(For the women that always tempt me)
I woke in our bed with Ash holding me and rocking. Crystal and Katrina were mewing pitifully and Vixen was whining. I groaned and opened my eyes and Ash smiled, “Back?”

I shivered, “yes, I had to remove the spell from Brooky and hold it. The only way to keep it from a continuous echo was to release all the magic I held.”

Ash nodded and then bent to look into my eyes, “it almost killed you. If Dave and Pamela hadn’t interfered we would have lost you.”

I sighed, “I couldn’t let it consume Brooky.”

Ash nodded, “I know, but next time tell me before doing something like that?”

I closed my eyes tiredly, “okay.”

Ash shook me, “You have been out for two days.”

I opened my eyes and looked at her, “Brooky?”

She smiled, “Mom and Elizabeth managed to remove all but four eggs before the spell sealed them to her.”

I slowly sat up and let Crystal, Katrina and Vixen all help me. I looked at Ash as I moved off the bed and weakly stood, “Mom?”

Ash grinned, “You only gave her one.”

I nodded and let the girls pull me to the bathroom and then into our bath. After that they helped me out and down to the kitchen. Mom, Dianne, Pamela, Dave, Bob and Vicky turned as we came in. Dave smiled, “Well, you look better than I expected.”

I nodded as Crystal slipped away to start the kitchen making me a meal. I sat and pulled Katrina onto my lap, “Sorry I interrupted your mating kitten.”

She put her head on my chest, “Next cycle master.”

I put my hand on her pelvis and whispered a spell. I grinned and hugged her, “It looks like Stef did the job already.”

Katrina lifted her head and looked at me, “I’m pregnant?”

I smiled and kissed her, “A small litter this time, only four.”

She looked around before hugging me and standing, “I should go tell Stef, he and the other boys are watching all the babies today.”

I grinned as she left and Vixen slid onto my lap. I looked at Pamela, “How is your tree?”

She grinned, “Whatever you did when you left made it grow. It is almost as big as before.”

I nodded, “The warlock sucked the life energy into himself. When he died it was returned.”

I caressed Vixen’s soft fur and looked at Vicky and Bob, “What are you going to do now?”

They grinned and Bob laughed, “The Headmaster came to ask if we would consider working for the school.”

Vicky nodded, “Hunting the edge of the forest to keep the school safe from anything dangerous.”

Dave laughed, “He even had a job for me, teaching beginning enchantments.”

I looked at mom, “I’m sorry mom.”

She grinned, “I let you bind me to you Kevin. It’s a little early but it was going to happen.”

Dianne grinned, “I’m next.”

Ash laughed as she bent to hug me and give me a kiss, “After me mom.”

Vixen wiggled on my lap and I looked at her. I could smell her aroused musky scent and smiled before hugging her, “don’t you want one of the boys to give you a litter Vixen?”

She rubbed against me, “No.”

Ash rubbed her cheek, “Let him eat first Vixen.”

I sighed, “I need to speak with the Headmaster.”

They looked at me and I shrugged, “While I slept, I saw... a chamber below the seer wing. It has racks of more crystal books.”

Ash grinned, “of course. Are you strong enough?”

I sighed, “maybe.”

Vixen wiggled, “Tomorrow master.”

Ash, mom, Dianne and Dave all nodded and I finally nodded before hugging Vixen, “Then today someone is in for a lot of sex.”

Vixen grinned, “we can take turns milking you.”

I smiled and hugged her before turning to the plate Crystal set down. I reached out to rub and caress her face, “You too.”

She smiled, “I’m after Vixen.”

I laughed and turned to eat. Mom and Diane left to help with the kids and Vixen pulled me up, “in our lair master.”

They took my hands and led me back through the house and into Crystal’s grotto. I removed my robe and climbed up into the bed. Vixen was wiggling around as Crystal licked her. She sat back and smiled at me, “In season.”

I kissed her cheek before moving between Vixen’s legs. I positioned my cock and pushed into her hot, slick pussy. She shuddered and hugged me as her pussy tightened. I kissed her as I started to fuck her. The two days I had been asleep had left my balls more then full and I needed to cum. It wasn’t long before Vixen was thrusting up harder and I was fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts.

