(For the women that always tempt me)
I woke to Ash’s almost hot pussy pushing down around my cock. I shuddered and reached up to cup her breasts. She began rocking and thrusting back and forth as her pussy squeezed and grasped at my cock. I felt her body and rubbed her nipples as she slowly became erratic and started jerking and shaking.

I pulled her down and rolled over to fuck her with long, hard thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me and cried out as her tight pussy spasmed. I continued to fuck her and finally shuddered as I suddenly felt myself starting to cum. I thrust into her and grunted as I began to pump strong gushes. Ash arched her back as warm cum filled her, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I kissed her and held her even after I was done cumming. She sighed and hugged me before pushing me off her, “gotta pee!”

She scrambled out of bed and ran into the bathroom as I watched. I shook my head and went to wash before going to the kitchen. Mom was grinning when I walked in and stood. I sat and she opened my robe to slowly sit on my cock, “Morning baby.”

I smiled and kissed her before looking at Brooky and whispering the spell to release my sperm from her womb. She gasped and shuddered before looking between her legs, “oh!”

Ash laughed as she walked in and bent to kiss her cheek, “welcome to my family.”

Mom was slowly thrusting back and fourth and shuddering. Ash stopped to kiss her passionately and caress one of the fox boys, Samuel I think. Ivy and Holly struggled in with Crystal, Katrina and Vixen. Mom was shuddering and her pussy as squeezing and grasping my cock as she began to rock instead of thrust. I continued to feel her body as she groaned and wet me.

I glanced at Dianne and my sisters as they came in with Robert, Edward and Stef who looked tired. Mom groaned and shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and she wet me. I rubbed and caressed her hips as I looked at Stef, “Have you learned your lesson.”

He nodded, “Yes.”

I nodded and looked at my sisters, “Then you may touch your mistresses again.”

He smiled and leaned against Sabrina, “thank you.”

Mom shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock again. I held her waist and pulled and pushed her back and forth. She started convulsing as my cock fucked her pussy and a few minutes later I stood and held her fully impaled as I grunted and began spewing a huge, gushing geyser. She screamed as she felt the warm cum erupting inside her against her womb and convulsed harder.

I held her as I pumped and spurted deep inside her and she kept jerking and shuddering as she clung to me. When I stopped, she sighed and I sat down and let her lean against me. Cum was leaking out of her as she caught her breath. She leaned back and kissed me, “thanks baby.”

She stood and went back to her chair as the others started sitting down. All the girls started arriving as I was finishing breakfast and Ash kissed my cheek, “Do Brooky during the first break.”

Everyone sat in on my first class and had taken up Ash’s dress code so they were naked. When I ended the class the girls were smiling as I gestured, “take your break.”

Brooky didn’t wait and walked to me as the girls grinned and relaxed. She bent to kiss me before opening my robe and straddling me. I cupped her breasts as she lifted and positioned my cock. She sighed and shivered as she slowly sat with my cock pushing up into her. I caressed her sides as she began to thrust back and forth. Her tight pussy kept spasming and squeezing my cock as she began to shudder.

I wasn’t surprised to see Stef, Thomas and the fox boys following Ash into the room. The girls almost purred as they were pulled into the group. Brooky laughed and jerked as the girls began kissing and fucking the boys. I held Brooky’s butt as she started panting and fucking me harder. She started tossing her head before suddenly stiffening and then thrashing around, “YES!”

I held her spasming body as she kept jerking and it was a few minutes before she shuddered and sighed. She kissed me as she went back to thrusting and rocking on my cock. There were moans and sighed around the room as the girls were fucked. Crystal, Katrina and Vixen were even mixed in with the girls. A few minutes more and Brooky started convulsing as her pussy tightened. She stiffened and screamed as she squirted a little, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I held her hips as she spasmed and thrust in and out as I pulled her back and forth. She was jerking and shaking uncontrollably as she moaned and shuddered. A minute later I held her close as I spewed a fountain of cum up inside her. Brooky jerked as she felt the erupting of warm sperm and clutched at me, “YES!”

I spewed and pumped and sprayed cum into her until I was finished. She sighed and leaned against me when I was done and her pussy squeezed my cock. She pushed back and kissed me before looking around, “Ash said Sabrina was next break.”

I laughed and helped her stand. She whispered a spell to clean the cum leaking out of her before moving back to sit down. I waited until the girls seemed to realize their break was over. The boys sighed and smiled at me a little timidly before going to Ash by the door. She had Crystal, Katrine and Vixen already with her and whispered something to them before sitting down beside her mother.

