My name is William Samuel David Ian Winston, I know, a long name. I was born into a family of mages. I have one older sister Olivia and one younger Sabrina, both are only a year apart. We live in a small village outside of a large mage school. From a young age I loved to read books of magic. Normally mages start Mage School at the age of twelve or thirteen.

That was when our power begins to develop. I was a little different, by the time I was ten I knew all the spells taught in the school even to the more advanced ones. I had been to see the Head Master many times over the years, lately to explain how a spell I created worked since I didn’t use a wand or staff. Sometimes I wondered up and sat in on a class but by the time I turned fourteen, I had passed every test the school had.

They started calling me to tutor students and that was how this happened. My hormones were going crazy and I had just had a growth spurt that left me tall and thin. My cock had grown to a size that worried me. What was worse was the amount of cum I produced. It was embarrassing and I wasn’t sure who I could talk to.

Normally my sisters were smart where magic was concerned, but my older sister Olivia was having problems with transformations and I was asked to tutor her. The first day I walked up to the school, it was afternoon and the classes were over. I met Olivia in the front hall and we walked to an unused classroom. I spent an hour going over her spells and she finally got it.

I had been nervous the whole time. Olivia was wearing a short skirt and one look at her upper thigh was enough to make my cock hard. She grabbed me when her spell worked like it should and I groaned and tried to keep her from feeling my cock. She looked at me strangely, “What’s wrong?”

I stepped back, my face red. I turned away and finally realized she might be the one to answer my questions, “Do you know about sex?”

Olivia seemed to think about what I said and stepped closer to put her hand on my shoulder, “Yes.”

I turned to face her and I think she saw some of the fear and uncertainty, “Do you know how… big a boy should be? And… and how much stuff he… you know?”

Olivia blinked and looked down at my crotch and licked her lips. She looked up into my face and smiled as she reached out to caress my cheek, “Show me.”

I didn’t even hesitate, I undid my pants and pushed them down. Olivia stared at my cock and then looked up into my face, “Will?”

I swallowed, “Am I to big?”

Olivia giggled and wrapped her hand around my cock, “little brother you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.”

I smiled and then looked down at her hand as she began to gently stroke my cock. I shivered and looked up into her face, “Olivia?”

She smiled and looked up from my cock, “I really like it.”

I closed my eyes and then reached out to feel her breasts, “How much should a boy cum?”

Olivia laughed and pulled me into her arms by pulling on my cock. She wrapped her arms around me, “If a girl is lucky, he cum’s a lot.”

I cleared my throat and held her tight as her pelvis pushed against mine, “I cum a lot Olivia.”

She caressed my face and kissed me, “How much?”

I hesitated and then blurted, “About a cup or more.”

Olivia’s eyes widened, “You didn’t use a spell did you?”

I shook my head and she grinned as she began walking backwards toward the large desk in the front of the room, “Lock the door.”

I glanced over my shoulder and gestured while whispering the spell. Olivia almost seemed to float up onto the edge of the desk. She lifted her skirt and whispered a spell that made the crotch of her panties disappear. She looked up at me and pulled me closer. I looked between us and slowly reached down to feel her trimmed pussy.

Olivia leaned against me with a sigh as I slipped my finger into her slit rubbing her clit. Her pussy was slippery and warm and I looked into her face. Her eyes were closed and I kissed her lips softly, “Can I Olivia?”

She opened her eyes and glanced down between our bodies as she nodded. I looked down and bent my cock to rub it in her slit. I groaned as I felt the heat of her pussy and pushed. My eyes opened wide as I suddenly found myself spreading her pussy wide as I went deeper and deeper. I stopped against the back of her pussy with another groan that Olivia shared. She grinned and gave me a shake, “Okay, now fuck me slow and deep.”

I was grinning back as I pulled back to do as she asked. Olivia’s pussy grasped at my hard cock as I began to slip in and out of her. It wasn’t long before Olivia shuddered and dropped back to the desk, her pussy tightening on my cock, “Yes!”

I pushed all the way in and waited for Olivia to finish cumming. She shook her head and smiled at me before humping her pussy up at me. I grinned and went back to fucking her wonderful pussy. I started to get the hang of it and leaned into her to feel her breasts through her blouse. Almost as soon as my hands cupped her tits, she jerked and shuddered almost violently as her pussy suddenly tightened, “Ooohhh fuck!”

