(For the women that always tempt me)
I woke with Crystal and Ash in my arms. Sabrina was behind Ash holding her and I turned to caress Crystal. She purred and whispered, “Need?”

I smiled and pushed her onto her back, “Yes.”

She spread her legs and held out her arms. I moved over her and slowly pushed into her and began fucking her. I used long, deep thrusts and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. I buried my cock to hump and press against her and Crystal growled as her body spasmed. I grinned and rubbed her cheek with mine as I went back to fucking her. She stiffened a couple of minutes later and then clutched at me as her body jerked and shook violently, “Kevin!”

Her pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock and I groaned as she milked me. I thrust into her as I began to spew huge streams of my morning cum. Crystal jerked and lifted her hips, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted and sprayed and finally I stopped cumming. Crystal sighed, “Like.”

I grinned and kissed her, “Me too.”

Ash and Sabrina both laughed as I pulled out of Crystal and moved off the bed, “I have some reading to do this morning.”

Ash gestured and my robe slipped out of my hand. I looked at her and she grinned, “Mom will be coming over and Tabitha may want... you to bind her. Also you need to go find Katrina and fuck the pour thing.”

I blinked, “Why?”

Sabrina shook her head, “Because her mother needs to be bound and Tab will want you and Katrina and Stef need to know you are Katrina’s lover first.”

I sighed, “What about all those girls?”

Ash grinned, “You can fuck them too. Your mother may want you to fuck her again as well.”

I turned and walked out. I whispered a finding spell and it led me to Tabitha and Sabrina’s room. Stef was curled up with Katrina draped over him. I smiled and walked to the bed before lifting her. She turned her head to look at me and I rubbed her face with mine, “Need?”

She grinned and nodded her head yes. I carried her to my library and sat in my chair and caressed her body. I smiled at how slick and slimy her pussy was and she shuddered. I turned her so she was facing away and lifted her before fitting my cock to her extremely tight pussy. I helped her push down and my cock slipped into her easily. Katrina shuddered and leaned back against me, “Feels good?”

I laughed and reached around to hold her breasts, “Feels very good but not to deep or the babies may be hurt.”

She nodded and started thrusting back and forth, “Stef smaller.”

I tugged on her nipples, “But you enjoy him fucking you.”

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed, “Yes, like.”

I caressed her, “You promised to speak more. Yes but I enjoy it is what you should have said.”

Katrina groaned and spasmed, “Very much.”

I held her waist and began thrusting into her and she jerked and shook, “YES!”

She twisted to kiss me and pulled off my cock before straddling me and sliding back down my cock, “Want more.”

I laughed and held her waist before thrusting her back and forth. Her pussy kept squeezing me as she jerked and shook. She started rocking and thrusting down to press my cock deeper. Her whole body seemed to vibrate as she grunted and fucked my cock. I kept caressing and feeling her body and finally pulled her hips down and held her.

She spasmed and struggled as my cock throbbed and began to swell. Suddenly I was spewing huge, gushing torrents into her and she froze. She clung to me and whimpered, “Like!”

I spewed and pumped and finally only spurted. When I stopped, cum was leaking out of her and she sagged. I held her against me and kept caressing her body, “Need?”

She shuddered and shook her head. I rubbed her face and slowly lifted her off me, “Go find Crystal and bathe.”

She grinned, “in the scented pond?”

I smiled, “You found a scented pond?”

Katrina nodded, “The little nymph found it with the grey men.”

I patted her butt, “Go find Crystal and take all the other girls with you.”

I turned and watched her walk out with her tail swaying. I reached for the new scroll I had purchased and sat back to read. I had just gotten into it when mom walked in looking pissed. I frowned as I set the scroll aside, “What’s wrong?”

She stalked to me and sat in my lap, “Your father wants to move that witch into my house.”

I held her, “So?”

She sighed, “He didn’t ask Kevin.”

I hugged her, “I thought you and dad were talking again.”

Mom sighed, “No, I am leaving. I’ll find someplace...”

I turned her and looked into her face, “NO!”

She looked at me, “I am not staying with your father and he plans to bring that...”

I touched her lips and sighed. I looked into her eyes and began a spell of binding. Mom’s eyes widened but she didn’t stop me. When I finished the spell, I gestured, “ASH!”

She appeared suddenly and frowned, “I was in a...”

She looked at mom and then at me, “You bound her?”

I patted mom on the butt, “Go with Ash and tell her everything.”

Ash waited as mom stood and turned to look at me, “You may regret this.”

I smiled, “I’m not the one that is going to keep having babies.”

