It started as a nightmare and for Cindy that was what it was for a long time. I had just turned thirteen and Cindy was fourteen and we were best friends and very close. She had long reddish blonde hair and breasts that were just budding. We were walking home from school when the van slid to a stop beside us. When the men jumped out and tried to grab her, I fought. For my troubles I was beaten badly and they still took Cindy.

I had given the police a good description of the van with the license plate number. I described each of the men I had seen and they had DNA from two of them from under my fingernails. The cops looked everywhere and things went cold. Days turned into weeks and then months. Then ten months later there was a break, one of the men was caught driving the van.

That was the thing that got things rolling. It took more time and finally my sister was found in another state. When she came home she was different, it had been almost a whole year since she had been taken. My dad had a lot of trouble understanding what she had been through and cried a lot. Mom was more determined as if afraid to show what she really felt. I didn’t care what was wrong, Cindy was home. That first day I grabbed her out of the car and hugged her tight.

At first she didn’t respond and then she was clinging to me as she cried. Mom and dad seemed surprised but I was crying too. The man that had brought Cindy home pulled mom and dad aside and talked to them before leaving. For the rest of the day I stayed with her and refused to leave her side. That night when I went to bed, I lay alone and couldn’t sleep. It was a short time later that Cindy slipped into my room and crawled into my bed.

I had always slept nude and when I felt Cindy’s naked body against mine, I got hard. Cindy lay against me and whispered, “Fuck me Terry.”

I had changed a lot since she had left and my cock was a man’s now and long and really thick. I looked at her, the only thing I had been told was that Cindy had been raped. I touched one of her breasts and whispered back, “Are you sure?”

She nodded and pulled on me, I shifted and pulled her to the middle of the bed before moving between her legs. I felt her hand around my cock and then I pushed. I sank into her warm pussy and she shivered and held me, “Go slow please Terry.”

I groaned and pressed against her. “I’ve never done this Cindy.”

She stopped moving to look at me as she bit her lip, “I’m sorry Terry.”

I laughed softly, “Not that I’m complaining, but why?”

She pushed up slightly and I shivered and started fucking her slowly. Cindy moaned and shivered, “They raped me Terry, over and over again. When I fought they beat me. They… trained me to fuck. I need it Terry.”

I sighed and pressed against her hard, feeling her cervix against my cock. I kissed her softly and held still as my cock throbbed inside her. “How can I help?”

She sighed and shuddered, “Just… fuck me?”

I laughed and squeezed her and we both froze as the light came on with mom standing in the doorway. At first she looked mad, but when Cindy held me tight and hid her face with a whimper, mom sighed. She walked to the bed and sat beside us. She reached out to caress Cindy’s face, “We thought this might happen.”

I looked at her, “She needs it mom.”

Mom looked at me and nodded, “I know baby.”

She took a breath and turned Cindy’s face so she could see her, “Alright honey, you and Terry can sleep together and have sex. You need someone to talk to about what happened. Tomorrow you start a detailed diary, well, two diaries. One about what happened… let Terry help with that one. The other is what you are doing now and how you feel. Okay?”

Cindy looked at me and finally nodded to mom. Mom leaned over to kiss Cindy and then looked at me and gave me a soft kiss. When the light went out and the door closed Cindy shivered. I held her as my cock throbbed and she looked up at me, “They used to come for me like that. Just open the door and walk in to take me.”

I squeezed her, “If I knew who they were…”

Cindy sighed as her hips pushed up, “They died Terry. They wouldn’t let the police take them.”

I pressed against her and felt like cumming, I groaned, “Cindy?”

She looked at me, “Yeah?”

I looked into her face afraid to tell her I needed to cum, “I… I have to…”

Cindy smiled and sighed, “Go ahead.”

I pushed into her and held still as I began pumping a huge load of cum. Cindy shivered as she felt my warm cum pumping into her to fill her and turned her head. I shuddered as I spurted and spewed thick ropes of cum and finally sighed and relaxed. Cindy actually laughed and rubbed my back, “You really needed that.”

I nodded and smiled as I started fucking again. Cindy shivered and then grinned as her hips bucked up into my cock. This time I was a little more relaxed and fucked her steadily as she shuddered and squeezed my cock. Every time she came she would close her eyes and look away. I finally kissed her when she started another one and whispered, “Look at me? Let me see your eyes?”