I pushed in and held her hips as she was swept through another orgasm. It was a couple of minutes before Olivia smiled and I started fucking her with long, deep strokes that was much harder then when I started. Olivia was grunting and shivering as I pumped my cock against her abused womb. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close, “Olivia!”

She looked up into my face suddenly and I reached out and tugged on her nipples through her blouse. Olivia exploded and started shaking and bucking as my cock slowly pushed harder and then it happened. I closed my eyes and peed a really strong stream of sperm that forced her cervix open before starting to flood it and then her womb.

Olivia jerked and thrashed around as the stream slowed and then I lunged forward to pee another one that had her womb expanding before the cum squirted out around my cock. I shivered and shook while she covered her mouth and screamed. I held myself in her as the second stream stopped and then the third started.

She jerked and started pushing at me, but she had wrapped her legs around me so I didn’t go anywhere. The thick stream of cum finally stopped and I leaned forward on Olivia while her body trembled under me. I shivered a few times and finally Olivia giggled, “Damn Will.”

I looked at her grinning face and smiled shyly, “Was it okay?”

She laughed and shook me, “It was fantastic. I just hope the spell on my egg holds.”

I grinned and pulled back before pushing into her squishy pussy, “Can we do it again?”

Olivia dropped her head to the desk, “I made a monster.”

I grinned and leaned over her to give her a kiss. I stood up and looked down as I pulled out. Olivia gasped and jerked to a sitting position to look between her legs at the river of cum running out of her pussy. She looked into my face with wide eyes. She finally sighed and I looked up from her pussy. She reached out to caress my face, “Well, maybe mom and dad will understand.”

I blushed and Olivia grinned, “Want to do another girl? She’s been dying to find out how a boy feels and I think she likes you.”

I grinned and helped Olivia off the desk and she lifted her skirt and spread her legs. She waved her slim wand and whispered the spell to replace the crotch of her panties. She smiled and took my hand after I had fixed my clothes. She pulled me after her and out of the class. We went up the large spiral staircase and then the winding ramp before walking down the long picture laden hallway.

Olivia led me into the huge common room of the girls dorm. I only whispered a spell that quieted the alarm and all the girls were staring at me. Olivia put her hands on her hips, “You know the rules don’t apply to him.”

There was a lot of giggling and Olivia led me across the room to a girl. She was fourteen like me and had beautiful red tinged blonde hair that reached down to the small of her back. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and felt a pulling in my chest as I looked at her. Olivia turned to see both of us, “Megan, this is my brother William. He’s a little large but is willing to let you have sex with him. There is one thing though and (Olivia looked around the whole room) you should know this. William cums a lot, like more than enough to drown your protective spell.”

Olivia waited and Megan looked up from looking at my groin, “Is it natural or a spell?”

Olivia laughed, “Would you believe natural. I just fucked him and he is still hard.”

Everyone around the room murmured and Olivia looked around, “What?”

A tall, black haired girl cleared her throat, “You just said you fucked him and before you said he cums so much it drowns the protective spell.”

Olivia blushed and looked around, “I’m not the first to fuck her brother and any of us could do a lot worse than having William father a child by us.”

The girls looked at each other and a very beautiful blonde with a knock out body pushed her way out of the crowd. She looked maybe eighteen and was probably a senior, there was also something about her that made me want to protect her. She looked at me ignoring Olivia and all the other girls. She finally sighed and smiled, “He isn’t a Mage.”

The girls were all whispering but Olivia straightened and looked angry, “Yes he is!”

I put my hand on Olivia while looking at the other girl, “No I’m not. I am what the old texts called a Wizard.”

The room was quiet as the new girl nodded. She looked at Megan, “If you don’t want to chance it right now, let me know, I’ll do it. Or when you finish, I’ll take a turn.”

The room broke out in whispers and I glanced at Olivia. She was staring at the girl, shocked. I whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Olivia looked at me and blurted, “Morgana is a sworn virgin. She said she wouldn’t let a boy touch her until the perfect one came along and when he did, she would bind herself to him forever.”

