(For the women that always tempt me)
Sabrina and Tabitha both ended up just staying with us for the summer. They were two satisfied girls and Crystal always rubbed their tummy and asked if they were pregnant yet. Stef was a horny boy and tried fucking Ash one day a couple of weeks later. I found him in the corner of our bedroom with both Crystal and Katrina standing over him with claws out.

Ash was sitting on the bed looking angry, I walked towards him and gestured. He rose into the air as I stopped in front of him, “you wish to bed my mate without asking?”

He mewed in fright and Sabrina and Tabitha both suddenly appeared in the doorway. I ignored them as I pulled a knife, “I have let you serve your mistresses without interrupting but if this is how you want it I will remove your balls. Now speak.”

He choked as he looked towards the door pleadingly, “She... so… beautiful.”

I put the knife away, “Do you wish to live and love Stef?”

He nodded quickly and I turned to Sabrina and Tabitha, “Come here.”

They crossed the room quickly and I cupped Sabrina’s breast, “You will not let him touch you for one week. Everyday you will come to me to be mated.”

I rubbed Tabitha’s clit, “For one week he will serve any female I bring into my house.”

I turned to Stef, “You will service them how they want without questioning. If you touch either of your mistresses…”

Stef shook his head and mewed before I set him down, “Go to your room.”

He ran out as I turned to my sisters. They looked at each other and I sighed, “You started it and he was going to test the limits sooner or later.”

Tabitha grinned, “Your sperm.”

I nodded, “Crystal was right he craves sex but above all others he wants you two.”

Sabrina looked at Tabitha and they grinned. I glanced at Ash, “he will be injured if…”

She sighed, “This is my fault too.”

I shrugged, “have your nymph speak to the tree in the back room. See if the wood nymphs would all consider coming by each day.”

Ash grinned as Sabrina and Tabitha looked interested. I rubbed their hard nipples, “Don’t let him do anything.”

They shuddered and Ash laughed. I nodded to Crystal and Katrina, “You two will need me to if the nymphs begin coming over.”

Ash snorted, “You and any male you can find.”

Crystal sighed, “Know. Smells funny.”

Katrina was looking at her and I caressed her face, “Want me to block their smell?”

She shook her head and hesitated, “Find you if need.”

Two hours later I was answering a call from Headmaster Thortle. I had Crystal and Katrina with me and carried my staff as the headmaster had requested. My glance at the two gargoyles circling the school gave me an answer to why the headmaster might want me. I glanced at Katrina as she moved closer to Crystal and half behind her. Crystal was growling as her eyes watched the stone constructs in the air.

The headmaster walked towards us as I got closer. He almost reached me when the two circling turned and headed towards us and three more leaped into the air to join them. I stopped and planted my staff as I brought up a shield. The headmaster had stopped and spun before turning to me, “Run! Our magic does them no harm.”

I shook my head because there was no way to outrun them. Instead I concentrated on them as they landed around us. I smiled as I recognized the Egyptian symbol carved into the narrow band around their neck. They had each taken a spot around us as if on the point of a pentagram. I smiled at the one in front of me as it touched my shield, “What is it you want?”

It’s gravely voice croaked, “The construct. Give her to us.”

I glanced at Katrina as she hugged Crystal and looked back, “No, she is bonded to me.”

It growled, “Will take.”

I watched as it slowly pushed its hand through my shield. I sighed and lifted my staff before beginning a long spell. Clouds began appearing and grew darker as the other gargoyles started pushing through the shield. I looked at the gargoyle in front of me, “you should leave.”

It grunted as it pulled its head through the shield, “magic not hurt.”

I laughed, “True but this will.”

I lifted my staff and pointed at him. The bolt of lightning that struck was thick and the gargoyle shattered. I pointed to another and the lightning seemed to jump. One by one I destroyed the five gargoyles and released the spell that had brought the storm. A glow appeared in front of me and the shade of an old mage stood in its center, “You have stolen the goddess’s child.”

Headmaster Thortle stopped beside me, “Who is he?”

I shrugged, “A priest for Bast.”

The shade lifted a crooked staff, “Return her!”

