The commander had planned everything. Only as soon as we were clear of the drop shuttle everything went out the window and went sideways. Massive troops were waiting on the ground. The only thing we had was our stealth suits and that would only last until we touched ground. I was acting platoon leader and broke radio silence, “This is Sunhawk. Abort landing site and switch to rally point tango pappa seven.”

That was an internal platoon reference and I shut down as I turned and started gliding. Forty kilometers from where we were supposed to land forty five highly trained combat soldiers settled to the ground. I stripped quickly and rolled the suit before stuffing it into my light pack. I straightened and walked to the center of the platoon. Five seconds later the three squad leaders were standing with me. I was grim as I opened the small holo map, “pay attention.”

I touched where we were and it glowed. I drew a line and then another before looking at the three men, “It is almost twice as long but it should be clear the whole way.”

They looked at the map and a moment later they nodded. I smiled, “First leads, third trails.”

We ran, jogged and trotted for almost a hundred kilometers. Twenty four hours later we slowed to a walk. I sent everyone out in a perimeter and headed out with the three squad leaders to recon. The compound was simple and undermanned with a dozen automated heavy weapons. An hour later one squad silently took over the compound as the other two swept into the large underground complex below it.

Ten minutes later I was calling for drop shuttles. Every single hostage was saved and everyone was happy... everyone except me. I led my platoon back aboard the troop drop ship and sent them to stand down. I headed straight for the communications room. I started reviewing every single out going signal from the start of the mission to when we dropped.

I sat back an hour later and turned as the Executive Officer and Commander Brently walked in. I stood and took two long, quick steps to grab the commander by the throat, “You set us up you son of a bitch!”

I spun him and slammed him into the bulkhead as I drew my service pistol and put it to his head. He was sputtering and pleading and the Executive Officer barked, “STAND DOWN SERGEANT PHOENIX!”

I flipped the safety off my weapon, “stay out of this sir.”

The XO grabbed my arm, “I SAID STAND DOWN!”

I glanced at him, “a copy of his message to the rebels was deleted from the system but he forgot we use a redundant mirror.”

The XO yanked me back, “I DON’T CARE SERGEANT! STAND DOWN!”

I smiled and nodded before snapping a kick into the commander’s knee and turning to slam him to the deck. I yanked my arm from the XO and gestured with the pistol, “In that case sir, place your heads on your head. Until the Captain and security clear you, I am holding you for violation of the fleet code of conduct and possibly treason.”

He opened his mouth and I pointed the weapon between his eyes, “speak and it will be the last thing you do.”

Seventy two hours later I was in front of the Fleet Divisional Commander with little in the way of options, face a quiet court martial or run a mission. I was really tempted to go with the court martial, but both Commander Brently and the XO were discretely allowed to resign. The evidence I had found was missing and I had no witnesses. I decided to forgo the court martial.

I walked off the civilian transport and lagged behind as we headed into the space station. I was watching for my chance and it came in the form of a maintenance worker. I caught the door and held it before it could close. I glanced around as I kept it from opening for a minute and then let it open. I stepped in and saw the retreating back of the worker.

I waited and moved to the small wall comp. I quickly pulled up the station schematics for all the maintenance spaces. I shouldered the single bag I was carrying and headed into the station. Thirty days later I was ready to move. I had a huge supply of water and first class meals, I even had weapons from a high class weapons supplier.

I walked through the maintenance walkways and out the long construction arm. I moved in the quiet of the night watch and loaded the newly finished ketch. I used reaction thrustors to move the ship around the station staying within two meters of the hull. I extended the airlock buffers and switched on the four mooring beams.

I put the ship on standby and headed to the airlock, I slipped in and extended the boarding tube. I waited until I had air in the tube before opening the outer hatch. I dove into the tube and drifted across. I carefully bypassed the outer hatch alarm on the freighter before opening the hatch.

I closed it after me and then opened the inner hatch. I pulled the two sonic stunners and headed towards the engineering. Thirty minutes later the huge ship moved away from the station and slowly began to move faster. By the time I opened the wormhole and jumped out, the station was screaming.

When I jumped into the Serjo system I shut everything down and waited. It wasn’t long before the star comm chimed. I crossed and opened the channel, “My name is Sunhawk Phoenix. I am here to sell this freighter and see about some work.”

“Who verifies?”

I smiled, “Mercenary class, Draco Jacobs.”

“Stay there.”

