(For the women that always tempt me)
It took four days to recover and that was after I slipped out in the middle of the night with Crystal and a sleepy Ash to go to the storm tower. I wouldn’t let either stay with me as I charged my staff again. I wasn’t as tired after and went home to hold both of them as I fell asleep. Dianne and Ivy convinced Gavin to stay and he moved into Ivy’s room.

I was still giving her lessons each day and had gone back to working on my Rainbow hawk. It was a month before I remembered the two sarcophagi and the start of summer. I was working on a small emerald and jade tree for Ash’s nymph. The nymph cleared her throat as I stretched, “Excuse me, what are you going to do with those stone things in the corner?”

I glanced at her before turning to the corner and the two sarcophagi. I grinned, “I forgot those were there.”

I smiled at Crystal sleeping in her nest of pillows and blankets and stood to cross to examine the first sarcophagus. I traced the runes and ancient script and slowly read them. The second sarcophagus was like the first and I stood to think. Ash was shopping with Ivy and a few girlfriends and it was just Crystal and me at home. I had learned though and whispered a spell, “Ash?”

It was a moment, “Kevin?”

I smiled as Crystal opened her eyes, “How much longer are you going to be?”


I sighed, “I just read the messages on the sarcophagi.”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

I gestured and let the spell disappear before moving back to the desk. Ash’s hands on my shoulder brought me back to focus. I glanced around her at my two naked sisters, Sabrina and Tabitha. I looked at Ash and she smiled, “they were shopping and we started talking. They wanted to see the cottage after Ron said something to them.”

I smiled, “and they decided to do it naked?”

Ash grinned as she turned, “When we got home Gavin was waiting and Ivy took him to their room.”

She put her hand on my shoulder, “They thought that since Ivy and I were naked…”

I laughed, “Well they have nice bodies.”

I turned towards the sarcophagi as I pulled her onto my lap, “Ready to have your mind enlightened?”

Ash grinned as my sisters laughed and came closer. I nodded to the sarcophagi, “The far one is Stef Al Catir. His mother was a Sphinxen mage cat and his father was a human named Solomon. His owner placed him in the sarcophagus during a mage plague.”

I looked at her and my sisters, “He is an unbonded mage construct, thirteen years in age.”

They looked at me and Sabrina grinned, “So, he’s like Crystal?”

I nodded, “Just like Crystal in many ways.”

They were looking at each other as I turned to look at the sarcophagi, “The other is Katrina Anoc Alexandria. Her father was an Egyptian mage cat and her mother a pharaoh’s concubine. She was created to honor the goddess Bast. A secret mage war threatened the empire and her master placed her in there for safe keeping.”

I looked at Ash, “The mage had the other sarcophagus with the male. That was how he knew how to make her. She is thirteen also and he planned to awaken the male to breed them as children of the goddess.”

Sabrina walked to the stone sarcophagi and caressed the one that held the young male and looked at me, “I want him.”

Ash grinned and Tabitha giggled. I smiled, “Do you know anything about Sphinxen mage cats?”

She shook her head, “No, but if he is a mage cat…”

I shook my head, “Sphinxen mage cats are the most… sexually active of all mage cats. If the Pharaohs curse hadn’t killed them, we would be up to our eyes in kittens.”

Sabrina grinned and Tabitha walked to her with a sway to her hips, “Want to share?”

Ash laughed as they grinned at each other. I sighed and looked at Ash, “That last mage managed to link them Ash. If I wake one, the other will awaken.”

She looked at the two sarcophagi, “I would say call Ron but he has attached himself to the nymph grove.”

She looked at Crystal as she stood and walked to the sarcophagus, “Want.”

I looked at Ash and she grinned, “You want her kitten?”

Crystal nodded as she stroked the stone lid, “Needs.”

I frowned, “Needs? She needs you?”

Crystal nodded and turned to Sabrina, “Stef loves pussy.”

I grinned as Sabrina and Tabitha both blushed. Crystal nodded to me, “You need to fuck.”