I smiled and walked towards him and placed an aura shield around him. He barely glanced at it as he sneered, “Return what you have stolen.”

I touched the head of my staff to the shield, “I’m glad you came. Now I can give you what you deserve for violating a child.”

I whispered a plea and the aura shield exploded in light as the shade screamed, “NO! I DO NOT SERVE YOU!”

The glow faded until nothing remained. I turned and looked at the headmaster, “Did you need anything else?”

He looked from the vacant spot to me, “What did you do?”

I shrugged, “since I couldn’t do anything to him, I asked the ancient gods to judge him.”

I glanced at my staff and then held my hand out to Crystal and Katrina. He grinned and then laughed, “Well I did just get some Babylonian scrolls just removed from an ancient tomb. Would you like to go over them with me?”

I grinned and pulled Crystal after me as we headed towards the school. Headmaster Thortle shook his head, “I never thought of using an indirect approach.”

I looked at Katrina, “he was your master and owner and the gargoyles were your guards?”

She mewed, “bad.”

Crystal hugged her and then we were in the school and Katrina’s head was spinning this way and that way to look at everyone and everything. An older student laughed and reached out to pet her, “Look at his new sex…”

He screamed as Katrina’s claw raked down his arm, ripping muscle and tendons apart. I spun and gestured as Crystal pulled a growling hissing Katrina back from the boy that was now frozen. Headmaster Thortle frowned, “What happened?”

I gestured, “This moron tried to touch a half wild mage construct thinking he was safe from harm.”

The headmaster murmured a spell the made the shredded arm come together and heal before looking around, “How many times have we told you students that you only touch what you are protected from?”

He gestured and the boy dropped to his knees with a scream as he was freed. I pulled Katrina away from Crystal, “now I am going to have to clean your claws. There is no telling what bad things you can catch doing that.”

The girls around us snickered and several guys grinned. I looked at the fool boy, “The next time you touch a girl without asking…”

I gestured and he was yanked to his feet before shoved back. I turned back in the direction we had been going and swept Katrina up into my arms. She leaned against me, “Safe now.”

Crystal snuggled against my side as we followed the headmaster up to his tower. Katrina and Crystal curled up together on his large bed in the corner as we sat across from each other reading the faded, decaying scrolls. It was interesting to read and I absently copied it. When I got home Ash, Ivy, Sabrina, Tabitha and Gavin were in the front room. They grinned as Crystal crossed to Ash to hug her. Ash smiled, “Three nymphs have come by but poor Stef is wearing them out.”

Ivy giggled, “The trinity sisterhood is coming over tomorrow.”

Katrina was sniffing the air as Crystal mewing and reached out to caress Gavin beside her, “Need?”

Ivy looked at her as Gavin blushed and then she grinned, “I forgot.”

She looked at her boyfriend, “it’s the nymphs, take her to bed.”

He looked at her in surprise as she nodded to me. Katrina was rubbing on me, “Kevin is going to be busy.”

Ash, Sabrina and Tabitha laughed and I sighed and pulled Katrina across the room, “We need a couple more males here.”

Sabrina laughed, “It’s funny you should say that. Mom, dad and Ron are coming to spend a couple of days.”

I grinned, “Why?”

Katrina was tugging at her dress and my robe at the same time and Ash came to pull her dress off. She smiled as Katrina caressed my chest, “Apparently it’s personal, although we do know Ron was asked to father a child on one of the other nymphs.”

I sat and pulled Katrina onto my lap, “Slowly kitten.”

She wiggled and squirmed and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. I looked at my sisters as they sat on each side of me and Sabrina leaned close, “We think mom wants to get pregnant again.”

I shuddered as I let Katrina fuck my cock slowly, “Why come here?”

Tabatha reached down to rub Katrina’s clit, “Because mom caught dad fucking his assistant. She didn’t really mind that but he got her pregnant.”

I looked at them and Ash laughed as she sat beside Sabrina, “So who does she want to get her pregnant?”

Sabrina grinned and turned to look at me, “her baby.”

I looked at her in surprise and Tabitha laughed. She tugged on one of Katrina’s nipples, making her shudder and her already tight pussy squeeze my cock. I groaned and caressed Katrina’s hips, “back and forth kitten.”