All the girls were staring at a calm Morgana as she returned my look. I smiled, “Well if she binds herself to me then she better help me find a wife that will accept both of us.”

Everyone laughed but Morgana only smiled as she walked to me. She caressed my chest and looked from Olivia to Megan, “My seer gift only comes to me rarely and I see many paths. I have seen this already. Olivia is pregnant and Megan will become pregnant as will I. Even Mistress Hart will bare your child.” (Mistress Hart was a new beautiful Hispanic teacher, she was only twenty one.)

Morgana looked into my face, “Megan will ask you to wed her. She will accept both of us.”

I looked from her to a red faced Megan and back, “And how many children will you give me?”

Morgana laughed and suddenly embraced me and gave me a kiss, “Eleven.”

She stepped back and bowed slightly to Megan, “My mistress.”

As she turned away Megan stepped closer and took my arm, “She’s right. I would accept you and a mistress.”

I looked at her and caressed her face, “And what about making love?”

She blushed as the room seemed to hold its breath, “Right now?”

I blinked and then grinned, “Yes.”

She didn’t even look around as she turned me towards the winding stairway, “You’ll need to do something about the protective spell on the stairs.”

I murmured a complicated spell and the protective spell on the stairs only touched me before slipping around me as if I wasn’t there. Megan’s room was a bright green color that seemed to feel right. She led me to her bed and pulled her wand out. She blushed as she whispered an enlarging spell and the bed grew wider. She turned to face me and undid her skirt. It slipped to the floor and I stared at her bare pussy. Megan grinned, “I don’t wear panties.”

I smiled and reached out to take her blouse off and stared at her wonderful breasts. Megan started undressing me while I felt and caressed her body. She pulled me onto the wide bed and between her spread legs. I slowly forced my thick cock into her tight pussy and she groaned. I began fucking her slowly and Megan shuddered as I slid deep into her.

It took a couple of minutes to get all the way inside her. When I was all the way in, I kissed her again and then started to fuck more firmly. Megan gasped and shuddered after only a minute, “Oh my god!”

I kissed her and fucked her pussy with long, deep strokes while bending to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and held the back of my head until I came up to kiss her on the mouth. I buried my cock to grind against her and she lifted her legs to put them over mine, “Oh god William!”

She was jerking and shuddering as her warm pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. I went back to fucking her and Megan kept shaking. She was panting and her pussy seemed alive as it grasped my cock to milk it. I finally held her tight, “Are you sure Megan?”

She grunted and nodded, “Do it!”

I shoved my cock in hard and she cried out as it shoved all the way into her. I held her wiggling body as I peed a thick stream of cum that filled her womb quickly. I was shaking and jerking with strain as Megan jerked and shuddered on my throbbing cock. I pulled back and then slammed back into her to spew another huge stream of sperm.

My cock was pumping cum deep into her and she was thrashing around and tossing her head. The third time I jabbed my cock back into her already full pussy and pumped more cum in, she tried to push me back. Morgana was suddenly there caressing her, “Let it fill you mistress.”

Megan tossed her head as I held still and poured the last of my cum into her. I sighed as I stopped cumming and Megan groaned, “That was…. amazing.”

Morgana caressed and rubbed her tummy as I slowly pulled out. I rolled to her other side and leaned back to kiss her and cup one of her breasts. I looked at Morgana, “Your aura tells more than your cryptic words.”

She smiled as she slowly leaned into Megan while watching me. She kissed Megan and closed her eyes as the pleasure swept through her. Megan was moaning and shuddering as Morgana’s hand slipped down her body to her leaking pussy. Morgana kissed her again and then kissed down her body and between her legs.

I watched her lick through Megan’s pussy and smile before pushing a really long tongue up inside her. Megan shuddered and groaned and I reached out to feel her breasts and tug on a nipple. She shuddered and looked at me in a daze, “She feels amazing.”

I laughed and Morgana looked up her body with a smile. I kissed her while Morgana went back to tongue fucking her to a shuddering climax. As Megan sighed and relaxed, Morgana moved up to lay on her other side. She lean in to suck on one of Megan’s nipples and smiled as she shuddered. I caressed Megan and looked at Morgana, “Would you undress?”

