It started just after Janie turned thirteen. She had always had trouble sitting still and lately she wore almost nothing around the house. I had walked in on her in the bathroom several times and she hadn’t bothered to cover up. I had even caught her masturbating. I told my wife about it and she had only smiled and said Janie and her had talked and she was kind of frustrated.

I had no idea what was coming next. First my wife asked me to convert the garage into a room. No big deal, it took about a week. I made a wall where the garage doors had been and put in a small man sized door. I also built a wood frame floor and put a thick carpet down.

While I was doing that she started spending time with the neighborhood wives. It was a Friday when I came home from work to find Anne waiting for me by the driveway. A red light had replaced the white one above the new door into the garage.

Anne led me through the door and I stopped in surprise. The room had been furnished with a large king size bed. Lying back on the bed was my naked thirteen year old daughter. Anne closed the door and pulled me closer to the bed.

She turned me to face her, “You are always horny. I don’t mind most of the time but sometimes I need a break. I’ve been talking to our neighbors and it’s the same for them. Jamie takes after you, always horny. We’ve tried masturbating and that isn’t working, she needs a cock. The neighbors and I had an idea and when we told Janie, she wanted to do it. You and our neighbors husbands will be sent here to Janie when we need a break. From now on Janie will sleep with us, in our bed.”

I looked at Anne in surprise, “You want Janie to be the neighborhood slut?”

Anne turned me towards my daughter, “Janie isn’t servicing the younger boys. She will only service the husbands of wives who have agreed to it. The wives will call her when they send their husbands over. Janie is a slut, she just hasn’t had real sex yet.”

I looked from Anne to Janie and walked to the side of the bed and sat, “Janie honey, are you sure you want to do this?”

She smiled at me, “Yes, I want you to be my first though.”

I looked at Anne as she laughed and walked closer to run her fingers through my hair. “After last night, I could use a break.”

I grinned and watched her walk to the door into the house. When the door closed Janie slid over and started undoing my pants. I looked at her and stood letting her pull my pants down. Janie didn’t look up as she took my boots off and then finished pulling my pants off. She stood and pulled my shirt over my head and then hesitated.

I looked at my naked daughter and finally accepted what was happening. I smiled and pulled Janie into an embrace. I looked in to her eyes, “Well my little slut, is this what you really want?”

Janie grinned and nodded, “I need it dad. Sometimes it is just so bad.”

I pushed her towards the bed, “Go spread them for me.”

She jumped onto the bed and moved to the center before laying back and spreading her legs. I moved onto the bed and lowered my face to my daughter’s bald, shaven pussy. I licked through her slit and gently teased her clit with my teeth. Janie’s young pussy tasted great so I pushed my tongue up inside her tight hole. I smiled as she began to squirm and moan.

When she suddenly arched her back and shuddered, I couldn’t wait any longer and moved up her body. I position my cock and pushed against her pussy. She was so wet that my cock slid right in her tight hole and I just kept pushing until our pelvis’s met. Janie moaned and shook, “oh fuck that feels so good.”

I held still and looked down at my daughter, “You aren’t a virgin anymore, now you are your mother’s slut.”

Janie laughed, “Now fuck me daddy. Fuck me and fill my little hole with your cum.”

I smiled and pulled back and then shoved back into her tight hole. I fucked my daughter hard, slamming against her pelvis as I buried my cock each time. Janie was grunting and shaking as we fucked. It wasn’t long before I felt my cum rise and I slammed into her. I groaned as I started pumping a large load of cum into her tight cunt.

When I was done, I went back to fucking her now sloppy, used pussy. Janie grunted and jerked, her pussy tightening on my cock. I fucked her harder as she continued to cum and buck erratically. Her tight pussy milking my cock finally took its toll and I started spewing cum inside her again. When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her. Janie shivered a few times and cuddled against me, “Thanks dad.”

I softly caressed her, “I had to make sure you started your life as a slut off right.”

Janie sighed and looked at a big clock on the wall, “I need to douche.”

I looked the clock and back at her, “Another client?”

She grinned and nodded. I moved off the bed and held out my hand to help her. When we walked into the house, Anne looked up from the vegetables she was cutting. She smiled and held her hand out to me, “Well?”

I smiled as I walked to her, “she’s a slut.”

Anne smiled at Janie, “Welcome to being a woman honey.”

My daughter smiled and crossed to kiss her mother before walking towards the bathroom. Anne put her arm around my waist as she watched Janie, “How many times did you cum in her?”

I turned to her, “Only twice.”

Anne smiled as she turned towards the cutting board, “saving some just in case?”

I laughed and rubbed her butt, “Yes. Like mother like daughter.”

I woke up when the bed shifted later that night. Anne murmured something and Janie giggled, “I’m so full of cum momma.”

The bed shifted some more and my wife pushed Janie toward me, “Let your father fuck you again.”

I grinned as I opened sleepy eyes. I had fucked Anne hard twice and wanted more but she had said to wait for Janie. I pulled Janie down and moved over her. I pushed into her slimy cunt and started to fuck her nice and deep while she groaned, “God dad, you’re a lot bigger then the other guys.”

Anne laughed, “Get used to it slut.”

I held Janie under me and started to fuck her harder. I only lasted about five minutes with her grunting the whole time. When I finally shoved into her and against her womb to spew cum, she groaned, “I really love feeling that.”

Anne laughed as I pulled out of my daughter’s used hole. Anne caressed Janie and snuggled against her, “That’s why you get to service the whole neighborhood.”
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