I’m Terry and I’m sixteen, I’m also a computer geek. I stay in shape by exercising with my mother everyday. When my father died in combat, he left two large life insurance policies, one for mom and one for me. I was to young then and mom invested it in a company and set the dividends to roll back into more stocks, she married a man a year later.

He had a daughter that was two years older than me. Sasha or Sassy as her friends called her was a beautiful blonde. We got along great, she was always looking out for me. Her mom had died in a car crash when she was four. I was ten and she was twelve when an accident at work killed my step father. Mom was always lonely after that but she never dated or went out.

Sassy was eighteen when she was going to start at the local college. The money in the trust her father left was enough that she and two of her girlfriends rented a four bedroom house with a pool at the start of summer. I was over at their house a few times and her girlfriends liked to tease me. School was a week from starting when Sassy called and asked if I could spend the night there, mom was hesitant but finally let me go.

This was the first year that mom let me touch my dividends and I had bought several things, a new laptop was the first thing. When I came into Sassy’s house the girls were all waiting. My sister led me into the kitchen and sat me at the table. She sat across from me and took a breath, “I need a favor Terry.”

I thought maybe she would ask for money not what she said next. She blushed, “We want you to set up a web site with streaming cameras in every room and out by the pool.”

I was surprised and looked into the other room, “why?”

She looked at me while still blushing, “For sex.”

I blinked, I had never thought of Sassy and sex together. I sat back thinking and looked at her, “You don’t have the right type of computer.”

She looked surprised and I sighed and stood to go get my small bag. I pulled the laptop case out before hesitating. I gestured for Sassy to come sit with Becca and Kitten. I pulled the laptop out of the case and started it. It had only been on stand by so it started quickly. I put my G3 device in and went surfing. I turned the computer to show them what they needed. Sassy shook her head, “We can’t afford that.”

I looked at the three girls and sighed before leaning back in the chair. I finally looked at Sassy, “Why do you want to do this?”

She blushed, “I… we wanted to… show off and the idea of guys seeing us naked and doing… it, excites us.”

I looked down and bit my lip before looking back at her, “Can I watch?”

She blushed even more as the other girls snickered. She grinned and nodded, “Sure.”

I nodded and turned the laptop, I thought for a moment and then started picking things and buying them. Sassy cleared her throat, “We can’t afford a lot Terry.”

I smiled absently, “I can.”

After the server and desktops were the cameras and mounts and everything else I needed. I looked up when I was done, “I need a ride to the store to pick everything up.”

They grinned and the next thing I knew I was squeezed in between Becca and Kitten in the back seat of Sassy’s car. I did a little more shopping before picking up what I had bought online. When we got back to the house it was like Christmas as we opened everything up.

I set up the server in the living room under a side table with a new laser printer and a huge external storage device for any videos they wanted to save. I put a computer in every room, even in the three bathrooms and outside in a towel cabinet.

Putting up the cameras and positioning them took longer. It was late when I finished and sat on the couch in the living room. The girls had all gone to bed and it was quiet as I designed the web page. I finished and put the monitor on the side table and the keyboard under it. I lay back and closed my eyes and it seemed like I had just closed my eyes before Sassy was shaking me awake.

She pulled me up and led me back to her room. Inside the door she undressed me while I yawned sleepily. She smiled and pulled me to the bed before taking her robe off. I stared at her body in the soft glow of her night light and she smiled again before pushing me into bed. She followed me pulling the sheet up to cover us as she put her leg over mine and her head on my shoulder. She caressed my chest, “Thanks Terry.”

I smiled as she relaxed with a sigh. Even though I was hard and wanted relief, I yawned again and the next thing I knew I was asleep. I woke to Sassy caressing my chest, when she saw my eyes open she smiled, “Have you ever had sex Terry?”

I shook my head and she grinned as her hand stroked my cock, “Would you like to?”

I groaned and she laughed before straddling me, pushing the sheet down and off. She stroked my cock before lifting up and fitting it to her pussy. I reached up to feel and cup her breasts, “You do realize all the cameras are working?”

Sassy grinned and wiggled on me as she slowly sat down. I shuddered as her warm, velvety pussy surrounded my cock tightly. She shivered and then laughed before thrusting back and forth. She jerked and groaned, “Damn your big little brother.”

She smiled and lifted up before pushing back and down. I shuddered with her as my cock pushed all the way into her. I used my thumbs to rub and feel her nipples and Sassy shook and spasmed as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. That was more then I could take and I felt my cock jerking, “Sassy?”

