It started when I came home from the park. I knew my father and mother had not been having sex. Mom and dad argued about his mistress all the time. Mom had even stopped wearing panties and my younger sister Kara had started following her example.

I am fifteen and it seems, always horny. When I came in the house mom was leaning over the back of the couch talking to my sister across the room. As usual she was wearing a mini skirt and it was riding up showing the back of her pussy.

I stopped and kept staring at her butt and that’s when I just said fuck it. I reached behind my mother and ran my hand between her legs, feeling her pussy. She stopped talking and shivered before turning her head and looking at me, “What do you think you are doing?”

I looked away from her butt and into her face, “If dad doesn’t want to use it, I will.”

I continued running my fingers through her slit while she looked back at me. Finally she smiled, spread her legs a little and went back to talking to my surprised sister. I kept rubbing through her wet slit, slipping a finger inside her every once in a while. The last time I pushed a finger inside her, she had stopped talking in the middle of the sentence and shuddered as her pussy tightened on my finger.

She went back to talking to Kara as if nothing had happened and I unzipped my pants before moving behind her. I rubbed her wet pussy one last time and moved my cock up and down her slit before slowly pushing it in. She just kept talking to Kara as I started fucking her. I wanted it to last so I fucked her with long, slow, deep strokes. My sister wasn’t really listening to mom as she watched me.

Mom felt better then I ever imagined. When she started getting tighter and kept repeating herself, Kara grinned at me. I couldn’t hold back as she suddenly slumped down on the back of the couch. I started cumming harder than I ever had in my life. I shook and shivered as I spurted a huge load of cum inside mom’s spasming pussy.

When I finally looked up, Kara was smiling, “Was it as good as you thought?”

I shook my head as I slowly and reluctantly pulled out of mom’s used hole, “Better.”

Kara grinned, “no one is using mine, if you need more.”

I grinned and moved to rub my hand down through mom’s cummy pussy. When she finally recovered, she stood up and kissed my cheek, “Thanks William, I needed that.”

I smiled and watched her walk into the kitchen with cum running down her legs. Dad came home a few minutes later. I had put my cock away but Kara and I were both in the kitchen talking to mom when dad came in. It was several minutes before he noticed cum on her legs. Dad was looking at mom strangely, “Who have you been fucking?”

Mom turned from the sink, “William. He said if you weren’t going to use it, he would.”

I had a spasm of fear but dad only glanced at me, “Sounds like you will stop bothering me then.”

I could see mom’s eyes narrow and Kara spoke up, “I told William he could use mine too.”

Dad turned towards Kara and I could see the lust in his eyes, “If you need someone…”

Kara shook her head, “You’re to late. It belongs to William now.”

Dad looked at me and this time he didn’t look happy. I shrugged, “If you need it, use your mistress.”

He turned and just left, slamming the door. Kara grinned, “Serves him right.”

I grinned and undid my pants and pushed them down my thighs, “Come here Kara.”

Mom laughed as she turned back to making dinner, “Have fun Kara, I did.”

Kara was grinning as she straddled my lap. I held her hips as she reached down to guide my cock to her pussy. I groaned as I slowly entered her, one thing I noticed was that she didn’t have her cherry. She laughed when I asked her, “Sorry one of the assholes at school got it. The stupid shit bragged that we had fucked and that I might be pregnant.”

I looked at her as she rocked back and forth while shivering. I tugged on a nipple through her blouse, “Are you?”

She laughed, “God no. Mom put me on the pill when I was ten. That asshole couldn’t put his tiny dick far enough inside a girl to get her pregnant.”

Mom laughed from the counter and Kara giggled, “Now you on the other hand are just what a girls needs.”

I laughed and pulled her close for a long passionate kiss. I stood up and turned to put her on the edge of the table. I fucked her like that, shoving in nice and deep every time. Kara started shivered and her eyes got a far away look. Her pussy tightened even more and suddenly she jerked and screamed as her whole body convulsed. I buried my cock and the feel of her grasping, spasming pussy pushed me over the edge and I starting spewing cum against the back of her pussy.

Kara jerked some more and shuddered as her hands grasped my shoulders. I pumped and sprayed a half dozen large jets of cum before I was done. Kara sighed as I finished and I slowly pulled her off the table before sitting with her still on my lap. Mom laughed at Kara, “It looks like we need to just sleep with him from now on. That way one of us might get a little sleep while the other one gets used.”

Kara grinned and nodded, “Sounds good to me. Get rid of dad and we can use your bed.”

I grinned as her pussy spasmed around my cock and looked at mom, “after dinner can I fuck you on the bed?”

She grinned, “sure.”

I fucked mom four times and Kara three before we fell asleep. Dad didn’t even come home and I woke to mom stroking my cock. She smiled, “save some for me this afternoon?”

I looked at Kara, “sure. I’m going to fuck Kara’s ass so we need to play a lot.”

She laughed as she slid off the bed, “have fun.”

Kara lifted her head and looked at me, “fuck my ass?”

I rolled and pushed her onto her back as I moved between her legs, “Well you let some asshole at school have your cherry.”

She smiled, “okay but slowly.”

I kissed her, “first we wash and find an enema and then we get some lube.”

Actually it was a shower, douche, breakfast and then some cuddling before I went looking for what we needed. I found the enema in mom’s bathroom and the lube in her night stand. I grinned at Kara, “maybe I’ll do her ass tonight.”

She grinned as she pulled me into the bathroom. I helped her through three enemas before pulling her into the shower. Afer I dried her off we went to te bed and laid down. I caressed her and knew she was nervous. I grinned and pushed her back before moving down to lick her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and then sucked on her clit.

She shuddered and spread her legs as her hips lifted. I grinned and kept licking and teasing her clit while sucking. It was awhile before she spasmed and jerked, “mmmm!”

I moved up and kissed her before moving off her. I started fingering her, “since we haven’t stretched you gradually with a plug we do it slowly.”

She shuddered and lifted her hips, “how?”
I moved my middled finger lower to rub her asshole, “gradual pressure while fingering you.”

She grinned and relaxed, “okay.”

I moved back to her pussy and rubbed her clit and fingered her before rubbing her ass again. It was awhile before the tip of my finger pushed into her ass and she gasped and shuddered, “oh!”

I added a little lube and kept going and several minutes later my finger pushed into her deeper as she spasmed and her ass tightened, “yes!”

It was five minutes and more lube before a second finger had joined the first as I fucked her ass while she grunted and jerked while wailing. But the time I was fucking her ass with three fingers she was more then ready and started begging me. I pushed back onto her back and moved between her legs as she frowned.

I lifted her legs and started pushing my cock against her ass. She grunted when I pushed into her and then groaned when I pulled out. I glanced at mom when she sat on the bed but kept fucking Kara’s ass slowly as I held myself up on one hand and began to rubbed her clit. Her ass was hot and smooth and felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

It was a few minutes before I was slowly thrusting all the way into her and she began convulsing, “William!”

Mom leaned over and pushed my hand away from her clit and started fingering it herself. I fucked my sister with deep thrust for another couple of minutes before slowly pushing all the way into her and gushing cum. Kara jerked as her hot ass squeezed, “yyyeeessssss!”

I pumped spurt after spurt into her ass until I was done and slowly pulled out to lay beside her. She dropped her legs to the bed as she panted, “I loved that.”

Mom laughed and laid on her other side, “I came home because I was worried you might get hurt.”

I leaned over and kissed Kara, “you will be sore.”

She pulled me back for another kiss, “It was worth it.”

Mom ended up calling dad’s mistress and told her to keep dad and she would box up all his things.
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