Just us brothers having some country fun
One day when I was ten, my eleven and twelve year old brothers and I had just eaten a big lunch and were encouraged to go out and play. This was before computers and that's what boys did back then, we got out of our parents hair. My brothers and I did everything and went everywhere together. We lived far from anyone so we had each other as best friends.

We went out into the back field wandering around this warm summer afternoon. The grass was high enough that if you sat down you could hide. Our mutt dog Lucky was following along as he always did. He occasionally found something to chase and would run off after whatever it was.

We all sat down in the grass and just talked about nothing for a while. We laid back in the grass and stared up at the few clouds passing by, just passing the afternoon away.

Lucky came bounding back to where we were and started sniffing all around us. He seemed still worked up from his run. After sniffing around all of us he came back to me and clutched on to my leg and started humping. My brothers laughed and I fought him off. He kept coming back after me so I went to get up to move away when he got on my back and humped me from that end. We all had a good laugh as he humped me as I tried to crawl away.

My brothers explained to me that Lucky thought I was his girlfriend. I didn't understand but they told me he wanted to be nice to me in a special way. They told me to take my pants off and I would see what they meant.

Me being only ten did as they said with their help because Lucky wasn't giving up. They held Lucky while I took my pants and underwear off. They told me to get back down like I was before. When I did they let Lucky loose.

He went right behind me and sniffed my behind. I giggled because his whiskers tickled my bare bum. I jumped when he licked me back there. Then he jumped on my back and I could feel him against my bum. He was real warm and moving around a lot. I could feel something wet poking me back there. Suddenly it was poking right into my bum. I laughed and told my brothers he was poking my butt. They said to relax and let him be nice to me and it would feel real good. I did and looked back to see if I could see anything.

I could see his ball sack swinging back and forth and a red thing poking around my bum. He shifted some and grabbed me tighter and I felt it go in my bum. It was hot and felt strange. He was sliding it in and out of my bum and it was feeling nice. I told my brothers it felt good and was giving me a stiffy.

Suddenly I felt Lucky off my back and out of my bum. My oldest brother pulled him off and said it was his turn. He quickly stripped and was on his knees. We helped Lucky get on his back and he started humping. He must have found his bum because my brother said it did feel good. I could see he was getting a stiffy too. My middle brother started complaining that it was his turn. So we pulled Lucky off and he got down and was mounted.

This time Lucky really went at it. My middle brother was saying how good it felt over and over. Lucky was giving it to him hard. After a few minuted Lucky held still and my brother said Lucky was pissing in him and to get him off. Lucky at this point turned to the side to get off and we all realized that they were stuck together. We didn't know how long they would be stuck so we sat and watched.

By then we all had stiffys, but my middle brother's stiffy was jumping while he waited for Lucky to get unstuck. My brother said Lucky was still pissing in him. We tried to pull them apart but they both protested. While we waited we idly stroked our stiffys, all of us still naked.

My middle brother was panting and said something was happening to his stiffy and let out a wail and grabbed it just before he started shooting streams of white stuff. We were close enough to reach out and catch some in our hands. My oldest brother said it was sperm and it tastes good. He told me to taste it and showed me by licking his hand. I followed suit and licked mine. It was different tasting and gooey but not bad. I licked my hand clean and said I liked it. He said I would shoot the sperm someday too.

He was stroking his stiffy and said I could have some more if I wanted it. He said he was making some right now. I said ok. I would catch it and lick my hands again. He said he knew a better way. He said to just put my mouth on his willy and I could get it like a milkshake. He said it was real thick and had to draw hard to get it to come up the straw.

I got down and sucked as hard as I could like I would for a thick milkshake but nothing was coming out. He said to keep trying as he was shaking up a batch for me. He was stroking hard as I was sucking on his knob. He was huffing and puffing working hard. He told me to get ready because it was almost ready.

I kept sucking and soon my brother let out a wail and my mouth was filling with warm creamy juices. I thought it tasted real good. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful until he pushed me off. He said that I was great at that. I smiled at him and said that I liked that. He told me I could do that anytime. Meanwhile, my middle brother was still stuck.

My stiffy was still there and I was still stroking it. I asked my older brother if I could make sperm and would he help me try. He said he didn't know if I was old enough but he would help me try. He showed me how to stroke myself better and I could feel something happening inside me. I asked if he was going to suck the milkshake out of me. He said he would just this one time. He sucked on my stiffy along with stroking it real fast.

Something was building and it felt like I was going to pee fire. I told him I had to pee but he didn't let up. He kept stroking and sucking until I thought I was going crazy. Suddenly I felt like I was electrocuted. My whole body went stiff and my stiffy exploded. I was jerking and shooting sperm and it felt so good. I was in heaven.

My brother sucked until I had no more to give. I think I passed out. Both of my brothers were shaking me and I woke up. They laughed and said their first sperm didn't feel good enough to pass out.

This started a ritual for all of us brothers. We would go out into the field after lunch most days and have the dog warm us up and take turns with who would finish with the Lucky and the other two would suck each others stiffys.

We did this for years until we got ourselves girlfriends. Even then we sometimes went out into the field for some good old country fun.

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So sexy, makes my wanna get a dog with a big cock to fuck my ass


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mmmm so brother fuckeachother too my brother fuicked me alot when we were younger

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I like this story. I love bestality, and young boys. so it's perfect

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