My beautiful young daughter.
This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

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Chapter Thirteen

Dr. Miller and I left Arthur to himself and went to her office. When we were seated, Dr. Miller sat quietly for several minutes. "Mr. Mason. I saw you noticed Arthur’s penis got hard again when I entered the room.”

“Please don’t be upset with him. It is a normal reaction for a boy to become aroused around me after experiencing the things I put him through. He basically has a sexual crush on me right now as he realizes in the back of his mind I can relieve his desires like I have done several times already.”

“He is most likely fantasizing about having sex with me as we speak. Don’t worry, Arthur knows I am not going to do anything with him, but that will not stop him from his fantasy. He has been through quite an ordeal over the last few hours. Let him have that.”

“Now, before I get started with the results of the exam, you must understand something. What I am about to tell you and what I am going to suggest you do, will seem quite vulgar at times and very inappropriate for an adult to do for his children, but it has to be explained to you.”

“You will also most likely agree with me that it will need to be done. Mr. Mason. Arthur's condition is quite serious. It is not serious as far as a detriment to his health. He will remain quite healthy. The big problem is Arthur will always remain like he is now.”

“He will not grow any and he will never go into puberty. His hormone glands are all dead, with the exception of some that will basically make him not only look somewhat more feminine than he is now, but will make him feel more feminine as well.”

“He will actually begin to think like a girl. What ever young girls find appealing, Arthur will enjoy as well and I do mean what ever. You may even find him playing with dolls. Arthur will take an additional interest in his penis.”

“When I say additional, I am not referring to beating off just to get an orgasm. Arthur will do that as normal boys do, but he will also play with himself to satisfy his urge to feel and see a penis just like any other girl would if she had access to one and wouldn’t be caught doing it.”

“He will most likely gain the figure of a young girl his age. Well, not really his age. Actually the age he looks. He will never look any older than eleven. After seeing him disrobed, it is apparent many of the changes are already starting to take place. For starters, the complete lack of body hair. A child his age should have a full mound of hair around his penis. Most boys his age are sporting hairy legs and starting to grow a beard. Arthur doesn’t even have any peach fuzz.”

“You may already have noticed his little butt sticks out a lot farther than those on a petite framed boy his age should. His nipples are starting to jut out from his chest. I would imagine he will have breasts in less than a month. I don't expect them to get really big. Definitely no bigger than a petite framed twelve or thirteen year old girl's will get, but they will still be quite noticeable. So much so it will not be proper for him to go out in public without his shirt.”

“It would look indecent as well as being very embarrassing to poor Arthur. You would probably have a hard time getting people to believe he is a boy without showing them. Obviously you wouldn't want to do that. They would all think you are parading a young girl around bare chested. I recommend if you take Arthur to the beach or a swimming pool, that you dress him in a girl‘s swim suit.”

“Probably a bikini suit would be best to cut down on his embarrassment. I know it sounds crazy, but the skimpier the suit the less embarrassing it will be to young Arthur. Basically the more he feels like a girl, the more relaxed and happier he will be. Trust me a one piece will only embarrass him all the more because he will be constantly remembering he is still a boy."

"As I said, Arthur will pick up a lot of female attributes. Small waist with jutting hips. His rear end will gain the fatty tissue little girls get that make them seem to poke out. As I said, he may even grow breasts. You will just have to wait and see. Keep a close eye on him for a while. It will be a very difficult time for him. He may become suicidal while he gets used to his new body and feelings.”

“I would not be surprised for him to take an active interest in other boys and I don't mean a latent interest. It will probably be an obvious interest. You may need to watch him around boys much the same way you would around girls. No sleepovers or baths with his little buddies, if you know what I mean. He may even develop a desire for men as well. Don't get upset if he does. It will be normal for him if he does.”

“Your job as a parent will be to deny him access to a man if that happens. If he finds a little boy to do it with, keep in mind it isn't the end of the world. Often young boys tend to experiment with one another's bodies at times. It is pretty much normal.”

“Arthur is actually past the age for it to be innocent experimentation, but he isn't really fifteen. In many ways, Arthur will never be older than eleven. Sometimes college aged boys experiment too, but they know what they are doing with each other and why."

"The condition will leave him in a position where he will... Let me think for a minute on the best way to put this........I guess there is really no better way to put it. The condition will leave Arthur burning with desire. In other words, you will find Arthur will be horny all the time. You will notice him masturbating a lot. He will spend a lot of time in his room or the bathroom, depending on where he decides it is safest to do it.”

“I wouldn't recommend trying to prevent him from doing it. It certainly won't hurt him any and it beats having him do it with someone else at his age. Most boys his age masturbate frequently as it is, but not as often as I expect Arthur to do it. It would probably be a good idea to keep plenty of lubricant where he can see it.”

“You won't need to embarrass him by telling him to use it. Once it starts getting sore, I promise you the lubricant will start disappearing. That will help keep him from making himself raw. Jergen’s skin cream works really well. Just make sure you give him all the privacy he needs."

"The condition is caused by a medication he has taken that killed his hormone glands. The glands that make his body age are dead also. He won't get a growing spurt, there won't be any body hair. Arthur's skin will always be smooth and youthful. His hair will never turn gray. However, I believe his internal organs will age as normal, so he will probably die at a normal age. Basically, he will remain pretty much like he is, except for the feminine changes, until the day he dies.”

