I graduated from college and decided to see Europe. Well, the med, I had learned to speak four other languages beside English. I was twenty one and my grandfather’s trust was finally mine. The trust had been given to me when I was ten, (Five hundred thousand dollars in a company’s stocks.) In the following years it had grown to over three million. I didn’t go wild and start spending. I left most of it invested and only pulled out some for my trip.

I was planning to spend a lot of time on the beach. I was six feet tall and fit from daily exercises, mostly swimming. I had only had sex a few times and never unprotected. The beaches in Europe are almost all nude. From my research I knew America was more prudish than Europe. My first stop was Italy, I was up late my first day and headed out to the beach after a light breakfast.

I knew this was a tourist beach but it was mostly used by other Europeans. I dropped my towel and shorts before striping out of my tee shirt and walking towards the water. It was a nice clear day and the water wasn’t to cold as I dove in. I swam out a ways and then took my time coming back. I walked out of the water and across the sand to my towel.

I spread it out and relaxed. I put on some lotion as I glanced around the beach. Not to far away was this stunning red head. She looked like she was in her early twenties and had what I thought was her younger sister laying beside her. The older one was maybe five feet tall and had firm breasts with a flat stomach and nice looking hips. The younger one looked like her sister but her breasts were a little smaller. They both had bald pussies and that was so hot.

I was hard from looking at their naked bodies and tried to ignore it as I lay back and closed my eyes. I woke to a gentle shake and looked into the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. They were a bright green that seemed to sparkle as if she was laughing. I shook my head and realized it was the older sister, “Hi.”

She smiled and spoke in Spanish and it took me a second to catch up, “I’m Isabelle. My daughter and I would like to invite you to lunch.”

I sat up and looked around. I saw her sister but no little girl, “Daughter?”

She gestured to the younger version of her and I blinked before looking at her, “She looks like your sister.”

She grinned and raised an eyebrow. I smiled, “Lunch sounds good.”

I stood and she brushed my cock as it started to get hard. I slipped on my shorts and tee shirt while they put the tiniest bikini you could think of on. I walked with them down the beach and went into a nice bistro. Over a small lunch we talked, I told them a little about me and I learned about them, Isabelle was a secretary in Spain. She had gotten pregnant with Sofie when she was ten and had just turned twenty four.

The father had run away before the police could arrest him. Isabelle had lived with her parents until she finished school and started working. Now she and Sofie lived in the town next to her parents on their own. Sofie was a smart girl and talked about seeing other places like France or England. After lunch Isabelle asked if I would like to do some site seeing.

She invited me to their room and I didn’t have any other offers. Isabelle was hot and I wanted to see more of her. After going into their small hotel room Sofie disappeared into the bathroom and Isabelle stepped closer. She caressed my chest through my shirt, “Do you like me Samuel?”

I laughed as I pulled her against me, “Very much.”

She stood on her toes to kiss me gently, “Make love to me.”

I smiled and caressed her face, “I have only been with a couple of women and never unprotected. I’m afraid I don’t have protection.”

She smiled and then laughed as she pulled me tight against her, “I have not been with a man in many years. Fuck me Samuel.”

I couldn’t resist and pulled the ties on her top before reaching to her waist for the other two. I glanced at the door into bathroom, “What about Sofie? She might…”

Isabelle put a finger on my lips, “This is my daughter’s vacation. She is a woman and can decide what she can see or… do.”

I looked at her and slowly pulled my tee shirt off while she reached for my shorts. A moment later I was standing against her as naked as she was. She wrapped her hand around my cock and used her other hand to pull my head down for a kiss. I pulled back and laughed before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. I laid her back on the edge and leaned over her to kiss her passionately.

She moaned and I felt her pelvis thrusting up. I kissed down her body and spread her legs while she looked at me curiously, “What are you doing?”

I grinned and licked through her pussy. She shivered and groaned as she automatically spread her legs more, “ooohhhh!”

I used my thumbs to rub the sides of her pussy while pushing my tongue up inside her. I heard Sofie behind me, “Momma?”

I sucked in Isabelle’s clit and she gasped and shuddered. I looked back at a naked Sofie, “She’s a little busy right now.”

