(For the women that always tempt me)
The summer seemed to slip past quickly and all to soon the school started up. We walked Ash and the girls to school each morning. The girls I had been teaching seemed to have more confidence and their school work was simple to them. Crystal had her babies in our bed with Katrina, Vixen and Ash helping.

I was more then nervous as mom and Dianne helped the midwife deliver the twins. After Crystal it was Katrina with her litter and then Vixen’s. Ash was next and then Tannia, Ivy, Dianne, Sabrina, Tabitha, mom and finally Brooky. The house seemed more alive with babies. The summer approached again as things slowly settled and then it was over and school started again.

I had spent much of my time reading or making and selling animated animals. Ash had found a large room and had been seeing a lot of the girls that I had taught. Holly came to kiss me and sit on my lap, she was leaving to spend time with her family but would return. All the girls were outside with the babies as she left. I had found an ancient wooden text in the school library I was reading.

I absently took it as I walked through the house until I found myself in a small room. It almost radiated power and I saw what looked like a wooden statue. I walked around it slowly and studied it and the magic that flowed through and around it. I finally noticed the center and smiled. I used my magic to summon my staff and began a long complicate spell variant from the text I had just finished.

When I finished a tiny piece slipped out of the statue. It shimmered and grew into a small tree, I gestured and lifted both before walking out. They floated after me as I made my way to the front door. I let my staff go to a corner before I left. I ignored Ash and the others as I walked to the edge of the forest. I noticed the wood nymphs running towards me as I found the perfect place and let the tree sink into the ground. I gestured and continued the spell and the tree slowly began to grow taller.

The statue shimmered as the ground shook and then a red haired nymph was standing where the statue had been. She looked at me wide eyes and then at the tall tree. She fell to her knees with tears running down her face and whispered, “It isn’t possible.”

The nymphs reached me as Ash and Crystal came running. I knelt beside the nymph, “You and your tree are connected. While the tree may die a living death, it still lives inside you.”

She looked at me and I caressed her face as Crystal wormed under my arm, “Your home is here, you will be in season soon. Your tree will need new life to help it grow.”

She straightened as she looked at the tree and smiled, “My mate will father them.”

I looked at Ash and turned to caress the nymph’s face again, “It has been a long time...”

She nodded, “My name is Pamela and my mate is in stasis.”

I lifted Crystal as I stood and nodded to the other nymphs as they moved to kneel around their lost sister. I turned to Ash as Crystal rubbed my crotch and she grinned. I looked at Crystal, “You keep doing that and I will let Thomas breed you.”

She snuggled against me as I tried to walk, “need?”

I shook her, “Did you leave our babies alone?”

She shook her head, “Dragon watch.”

I realized I did need her and hugged her as I walked, “in that case I do need you.”

Ash laughed and reached for my hand, “In that case we are going to take turns.”

They led me back into the house and I sent the wooden text back to the library as I was led to our room. Ash turned me as I slipped my robe off and pushed me onto my back as she gestured and sent me to the middle of the bed. They stripped and Crystal purred as she stalked onto me and straddled my waist as Ash moved up and straddled my head.

I grinned and pulled Ash’s pussy down as Crystal slowly sat on my cock. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she began to rock and Ash started to thrust back and forth on my face. I captured her clit and sucked as I squeezed it between my lips and she shuddered and squirted cum. My cock throbbed as it pushed deeper and Crystal rocked and fucked me harder. I could hear her mews of pleasure as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock.

I nibbled on Ash’s clit and squeezed it between my lips before licking through her pussy. She groaned and shuddered as she came on my face. She was jerking and spasming as I sucked on her clit and nibbled. Ash rolled off and I pulled Crystal down before rolling and starting to fuck her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around me and began jerking and thrashing around.

Her pussy rippled and spasmed as it tried to milk my cock. I kissed her hard and she growled and started convulsing. Her pussy kept squeezing as I fucked her and finally buried my throbbing cock. She clung to me with arms and legs as I began pumping large gushing torrents into her belly. I spurted and spewed and sprayed and finally kissed her softly when I was done.

Crystal was purring as her hand caressed my shoulders and back. I pulled out and moved over Ash. She grinned as I pushed into her pussy and kissed her. I started fucking her with long strokes and she groaned and shivered. She put her feet over my thighs as her hips began lifting to meet mine. Her warm pussy was constantly grasping my cock each time I pushed into her.

Every few minutes Ash would stiffened before jerking and thrashing around as she wailed. I buried my cock and kissed her as I humped and jabbed into her and she started whimpering and moaning. When I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts she screamed as she began convulsing again. She lifted and spread her legs as she began to thrust up.

I fucked her harder and kissed her a couple of minutes later when I thrust into her and began pumping and spewing cum. Ash howled as I spurted and sprayed warm cum against her womb. Cum was running out of her when I stopped and she dropped her legs to the bed and hugged me. A throat cleared and I looked at the door to see Pamela. I kissed Ash and pulled out before moving off the bed.

