(For the women that always tempt me)
When we walked into the house, Ash, Ivy and my sisters were sitting on the couch. Ash stood with a frown and I turned to Dianne, “Would you and Elizabeth find a room she likes?”

She nodded and I watched them walk towards the hall. I shook my head and gestured to Ash. She squealed as she was suddenly flying towards me. I caught her and caressed her body before looking at Ivy, “Your father was caught with her and her father having sex. Your Aunt came to Dianne and I had to step in. She threw her at me and said she would not have a whore stay with her boys. I...”

I looked into Ash’s eyes, “She was so like you that I didn’t resist the binding she put on us.”

Ash smiled and Ivy shook her head, “Dad was fucking her?”

I nodded as I looked at Ivy, “They were doing her together.”

Ash sighed as she stepped back, “I better go speak with her.”

I glanced around, “Where’s Crystal and Katrina?”

Ash grinned, “taking care of Holly.”

I grinned, “And Thomas?”

She turned to look towards the kitchen with a grin, “Waiting.”

I nodded, “He will need you as soon as I finish.”

Ash kissed my cheek and walked towards the hall. I glanced at Sabrina and Tabitha caressing the four foxes, “Their next.”

They grinned and I pulled Ivy after me as I headed into the kitchen and to the cold room. I glanced at Thomas sitting calmly by the table and sat in front of him with the cold room door open. I looked at Ivy, “watch everything and try to follow.”

She nodded as she sat beside me and I took a breath before beginning. First was the change to his body and he slowly shifting shape to a man. Next were those to increase his size and he slowly grew taller, finally the changes to his bond. When I stopped he shuddered and smiled at me before looking passed me to Ash. I glanced back and smiled, “Take him to bed.”

She was almost purring as she came to help him stand. I watched as his tail wrapped around her as she half carried him out. I sighed and looked at a grinning Ivy, “Ask Sabrina and Tabitha to bring the foxes in.”

It was a few minutes before I sat looking at one of the male foxes and began the spells again. Since there was no bond but one of imprinting by Holly I strengthened it into a bond spell. I sighed and looked at Sabrina as she came to help him up. I summoned my staff to do the next three and finally sighed when I finished. I looked at Ivy who was holding one of the males, “Do you understand?”

She grinned and nodded and Brooky cleared her throat, “I understand too.”

I smiled as I stood and moved to lift the vixen into my arms, “Where is Ash?”

She grinned, “Still with Thomas and Dianne and Elizabeth are with Stef.”

I looked at Sabrina and Tabitha, “you girls have fun.”

They grinned and almost purred, “we will.”

I carried the vixen to our bedroom where Ash was on her back with Thomas between her legs fucking her. I grinned and set Vixen beside her and caressed her body as I watched Ash. She groaned as Thomas thrust into her and shivered as he began pumping cum into her. I looked at Vixen, “Would you like to do that?”

She touched my chest and reached down to rub my cock through the robe. I slipped my robe off and she wrapped her small hand around my cock. Brooky walked up to put her arms around me and looked at Ash, “Can I fuck him Ash?”

Ash laughed as she rolled to straddle Thomas, “Let him do his Vixen and then he will fuck you longer.”

I grinned as I rubbed Vixen’s breasts and reached down to her exposed pussy. She shivered when I ran a finger through her pussy and laid back pulling on my cock. I grinned and lifted her legs before rubbing my cock back and forth through her pussy and then slowly forced it into her. She whined as her tight pussy was spread open and I sank all the way into her.

I caressed her hips as Brooky moved onto the bed beside her and cupped a breast before bending to kiss her. She ran her fingers through the white downy soft fur on her breasts and then down to her pelvis, “Want me to help?”

I grinned as Ash moaned and then giggled, “Silly question.”