Cindy bit her lip and seemed to be fighting it and I sighed and kissed her, “Never mind sis.”

She turned her head as she jerked hard and then bucked up against me sharply. I shivered and shoved against her to pump and spew another load of cum. Her pussy tightened and she shuddered as I spurted more cum into her womb to finish filling it. She shivered and sighed as I slowly pulled out and moved to snuggled against her. I caressed her tummy as she tried to catch her breath, “How often Cindy?”

I was asking how often we would have sex but that wasn’t the answer I got. Cindy shivered, “At first they fucked me all the time. I don’t know how often. Later, it was six or seven times a day. If I had to do the… dogs… it would be a lot.”

I held her and then carefully positioned her half on me and put her head on my shoulder, “It’s over now.”

She shook her head, “No. I want it now…”

I sighed as I rubbed her back, “Well, I think I can manage six or seven times everyday. Did you like the dogs?”

She shuddered, “Sometimes.”

I kissed the top of her head, “Well, if you need it, we can get a dog.”

Cindy looked up at me, “Don’t you think it’s sick?”

I looked at her with a smile, “I don’t care. You are my sister. I… It was my fault, I couldn’t stop them…”

I was quiet while she looked at me, “They beat you Terry. I remember seeing you on the ground all bloody.”

I shuddered as I remember the pain and looked away whispering, “I… should have stopped them.”

That was when I broke down and she held me. I don’t remember falling asleep later, I remember waking up early in the morning to Cindy whimpering. I looked at her and caressed her face, “Cindy?”

Her eyes snapped open and she looked around in panic before sighing. I brushed the hair out of her eyes, “Okay now?”

She nodded and reached down my body, “Fuck me?”

I grinned and pulled her onto my body. I reached between us as she lifted up and fitted my cock to her pussy. Cindy shuddered when she pushed back and then sat up with my cock inside her. She looked at me with wide eyes as she stopped moving, “Terry?”

It looked like she was afraid and I reached up to cup her firm breasts, “Yeah.”

She whispered, “I… never did it this way. They always just took me…”

I smiled, “I’m not them and you aren’t there, just slid your hips back and forth.”

She bit her lip and thrust back and forth. She gasped and shivered before looking down at me in surprise. I rubbed her nipples and then moved my hands to feel her hips. She smiled and closed her eyes before starting to thrust back and forth. I felt her pussy tighten each time she jerked and shuddered. She held her lips tight each time like she was trying to keep from making a sound. I finally groaned, “Cindy?”

She opened her eyes and then slowly smiled as she began lifting up and fucking my cock. I shuddered and opened my hands reluctantly as I began spurting large ropes of cum. I reached to the bed to grab the covers as Cindy kept fucking my spewing cock and her pussy squeezed me. I pumped six large jets up into her before I stopped. She stopped moving and took a breath before rubbing my chest, “Thank you Terry.”

I laughed softly and pulled her down to hug her resisting body. I rubbed her back, “Thank you Cindy, you’re amazing.”

She lifted up to look at me and then smiled and hugged me. I wiggled and lifted her hips to pull my cock out of her. I turned onto my side and caressed down her body, “We need a shower.”

Cindy looked worried and then looked away, “I… I wasn’t allowed to wash after…”

I shook her, “Listen to me, if you need someone to tell you what to do than I will.”

I took a breath, “Until you can tell me to stop, you belong to me. If I say we need a shower you take my hand and lead me to the shower. You will let me decide what you can or can’t do. Now we need a shower and I need to wash you.”

Cindy’s lip quivered and then she slipped out of bed and took my hand as I followed her. She led me to the shower and I started the water while sitting her down on the toilet. Cindy looked at me and I shrugged, “Go to the bathroom.”

She blushed and then laughed as she held out her hand. I stepped closer and she leaned against me as she started to pee. She peed like she had been holding it and I realized she might have, I hugged her when she finally sighed and stopped. I knelt and used a piece of toilet paper to wipe her. I looked up as mom opened the door. She opened her mouth and then closed it and I stood and pulled Cindy up, “Mom? Would you come in while we shower? I need to talk to you.”

She smiled and came the rest of the way into the room. I pulled Cindy into the shower and pushed her under the water as I reached for the shampoo, “I think Cindy needs to stay with me wherever I go, they really messed her up. She won’t even go to the bathroom without being told.”