I brought my robe to me and slipped it on, “You need help?”

She smiled, “No. My mate wished to thank you.”

I smiled and waited for Ash and Crystal before following her deeper into the house. The doorway into what looked like an overgrown clearing was almost completely concealed. I could see another doorway by what looked like a tree trunk. In the middle of the clearing was three stone sarcophagi.

A young looking Mage sat on what almost looked like a carved chair. Two others knelt by a fire, a middle aged man with what looked like a sword over his shoulder and a beautiful woman with two slim swords at her waist.

I followed Pamela across the room as the mage stood. He smiled as Pamela put her arm around his waist and looked from her to me, “Thank you for what you did. I have never heard of anyone returning a nymph’s tree.”

I nodded and looked at the two normals and back to the mage. He grinned, “My name is David Mckibben. Those two are my friends, Rob and his wife Vicky, their mercenaries.”

I shook my head, “It has been a long time and the weapons of your time are no long weapons that are used.”

He nodded, “so we expected.”

I looked at Pamela, “you need to help her get pregnant.”

David grinned, “I will.”

Crystal mewed as she wormed under my arm again and Ash sighed. Pamela smiled and whispered a spell. I looked at her and she nodded to Crystal, “I removed the pheromones that are affecting her.”

Ash caressed Crystal and looked at Pamela, David and the two others, “You are welcome to stay with us.”

David grinned as he turned to cup Pamela’s breasts, “thank you.”

Pamela grinned and shivered as his other hand slid down her body. Rob cleared his throat, “They won’t hear anything until they finish.”

I looked at him as he stripped, his wife was already naked and rubbing on his body. He grinned, “David said we might be horny for a few days.”

Ash laughed, “Well, there are plenty of boys and girls here to help with that.”

Vicky grinned as she stroked her husband’s cock, “I might come visit after he tires.”

Crystal purred, “Try?”

Vicky glanced at her and then grinned, “You want to try him?”

Crystal nodded, “Please?”

Vicky grinned and looked at her husband who groaned. She held out her hand, “Take him to bed.”

Ash grinned and looked at me, “Thomas?”

I nodded and she grinned at Vicky as Crystal walked to Rob, “Come with us and we will introduce you to a someone that would love to take care of you.”

David was laying on his back and Pamela was straddling him and slowly rocking. Crystal pulled Rob down between her legs as Vicky took Ash’s hand. I headed back through the house and wasn’t surprised to find Thomas waiting in our room. Vicky’s eyes widened when she saw him and Ash pushed me away before pulling her towards the bed, “You are going to love Thomas.”

I waited as Ash sat her down and Thomas knelt between her legs. I went outside to find everyone and absently sat beside Katrina. She smiled and took my hand, “master?”

I looked at her and she grinned, “Will you watch the babies?”

She looked at Stef as he cuddled and rocked two babies, “I promised Stef a few minutes.”

Stef had surprised me, after the babies were born he seemed to spend most of his time caring for them and cuddling them. I smiled, “What would you say to letting him breed you?”

Her eyes widened and she hugged me, “Can he?”

I caressed her face and gave her a kiss, “unless you want magical help, he is the only one you can use until you are pregnant.”

Katrina grinned, “I can do that.”

I caressed her pelvis as I felt within, “You are ready if you want me to remove the breeding block.”

She nodded and I whispered the spell before giving her a kiss, “Go make babies kitten.”

She grinned as she stood and stepped to Stef, “Come with me Stef. My master said you can breed me.”

Stef looked at me quickly and I nodded. He grinned and rose to take her hand, “Thank you master.”

I grinned as they walked into the house and glanced at Vixen as she giggled, “They won’t come out for a couple of days.”

Mom and Dianne laughed and shifted around to watch Edward, Samuel and Robert. I grinned at the three fox males as they played some game with Sabrina, Tabitha, Brooky and Holly. I shook my head as Ivy moved over beside me with our son, “Ron is back with Sasha. Sasha said he got Jill pregnant.”

I grinned and kissed her before absently floating one of my daughters back to me as she tried to crawl away, “Tannia finished her tree house and I made the nanny for our daughter. She should be coming over later.”

Ivy grinned, “I know, Ash’s nymph said she is horny and needs you bad.”

I laughed and then looked towards a group of horses moving towards us. I frowned and then stood, “Take the children into the house!”

Ivy didn’t hesitate and the babies all lifted and flew towards the door as my four yard wards moved to face the horses. My mom, Dianne and my sisters stood with me as I sent Brook and Holly after Ivy with the fox males. As the horses got closer I could see the lips pulled back showing a mouth full of sharp teeth, these were Pooka and not horses. As the first crossed into my yard and I began a spell, Bob and Vicky were suddenly there with bows.