The line went dead as I sat back. Minutes ticked away and finally thirty minutes later, “Sergeant Phoenix?”

I opened the comm, “Long time Draco.”

“I thought you were still marching to the fleet tune.”

I snorted, “They didn’t give me much choice. You know the Brently family?”

“Yeah, arrogant assholes.”

I sighed, “I caught one selling out my people on a mission.”

He laughed, “You really know how to pick an enemy.”

I smiled, “Now if you will confirm I am me so I can sell this ship, I’ll buy the first round.”

“Okay Sunhawk, but if you even twitch coming in it will be the last time.”

I grinned, “I don’t twitch. Send the routing information.”

I stared at the growing station and shook my head. The three ancient alien dreadnaughts were putting out massive targeting signatures. I slowed at the extended docking arm and drifted the rest of the way on reaction thrusters. I checked the air in the docking arm and opened the outer hatch.

I walked out and down the arm before stepping onto the station. I grinned when I saw Draco, “damn you look old.”

He snorted and turned to a young blocky man and a group of men, “This is Prentice Denpt. With him is Hal Bonapart.”

I nodded and Prentice Denpt cleared his throat, “Mind if I check your ship?”

I smiled, “It depends on if you want to buy it.”

The other man snorted, “I might.”

I grinned and turned to gestured, “In that case, come this way.”

We walked through the freighter and I let them go where they wanted. Along the way Hal and I kept bargaining until we were back at the ship’s airlock. I held out my comp screen and he adjusted his before touching it to mine to transfer the credits. I grinned at Draco, “Now I need to move my ship and we can go get a drink.”

Prentice Denpt looked at me sharply but Draco grinned, “Sounds good.”

I led the two through the freighter to the opposite airlock. I brought the ketch alive and moved away before calling for another birth. Ten minutes later we were leaving my ship and walking onto the huge alien station. At first there weren’t many people and then we walked into the huge center dome. Men were everywhere with shops that flashed and drew the eye.

It was just Draco and I when he led the way into the bar. He moved smoothly through the crowd and slid into a private booth. I sat across from him as he ordered a bottle and two glasses. He looked at me, “You really caught a Brently selling out fleet?”

I nodded, “You heard of the raid on Trent? The hostages the rebels held?”

He grinned, “That was you?”

I nodded again, “There was a couple of battalions of rebels waiting around our drop point.”

I sighed and shrugged before pouring a glass of whiskey and drinking it down. We talked for awhile before I stretched, “I’ve been up three days straight.”

He grinned, “See me tomorrow and we’ll get you registered.”

I walked out in front of him and stopped to stare at the small crowd coming out of a theater like shop. Draco snorted, “The slave mart. Most women don’t live more then a few months here.”

I looked at him as three men came out yanking on a chain and dragging a young woman along on the ground. I saw them from the corner of my eye as I started walking. One bumped me and the leader, the one pulling the chain walked right into me. I barely moved as he staggered back and almost fell. I stopped to look, “Watch where you are going morons.”

The leader snared, “kill this...”

My left hand pulled the energy knife on my left thigh and switched it on as I drew the heavy plasma pistol from my right thigh. I fired into the chest of the man on the right and swiped across the other man’s throat with the knife, (he was the one that bumped me.) I was left to point the plasma pistol at the leader’s head, “I think it is time to say good bye.”

He was white faced and stood frozen with his own weapon still in its holster. He licked his lips, “Wait! I... you can have anything you want.”

I smiled and switched off the energy knife and slipped it back into its sheath. I pulled my comp screen and held it out, “Transfer everything you have.”

His eyes narrowed but he slowly pulled his comp and did as I told him. I moved closer when he was done and put my comp away before taking his pistol and tossing it aside. I took the chain and gestured to the slave, “Come with me.”

I backed up and the girl moved forward and around the man, I turned and started to walk away. He snarled, “The next time I see you, I will kill you!”

I turned and looked back, ignoring the crowd, “I was letting you live, you paid your ransom. You just had to open your mouth and stick your foot in it.”

I doubt if he even saw the plasma pistol as it came up and fired. His head exploded and I turned away and slipped my pistol back in its holster. I reached back for the girl’s hand and pulled her after me. Draco caught up a moment later and chuckled, “are you crazy Sunhawk?”

I glanced at him, “Why?”

He grinned, “Terence was the captain of one of the pirate ships.”

I smiled, “I guess someone will have to step up and take over.”