She smiled and turned to kiss Megan before slipping off the bed and turning away. As her robe slid to the floor and we stared at her bare back and lovely butt she slowly turned. Her whole body was almost pearly white and she smiled as she crawled back onto the bed. Megan smiled and turned to pull her closer for a kiss. I watched as Megan’s hand caressed her body. I touched Megan, “Wait.”

She looked at me and I smiled before moving over her and settling on Morgana, “I need to be the one to touch her first.”

Megan looked at me and then Morgana, “Why?”

I smiled as I caressed Morgana’s face, “Because her body is spell bound.”

Megan looked at a red faced Morgana. Morgana finally nodded, “My family curse.”

I smiled as I kissed her gently and lifted up before guiding my hard cock to her pussy. Megan reached between us to feel her pussy and then open it for my cock. I pushed into her and Morgana stiffened as I shoved into her hard. I was all the way inside her pressed tightly against the back of her pussy. I held her and looked into her straining face. “Relax, it is over.”

She shivered but didn’t relax. I sighed and held still, “Megan my beautiful lover?”

She laughed and moved up to hug me, “Yes?”

I kissed her and moved away, half off Morgana, “Straddle her and let her lick you.”

Megan looked into Morgana’s tense face, “Are you sure?”

I nodded as my cock throbbed with the need to move. Megan moved quickly and reached between her legs to caress Morgana’s face, “Please Morgana?”

That snapped her out of it and she blinked before looking up. She smiled and reached for Megan’s hips. She pulled her down and her long tongue pushed up into her and Megan shuddered. Morgana’s hips slowly pushed up and fell away. I smiled and pulled back and slowly pushed back into her. Morgana groaned and shuddered as Megan started moaning, “I love her tongue.”

I grinned as Morgana shuddered and her pussy tightened. I kept fucking her slowly and could hear her moaning into Megan’s sloppy pussy. Her pussy felt as if it was made for my cock and milked it perfectly. Every time my cock pressed against her cervix, I felt it open. When her cervix opened, her pussy began squeezing from the opening, back to her womb trying to milk cum into it.

It wasn’t long before Morgana spasmed and convulsed and Megan jerked and shuddered hard before falling to the side. I shivered and pushed open Morgana’s cervx before looking into her face, “I’m cumming!”

She jerked and tilted her hips as her wonderful pussy began massaging my cock. I shuddered as I suddenly peed a solid stream of cum into her waiting womb. My body continued to shake as the stream slowed and then I jabbed into her as the second gushing river flooded her. I shook my head as Morgana jerked and purred while her pussy kept milking my cock.

The third torrent of cum splashed into her and Morgana grinned as she shook. I sighed as my body relaxed but jerked twice as two small unexpected spurts pumped into her already full womb. Megan was smiling as I pulled out and rolled onto my back exhausted. She moved over Morgana and kissed her before kissing down her body. I watched as Megan started licking her leaking pussy. Morgana shuddered and her hips lifted up, “Thank you mistress.”

She shook and had light spasms as Megan teased her clit before shoving her tongue into her cummy pussy. It was a minute before Morgana jerked and shuddered hard, “YES!”

Megan crawled up her body and kissed her and Morgana sighed and held her in her arms. Megan finally turned her head to look at me, “Will you marry me William?”

I laughed and caressed down her body to her bare butt. I moved against them and kissed Megan softly, “Yes.”

Morgana sighed, “Done.”

I smiled at her, “your family spell doesn’t affect me beautiful witch.”

She grinned, “But I still have you and I have Megan.”

I laughed, “That’s backwards. I have you and Megan commands you.”

She nodded as she looked into Megan’s face, “true.”

I sighed, “The two of you have messages to send and I have my parents to face.”

I moved off the bed and gestured to my clothes. As they seemed to just writhe around and slip onto me I looked at Megan and Morgana, “Can we talk tomorrow?”

They grinned as they moved off the bed. Morgana kissed my cheek, “Tomorrow another may want you.”

Megan grinned, “After you fuck the witch we can see my parents.”

I nodded and looked at Morgana, “And yours?”

She smiled, “They already know. They will probably come out on the weekend.”