“There is a slight possibility his body organs won't age either. If that turns out to be the case, Arthur could live for a very long time. If he ever dies at all. Of course all of that is both controversial and theoretical. As near as I can tell, the medication that did it was a new drug called Benestol.”

“I have to admit this is the first case of this happening in the two years Benestol has been used in hospitals. It has obviously metabolized with something else in Arthur's system that isn't in other children. I found strong traces of Benestol in Arthur's blood, urine, saliva, and his semen. It was molecularly combined with some other substance. I have yet to determine what that is. It cannot be what it appears to be. That simply isn't possible."

Kenny interjected, "Doctor, what did you think it was?" Doctor Miller laughed as she said, "The spectrograph showed it as embalming fluid. As I said, that isn't possible. It should all clear up in a few months. Benestol is used to fight very aggressive infections." I held my hand up for the Doctor to stop for a minute. She sat quietly as did I. She was patiently waiting to hear what I had to say. I was trying to figure out how to tell her.

I was quite surprised she didn’t interject even though I hadn’t said anything for over five minutes. Finally I found my tongue. “I’m sorry, Dr. Miller. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I have something I need to tell you that I feel you will agree you wanted to hear. I also apologize for sitting here so long like a deaf mute. I needed the extra time to decide how best to tell it to you.”

“I guess we had best start by letting you see Arthur’s home medical file.“ I handed a small folder to Doctor Miller. At first, Dr. Miller glanced at the file nonchalantly as though there would be nothing there she didn‘t already know. Suddenly she had her attention firmly on the file. She looked at me in total disbelief. “Surely, you are joking. This is a death certificate dated over two years ago. Please Mr. Mason. Explain yourself, because this is not funny.“

I looked straight into the Doc’s eyes. “I don’t think it’s the least bit funny myself. I will try to explain. Arthur was in a terrible automobile accident two and a half years ago. His parents and both of his sisters were horribly mangled and killed. Arthur saw his sister decapitated in the car. I cannot imagine how he felt seeing something like that.”

“Arthur died two days later in the hospital. He was embalmed and frozen to keep him fresh for the funeral viewing. He was dead for over a day when the mortician found him trying to claw his way out of the morgue. Although the amounts are as you say, trace amounts, the Benestol nor the embalming fluid is likely to clear up as it has been a long time and the levels haven’t dropped one iota from where they were after Arthur left the hospital.”

“Arthur has actually returned from the dead. The chemical you couldn‘t identify is in fact embalming fluid.” I explained all of the things that had taken place through out Arthur’s ordeal with death. Dr. Miller took her turn at quiet incredulity. “Mr. Mason. This is a very far fetched story you are handing me, even though this is a very convincing death certificate. I still don’t believe it.“ I told the Doc, “Well, I swear on my life it’s true.“

“Mr. Mason. At the risk of being crude, this is the biggest crock of crap I have ever had a patient try to hand me. I examined that boy thoroughly. He hasn’t got a mark on him. No scars, blemishes, nothing. There are no signs of any kind of injury. If that is a legitimate death certificate proving that little boy died in a terrible accident, I’ll personally suck your dick every day for a month.”

I laughed at the Doctors dismay. “I don’t want to sound rude Doctor Miller, and I would normally not even bring this up, but since you opened the door yourself, here goes. I find the thought of you sucking my dick to be quite thrilling as I find you to be lovely and desirable. You’d just as well get on your knees now as the story is true, the death certificate is real and this hard on between my legs is real and I am going to hold you to your word.”

The Doctor looked embarrassed. “I am sorry Mister Mason. I didn’t mean to be crass. I used a metaphor that I as a doctor should not have used, but since you are not mad and I am a woman of my word, you have a deal. I’ll tell you what, to clear this up right away, why don’t I offer you a little bet. I am so sure you are full of shit I am going to offer an outlandish deal. You will have no choice but to come clean. Let’s make it a wager.”

“I already checked your credit rating and discovered you are quite wealthy. If the death certificate turns out to be fake, you pay me one hundred thousand dollars. With the kind of money you have, that is mere pocket change to you. A hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money to me. If it is legitimate, I take a one month vacation and suck your dick as much as you like for a month.”

I laughed at the doctor. “That’s as you say, a lot of money. Too much for a mere months worth of blow jobs. Why don’t we make it a little more interesting. I agree to the monetary part of the deal. You throw in that you will take a ten year hiatus from your practice and do everything I ask you to for that ten year period.”

Dr. Miller interrupted. “Mr. Mason. Ten years is an awful long time. My practice will have disappeared irreparably by then. Shorten it to a year, increase the payout to ten million, and you have a deal.” I looked the doctor squarely in the eye. “Just how long do you think it would take you to make ten million dollars tax free with your practice?”

She sat there in stunned silence for several minutes. I felt she was beginning to feel she had gotten herself into something she didn’t need to be involved in. I decided to go all out to push her to submission. I knew there was no way she was going to accept the terms of the bet as I was going to make it steep. Real steep. Suddenly she looked at me with a recognition. “I guess it would take about twenty years or so.”