Even from the side of the bed I could hear Thomas purring as his hands kneaded Ash’s breasts. I began to fuck Vixen with long, slow thrusts and Brooky bent to kiss her as her hand began caressing and rubbing her clit. Her pussy started squeezing and letting my cock go as she whined and held Brooky. My cock was slowly pushing open her cervix and she was shaking.

It was only a few minutes before she started spasming and grunting as her tight pussy gripped my cock. I fucked her hard as I held her hips and a minute later thrust into her as my balls churned. Brooky was still kissing her as I began peeing warm sperm into her. Vixen lifted her legs and spread them wide as she felt the flood pumping into her.

She jerked and shook as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my pumping cock. When I stopped cumming, there was cum leaking out of her and down over her cute asshole. I bent to kiss her and pulled out before turning her on the bed. Ash was on her side facing us with Thomas behind her fucking her slowly. She shuddered, “Fuck Brooky.”

Brooky grinned and pulled me onto the bed and laid me back before straddling me, “This way and I am very fertile. Mom said I would only have twins or triplets.”

I held her hip with one hand and reached next to us for Vixen’s pelvis. Brooky groaned as my cock slid into her and shuddered. I caressed Vixen and slipped a finger through her wet, cummy slit. Brooky started to thrust back and forth and rocking as I fingered and rubbed Vixen’s pussy.

Brooky’s pussy kept spasming as she shuddered and moaned quietly. Ash grunted and I looked at her to see Thomas holding her as he put more cum in her already slimy pussy. Brooky groaned, “I’m doing him next.”

Ash laughed and looked back at Thomas, “Want to fuck a new pussy Thomas?”

He purred louder and leaned against Ash as she grinned at me. Vixen spasmed and grabbed my hand as her pussy tightened around my finger. Brooky groaned and shook as the hand I had on her hip went to her clit and rubbed hard. She stiffened and screamed as her pussy clamped down on my cock, “fuck!”

She thrashed around and jerked back and forth. I pulled my finger from Vixen and pulled Brooky down before shifting around until I was over her. I started fucking her with long, deep strokes and she wrapped her legs around me, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I kept going and ignored her moans and spasms. Each thrust into her I ground against her and pressed into her harder. I finally grunted and looked at Ash as I buried my cock, “Ash?”

She was only holding Thomas and grinned, “Breed the bitch.”

I shuddered and Brooky thrust up hard as I was suddenly peeing cum into her waiting womb. She screamed as she felt the warm sperm flooding her and had a jerky seizure, “cumming!”

I held her and murmured a spell as she thrashed around. When I shuddered and relaxed she sagged, “God you cum a lot.”

Ash laughed, “Get used to it.”

I rolled over and she looked between us at her slightly bugling pelvis, “I’m not leaking.”

I lifted her off me as I turned to Vixen, “I was told to breed you.”

She laughed as she reached to Ash, “Thanks Ash.”

I caressed Vixen, “I know you can understand me and I know you can speak.”

She looked towards Ash, “She is your mate?”

I shifted and moved between her legs and settled as she slowly lifted her arms to hold me. I looked at Ash, “She is my mate.”

I looked at Vixen, “You are my lover.”

She smiled, “Like the other?”

I kissed her before moving off her and out of bed, “Yes.”

Vixen rolled and moved towards Ash, “We share?”

Ash smiled and patted Thomas, “Fuck Brooky Thomas.”

He rubbed his face against hers and Ash caressed him before rolling out of bed. She reached for Vixen as Brooky grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt. I turned and gestured for my robe as Ash helped Vixen stand. I went to my workroom and sat down to start on a diamond and ruby hawk. Crystal woke me from work by rubbing my shoulders, “Holly likes.”

I grinned as I turned and pulled her onto my lap, “And do you like?”

Crystal was purring as she leaned against me, “Like. Cub likes too.”

I grinned, “Did you see her foxes?”

She nodded, “Will try later. Fucking moms now.”

I grinned, “Did you see Thomas?”

She nodded again, “fucking cub.”

I laughed and caressed her, “Is that why you came to me.”

