(For the women that always tempt me)
When I walked into the cottage everyone was there but Sabrina, Tabitha, Holly and Brooky. Ash crossed the room, “What did I tell you...”

I gestured and she fell silent. I pulled her against me, “the visiting professor put a snare in Ivy. We were very luck it was me and not one of the others that it caught.”

Ash looked into my eyes, “and you went after him after what happened before.”

I smiled and sent my staff to the corner, “I made sure I was strong enough.”

She shook me, “Damn it, you tell me next time!”

I caressed her body, “I will do what I need to do.”

I looked at the others and sighed. I kissed Ash and took her hand, “come with me.”

I nodded to Pamela and Dave as I led Ash through the cottage. The room I stopped in was like being in deep forest with moss covered trees. I sat her down and sat beside her on a cool, soft bed, “I am different Ash. I may be distracted at times and seem absent minded but I always know what I am doing.”

She leaned against me, “I know Kevin but when you are in danger it worries me.”

I smiled, “And if I had not acted I would still be in danger and so would you or one of the boys.”

I hugged her and gave her a soft kiss, “there will be times I can tell you and there will be times I must act first.”

Ash nodded, “And here I thought you were just a scholar.”

I smiled and stood to remove my robe before gesturing and moving her onto the bed fully. I lay beside her and caressed her body, “I am a scholar and enjoy reading. That does not mean that is all I am.”

She shivered and smiled as she watched my hand caressing her body. She caressed my face, “I love you Kevin.”

I kissed her before moving over between her legs, “I am very horny Ash.”

She grinned, “And which spell made you horny?”

I positioned my cock, “Bringing the storm was one. Transforming and using the power it gave me is another.”

I slowly pushed into her and kissed her before starting to fuck her, “releasing the excess energy after everything was over didn’t help.”

Ash shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and then she laughed and shook me, “so you really need to cum.”

I smiled and hugged her as I buried my cock, “yes... in you.”

She smiled and kissed me as she lifted and thrust her pussy up. I tried to go slow as my cock throbbed and jerked. I was using long, deep thrusts and Ash started shaking as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I buried my cock to hump and grind and she arched her back as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I kissed her passionately as I went back to fucking her harder. Ash continued to buck and thrash around as she squirted. I thrust into her and held on as I spewed a huge, gushing torrent. She thrust her hips up as she wailed and kept shaking as I continued to pour cum into her. It was a minute before I was done and Ash was giggling. Her womb was full and her pussy was leaking cum around my cock.

I sighed and hugged her before pulling out and laying next to her. I caressed her body and Ash smiled and absently cleaned the cum out of herself, “Again?”

I grinned, “and again.”

She laughed and turned to kiss me passionately before shaking me. Crystal mewed and moved onto the bed and Ash turned her head to smile, “Want him to love you kitten?”

Crystal nodded, “need.”

Ash looked at me before raising her eyebrow. I kissed her and lay back, “Come here Crystal.”

She moved over Ash and straddled me before laying down and hugging me. I caressed and petted her and it wasn’t long before she began to purr. I glanced at the doorway to see Katrina and Vixen and sighed. Ash grinned and gestured and they quicky moved to the bed and climbed on. I reached between Crystal and I and positioned my cock.

She wiggled and pushed down and back and sighed when I entered her. I caressed her as she rocked back and forth almost desperately. I let her use me as I held and caressed her and it wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and mewing. Her warm pussy kept squeezing and rippling around my cock. A few minutes later and she was erratic and almost incoherent as she jerked and shuddered.

She kept fucking me though and a few minutes later I sighed and shuddered as I tightened my hold and began cumming. I pumped and spew strongly and Crystal wailed as she jerked and thrust down. When I finally stopped cumming she still held me tight. Ash finally pulled on her and she reluctantly let me go. I caressed her cheek, “My kitten, there are times you must wait with our young and protect them and not me.”

She growled and I smiled, “when they are older and can care for themselves.”

Katrina mewed and Vixen whined and I sighed and gestured to pull the two to me. I caressed Katrina and hugged Vixen, “The same is true for you. Your young must come first and be protected.”

I looked at Ash as she held Crystal and I looked at the doorway to see the others and sighed, “Come in.”

Ivy was the first to move onto the bed and timidly reached out to touch me, “I’m sorry I didn’t see or feel the spell.”

I pulled her close and kissed her softly, “It wasn’t your fault Ivy.”

I let everyone sit with us and touch me before Ash finally shook her head, “Enough. Whose turn is it?”

Brooky held up her hand and Ash gestured to the door, “Out and go save the boys from our babies.”

Mom and Dianne laughed as they walked out. Sabrina and Tabitha looked at me before leaving and then it was Holly and Ivy leaving. I caressed Katrina and Vixen before pushing them, “go watch the babies.”

They left reluctantly and Ash slipped off the bed, “Let Crystal stay.”

I smiled and caressed Crystal’s cheek, “only if she brings our daughters back.”

Crystal nodded and slipped off the bed to hurry out. I turned to Brooky and caressed her hip before whispering a spell. I smiled when I finished and she grinned, “Safe?”

I nodded and moved down as I spread her legs. I licked through her pussy and she ran her fingers through my hair as she sighed. As I began to tease her clit Crystal brought the babies back. Brooky was moaning and shuddering as Crystal placed one of my daughters against her breast. Brooky shakily murmured a spell to fill her breasts with milk as my daughter latched on and began to suck and nurse even though she had been weaned.