I had to have more information. “How old are you Doc?” She quickly replied, “I turned twenty eight last week.” I grinned. “As I was saying. I will wager ten million dollars against fifteen years of you being my sex slave that the death certificate is real and does in fact pertain to my son Arthur.” Dr. Miller spoke up again. “You said ten years.” I waved my hand to quiet her.

“That was before you decided to get chintzy on me. I tell you what. To make you a little less antsy about the bet, how about I guarantee you your regular income from your practice for the entire fifteen years if you lose. Hell, make it your entire gross. Ahhhh….. There is one other thing. Arthur thinks you are gorgeous. You are right. He has a crush on you.”

“If you lose, you will also have to do everything he asks you to do as well. My wife has hinted that she kind of wonders what it would be like to do it with another woman. If she wants, you have to agree to do her as well. I agree you don’t have to do anything that will cause you any permanent damage or put you to any extreme pain.”

“I lose and you get cash directly to your account. I win and you move in with me for fifteen years. I’ll even put your entire salary for the fifteen years directly in an account in your name as a lump sum. It will earn interest for the entire period you are working for it. Your room and board is free.”

The doctor frowned. “You are not really expecting me to risk my freedom and my practice by having sex with a little boy are you?“ I grinned at the doctor. “You have as much as called me a liar. You have stated it as a fact the things I have told you are impossible.”

“You are so sure of yourself you should even agree to suck my daughter’s pussy. As a matter of fact, lets throw that in too. To get you to take the bait, I’ll double the money to twenty million. After all, you can’t possibly lose. Right?“ Dr. Miller sat at her desk thinking.

After a moment she says. “Mr. Mason. Surely you are not serious about me eating your daughter?“ Dr. Miller looked at me again. I didn’t laugh. Dr. Miller suddenly laughed. “OK. I get it. What you are saying is you are calling my bluff and are going to stand your ground on this.”

“As I said, I believe you are full of shit. None of that crap you told me is true. I can’t lose. I tell you what I will do. I am a woman of my word. I have heard you never go back on your word either. So this will be the final bet.”

“I will tape record it so there will be no disagreement on what was said at a later date. I bet not fifteen, but twenty years as your sex slave. Sex slave only including you, your wife, daughter, and son.”

I interrupted her. “I have two daughters. The other one will feel left out. Do it with them both or no deal. Make it permanent rather than twenty years. Do that and I will forget about mentioning the cameras you have in your exam room, but only if you bring all the discs with you that you have recorded.”

Dr. Miller went into immediate shock. She hadn‘t expected me to spot her cameras. She didn‘t know I am an expert at installing them and thus can spot them easily. “All right then, I will live with you as your sex slave for the rest of my life. To include you, your wife, the two daughters, and the son.”

“I will faithfully have any desired sex with all of you. Against a hundred million dollars. You upped the sex partners, so I upped the money. All taxes paid by you. I get one hundred million tax free. I also bring all of the videos with me.“

I piped in. “Amend it to will do everything I ask with whom ever I ask as long as they are in my house and include compensation for your lost practice. Hell, I’ll give you the compensation for as long as you live. Erase the tape and type it up for the two of us to sign. Here‘s the bottom line. If you win and the death certificate is fake, You are one wealthy broad. If you lose, you don‘t ever have to work again. During that time I promise you, you will never be horny for any length of time.”

Dr. Miller shifted her legs behind her desk. She almost wanted to lose. The idea of sex with three darling children was exciting enough in itself, but for the rest of her life? Awesome. Yet, a hundred million dollars could buy her, her own children and she would have to answer to no one. “This is getting pretty exciting. You’re on.”

We shook hands on the deal. She wrote a good faith print out of the deal with each of our signatures on it. It of course wasn’t a legally binding document and never could be with what it contained, but I believed the good Doctor was a woman of her word.

I was also wagering Arthur was going to want to eat some of that pussy himself. I know Eva, Haley, and Shelia weren’t going to pass it up. I didn’t think I would have anyone else there, but one never knows for sure does one.

Kenny also knows the good doctor will soon have more sex than she has ever had in her life. Doctor Miller was clearly still embarrassed she had come out and said the things she had. She said, “I know the deal sounds crazy, but that amount of easy money is simply too good to pass up. We can get this over very quickly, if you will allow me to make a call to confirm the validity of your fake death certificate. I am positive I will not be sucking your penis.“

I just sat there as I had expected her to check. As a matter of fact, I would have been disappointed if she hadn’t. Dr. Miller picked up the phone. She punched in a number and placed the phone on speaker laying it back in the cradle. I could hear it ringing. It picked up. “City morgue. Lancaster speaking. How may I help you?” Doctor Miller grinned at me as though she had me over a barrel.

“Charlie. Its Jan. I need what ever information you can give me on a death certificate. The number is: CH123-OP-9985-88555.” “Just a few minutes Jan while I look it up.“ Doctor Miller looked at me. “You only have a minute or two to back out before I hold you to your bargain. All that money is sure going to come in handy.”

I shook my head. “No, no, no. I am going to give you a sweet kiss and get a conciliatory blow job right here in this office before I leave. Your life term starts the day after you finish moving your things in. I will give you up to three months to set your affairs in order before you have to be at my home.”

The Doc giggled. “You really are a crazy bastard. All right. If Charlie proves you right, I am ready to perform as you said, before you leave. However, I expect the transfer of funds to my account within that same three month time frame.“ The music stopped on the phone. “Jan. Give me the number again. I must have copied it down wrong.“ Dr. Miller read it to him again.