She jerked and looked into my face before settling onto me, “go ahead Terry.”

I groaned as my body tightened and I moved my hands to her waist as I suddenly started spewing cum. I pumped huge spurts up against her womb and Sassy shuddered and sighed before suddenly giggling. She rubbed my chest as I finally stopped cumming, “You really needed that.”

I reached up to rub her nipples and then pulled her down on me to feel her naked body against mine. She sighed and wiggled around a minute before hugging me, “I love you little brother.”

I felt down her bare back and caressed her hips, “To bad you didn’t have anyone watching.”

She looked into my face and grinned, “You put a video page in didn’t you?”

I nodded, “Which reminds me. Each of you needs to sign a release.”

Sassy lifted up and slid off me, “You too.”

I looked at her and then smiled, “You also need a sign on your front door warning any visitor about the cameras.”

She nodded, “Can you print everything we need?”

I kissed her before climbing out of bed, “I better get up before I fuck you to death.”

Sassy laughed as she followed me out of bed. She hung her robe on the hook by the door and grabbed my hand, “Let’s get a shower.”

We met a sleepy looking Kitten heading toward the bathroom. Sassy grinned at me and embraced Kitten and kissed her before pulling her robe off. Kitten blushed and reached for the robe and Sassy laughed, “The site is up and the cameras are on.”

Kitten’s hand stopped and she looked at me before starting to grin, “I think I’ll go wake Becca.”

Sassy laughed and pulled me after her as she tossed the robe back to Kitten. After going to the bathroom I started the shower and Sassy pulled me in. I looked at her body as she reached out and turned me around. She made me stand still while she washed me and then it was my turn. I was washing her when the shower door opened and Becca stepped in. She was smiling as she looked at Sassy, “Did you do it?”

She looked down at my hard cock and then laughed softly. Sassy blushed and then laughed, “Yes. It was his first time so don’t tease.”

Becca looked up as she rubbed my soapy chest, “Think we could talk your mother into letting us keep him?”

It was strange listening to them talking about me while rubbing and washing my body. I shivered and Sassy grinned as she stepped close to rub my back with her breasts while Becca did the same thing on my chest. Sassy turned the water off and pulled me out, “Maybe. Mom is lonely, if we turn Kitten loose on her and let her seduce her…”

I looked at them and then shook my head before looking at Sassy, “Why don’t you just ask her to live with you? She misses you and I think she would surprise you.”

Sassy grinned and kissed my cheek, “Go print the releases you were talking about and the signs.”

I tugged on Becca’s nipples before walking out. I walked into the living room and smiled at a naked Kitten in the kitchen. I printed the signs first and taped them on the front and back doors, next was the model releases. I edited the video of Sassy and I before setting it up on the video page. I signed one of the releases and carried a small stack in to set them on the kitchen table. Sassy rubbed my bare butt while Kitten and Becca snickered as I grinned, “I can still fuck you to death sis.”

She laughed as Becca and Kitten joined her. I headed out to the pool to swim, the pool was one reason I liked coming over. I didn’t hear the doorbell so I didn’t hear mom when she got there. When I got out of the pool I lay back on a wooden lounger and closed my eyes against the bright morning sun.

I woke to a soft hand caressing down my chest to my soft cock. I opened my eyes as my cock started growing and blinked as mom looked back at me. She was as naked as me and smiling, “Sassy let you fuck her.”

I smiled and reached for her amazingly firm breasts, “Yes.”

Mom let me feel her as her hand wrapped around my cock and gave it a stroke. She released my cock, “Sassy asked if we would move in.”

I rubbed her nipple, “Do you want to?”

She looked down, “I know its wrong…”

I looked up into her face, “Why? Because we might have sex? Kitten, Becca and even Sassy want you too.”

She blinked and then grinned, “Really?”

I nodded, “Your hot mom. As for being wrong… I’m sixteen and in this state that makes it legal.”

She smiled, “That doesn’t make it right Terry.”

I looked at her and pulled her down on me, “You have been lonely since dad died. You deserve to relax and live mom. Sassy, Becca and Kitten will be good for you. Seeing you like this, you know as well as me that sooner or later we will make love.”

Mom smiled and took a breath before stopping and then sighing. She shifted and caressed my face, “they only have one bedroom.”

I smiled, “At least it has a big bed, besides I think the girls have plans for us.”