I looked at Ash and she shrugged. Crystal frowned and touched Sabrina before pointing at me, “You need to fuck. Stef needs to know place.”

I looked at her and then at a Tabitha as she grinned, “of course, he needs to smell male sperm inside us to know he is our second male.”

Crystal was nodding and Ash grinned, “I hope you are ready for this.”

She went to Crystal and took her hand before looking at me, “Take your sisters to bed and don’t hurry.”

I stood and grinned, “I have thought about this.”

Sabrina laughed throatily and strutted to me, “It’s called fantasizing little brother.”

Tabitha came to take my other hand as I turned to lead them out. I let my robe slip off on the way to the bed and turned Sabrina and sat her on the edge before kneeling. I knelt between her legs and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She jerked and shuddered as Tabitha sat beside us, “We have used your spells a couple of times but the guys never want to do that.”

I sucked on Sabrina’s clit and looked at my other sister, “Spend time with us and you’ll get all you want.”

She laughed, “Holly said Crystal was an insatiable demon that really knows how to lick pussy.”

I grinned and licked through Sabrina’s pussy before nibbling and teasing her clit. She gasped and shuddered before laughing and pulling me up to kiss me. She wiggled back onto the bed and I followed and moved up between her legs. Tabitha positioned my cock and I pushed into Sabrina slowly. She groaned as I continued to push into her until my cock was tight against the back of her pussy.

I kissed her and began to fuck her slowly like Ash said. It wasn’t long before Sabrina was whimpering as her pussy squeezed my cock and she spasmed jerkily. I fucked her hard for a minute and then buried my cock to hump and press against her. She was convulsing and screamed as her body stiffened. Tabitha laughed, “Damn little brother, you are a stud.”

I held onto Sabrina as she bucked and thrashed around and then groaned as I felt my balls tighten. I thrust into her hard and knew I had pushed open her cervix as I spewed a solid stream of cum. Sabrina stiffened as she felt the warm flood pumping into her and howled, “yyyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and sprayed until finally I sighed and pulled my cock out of her expanded womb. She was jerking and twitching incoherently and Tabitha moved over her to look into her face before grinning at me, “Now you can fuck me a nice long time.”

Ash laughed from the doorway before turning to leave. Tabitha turned back to look at me, “She really doesn’t mind if you fuck us?”

I laughed as I rolled her onto her back, “Ash decides who I fuck. I think she really likes you.”

I kissed down her body and pushed my tongue into her wet pussy before nibbling on the inner lips. I sucked in her clit and started wiggling my tongue against it and Tabitha jerk and spasmed, “Fuck!”

I raked my teeth across her clit and used my lips to squeeze it. I pushed my tongue up inside her and as she shuddered I started sucking and teasing her clit. She stiffened and then thrashed around and covered her pussy, “oooohhhhh!”

I moved up and thrust into her as she continued to shake. I didn’t go all the way and began to fuck her as she shuddered. Her pussy was already squeezing my cock as I gradually went deeper until she jerked and spasmed as she clutched at me, “Fuck!”

Sabrina chuckled, “fuck the bitch, stud.”

Tabitha grinned as she fucked up onto my cock. I kissed her and held it as I fucked her hard for a minute. She screamed into my mouth as her body stiffened and then she began jerking and thrashing around. Her pussy was rippling as it tried to milk my cock and I slowly buried it to hump and press into her. Tabitha wrapped her legs around me as she convulsed, “Fuck me little brother!”

I kissed her and held her tight as I started fucking her harder again. She howled and bucked and screamed and thrashed around as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. I finally groaned as I buried it in her and pushed as I spewed another solid stream of cum. Tabitha went wide eyed as she lifted her hips and stopped moving.

I felt her womb expand before cum started leaking around my pumping cock. I sighed and kissed her when I stopped and she dropped to the bed to whisper, “my god you can fuck.”

Sabrina laughed and pulled me off Tabitha, “Well, we both got a belly full that time.”

I kissed Sabrina as I moved off the bed and pulled my robe on, “As soon as that cat gets to you there will be a lot more.”