“Where the fuck did you get that number. This death certificate has been sealed by the governor. I can’t tell you a damn thing about it. Doctor Miller spoke up. “Come on Charlie. Its me. This is really important.” Charlie sighed. I really would like to Jan, but as I said. The damn thing is sealed. I can’t even call it up without out direct permission from an individual code named Lassiter and he has to provide a special password as well as answer a couple of security questions.“

The Doc smiled in victory. I spoke up, “Mr. Lancaster. This is Lassiter. I am authorizing you to access the certificate and provide the enclosed information to Doctor Miller as contained. Don’t ask the questions. My Mother’s name is Alice. Stars are blue, not bright and you are cute too. The authorization number is my name (Kenneth Mason) in little letters followed by the number t-22 then the death certificate number.“

Charlie entered the information. The doc turned white. “Jan. The certificate is for a twelve year old boy. Name was Arthur Mason. Died just a little over two years ago from heart failure due to acute infection. Autopsy report states: Severe trauma to the head. Front cerebral lobe crushed and reconstructed. Left eye completely lacerated beyond repair. Right eye mangled.”

“Boy was likely blind before death. Penis, nut sack and testicles stitched after castration from a blunt force instrument. Severe infections in all extremities. Massive muscle damage from severe cuts. Deep chest wounds. Signs of blood poisoning and gangrene. Do you want me to keep going? Jan this is pretty bad. This boy was injured some kind of awful. I only read you the good parts.”

Dr. Miller interjected. “Just skip to the part about destination, finalities, and such.” Charlie seemed relieved he didn’t have to read any more of the gory stuff. “Sent to Tomlin’s Funeral Home. Stripped, embalmed, and frozen as per orders. Body retrieved after six hours. Returned to Hospital. Verified by Mark Tomlin. Blood transfusion, surgery to re-warm body.”

“Issue new birth certificate. Note death certificate could not be cancelled as deceased was and is still officially dead. Arthur Mason now only two years six months old and deceased at age twelve years six months making the boy fifteen now. No wonder the damn thing was sealed. That enough Jan?”

Doctor Miller sank back in her chair. She was devastated. Not so much from knowing she was soon to be my permanent sex slave, but because she wasn’t going to get all that money. I didn’t tell her at the time, but I planned to give her that part of the money, the same as if she had won, plus what I agreed to give her as a life’s worth of wages, provided of course she held up to her end of the bargain.

Dr. Miller finally caught her breath. “Yeah. Charlie. That’s all I need. Thank you and good bye.” She hung up the phone. Then she looked at me turning beet red. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. I’ve made a complete ass out of myself. You could have my license revoked for my actions. How can I get you to forgive my arrogance?” I grinned at the poor Doctor. “Nothing to forgive as long as you are a woman of your word.”

I got my dick out and spread my legs. The good doctor looked at me like she wanted to beg for mercy. Like she expected me to say this was just a joke and I wasn’t really expecting her to suck it. Finally she came to reality and got down on her knees in front of me. I held her face gently in my hands as I bent down kissing her sweetly. After trading spit with her for fifteen minutes, I undid my pants allowing them to drop to my ankles.

I guided her head down slowly until her lips met my penis. I turned loose of her. Jan started sucking voraciously on my meat. It felt good, but seemed a little too clinical for someone who just agreed to be my sex slave. “Hey, Doc. Surely you can do better than that. Make me feel like you are enjoying it. I certainly don’t want you to just suck it. Tease me. Wet it up. Hell, slobber all over my shaft. Use a light touch. Pretend I‘m one of the little boys you fantasize about doing it with.”

Doctor Miller pulled back momentarily looking into my eyes. “What makes you think I fantasize about having sex with boys?“ I laughed at her dilemma. “It’s pretty simple. You work pediatrics. You only see children. Why would you video the children if you didn’t get off on it. That exam you gave Arthur was as you said very personal. Too personal to have been anything other than lust. I’ll bet there are no little girls in any of your videos. You may as well admit it. You want Arthur bad.“

She sat there on her knees holding my penis in her hand as she turned blood red. “Okay. I admit it. Arthur is one sweet little boy. Yes, I want him something awful. You‘re right, there are no girls on my discs. I only like male children and only those that are feminine and beautiful.”

The doc leaned forward taking my rod into her soft warm mouth. Her lips barely came in contact with my meat. Those lips slid expertly up and down my shaft. I watched her head bob slowly up and down. I could feel her spit rolling down to my balls. The Doc was tearing my nerves up pretty good now. Her tongue gently twirled around in my hole.

Every third or fourth trip up and back down, she slid me out of her mouth as her tongue licked down my peter. When she reached the bottom of my shaft, I felt my balls being sucked into her mouth. I was thinking about my promise to Haley about not bringing anyone into the house. Two things dawned on me that made it all right.