She purred as she rocked and thrust back and forth. Ash turned Sabrina and began kissing her and Tabitha continued to play with Katrina. I thought about getting mom pregnant and my cock throbbed. Mom had a nice body just as my two sisters. I rubbed Tabitha’s nipples and she gasped and shuddered. I groaned as I felt myself getting ready to cum and held Katrina’s hips, “Kitten?”

She looked at me in surprise as I tried to hold back and seeming to melt as she leaned against me, “Please.”

I jerked as the expected flood exploded out of my cock and Katrina jerked and stiffened, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

This was the first time since bonding to her. Katrina spasmed violently as she growled and roared, while I pumped streams of cum into her belly. I shuddered and shook as her womb expanded and Ash moved to hold her. I convulsed and jerked until finally it was over. Ash caressed my face as she held a trembling Katrina, “You okay?”

I sighed and hugged Katrina, “She…”

Crystal stumbled into the room mewing with Ivy following her. Ash turned and held out her arms, “What happened?”

Ivy whispered, “We were just lying in bed after Gavin and Crystal finished. Crystal jerked up and we heard Katrina.”

Ash looked at me and I carefully lifted Katrina and laid her on the couch before standing with Tabitha. I sighed, “Katrina used our bond and pulled at my sperm to change it.”

Ash looked at Katrina curled up on the couch. Crystal left Ash and went to kneel beside Katrina, “Bad kitten.”

Katrina mewed and I shook my head, “She wants kittens.”

Sabrina laughed and I looked at her, “What?”

She stepped close and caressed my chest, “If mom does asks you, I’m next.”

Tabitha grinned, “Me too.”

I shook my head and whispered a spell and threw it. Ash looked at me, “What was that?”

I shook my head, “A neutralizer for the Nymphs pheromones.”

I looked at Katrina and sighed, “Ash?”

She came to put her arm around my waist, “I know. When we first met I though it would just be us but… I like being with Crystal, Tannia and Katrina. I liked watching you with mom and Ivy and I don’t mind you fucking your sisters. If your mom wants you to fuck a baby into her then do it. I would like to try Ron or your dad.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “He can’t get me pregnant.”

Sabrina and Tabitha laughed and I smiled before looking at Katrina, “What about Katrina?”

Ash sighed, “If she was still a cat she would probably have her first litter about now.”

I looked at her and then moved to kneel beside Crystal. I put my arm around her as my other hand rested on Katrina’s pelvis. I murmured a spell of seeing and shook my head at what I found. I glanced at Ash, “Six.”

Katrina covered her pelvis with both hands, “Not take. Want.”

I sighed and caressed her body, “It will mean more pain.”

She shook her head, “I not care.”

I looked at Ash and Crystal as she purred and finally tugged on one of Katrina’s nipples, “You start taking parenting classes and promise not to do this again without asking Ash, Crystal and me.”

Her eyes flicked to Crystal and Ash before she nodded to me, “Promise.”

I sighed and stood, “Stay on the couch for a while.”

Sabrina rubbed her nipples against me, “My turn.”

I caressed her naked butt, “You have to ask Ash if you plan to get pregnant.”

She grinned at Ash, “Please?”

Ash smiled as she leaned against me, “My husband is a stud.”

Tabitha laughed and rubbed my butt, “We know.”

I jerked and they laughed, Gavin had come out to stand with Ivy and she was whispering to him. I let Sabrina pull me back to their room and she crawled onto the bed and laid back, “Don’t bother licking me, I’m really wet.”

Tabitha followed us and rubbed my back, “she’s always wet.”

I smiled and moved onto the bed between her legs. I kissed her as I slowly pushed into her, “Are you sure Sabrina?”

She put her arms around me, “Yeah. Our devil cat will fuck us when we want, but I want a baby.”

Tabitha was lying beside us and caressed my shoulder, “me too.”

I began to fuck Sabrina with long thrusts, pulling my cock out before burying it to hit her cervix. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy spasmed. She was thrusting up with her hips and grunting as I buried my cock to fuck her with short, grinding strokes. Sabrina began to shiver and shudder and then she was having a jerking seizure.

