Sean’s Story
Chapter 5: The Journey

“That. Was. Amazing.” Josh said.

I couldn’t help but agree. What seemed like it had lasted forever in my head was the most amazing fifteen minutes of my entire life. I’d blown my dream guy and had experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life up to that point. There really no words that could adequately explain what I’d just experienced.

I was out of breath and was just lying there basking in what had happened. I was so unbelievably happy. Could it be? I’d found a gay guy in my town. But not just any gay guy either. This was Josh, my dream guy and local adonis. And he was attracted to me at least in a sexual way.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he chimed.

“I…wow. Yeah.” I sputtered.

Real smooth.

“I mean, that was… Amazing.”

I grinned. I couldn’t think of another word to describe it. Josh grinned back at me. Every time he flashed that smile it got sexier. I was in heaven.

And then the reality of the situation hit me. Josh was laying on my bed in a t-shirt with his underwear around his ankles and his now-soft cock just resting atop his still tight balls. I was laying there completely dressed with my soft cock hanging out of my trunks and cum all over my shirt. I looked a hot mess. Josh was reading my mind apparently.

“Looks like we need to get you cleaned up.”

His eyes lit up. Guess he wanted to see me naked just as badly as I wanted to see him. An idea flashed into my mind. I looked at the clock. There was only about 10 minutes or so until dinner would be ready.

“Well, I do still need to take a shower… Does my mom know you’re here?”

“I don’t think so. I just walked in.”

God bless places like this where people just leave their doors unlocked for horny boys to wander in and get blown by their equally horny neighbors. Small-town America really was heaven.

“I wish we had time for a shower together but dinner will be ready soon. I wish I could take you with me…”

I got off the bed and Josh followed me with his eyes. I pulled off my cum-soaked shirt and threw it into the corner.

“Sexy” he said.

I untied my drawstring. He could, of course, see my cock but he hadn’t seen the rest of me. I wanted him to see all of me. I wanted him to know what he could have if he wanted it. I pulled my dick through and let my trunks drop. I was as exposed to Josh as I’d ever been up to this point. I was almost completely exposed in front of him.

I took a breath and hooked my thumbs inside my boxer briefs. It was now or never. I pulled them away from my body and down so that they fell when I let go. I was now standing there completely naked in front of Josh. I blushed as he slowly looked me up and down. I’d never thought of myself as attractive really. I was skinny and pale. Wet I probably weighed 115 pounds. I was mostly hairless but kept what I did have neatly groomed with a razor.

He got up off the bed, his boxers now around one ankle, and walked to me.

“You’re beautiful”

He caressed my cock then swatted it lightly.

“I wish I’d been able to suck you.”

“Sorry, I needed to cum badly”

“I noticed. It was hot.”

I blushed again. How was it possible that he was into me of all people? It didn’t seem real. My thoughts were interrupted by Josh moving in closer and holding himself to me, pulling me tight. He was a little taller so I looked up at him. Our bodies were pressed together and our cocks were rubbing. Despite my recent orgasm I started to get hard again.

Josh bent his head down and kissed me. We didn’t make out like last time. It was a much sweeter kiss and didn’t last as long before he pulled away. Butterflies filled my stomach.

“I wish we had the time right now.” He said.

“You could come back tomorrow. We could always say I’m helping you with some math or something if anyone asks.”

He bit his lip as he thought about it.

“I can’t wait.”

Josh kissed me again and then let me go. My cock was sticking straight up and he looked down at it since he hadn’t gotten a good view before.

“Nice dick.”

“I guess. Yours is bigger.”

“Yours is beautiful and I bet it will taste amazing when I try some tomorrow. Now go and take a shower. I should be going anyway.”

He moved further from me and smacked my ass lightly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. And maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll leave my curtains open for you from now on.”

I laughed and he gave me another kiss before getting dressed and left. Because I only had a little longer until my mom called me down to dinner I jumped in the shower. I did need to get clean after all.