She was panting as I humped against her and pushing all the way in. I rubbed my body on hers and enjoyed the way she felt. Her pussy spasmed and almost seemed to pulse as it began squeezing and milking my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she howled and began to convulse. I pressed against her before stiffening. Suddenly I was peeing a huge stream of cum and my body was racked with shudders.

Vixen jerked and thrust up and tightened her hold on me, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted cum until it was leaking around my cock. I pulled out of her and kissed her softly. I grinned at Crystal as she lay beside us fingering her pussy. I moved down to lick through it and start teasing her clit. I pushed my tongue into her pussy several times as she shuddered and purred. I licked, nibbled, sucked and teased until she pushed my face away and almost growled, “Fuck me Kevin.”

I moved up her body and her tail went around my waist as I pushed into her. I kissed her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She sighed and hugged me as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. “Was worried.”

I smiled and buried my cock to kiss her again, “You can feel what the others can’t. You knew I would be alright.”

She hugged me, “not thinking.”

I shook my head and kissed her again before starting to fuck her. Vixen snuggled against us as Crystal purred and shuddered. It was a few minutes before Crystal screamed and began to thrash around as her pussy tightened. She jerked and spasmed out of control and tossed her head and growled. I fucked her hard and deep and a couple of minutes later she stiffened before clutching me tight.

Her pussy rippled and then tightened and I shuddered and groaned as I began to spew another huge torrent of cum. Crystal thrust her pussy up and pulled me in so I was pumping sperm through her cervix, “Kevin!”

I groaned as her pussy milked my pumping cock. When I stopped cumming she groaned, “release my eggs.”

I looked at her and sighed, “Crystal.”

She shook me, “please.”

I kissed her, “What about Thomas?”

She growled and I hugged her, “We have two wonderful girls, it is Thomas’s turn. After, we can talk about another litter.”

Crystal sighed, “Know.”

I pulled out of her, “next time I will make changes so our litter will be mages.”

She smiled, “yes.”

I smiled at Vixen before slipping off the bed. I had to take a minute before I could walk out. I slipped into my library and pulled out an old tome I had been reading. I sat in my chair and relaxed as I opened the old book and began to read. It was awhile before Sabrina moved the tome and sat in my lap, “you okay?”

I caressed her and smiled, “recovering. I need a cum slut though.”

She grinned, “Well, I would love to be pumped full of cum.”

She stood and pulled me up before leading me out. She grinned when she pulled me into her room, “Tabitha is watching the babies while Stef spends time with Katrina.”

I slipped my robe off and turned her at the bed. I sat her down and knelt between her legs to lick through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner pussy lips before teasing her clit as I started sucking. Sabrina started to moan and shudder as she laid back. I began rubbing the sides on her pussy and stretching her hole as I used my tongue on her clit. She started shuddering and then spasming before jerking and pulling away.

I grinned and stood, I moved her all the way onto her bed with a gesture and followed her. I moved between her legs and positioned my cock before kissing her passionately. I pushed into her tight pussy and Sabrina groaned and lifted her hips, “fuck!”

I fucked her nice and slow and she met each thrust. Her pussy was constantly squeezing and milking my cock as I buried it and kept pushing. I was fucking in and out as she jerked and convulsed while wailing. She just continued to jerk and spasm as she came constantly. The feel of her squeezing pussy around my cock as I kept fucking into her was so nice I didn’t try to hold back.

I shoved and pressed against her cervix before beginning to pump and spew huge gushes of cum. Sabrina arched her back and howled as warm sperm flooded her. She shivered and shook as I kept pouring it into her until her womb was full and leaking. When I slowly pulled out, I lay beside her and caressed her shaking body as she caught her breath. She grinned, “I love it when you fill me.”

I smiled and bent to suck on a nipple before moving off the bed, “Thanks Sabrina.”

She laughed as she followed me, I slipped my robe on and she took my arm and walked me to the kitchen. Mom and Ash looked at me when I came in and Ash came to push me down into a chair. She looked into my eyes before nodding, mom brought a warm meat roll from the oven and sat with me as I ate. When I finished I sighed and slowly stood ignoring Ash and mom.

I closed my eyes and held out my hand as I summoned my staff. When it settled into my hand I sighed and started pulling the magic into myself. I finally sighed and released the staff before opening my eyes to look at Ash, “feeling horny?”

She went from frowning to grinning and reached for my hand, “Always.”