Ash grinned as mom gasped. Ash took her hand and led her towards the door, “I know where there is...”

I shook my head and stood. I summoned my robe before going to look for my father. I found him stomping back and forth in the living room with Ron looking at him angrily. I gestured and my staff flew to my hand which drew their attention. I looked at my father, “You broke trust with mom.”

He looked at me and shook his head, “You don’t...”

I gestured and his arms and legs slammed together and his mouth froze shut, “I was willing to stay out of it. I was even willing to let mother use me to show you what you did. You broke trust with her by more than keeping the woman from getting pregnant. Now you wish to make her watch you with another against her will? You should have known she would never allow that.”

I glanced at Ron as he glared at dad and then looked at dad, “I have bound mother to keep her from leaving. You are no longer welcome in my life.”

Ron gasped as he looked at me and then dad was free. He opened his mouth and I pointed my staff, “Leave.”

He spun and walked towards the door before turning to face me, “And how many women have you gotten pregnant!”

I smiled, “Only the ones my wife has told me too.”

He opened his mouth again and Ron snarled, “Leave!”

He slammed the door on his way out and Ron turned to me, “You bound mom?”

I sighed as I turned towards the hall, “What choice did I have? She is pregnant and was going to leave.”

Ron fell in beside me, “But...”

I laughed and glanced at him, “Sabrina made me bind her in bed with Ash last night. I think they are all crazy.”

Ron looked at me and then smiled, “Tabitha will be looking for you too.”

I sighed, “Ash and Sabrina already told me that, plus Ash’s mom is coming and Ash want’s me to bind her.”

Ron laughed and slapped me on the shoulder, “You’re starting your own coven...”

I stopped and looked around the small clearing we were in. I shook my head, “Sometimes I am dense.”

He grinned, “I could have told you that.”

I gestured around us, “This isn’t just a house. It’s a Nymphs cottage. The school history had a story about a nymph that lost her tree and became a witch. She taught at the school and her coven was the women and girls from the school. They serviced men in her home.”

Ron looked around, “She must have been strong. Most nymphs would never survive if they lost their tree.”

I started walking again, “She was pregnant with a trinity of daughters when it was only supposed to be one.”

Ron nodded, “The babies made her stay.”

I smiled as I turned into my library, “The history says she disappeared.”

Ron pursed his lips, “I think I’ll go find Sasha and ask her about this nymph.”

I sat and glanced at Thomas on a nearby shelf, “What’s the matter are they still in the water?”

He chirped and put his head down as I picked up my scroll. I sighed when I finished and turned to send it to it’s place on a shelf. Ash cleared her throat, “Kevin?”

I looked at her and she shook her head, “You are so forgetful. The girls are here and so is mom.”

I grinned, “It was a new scroll... well, not new but...”

Ash laughed as she came to sit on my lap, “Elizabeth is so happy now.”

I cupped her breasts and kissed her and she stood, “Later, bind mom and then find out what the girls want you to teach them.”

I stood, “Are you sure about this Ash?”

She grinned, “Honey, your mother, Sabrina, Tabitha, Crystal, Katrina and I just got off with each other so many times... I’m sure. With you, Ron, Stef and Gavin, us ladies will be just fine.”

I shook my head, “You are forgetting Katrina and her babies. Some are going to be boys.”

Ash grinned and then laughed, “Oh goody.”

I smiled and stood, “Where is Dianne?”

She took my hand and started walking with me, “In the kitchen with the girls drinking tea.”

When we walked in Ash released my hand as the giggling stopped. I walked straight to Dianne and stood her up. She was naked of course and I caressed her hips and sides before holding her and looking into her eyes. I started the binding spell and her eyes widened but she didn’t pull away or try to stop me.

When I finished I kissed her and turned her to Ash, “See if Stef has finished with the trinity sisterhood. If he has let him take a turn or three.”

Dianne laughed as she strutted towards the hall and I turned to all the girls in the kitchen. “Now, what was it you wanted me to help you with?”

They all grinned and Holly, one of the girls I recognized stepped forward, “Transfiguration, Charms, Enchantment and Potions.”

She looked at the other girls and they nodded. I looked at each girl and turned, “Follow me.”

I led them through the house as they whispered and giggled. I walked into my library and gestured, “take a seat.”

They looked around and summoned cushions to sit on. I glanced at the door to see Ivy and Gavin and nodded before turning my chair and sitting. I started with the basics which made them groan until they realized my basics weren’t the same as the ones they were taught. I spent an hour talking and discussing the basics before stopping.