Crystal nodded, “need. Stef fucking Brooky.”

I lifted her and opened my robe before positioning her and pulling her onto my cock. “Brooky will be pregnant.”

Crystal was purring as she thrust back and forth, “needs litter.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipples, “yes.”

Her pussy squeezed my cock and she spasmed and leaned in. She started to become erratic and was having light convulsion as her pussy tightened. I thrust into her suddenly and Crystal stiffened before thrashing around, “Kevin!”

She jerked and shook as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I held her against me and stroked her back and sides as she shuddered and finally sighed and began rocking again. Her slippery pussy fucked my cock in and out, squeezing it each time she buried it. I pushed her back a little and cupped her breasts before looking at the door.

Ash led Ivy and Vixen in as Crystal stiffened again and began jerking and thrashing around, “NEED!”

I tugged on her nipples and then held her hips as she continued to spasm and began to fuck up into her. I was careful not to press to hard but Crystal began to growl and her claws held my shoulders. I grunted as I felt myself reach the point of release and pulled her down hard and held her as I began spewing and pumping waves of cum. She arched her back as her body stiffened, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I pumped and spewed inside her and Crystal jerked and spasmed until I finished. I kept softly caressing her and she sighed, “Thank you.”

I kissed her, “You’re welcome.”

I looked at Ash and she grinned, “Holly’s boys are doing a good job on our mothers.”

I laughed and hugged Crystal before patting her so I could stand, “Was Thomas what you wanted?”

Ash grinned, “He was loving. I am next on your list.”

Ivy bumped her and Ash sighed, “and then Ivy. Gavin will be leaving.”

I glanced at Ivy as I stood and straightened my robe, “Why?”

She shook her head, “His parents want him to study overseas next year.”

I looked at Vixen, “How are you feeling Vixen?”

She smiled at Ash, “Our mate has been showing me our den and explaining things to me.”

I looked at Ash and she sighed, “You removed the normal instinct to mate for life and it seems to have worked on Robert, Edward and Samuel.”

She looked at a calm Vixen, “Vixen knows but she refuses any but you now.”

I looked at Vixen curiously and Crystal passed me and walked straight to her. I saw Vixen stiffen as Crystal walked around her slowly before coming back to stand in front of her, “Like.”

I looked at Crystal as Ash and Ivy giggled. Crystal reached out to caress Vixen’s face, “Want?”

Vixen’s eyes flicked to me and then back, “yes.”

I could heard Crystal’s purr as she moved into a hesitant Vixen’s arms, “Hold.”

It was a moment before we heard Vixen sigh, “I like you too.”

Crystal pulled back and took her hand, “I teach.”

She pulled Vixen after her and out the door and I looked at Ash and Ivy. They grinned and I shook my head, “Dinner time?”

Ash frowned, “After you get rid of the left over mess in our cold room.”

I turned a little red, “I forgot.”

I went to clean up and then watched the kitchen as it made dinner. Ash was sitting in my lap as everyone made their way in. I grinned when I saw mom and Dianne, “have fun?”

They grinned as they left the three fox males who looked around. Holly walked in behind them and caressed each, “Okay?”

They moved to caress and hold her and she smiled at me, “can I stay?”

I looked at Ash and she grinned, “the males will fuck you too.”

She smiled and caressed one of her male foxes, “After Kevin.”

I looked at her as Ash laughed, “Tonight after Ivy and I finish fucking him you can take a turn.”

Holly grinned and led the three males to a table that seemed to have grown longer. After dinner I headed toward my library and Ash laughed as she pulled me into our room, “After you fuck me.”

I grinned and let my rode slip off before pulling her towards our bathing room. Ash grinned and put her arm around my waist as I walked her into the small grotto like pool. The water was nice and warm as I sat and she straddled me. She positioned my cock and sat down slowly. I caressed her hips and thighs as she sighed and slowly began to rock. She kissed me and smiled, “Thomas was nice but he isn’t you. Just as Robert, Edward and Samuel aren’t you.”