First, what Haley wanted to achieve was to keep me all to herself. Obviously that is no longer a concern for her. Second, I am willing to bet she won’t have any problem accepting this arrangement. “One more thing, Doc. Since we’re going to be intimate now, let’s do away with the formalities and I’ll call you Jan after you leave your practice. You can call me Kenny.“

A popping noise was heard as she broke suction. “Okay Kenny. That’s fair enough.“ “Fwhup.“ My rod disappeared into her portable vacuum cleaner again. My balls were ready to explode. “Okay Jan. You’ve got me. I am ready to blow my wad.“ Jan said nothing. She merely started sucking harder. I was in bliss as I wadded off in her sweet mouth. When it was over, I redid my pants and gave Jan a little time to regroup.

She sat back in her chair. “I suppose you want me to suck Arthur‘s penis now as I promised?” I looked at the doctor with a serious look. “No, I most certainly don‘t. He has to be prepped a little first. I am not going to just tell him to drop his pants and let the Doc suck his thing. You can do him his first time when you arrive at the house. When of course Arthur decides he wants you to.“

“I will give you your own very spacious room and you have the run of the house excluding anyone‘s personal bedroom and the photo studio. Those rooms are off limits to you unless accompanied by my wife, one or more of my kids, or myself. Here’s the address. I’ll expect you in three months. Bring as much as you need. There is plenty of room in your suite.”

“It is well furnished, but when you are ready we will go out for you to replace it with anything you desire. In the mean time, I want you to finish what we are here for. Now if you please, forget about the deal for awhile and get back to being the doctor. Please finish your recommendations for Arthur.”

“By the way that explains Arthur's condition, but my daughter Haley isn't growing either." Dr. Miller was only a little upset she lost the bet. Now she will be guaranteed some more of that delicious juice of Arthur’s and get to take it straight off the pipe as well. She wasn’t so sure doing the daughters was a good thing as she hadn’t had the nerve to ask how old they were. Nor did she know if they were pretty.

Dr. Miller said, "You can bring her in if you like, but I would wager she is suffering from the same affliction. To find out exactly how it will affect her, I would have to give her the same type of exam I gave Arthur. It will probably be harder on her than it was on Arthur. Little girls don't get as embarrassed as little boys when they disrobe in front of me, but they have a much harder time knowing they had an orgasm in front of me because of what I was doing to them.”

“They also have a difficult time dealing with me probing their little vaginas. Also, they have a hard time dealing with the probe itself. It's outside diameter is about the same as an average sized man's penis, which is I must say quite menacing to the average 12 year old as they have very small vaginal openings.”

“The length being 18 inches scares them as well. Of course I have never run the whole probe into a young girl, but I do have to run the probe all the way to the bottom of her vagina and twirl it around quite a bit as I go.”

“This procedure is usually quite painful for the average young girl as well as very embarrassing due to the sensation of having their thing feel full. It tends to leave them with the feeling of having been ravaged. It can be very traumatic for her. I don't recommend putting your daughter through that unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I recommend you use a better less intrusive approach. Just watch her and see how she reacts to it.”

“She will most likely go the same direction as Arthur and become more feminine. Although it is entirely possible she could go the other way. It is possible her clitoris could enlarge to resemble a small penis. If it does, it will get hard and soft the same as a young boy's. It may even poke out at the front of her dress as well. She might even ejaculate. Who knows. Be patient with her as she adjusts to all the changes.”

“Either way she will be very horny as well. You can expect her to give herself a pretty good workout very frequently as well as Arthur. Should her clitoris get big enough, she may even grab it in her hand and beat off the same way Arthur does. If you can find a subtle way of doing it, I recommend you get her a dildo or vibrator or both, so she won't take to putting foreign objects inside her vagina to satisfy herself. You certainly don't want her to get an infection.”

“If you can't be subtle, just buy her one and slip it into her room. Lay it on top of her dresser. It certainly won't take her long to figure out why it is there. Leave her a note on top of it telling her to be sure to keep it clean after each use and give her plenty of privacy. Make sure it is normal size. A slender one won't satisfy her.”

“She needs to have that feeling of being full. It would probably be a good idea to get her something like a stereo so she can play music to drown out the sound of the vibrator so she doesn't feel that everyone can hear her using it. Not only for her sake. Everybody in the house would know she is using it otherwise.”

“I see no need for your son to know when his sister is doing her thing. Due to his new feelings, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do the same thing for your son as well. That may sound sick, but he will be feeling that he wants to have one in his butt from time to time. A vibrator may be just the solution to prevent it from actually being a penis. Trust me, he will be putting things in it. Given the choice between penises, fingers, hot dogs, cucumbers, and the like, a vibrator is the healthy choice.”

“Preferably a slender one to prevent stretch marks. I would suggest keeping a close eye on them both as it is possible they may discover they can meet one another's needs. You certainly don't want your children to start having sex together. It won't affect your daughter's overall health either." I interrupted her at this point. "I don't understand, Doctor. Haley hasn't taken any medication. How could she have the same problem?"

"I suggest you talk to your daughter. Somehow she managed to get a high dose of the same medication. There is nothing that can be done to reverse what has taken place. You will always have to take care of them and sometime or another you will need to find someone you can trust to care for them when you die. The difficulty in that is that the person you find will probably be half the age of your children if not more. What I am saying is one day they will be adults. At least in age.”

“Mentally they will be all grown up. Physically they will still be children. No one will hire them for work. They will never be able to have normal sex. It will be very difficult for them to find someone special without it being a pedophile and they most certainly won't be able to marry another child."