Once I was under the warm water and began to wash myself on autopilot I finally let my mind wander to what had happened in the last half hour. I had found out that Josh, my beautiful next door neighbor was gay, or at least bi, and he found me attractive. And I’d blown him. I’d sucked his beautiful cock and drank his warm cum. It was delicious.

But where was this going? It didn’t sound like this was a one-time thing. Josh said he wanted to suck me. But was this all that our relationship would be. A friends-with-benefits situation? Did he just want to get off and get me off? I resigned myself to the fact that worrying about it was not going to cause me to have an epiphany. I would only find out what he wanted by asking him or waiting to see where it went.

I turned off the shower, dried off, and headed into my room. I put on some clothes and headed over to the window. I peeked through the curtains, not wanting to be too obvious, to see if he’d left them open. Closed. Maybe he just wanted to get his dick sucked and didn’t really have an interest in me at all. I’d die. Such a drama queen.

My mom called me down and we had a nice dinner of linguine with clam sauce. My dad talked about his day hunting and I talked about my day at the beach. My dad was really impressed that I was learning how to surf.

“Sounds like this Josh is gonna be good for you.” He said.

If only he knew.

“Well at least he’s getting him in the sun.” My mom said before lifting up my arm, “Look at him. He’s almost see through.”

“Shut up.”

“Well, a little sun wouldn’t hurt you.” My mom chided.

We joked around through dinner and then I cleared the table when we were done. I really did like my parents. My dad still had some issues with me being gay but it never came up and I was ok with that. My mom and I talked about it now and then but the conversation never got too serious. Sometimes it just consisted of her asking if I thought a guy was cute. I was just glad she felt comfortable enough to ask me questions like that considering how long it took me to come out.

I went back up to my room and did some reading. I was still a big fan of the Ender’s Game series having read all of the ones in the main saga. I was now onto the Shadow series and had just recently started reading “Shadow of the Giant”. It was good so far and I was enjoying it even though Orson Scott Card’s political views bothered me. I wondered if the fact that gay people bought his books bothered Card. Probably not as long as he got our money.

I read a couple chapters than realized that it was getting late and I had school in the morning so I decided to head to bed. I looked out my window again. Closed. What the fuck? He said that he’d leave them open for me. Didn’t he? Was I crazy?

I brushed my teeth, stripped down, and got into bed. My last memory before drifting off was of Josh’s smile after I blew him.

I slept heavenly though I couldn’t recall any dreams. The next morning was my usual routine. Got up, showered, ate breakfast, and then walked to school with Casey and Josh. It was awkward. More awkward than it should have been. Casey was his normal self and I tried to act normal and converse but Josh seemed to have shut down. Fuck…. Did he regret what we did? Was he ashamed? Would he never talk to me again?

When we got to school we were about to all head our separate ways when Josh made me a little signal to wait with him. I signaled to Casey that I’d see him in a bit. Josh looked kinda sheepish and I waited for him to talk.

“Sorry about being so quiet. I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

“Ah, so I do exist.”

“I said sorry.” He said slightly pathetically, “Just… I know you’re close with Casey and I don’t want people to know that we… did stuff. I mean, I want to continue but I’m not ready for people to know yet.”

Ok. So it wasn’t me. He was worried I was gonna say something to Casey?

“I won’t say anything to anyone. I promise.”


He really looked relieved by that. Did he really think I’d tell Casey about my sucking his cock? I guess boys will be boys but I doubted he’d want to hear about my sexcapades anyway. Weren’t straight guys notoriously squeamish about gay stuff?

“I can’t wait for tonight.” I said in my best flirty voice.

He looked mortified.

“Ssssh. Have a nice day.”

Closeted guys are so cute.

“Bye cutie.”

He cast me the most adorable glare as I walked away.