Draco looked startled and then grinned, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I nodded and watched as he walked away. I shook my head and glanced at the girl before pulling her aboard my ship and closing and setting my outer hatch. I led her to the huge master suite and then into the large bathroom. I almost ripped the filthy rag she was wearing off before undressing as she stood trembling. I pulled her into the large shower and lifted her face to look into her eyes.

I smiled before turning her around and looking at all the bruises and small lacerations. I washed her hair first and had to do it several times before it was clean. After that I gently washed her body I checked her pussy as she stood frozen. I caressed her face, “I had to see if you were torn and would need...”

She shook her head, “He... the other man was going to rape me first and then give me to his crew.”

I nodded as I turned the water off, “I’m sorry I don’t have a crew for you to entertain.”

She looked at me sharply as I started drying her and then smiled, “I think I’ll manage.”

I grinned and started drying myself. She reached out to take the towel and started drying me, “My name is Brittany.”

I smiled, “You can call me Sunhawk.”

She smiled, “What are you going to do with me?”

I tossed her chain into the trash before walking out, “to be honest I don’t know. If I let you leave, you would end up back where you were.”

I walked straight to the big bed and slipped under the covers as I called for the lights to dim. It was a few moments before Brittany slipped into bed beside me, “I guess I’m your whore then.”

I smiled but didn’t turn my head, “A whore is a woman that does many men.”

She caressed my chest, “I’ll be your private whore.”

I chuckled, “Wake me in the morning lover.”

I closed my eyes and they snapped open as someone straddled me. I was reaching for the hidden pistol as my other hand started to grab whoever was on me. I frozen as a soft hand lifted my cock and I recognized Brittany. She wiggled and pushed and slowly forced my thick cock into her as I relaxed, “What are you doing?”

She grinned, “Well, I was getting hungry and thought this would be a good way to wake you.”

I glanced at the time keeper before caressing her hips, “Do you have an inhibitor?”

She groaned as my cock hit her cervix. She took a breath before starting to rock, “I haven’t done this before.”

I cupped her breasts as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “Birth control Brittany?”

She shuddered and jerked before thrusting back and forth moaning, “No.”

I tugged on her nipples, “What do you mean no?”

Brittany jerked hard as her pussy spasmed and contracted. It was a minute before she began to rock, “they said it wouldn’t matter since I wouldn’t be around to have the baby.”

I shuddered as my cock fucked in and out of her warm, slippery pussy. I pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her, “You will now lover.”

She grunted as my cock kept hitting and pushing on her cervix. A couple of minutes and she was bucking and thrashing around as she wailed and kicked in the air. I pushed into her as she convulsed and held her as I began pumping several months worth of cum. Brittany spasmed as her pussy tightened to hold my spewing cock. She tilted her hips from the first instant warm cum started filling her.

When I stopped cumming she was still panting and shuddering. I kissed her and just held her until she finally calmed and relaxed. She grinned at me, “Can we do that again?”

I laughed and kissed her before pulling out and rolling off the bed, “I thought you were hungry?”

She groaned and shivered before following me, “I forgot.”

I dressed and tossed a shirt to her. I led her out of the suite and into the ship’s galley. I pulled out two breakfast meals and put them into the heating unit. I made coffee for me and juice for her before sitting at the table with her beside me. I caressed her cheek, “You stay in the ship.”

She stopped eating to nod and I went back to eating. When I was done I started to reach for Brittany when the hatch alarm went off. I frowned and went to grab my pants and weapons. When I opened the outer hatch it was to see Prentice Denpt and four men. He almost snarled as one man started to pull a weapon. I slid into him as my pistol swept up.

I grabbed, twisted and kicked before sliding back. Denpt and the other men stood still as I looked at them, “Now, what is this about?”

Denpt snarled, “You’re a plant sent by the fleet.”

I smiled, “It took you long enough.”

I tossed the weapon I had taken back to its owner before holstering my pistol, “It’s way to early to do this without more coffee.”

Denpt was looking at me in surprise. I gestured into the ship, “come in so I can make some more coffee.”

He gestured and two men hesitated before stepping back. He came through the hatch with the other two men following. I turned to head into the ship and to the galley. Brittany looked up when we came in and her face paled. I smiled, “Why don’t you go take a hot bath?”

She nodded and stood slowly, “Yes sir.”

I gestured towards the hatch, “Use the scented bath oil so you will smell good for me.”

She smiled and nodded as she looked down and left. I walked to the counter and made coffee before looking at Denpt, “Do you want some?”