I wasn't about to tell the good Doctor that they both already had each other as partners. It wasn't necessary to let her know that they would never have to work. She would figure that out all on her own later anyway. What the hell. Everything is cool the way it is.

"I am sorry, Mr. Mason. I don't envy your situation one bit. It will be very difficult. Lets bring Arthur in so I can tell him what is going on. For his benefit we will not discuss him becoming feminine or horny all the time. It will serve no purpose other than to embarrass him.”

“Arthur will find that out all on his own. Also let us not let him know that it may just be possible for him to live for ever. That would sound a little far fetched to him and might not happen anyway. I believe he will have enough to deal with as it is."

I went in and brought Arthur back to the office. Doctor Miller said, "Arthur, I have bad news for you. You have a condition that was caused by some medicine you took. It killed your hormone glands. You will never grow into a man. You should live a full life as it will not affect your health.”

“However, you will pretty much stay as you are until your death. Your sister has the same condition. You needn't worry too much, you will not get sick. I don't think it necessary to tell you the name of the medication. You probably wouldn't remember the name of it anyway."

Arthur looked into the Doctor's eyes. "If Haley has it too, it must have been the Benestol. Haley was at the hospital and I had been dumping that stuff into the flower pot when Haley caught me. She told me I needed it to get well. I told her it would gag a maggot. She convinced me to take it if she would take half of it. She took it for the whole two months I was in the hospital." Arthur and I left the Doctor's office.


When Arthur and I got home, I told Haley, Shelia, and Eva the news about Arthur's and Haley's condition. Haley looked up with excitement. "I like being like I am. It lets me stay as your precious little daughter. Shelia likes my body like it is too and Arthur and I have always loved each other as we are right now. We talked it over and decided we were cool with it. Now we know there isn't anything we can do about it anyway."

With that said, Haley stripped her clothes off and sat down beside me on the couch as she prepared to suck me off. Shelia and Arthur sat and watched as they were waiting for their turn. Eva was just getting an eyeful. She really loved looking at little kids. Nude or clothed.

"Haley, before you get too carried away down there, I need to understand something. Dr. Miller said that the Benestol had metabolized with something else in Arthur's system to bring about the changes. She was convinced she was wrong, but it was embalming fluid. It makes sense with Arthur, but not with you. can you tell me anything that might help clear it all up?"

Haley pulled up from my peter. "What does embalming fluid taste like Daddy? Is it nasty tasting and burns the mouth and throat?" I had to tell her. "I honestly don't know, Haley, but I imagine it would. Why do you ask that?" Haley grinned.

"Because after Arthur came back from the dead, every time I was alone with him, I sucked his dick. It was the only thing on him I could touch without hurting him and I had to touch him. Every time I did it, a shit load of liquid oozed out of the end of it.”

“Well it was more like it shot out into my mouth, although Arthur could see me do it for him, he couldn't feel it at all. The liquid was awful and burned my throat. I would get really ill for several hours afterward, but it didn't stop me from doing it. I had to have him. Arthur is my whole world."

Well, now I know what happened. Arthur had still been full of embalming fluid and Haley got a good dose of it as well. It didn't kill Haley for the same reason it hadn't killed Arthur. God wouldn't allow it. He had a plan. Fortunately it has dissipated enough where I can’t taste any of it in his semen, but it still shows up in his blood because of having metabolized with the Benestol.

Arthur and my Haley were going to have a very long life together. Much of it without me. Haley went back to work on my peter and every one else started watching again. Some times they liked to refrain from doing one another until all three of them had a turn with my meat.

About the only changes that took place was that Haley got a lot prettier and her clitoris got whole lot bigger, but did not turn anything like a penis. She did seem to be after Shelia's pussy a lot more than she used too, but who cares. They both love one another completely anyway.

Shelia's Dad freaked the first time he saw Haley's clit, but he accepted it straight up once Haley explained it all to him. He had a hard time believing it all at first, but then he realized Haley and Arthur looked like they were eleven and Shelia looked fifteen. He soon gave in and enjoyed quality sex with Arthur as well.

Fortunately the kids never tried to get me and Shelia's Dad to have sex together, and I certainly didn't want to have it with him either. As a matter of fact, we kept the sex separate.

Shelia’s Dad never came to my house, well not for sex anyway and I never had any while I was over there. Whenever he was here or I was there, sex was put on hold. Everyone behaved. Arthur, Haley, Eva, and Shelia were thrilled when Jan moved in with us. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get Jan comfortable with the idea of having sex with the kids after I got her rolling with Eva.

Arthur enjoyed eating Jan’s pussy almost as much as Haley did. It was cute as hell when Arthur started eyeing Jan. Of course he knew why she is here. Arthur definitely wanted her and really bad, but his problem is he doesn’t know he is supposed to approach her. The poor little thing thinks he is supposed to wait for her to do him. I’m not telling him any different. At least not right now.

Jan has already been told by me to wait for Arthur to make all the moves until I tell her differently. I told her that after that, she can initiate sex with Arthur, but she has to be careful of Arthur’s feelings and to go slow as he is still basically a little boy.

I figured it would be very interesting as well as exciting watching Arthur watch Jan do it with everyone else and wondering when it will be his turn. He was already drooling at the prospect. Jan of course is going nuts having a sweet smooth little boy so close and not being able to enjoy his pleasures.

