My mom and dad divorced when I was really young. Mom raised me by herself and worked as a bookkeeper. She made good money and even when I was young, I remember her going out with guys. Things changed when I turned fourteen, she never bothered to cover herself and I saw her naked all the time.

She even stopped wearing panties and bras. She stopped dating and had more and more of her girlfriends came over with their husbands. She stopped sitting with her legs together and would take her girlfriends husbands into the bedroom a lot. I knew what she was doing and her girlfriends didn’t seem to mind or care, in fact they wanted it.

I came home after several of her girlfriends had been over with their husbands. They had left and mom was sitting on the couch. Her legs were spread wide and I could see cum leaking out of her pussy while she talked to me about my day. She stopped talking and I looked up into her face. She was looking at me and sighed, “Sam, I’m a fuck pig. I will let anyone fuck me whenever they want. I love the feel of a hard cock sliding into my pussy.”

She held out her arms, “Come here.”

I hesitated and then got up and walked to her. She undid my pants and pulled them down. I didn’t even try to stop her as she lay back on the couch and pulled me on top of her. She guided my cock and I pushed. I stared at her in amazement and she smiled, “I told you it feels great.”

I started fucking her fast and hard and she only planted her feet and grunted as I slammed into her. After a minute I was shuddering as I pumped cum into her greedy cunt. I didn’t stop fucking her and just kept going only slower. She smiled and held me as I kept pumping in and out of her sloppy cunt.

After another couple of minutes, mom shuddered and her pussy started grabbing my cock. She moaned and squeezed me, “I’m cumming baby!”

I shivered and kept fucking her. As she relaxed and shivered, I started spurting cum into her again and could only hold her tight as my cock jerked and spat cum. Mom shivered and held me until I stopped and then she caressed my face, “From now on you fuck me, okay?”

I nodded and kissed her before pulling out of her nasty slimy pussy. I smiled as I pulled my pants up, “What about my friends?”

Mom smiled as she sat up, “I’m a fuck pig Sam. If they want to fuck me they can.”

I grinned, “I invited Joey, Peter, David and Eddy over to use the hot tub and eat dinner.”

She laughed and stood up, “I’ll started dinner. If they want to take breaks and fuck me they can.”

I watched her walk into the kitchen and sighed before standing up and putting my pants back on. My friends arrived a few minutes later, they were already wearing swimming trunks and after we got into the water Peter started off with, “Man your mom looks good.”

I smiled and relaxed as they talked about wanting to fuck this girl or that one. David finally laughed and nudged me, “I would fuck your mom in a heart beat.”

I looked at him and got out, “come with me.”

David started to say something but I stopped him and led him into the kitchen, “Mom, David wants to fuck you.”

David looked panicked as she smiled, “Well, I’m busy right now, but if he doesn’t mind fucking me from behind, he can bend me over the table.”

I pushed him towards the table and mom before turning to go back out. The other guys were standing at the door with their mouths open and I grinned, “Anyone else?”

They looked at one another and then at David as he stopped by mom. She turned to the table and bent over showing her bare butt as she lifted her skirt. He hesitated before dropping his swim suit and moving behind her. He was fucking her in a minute and I snorted, “You can take your time, she said you can fuck her whenever you want.”

I looked at my friends and they grinned before dropping their suits and moving to line up behind David. I walked out to get back into the hot water and relax. It was a minute before David came out with a smile on his face that wouldn’t go away. Ten minutes later all the other guys were back as well. They had the same smile as David and finally Joey looked at me, “I can’t believe she let us fuck her.”

I smiled and got out, “I’ll be back.”

They watched as I stopped at the door and let my shorts drop. I walked into the kitchen and mom turned from the counter. I just walked to her and lifted her onto the counter and moved between her legs. I shoved my cock into her slimy cum filled pussy and started fucking her while she held me.

I fucked her nice and slow just enjoying the feel of her warm slimy pussy around my cock. It took several minutes before mom shuddered, “Oh damn baby, I’m cumming!”

I kept going and she kept shaking until about five or six minutes later when I shoved into her scummy pussy and grunted as I started spurting jets of cum. Mom jerked and then held me tight as I sent spurt after strong spurt into her. When I finished she kissed me, “Feel better?”

I grinned and nodded before pulling out. I helped mom down and she grinned, “Dinner should be ready in a few minutes.”

I went back to the spa and climbed in while they watched me. David grinned, “Damn.”

Peter laughed, “I like your new mom.”

Joey and Eddy both nodded and Joey cleared his throat, “Do you think she will let us do it again?”

I grinned, “After dinner you can all take her to bed and fuck all the cum out of your balls.”

I glanced at the door to see mom standing there with a smile on her face. I looked at the guys, “Dinner time.”

They grinned and quickly got out and dried off. I stopped them before we reached the door, “This stays between us. Don’t bring anyone else over.”

They nodded and we went in and sat down to eat but they kept looking at mom. She smiled and calmly ate dinner and took her plate to the sink. She smiled at me, “Will you do the dishes?”

I nodded and she looked at each of the guys, “I’ll be in the bedroom.”

She was barely out of the room before they were looking at me. I smiled as I stood and carried my plate to the sink, “If you’re finished go fuck her.”

That was all they needed, they jumped up and headed towards the bedroom quickly. That was six years ago, mom lives with my wife and I. I fuck her whenever my wife needs a break which is often. My friends are all married as well and their wives have an arrangement with mom. They send my friends over to fuck her when they don’t want to be bothered, which is often. Mom still enjoys being a fuck pig, but now she is just ours.
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