She pulled me back to our bedroom and straight to the bed. I dropped my robe and moved after her as she crawled onto the bed and wiggled her butt at me. I laughed and rubbed her pussy as I moved behind her and slowly entered her. She sighed as my cock sank into her and I began to fuck her. It wasn’t long before her pussy was spasming and squeezing me.

My cock was hitting and pressing against her womb in no time and Ash began to jerk and shake. I buried my cock in her pussy and shivered as it grasp me. I held her as she jerked and shuddered before pulling out and rolling her onto her back. I moved between her legs and pushed back into her slippery pussy. Ash sighed as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “I moved two more eggs to my womb.”

I buried my cock and looked into her face. She smiled and kissed me as she hugged me, “I was getting jealous.”

I sighed as my cock throbbed inside her and reluctantly pulled out. Ash opened her mouth as I sat beside her and placed my hand on her pelvis. I started whispering a spell and she waited. I looked into her face when I was finished and moved back between her legs. I settled and nudged my cock into her pussy, “now you will have a full litter.”

She grinned and hugged me before I pushed into her and humped. I kissed her as I began to fuck her and she lifted and thrust her hips up. A moment later my cock was fucking against her womb and she was jerking. I wasn’t holding back and used long, hard, deep thrusts that made her grunt. It took another ten minutes before Ash stiffened and howled as I thrust into her.

I shuddered as my cock swelling and throbbed before erupting in a solid stream of sperm. I kissed her passionately as I kept pumping cum into her. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled around my cock and her womb expanded. I sighed when I stopped cumming and Ash reached between us to cover her pelvis. She murmured a keeping spell and I slowly pulled out.

I sat beside her again and touched her pelvis and felt inside her. Ash smiled as she watched me and I knew when each egg held a sperm inside. I sighed and nodded before bending to kiss her softly, “I love you Ash.”

She caressed my face and then laughed and moved to the edge of the bed, “And you want to go see the headmaster.”

I frowned as I followed her off the bed, “No.”

She turned and stepped into my arms, “Really?”

I held and caressed her body and she grinned before pushing me back on the bed, “Okay.”

She straddled me and lifted up to fit my cock to her pussy. She sighed as she rocked back and my cock pushed into her. She shuddered and released the spell of keeping and my warm sperm began to leak out of her. Now she was slimy and I smiled as I pulled her down for another kiss. She sat up again and started thrusting back and forth harder as her pussy squeezed my cock.

She began to breath harder as her pussy spasmed and she started shaking. It wasn’t long before she was erratic and almost incoherent. I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her hard and deep. Ash lifted her legs as she wailed and screamed. Her body was racked with jerky seizures as she suddenly wrapped her legs around me, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I thrust into her and held her as I just humped and pressed into her. She kept shaking as she squirted and her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts and a few minutes later I was ready. I buried my cock and kissed her again as my cock jerked and then began to pump spurts of cum. Ash jerked as the first thick spurt of warm sperm poured into her and then she clutched at me and screamed, “I’m cumming!”

She started convulsing as her pussy contracted around my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and slowly relaxed. I rolled and turned to hold her on me and Ash sighed and put her head on my shoulder, “I love you too.”

I squeezed her and we both relaxed. It was an hour before the bed shifted and Ash moved off me. I opened my eyes and she smiled, “I have a class.”

I nodded and gestured as I sat up and moved off the bed, “I’ll walk you up.”

My robe floated to me and wrapped around me as Ash disappeared to clean up and came back dressed. On the way out she kissed Dianne and our baby. Crystal slipped out with us wearing a loose dress. Thomas was holding her hand and Ash smiled and created a light robe for him. I held her hand all the way to her class before kissing her.

Thomas and Crystal followed me up to Headmaster Thortle’s. I knocked and when the door opened, I walked in. He glanced at me and sat back, “Kevin.”

I smiled and sat in the chair in front of his desk, “Do you remember the crystal seer’s tablet?”

He smiled, “yes, you showed me how to opened it to the other pages.”

I nodded, “There is a room here filled with more crystal tablets.”

The headmaster stood, “Where?”

I stood with him, “Under the seer wing.”

He nodded, “Of course.”

He led us out and down to the seer wing. I stopped him beside the classroom that taught how to use crystal globes as a seer medium. I stepped in and walked to one wall with a glowing crystal relief in it. I looked at it carefully before reaching out to the book or tablet it held in its hand. I pressed on the bottom corners and there was a click.