I looked at them, “Each day we will sit for four hours, one hour for each topic. Between each I will give you a half hour to rest.”

I looked into each face, “The potion class will be in my workroom and like this class you will take notes. Many times a teacher will take facts for granted. Each of you are magic users, that is a fact. Each of you are capable of magic without any device or assistance, that is a fact. There will be times I will select you to try something that you don’t think is possible, it won’t be.”

I looked at Ivy, “I need the emerald dragon.”

She grinned and held out her hand and it dropped into her hand out of empty air. I gestured and it leaped into the air towards me, “You needed me master?”

I sighed, “How many times have I asked you to use my name?”

It landed on the arm of my chair, “Many times.”

I shook my head as the girls giggled, “Find Tabitha.”

It spun and leaped into the air and flew towards the door. I looked at the girls, “You each saw Ivy summon something without her wand. That is one of the things I meant. Take a break and be back here in thirty minutes.”

I walked out and glanced around before heading deeper into the house. The dragon flew threw a bush and hovered in front of me, “Tabitha is with her sister.”

I gestured and it turned to lead me through three new clearings. I walked around a moss covered boulder and into what seemed like a small grotto with a bed. Sabrina and Tabitha were on the bed together and Tabitha grinned when she saw me, “Are you going to bind me now?”

I crossed to sit on the bed before caressing Sabrina’s hip, “I came to find you and ask if you wanted me too.”

She grinned at Sabrina, “well slut?”

Sabrina rubbed her nipples, “You are always horny and Kevin fucks us good.”

Tabitha shivered and smiled at me, “And I already let him breed me.”

She reached between Sabrina’s legs and rubbed her pussy, “After you put some cum in my pussy little brother.”

I smiled and stripped before moving over Sabrina. I kissed Tabitha and slowly pushed into her. Her pussy was warm, almost hot and very slick. I fucked her with long, slow thrusts and smiled as she started shuddering and shaking. I buried my cock and used short, humping jabs and Tabitha stiffened before starting to jerk and shudder, “YES!”

I kissed her hard and started fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. I whispered the binding spell as I fucked her and Tabitha was only clutching me. When I finished she arched her back as her pussy clamped down around my cock, “Kevin!”

I humped against her as my cock throbbed and then I was spurting and pumping cum into her. Tabitha screamed and began thrashing around as she felt the warm flood pouring into her, “fill me!”

I kept spewing cum into her as she wiggled and spasmed and finally I stopped. I kissed her and slowly pulled out, “see you later.”

I slipped my robe on as I walked back to the library. I rubbed Ivy’s butt on the way through the door and she grinned at me. I nodded to all the girls as I sat and began the next class. By the time the class was over they were grinning. I sent them on break and turned to Ash and Dianne as Holly walked up to me, “Kevin? Is Crystal around?”

I could feel Crystal in my workroom and nodded, “Yes.”

She grinned and looked at Ash, “Mind if I spend the night with her?”

Ash smiled, “That’s all?”

Holly looked at Dianne, “No. I was hoping to speak with you too.”

Ash took her hand, “In that case come with me.”

Dianne grinned and bent to open my robe before straddling me. She sat on my cock and sighed as I slipped into her warm pussy. I held her as she began to rock, “We want you Dianne.”

She smiled and kissed me, “I know.”

Her pussy tightened and she shuddered. I cupped her breasts as she sat back and began rocking. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and spasming. Her wet pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as it kept pressing into her. A few girls were returning from their break as I grunted and Dianne held still.

I began pumping cum into her and she shuddered as her pussy tightened around my cock, “I love feeling you cum.”

I shivered and shuddered as I filled her pussy and it began leaking out. When I stopped cumming Dianne sighed and kissed me, “Thank you honey.”

She stood and walked towards the door with cum running down one leg. I smiled and closed my robe before looking at the girls. They were as interested in the next class as the last two. When I finished I looked at them, “You will find my workroom next door on the right.”

They started talking excitedly as they left and I stood. Ash slipped under my arm and I smiled at her, “What else does Holly want?”

She grinned, “You.”

I looked at her as we walked into our room. I smiled at mom on our bed with Stef fucking her slowly. I turned Ash and she laughed, “She wants to stay with us and borrow Crystal... or Katrina. She also wants you to fuck her occasionally.”

I caressed Ash as I backed her to the bed and dropped my robe, “I think I need to change Thomas.”

Ash looked at me with wide eyes, “Would you?”

I pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs before pushing into her, “should I be jealous?”