I thrust into her and began spewing a small river of cum into her and Sabrina howled as her body stiffened, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I pumped her womb full and then it was pouring out of her. Tabitha chuckled as I slowly pulled out of our sister and rolled onto my back. Sabrina sighed, “God he cums a lot.”

Tabitha straddled me and guided my cock before sitting back, “And it feels wonderful.”

I cupped her breasts as she began to slowly rock and fuck my cock. Her pussy seemed to grab my cock each time I was buried all the way inside her. It was a couple of minutes before she was thrusting back and forth erratically as she twisted and wiggled. From that point on she was incoherent as her body jerked and spasmed and shuddered.

I just caressed and felt her body as she fucked me and finally after about twenty minutes I jerked her down and rolled before thrusting into her. Tabitha screamed as warm sperm exploded into her belly in a strong stream. She jerked and thrashed as I spewed and pumped cum into her before it began pouring right back out, I slowly pulled out and she sighed in relief. Sabrina moved to snuggle against her as I moved off the bed.

I summoned my robe and slipped it on before going to look for Ash. I found her in the workroom standing beside a thick tree trunk that was as tall as I was and bigger around. I frowned as I put my arms around her, “The nymphs aren’t going to like this.”

She looked at me, “Mother Jill brought it. It’s from an unattached grove tree that a giant broke off. She knows what you do with gems and wanted to see if you could do anything.”

I looked at it and slowly walked around it, “I can’t merge the grain or it will change the trees spirit.”

I smiled and looked at Ash, “I know just what to make.”

The wood knife I summoned began whirling around the tree and shavings and pieces of wood began falling to the floor. It wasn’t long before Ash laughed, “He looks like you.”

I grinned as I finished carving the satyr and brought a piece of rough sanding paper, it was followed by smoother and then very fine. Ash came to stroke his thick cock, “They are going to love this.”

I laughed as I finished the wooden statue and concentrated as I began the spells. The wood seemed to heat up and glow as it softened and changed slightly before I was finished and then it slowly turned its head. I smiled as I looked at Ash, “Take him to Jill and see if she likes him.”

Ash took his hand, “come with me.”

A voice that almost sounded like mine chuckled, “To bed?”

I grinned as Ash blushed, “To someone that wants you.”

I cleaned up and headed to the kitchen. Crystal slipped under my arm as I was telling the kitchen what to make for dinner. I looked at her as she whispered, “mom is here.”

I hugged her, “how is Katrina?”

She sighed, “stubborn kitten.”

I laughed, “Like you.”

She looked at me and smiled, “Yes.”

I walked into the front room to see Katrina hissing at Ron as he tried to get close to her, “She is still a little wild.”

He looked at me and grinned as Katrina fled across the room to cling to me. I looked at mom and dad, mom looked determined and dad was red faced. I pet Katrina, “go to Crystal.”

She mewed and reluctantly let me go as Crystal pulled her into a hug. I crossed to mom and dad, “Sabrina and Tabitha said there was a problem?”

Mom glared at dad, “I didn’t mind your father fucking around but he got her pregnant.”

I looked at her, “You don’t mind if dad has sex with another woman?”

Mom smiled, “no, we have an agreement though. I never let another mage get me pregnant and your father was supposed to make sure no witch got pregnant.”

I gestured to the chairs beside the small brook, “I never knew.”

I glanced at Ron, “Which nymph wants you to get her pregnant?”

He grinned, “Sasha.”

I grinned, “She seemed half wild.”

Ron laughed, “She is.”

Mom and dad sat and I moved to the couch, “So what did you want here?”

Mom sighed and looked at dad for a minute, “Currently I don’t have a lover.”

She looked at me, “I want you to get me pregnant.”

I glanced at the door as Ash came in grinning, “Why me?”

Dad looked from Ash who was walking towards us to me, “You are her baby. She wants someone she knows loves her to do it.”

I glanced at Ron, “Ron loves her.”

Mom smiled, “Ron made a promise to the nymph. He can have sex but his first child must be hers.”

I smiled at Ron as Ash slid onto my lap, “You promised the nymph your first child?”