After the class I fucked Sabrina as she knelt in my chair and after the next class I fucked Tabitha. When I gave the girls a long break before moving to my workroom Dianne pulled me after her. Her room was like a small forest clearing with birds singing in the branches. She smiled as she moved onto her bed and lay back. I followed her as my robe slipped off and moved over her and kissed her.

She groaned and shuddered as my cock pushed into her and lifted her hips. I kissed her as I fucked her nice and slow. She kept sighing and shuddering as her pussy tried to milk my cock. She kissed me and grinned, “The boys are having fun today. Ash told them they could fuck as many girls as would let them.”

I buried my cock to press and grind on her and she shuddered as her pussy spasmed. She shook me, “Ash is spacing you out to see if you can do all of us.”

I laughed and fucked her hard and she lifted her legs and howled as her body jerked and convulsed. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts and she kept jerking and crying out. I finally thrust into her and held her spasming body as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She clung to me as I poured my cum into her and then she sighed when I finished. I kissed her and pulled out, “Have you talked to a doctor about the babies yet?”

She smiled and rubbed her tummy, “yes. She said they will be fine but in a few months I need to take it easy.”

I nodded and kissed her before moving off the bed and bringing my robe to me. The last class went extremely well as I walked through a difficult potion step by step. I released them for the day and they grinned and stopped at the door to kiss each boy before leaving. Ivy walked to me with a sway to her hips, “Fuck me Kevin.”

I laughed as Ash grinned from the door, “To my bed witch.”

She grinned and grabbed my hand before pulling me after her. I kissed Ash on my way past and followed Ivy to our room. I slipped my robe off as I stalked after her and opened her legs on the bed. I licked through her pussy and she shuddered as I began nibbling. I teased her clit and sucked on it before pushing my tongue inside her. It wasn’t long before she arched her back and cried out as she shuddered.

I moved up her body and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. I began to fuck her as she continued to shake and lift her hips. I buried my cock after a minute and kissed her passionately as I pressed and ground against her. Her tight pussy got wetter as it squeezed my cock. Ivy began to convulse and jerk around as I fucked her hard.

She lifted her legs and screamed as my cock began pushing deeper. A couple of minutes later I held her as I began spewing thick spurts of cum. She wrapped her legs around me as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming she shuddered hard and sighed before relaxing and letting her legs drop to the bed. I kissed her and pulled out before caressing her tummy. She grinned and I rolled off the bed. When I walked into the kitchen Ash was grinning, “three more to go.”

I crossed to hold her and kissed her, “Four.”

She raised an eyebrow and I grinned, “I am doing you again.”

She laughed and kissed me before turning to mom and Dianne, “so... the only one not pregnant is Vixen.”

I looked at them as they nodded and sighed, “scheming?”

Ash grinned at me as mom and Dianne laughed. She kissed me and pressed against me, “Holly said she will be back later after she talks with her mom.”

I held Ash’s hips and smiled, “and why does that interest you?”

Ash laughed and thrust into me, “Because she is a good fuck and I think you converted her.”

I grinned and kissed her before letting her go, “I’ll be in my library.”

She laughed again as I left and buried myself in an ancient stone book. The pages were very thin but the book was still heavy since it had a hundred pages. I glanced at Crystal when she touched my shoulder an hour later. She smiled, “Need?”

I smiled and turned to pull her onto my lap, “you say, I need you Kevin.”

She caressed my face, “yes.”

I shook my head and kissed her and stood. I let her pull me out but she turned and headed deeper into the house. She looked around before pulling me through a bush and into what almost seemed like a cave. There was thick moss covering the floor and she led me to a high bed. I stopped her and lifted her up to sit on the edge. I looked into her face, “It is a nice room but you will not have our babies here.”

She frowned and I caressed her thighs, “They will be born with your sisters there to protect them.”

Crystal sighed, “take.”

I climbed up onto her bed as my robe slipped off and pulled her against me, “No one will take. Did Ash take your litter last time?”

She shook her head and put it on my shoulder. I caressed her, “Our daughters will need to know all their mothers. After they are born we will bring them here if you like but you remember your promise.”

Crystal sighed and her hand slipped down to stroke my cock. I pulled her on top of me and she sat up, “will share den with Vixen.”

I smiled as she lifted up and reached for my cock, “You like Vixen?”

She nodded as she slowly sat on my cock and began to rock as her tight pussy squeezed. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and sighing. Her fingers rubbed my chest as her claws slipped out slightly. I cupped her breasts and began kneading them and she jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled and tightened.

She changed to rolling thrusts as her breathing became harder. I slipped one hand down and started rubbing her clit and she jerked and began shaking hard, “Kevin!”