He nodded and I made a second cup before turning to set it on the table. I sat down and sipped my coffee before looking at him, “They let Brently and the XO resign their commission. As soon as their names were off the active fleet rolls they were able to delete the evidence I had on them.”

I shook my head, “They had me for threatening an officer and two counts of assaulting an officer. I had a choice, court martial or come here and run a mission for them. If I chose the court martial they could have recalled Brently and the XO to active service and without the evidence against them...”

I sipped my coffee and shook my head again, “I would have been executed. I didn’t have a choice, I took their mission.”

I looked at Denpt, “Did your contact tell you I was supposed to take an old transport loaded with spare farm equipment? Or that I was supposed to use it to buy my way in?”

I smiled, “Instead I stole this ship, which they don’t even have a record of anymore. I took the freighter and used Draco as my way in.”

I sipped coffee and leaned back, “They took my Non Commissioned Officers warrant and kicked me out of fleet.”

I shrugged, “As far as I’m concerned they can kiss my ass.”

Denpt sipped his coffee as he watched me. He finally leaned forward, “How do I know you are telling me the truth now?”

I grinned, “The mission was to disable your station scans and broadcast a code for fleet to attack. If I was on mission you would be blind, deaf and dead.”

He snorted, “You think you are that good?”

I nodded, “I’m that good.”

I glanced at the two men by the hatch, “As soon as I find a decent job or an out of the way colony, I’m gone.”

He stood, “I’ll think about it and check your story.”

I shrugged, “Let me know if you want to talk again. I’ll meet you in one of the restaurants next time.”

Denpt smiled before gesturing to the two men. I followed them out and went to find Brittany. She was in the bathtub and I smiled when I saw her angel’s face with her eyes closed. I undressed and climbed in beside her and she turned her head to see me. She smiled and caressed my chest, “This feels so good.”

I laughed and rubbed her nipple before pulling her onto my lap. I caressed her body and she smiled before turning and straddling me. She carefully positioned her pussy and pushed down. I caressed her hips as I pulled her against me to feel her body against mine. She sighed as her pussy squeezed my cock and then began to rock. Her breathing became faster and harder and she started to spasm a few minutes later.

Her pussy was grasping and trying to milk my cock as it squeezed me. Another minute and she was yelling and wailing as she convulsed and her pussy tightened around my cock. I kept rubbing her hips and caressing her lovely body as she fucked me erratically. I finally stood with her impaled on my cock and turned to set her on the edge of the tub.

I held her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She clung to me as she kept moaning and her pussy continued to clench and spasm around my cock. It was several minutes before I was ready and thrust into her hard before holding her. She screamed at first and then wailed as she felt the huge gushing flood of warm cum. She shuddered and kept jerking as I pumped her womb full of sperm.

When I was done I pulled her against me and stood. I climbed out of the tub and reached out to grab a towel. I dried us as she wrapped her legs around my waist and grinned. I walked out and across to the bed before sitting and then rolling until she was under me. I kissed her softly. “Rest and I’ll get you up later.”

I pulled out of her before moving off the bed. I pulled the cover up over her before dressing, I dimmed the lights and left. On the bridge I called Draco, his voice sounded tired. I smiled, “What did you do, spend the night drinking?”

He snorted, “Close, betting on Terence’s crew to see who would step up and claim the captain’s position.”

I grinned, “where do I go to register?”

He sighed, “I’ll be at your hatch in twenty minutes.”

I checked the station time before doing system checks on my ship. I met Draco at the hatch and secured it behind me as we headed onto the station, “So how many want me dead?”

He laughed and hit my shoulder, “actually none. The crew lost four more before the first mate took over.”

Draco looked at me, “The rumor is fleet sent you here.”

I grinned, “they did.”

I glanced at him and laughed at his expression, “My choice was to come here or face a court martial with the executioner waiting.”

I smiled, “I have no intention of doing anything to let the fleet in here.”

He looked at me and finally nodded. He shook his head, “Right now the pickings for mercenaries is slim. There is one contract out but it would be suicide.”

I shrugged, “I have no intention of getting killed.”

He grinned and hit my shoulder, “that is saying a lot for someone in our line of work.”

I laughed as we turned in at what looked like a bar. There were several rough looking men around the room. Most were playing cards or talking as we crossed to the bar. Draco nodded to the well dressed man on the other side, “This is Snap.”