I smiled and kissed both before leaving. It almost felt as if something was weaving my fate but not with magic. In the common room I kissed Olivia before walking out. I headed into the countryside and sat to think about all the pregnancies. I sighed after awhile and stood, I began walking in an intricate pattern, murmuring as I walked. Behind me a trail of glowing symbols and glyphs began appearing.

When I finished I was in the center of a huge and elaborate glyph. The ground began shaking and at the very edge of the glyph a circle appeared. It was made of gold veined rocks and pebbles and grew higher and higher. I pushed the glyph into the ground and started gestures that made the gold float to me. It almost seemed to melt as it got closer and then it forming into five sided coins before cooling and dropping to the ground.

The pile of gold coins rose around me until all the raw gold was gone. I sighed and murmured another spell and all the coins disappeared. I turned and started walking home as it grew darker. Olivia was sitting with mom and dad when I got there and I hesitated before joining them. Dad took a breath, “William…”

I sighed, “I know, I have spent the last few hours thinking about it. I’ll get my things and leave.”

I knew it was the only thing my parents could do. Thirty minutes later I walked out with a large trunk and headed into the village. I paid for a room for the night and felt like just curling up. It was a week before I saw my sister, Megan or Morgana again.

I had purchased a small farm that was hedged in with tall strangle flowers. Complicated spells brought and shaped stones to form a large cottage. I walked into school and headed up to find Megan or Morgana. Olivia was sitting with them and jumped up to rush into my arms, “I’m sorry William!”

I caressed her back, “its okay Olivia.”

Megan grinned, “We heard you bought a small farm.”

I nodded as I looked at Morgana, “Have you seen?”

She smiled, “It is a beautiful cottage.”

I smiled and took a breath before looking at Megan, “Have you spoken with your parents?”

Megan grinned, “They said it’s about time.”

She caressed my face, “Now undress so we can ravish you.”

I laughed and Morgana began helping Olivia in undressing me. Megan pushed me onto the bed as Morgana pulled my sister down. Megan caressed my chest, “I have been wanting you since you left.”

Morgana laughed, “And I have been trying to satisfy her and myself but we both need…”

I turned to glance at her and saw Mistress Hart standing in the doorway. She was staring at my cock and licking her lips. Morgana slipped off the bed and walking to her with a new grace to her walk, she cupped one of her breasts, “It looks very good and you want it.”

Mistress Hart nodded and finally looked at her, “They said you saw… me pregnant with his child.”

Morgana smiled. “With your first, but I think there may be others.”

Mistress Hart jerked and shuddered before looking at me, “Will he?”

Megan laughed and held out her hand, “Get undressed and come here.”

Morgana helped her undress and she crawled onto the bed, “His cock looks so big and...”

She laughed throatily as her hand wrapped around my cock. Megan turned me onto my back, “He got the three of us pregnant last week.”

Mistress Hart nodded absently as she turned and straddled my waist. Morgana and Olivia were laying together kissing as Megan held my cock while the teacher slowly forced it into her slippery pussy. She groaned and shuddered as she looked at Megan, “God he is big.”

I could feel my cock pressing hard against her cervix as she began to rock and thrust back and forth. Megan kissed me and whispered, “I’m next.”

I smiled and reached up to cup Mistress Hart’s breasts. She shuddered and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “fuck!”

I shivered as her warm pussy started grasping and letting go. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shaking as her body slowly stiffened. The feel around the head on my cock was amazing as it rubbed against the back of her pussy. She groaned and shuddered but didn’t stop, if anything she began fucking me with longer thrusts. Finally she froze with her mouth open as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock.

I groaned and grunted as I peed a thick gushing stream of sperm. Mistress Hart screamed as her fertile womb was flooded in seconds. She was twisting and jerking as her pussy clamped down. I shuddered as the stream stopped and then I grunted and thrust up as Mistress Hart sighed.

She stiffened and screamed again as I peed a second solid stream of cum into her already full belly. She jerked around violently as her womb became distended and cum began leaking out. I held her hips as I stopped and took a breath and she looked at me with wide eyes and shook her head.

I groaned as I spewed a third huge gushing stream that only flowed out of her as she screamed and grabbed my wrists. I pumped a fourth and then spurted a weaker fifth and slowly relaxed. Mistress Hart fell forward and Morgana was suddenly there pulling her off me. She rolled her onto her back and smiled into her face before moving down her body.