She sighed and groaned and I glanced at mom as Stef started cumming. I fucked Ash with long, deep thrusts and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She jerked and shuddered as my cock fucked her and then she suddenly stiffened and screamed, “YES!”

She thrashed around and jerked as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her but bent to kiss her before doing it harder. Mom moved closer and caressed Ash as she spasmed and I finally groaned and began spewing another stream of cum. Ash jerked and shook as I pumped warm cum into her and she held my arms until I finished and cum was running out of her.

I caressed her hips and pelvis, “I have one more class and then we can talk.”

I pulled out and she shuddered as cum poured out of her. Ash grinned as Stef reached out to touch her shoulder, “Need?”

I shook my head and gestured to bring my robe to me. The potion class was an eye opener and the girls paid close attention. As they left Holly waited and I noticed a group of young foxes drifting out of the corner. I smiled as they sat primly as if waiting and she turned to see what I was looking at. She grinned, “I found them as babies and raised them.”

An idea slipped into my mind and I smiled as Ash walked in. She grinned at Holly as I felt Katrina. I frowned and headed towards the front door. Ash looked at me, “What’s wrong?”

I walked through a clearing looking back, “Katrina went to visit the nymphs.”

Ash laughed behind me and I walked into the front room as Katrina walked through the front door looking around. Her eyes fastened on me, “Need?”

I started for her, “Crystal.”

It was said quietly but I knew she heard. I pulled Katrina to the couch as she stripped the simple dress off. I let my robe fall as I bent her over one arm and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Crystal walked in and came to sit in front of Katrina, “Cub?”

I fucked her slowly, “She went outside to the nymphs.”

Crystal sighed, “Cub, you stay or you tell me.”

Her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock as she spasmed and shuddered, “Wanted to see.”

Her tail was swinging back and forth as Crystal caressed her cheek, “Nymphs have smell. You see master or Ash first.”

I smiled at Crystal because she had actually used so many words. I buried my cock as Katrina jerked and spasmed. I finally pulled her up and moved around to sit on the couch beside Crystal. Katrina groaned and leaned back as her pussy tightened. I glanced at the doorway to see Ash and Holly. I reached around Katrina to cup her breasts, “See the foxes?”

She growled, “See.”

I shook her and nudged Crystal, “It looks like three males and one female adolescent. Would you like three new cocks to fuck?”

Crystal turned to look and purred as Katrina shuddered and wet me, “They too small.”

Ash was grinning as Holly looked down at the foxes. I tugged on Katrina’s nipples and started her moving on my cock again, “They will be as big or bigger than Stef.”

Katrina shuddered as my cock finally began to throb and jerk. I held her and sat back as I began gushing in her. I pumped and spurted and spewed and Katrina only shuddered as her tight pussy clamped down around my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, “was good.”

I laughed and let Crystal pull her off my cock, “Ash wants me to change Thomas too.”

Crystal glanced at the back of the couch where Thomas lay, “Like Thomas, next babies will be his.”

I grinned at Ash and she laughed before taking Holly’s hand, “Well? Can he?”

Holly knelt to pet and speak with the four and then smiled and nodded to me. I sighed and stood, “I need to go into the village.”

Elizabeth and Dianne peeked from the kitchen doorway, “You’re going to the village?”

I smiled and summoned my robe, “yes.”

They came out and summoned their wands before waving them to bring clothes. Mom took my hand, “We need some things too.”

Dianne took my other hand and I looked back at Ash as I was being pulled towards the door, “Have fun.”

She grinned and turned to cup the back of Holly’s head and kiss her. I had just finished at the butchers, (he had shaken his head because I had taken five young sheep before he had dressed them out.) Mom and Dianne were coming out of a baby store when a seeking spell appeared in front of Dianne. She smiled and reached out to touch it as I walked up.

A woman appeared a few feet away with a fourteen year old girl. She marched straight to Dianne, “I caught David and my asshole husband, his brother, fucking Brooky. David said you were whoring here...”

I gestured and she froze as I moved an open mouth Dianne and stepped in front of her, “I am Kevin Edward Gregory Chandler Grey. Ash is my wife and Dianne is bound to me. I did that at my wife’s request because David abandoned her after getting a witch pregnant. If you have something to say to Dianne you will say it to me.”

I released her and she looked at me with narrow eyes, “I am not letting a young whore stay with my precious boys.”

She shoved the girl into my arms and gestured as she spoke words of binding. I could have stopped her but the girl was just so much like Ash... Her mother looked at Dianne and then me, “Take her and do what men do.”

She vanished and Dianne sighed, “That damn David.”

I nodded and then stepped away from Brooky, “We need to go home.”
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