The wall next to the relief began folding back and soon there was a doorway to a set of stairs. The headmaster stepped up beside me, “I never thought of that.”

I smiled and started down the stairs. The stairs went a long way down before turning and opening into a large room filled with shelves. All the shelves were filled with tombs and one whole section held more crystal tablets. I grinned, “I think I found something to read.”

The headmaster chuckled as he crossed to look at an ancient tomb, “This looks like one of the old libraries.”

I looked at him and he grinned back at me, “Long ago each class type kept their own libraries with texts that had anything to do with their area of study.”

I thought about it and then grinned, “So I might find rooms like this for Enchantments or Charms or Potions?”

He nodded, “And magical creatures or plants and each of the other classes.”

I looked around, “Each text will need to be checked.”

Crystal and Thomas were suddenly beside me and pulled me back towards the doorway and the stairs. I sighed, “I think I am wanted.”

The headmaster smiled, “I’ll send a few tablets to your cottage.”

I smiled, “Thanks.”

I turned to let Crystal pull me up the stairs with Thomas following. All the way home they both stayed close. When I walked into the cottage it was chaos with babies crying and mom, Dianne, Katrina, Vixen and Tannia trying to comfort them. I gestured and murmured a spell and the babies quieted as they lifted into the air and began slowly bobbing and dancing around each other.

Everyone looked at me as I slipped my robe off and moved to sit on the couch. I gestured and one of the babies floated to me. I held her and gently patted her back as she wiggled. One at a time I held my children and comforted them. Mom and Dianne slipped away and Crystal, Katrina and Vixen started helping me. It was a couple of hours before the babies were sleeping and the girls took them back to the nursery.

Ivy walked into the cottage and sent her dress away as she crossed to me, “Professor Elgerson is an idiot!”

I smiled and pulled her onto my lap as she straddled me, “Why?”

She lifted up and positioned my cock before slowly impaling her pussy. She shuddered and sighed before starting to slowly rock, “He demanded I use my wand to transform things.”

I caressed her hips as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “do it both ways.”

She shuddered and kissed me, “I did and changed the stupid desk into an elegant writing desk.”

I grinned and rubbed her pink nipples before hugging her as she jerked and spasmed. Her pussy was rippling and spasming around my cock as she began to roll her hips and slowly thrust back and forth. She closed her eyes and groaned before shuddering. I caressed her hips as Robert, Edward and Samuel came in. They tossed the light robes off and stood watching as Ivy began to shake. I leaned back, “Robert? Want to do her with me?”

He grinned and started across the room as Ivy jerked, “Oh fuck!”

I caressed her hips, “You let them double team you all the time.”

She shuddered and looked over her shoulder, “I know and we love it.”

She tilted her hips and Robert leaned over her before slowly pushing into her warm ass. Ivy stiffened as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She spasmed and jerked as she started rocking back and forth fucking us. Robert held her waist as he fucked her slowly. I kissed her as she panted and looked at Robert, “You are doing it much better.”

He grinned, “We learn from each other and the women.”

I slowly thrust up as Ivy rocked back and forth to fuck both cocks. She started shaking as her pussy tightened and a couple of minutes later she wailed and began convulsing. Robert grunted and buried his cock with the slight bulge and started spurting cum. Ivy jerked and thrust back, “YES!”

It was a minute before Robert sighed and kissed her shoulder, “Thank you mistress Ivy.”

He slowly pulled out and even as his warm cum began to leak, Samuel was taking his place. Ivy groaned and kissed me passionately as his cock easily fucked into her cummy ass. She bucked and jerked as she thrusts back and forth as her pussy spasmed around my cock. Samuel kissed her bare shoulder before fucking her ass hard and deep.

Ivy was grunting and howled as she was fucked hard and squirted before her pussy contracted. It was only five long minutes before Samuel buried his throbbing cock. Ivy stiffened as his hot cum erupted into her bowels. She jerked and shook as he kept spurting until he sighed and bent to whisper, “Thank you mistress Ivy.”

He pulled out and Ivy sighed until Edward took his place and slipped his cock into her slimy ass. She groaned and sank down on my cock. Edward started fucking her ass with long, slow, deep thrusts. He smiled and started caressing her as he fucked her. I kissed her as she spasmed and her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I was getting close when Edward shuddered and jabbed into Ivy and held her hips.