Mom laughed and kissed me, “Okay, you twisted my arm.”

I pulled her down against me and kept feeling her, “I love feeling you mom.”

She grinned and kissed me, “I would have never known.”

I rubbed her nipples and heard Sassy and Kitten giggling from the back door. I looked back and smiled before getting out of the lounger and holding my hand down to mom, “Come teach me how to go down on a woman.”

She laughed kind of throatily, “Now that’s something I could enjoy doing.”

I grinned and led her to the back door where both Sassy and Kitten were. I tugged on Kitten’s erect nipple on the way past. She gasped and Sassy snickered, “Servers you right.”

Mom kissed Sassy on her way past, “I’ll do it. We’ll move in.”

Sassy and Kitten both yelled and grabbed mom as Becca came running to see what was going on. I shook my head as I headed towards the guest room. I was lying on the bed when mom came in with all three girls following. She grinned, “They want to watch and make suggestions.”

I grinned as I moved over, “The more the merrier.”

Mom moved onto the bed and caressed me before lying back and spreading her legs. I turned to kiss her and then moved down to suck on one of her nipples before kissing my way down her body. When I was between her legs I looked up and mom used her fingers to open her pussy.

She showed me what to do and finally lay back. I licked through her pussy and tugged on the labia while she shivered. I nibbled and licked before pushing my tongue up inside her. Mom shuddered and moaned, “Oh baby!”

I heard the others giggling and mom laughed before shuddering as I covered her clit and started teasing it with my tongue. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue up inside her. She groaned before thrusting her pussy up into my face. I went back to sucking and teasing her clit and she shuddered and finally covered her pussy, “No more.”

I looked up her body and slowing moved up. I settled between her legs and kissed her, “You taste nice mom.”

She smiled and hugged me before wrapping her legs around me. I looked into her eyes and pushed. My cock pushed into her tight pussy and she grunted, “Damn!”

She grinned and shook me, “you have a big cock.”

The girls all laughed and mom blushed as she remembered we weren’t alone. I smiled and started fucking her slowly with long strokes that pushed my cock against her cervix. She shuddered and started fucking me back, her pussy spasmed and contracted around my cock as I pushed in as deep as I could.

Slowly we began to fuck each other faster and harder. She was grunting as we fucked and her body shuddered and shook while her pussy spasmed around my cock. Finally her body stiffened and she howled, “OH MY GOD!”

I slammed into her, forcing my cock deeper as I started pumping loads of cum. My cock throbbed and jerked as I spurted and spewed jet after jet. Mom thrashed around as I filled her and then sighed and shivered when I stopped. I shivered and kissed her, “I love you mom.”

She hugged me and then relaxed with a big sigh as I pulled out of her. I moved over next to her and rubbed her erect nipple, “Kitten?”

I glanced at the girls and Kitten smiled, “Yes?”

I nodded to mom, “Your turn.”

Mom grinned and the girls giggled as Kitten stalked onto the bed. She moved over mom and kissed her passionately before licking and kissing her way down between her legs. Mom moaned and shuddered as Kitten licked through her cummy pussy and then teased her clit. She lifted up and grinned at the others, “Yummy.”

They laughed and mom giggled before gasping as Kitten covered her clit and started wiggling her tongue. She started breathing harder as her hips started lifting off the bed to fuck Kitten. I grinned with the others as mom shuddered and lifted her hips off the bed and arched her back, “YES!”

She jerked and spasmed as Kitten buried her face in her pussy. When mom dropped to the bed panting Kitten stopped and moved up her body. She kissed mom softly and grinned, “Want to come shower with me?”

Mom laughed and shook her before smiling at me, “Sure.”

I watched them climb off the bed and walk out holding hands and looked at Sassy, “I think mom is going to like it here.”

She grinned, “She isn’t the only one.”

Sassy nodded to Becca, “Becca wants you to come to her room.”

I looked at a blushing Becca and started climbing off the bed. She grinned at Sassy as she took my hand and pulled me after her. In her room she turned at the bed and bit her lip. I smiled and pushed her back before kneeling. She sat down and I pushed her legs open before leaning in to lick through her pussy. I started teasing her clit and she dropped back onto the bed with a groan and shudder.

I nibbled on her inner lips and licked through her pussy again before covering her clit. I sucked and hummed as my tongue wiggled and teased her clit. Becca went wild, bucking and jerking around as she screamed, “YES!”