I smiled as Mistress Hart moaned and shivered. I turned to Megan who was fingering her pussy and moved over her. I lifted up and positioned my cock before forcing it into her. I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts. She began to moan as her hips lifted to meet mine. Her tight pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as she got wetter.

Slowly I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts that made her grunt. It wasn’t long before my cock was buried. She groaned and twisted as I only pressed before pulling back. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and Megan started to wail as she spasmed and convulsed. I kept kissing her as she wiggled, twisted and rubbed her bare body against mine.

I loved the way her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock and fucked her with long, deep thrusts. She grunted and shuddered as my cock kept pushing her cervix open. She was tossing her head and thrusting her hips up to meet mine. Every couple of minutes she would jerk and convulse as her pussy tightened. It was awhile before I pushed into her nice and deep and held her bucking, thrashing body.

She wailed as I began to pee cum and flood her pussy. Warm cum flowed back out of her around my cock. I shivered when the flood stopped and then grunted as my body tensed and pushed into her to spew another stream of cum. I pumped streams and huge spurts and finally weaker dribbles before I stopped cumming.

Megan had been shuddering hard the whole time and clutching at me. She sighed and hugged me tight as I kept kissing her. I pulled out slowly and reluctantly and she sighed again. I moved over to Olivia and she grinned and pushed me onto my back before moving to Megan and down her body. Morgana straddled me and lifted my cock before slowly pushing her tight pussy down on it.

She wiggled and sighed as her pussy rippled around my cock. She started to rock and thrust as she twisted and rolled her hips. I reached up to cup her breasts and rubbed her hard nipples, “you feel good.”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and then smiled as she continued to fuck me. I dropped one hand as my cock pushed into her and started rubbing her clit. Morgana gasped and jerked before thrashing around and wailing. Her pussy clamped down and she wet me as her body jerked and shook violently. I shook my head, “witch.”

I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She was kicking in the air and howling as I fucked in and out. Her pussy became slipperier as it squeezed and grasped my cock repeatedly. I continued to fuck her and she became more incoherent as her body thrashed around. She squirted a few times as I kept thrusting into her and finally she stiffened and screamed as I buried my cock.

I peed a huge, gushing spurt of cum and held her tight as her womb was filled. I took a breath and pulled back before slamming back into her. Morgana howled and kicked as I spewed another torrent of cum. I was shuddering as I stopped and pulled back only to thrust into her once more. She whimpered as I pumped even more cum into her already full and bugling womb.

The rest of my spurts were only weak dribbles but she still jerked each time. When I stopped she sighed and smiled as she hugged me, “Thank you.”

I kissed her softly before pulling out and turning to lay back. Mistress Hart sighed as she slipped out of bed, “I hope you don’t mind if I want to do that again.”

Megan, Olivia and Morgana chuckled and Megan turned to caress my chest, “come back when you need it.”

Mistress Hart grinned, “thank you, I will.”

She dressed before leaving and Megan turned as Olivia shifted, “My turn?”

She sounded hopeful and I smiled as I gestured and brought her floating to me. She turned in the air and straddled me before laying down. She used her naked body to rub on me before giving me a soft kiss, “I really am sorry William.”

I sighed and caressed her hips, “Maybe you could come visit.”

She smiled as she sat up and fitted my cock to her pussy, “Oh, I’m coming but not just to visit.”

She wiggled and pushed down to get my cock in her before starting to rock. She shuddered and grinned at Megan as she reached up to rub a pink nipple, “We talked about it and we are moving in. It isn’t to far from school.”

I cupped her breasts as my cock hit the back of her pussy, “What about mom and dad?”

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “They let you go so they can’t say anything about me.”

She grinned as she started rocking and thrusting, “Sabrina is jealous though, she wanted to fuck you.”

I tugged on her nipples, Sabrina was my younger sister. Olivia jerked and wiggled as her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I caressed her sides and hips as she became even more erratic. She squirted as my cock slipped deeper into her and stiffened before going wild. She howled as she began to thrash around and her tight pussy spasmed and tried to milk my cock. She was thrusting and rocking as she twisted, turned, rolled her hips and jabbed her pussy down onto me. It went on and on for a long time and I finally had to cum.