He nodded and I looked at Ash, “How did they like him?”

She laughed, “Jill pulled him straight to her nest under her tree.”

I sighed, “Are you sure?”

Ash caressed my face before standing, “You want to and I think you are a good choice.”

I nodded to mom as Ash reached for Ron’s hand, “I’ll do it.”

Ash looked at dad, “come share me and Crystal with Ron.”

Mom opened her mouth but I cleared my throat, “Sabrina and Tabitha want to get pregnant.”

Dad and mom both looked at me and mom grinned, “The minxes got that cat and now…”

I shook my head, “Stef is a good lover and will slow down as he grows a little older. Sabrina and Tabitha asked me and Ash.”

Dad sighed, “We really need a larger house.”

Mom smiled, “No, Sabrina and Tabitha are almost finished with school so the house will be empty. Ron is looking at the forestry job and wants to find someplace close to his nymph. Which means it will be just us and the baby.”

Dad smiled, “Sabrina and Tabitha have two years.”

Mom smiled, “I’m sure we can manage that long.”

I grinned, “Or they can stay here and go to school.”

I stood as Ash pulled on Ron and moved to mom’s chair, “This house seems to grow more rooms when we need them.”

She stood as Ash left with Ron and dad and I looked at Crystal and Katrina, “Go help Ash Crystal, Katrina come here.”

I took mom’s hand and pulled Katrina against my side as I walked down the hall. I found a new clearing with flowering creepers on the walls and around a doorway. The bedroom had a tiny brook with water gurgling down a wall at one end. The bed was wide and it smelled of flowers. I hugged Katrina and turned to mom, I caressed her side as she fidgeted nervously.

I kissed her and began undressing her as Katrina removed my robe. She pressed against me as I turned and backed mom to the bed. When she sat, I knelt between her legs and Katrina slipped onto the bed beside her. She was purring as she moved to mom and pressed against her. I kissed mom’s clit and started licking through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner pussy lips and pushed my tongue up inside her.

Katrina was caressing her and bent to suck on her nipples. Mom groaned and lay back as her body shivered. I covered her clit and began teasing it as I sucked and she shuddered as one hand reached down to cup the back of my head. I kept changing what I was doing, from licking to tongue fucking her to sucking and teasing her clit. Mom finally stiffened and spasmed, “fuck!”

She pushed my face away and covered her pussy. I grinned and stood to move her all the way onto the bed. I caressed Katrina’s hip and butt before moving between mom’s legs. She was really wet and I pushed into her easily. She shuddered as her pussy tightened around my cock and she lifted her hips. I started fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts that ended with me pushing all the way into her. I kept kissing her as we fucked and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking. Her pussy tightened and she stiffened, “baby!”

Katrina mewed and rubbed on me as I humped fucked mom and pressed against her . She slowly relaxed and grinned before pushing on me, “Let me straddle your kitten and you fuck me from behind.”

I pulled out of her and she sat up and reached for Katrina. She pulled her down on the bed and rolled over on top of her and kissed her. Mom spread her legs and straddled Katrina as she kept kissing her and rubbing her cheek against Katrina’s. I moved behind her and pushed back into her wet, slippery pussy. I fucked her with long strokes that ended with my cock pushing into her cervix.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking and her pussy spasming. She was grinding down against Katrina’s pussy and Katrina was purring. I was slowly rubbing mom’s warm asshole and she kept pushing back. I fucked into her and pulled out as I pressed in with my thumb. It wasn’t long before she was trembling and pushing back hard on my thumb.

I started fucking her hard as I felt my balls tighten and my thumb was fucking in and out of her ass. I finally buried both and held her stiff body as I peed warm sperm into her. Mom screamed as she felt the flood of cum in her belly, “oh god baby!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and sprayed and finally I stopped. I pulled my thumb out and then my cock. I rolled her panting body off Katrine and she laid back with her legs spread obscenely. I moved between her legs and laid on her, “I love you mom.”

She smiled and hugged me before shuddering, “God you cum a lot. I placed a spell to keep your sperm inside my womb but now it feels... full.”