I looked at Cindy when I heard mom peeing and then grinned, “I had to order her to come take a shower.”

Mom sighed and moved to pull the shower curtain back to see us. I was rinsing Cindy’s hair and she sighed, “I’ve been talking to your father and this is really tearing him up inside.”

Cindy was quiet as I started washing her body with the wash cloth. Mom was quiet as she watched and then, “Do what you have to.”

I nodded and turned Cindy to look at me as I reached between her legs. She held still as if afraid to move as I washed her pussy and then turned her to do her butt. Mom closed the curtain, “just love her Terry.”

I didn’t answer as I turned Cindy to face me and started washing my own body. When we got out I dried us off and pulled her into her room. Her clothes were all to small and I sighed and stuck my head out as dad came out of their room. I saw him and looked down embarrassed, “Dad? Cindy needs new clothes.”

He stopped in the doorway and looked at me and then Cindy. I could see him fighting with himself as he stepped in the room and walked to Cindy. He embraced her stiff body and caressed her bare back, “I’m so sorry baby.”

Cindy slowly put her arms around him, “Its okay daddy.”

Dad’s hands slipped lower and then he smiled as he stepped back, “I need to go see your mother. Holding a beautiful naked woman in my arms is going to keep her busy.”

Cindy smiled at his humor and looked at me and bit her lip, “Terry? A dog?”

I sighed and looked at dad’s red face, “I’m sorry dad. Cindy needs a male dog. I think a border collie or Australian Shepard might do, their smart dogs.”

Dad looked at Cindy and I saw sorrow and lust before he nodded. I pulled Cindy to my room and gave her an old shirt that actual fit. I dug through old clothes in my closet before finding a pair of jeans. They were two years old but almost fit her. Mom had breakfast ready when we came out. She smiled, “You father needed a little… quickie so breakfast is only cereal.”

I grinned and Cindy looked down. Mom cleared her throat, “No school for you today Terry. We’ll take Cindy shopping for new clothes.”

Mom was quiet for a minute, “Your father is looking for a male Australian Shepard.”

I nodded and reached out to squeeze Cindy’s hand, “She needs it mom. When we get home from shopping we’ll start the journals.”

She nodded and sat drinking her coffee, “So Cindy needs to stay with you even in the bathroom at school?”

I looked at Cindy and nodded as she looked down. After eating we went shopping and mom and I spent time in small dressing rooms telling Cindy it was okay. We found out after the first time that one of us had to open the door before she would even leave the room. When we got home, I led Cindy to her room and helped her put her cloths away.

I could hear a dog in the backyard and undressed Cindy. She trembled as I put her robe on her and led her to my room. I left the door open and sat her on the edge of the bed. I opened her robe and smiled as I knelt between her legs. She looked at me startled and smiled shyly, “They wouldn’t do that.”

I pushed her back and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She tasted a little musky but I liked it and kept licking her. I heard mom in the doorway behind us but didn’t stop. Cindy shivered and her body shook as I sucked in her clit and teased it with my tongue. I finally stopped and rubbed and caressed her thighs, “Did you like that?”

Cindy nodded and glanced at mom before biting her lip and looking at me. “Fuck me?”

I sighed and looked at mom before standing, “Move onto the bed.”

She wiggled back and lay with her legs spread. I sat beside her and felt her body, “After we finish we need to start the journals.”

She looked up from my hand on her and nodded. I moved between her legs and pushed into her warm pussy. I pushed all the way to the back of her pussy and held her as she shivered. I felt her pussy as it tightened and squeezed my cock. I sighed and began fucking her with slow, deep strokes and Cindy turned her head away to shudder. I bit my lip before kissing her and stopping, “Cindy?”

She shivered and finally looked at me, “When you feel yourself getting close just kiss me please? Just kiss me and close your eyes until you can open them, okay?”

She hesitated and then nodded, “I’ll try.”

I nodded and started fucking her again. I slid into her slippery pussy slow and deep and she shivered as her hips thrust up for my cock. She looked surprised and looked at me quickly. I grinned and then thrust into her slow and deep again and she shivered and put her arms around me. I smiled to myself and started fucking her slowly and it was a moment before her hips began meeting mine.

I felt her warm pussy squeezing my cock as she shuddered. She turned her head and then hesitated before turning it back and kissing me hard with her eyes closed tight. Her body shook and jerked while her pussy contracted and rippled on my cock. She moaned into my mouth and kept shaking.