He gestured to me, “This is Sunhawk Phoenix, lately of Fleet Marine Strike Team one.”

The man smiled, “I read the after action reports from Trent. You did nice work and didn’t even loose a man.”

I nodded, “thank you.”

He sighed, “there isn’t anything now but I’ll add you to the available list.”

I smiled, “Have you tried contacting Sidney?”

He looked at me sharply, “Why?”

Sidney was a rogue world and almost paradise if you stay away from the dictator and his death squads. I glanced around and leaned over the bar, “Word is the fleet might be hiring to run an op and take Snowflake and his people out of the picture.”

He looked at me startled and then grinned, “Thanks, I’ll check it out.”

I nodded and glanced around, “Anything to do on this station besides drinking?”

Draco laughed, “Well, with the credits you got from selling that freighter you could go to the slave auction.”

I glanced at him, “That was yesterday.”

Snap snorted, “another ship brought in two more women.”

I smiled and turned, “I think I’ll go take a look.”

They laughed as I walked out and looked around. I headed towards the slave mart and ignored the two men following me. I glanced at the time listed for the auction as I walked in. It was only a few minutes away but two large men stepping in front of me to keep me from entering, “pirates only.”

I glanced at them and smiled, “move.”

They sneered and I moved, my energy knife came out and on as I slipped it into the man on the left and ripped up. I jabbed straight into the other man’s throat with my right fist, crushing his wind pipe. I brought the knife across after pulling it out of the other man and cut his throat. I shut off the knife and walked over their convulsing bodies and into the crowded room.

I moved to the side and forward until I was close to the stage. An unkept man pushed through the crowd to look at me, “You killed my men!”

I smiled, “They should have been more polite.”

He leaned forward, “This is for Pirates only.”

I didn’t bother looking at the crowd of men around me, “and what would you call a man that stole two ships?”

He started and glanced around before looking at me, “they say you’re a merc.”

I grinned, “I am whatever it takes.”

He grinned nastily, “and if we decide you ain’t one of us?”

I laughed as my pistol swept up and stopped when it was pointed between his eyes, “then a lot of you will die.”

He froze and licked his lips before smiling weakly, “welcome to the family.”

The room broke out laughing and he glanced around before grinning. I shook my head and holstered my pistol, “I came to spend some credits.”

Those were the magic words. Two young women were pushed out on the stage. A large bald man jumped up, “Alright, to start with these two bitches are still pure.”

He grinned to show his rotten, broken teeth, “I know because I checked and removed their inhibitors.”

Everyone laughed and he turned to roughly pull the first girl closer, “This one is sixteen and from New China. Who wants to start the bidding?”

I glanced around before clearing my throat, “Ten thousand.”

The crowd shifted and the auctioneer looked down at me, “Starting off high are you?”

I looked around, “was I supposed to start lower?”

It was a minute before the crowd started laughing. The man whose men I had killed hit my shoulder, “It normally starts at a thousand.”

I grinned, “I’ll remember for the next one.”

They laughed again and the auctioneer looked around, “ten thousand, anyone else?”

There were a few murmurs before he sighed, “Sold.”

He shoved the girl off the stage towards me and I barely caught her. I pulled her around and half behind me as I pulled my comp screen and set it before touching it to the auctioneer’s and sending it. He straightened and turned to yank the other girl forward, “This bitch is also sixteen. She’s a dusky bitch with mixed blood. Someone start us off.”

“Fifteen hundred!”

“Two thousand!”

“Twenty two!”

“Twenty five!”

“Twenty seven!”

“Three thousand!”

“Thirty five!”

It was quiet for a minute and I shrugged, “Four?”

Everyone looked at me and then laughed. The auctioneer grinned, “The bet is four thousand from our beginner.”

“Forty two!”

“Forty five!”

They looked at me and I looked around and shrugged, “Okay five.”

They grinned and the auctioneer shook his head, “Five thousand?”

It was quiet as he looked back and forth before turning and shoving her towards me, “Sold!”

I set my comp and paid for the girl. I turned and pulled them both after me and out of the building. I looked around before heading across into a large clothing store. They didn’t sell women’s clothes so I bought several long fancy silk shirts. I led the two quiet girls out and through the station before unlocking my hatch. Brittany was up and sitting in the galley.

She looked up nervously when I came in and then looked at the two girls. I smiled and crossed to pour four glasses of juice before handing them out. I looked at Brittany, “Would you mind showing these two where the shower and bathtub is and checking them?”