She grinned at me as I turned back and gently nibbled on Isabelle’s pussy lips and then her clit. I started wiggling my tongue against her clit as Sofie climbed onto the bed beside her mother, “I’ve heard about this.”

I reached over and tugged on a nipple while continuing to lick her mother’s pussy. Isabelle jerked and spasmed as I used my thumbs to rub the bottom of her leaking hole and suck on her clit. She groaned, “oh fuck Sofie!”

I smiled and raked my teeth across her clit. She gasped and arched her back before shuddering hard. I kissed her clit one last time and stood between her legs. I smiled and leaned over to kiss her and she put her arms around my neck, “You are a wonderful man.”

I glanced at Sofie and she shifted around. Isabelle looked at her daughter as I tugged on a nipple again, “lay down next to us nymph.”

She grinned and lay next to us as I turned to her mother. I looked into her smiling eyes, “Are you sure you want…”

Isabelle’s hand slipped between us to guide my cock to her pussy. Her other hand went to my hip and pulled. I laughed and kissed her again as I slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned as my thick cock slowly forced its way deeper into her. I kissed Isabelle and stood before starting to fuck her. I smiled and slipped a hand between Sofie’s legs to caress her slit.

She shivered and moaned and Isabelle glanced at her and then down between her legs. She looked at me as I caressed and felt one of her breasts and rubbed a nipple while I continued to fuck her. She shuddered and then smiled as she relaxed, “Thank you Samuel.”

I smiled and bent to kiss her with my throbbing cock buried against her womb and my finger in her daughter’s slit. I started fucking her a little harder and curled my finger and carefully pushed into Sofie. Her hips pushed up as my finger slipped into her to the last joint. I pressed and rubbed her clit with the palm of my hand as I began to slowly finger fuck her.

Isabelle was grunting and shuddering as her hips met mine and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She jerked and froze with her hips shoved up, “Yes!”

Sofie shuddered hard and I felt her tight pussy squeezing my finger, “Oh my god momma!”

She jerked and spasmed as she lifted her legs into the air with my finger still buried deep inside her. I grinned as Isabelle shuddered and looked at her daughter with a smile, “Carefully or I’ll slip something else inside you.”

Isabelle shuddered hard and laughed. Sofie lowered her legs and smiled at me as I pulled my finger out and put it in my mouth. I went back to fucking Isabelle’s wonderful pussy a little harder as I felt the cum churning in my balls. I planted my cock and pushed as I started spewing cum. I shuddered as the first huge torrent gushed through her open cervix and started filling her womb. Isabelle jerked and gasped, “Oh!”

She spasmed as she felt the warm cum filling her and her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I pumped six or seven large loads of cum into her before I was done. I sighed and shivered as Isabelle shuddered and smiled at me. Sofie rubbed my chest, “Put it in me now.”

I looked at her and then at Isabelle who was looking at her. She smiled and then nodded when she looked at me, “You can fuck her if you want.”

I rubbed Isabelle clit before pulling out. She was shuddering as I moved over between Sofie’s legs. I lifted and spread her legs before forcing my cock into her tight virgin pussy. She grinned and shivered as I started to slowly fuck her. Isabelle turned to caress her daughter as she sighed and pushed up to meet my cock. Slowly I fucked deeper until I was all the way inside her.

She started grunting and shuddering as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I leaned over and started kissing her over and over again. Isabelle rubbed my shoulder and back as I thrust into her daughter slow and steady. It wasn’t long before Sofie jerked and spasmed, “Yes!”

Her tight pussy contracted around my cock and I kissed her passionately while she continued to shake. I kept thrusting nice and slow and finally Sofie shuddered and smiled at me. I started grinding against her each time I pushed into her, my cock squeezing into her cervix. I slowly started fucking her a little harder and Sofie began jerking erratically again. She was tossing her head as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “Fuck! Damn! Momma!”

Isabelle reached out to caress her and I shuddered as I pushed all the way into her and started spurting. Sofie jerked and her eyes flew open wide, “YES! CUM!”