They laughed as they followed me out of bed. I headed out the door as I called Ash. I walked into the workroom and gestured to the two sarcophagi. The lids on both rose up with a soft explosion of air. I went closer as the lids settle against the wall and looked at the golden colored male closely. I shook my head before moving to the grey spotted girl.

I whispered a spell of seeing and shook my head at what I saw. I glanced at Ash, Crystal, Sabrina and Tabitha, “I need to change some things.”

They frowned as I summoned my staff. Ash cleared her throat, “Why?”

I smiled as I turned back to the mage constructs, “Because they didn’t get everything right. Left alone they would have a short life span with bone or joint problems.”

I started with the male Stef and began to subtly shift his body and make the changes. When I was done, I moved to the girl and did it again. I finally stepped back and sent my staff to a corner. I looked at the two and whispered in a long dead and ancient language, “Awake.”

Stef blinked and slowly looked around. Katrina’s eyes snapped open and she looked around fearfully. Crystal mewed and her eyes snapped to Crystal. I gestured and both Sabrina and Tabitha walked towards Stef as he slowly stepped out of his sarcophagus. They caressed his body and leaned close to rub their cheek against his and at the same time whispered, “You are ours now.”

Ash and Crystal had come closer and I sighed before reaching into the other sarcophagus. I took Katrina’s hand and pulled her out, “Come kitten, you belong to me now.”

She looked at me and leaned against me to mew pitifully. I rubbed and caressed her as Crystal came to put her arms around her. Ash caressed her cheek and I caressed down her body. I watched Sabrina and Tabitha led Stef away and stepped back, “Come with us Katrina.”

I turned and put an arm around Ash’s waist, “She will need bonding…”

Ash looked at me, “She is only...”

I nodded and I walked towards our room, “Did you see her eyes?”

Ash glanced back at Crystal and Katrina, “She was afraid.”

I nodded again, “The mage that created her was already using her.”

Ash cursed and turned inside the door, “How…”

I smiled, “You and Crystal must be first and prepare her.”

She smiled tenderly at Katrina as Crystal pulled her into the room. She stiffened as soon as she saw the bed and Crystal crooned, “Need us.”

Katrina looked at her and Ash caressed her face, “Need you.”

Her eyes widened as Crystal purred and pulled her towards the bed, “Not Kevin’s time yet, come.”

Katrina let them pull her towards the bed and Crystal was the first to climb on and move to the center, “Come.”

Katrina mewed as she climbed onto the bed and trembled. Ash followed her and turned her to lie beside Crystal. Crystal kissed her as Ash leaned against her to suck on one of her nipples. She shuddered and one of her hands came up to touch Ash. Ash kept caressing her and began to move lower as Crystal moved half onto her. Katrina’s eyes kept flicking to me and Crystal purred, “Need you.”

Katrina’s eyes looked into hers and shyly kissed her. Crystal rubbed her cheek against Katrina’s as Ash gently pushed her legs open and licked her pussy. Katrina shuddered and mewed again but Crystal hugged her, “need this.”

Katrina looked at her and slowly put her arms around Crystal as she shuddered. Ash was sucking on her clit and teasing it and a minute later I heard Katrina’s soft purr. Her hips began to lift and she started to shudder.

Crystal was kissing her and rubbing her face against her cheek. Soon her purr was loud and she was spasming hard and Crystal moved down to suck on her nipples and rub her breasts. She finally stiffened and growled as Crystal quickly moved up to hold her, “Let happen!”

Katrina jerked and then started thrashing around as her legs scissored in the air. She slowly relaxed and let Crystal go, “Good.”

Ash laughed as she moved up beside her and kissed her, “Very good.”

Katrina looked at her as her purr returned. I sighed and let my robe fall before walking towards the bed. Katrina stiffened and Crystal caressed her, “Relax, need.”

Katrina hissed and looked at her, Crystal nodded, “will be good.”