This little game has been going on for two weeks now. Jan and Arthur are sitting on the couch again. Him on one end and her on the other. Just staring at one another. I can tell Jan is eat up with him. I can hear her breathing from across the room. Arthur just looks frustrated. He wants her something awful. It is written all over his sweet little face. Jan is wearing a flimsy silk negligee that is so small, it is nearly not there.

The camisole is so sheer as to almost be invisible. Her bra is barely big enough to cover the tips and these are not huge breasts. Obviously she chose this green ensemble carefully. She knows green is Arthur’s favorite color. She clearly wants sweet Arthur to go ape shit looking at her. It’s working. The poor boy is actually drooling himself.

I would tell them to go ahead and fuck already, but I am enjoying this far too much to intervene. Besides, the anticipation isn’t going to hurt either one of them. Even Haley has picked up on what is going on. Haley has already had a sweet session with Jan and is eager for Arthur to get a taste of her as well.

Arthur slid over next to Jan in just his skimpy red bikinis. He knows he looks so so sexy in them, yet Jan has yet to touch him. I have a video recorder set up to capture all the action should there ever be any. Haley and I excused ourselves like we had something special to do. Which in a way we did. We were going to the studio to watch Arthur and Jan in their first alone session.

Shelia and Eva are playing Monopoly in the family room. The loser has to treat the winner to a special love session. When rent is due, it has to be paid along with a sweet longing kiss. I know they’ll be a while.

Haley and I are cuddled close in the video area of the studio with her right leg draped over my thigh and her head snuggled against my chest. We are both nude. “Daddy, turn the volume up. I can’t hear anything.” I leant down kissing my sweet Haley on her forehead. “That’s because they aren’t saying anything yet.”

Arthur looked at Jan. his eyes eagerly scanned her luscious body. They would move slowly from her head to her toes with a quick dart from her snatch to her breasts and go right back to her head. His joy stick was giving the front of his under pants a fit. I thought he might poke a hole through the front of them. That is if Jan didn’t burn one through first with her fixed stare.

A pretty good sized wet spot was growing across Arthur’s crotch area. I could see he was in ecstatic agony. He had that look like he wanted to eat Jan alive. The poor thing was panting. His little boner was throbbing up and down against the fabric of his panties. His lips looked so wet and warm and inviting.

Jan was fidgeting so bad, I could hear her wallowing against the couch cushions. Her nipples were nearly piercing her bra. The staring and heavy breathing went on for another half hour. It was now obvious I had put too much limitation on the situation. I had told them both at separate times of course that they each had to wait for the other to initiate the sex.

I could clearly see that Arthur will not disobey me even thought the poor thing is about to explode with desire. Jan knows she is our sex slave, even though we are careful of her feelings and treat her like family. So she doesn’t want to do anything she thinks will cause me to send her away. Jan enjoys sex with me and everyone else she has done it with, but Arthur is the main prize. Jan is eat up with little boys and Arthur is just the ticket as he will be a little boy for a very long time.

I decided I would have to do something different or they would never break the ice. I didn’t want to just up and tell them to start fucking. It had to be in a different way. I kissed Haley sweetly as we watched Arthur and Jan drive each other insane with desire.

Haley was already playing with my hardness. She leaned over adeptly sucking gently at my meat. Haley raised her head up. “Daddy, you know neither one of them is going to do anything together, don’t you? They can’t. You told them not to. I have an idea that will be fun.”

“Let’s set up the electronic bulletin board in the living room. Tell Arthur and Jan they have to do whatever we put up on the screen. Then we can get them to do whatever we want at the time and still not let them go all the way until we can’t stand it anymore.”

My Haley can be one devious little bitch. While that probably would be a lot of fun, it won’t do for what I want Arthur’s first time with Jan to be like. “No. Haley. I have a better idea. Let’s turn Jan loose on Arthur only we stipulate she has to do it slow and enticingly to make him go ape shit wanting her to finish him off.”

Haley popped back off my shaft with a wide grin. “Wow, Daddy. That will be so cool. I can’t wait for Arthur to cream up her mouth.” I got up from the couch. “I’ll be right back Sweetie.” Haley grinned again, but quickly added, “Okay Daddy, but hurry. I want a little of your juice.”

I went back to the living room and took Jan off to the side, just out of ear reach to Arthur. I told her what I want her to do. Jan went back to the couch beaming inside. She knows she’s finally going to get a chance to taste sweet Arthur’s love nectar straight off the pipe. She’s been dying to do that since she first saw Arthur.

Haley snuggled back up close kissing me gently before heading south again. God that girl can suck. Jan was sitting right next to Arthur now. She gently took one of his tiny hands in hers. Jan held it gently as she looked longingly into his eyes.

She kissed his fingertips one by one. Slowly licking each finger carefully as if they were delicate little penises. Slowly but deliberately she tenderly sucked each finger deeply into her mouth in it’s turn. Arthur’s hot little rod was bouncing up with each suck. A little patch of precum would dribble from his love pipe every few minutes. Jan ignored it. Without a doubt, she was driving poor Arthur insane.

She placed her right hand gently on his left knee. Arthur was purring with delight. Jan stroked her fingers slowly up and down his thigh. Sweetly caressing from his knee to his crotch without touching his little package. I could tell Jan wanted to dive right on Arthur’s sweet little boner, but she was enjoying watching him squirm. I think she was getting off on building up his anticipation.