She jerked and convulsed but kept thrusting her hips up as I pumped and spewed sperm into her. When I stopped cumming, she grinned and then looked at her mother and laughed, “I want to do that again.”

Isabelle laughed and hugged her as I pulled out. I shuddered and moved to lay behind Isabelle as Sofie kissed her mom. Isabelle turned and rubbed my chest, “Give us a minute to get clean?”

I nodded and she pulled her daughter off the bed and into the bathroom. I put my head back and smiled, thinking of the stunningly beautiful woman. When Isabelle and Sofie came out to get dressed, I put my shorts and shirt on. I led them to my hotel where I changed into soft slacks and a short sleeve shirt. I had one on each arm as we walked through the town looking at everything.

Sofie was again talking about wanting to see other countries some day. I was feeling good and hugged her, “You could travel with me.”

Isabelle laughed and shook me, “And what about me?”

I grinned and turned to pull her close, “Well, I was hoping you would let me stay with you during the week and we could travel on the weekends.”

She grinned as Sofie jumped up and down, “What can you do my American beauty?”

I laughed, “I am sure I can find something. This is my summer vacation after all.”

She laughed and looked at an eager Sofie, “Very well, we can try.”

I hugged and kissed her before Sofie pulled me around for a passionate kiss. Isabelle laughed and pulled us after her and into a shop. We ate dinner at a small café in town before Isabelle and Sofie led me back to their room. As soon as the door closed they were headed towards the bathroom and stripping.

I slowly undressed before walking toward the small balcony. I stood and looked at the moon as it rose and turned as a nude Isabelle slipped her arm around me, “What are you looking at?”

I nodded to the moon and she smiled as Sofie put her arm around me from the other side. Isabelle wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it before releasing me and stepping to the balcony railing. She smiled back at me as she bent forward and wiggled her butt. I laughed and released Sofie to step behind her and rub through her pussy.

I bent my cock as I spread my legs and slowly entered her. Isabelle groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I used slow, long thrusts with Sofie holding me from behind and it wasn’t long before Isabelle was shuddering and jerking around. Sofie laughed, “Let me do it momma.”

Isabelle looked back and straightened with a groan as my cock came out of her. Sofie kissed my cheek before moving in front of me. Isabelle came to my side and caressed my bare chest as her daughter bent forward to grab the rail. She bent my cock and positioned it before I slowly pushed into Sofie’s tight pussy. I did the same thing I had done with her mother and fucked her slowly with nice long thrusts.

It was only a couple of minutes before I felt her pussy squeezing my cock and she stiffened before thrusting back hard and spasming. Isabelle laughed and hugged me as her daughter jerked around and shuddered. I groaned and looked at Isabelle, “I’m going to cum.”

She reached out to hold Sofie’s hips back as I grunted and began pumping large spurts of cum. Sofie jerked and gasped as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her. It was several moments before I was done and Sofie sighed. Isabelle released her and laughed as she hugged me, “Think of it, breeding a girl under a full moon.”

I laughed and pulled out of Sofie before turning to pull Isabelle against me, “Careful my lover, you are also the one I want to breed, Sofie is desert.”

She grinned and kissed me before pulling back to rub my chest, “I hope so my stud.”

I turned to pull Sofie against us and walked into the room. Sofie grinned up at me, “I’m desert?”

Isabelle laughed as I turned to toss Sofie onto the bed. She followed her daughter and moved between her legs to lick through her cummy pussy. I grinned as I caressed Isabelle’s butt and pussy. I fingered her for a minute and Sofie shuddered and moaned and Isabelle laughed before moving up her body, “Yes, you are desert.”

I lay back beside them and caressed Isabelle’s hip, “Come fuck me lover.”

She looked at me and grinned as Sofie laughed, “And I get you for desert.”

Isabelle laughed as she moved over me and straddled my waist. She lifted up and I positioned my cock. She slowly sat back and sighed as my cock once more spread her tight pussy and slid into her. She looked at me as she put her hands on my chest for balance and I cupped her firm breasts, “Rock and thrust back and forth.”

She grinned as Sofie snuggled against us and put her head on my shoulder. Isabelle began rocking and thrusting, but started twisting and turning too. Sofie reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit and Isabelle stiffened and started shuddering as her warm pussy tightened, “YES!”