She kept thrusting her wet pussy into my face and jerking away and I finally laughed and stood to turn her on the bed. I moved onto the bed beside her and caressed her twitching body, “Can I fuck you?”

She laughed and pulled on me until I was between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and she groaned as she was spread open. I started slowly but Becca kept pulling on my butt and thrusting up harder so it wasn’t long before I was fucking her with long, hard thrusts. She was shuddering as her warm pussy contracted tightly around my cock.

After almost five minutes she suddenly stopped and had a surprised look on her face. A heartbeat later she was spasming and thrashing around as she howled incoherently. I fucked her hard for another couple of minutes and then buried my swelling cock. I shuddered and groaned as I began spurting cum against and into her open womb. Becca jerked at the first warm explosion of cum as it spewed into her and screamed, “YES!”

She jerked and moaned and wiggled around and groaned and shuddered and howled as the last strong spurt of warm sperm pumped into her. I held her as she panted and then shivered before I slowly pulled out. I rubbed her tummy, “You better douche before you get pregnant.”

Becca laughed and rubbed my back before looking at one of the cameras, “I’ll take my chances.”

I shook my head and pulled her out of bed and into the bathroom. After we washed off, we headed into the front room to find mom relaxing with the others. Sassy laughed at Becca, “Take your chances. We should hide your pills.”

Becca giggled as she sat beside Mom and absently kissed her. I moved to the server and pulled the keyboard out to start editing. Sassy moved closer to watch and grinned before putting her arm around me. I also edited mom and Kitten in the shower. When I finally finished mom stood up, “I’m sorry honey, but we need to go home.”

I looked at her and she finally burst out laughing and pulled me up, “We have to pack baby.”

Six hours later we were back and I brought everything in while mom began making calls to have the rest stored or taken away. My sister, Becca and Kitten were out shopping as mom and I put our clothes away. She kept grinning at me every time I stopped to feel her body. Dinner was funny, the girls and even mom kept putting something on their nipples for me or someone else to lick off.

Sassy told me she had given out a dozen passwords for the server and Becca and Kitten had another ten. I added the names and access to the server before Kitten pulled me away and led me out the back door. She turned to kiss me as she backed to a lounger and I grinned and pushed her down. I knelt as she grinned and pushed her legs open. I leaned in and started to lick her sweet pussy and she groaned before laying back.

I nibbled on her inner lips and licked through her pussy again before covering her clit and sucking. She stiffened and then shuddered hard as she squirted a little, “Fuck!”

I licked her pussy and rubbed her clit before moving up her body to kiss her. She grinned and hugged me and I felt her hand pulling my cock to her pussy as she lifted and spread her legs. I pushed into her slowly as she groaned, “God your big.”

I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She shuddered and pushed her hips up as her pussy tightened. I smiled and pulled out and Kitten frowned. I grinned and pulled her up before turning the lounger and laying down. I held out my arms, “Now fuck me.”

She grinned and straddled me and slowly impaled herself on my cock. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she started to rock. She began twisting and rolling her hips too and a couple of minutes later she stiffened and then howled as she jerked and convulsed. She wet me as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock.

I had to hold her up as her convulsions continued and she became incoherent. I tugged on her nipples and she screamed as her body jerked and shook, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

The head of my thick cock was against her cervix as she kept jerking and I finally shuddered as I began to spurt strongly into her. Kitten arched her back and wailed as my warm sperm filled and expanded her womb. She shuddered violently at the gushing jets that kept pumping more cum into her. Finally I stopped cumming and she groaned and lay on me.

I rubbed and caressed her hips and bare back before lifting her hips and pulling my cock out. She groaned and shuddered before kissing me. She smiled as she looked into my eyes and whispered, “Would you believe you are the first guy to fuck me nice?”

I smiled and hugged her before looking at the others in the doorway, “You were loud, they will want to... examine you.”

She giggled as she looked at the door and then kissed me, “Thanks Terry.”

She stood and walked to the house with a tempting sway to her hips, “Next?”

I laughed and moved off the lounger and straightened up. I went inside to the server and started editing the video of Kitten and me. I did a check and then stood to stretch before heading back to bed. Mom wasn’t there but I brushed my teeth and climbed into bed. A couple of minutes later Becca walked in and slipped in beside me. She snuggled against me, “Sassy and Kitten are sleeping with your mom.”