I cupped her breasts as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “Is Gavin really leaving?”

Ash sighed, “Yes.”

I whispered a spell and she shuddered and gasped as tiny sparks and lightning flickered around her nipples. I reached between us to rub her clit as she thrust back and forth erratically. Her pussy spasmed and tightened and she groaned, “God!”

She started rocking, fucking my cock with long strokes that almost pulled it out of her before slamming down to be impaled. She jerked and spasmed and convulsed as her pussy tried to grasp and hold my cock. It was a long thirty minutes before I pulled her down and held her shaking body. Ash screamed as I spewed a solid stream of cum into her.

She shuddered almost violently as her pussy squeezed my pumping cock. I shuddered as I finally stopped cumming and Ash sighed and leaned against me. She softly caressed me as her pussy milked my cock, “Thank you.”

I hugged her and she turned her head to kiss me before sliding back. I grinned and moved after her to caress her body as we washed. After we dried off and walked back into the bedroom we found Ivy on the bed. Ash laughed, “already?”

Ivy grinned, “yeah.”

Ash pushed me towards the bed, “I’m going to see mom.”

I smiled and caressed her butt before walking towards the bed, “I’m sorry about Gavin Ivy.”

She smiled, “We knew it wasn’t like you and Ash.”

I crawled between her legs and bent to lick through her pussy. I nibbled on her clit and started sucking as I began to wiggle my tongue. I fucked her with my tongue while rubbing her clit with a thumb and Ivy groaned and started shuddering, “fuck!”

I smiled and moved up her body to kiss her as I slowly pushed into her. I glanced to the side as Crystal, Katrina, Vixen and Holly sat down. I began to slowly fuck Ivy as she held me and whispered. I looked at her in surprise as a spell of binding sweep over us. I looked into her eyes, “Why did you do that?”

She pulled me into a kiss, “Because Ash said I could.”

I sighed and hugged her before starting to fuck her again. It wasn’t long before Ivy was spasming and jerking around as I buried my cock to jab and hump against her. I let her finish before starting to fuck her again. Crystal, Katrina and even Vixen were licking and kissing Holly as she squirmed around on the bed next to us. I went back to fucking Ivy with long, deep thrusts and she shuddered as she clung to me.

A few minutes later she was convulsing and jerking erratically. Her pussy was grabbing and releasing my cock as she clutched at me. The fourth time she came I was ready and pressed into her as I began to pump and spew. Ivy lifted her hips and sighed as she felt the warm cum spurting into her, “God I love feeling you do that.”

I pumped and spurted until it was running out of her and then I relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before rolling onto my back. Holly laughed and rolled away from Crystal who was holding her. Vixen and Katrina were licking each others pussy and moaning. Holly caressed my chest and grinned, “I haven’t done it with a guy before.”

I reached out to caress her breasts and she shivered before straddling my waist. Ivy held my slimy, cum covered cock and Holly slowly pushed it up into her tight pussy. She groaned as her hands went to my chest, “God that feels good.”

Ivy laughed and rubbed her pelvis, “it gets better. Rock and thrust back and forth.”

Holly grinned at her and began doing as she said and got this amazed look on her face. I continued to feel her breasts as her pussy fucked my cock and kept squeezing it. She shuddered hard when I tugged on her nipples and pinched them. She started to become more erratic and fucked harder. She was breathing hard and shaking before she stiffened and then exploded in jerks and violent shudders as she screamed.

I held her waist as she thrust and wiggled and twisted and finally sighed and lay forward on me. Ivy rubbed her back as Crystal moved closer, “Kevin feel good?”

Holly giggled and turned to look at Crystal, “very good.”

I shifted and rolled until she was under me and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. Holly put her feet over my thighs as she began lifting and thrusting her hips up. Each thrust into her I started pressing and grinding and within a couple of minutes Holly was shuddering and jerking. Several minutes later she was grunting and spasming as her pussy kept squeezing my cock.