It felt great to have my beautiful sister cumming on my cock. I used slow thrusts as Cindy shuddered and finally sighed and relaxed before opening her eyes. I pulled back from kissing her, “I liked that.”

Cindy blushed and shivered as her hips thrust up against mine again. I sighed, “I need to cum.”

Cindy squeezed me, “Do it hard and kiss me hard too.”

I hesitated and then started fucking her really hard. Cindy was grunting as I pounded her and kissed her hard. Then I was shaking as my balls tightened and I started pumping sperm into her. She groaned into my mouth as I spurted deep inside her. I spurted and spewed cum and she started jerking erratically. When I stopped cumming and moved my mouth away she groaned and shivered.

Mom was suddenly sitting on my bed and Cindy looked away. I pulled out of her and mom hesitated only slightly before lying down and leaning against Cindy to hold her, “I love you baby.”

Cindy barely nodded and slowly put her hands up to hold mom’s arm over her. Her body began shaking and I started to hold her but mom turned her and pulled her against her side. She held Cindy against her as she cried and shook. I moved up behind her and rubbed her back and shoulders while she sobbed against mom.

It was a long time before she calmed down and moved away from mom. Mom caressed her face, “Why don’t you go wash up and then you can start your journal.”

Cindy nodded and looked at me with a faint smile. I moved off the bed and held out my hand. I led her to the bathroom and into the shower. She timidly washed me until I pulled her close to kiss her gently and then I started to wash her. When we finished and went back in my room I sat at my desk.

I used my computer to create a database type journal and then pulled Cindy onto my lap. I hugged her before starting to create the fields, “This is our database journal. One form for you and one form for me.”

Cindy smiled, “I think mom meant just me.”

I hugged her, “tuff.”

It didn’t really take that long to finish. I went from the switchboard to my page and entered last night’s date and roughly the time we first had sex. Cindy watched as I detailed everything and closed it to the main page. She hesitated when I looked at her and then leaned forward to open her page. Her entry was longer and some of the details were different.

When she closed her page, I opened mine for this morning. We went back and forth until we were caught up and I sighed and closed the database, leaving a shortcut on the desktop. I started creating another database. It had twenty four blank spaces for each day, which was for the twenty four hours in a day and was more of a journal than a sex journal. I opened the first page and entered the date Cindy had been kidnaped.

She stared at the screen a long time before leaning forward to type. I held her tight as she entered everything that had happened that day. Tears ran down her face but she didn’t stop until I pulled her away and closed the page, “Enough. We do a little each day.”

She sat still and finally turned into my shoulder and cried as I held her. It was a long time before she stopped. I rubbed her back and finally stood, pulling her up. I led her to the bathroom and washed her face and made her go to the bathroom. I took her hand and led her outside where the new dog came running to us wagging its tail. Cindy was hesitant as I pet the dog and played with it. She finally smiled, “He looks happy.”

I grinned, “And smart. He’ll be sleeping with us and if anyone tries to come in, he’ll warn us.”

Cindy looked at me in surprise and then at the dog. She smiled and bent to pet him, “I’ll make it worth his while.”

I looked at her and the way she said it almost broke my heart. I caressed her and pulled her after me, I found the leash and turned to put the dog on a leash before handing it to her. We went out the side gate and went for a walk. Cindy actually began smiling as she saw the dog smelling everything and whining to chase a cat.

When we got home I put the dog in the backyard and led Cindy to the bathroom. After we finished, we went into the kitchen to help mom with dinner. Dad was quiet but seemed to be handling it. I started cleaning up after and Cindy only sat with her hands in her lap. I smiled and glanced from mom and dad to her, “Want to help?”

She nodded and looked at dad as if to see if it was okay. Dad smiled, “You can help him baby.”

After the dishes were done I led Cindy into the front room and hesitated before pulling her onto my lap and holding her. She was stiff at first and then seemed to relax and lean against me. We watched a movie and before it was even half finished her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly.

I knew she was asleep and just held her even after the movie ended and mom turned the TV off. She pulled dad after her and I put my head back and closed my eyes. Cindy moving on my lap woke me and I looked at her to see her smile, “I’m sorry…”

I put my finger over her lips and patted her hip, “We need to bring Sampson in and use the bathroom.”