I grinned as I moved up and moved my other daughter to the other breast. While she began to nurse I pushed into Brooky and held myself up as I began to fuck her slowly. Crystal was sitting beside her head purring as she leaned over to caress her daughters. Brooky groaned and shuddered as my cock pushed deeper. She smiled and caressed the two babies nursing at her breasts, she always liked that.

I began to fuck her and she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. A moan slipped out and Crystal bent to kiss her softly. I was fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts and Brooky’s hips were lifting to meet mine. Her pussy continued to ripple and spasm around my cock as she began to shudder harder. She came with jerks and spasms but held the babies close so they continued to suck milk from her nipples.

Brooky’s legs were in the air and kicking as she kept shaking and wailing. I was fucking her a little harder and pushing into her deeper. It was several minutes before she began jerking and spasm again as she came once more. I thrust into her before I was suddenly spewing gushing spurts of cum. She shuddered and shook as warm cum erupted inside her and began filling her quickly.

Cum was slowly being forced around my cock when I finally stopped cumming. Brooky groaned and shuddered as I kissed her over my daughters. I pulled out and moved over beside her to caress one of my daughters. She sighed and smiled as she held the girls, “I really needed that Kevin.”

I leaned over to kiss her as my daughters released her nipples. I grinned, “and it looks like dinner is over.”

Crystal purred and bent to kiss Brooky before picking our daughters up. Brooky whispered a spell to return her breasts to normal before turning to kiss me and moving off the bed, “Time for you to come bathe.”

I smiled and moved off the bed before following as she led me back to my room and into my bathing room. It wasn’t long before babies were being brought in and handed to me to be washed. When I finally finished Sabrina pulled me out and dried me before pulling me after her to the kitchen. Dinner was nice and for a change everyone was there.

After dinner we sat in the front room and watched the babies. Sabrina and Tabitha both pulled me up after asking Stef to watch their babies. They pulled me back to their bedroom and to the bed before laying down. I caressed Sabrina and Tabitha sat beside me, “we love you little brother.”

I pulled her close to give her a kiss before moving down between Sabrina’s legs and licking through her pussy. I teased her clit and sucked on it before pushing my tongue into her. I kept sucking and teasing her clit until she finally stopped me. Tabitha gestured and I rose and floated onto the bed before turning over onto my back. I grinned, “you’ve been practicing.”

Tabitha grinned as she straddled me and fitted my cock to her pussy. She slowly pushed down as Sabrina lay against us and caressed my chest, “You have scared us enough little brother.”

I caressed her cheek, “I did what I had too.”

Tabitha wiggled and settled with my cock buried deep inside her. She leaned forward, “You need a job.”

I smiled and reached up to cup her breasts, “I have enough to do.”

Sabrina put her head on my shoulder, “Then you need keepers.”

Tabitha began to thrust back and forth, “and you need to talk and not think about things. We learn better that way.”

I grinned as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I tugged on her nipples, “I will try to remember.”

She groaned and shuddered before starting to rock and thrust back and forth harder. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shaking. Her pussy was milking my cock each time I was all the way inside her. A minute later and she jerked and started convulsing, “yyyyyeeeeessssss!”

Her pussy was squeezing my cock tight as she twisted and thrust back and forth erratically. Sabrina laughed and reached out to tug on a nipple. My cock was rubbing and pushing against her cervix as she kept jerking around. She finally shuddered and took a deep breath before starting the rock and thrust back and forth again.

It took her six orgasms to bring me close and I pulled her hips down as Sabrina kissed her. I grunted as I began to gush a stream of cum into her. Tabitha was wailing and howling as she was flooded with warm sperm. She jerked and thrashed around violently as I kept spurting and finally she fell off when I stopped. Sabrina laughed and moved onto me to gave me a passionate kiss.

I held her and caressed her sides and hips. She grinned and rolled until I was on top and between her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her again as I began to fuck her. It was nice and slow and Sabrina’s warm pussy was constantly squeezing and rippling around my cock. Tabitha turned and cuddled against us as we kept fucking each other.

Sabrina began to wail and shake as I started fucking her with firm thrusts. She writhed around and began thrashing as her legs kicked in the air. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts and she continued to spasm as her warm pussy grasped at my cock. It was a several minutes before she shuddered and jerked violently and screamed. I buried my throbbing cock and held her as I pumped and spewed cum.

It was several moments before I stopped cumming and my sister sighed. I hugged and caressed her before rolling back over, “thanks.”

She laughed and kissed me before lifting her hips and rolling out of bed. I glanced at Tabitha as she followed Sabrina and turned to climb out of bed. I slipped my robe on and went to my library to sit in my chair and think. I finally stood as Vixen and mom walked in. I slipped an arm around mom’s waist and caressed Vixen’s face, “I need to take a walk.”

I gave mom and Vixen a kiss and walked out. I had barely left the house when Ash and Tannia slipped up beside me. I smiled but kept going until I was above the wandering brook that went past the village. There was a large grassy hill on the other side and I stopped to look before gesturing and murmuring a spell. Stones shook themselves free of the ground and came together to make a bridge over the stream. I crossed and looked at the hill before looking at Ash, “it looks nice.”

She smile, “For?”

I grinned, “our home. I was thinking of letting Pamela and Dave have the cottage.”

Ash looked at the hill, “You’re going to build another here?”

I nodded, “I like the cottage and was thinking of using the same spells.”

Ash grinned, “With bigger rooms and beds.”

I laughed and pulled her against my hip, “and a warm scented bathing pool in each room.”
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