I kissed her and then looked at Katrina as she came closer. I reached out the caress her cheek, “My new kitten is a little wild. She pulled my sperm into her womb and used our bond to alter it to match her form.”

Mom looked at her and frowned, “Why?”

I kissed mom, “Because she wanted to be bred like you.”

Mom laughed, “Well, I can’t say anything then.”

I moved off mom and pulled Katrina with me, “This is your room while you stay here. Come to the kitchen when you are ready.”

I led Katrina out holding her hand. She leaned against me, “I like.”

I glanced at her and smiled, “She is my mother.”

Katrina smiled, “she likes me?”

I laughed and hugged her as we came into the kitchen, “Everyone likes you kitten.”

Sabrina and Tabitha turned from peeking in a pot. Sabrina smiled, “Want to sleep with us kitten?”

Katrina smiled back, “Horny cat will fuck me?”

They laughed and Tabitha came to hug her as I poured hot water into cups for tea. Tabitha sat with Katrina on her lap, “Horny cat is tired and sleeping right now.”

Katrina sighed, “Lick me?”

It was almost hopeful and Sabrina and Tabitha grinned. I sat and sipped tea, “Have you seen Ivy?”

They grinned, “she is out front with Gavin and another boy.”

I glanced at the doorway as mom walked in naked. Sabrina and Tabitha grinned, “Nice mom.”

She smiled and headed to the stove and hot water, “Has Gregory come out?”

I grinned, “With Ash and Crystal?”

Mom laughed when she turned, “They are lucky they are pregnant already.”

Sabrina grinned, “We did the holding spell after Kevin fucked us.”

Mom smiled as she sat beside Tabitha and reached out to caress Katrina’s cheek, “Your brother told me you wanted to get pregnant.”

I glanced at the doorway as Stef peeked in. I nodded, “Come in Stef.”

He moved to Sabrina and touched her shoulder, “need?”

She frowned, “You know you are not to fuck us this week.”

He sighed, “I sorry.”

They both looked ready to give in but I cleared my throat, “Stef?”

He looked at me and I nodded to my mother, “Would you sleep with my mother tonight?”

He looked at her and slowly moved towards her, “Need?”

She smiled and took his hand, “Not yet Stef, but young Katrina might.”

He looked at me quickly and I sighed before looking at Katrina, “Do you want him?”

She nodded her head with her eyes bright, “Want.”

I looked at Stef, “Slowly and gently, like with your mistresses.”

He smiled and nodded before holding out his hand. They walked out together and Tabitha grinned, “They are cute together.”

Ash walked in with a big grin on her face. She came to me and sat on my lap, “That was fun.”

I cupped one of her breasts, “What did you do with them?”

She laughed, “Crystal is making them wash. She said they stink.”

I hugged her and she sniffed, “You stink too.”

I grinned, “Careful or I will fuck you and you will smell.”

She laughed and squeezed me before looking at mom and my sister’s, “so are we all pregnant?”

They laughed and mom took Tabitha’s hand, “I think Kevin might have managed it.”

Ash kissed me as Dad and Ron were pulled into the kitchen by Crystal. She came to lean against Ash and then sniffed. I sighed, “Okay I’ll go wash.”

When I came back into the kitchen it was full. Ivy was sitting on Gavin’s lap and a nymph I didn’t know was sitting on Ron. Stef had a happy and purring Katrina on his lap and everyone else was talking as they ate. I slipped up behind Ash and she grinned at me, “Sasha said the Satyr is working his way through the nymphs so she came here.”

I glanced at Crystal, “I see my spell is working.”

Ash smiled, “So far.”

Mom and dad were talking and seemed to be getting along. Ash turned to caress my chest, “it was fun with your dad and Ron.”

I caressed her body and she turned to get my dinner. Everyone disappeared into the front room and I went in and sat in a chair with Ash on my lap. Katrina was curled up purring with Stef who had an amused look on his face. Ash sighed, “I had another message from mom.”

I looked at her and she looked into my eyes, “Dad isn’t coming back.”

There wasn’t much I could say. I sat back to think, “She should come here.”

Ash nodded, “I think so too.”

She caressed my face, “I want you to bind her.”