I joined Casey in class and gave him some excuse about Josh wanting my advice on a girl since I was gay and all. Casey laughed and said that I was the worst gay and that I couldn’t possibly have helped him. He was probably right. Except for my, apparently, talented tongue I was a bad gay. Class started and we went through a delightful world of Algebra II. Holy hell some of these kids were stupid. My teacher actually got frustrated and asked me to try and explain factoring. I don’t understand how people couldn’t understand that.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and just went as normal. All I wanted was to fast forward until Josh would come over that night and I could do wonderful things to his body. I was almost in a daze the entire time school was in session. Luckily these classes were easy and I could afford to just coast for a day. The teachers rarely called on me unless I raised my hand anyway. They knew I understood the material.

Casey and I walked home and shot the shit. Nothing exciting had really happened today so we just talked about random stuff. I was on autopilot. I just wanted to get home and into my room. I knew Josh had swim practice but somehow I figured that if I was in my room the time until he got there would be faster.

Unfortunately that wasn’t true. I found myself just sitting in my room trying desperately for something to do. I read for a while but got bored so I switched to watching TV. But that, too, only lasted so long and I started to clean. I couldn’t sit and do one thing for very long because of my impatience. I got on my computer and fucked around for a while. I checked my MySpace but didn’t have anything exciting on there so I signed off. Normally I probably would have jacked off already with this level of boredom but I wanted to save it for Josh.

Time inched along at a snail’s pace as I fucked around in my room. Eventually it was dinner and I couldn’t believe he hadn’t come over yet. His swim practices weren’t this long. Maybe he wasn’t coming. I barely talked during dinner which caused my parents to ask if anything was wrong. Nothing was but I couldn’t convince them otherwise. I just said that I hadn’t slept well the night before and they left me alone.

After dinner I decided to take a shower to try and take my mind off of things. Of course that didn’t work either. ‘Cause in the shower you’re naked and when you’re naked and a teenager in puberty being naked makes you think of sex. Before long I was fondling my balls and stroking my cock. My balls were so smooth and my cock was so hard; I just loved touching them. I brought myself to the edge of orgasm several times but stopped myself each time. I wanted to cum so bad but I was still holding out hope. If he didn’t show up I was going to kill him by beating him with my blue balls. Well, there was a couple hours before bed. If I was lucky he’d show up.

I dried off in the cold of the house. My balls pulled up tight against my body but my cock was still semi-hard from all my stroking. I was getting frustrated. He had to be fucking with me.

I wiped the fog off my mirror and looked at myself. I looked good. I had a young face but I thought I looked handsome. I certainly wasn’t ugly. I was really pale though. I dunno. Maybe he was just really nervous about being with a guy? My first time with a guy and it had to be with a guy who didn’t know what he wants?


I cleaned my ears and flossed before opening the door to my room. And there, on my bed, was Josh. He was waiting for me, watching the door. Instinctively I covered up my junk with my hand.

“Awww… Not like I haven’t seen it before anyway.”

I blushed. Why did I always blush? I let my hands fall to my sides.

“You surprised me… I… I thought you weren’t coming.”

Josh got up of the bed and walked to me. He was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt like the day before. He walked up close to me and put his hands on my hips. His face was inches from mine like the night before.

“I told you I’d be here. I’m here.”

“I… I just… I dunno. I thought you’d be here sooner.”

“I’m. Here. Now.” He pushed down on my hips with each word for emphasis.

“I guess.”

He leaned in to make up the rest of the distance between us and kissed me. Despite how frustrated I was by him I couldn’t help myself and found myself kissing back. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths and there was so much urgency in what we were doing. It was obvious that he wanted this just as much as I did. I could feel the hardness of his cock through his shorts rubbing against me and it made me feel weak in my knees. I wanted him. He wanted me. I wanted to feel him, to taste him, to have all of him. And he wanted to have all of me.

I whimpered involuntarily as I felt his warm hand wrap around my cock. I needed to cum so badly. My cock had to be throbbing in his fist. He slowly jacked me up and down while staring straight into his eyes. He had beautiful eyes.