She nodded and stood so I could get up. It was like before I had to tell her to go and then I peed. When I brought Sampson in Cindy hesitated before undressing and looking at me. I shook my head, “You don’t need it do you?”

She looked down and shook her head. I lifted the covers and pushed her in before patting the foot of the bed and petting him, “You guard Cindy.”

I went to shut the light off before coming back and slipping in beside my sister. She snuggled against me and almost whispered, “I love you Terry.”

I woke very early in the morning with Cindy caressing my chest. I looked at her, “Horny?”

She nodded but didn’t look up and I hugged her against me, “I want you to straddle me and fuck me.”

She looked up and slowly smiled before nodding. She pushed the covers aside and straddled me before pushing my cock into her. She laid on me as she rocked back and forth, sliding her body on mine. I kept caressing her sides and hips and jerked when I felt Sampson licking my cock and Cindy’s pussy. She shivered and held still as he kept licking her and then he jumped up and mounted her.

I moved down and pulled my cock out as Sampson began humping and then Cindy was grunting as he started fucking her. She groaned as I kept caressing her sides while the dog fucked her. She looked into my face and whispered, “I’m sorry Terry.”

I pulled her face down to kiss her as Sampson started jabbing into her. Cindy shuddered, “He’s almost done.”

I laughed, “This is his first time Cindy.”

She smiled as Samson whined and held her as he pumped his dog cum inside her. She shuddered and whispered, “Their stuff is hotter then yours.”

I caressed her sides as I felt something warm dripping on my cock. I rubbed her and a moment later Sampson pulled back. He was small so his knot didn’t get stuck and he came out. As he moved away I moved Cindy as his cum started to leak out and pushed back into her. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed me and I held her as I fucked up into her sloppy pussy hard. She moaned as her pussy tightened and went back to rocking back and forth.

I caressed her and she bit her lip as she began to shake. She suddenly kissed me hard as her pussy clamped down and she started convulsing. I held her as hard as I could and kept kissing her as she cried and continued to spasm. I grunted as I began to pump spurts of cum but still held her shaking body. It was a couple of minutes before she put her head on my shoulder. Mom sat on the bed and Cindy flinched. Mom caressed her back, “I watched Sampson.”

I looked at mom and she laughed throatily, “God baby, that made me horny.”

I looked at her as Cindy turned her head. Mom licked her lips as she looked at Sampson cleaning his cock, “Do you think you can show me how...”

She blushed as she looked at me and Cindy shifted, “he isn’t really that big.”

Mom looked at Cindy, “but...”

Cindy smiled, “he’ll want it again in a few minutes.”

I rubbed her and lifted her hips and pulled out of her, “Take your robe and panties off mom and get on the bed beside Cindy on your hands and knees.”

I shifted and moved out from under Cindy. I moved off the bed and down to the end. I petted Sampson as mom did what I told her. Cindy turned on her side as I got Sampson up and led him to mom’s butt. She gasped as he pushed his nose into her pussy. She jerked and shuddered as he started to lick her and moaned when his long tongue pushed into her pussy.

I sat beside Cindy as she hesitantly reached out to cup one of mom’s breasts, “Dogs are hotter than men. Sampson is smaller then Terry but he will cum a lot more. He will start squirting stuff as soon as he mounts you and won’t stop until he cums. His cum will also be thinner and hotter than a guys.”

Mom moaned and shuddered and Sampson danced around before jumping up and mounting her. I moved down and pushed his humping butt closer and mom jerked as he found her pussy. Sampson shifted his paws and then began fucking mom steadily. Cindy grinned, “Someone trained him.”

I moved back to Cindy and reached over her to cup a breast, “do you like it mom?”

Mom was shaking and kept pushing her butt back. She groaned and put her head down, “God I love it honey.”

Cindy shivered and I looked at her. She bit her lip and turned onto her back, “Terry?”

I smiled and moved over her before slowly pushing into her slimy pussy. I started to fuck her as she shuddered. Her pussy seemed to spasm and squeeze me and Cindy jerked and looked away, “ooohhhh!”

I buried my cock to kiss her as she kept shaking, “I’m here Cindy.”