Haley watched mesmerized as her boy nearly wallowed on the couch. Haley’s lips pulled longingly at my meat. Jan took her hand away from Arthur’s leg placing it around his soft shoulders. She pulled his lean taught body close to her in an embracing hug and kissed him deftly on his cheek.

Arthur’s head came to rest against Jan’s small breasts. He seemed to breath them in as he snuggled close to her. Jan directed her right breast toward Arthur’s eager mouth. Arthur sucked with a fervor I have only seen when he sucks my meat or Haley’s snatch.

My sweet Haley is so excited, she has turned into a vacuum cleaner. I feel like she is going to eat me whole. Arthur is alternating between licking and sucking Jan’s soft tit. Jan looked at him and grinned. She was loving tearing his nerves up like this. “Yes, Arthur suck my tit hard. Put a hickey on my nipple. You’re driving me wild. Take your hand and mash my other tit into my chest.”

Arthur glanced up at Jan in surprise and started mauling her left breast with both hands. Jan held his cheeks in her hand guiding him slowly to her lap. She spread her legs apart enough for his head to fit comfortably in her snatch. She laid her feet on Arthur’s slender shoulders and let her legs move together enough to allow her thighs to massage his face.

The boy held his lips loosely over her opening savoring the sweet smell emanating from her loins. Gradually he let his mouth settle in between Jan’s legs. Arthur’s tongue shot out eliciting a moan from deep in Jan’s throat. He alternated between licking and slurping the outer lips before running his warm moist tongue in raking it up toward Jan’s hard clit.

He licked and stroked and sucked with a gentle caressing rhythm that was slowly pushing Jan over the edge. Suddenly Jan shoved Arthur’s sweet face deep into her cunt screaming in ecstasy as she came hard in his mouth. Haley has been nudging at my balls with her lips as her face stroked my peter. I started squirting my love juices all over Haley’s face and breasts while poor Arthur had his head nearly shoved into Jan’s cavern of love.

When Jan was able to calm down and get her breath, she laid Arthur on his back and got on her knees in front of him. Haley lay in my lap with my cum running down her cheeks and around her small budding breasts while she watched Arthur grin in eager expectation of getting his first blow job from Jan.

Her tongue wiggled in the tip of Arthur’s pee hole. She slowly let it roll down his shaft allowing her saliva to dribble off the end of her tongue wetting his hard shaft so she could slurp it back off on the up stroke. Jan kept up this rhythm for an hour dropping down on every other down stroke to momentarily suck his balls.

Jan was carefully watching Arthur’s reactions. When he got that out of focus look in his eyes, Jan lowered her lips down Arthur’s throbbing probe. She let it slide in to the hilt until her lips settled in his hairless smooth skin at the base. Jan dropped her lower jaw sucking Arthur’s sweet little nuts up into her mouth. Arthur grabbed the back of her head as he started pumping gob after gob of his excitement down her throat. Arthur lay back on the couch holding Jan’s head for fifteen minutes before she took his place on the couch.

Jan spread her legs apart quietly beckoning Arthur to fuck her with his sweet little penis. I got up and turned off the screen. To my surprise, Haley agreed. “Yeah, Daddy we should let them have a little privacy for now.” Haley and I went in to see how the monopoly game was going.

After I gave Jan the hundred million dollars, she was flabber ghasted. She cried in my arms saying she certainly hadn’t expected that. She also promised faithfully to earn her keep. Jan also acts as our doctor and tends to anything else any body wants done as well. She is definitely one pretty little filly.

Arthur developed a girlish figure. His waist got small and his hips and ass stick out just like a little girl. At least he didn't grow tits. Unfortunately he did get some very puffy nipples, but they were really cute and were about the same size as when boys hit that stage where their nipples puff out at around fourteen.

Eva had no complaints. Due to their situation, I stopped sending them to school and hired a tutor for them. I figured Shelia might as well stop too. I was talking to Arthur one morning. He was concerned about his feelings. “Dad. I really love Haley a lot and I still want her all the time, but I have found myself seriously thinking about doing it with some of the other boys.”

“I kind of find other men are starting to excite me as well.” I sat there sort of in a daze at Arthur’s revelation before it dawned on me that Arthur had been doing this stuff with me and Tom all along.

“It’s okay to feel that way, Arthur. If you really find you have to do it with one of them, you can bring the little fellow home and we will give you the privacy to satisfy your urge. Just be careful to make sure you only do it with a trusted friend. You can fantasize about other men all you want to, but when you get all worked up, I want you to come home to me or go to see Shelia's Dad. One of the two of us will take care of it for you.”

It was also my intent I would show him I would do my very best to keep him satisfied with plenty of peter to help him resist his urge. We will have to wait and see what he does. He may not act on his feelings as in a few years he will look too young to hang around with kids his age and will be far too mature to relate to kids that are the age he looks.

Who am I trying to kid? He’ll probably bring young kids home all the time. After all, he’ll need more friends than just us. Being the type of young man he is, I don’t expect him to have sex with anyone that Haley doesn’t approve of. Knowing Haley, I definitely expect him to fuck a few. I probably will too. I guess barring another catastrophe, we are going to be a very happy family from now on.

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