She nodded and I sighed as I looked at the two, “I’ll look at the other quarters to see where to put you.”

Brittany smiled, “They sleep with us.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “if they are with us you can protect them. Besides, guys love to fuck and we can take turns.”

The two girls stirred and I finally nodded, “okay.”

She stood and started for the hatch, “Come with me.”

The girls hesitated before following her with their arms still full of shirts. I made coffee and sat to think, it was almost an hour before Brittany and the two girls returned. I glanced at them wearing just the fancy silk shirts and grinned before standing, “Hungry?”

They hesitated before nodding and I turned to pull out four meals. I heated them as I got four large bottles of flavored water and set them on the table. I put the meals on the table and sat down to eat. They were quiet as they almost wolfed the food down. Brittany told me their names, the girl from New China was Mara and the other one was Dev.

I got a call from Denpt as I finished eating. He wanted to meet and gave the name of a restaurant. I smiled at Brittany, “There is a large list of vids in the common room holo table.”

She smiled, “thank you.”

I nodded and left, securing the hatch after me. When I walked into the restaurant I saw Denpt right away. He was the one everyone seemed to avoid. I crossed and ignored the four men that were his bodyguards. I pulled out a chair and sat, “find a job for me?”

He smiled, “That was a nice tip you gave Snap.”

I nodded, “And if it pans out I won’t be here much longer.”

He nodded and sat back, “I checked out your story and it seems you told the truth.”

He was looking at me and I shrugged, “There wasn’t much I could do.”

He leaned forward and looked around before looking into my eyes, “The Brently family really don’t like you do they?”

I blinked, “Former commander Brently doesn’t.”

He snorted, “If you get on one’s bad side they all join in.”

I looked at him, “any of them in particular?”

He smiled, “My contact wants me to have you killed.”

I grinned, “Why?”

He glanced past me briefly, “Because he is Admiral Jorge Brently.”

I pulled my pistol as I heard a chair scrape and flicked off the safety. The click was loud enough to be heard and Denpt froze. I lifted my pistol above the table and kept it pointed at his chest, “Is he your only source?”

Denpt snorted, “no.”

I smiled, “That’s good because now I will have to kill him.”

He glanced past me and shook his head. I didn’t bother looking, “do you know the station hub his family owns?”

He sat back, “Yes.”

I grinned, “They have a lot of freighter traffic there.”

He looked at me and then grinned, “you change your mind about being a merc?”

I smiled, “One makes money where he can.”

Denpt smiled and nodded, “True.”

He glanced up, “They have a freighter scheduled to carry colony supplies.”

He looked at me, “if you can take it and bring it back, I’ll forget my contact’s request.”

Denpt laughed, “Hell, I’ll even buy the freighter.”

I stood and backed to the door, “give me a week and you move my name to the top of Snap’s list.”

He grinned, “Done.”

I turned at the door and walked out quickly. As soon as I reached my ship I closed and locked the outer hatch. I ran towards the bridge and slipped into the pilots seat. I brought the ship alive before flipping switches to separate it from the station. I used reaction jets to move the ship and turn it. When I was a safe distance I started the main engines and accelerated away at max speed.

Ship alarms went off as active targeting systems tried to lock us. We were out of range before the station could get a lock. I was almost sweating as I started running a wormhole jump plot. The out system ships started trying to target me and I smiled as I hit the wormhole jump generator to start my jump early. We appeared in a calm system with cargo ships and freighters moving around.

I set course using one of the few station beacons as a guide. I moved to the comm station and opened a star comm on a set frequency, “This is Blackbeard, Admiral Jorge Brently.”

I closed the comm and thought before heading towards the pilot’s seat. I opened the intercom, “come to the bridge Brittany and bring Dev and Mara.”

I sat back and a few moments later they came in. Brittany looked at the large forward screen, “We aren’t at the station anymore?”

I smiled and turned, “no.”

I looked at the girls, “now, do you want me to let you off on one of these stations?”

Dev and Mara looked startled and then almost frightened. Mara shook her head violently as Dev went pale and whispered, “No!”

I looked at them and then at Brittany. She looked startled before grinning, “I would like to stay with you.”

I sighed, “very well, you can go back to your vid.”

I turned back to think as I drew closer to the station. I used the ship ID which I knew wasn’t listed anywhere, it was a valid ID though so no alarms went off. When I finally reached the station I got a docking slip and carefully docked. I slipped out and went through the airlock. Inside the small boarding area I moved to the side and opened a maintenance hatch. It took me two hours to find the information I wanted.

