Dallas was just thirteen like me but she had more in mind than just being friends.
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My 13yo Fuck Buddy

Dallas had me walk her home and then invited me in to see her bedroom. As we walked past the kitchen door her mother called out, “Who’s your friend?”

Dallas said, “My new fuck buddy.”

I choked.

Her mother said, “What! You can’t be serious, young lady. Your father will kill you and then him.”

Dallas said, “Then don’t tell him.”

Her mother sputtered but couldn’t manage to get a word out.

Dallas said, “If you don’t tell Daddy about my fuck buddy then I won’t have to tell him about yours.”

Once again her mother just stuttered without actually saying anything.

Dallas took me up to her bedroom and was showing me a few of her things when her mother came in and said, “Dallas it would be a lot better if you did your business at his house, in his bed. That way your father won’t catch you two doing it.”

Personally I was speechless. Dallas said, “Okay” and then she took my hand and led me outside. We headed toward my house. Along the way I asked her not to tell my mother about us being fuck buddies. She said, “Okay.”

I introduced Dallas to my mother and said that we were going to study together.

Mom took one look at Dallas and asked, “Please don’t tell me that it is for Biology, Human Development, or for your Sex Education class.”

Dallas smiled at my mother and said, “Okay, we won’t.”

Mom was speechless as I took Dallas up to my bedroom.

In the privacy of my bedroom I locked the door, closed the curtains, and turned on the lights.

I watched Dallas smile at me as she pulled her tight T-shirt up over her head. She had not been wearing a bra and both of her tiny nipples had been hard since we had left school. Obviously Mom had seen them and did not approve. After all I don’t think I had ever seen my mother not wearing a bra.

Dallas then lowered her skin-tight skinny jeans down her hips, down her legs, and down to her ankles. She sat on the edge of my bed and lifted her feet up. That opened her legs up wide so that I could how tightly her panties were stretched over her puffy pussy. I watched Dallas pull her pants over her feet, one at a time. I noticed a big wet spot on the crotch of her panties. Dallas just slipped them down and off her feet. Then she looked around and hung them over the crucifix that had been on my wall since birth.

I said, “He watches over me.”

Dallas said, “He’s not going to watch us fuck.”

I just had to ask, “Have you done this before?”

Dallas giggled and said, “No, but I sure have wanted to for a while now. Of all the boys at school I like you the best.”

I said, “I’ve never done it either.”

Dallas smiled and said, “I’m glad.”

I asked, “Does your mother really have a fuck buddy?”

Dallas said, “You saw her reaction. Of course she has one. I’m pretty sure that she has more than one.”

I asked, “Who is he?”

Dallas said, “You don’t want to know.”

As we talked she had helped me out of my clothes. She kissed me and she pressed her small breasts into my hairless chest. My cock was hard and she knew it. She pressed her down covered pussy right up against it. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. She was just about the most wonderful girl in the whole world. Her hands were on my ass so I slipped mine down her back and onto the firm cheeks. Together we pressed our sex organs together until I squirted cum up between us. I felt great and she didn’t seem to care about the mess.

When we separated, she used my shirt to wipe up our bellies.

She kissed me and said, “Should we do this again tomorrow. I need to get home for dinner now.”

Then I watched Dallas get dressed. She left her panties hanging from my crucifix. I put on my pants and a clean shirt, and then I walked Dallas down to our front door. Mom watched me give Dallas a kiss.

Mom said, “See you tomorrow, Dear.”

Dallas said, “Yes you will and thank you for NOT checking on us.”

Mom smiled and said, “Your mother called me and said that you are my son’s fuck buddy. He certainly needs the relief, that’s for sure.”

Dallas asked, “Does your husband have a fuck buddy?”

Mom laughed and said, “I think you already know the answer to that.”

Dallas said, “I’ve seen him with my mother but I’m pretty sure that she has another fuck buddy.”

Mom laughed again and said, “Yes, she does…me.”

Dallas said, “That explains it.”

I looked at my mother and asked, “Does this mean that Dallas and I can be together.”

Mom said, “Just as often as you want, as long as you do it here. Her father can be a son of a bitch.”

Dallas said, “You can say that again.”

Then Mom said, “I let him fuck me once…just once…never again.”

I asked, “Why?”

Mom took in a deep breath and said, “Her father is a mortician, a necrophiliac, and he sure does likes fucking his corpses. He shoved an ice cube up my pussy, threw me in a cold shower for five minutes, and then put me face down on the tile floor telling me not to move a muscle while he fucked my pussy from behind. I damn near froze in that fucking shower and I didn’t enjoy any of it. I don’t know how Dallas’s mother puts up with him.”

“He wanted to fuck me again but I said ‘over my dead body’ and he just smiled.”

“When I do die, don’t let that bastard anywhere near me. I sure as hell don’t want his cock being the last thing in me.”

I chuckled and said, “I won’t let him near you. I promise.”

Well the very next day Dallas and I really became fuck buddies. It was in my bedroom, we were all alone, and we were completely naked. We had been kissing and making out for a long time when she finally asked, “Will you please stick it in me?”

I had been teasing her clit long enough to make her beg. Then I continued for a while longer until she could hardly stand it. And then I slipped the head of my cock into her pussy. She had been in a spread Eagle position. Then like the Venus Flytrap, she wrapped herself around me and then she started to assimilate me. She poked her breasts into me, she thrust her tongue into my mouth, and she literally sucked my cock complete into her vagina. There was no longer any doubt that we had lost our virginities. My eyes were locked on hers as we mutually rubbed our sex organs against one another. It seemed much longer than it actually was but finally I started firing gobs of cum into her and her pussy just sucked every bit of it in further.

We agreed that we would always remain fuck buddies, no mater what.

The End
My 13yo Fuck Buddy
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