I caressed her bare shoulder as she put her head on my chest. I didn’t think I would sleep but woke up to see a hint of light in the window. I looked at Becca and smiled at her angel’s face. I slowly rolled her onto her back as I pulled the sheet down. I moved down and slowly opened her legs before licking through her pussy. She groaned and shivered as her hips lifted.

I looked up to see her smiling at me. I grinned and licked her again before teasing her clit and nibbling on her inner lips. I covered her clit and sucked as I wiggled my tongue and she shuddered and kept thrusting her hips up. It was awhile before she covered her pussy and I moved up her body. I kissed her, “Can I fuck you?”

She hugged me and reached between us to position my cock. I slowly forced my cock into her and started fucking her nice and slow. It took a couple of minutes before I was pushing against her cervix. By then Becca was breathing hard and shoving her hips up each time I thrust into her. I began to fuck her with deep strokes as she wailed and spasmed.

I buried my cock to hump and grind into her and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. She kept jerking and her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock. It was the first thing in the morning and I needed to cum. I groaned as I pushed harder and Becca screamed as warm cum erupting and flooded her. She was convulsing and spasming as her pussy milked my cock.

I held her and shuddered as I spurted and pumped a huge morning load of cum. When I finally stopped she shuddered hard and sighed as her legs released me and dropped to the bed. I gave her a soft kiss before pulling out of her and laying beside her, “morning.”

She grinned as she looked at me and mom and Sassy snickered from the door. Becca pulled me close and gave me a passionate kiss before letting me go. She rolled out of bed and walked out as mom and Sassy grinned. I moved off the bed and stretched before grabbing my sweat pants. Sassy followed Becca and mom came in to put on her exercise suit.

I had put the two small gym sets in the garage and we went out to stretch and then work out. We came into the house all sweaty and Becca grinned as she walked across the kitchen, “I get to wash Pam.”

Kitten and Sassy laughed and my sister held out her hand, “We’ll do Terry.”

I grinned as they stripped me and pulled me back to the bathroom and the shower. I took turns caressing Sassy and Kitten as they washed and teased me. I finally pulled them out and dried off before bending to suck on Kitten’s pink nipples. They laughed and pulled me out and down to Kitten’s room. She laid back as my sister pushed her legs open. She leaned down to lick her pussy as she wiggled her butt at me.

I grinned as I caressed and fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit until she was groaning and shivering like Kitten. I turned and moved behind her before slowly pushing my drooling cock into her tight pussy. Sassy shuddered as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. She pushed back as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Before long Kitten was forgotten as she started to jerk and shake while wailing.

Kitten pulled her half way up onto her and I moved with her as I continued to fuck her. Sassy started shaking and convulsing as she squirted and started convulsing, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I buried my cock in her and held her hips as she spasmed and shuddered. Kitten smiled as she caressed her face before looking at me, “How would you like to get me pregnant Terry?”

Sassy gasped and looked up, “Kitten!”

I was stunned but Kitten kept smiling, “I like him Sas.”

I shuddered and held my sister before slowly pulling out and moving onto Kitten’s bed. Sassy moved up on her other side as Kitten turned and caressed my chest, “Remember when I said you were to fuck me nice?”

I nodded and she took a deep breath, “When I was twelve I was raped by my father and a couple of his friends.”

Sassy gasped but I was watching Kitten. I didn’t hesitate, I caressed her face, “I would never...”

She laughed, “You chased my nightmares away. Not only did you lick my pussy, you let me fuck you and be on top.”

She looked back at my sister, “All the times he has been visiting, he didn’t try anything. Even when we started the sex site he didn’t push it.”

I caressed her hip, “tell you what, wait until the new year and if you still want, I’ll be more then happy to get you pregnant.”

She grinned, “Deal!”

I leaned over to give her a kiss, “Now, I need to fuck Sasha and pour a gallon of cum in her.”

Kitten grinned as she looked at my sister, “You are getting so fucked.”

Sassy laughed, “Now that you made him really horny, you should fuck him.”

I laughed as I slipped off the bed, “No you don’t, its your turn.”

I moved around and pulled Sassy to the edge before lifting and spreading her legs. Kitten turned to cup one of her breasts as she started kissing her. I pushed back into my sister and used my thumb to start rubbing her clit. I fucked her slowly as she shuddered and groaned. She and Kitten kept kissing as I fucked into her. It wasn’t long before she jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled and tightened around my cock.