The lead Pooka screamed as an arrow sank into it’s broad chest and another arrow struck it in the throat. I gestured and it burst into a tower of white flame. Spells from mom, Dianne and my sisters struck the others and then Ash was there with Dave and Pamela and more spells struck the herd. It wasn’t long before it was over and I moved forward to swirl the ashes together. I looked out towards where the herd had come from, “Pooka don’t travel in herds.”

Dave stopped beside me, “They do if they are sent.”

I glanced at him, “against a mage household?”

He shook his head, “The children.”

I looked out again, “Whoever it is will try again.”

He nodded and I turned as Ash and Crystal slipped under my arms. I kissed both, “I need to go look something up.”

Ash nodded, “We’ll keep the children inside.”

I nodded, “Get together and put up a shield too.”

Dave and Pamela followed me and stood in the library doorway as I stood looking at the huge book selves filled with my books, scrolls, tablets and texts. I finally picked out what looked like a crystal tablet and carried it to the desk. Dave walked closer and looked over my shoulder as I sat. The tablet seemed to split into very thin slabs as I pressed on the bottom corners and he hissed, “I never knew it did that.”

I glanced at him, “You read it?”

He nodded, “The top one.”

I smiled and slowly looked through each slate and handed it to Dave before moving to the next. I stopped at the fifth to read it carefully. I finally nodded and handed the rest to him, “I think I will use this one.”

I stood and went back outside to see Bob and Vicky sitting together sharpening arrowheads. I smiled and began whispering the spell from the crystal tablet. Crystal was suddenly kneeling behind me and a moment later so was Katrina and Vixen. I continued the spell, ignoring the others as they came out. A large misty circle formed in front of me and a shape appeared.

I frowned and whispered another spell and the image became clear. He lifted his head and seemed to be looking at me before growling and gesturing. The mist darkened and I murmured a spell and it burst into flames. I turned to see Pamela and Dave, “That was a druid and by the look an old one.”

Pamela sucked in a breath, “He should be dead!”

Dave looked angry and I shrugged, “who is he and why did he send the Pooka?”

Pamela looked at Dave and he nodded and looked at me, “We don’t know his name. He turned from the druids path and became a warlock. When Pamela refused him... he destroyed her tree with leach fire.”

I glanced at her angry face and smiled, “He is in for a surprise now. Go ward your tree and I will deal with him.”

Dave looked skeptical but Pamela nodded and turned to start walking. Bob and Vicky both stood and started following her and Dave fell in behind. I sighed and nodded to Crystal, Katrina and Vixen, “Stay and guard our babies.”

I looked at Ash, “I’ll be back.”

I summoned my staff and turned to head towards the school. The image I saw around the warlock was from an old hall I had only been in once. It was actually abandoned and just inside the forest and overgrown with Strangle Vines and Lions Claws. I walked through the large double doors and into the hall and at the other end the warlock turned, “I have been expecting you.”

I continued towards him, “You sent Pooka after my children.”

He looked startled, “Yours? But...”

He shook his head, “You must be descended from her to live in her coven house.”

I shook my head, “Sorry, I bought it last year.”

He looked at me as I stopped six feet away, “but it is connected to you.”

I grinned, “We seem to like each other.”

He looked away, “I felt her wake.”

I nodded, “I brought her back with her tree.”

He looked at me and snarled, “You lie!”

I shook my head, “Enough games. Will you surrender?”

He gestured and started a spell and I pointed my staff and released the energy. The bolt of lightning struck him and he screamed. He burst into flames that soared up to the roof as he continued to twist and jerk. When the flames died, he was just another pile of ash. I gestured and brought a large jar to me. The ash shifted and filled the jar before I placed a lid on it.

I looked around and began a slow walk around the hall. Several teachers and Headmaster Thortle rushed in. I glanced at them but continued to check the hall. The headmaster walked to me as I stopped beside an engraved mural of a twisted tree. He cleared his throat, “A mage was killed.”

I glanced at him before reaching out to touch a broken branch, “A warlock actually.”

The wall grated as it moved back to reveal a set of narrow stairs. I looked at the headmaster, “he was linked to the ancient nymph I brought back.”

Professor Jesse walked towards us as I started down the stairs. The stairs went down a long way before turning to open into a huge room. Headmaster Thortle sucked in a breath at the stink of death and dark magic. Professor Jesse growled and fire swept out to engulf everything. I turned to look at him with the headmaster. He snarled, “This is a perversion of Druid magic!”

I smiled, “Well, the warlock was a druid before he changed.”

Headmaster Thortle gestured to a large stone tree trunk and I walked closer and began reading the runes as I slowly walked around it. The Headmaster waited with Professor Jesse until I finished. I thought and shook my head, “If I leave this he will return and students may be killed... well, drained.”