She squeezed me with her arms as she began to thrust up with her hips. I kissed her and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Mom was jerking and shuddering as she cried out into the bed and Sampson was whining as he held her hips and pumped his dog cum into her. I fucked Cindy hard for a minute and she howled as she spread and lifted her legs, “breed... mmmeeee!”

I buried my cock to hump into her convulsing body before my cock began to spurt and pump cum straight into her womb. Cindy lifted her hips and slowly turned her head to look into my face, “Terry?”

I held her and kissed her softly as I continued to pump sperm into her. When I stopped cumming Cindy sighed and relaxed. I looked at her closed eyes and pulled out before looking at mom laying beside us. She smiled and reached for Cindy’s hand. Cindy opened her eyes to look at mom and smiled. I moved off the bed and walked out to the bathroom and returned with two warm wash cloths.

I sat beside mom and pushed her legs open as she blushed and squeezed Cindy’s hand. I carefully cleaned her pussy and bent to kiss her hip before walking around the bed to Cindy. She spread her legs as I sat beside her and started to clean her. Mom smiled and then giggled, “Your father never does that for me.”

I bent to kiss Cindy, “Time to let Sampson out and shower.”

She nodded and I helped her off the bed as mom slid off the other side. We put the dog out and I took Cindy to the bathroom. Mom surprised us by walking in and climbing into the shower. Cindy hesitated and mom started washing her front as I shampooed her hair. Mom smiled and was gentle as I finished and started washing her back.

I started washing myself and Cindy turned and slowly reached out to gently wash me. Mom pulled her away and out to dry her before sitting her down and giving her a douche as I finished and got out to dry off. I reached out to take Cindy’s hand as she trembled. When mom finished with the douche she caressed Cindy’s face, “You need to start doing that each day.”

Cindy was looking down but nodded. Mom bent to kiss her cheek before leaving. I pulled her up and led her to her room, “get dressed.”

I went to get dressed before coming back to get Cindy. Mom took us to school early and came in to speak with the principle. When my first class started, Cindy was sitting beside me. I took her to the bathroom twice and both times I had another girl make sure no one else was in the bathroom first. During lunch time a couple of girls came to sit with Cindy and I. It took a little for them to draw her out and learn some of what had been done to her. After that it seemed to get around to the rest of the school.

When we got home we found mom sitting at the kitchen table. It looked like she had been crying and I hesitated before pulling Cindy in to sit her down. Mom looked at us, “your father left. He said he can’t take it.”

I opened my mouth and mom shook her head, “He’s staying with your grandmother.”

I looked at Cindy as she shivered and pulled her onto my lap, “What about us?”

Mom sighed, “My father is going to help and I still have my job...”

She reached out to caress Cindy’s face, “It hurt your father a great deal.”

Cindy looked down and mom sighed, “it will take time honey.”

I pulled her up, “we need to change into comfortable clothes.”

Mom smiled and stood to follow us. I took Cindy to her bedroom and gently kissed her, “change into the sleeping pants and that long, soft micro fleece shirt.”

She hesitated as she looked down, “Terry I need...”

I caressed her cheek, “After you change we are going to see Sampson and take care of that.”

Mom laughed, “I want to try him again too.”

Cindy looked at her quickly before smiling and nodding. I left her and mom to go change into sweats and came back to get her. She was almost antsy as I took her hand to go let Sampson in. Mom caught up by the back door as the dog ran in. He was happy and I patted him as Cindy bent to pet him too. I turned and took Cindy’s hand, “We need to teach him to only do it in one place.”

She nodded as we went to my room. I turned her at the bed and pulled her shirt off before her sleeping pants. I sat her on the edge of the bed and turned to see mom stripping. I smiled as I called Sampson and tapped Cindy’s pussy. He was a smart dog and came to smell, a minute later he was licking and shoving his tongue into her pussy. I knelt beside him as Cindy shivered and shuddered. I leaned over and started sucking on her pink nipples and she gasped as she held my head.

Mom came to sit beside her and kiss her. It was five or six minutes before Sampson began to whine and dance around. I straightened and kissed Cindy, “lay back.”

Cindy bit her lip, “but...”

I touched her lip, “Trust me.”

She laid back but kept looking at me and I grinned as I turned and lifted the dog. I put his front paws beside her hips as mom reached under him. I pushed his butt closer and suddenly he was humping. Cindy shuddered and jerked as Sampson started fucking her hard and fast. Mom smiled, “I want to try it this way.”