I pulled her down and rolled before thrusting into her and kissing her. I held her as she jerked and shuddered and finally she sighed, “Was good.”

I grinned and kissed her before starting to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She was purring as her tail began to caress my hip and back. After a few minutes she was shuddering and shaking and growling.

I grinned and kissed her before fucking her hard. It wasn’t long before I was spurting and spewing deep inside her as she spread and lifted her legs. Crystal jerked and spasmed as cum began leaking out of her. When I stopped cumming I just held her as my cock throbbed inside her. She sighed and relaxed as she rubbed and caressed my back, “Liked.”

I pulled out and caressed her body before turning to drop off the bed. I caught her when she followed me and hugged her before taking her hand. She left me at the library and I went back to my stone book. It was over an hour before Katrine came to get me. She led me to our bedroom and caressed my chest, “Ash said you have to fuck me.”

I grinned and back her to the bed. I sat her down and knelt to spread her legs and push her back. I caressed and rubbed her pelvis and leaned forward to lick through her pussy. She moaned and held my head lightly as I licked and nibbled and teased. I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy and Katrina lifted her hips with a shudder.

I started sucking on her clit and wiggling the tip of my tongue against it. She jerked and shuddered before pulling on me. I stood and gestured to slid her all the way onto the bed. I moved after her and lay between her spread legs to kiss her. I forced my cock into her as we kissed and began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She shuddered as she put her legs over mine and lifted her hips, it wasn’t long before I was in her completely.

I began fucking her with short jabbing thrusts and she started shaking as her pussy tightened. A few minutes later she was spasming and convulsing as she wet me. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and she clung to me as she mewed and purred louder. Her tail was caressing my hips and almost felt as if it was tugging on me.

I changed to long, deep thrusts and she groaned as she wet me again. I finally thrust into her and held her as I began to spurt and pump cum. Katrina lifted her legs as she thrashed around, “WANT!”

I continued to spew cum into her belly as she shuddered and jerked. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and bent to kiss her. I pulled her up and after me as I went looking for Ash. She was in the kitchen with mom and Dianne as the others began coming in. Stef looked satisfied and Sabrina and Tabitha looked used. Ivy and Brooky came in looking disarrayed with Robert, Edward and Samuel following. I grinned as I sat and pulled Katrina onto my lap.

Crystal led Vixen and Thomas in a few moments later as dinner started floating to the table. I held Katrina and fed her as we ate and Ash came to kiss me and caress Katrina. After dinner everyone left as I watched the kitchen clean itself. I sighed and went into the living room where Ash, Ivy, Dianne and mom were watching a large holograph.

I smiled as I realized it was supposed to be Dianne’s babies as they aged. I headed back to my workroom and a new project. It was a couple of hours before Vixen slid onto my lap, “Ash sent me to you.”

I smiled and hugged her before looking at the Ruby Nymph. I sighed and stood with Vixen and turned to lead her to our bedroom. I slipped my robe off and laid her back on the bed before caressing her body. I kissed her gently and slipped a finger through her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She shivered as her hips lifted and moaned as I kissed her again.

I bent to lick and suck on her nipples and Vixen groaned and held my head. My finger was fucking over her clit and down into her pussy as she slowly fucked it. She turned and rolled me onto my back as she straddled me and lifted up for me to position my cock. She was still tight and warm as she slowly pushed down to impale herself on my cock.

She sighed and closed her eyes before shivering as her pussy squeezed my cock. She opened her eyes and looked into mine as she began rocking and twisting her hips. I groaned at the feeling and reached up to feel her breasts. Vixen shuddered as my cock began pressing into her deeper. She caressed my chest, “Ash prepared me to get pregnant.”

I rubbed her nipples, “Is that what you wanted?”

She spasmed and shook as her pussy rippled around my cock and she became erratic. She jerked and started thrusting a little harder, “you are my mate and I should have a litter.”

I pulled her down to feel her against me before lifting her hips. I slid her off me and turned and went to my knees. I turned her onto her stomach and lifted her butt. I moved her long bushy tail and slowly pushed back into her. Vixen groaned as she thrust back onto my cock. I held her as I began to fuck her nice and slow with deep thrusts.

Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock and she was shaking and spasming. I felt her wet me a couple of times when her pussy tightened and she whimpered. I finally started fucking her with long, hard thrusts and Vixen howled as I fucked against her cervix. I buried my cock as she wet me again and started spurting large ropes of cum.

She stiffened and growled as she felt warm sperm pumping into her. I held her as I bred her and she finally sighed and relaxed down onto the bed, pulling my cock out. I laid on top and kissed her cheek before moving over and laying beside her. I caressed her body and she finally smiled. I patted her butt and slid out of bed as I brought my robe to me.