They nodded and I thought before I started a long difficult spell. Both the headmaster and Professor Jesse channeled magic to me as I continued to chant. I finally released the spell as I reached out to touch the stone tree. There was a bell like sound and a scream before the tree began to shake and vibrate. I stepped back and watched as it slowly collapsed on itself and turn to sand.

I nodded and turned to the stairs, “Well, I have a new book of Fairies I was reading.”

They looked at me as I left, I walked home and when I came into the front glen I released my staff and sent it to a corner. Ash came into my arms and then it was Crystal, Katrina, Vixen and then the rest of my family. I grinned at Pamela and David sitting with their protectors, “Your warlock is dead and won’t return.”

I looked at Ash, “I’m horny.”

She laughed and shook me, “You always get horny after you do strong magic.”

I grinned, “So whose turn is it?”

She smiled and turned, “Mom?”

Dianne laughed and grabbed mom’s hand, “Come on Elizabeth.”

I kissed Crystal and caressed Katrina, “Go bed Stef and make babies.”

She smiled and turned to look for Stef. I kissed Vixen and she smiled before pushing me toward Dianne and mom. Dianne took my hand and led me towards the hall. Dianne and mom had moved into a room together and I smiled at the cabin look of the room with the cradles in a corner. I slipped my robe off as I followed them to the bed. Mom moved over as Dianne laid back and spread her legs.

I was extremely horny as I moved up and kissed her. I lifted up and pushed and Dianne grunted as my cock forced her pussy open. Mom chuckled, “I told you that spell would make your pussy tight.”

I smiled and kissed Dianne before starting to fuck her. She shuddered and began lifting her hips to meet each thrust. She frowned, “something is wrong.”

I groaned as my cock pushed deeper and her pussy squeezed and grasped. Mom rubbed my back, “What is it Di?”

She jerked and shook, “He is breeding me Elizabeth!”

Mom was suddenly pulling me out of Dianne as I jerked and shuddered. Dianne groaned and closed her legs as mom held me, “Baby?”

I groaned as I realized what was happening, “A side effect of the seer spell mom. I need...”

She sighed and lay back pulling me between her own legs, “Do it baby.”

I pushed into her and shuddered hard. I fucked mom with long, deep thrusts as Dianne slipped off the bed and ran out. I started grinding against her as she jerked. My cock was pushing against her womb each time I buried it.

Ash was suddenly there with everyone else gathered around. Mom started thrashing around and shaking as Dianne slipped onto the bed and took her hand. I thrust into her and growled as I spewed huge spurts of cum. Mom lifted her hips as she hugged me, “BABY!”

I shuddered and jerked as my magic striped mom of her defenses and I bred her. Her womb was full when I stopped cumming and pulled out. I looked around but everything was hazy, Ash gasped, “Shit!”

She pulled Dianne off the bed, “Someone go get Tannia or one of the other nymphs!”

I reached for Ash and she came into my arms, “Fight it Kevin!”

I caressed her body ignoring everything except her. She kissed me and pushed me onto my back before straddling me. I growled again and Ash quickly lifted up and positioned my cock. She sat slowly and impaled herself. She rubbed my chest as she began to rock and smiled, “We wanted to wait but I guess another baby now would be okay.”

I jerked and shuddered as her tight, warm pussy kept squeezing my cock. Brooky moved onto the bed and put her hand on my shoulder as she began murmuring a spell. I groaned and shook before hastily lifting Ash. Brooky gasped as magic swirled around her and I grabbed her, “NO!”

She started shaking and spasming as I used a dead language while moving over her. I pushed into her and started fucking her but continued to murmur the spell. Brooky was convulsing and her eyes were rolled back when I thrust into her and started peeing cum. My spell exploded around us in sparkling light and dancing wisps of mist.

Brooky screamed as her womb expanded until her pelvis was bulging. I was jerking and convulsing as pain laced through me. I twisted off Brooky and threw a shield out to push everyone away. I jerked and spasmed as I curled into a ball.

It was a long time before sanity returned and I lifted my head to look at an unconscious Brooky. Dianne was holding her and looked at me, “What happened?”

I slowly straightened before carefully moving off the bed, “The seer spell had a side effect. At the most it would have ended with Ash. The druid... warlock’s affinity caused a ripple. Brooky tried to pull me back with her own magic. Unfortunately she wasn’t a nymph or close enough to nature.”

I moved slowly towards the door, “She split the spell and magnified it. She also pulled it into herself.”

I stopped and looked at the bed, “The spell shifted some of her eggs.”

Dianne bit her lips, “How many?”

I looked at Brooky, “A lot.”

I slowly walked out and moved through the house to the room with a scented pool in a grotto. I slipped in and lay back before letting go. The room exploded in sparks and plumes of colored ribbons of mist and lightning. I heard the gasps and cries as I continued to release the spell that drained me of all my magic.
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