She finally stiffened as I got closer to cumming and I buried my cock in her. Holly lifted her legs straight up and howled as I began spewing large jets of cum through and into her belly. She was jerking and thrashing around as her legs kicked. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and hugged me as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “No wonder they love fucking you.”

I kissed her and pulled out before moving over Crystal laid back on the bed. Katrina and Vixen were holding each other as Ivy snuggled against Holly and Crystal put her head on my shoulder. I was just drifting off when I snapped fully awake with a feeling of something waiting. I slipped out of bed and smiled to see Ash holding Ivy. I slipped my robe on and summoned my staff as I went towards the disturbance I felt.

I stepped out the front door and frowned at the seven men and women just outside the yard. I waved the lion and the others away as I walked closer, “What do you want?”

A large shaggy man grinned, “you and the others as soon as the moon rises.”

I glanced at the moon beginning to rise and realized they were werewolves. I looked at the man, “You would do well to leave.”

He laughed as his form shimmered and began to change. I gestured and whispered a spell that lifted all of them into the air several feet. They were snarling and twisting around in the air as I thought. I remembered an ancient scroll and smiled. I began the long and difficult spell and they all began to howl and then scream as their human forms returned.

It was several minutes before I finished and let the group drop to the ground. I walked towards the large man, “The curse has been moved and you will never again shift your shape.”

He glared at me, “We will find another to change us back.”

I laughed, “you are a fool. The curse is still in you but will forever remain locked away. If another bites you, the spell will spread to it.”

I gestured, “leave and do not return.”

I watched as one by one they struggled to their feet and staggered away. I walked into the house to see Ron with his wand and Sasha beside him with a long, sharp dagger. I smiled, “they are gone.”

He nodded and Sasha took his arm. I walked back to my room and grinned when Crystal, Katrina and Vixen lifted their heads to look at me.

I moved my staff to a corner and dropped my robe before walking towards the bed. I turned Vixen on the edge and she opened and then spread her legs. I caressed her hips and rubbed her pussy before fitting my cock and pushing into her. She sighed as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and I began to fuck her. Katrina shifted and came to kiss her before looking at me, “Me next?”

I smiled as I kept fucking Vixen, “If you are wet enough.”

Katrina grinned and laid back before Crystal rolled into her and reached between her legs. I saw Ash go to her elbow and smile as Katrina moaned and buried my cock to rub Vixen’s clit. She sighed and shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock and I went back to fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Her hips lifted to meet mine as she began shaking.

I kept fucking her and a couple of minutes later she started convulsing and laughed as she lifted her legs. I grinned at Ash as she laughed too and kept fucking Vixen. She continued to shudder and jerk until I finally thrust into her and began spurting and pumping large streams of cum. She jerked and thrust her hips up as I flooded her belly with warm sperm. When I finished she smiled and released her legs, “Thank you mate.”

I laughed and bent to kiss her before turning her straight on the bed and looking at a shuddering Katrina. I smiled and moved over Vixen and kissed Crystal as I moved between Katrina’s legs. I pushing into her slowly and she growled as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I hugged her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

By the time I was burying my cock all the way she was shaking and shuddering. She was clutching me as her hips pushed up and her pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes and Katrina howled as she began to convulse. I buried my cock and pressed against her and started jabbing slowly and humping into her.

She kept shaking and jerking around and clung to me. It was ten minutes before I was close and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. I pushed into her nice and deep and hugged her as I began spewing another load of cum. Katrina jerked and roared as she felt warm cum filling her and leaking out. She humped and thrust her pussy onto my cock and then just lay back and shuddered.

I pulled out of her leaking pussy and kissed her before kissing Crystal and moving over Holly and Ivy to Ash. She grinned and turned to snuggle against me, “I get the next load.”

I grinned and caressed her as she sighed and relaxed.
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