“Someone’s happy to see me.” He joked.

All I could do but moan in pleasure and bite my lip. Maybe I’d worked myself up too much in the shower. It wouldn’t take me too long to cum.

“I… uh… I played with myself in the shower a bit.”

He looked down at my cock. I knew how I felt and knew how my cock must look. Hard, rock hard with the head approaching purple due to the pleasure he was giving me. He used his finger to spread some of my precum around the glans. I whimpered again.

“So what you’re telling me is you need to cum?”

I nodded, my mouth slightly open.

“And what do you want me to do about it?”

I looked down at my cock. He was just holding his hand still. God I wanted his mouth on it. I wanted him to suck me until I came and I wanted him to swallow it all. I wanted it but couldn’t bring myself to say it. I’d been so aggressive yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to ask him to suck my cock now. What the fuck? I looked back up at him.


Now or never.

“S-suck it?”

“Is that a question?”

Why was he teasing me like this? God!?

“Suck my cock.”

“Is that really what you want?”

He stroked my cock up again causing me to gasp.


Josh leaned down and kissed my neck before lowering himself down in front of me. I could feel a lingering heat as he went down. Soon he was level with my crotch. It was obvious that he’d never kissed someone before yesterday but I didn’t know if he’d ever sucked a cock before. I hoped it would be as good as when Tori sucked me. One of his hands held onto the base of my cock while the left was wrapped around my waist. He looked amazing down there. So small.

“Your dick is beautiful.” He whispered, his face just barely not touching my cock, “I’ve never done this before…”

He looked up at me.

“Neither had I…”

Josh took the head of my cock into his mouth. His mouth was warm and his tongue was soft as he ran it underneath the head causing me to shudder. He didn’t waste any time and started bobbing up and down. It was not going to take me long to cum at all. This looked like it was going to be a series of unfortunately short sexual encounters.

Josh pulled me in tightly and sucked as much of my cock into his mouth as possible. Due to the size difference he was able to take a lot more of me than I could of him. The warmth of his mouth almost overwhelmed me as he sucked on my stiff cock. He was really getting into it now.

“Jesus!” I groaned. That guy that beat the shit out of me was wrong. I was close to God.

I looked down at the handsome guy sucking my cock and he looked up in the same instant. Our eyes met with my cock in his mouth and I knew, in that instant, that I could die happy. Still staring into my eyes he backed off my cock and proceeded to lick up the length of my shaft and up to the head which he eagerly took back inside his hot mouth.

He kept bobbing and sucking on my cock for what felt like an eternity and did a half-decent job of it too. As I got closer to cumming I felt his hand start to explore my ass and eventually felt his finger on my hole. He rubbed around my opening gently. I had never done any anal play before and I certainly wasn’t ready to start with him sticking his finger in me. I wasn’t ready for him to stick it in but what he was doing felt ok. Luckily he didn’t try to push in. Maybe he understand my facial expression and knew not to go further.

I could feel my balls pulling up tighter against my body and could feel that all-too familiar feeling deep down inside me. My cock was practically aching with the need to shoot my pent up cum down Josh’s throat. And he knew it too. His sucking was harder and he was going faster.

“I’m gonna cum!” I practically shouted.

He bobbed even faster. He wanted my cum just as much as I wanted to give it to him.

The feeling as I started to cum was amazing. Nobody had ever made me cum before. All I’d gotten was a couple minutes of Tori sucking my cock but this was world’s better. I could almost feel my cum forcing its way up, out of my balls, and through my shaft.

“Oh God!”

The first blast of my cum felt like it should have shot through the back of his head with the power it had. While my orgasm left me almost dead to the world, pleasure rushing through my entire body, I continued to coat Josh’s throat with a nice coat of my sperm. I gasped and thrust forward a bit with each spurt of cum from my dick. And with each spurt my knees felt a little weaker as though he were sucking out not only my cum but my strength too.

