach his peak. He pulled out just in time to spurt his cum all over her panting trembling body in one of the most gratifying orgasms he'd ever had in his life.

They laid there panting for a moment, then turned over on their sides, just catching their breath and relaxing. It was getting a little cold in the car, so he wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm.

“You alright?” he asked.

“I'm amazing,” she said, running her fingers up and down his back.

Craig felt pretty amazing, too. What they'd just shared was an experience they could never have with anyone else. And an experience he knew he wanted to repeat soon.

Eventually they got dressed and drove home. When they arrived they found their parents on the sofa watching TV and eating popcorn.

“How was your brother/sister bonding time?” their dad asked.

“It was alright,” she said.

“Cool, I guess,” he said, casually.

They sounded pleasant, but neither of them sounded overly enthused, so their parents weren't suspicious at all.

“Okay, then. Go get ready for bed, it's late,” their mom said.

They grumbled their agreement and went upstairs. Tracy stopped at her door and told him goodnight. He gave her a small kiss on the lips in reply, then went to his room. He changed for bed, then checked his cell to make sure the ringer was off. He had 4 missed calls from Brittani and a text from her saying “Call me back when you get this!”

He thought about calling, normally he would call back , even if for no other reason than to see if she was in the mood to come by and give it up. But he was just too tired and satisfied. He turned out the light and settled on his pillow.

He'd talk to her tomorrow.

- The End -


Hey guys, just a note - all of this is 100% fiction.

I've received a lot of questions via PM as to whether or not I do things like this in real life or if I've ever had sex with my own brother. Well, I do have a major incest fetish but the funny thing is: I do not have a brother. I actually think that's the reason I find myself so able to fantasize about such things. If I had a brother, it might just be weird. But then again, if he was hot...well, you never know! I just like the idea of a young girl being able to sexually experiment in a safe environment. That's my #1 fantasy.

Thanks for supporting my stories, guys! If you haven't read my other works, Scratching the Itch and Three is the Way, check them out and let me know what you think!

<3 SS

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