I did a little rearranging in the maintenance and supply logs and returned to the ship. I waited in the airlock and thirty minutes later several crates arrived on an automated supply lorry and I loaded them. I closed and locked the hatch before activating the night watch warning. I went looking for dinner and found Brittany, Dev and Mara. I smiled as I sat and pulled Mara onto my lap, “What are we having for dinner?”

Mara was stiff and bitting her lip as Brittany smiled and turned to dial up meals. Dev looked down and I hugged Mara and cupped her breasts, “How was your vids?”

Dev glanced at me and then at back down. I rubbed Mara’s nipples, “You can say no.”

She looked at me and then at Brittany who came to the table. I leaned over and pulled her close to suck on a nipple. She shivered and then laughed as she pushed me back, “After we eat.”

Mara smiled and reached for my head and pulled it down to one of her nipples. I licked and sucked on it and she shuddered and moaned. I straightened and hugged her before turning to the meal Brittany set on the table. I pushed Mara’s hand away before starting to feed her. She looked at me before leaning against me and letting me.

Brittany and Dev whispered and Dev grinned before glancing at me. When we finished eating I sighed and hugged Mara, “Showers and bed.”

I moved Mara and stood, “You girls can stay up or come to bed.”

I was in the shower when all three came in. Brittany moved around as both Dev and Mara hesitantly started washing my front. They seemed fascinated with my cock and kept rubbing it and stroking it. I finally turned the water off and pulled them out. Brittany followed me grinning as I dried both girls before myself. I led them into the other room and to my bed.

I turned them and sat them beside each other on the edge before laying them back and kneeling between Mara’s legs. She shifted as I leaned closer and opened her pussy and then I licked through it. She jerked and then shivered, “Oh!”

I teased her clit before giving it a suck. Brittany surprised me when she knelt between Dev’s legs and started licking her. I kept licking and nibbling and pushing my tongue into Mara as she and Dev both moaned and shuddered. She finally covered her pussy with her hand as she panted. I smiled as I lifted her legs and spread them. I pushed into her tight pussy and Mara shuddered and looked at me with wide eyes.

I smiled and kept my cock buried as I started rubbing her clit with a thumb. She jerked and shivered before shuddering and lifting her hips, “mmmmm!”

I rubbed her pelvis, “can I fuck you now?”

She smiled and nodded as her hips lifted again. I pulled back and started fucking her slow and deep. She started shivering and shuddering in moments as her tight pussy grasped and tried to squeeze my cock. She was breathing harder as I kept fucking her. She was constantly lifting and thrusting her hips up as she moaned. Her pussy became slipperier so my cock fucked into her easier.

It was several minutes before she stiffened and then wailed as she bucked and struggled. I held her waist as I continued to fuck her with deep strokes. Mara howled and spasmed as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. I started fucking against her open cervix and she began convulsing, “aaaahhhh!”

I thrust into her as I shuddered and held her on my swelling cock. She grunted and looked into my eyes just as I began to gush a huge spurt of cum. She shuddered as she tilted her hips and smiled, “mmmmm!”

I pumped, spurted and gushed cum into her as she kept shaking. When I stopped she dropped to the bed and sighed, “That wasn’t bad.”

Brittany laughed as Dev giggled. Mara grinned and looked at them as I pulled out of her and pushed her completely onto the bed. I turned Dev on the bed and moved between her legs as she reached down to position my cock. She was bitting her lip when I kissed her and slowly forced my thick cock into her. Her pussy was slippery and squeezed me before I pulled back and started to fuck her nice and slow.

She looked into my face and shivered before grinning and hugging me. Brittany moved around to lay with Mara and whispered as I kept fucking Dev. When I started pushing and pressing against her cervix she lifted her hips and wailed as her body began to convulse. She squirted and clutched me tight as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. I kissed her before fucking her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and then slow and deep.

My cock was pushing into her as she constantly bucked and thrashed around. Her tight pussy was slick with her own cum as it kept milking my cock. She howled and wailed as I continued to plant my cock deep inside her and ten minutes later held her as I spewed and gushed more cum. She jerked and grabbed me as her legs wrapped around my waist, “aaaahhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she shuddered and relaxed on the bed before grinning, “I liked that.”

I gave her a kiss before pulling out and rolling onto my back, “Brittany?”

She laughed and straddled me, “My turn?”