Even after I’d stopped cumming he kept on sucking me. He used his hand to jack me slowly as I got softer in order to get every last drop of my seed. My dick was getting sensitive and I reached down to gently pull it out of his mouth. He looked up at me like a sad puppy who had just had a favorite toy taken away. I liked that. As he looked up at me and I could see his throat move as he swallowed my load. So fucking hot.

I moved around him and flopped onto my back on the bed. I was spent and felt physically drained. Josh sauntered over to the bed and crawled so that he was lying on his stomach next to me. He put one arm over me and rested his chin on my chest.

“Hey Mikey, I think he likes it.” He joked.

I grinned at him.

“Almost as much as you liked sucking it by the look of it.”

He almost looked sad when I said that. As though he’d done something wrong. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him to me and kissed his forehead. I just wished I could have him stay here and sleep with me. I didn’t even really want to do anything sexual with him for the rest of the night. I just wanted to sleep in the same bed and wake up with him the next morning, to see his beautiful face on the pillow next to mine.

I was falling for him and hard. I mean, I’d had a crush on him for months but now it was more. He was in my life in an intimate way. He’d swallowed my essence and I’d swallowed his. What would become of this?

I let go of him and he looked at me again. I wanted to ask him so much but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. This beautiful moment that I wished I could take a picture of and frame.

And then the glass cracked.

“Whatcha thinking about?”


“Just thinking.”



Persistent little fucker.

“You…. me…Us?”

The look in his eyes should have told me everything I needed to know.


And the entire moment shattered into a million pieces. Fuck.

“I dunno. I was just wondering if this is anything or just fooling around? I mean. You’ll suck my dick in here but you’re ‘straight’ at school. You were even scared that I’d tell Casey that I’d sucked your dick. I just… I wish I knew where this was going.”

He stared back at me for a second and then sat up on the bed. Fuck. I guess I’d ruined things before they had a chance to go anywhere. Well, I’d gotten a blowjob out of it at least. He was staring at his hands and picking at his nails.

“I like you Sean. You’re a nice guy. And I like….w-what we do together. But I…I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

He fell silent and looked at his hands again. I didn’t know what to say but didn’t have to as he continued only a second or two later.

“I don’t know what I am. I like you but I’m not ready to be anything other than what I am. I’m not ready for ‘us’. I don’t know if I ever will be.” He said softly.

I sat up to be level with him. It was hard to be mad at him. He was confused, lost, somewhere between gay and straight and didn’t have a compass to help him find the way. And, yet, it was painful to realize that what I felt for him might not be what he felt for me. What was I doing? I was putting myself out there even though I knew it might hurt.

“So am I just someone that you’re experimenting with to figure things out?”

“No! You’re more than that.”

“You say that but how do I know that one day I won’t walk downstairs to go to school and find you too embarrassed to talk to me because what we’ve done? That you won’t avoid me?”

He hung his head and I instantly felt like the world’s biggest dick. Why was I always the dick? I scooted closer to him on the bed and put my arm around him. I resolved to be better, stronger, what he needed me to be.

“I’m sorry. If you need time you can have the time.” I said in my most reassuring voice.


He looked a little happier.

“Just promise me one thing?”


“Promise me that even if us this turns out not to be what you want that you won’t ignore me.”

He gave me his even more sexy smile and I felt like melting even though I’d noticed him cringe when I said “us.”


I loved when he smiled. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him so that we were laying on our sides on the bed facing each other. We looked into each other’s eyes for a second and then I hugged him close. He hugged me back and kissed me. Outwardly I seemed like the happiest boy in the world. Laying on my bed, naked, with my knight in shining armor.

But on the inside I just wasn’t sure. Was I ok with this? I wanted a boyfriend. I wanted someone I could spend my time with, talk to, hold hands with, and eventually have sex with. I wanted a real relationship and it wasn’t clear how long, if ever, it would be until Josh was ready to be in the position to give me what I wanted from him. But I could wait. I guess I could wait. For now.

End chapter 5

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