I looked at her in surprise, “That hasn’t been used in decades.”

Ash smiled, “She needs to know a man wants her.”

I cupped her breast, “If I do she will have more children, the binding...”

She shuddered and kissed me, “I know.”

Ash stood and pulled me up and after her. In our room she turned and backed onto the bed. I followed and moved between her legs and slowly entered her. Ash shuddered and wrapped her legs around me, “A couple of girls from school have been asking questions. They were the ones you taught those spells to.”

I fucked her cummy pussy with long, slow thrusts and enjoyed her tight pussy squeezing my cock. I kissed her as she jerked and shook, “What did they want?”

Ash sighed and pushed and rolled until she was on top, straddling me. She sat up and smiled, “they want you to tutor them over the summer before school starts again.”

I reached up to cup her breasts and she began rocking on me. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and shaking. Crystal slipped onto the bed and crawled up next to me. Ash sighed as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She became erratic as her pussy tightened. Crystal put her head on my shoulder and reached up to lightly scratch a claw across one of Ash’s nipples. Ash gasped and jerked before thrashing around, “YES!”

Crystal purred and I grinned as I hugged her and thrust up with my hips. Ash jerked and spasmed as her slippery pussy squeezed my cock. She was fucking me erratically and shaking her head. A few minutes later she went rigid and then jerked and twisted and spasmed as she screamed, “Kevin!”

I groaned as her pussy went crazy around my cock and I began pumping huge gushes of cum up into her. Ash pushed down as cum flooded her pussy and ran out. She trembled and moaned and when I stopped Crystal pulled her forward and off me. She moved down between Ash’s legs and started licking her messy pussy.

I sighed and watched them and then looked at the doorway as Sabrina walked in. She was smiling as she crossed to the bed, “Tabitha decided to sleep with mom and dad. Stef and Katrina are using our bed... again.”

I grinned as Ash giggled, Crystal moved up and lay half on Ash, “Cub needs, Stef not large.”

I reached out to rub her butt as Sabrina straddled me and lifted my slimy cock. She sat on my cock with a groaned, “No, Stef doesn’t have a big cock. He can fuck nice though.”

Crystal nodded, “Stef nice.”

I cupped Sabrina’s breasts as her messy pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She shuddered as she rocked and looked at Ash, “We heard what you said about binding your mother.”

Ash shrugged, “She already likes Kevin fucking her and wouldn’t mind.”

Sabrina started thrusting back and forth, “How often can you cum each day little brother?”

I reached down to rub her clit, “A lot.”

Ash laughed as Crystal nodded and Sabrina grinned. Her rocking and thrusting became more erratic and her pussy was constantly spasming around my cock. She stiffened and then jerked before thrashing around as her pussy contracted and gripped my cock, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I grunted as I began erupting into her and Sabrina jerked with each warm gush as it exploded into her belly. When I stopped cumming she sighed and lay on me, “Bind me?”

I looked at Ash and she moved Crystal out of the way, “What do you bring?”

Sabrina put her head on my shoulder, “Only myself and all that I am.”

I looked from Ash to Sabrina and opened my mouth. Ash absently touched it with her finger before looking into my eyes, “do you know the spell?”

I sighed, “Yes.”

She nodded, “Do it now.”

I hugged Sabrina, “Ash?”

She sighed, “Do it my husband.”

I began the long spell as my cock and Sabrina’s pussy throbbed and squeezed. When I finished there was a swirl of magic around us and Sabrina stiffened and then shuddered. Ash pulled her off me and onto her back. She moved over her and pushed her legs open before positioning her pussy on Sabrina’s.

Sabrina smiled and waited until Ash laid on her and then put her arms around her and they kissed as they began to slowly press against each other. Crystal moved over them and snuggled against me. She was looking at Ash and Sabrina, “Needs?”

I held her and nodded, “Needs.”

Crystal put her head on my shoulder, “Sleep, fuck me tomorrow.”

I grinned and hugged her, “Yes my lover.”

Ash grinned at me as Sabrina groaned again. I watched them humping each other and jerking almost at the same time. Crystal’s purr was almost hypnotic and I fell asleep holding her.
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