I twisted and rolled before jabbing and thrusting into her as my cock erupted in a weaker stream of cum. It poured through her cervix and Olivia wailed and shuddered as it flooded her. I was kissing her passionately as she kept jerking and shaking and it was a minute before I stopped cumming. I sighed and pulled out of her before rolling onto my back and reaching for Megan.

I pulled her half onto me as Morgana laughed and moved between my sister’s legs and kissed her. She moved down to lick her leaking pussy and Olivia shuddered and then giggled. Megan smiled as she watched and let me caress her. She finally reached over and tugged on one of Olivia’s nipples, “Okay sister slut, time to pack and follow William home.”

They laughed as they rolled out of bed and I followed them. The next thirty minutes I watched as clothing flew into Megan’s trunk and then we were heading down to the common room to wait for Olivia and Morgana. A stunning girl with long blue hair walked across the room and around me. She looked at Megan, “you are making a group marriage?”

Megan grinned as she looked at me, “yeah.”

The girl smiled and cupped the back of her head and kissed her. It was several moments before she pulled back and looked at me as I grinned. She caressed my chest and pressed her body against me before giving me a soft kiss. When she stopped it was with a moan and sigh. She looked at Megan, “Can I join?”

Megan grinned, “I think you just did.”

She looked at me, “William this is Song Bird. She’s here from overseas.”

I smiled as I caressed her hips, “this is your last year?”

She shuddered and nodded, “Yes, I’m going to start my own Charm business.”

I turned as Olivia and Morgana walked down the stairs and crossed to us. My sister grinned as she looked at Song Bird, “You were right Morgana, she looks like she wants to fuck all of us.”

Song Bird grinned and kissed my cheek, “Give me a minute to pack.”

She ran for the stairs and I watched her before looking at Megan, “Are you sure?”

She grinned, “I can’t wait to get her in bed.”

I laughed as Olivia and Morgana snickered. She took maybe five minutes before she returned with a large ornate trunk. I led the way and they followed with trunks bobbing along behind. From the first moment they saw the cottage they were jumping up and down and running to look at everything.

The new girl ran to me and pulled me out to the large stone patio in the center of the cottage. She grinned as she stripped and pulled my robe off, “Call me Song.”

I cupped her full breasts and rubbed the nipples before she shuddered and turned to pull me into the water. She turned and pressed against me, “I enjoy girls and boys. I have thought about this since you first walked into our common room. I am not fertile but I still want you.”

I caressed her bare hips and glanced back as Megan and my sister came out, “In the pool?”

Song grinned, “yes, I’m part silky.”

They laughed as I sat and pulled her astride me. She moved and pushed down to get my cock into her and moaned as it spread and stretched her pussy. She wiggled and squirmed as Megan and Olivia undressed and walked into the water. I caressed her hips and pulled her back and forth as she gasped and shuddered hard, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy spasmed and tightened as she closed her eyes and fell against me. Morgana walked out naked and walked into the pool as Megan and my sister caressed Song. She crossed to us and grabbed Song’s hair and tilted her head back before kissing her hard. Song wailed and began to convulse as her pussy pushed down until my cock opened her cervix.

Morgana kept kissing her hard as her eyes locked with mine. Song continued to jerk and spasm uncontrollably as she held me tight. Olivia and Megan shifted away as I started moving her on and off my cock. Song was howling and screaming in Morgana’s mouth as I thrust up into her and a few minutes later she stiffened. She looked almost wild and desperate as my cock throbbed and then erupted in a gushing geyser.

She jerked and howled as she tore her mouth away from Morgana, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I held her as she twisted and spasmed while pumping a torrent into her already full and bulging womb. When I stopped cumming Morgana pulled her hair back until Song looked at her, “Now you are part of us.”

Song grinned and then laughed as she pulled Morgana’s face down and kissed her passionately. Our life is filled with each other. Each girl has their own business that I helped them start and occasionally work in. Mistress Hart came to live with us and never returned to the school, preferring to be the stay at home mother. It took a few years for my parents to accept Olivia and I but like the other parents they come to visit their grandchildren often.
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