Katrina looked at me as I moved onto the bed behind Ash and held her, “Listen to me young kitten, we must do this, you feel it yourself. The protective spells no longer keep your inner self away. You are mage born and need a mage. The changes make a physical joining necessary.”

She hissed and I sighed, “Tell me it is not so, look within.”

Katrina growled and Crystal shook her and touched her chest, “Need! Look here.”

Katrina hesitated and then shuddered and mewed, “Hurts.”

I sighed, “I promise it will not hurt.”

She looked at Crystal pleadingly and Crystal smiled and rubbed cheeks with her, “We stay to help.”

Katrina looked into her eyes and finally nodded. I didn’t move as I touched Ash’s hip, “Would you lick my mate?”

Katrina glanced at Ash and then slowly moved to touch and then softly caress her body. I bent my head to suck on one of her nipples and Katrina did the same thing on her other one. Ash shuddered and Katrina smiled, “Like?”

Ash laughed throatily, “Love.”

Katrina purred as Crystal hugged her and slipped a hand down between her legs. I started kissing down Ash’s body and looked at Katrina. She smiled and began doing what I had done as she shuddered. She was still purring as we made our way between Ash’s legs. I licked through her pussy and smiled as she groaned and shook. Katrina grinned and licked her pussy and stuck her tongue up her.

Ash spasmed and lifted her hips as she moaned. Crystal was still fingering Katrina and she too was spasming. She latched onto Ash’s clit and started sucking and licking it and I kissed her and rubbed my face against hers. It wasn’t long before Ash was arching her back and howling and Katrina was growling as her body seemed to vibrate. Crystal looked at me and nodded, “Kevin?”

I rolled Katrina onto her back as her claws came out and she yowled and growled loudly. I moved between her legs and settled with my hard cock against her pussy. I looked into her eyes, “Look at me kitten. I can’t not take you without your permission. You must decide now.”

Her arms slowly lifted to hug me as she mewed, “yes.”

I slowly forced my cock into her and pushed deeper. When I was as deep as I could get I stopped moving and rubbed my face against hers. Crystal was against us purring really loud and Ash had turned to snuggled against our other side. It was a couple of minutes before Katrina pulled back to look into my face. She hesitantly lifted her hips and I pulled back a little and fucked back in. She shuddered and then grinned and lifted her hips again.

I pulled back and fucked into her. She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed me and then thrust up. I began to fuck her slowly and she met each thrust and started purring again. Slowly we began to go faster and she started to growl in the back of her throat. Crystal purred in her ear, “Good?”

Katrina tossed her head before looking at her, “Love.”

Ash laughed and Crystal caressed her face as she stiffened again and then spasmed and convulsed. I was fucking her with long strokes and she hugged me, “Please?”

I kissed her and fucked her hard for a minute before pushing into her shaking body, “Look into my eyes!”

Katrina was jerking around and groaning, my cock was throbbing and jerking. Her eyes met mine and my cock seemed to explode in a strong gushing torrent of cum. She froze with a look of surprise of her face, “ooooohhhhhh!”

I pumped stream after stream into her and then it was pouring out of her. She arched her back, “YES!”

I finally stopped cumming and kissed her before slowly pulling out of her tight, cummy pussy. She groaned and clutched at Crystal, “Want.”

Ash giggled and Crystal caressed her face, “feel you better now.”

I moved off the bed and summoned my robe, “I am glad you liked it kitten.”

She looked at me as she continued to purr, “Not like, love.”

Ash giggled again and rolled half onto her for a kiss. Crystal rubbed her butt, “Need talking.”

Ash looked at her and then grinned, “Yes.”

Ash looked at me and waved towards the door, “Go away.”

I shook my head and reached out to touch Katrina’s ankle, “Now you feel me. I won’t hurt you.”

She smiled as she looked at Crystal in satisfaction, “Know.”

I left and went back to my workroom to howls of pleasure from Tabitha. The nymph turned from the tree I was making, “done breeding her?”

I smiled, “Not breeding, bonding.”

I sat and reached for another flake of emerald.
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