I found everyone in the larger than normal living room and crossed to sit beside Ash. She grinned and leaned against me as she watched Sabrina and Ivy teaching Thomas about oral sex with Tabitha as their victim. I smiled and Ash kissed my cheek, “Holly is moving in.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “she can fuck all the women she wants here as well as you.”

She looked away from Thomas and at me, “Ron told us about the werewolves last night. There’s some doctor coming to see you.”

I shrugged and turned to kiss her and she sighed and held me, “You did all of us.”

I rubbed her nipple, “and I’m going to do you again when we go to bed.”

She grinned and kissed me passionately as Tabitha screamed. I looked and grinned, “Thomas? Why don’t you fuck Ivy.”

He turned his head to look at me and looked at Ivy fingering her pussy. He smiled and moved away from Tabitha’s shuddering body to kiss Ivy and push her back. Sabrina laughed as she moved over our sister and kissed her. I looked around at our family and stood pulling Ash up. She grinned as I pulled her after me and back to our room.

I blinked when I walked in the room to see Tannia in our bed. Ash laughed and kissed my cheek before climbing on the bed and kissing Tannia. She turned and held out her hand, “You have one more.”

I smiled and slipped out of my robe as I walked to the bed. I climbed on and kiss Ash before moving between Tannia spread legs. I kissed her as she hugged me, “I need you Kevin.”

I kissed her again before kissing down her body. I sucked on her nipples and moved on to lick through her pussy. She groaned and shuddered as her hips lifted. I opened her pussy before licking her again and pushing my tongue inside her. Tannia moaned as Ash kissed her and played with her breasts while I nibbled on her labia and then her clit.

She arched her back and cried out as her body shook. She squirted a tiny bit as I sucked on her clit and teased it with the tip of my tongue. Before long she was spasming and jerking and Ash pulled on me to move up her body. I pushed into her and kissed her as I drove my cock deeper. I started fucking her as we kissed and she moaned into my mouth as her body shuddered.

It wasn’t long before she was jerking as her pussy began to milk my cock. I pushed all the way into her and kept kissing her as I pressed and humped. Tannia stiffened and began convulsing as her pussy squeezed my cock tight, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

She jerked and spasmed and wailed as I fucked her hard and deep. It was a few more minutes before she began thrashing around and whimpering. I thrust into her and held her bucking body as I spurted and spewed cum. Tannia arched her back and screamed as she felt my warm sperm flooding her, “Kevin!”

She jerked and shuddered and convulsed as her pussy milked the cum into her body. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed panting and hugged me, “Thank you Kevin. I... I tried to use a couple of other boys but I needed you bad.”

Ash laughed and turned her head to kiss her, “What did I tell you Tannia?”

Tannia sighed, “that I am sealed to you.”

Ash caressed her face as I pulled out and lay beside her, “Your need for Kevin is my need. Don’t fight it next time.”

Tannia grinned and rolled so that she was between Ash’s legs. She lifted up and positioned her leaking pussy before laying on Ash and kissing her. Ash put her arms around Tannia as she started to press and hump against her. I smiled and kissed Tannia on the shoulder before slipping out of bed. I didn’t bother with my robe as I went looking for Holly.

I found her in her room, Edward was under her and she was fucking him. I could see the slight bulge of his knot as I walked to the bed. I moved onto the bed and straddled his legs as I moved up behind Holly. She was cummy and I bent my cock to press against her ass. She pushed back but kept kissing Edward as she rocked back and forth.

I started to fuck against her ass slowly and it wasn’t long before she groaned as the head of my cock was fucking in and out. Gradually my cock was going deeper and Holly was jerking and shuddering hard. She was moaning as her ass kept tightening and I finally pushed into her completely. Edward whimpered and I felt the warmth as he pumped his cum into her belly.

I shuddered as I pressed into her completely and held her as I started to pump and spew cum. Holly howled as both her holes were filled. She spasmed and jerked as our cum pumped and spurted into her. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and bent to kiss her bare shoulder. She giggled as she looked back and I smiled as I moved off the bed and cleaned us.

I returned to our room to find Ash laid back with Thomas fucking her slowly. Crystal, Katrina and Vixen were beside them as I slipped into bed. Ash was caressing Thomas as he purred and fucked her. She looked at me and smiled as Thomas thrust into her and started shuddering as he pumped cum into her.

I moved over between Katrina and Vixen and they snuggled against me. After Thomas pulled out of Ash, he snuggled against her and Crystal put her head on Ash’s other shoulder. I slept peacefully and dreamed of a warm sunny forest.
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