Sofie laughed as she rubbed her mother’s pelvis and I cupped her breasts. It was a minute before Isabelle sighed and began rocking again. My cock slipping in and out of her tight pussy felt so good. Each time she sat she would twist and lift up. I was grunting and groaning as I thrust up to keep my cock inside her. Sofie giggled as Isabelle and I groaned together and then shuddered.

Many minutes later I felt myself getting closer as Isabelle stiffened. I pulled her hips down as I thrust into her and suddenly I was spewing cum into her belly. She jerked and screamed before she held still as she felt my throbbing cock pumping into her. When I stopped cumming, she shuddered and slowly lay on my chest. I caressed and rubbed her hips and she finally kissed me before letting Sofie pull her off.

Sofie held her as she panted and then grinned as she kissed her and started moving down her body. I smiled and turned on my side to watch as Sofie stopped to lick and suck on her nipples before moving lower. When she kissed Isabelle’s clit she jerked and shuddered. I reached for her hand as Sofie started licking through her leaking pussy.

Isabelle shook as her daughter teased her clit and licked the cum leaking out of her. She kept squeezing my hand and tossing her head until she stiffened and arched her back, “Sofie!”

Sofie moved up her trembling body to kiss her, “Did I do it right?”

I grinned and Isabelle laughed, “Yes baby.”

I pulled Sofie off her mother and over me before pulling on Isabelle. She turned to caress my chest as she put one leg over mine. Sofie grinned and copied her mother and they both put their heads on my shoulder. I don’t know why but I started telling them about myself, everything. They actually listen to what I said and when I stopped talking Isabelle started and I listened to her.

When she finished Sofie caressed my chest and began whispering about her dreams and fantasies, things she had never told her mother. Like the fact that she wanted a baby and the fact that she liked girls but was afraid to do anything. Isabelle caressed her face when she was done, “You don’t have to fuck Samuel.”

Sofie smiled as she looked up into my face, “But I want to momma.”

She looked at her mother and blushed, “I really liked what you did to me and I liked doing it to you.”

I hugged them, “Then I guess you have to be both our lovers.”

Isabelle laughed and Sofie grinned, “Deal.”

She snuggled against me and Isabelle caressed my chest before doing the same thing. I woke as Isabelle slipped off the bed and glanced at Sofie. She was still sleeping like an angel so I carefully slipped out from under her and followed Isabelle into the bathroom. She looked up when I came in and smiled before standing. I peed while she watched and she turned the water on.

I let her wash me and a minute after we started Sofie came in. The three of us washed and I dressed and left while they packed. They had to catch a train and if I wanted to go with them, I needed to pack and check out. I walked into the train station and looked around to see Sofie waving. I crossed to the ticket window and bought a third ticket.

Sofie seemed excited and clung to me as Isabelle smiled. I had never really traveled by train but it was nice even though it took all day. It gave Isabelle and I time to talk while Sofie plotted. It was afternoon when we got off the train and caught a taxi to their town. Isabelle was nervous as she unlocked the door to her small house. I set my suitcase down by the door and caressed Isabelle, “is there a bistro or restaurant?”

She smiled and caressed my face, “it’s in the kitchen.”

I grinned and kissed her before she pulled me after her. Sofie had disappeared into her room and walked into the kitchen naked. Isabelle laughed as she moved around the kitchen, “I think Sofie wants something.”

I laughed as I lifted Sofie and sat her on the table before sitting down between her legs. I leaned down to open her pussy and lick and she shuddered and put her hands behind my head. I pushed my tongue up inside her before nibbling on her inner lips and then her clit. I started sucking and teasing her clit and it wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming.

Isabelle stopped to kiss her daughter passionately and Sofie clung to her as her body shuddered and convulsed. She pushed my face away and Isabelle laughed as she went back to cooking. I opened my pants and pushed them down before pulling Sofie down onto my lap. She positioned my cock and slowly forced it into her pussy. She sighed and leaned against me before slowly rocking.