Cindy jerked and spasmed but she was smiling even if she had closed her eyes. Sampson slowed and started small jabs that lasted for a couple of minutes before he just held her hips. Cindy sighed and opened her eyes to look at me before whispering, “breed me?”

I smiled, “I’m next after we help Sampson do mom.”

She looked at mom before smiling, “It’s nicer this way.”

Mom shuddered as Sampson pulled back and his small dog cock came out of Cindy. Cum run out of her as she shuddered and I lifted him off her. I moved him around until he was between mom’s legs and he started licking her pussy. I moved my sister all the way onto the bed before going back to mom. She was shuddering and shaking as the dog kept shoving his tongue into her.

I patted her pelvis and Sampson moved back. I knelt and lifted his front before putting his paws beside her hips. She used her feet to pull his butt closer and groaned when he started humping. He wasn’t doing it as fast or as hard as before. He fucked her steadily and she shuddered as she lay back with her hips lifting off the bed, “I really love the way he feels.”

I smiled and looked at Cindy to see her smiling too. Sampson fucked mom for over ten minutes before he started jabbing and held her hips. Slimy dog cum was running out of her pussy as he held her and started squirting more hot sperm into her. Mom jerked and shuddered as she kept moaning and humping up. When Sampson stopped cumming he lurched back and his cock came out.

Mom gasped and shuddered hard as his cum ran out. I grinned and rubbed her slimy clit before moving around and onto the bed beside Cindy. I kissed her before moving over her and slowly pushing into her slimy pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips as she looked around. Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as I began to fuck her and gave her a kiss, “tell me?”

She slowly put her arms around me and whispered, “Breed me.”

I gave her a kiss as I buried my cock, “Not that, I love you.”

She opened her eyes to look at me and slowly smiled as her arms tightened, “I love you Terry.”

I kissed her and started to fuck her with long strokes. Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as I started hitting her cervix. She shuddered and looked away and I kissed her, “close your eyes and pretend. Kiss me Cindy.”

She jerked and spasmed as she turned her head back. I kissed her as she began to convulse and her pussy clenched around my cock. I buried my cock to press into and hump against her. Cindy bucked and whimpered as I kept kissing her. Mom laid beside us and rubbed my back, “love him Cindy.”

My sister shuddered and thrashed around as I fucked her with deep thrusts, “TERRY!”

Her eyes snapped open as she clutched me tight. I pushed her cervix open and kissed her as my throbbing cock erupted and a gushing stream of cum flooded her. She jerked and held on as I held her and kept kissing her while I pumped, spewed and spurted. She shuddered and her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock as it milked the cum into her deeper.

When I stopped cumming Cindy sighed and relaxed as I finally stopped kissing her. I pulled out of her before looking at mom. I looked at Cindy and then kissed her softly before turning to mom and moving over her and between her legs. She looked at me in surprise as she spread her legs and laid back and put her arms around me, “Terry?”

I lifted and pushed into her slimy pussy and she groaned as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She moaned and shuddered as I didn’t hesitate and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed my cock in and out of her cummy pussy. It was barely a minute before she was lifting her hips and thrusting up, “YES!”

I kept fucking her and she started to shudder harder and moan louder. Soon she was thrashing around and hugging me as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. I used deep thrusts that pushed my cock all the way into her on each thrust. A dozen minutes later mom was incoherent as she wrapped her legs around me and wailed. I buried my cock into her nice and deep and kissed her as I began to pump and spew cum.

She tilted her hips and sighed as she kept shuddering. When I stopped spurting warm cum into her, I pulled out and moved back to Cindy. I laid between her legs and kissed her as she smiled. I looked at mom, “thanks mom.”

Mom turned to snuggle against us, “My pleasure honey.”

I sighed and kissed Cindy again, “time to get dressed and go out back to wash Sampson and then we have to work on the journals.”

Cindy nodded as I moved off her and helped mom and her off the bed. We got dressed and went out back. Sampson really liked getting a bath and we ended up laughing as we took a shower together when we finished. I pulled mom and Cindy outside topless after the shower and sat on the porch swing. I held Cindy as mom leaned against my other side.

It took several years and Cindy still has nightmares and wakes us. Dad never came back and mom ended up divorcing him. We live in another state now and Cindy acts as if she is my wife, we even have three children. Mom lives with us to and has had two babies.
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