I cupped her lovely breasts, “yes.”

I rubbed her pink nipples as she slowly impaled her pussy, “I had three inhibitors delivered.”

She stopped moving to look at me, “Really?”

I nodded, “If you want and you aren’t pregnant already we can use the medic holo system to have them implanted.”

She smiled and looked at Mara and Dev, “Not me.”

Her pussy rippled and grasped my cock as I looked at the other two girls. They smiled and shook their heads and I sighed and rubbed Brittany’s nipples again. She shuddered and grinned before starting to rock back and forth. Her warm pussy began to tighten and squeeze my cock as she rocked and started rubbing her pussy back and forth. She twisted and wiggled as her wonderful pussy rippled and milked my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and my cock was pushing into her deeper. She started to jerk and spasmed as her warm pussy grasped my cock. She was shaking as she jerked back and forth rubbing and dragging her pussy on me. I squeezed and tugged on both nipples and Brittany stiffened before howling as she convulsed and squirted on me.

She came three times before I held her waist as I began to pump spurts of cum up into her. She shuddered and sighed when she felt the surge of warm sperm as I pumped it into her. When I stopped cumming she laid on me and kissed me before lifting her hips to pull my cock out. She put her head down and relaxed as I held her and the next thing I knew she was asleep.

I looked at her in surprise and then at Dev and Mara. They smiled and snuggled close before closing their eyes and I slowly relaxed. I gently caressed Brittany as I laid there and fell asleep. I woke to her moving off me and out of bed. I turned my head to watch her hurry to the bathroom before looking at the two other sleeping girls. I glanced at the timekeeper before getting up and following Brittany.

I kissed her when we met in the doorway before pushing her towards the bed. I peed and showered before heading up to the bridge. I made a few checks before walking out into the small boarding area and finding the exoskeleton suit. I closed my ships interior airlock and then the exterior before closing the station exterior airlock. I used a small maintenance remote to undock my ship after I put the suit on.

I walked into the airlock and cycled out. For the next three hours I used the suit to manually move the ship around the exterior hull of the station since it had detectors. The hard part was making the jump from the station to the huge freighter. Ten minutes later I was carefully positioning my ship against the outer airlock of the freighter. I used the far side airlock in my ship before stripping out of the suit.

I went to the bridge to make a few more checks. I heard the girls laughing in the common area as I walked to the airlock facing the freighter. I used maintenance override codes to bypass the other ship’s alarms before I entered. It was quiet in the large ship as I moved through it stunning and putting the crew off the ship. An hour later I was using reaction thrusters to push the freighter away from the station.

The trip toward the heliopause was a long one. After I opened the wormhole and jumped I brought the ship to a stop and opened the system star comm, “this is Sunhawk Phoenix.”

It was awhile before they answered, “You didn’t waste time.”

I smiled, “permission to approach the station.”


The trip in seemed longer as several ships appeared and shadowed the freighter all the way in. I moved the freighter slowly into the long boarding arm. As soon as I had green lights I shut everything down and headed towards the airlock. This time it was Denpt, his four guards and two other men that walked into the ship and looked it over. After a couple of hours of negotiating I was paid.

Denpt grinned as he followed me into my ship and onto the bridge. He watched as I moved around to the airlock and boarding area I had used before. After I shut everything down he grinned, “I wasn’t sure about you. All my other sources said you are no longer in fleet, not even in the covert data banks.”

I glanced at him and his guards, “I’m out now. Did Snap get the info on...”

Denpt laughed, “Your friend Draco Jacobs and a dozen others accepted a contract to Sidney. You were right, fleet wanted outsiders to remove Snowflake.”

I kept looking at him and he shrugged, “knowing Draco and the men he took, I would say this time tomorrow Snowflake will be history.”

I frowned and glanced at my displays and Denpt slapped my shoulder, “Take the credits you made from the freighter and find a colony. You are good but if you stick around I will end up terminating you.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “I don’t need competition.”

I nodded and he turned to gesture, “Take a day or two before leaving.”

I followed them out and locked the hatch before setting the alarm. I crawled into bed and snuggled against Brittany, “how would you like to live on a sunny beach where it is warm all the time?”

She turned and pushed me back before putting her head on my shoulder, “that sounds nice.”

Within a month Admiral Jorge Brently as well as almost every member of his family were arrested by fleet security. As for me, I’m watching my three naked girls playing in the warm water on our private beach on Sidney.
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