Her tight pussy was constantly squeezing my cock and she kept shuddering. I caressed her hips and sides as she moaned and slowly became erratic. Isabelle bent and kissed her again as she cupped one of her breasts. Sofie moaned into her mother’s mouth and spasmed as her pussy tightened. I reached between us to rub and finger her clit.

She jerked and thrashed around as she got wetter. I kissed Isabelle and then Sofie, “want to lean out a window while I fuck you?”

She groaned and spasmed before nodding. Isabelle laughed, “Use the balcony in my bedroom.”

I lifted Sofie as I stood and she wrapped her legs around me. I carefully stepped out of my pants before turning to walk to Isabelle’s bedroom. The balcony looked out into a flower speckled field. I lifted Sofie off and turned her to face out. She grinned back at me as she spread her legs and bent slightly. I bent my knees after spreading my legs and pushed back into her slippery pussy.

She shuddered and pushed back as I began to fuck her. She was pushing back to meet my thrusts into her and a couple of minutes later she started to shake and shudder as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. I pulled her up as I cupped her breast and rubbed the nipples, “I’m taking you to bed so I can fuck you nice and deep.”

She grinned and pulled forward so my cock would come out. She turned to grab my hand and pulled me through the house and into her pink lair. She jumped onto the bed and laid back with her legs spread and her arms out, “come get me pregnant Samuel.”

I smiled as I moved over her and between her legs. I kissed her as I pushed into her and went back to fucking her but nice and slow. It wasn’t long before I hit and pushed into her cervix. She shivered and shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and a few minutes later she was bucking and thrashing around as I kissed her to cover her screams.

I thrust into her and began spurting and spewed cum and she jerked and clung to me as her body spasmed. When I pulled out of her, she groaned and shuddered before grinning. I moved off the pink nest and reached back to bring her with me. I put my arm around her waist as we walked back to the kitchen and her mother. She grinned and sat as I went to Isabelle and put my arms around her to cup her breasts. She smiled and pressed back against me, “Have fun?”

I nibbled on her neck and gave her a kiss, “Yes and can’t wait to find a warm bathtub to wash you in.”

She grinned and turned in my arms to kiss me. I caressed her hips, “I think Sofie wants you now.”

I looked at the stove, “If it is safe for me to watch the food you can...”

Isabelle laughed and looked at her daughter, “want me to lick your pussy honey?”

Sofie grinned and stood up before sitting on the edge of the table. I laughed and pushed Isabelle before going to the stove. She sat in a chair between her daughter’s legs and started licking her and it wasn’t long before Sofie was shuddering and shaking. When she finally pushed Isabelle away she laughed and stood to kiss her daughter before walking towards me.

I caressed her hip before reaching for the buttons of her blouse. She smiled and let me undress her before pushing me towards the table. I pulled Sofie off the table and onto my lap. I cupped a breast as we watched her mother finished dinner and put it on the table. Sofie kissed me and slid off my lap and pushed her mother to me, “Mom’s turn.”

I grinned as I held Isabelle and let her wiggle to get comfortable before I started feeding her. Sofie grinned with her mother before sitting beside me and feeding me. After dinner we got dressed and they took me for a walk to show me around. It was a nice small village and we stopped to speak to several people before going home. As soon as the door closed Sofie was stripping, “come fuck us on momma’s bed.”

I smiled and looked at a grinning Isabelle, “your turn for a breeding?”

Isabelle grinned as Sofie laughed and I took her hand to pull her back to her bedroom. I undressed her with Sofie helping me and then they were kissing before we undressed Sofie. After Sofie it was my turn and they delighted in rubbing their bare bodies against me. Isabelle finally turned and climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees. She spread her knees as she looked back and wiggled her butt.

Sofie laughed and pulled me to the side of the bed. She rubbed her mother’s pussy before guiding my cock and pushing on me. I pushed into Isabelle’s tight almost hot pussy and started to fuck her nice and slow. It was a minute before I was pushing all the way in. Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as I continued to fuck her slowly.

It was a nice summer and we spent a lot of weekends in other countries. I didn’t want to leave when summer ended and asked Isabelle to marry me. Sofie is our lover and we live in a seaside village now. Both Sofie and Isabelle have had a couple of babies so far.

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