I shuddered and jerked as I felt my balls pull up and my body tightened. I slowly buried my cock in Sassy before it erupted in a thick stream of warm cum. She stiffened and then Kitten was kissing her passionately as I kept pumping into her. My sister jerked and shook with each blast of cum and sighed when it stopped.

I groaned and caressed her hips before pulling out. Kitten gave her a last kiss and grinned at me, “Want to lay out by the pool?”

I grinned and leaned over Sassy to kiss her before nodding to Kitten. She climbed off the bed and grabbed my hand to walk out with me. I laid back in a lounge chair and Kitten cuddled against me and softly caressed my chest as she put her head on my shoulder. I glanced at her several minutes later to see her asleep, I shook my head and relaxed.

I woke up when she shifted and moved away. She smiled, “Thanks Terry, I have never fallen asleep like that before.”

I grinned, “My pleasure.”

I stood and followed her in and went to update the server and do some editing. Mom pulled me away after I finished and we had lunch as my sister and the girls went out. I cleaned up after lunch and mom pulled me back to our room. I laid back on the bed and she laid beside me to rub her bare breasts against me, “fuck me Terry.”

I grinned and started to move down and she laughed and rolled onto her back as she pulled me up, “I want you in me.”

I settled between her legs and pushed into her slowly. I began to fuck her with slow thrusts as she wrapped her legs around my waist. It wasn’t long before I was hitting and pushing her cervix open. Mom jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed around my cock. A couple of minutes and I was fucking her with deep thrusts as she wailed and kicked in the air, “Terry!”

She squirted as her pussy milked my cock. She thrashed around as I continued to fuck her with long strokes. She clutched me each time her body jerked and convulsed while her wonderful pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I took my time and fucked her hard and then slowly while she recovered. It was awhile before I was ready to cum.

I fucked her with firm, deep thrusts as she grunted and waved her legs in the air. I buried my cock in her and began pumping large, thick spurts of cum. Mom jerked and sighed as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her pussy clenched my cock, “mmmmm! I really love feeling that.”

I held her until I was done spewing my cum into her and gave her a soft kiss. I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her hip, “Did Sassy tell you about Kitten?”

Mom smiled and turned on her side to caress my chest, “Yes and she told me what you said.”

I leaned close to kiss her and mom shivered, “It has me thinking and dreaming again.”

She pushed me onto my back and laid half on me, “I’m not getting any younger. I always wanted another child.”

I smiled, “I think I’m hiding your birth control until I know you are pregnant.”

She grinned, “their right there on the dresser. I just had my period so I’ll be fertile any day now.”

I caressed her before giving her a kiss and rolling until she was under me. I kept kissing her as I pushed her legs open and pushed my cummy cock into her slimy pussy. Mom groaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened and I began to fuck her. I was doing it slowly with deep thrusts, pushing in and out. I keep burying my cock to press and grind and it wasn’t long before she was wailing as she squirmed under me.

I finally fucked her hard and deep as she began to howl and her slimy pussy tried to milk my cock. After a few minutes she was almost completely incoherent as I fucked her. She was clutching me as her hips continuously met mine. It was another couple of minutes before she lifted her legs and spread them wide as she started convulsing.

I buried my throbbing cock quickly before I began to spew and pump large spurts of cum. Mom clutched me as her pussy clenched around my cock and tilted her hip, “TERRY!”

I spurted again and again until I was done and slowly relaxed as her pussy squeezed and milked the cum into her. I kissed her softly as she dropped her legs and pulled out to lay beside her. I slipped off the bed and walked to the dresser and held up the birth control container. I smiled at mom and turned to drop it in the trash as she grinned back at me.

I bent over the bed to give her another kiss before going to wash. I went to edit the server and post the new videos before pulling out my laptop and G3 device. I was surfing and studying new types of programs mostly. I glanced at Sassy, Becca and Kitten when they returned. They went back to their rooms and undressed before coming back out.

Time seems to slow down and that was how that first week felt. I had sex several times everyday. It was a month before Kitten began sleeping with mom and I or just me if mom was pulled away to another bed. Mom was pregnant before a month had past. Kitten got pregnant after the new year. Becca moved into my bed with us and mom laughed before just buying another large bed and putting them together.

Before mom had our daughter even Sassy was sleeping with us. Becca got pregnant at the start of the next summer at the same time as Sassy. The numbers of people watching has grown over the years. Even after they graduated and started their own business we have people watching. I graduated and started my own business making custom computer systems as well as surveillance systems.
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