She jerked and grunted as another hot load of cum erupted deep in her ass. Edward pumped and spurted until he was done and slowly pulled out. He bent to kiss her shoulder, “Thank you mistress Ivy.”

She sighed and looked into my face before smiling, “Your turn?”

I helped her sit up and gestured to pull her hips back and forth. Ivy gasped as my cock rubbed against her cervix and then I jerked and jabbed into her as I pulled her hips down. My cock swelled and erupted in a huge, gushing geyser of cum. I was shuddering as cum continued to pee into Ivy and my body was wracked with spasms. She jerked and howled as her womb was flooded and then distended.

Cum squirted around my cock and out of her as she screamed and I felt magic pulling and creating more using my life energy. I gestured and hastily created a shield and then shook as I started a spell. I was still pumping huge torrents of cum into Ivy and it was pouring out as I chanted a counter charm. It ended with Ivy falling off me as I stopped cumming.

I lay back and groaned before covering Ivy’s pelvis and whispering another spell. She jerked and spasmed until I snarled and yanked the spell out of her. I looked at her as she panted and ignored everyone that had come running, “Was anyone else with Professor Elgerson?”

Ivy shuddered and slowly nodded, “A professor visiting from Grinwinch for the summer.”

I caressed her pelvis, “I had to remove the few egg he moved into place as well as the snare.”

She looked at me, “What happened?”

I stood and dismissed the shield, “either Professor Elgerson or the visiting Professor placed a spell in you.”

I summoned my robe and pushed Crystal and Vixen away as I headed for the door, “Mom, Dianne, check everyone for tempering.”

I was pissed and headed for school. I absently called a storm up and summoned my staff. I was almost to the school when the first bolt descended to strike my staff. By the time I walked into the school I was glowing with excess power.

The few students and teachers that saw me quickly moved out of the way. I gestured and shattered Professor Elgerson’s classroom door before walking through it. His eyes were huge as I looked from him to the white faced Professor in the corner, “who dared touch one of my mates!”

The white faced Professor straightened, “How dare...”

I gestured and he slammed into the wall spread eagle. I walked to him and murmured a counter spell as he frantically began a spell. His body was writhed in flames and he screamed before I ruthlessly snuffed the fire out by ripping half the skin off his body. I touched his chest as I chanted in a long dead language and his scream returned.

Headmaster Thortle was suddenly beside me pulling my hand away, “NO!”

I snarled and yanked my hand away, “He placed a snare inside Ivy and almost killed me!”

The headmaster shook his head and gestured. The Professor dropped to the floor whimpering. I turned to face the headmaster and he smiled, “this is not the way Kevin.”

My eyes narrowed, “He tried to kill me and endangered Ivy. I have the Wizards law on my side.”

He nodded and looked at the moaning man, “Killing him that way is not the way to handle it.”

He reached down to grab the man by the hair, “This is better.”

I blinked as he spoke aloud in another dead tongue. The spell twisted and wove into the man as he stiffened and then wailed, “NNNNOOOO!”

The headmaster let him go and pulled and a shadow seemed to come out of him. I looked at the man as he slumped to the floor with the magic ripped from his soul. I stepped back and looked at Professor Elgerson, “you interfere or touch one of mine and it will be the last thing you ever do.”

I gestured and spoke a word of power long forgotten and every desk, shelf and wooden cabinet turned to dust. I started for the door and the headmaster tried to catch up, “Kevin!”

I ignored him and walked out to stand in the rain and wind. I shouted and screamed as lightning flared and struck my staff only to bounce off and strike the ground. I turned and looked at the headmaster as the wind and storm died, “If he touches one of the girls I will be back and you won’t stop me.”

The headmaster sighed and walked out, “Kevin he is an arrogant pompous ass but he knows how to teach the younger students.”

I shook my head, “I meant what I said. I don’t know if he knew and I don’t care. It happened in his presence. I taught girls over the last two summer and it isn’t that hard.”

He smiled, “You are special.”

I tilted my head, “Then why can those I have taught do magic like me?”

The headmaster blinked, “You can teach that?”

I smiled, “You know we can use magic that way, you do it.”

He frowned and turned to look at all the students looking out windows. He turned back to me and grinned, “How would you like more students?”

I looked at him and he smiled, “once a week we have a lecture for all the students.”

I nodded before turning to walk home, “I teach my way though.”
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