I caught Dad and my sister in the garage. She was giving him a blowjob.
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Have Sex, Just Leave Your Father Out

When I saw my sister sucking our father’s cock, I knew that I had it made from then on. I just never knew how much.

You see it all started when I saw Bianca sucking Dad’s cock out in the garage. I heard a very low moan and peeked in the window. There was Dad standing up against the car with his head back, his eyes closed, and his fingers intertwined in Bianca’s hair.

Bianca was squatted down with one hand holding the back of Dad’s leg and sucking on his cock. Her tight miniskirt was up around her waist and her pink panties were showing. She had her other hand slipped into her panties and she was masturbating herself to an orgasm.

I pulled out my cock and started stroking it too. However, I was pretty far behind the two of them. Bianca and Dad had their climaxes and started putting themselves back together so I put my cock away and zipped up.

I avoided Dad as he came out, but when Bianca did not follow, him I went in.

I told her what I had seen and threatened to tell Mom.

Bianca said, “No! You can’t ever tell Mom! That is rule number one and rule number three.”

I said, “What!”

Bianca said, “Dad only has three rules about me sucking his cock. Rule number one is, don’t ever let Mom find out about it. Rule number two is, don’t ever tell anyone about it. And rule number three is, don’t ever let Mom find out about it.”

I smiled and said, “You said that twice.”

Bianca replied, “It is that important! That is why it is rule one and rule three.”

I smiled again and said, “In that case you are going be sucking my cock a lot. Otherwise I’m telling.”

Bianca pushed me back against the car, raised her tight miniskirt up, and squatted down. Soon my cock was in her mouth, her fingers were busy with in her pussy, and my fingers were tangled up in her long brown hair. Her one hand pulled my cock all the way into her mouth. She must have had a lot of practice because she was really good at it. I was moaning louder than Dad was as I shout my very first load into my sister’s mouth.

Bianca looked up at me, opened her mouth so that I could see the puddle of cum on her tongue, and then she swallowed it.

Mom said, “Oh thank God, it’s your brother. I was afraid that it was your father. You have been coming into the house with your hair a mess and he has been way too happy lately.”

We both just looked at Mom. I let go of my sister’s hair and she stood up, pushing her tight skirt back down in place.

Mom said, “You two can have sex all that you want, just leave your father out of it. Because if I find out any different, I’ll cut his cock off and shove it up his ass, and then I’ll serve his balls to you on a platter.”

Stunned I asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mom started to cry and she leaned against the door jam. She said, “When we got married I agreed to let his friends fuck me but in return he could NEVER mess around with another woman.”

Shocked I said, “You let Dad’s friends fuck you.”

Mom realized what she had just said, “Well, I guess since you two are having sex that you are old enough to know about it.”

She looked outside to see if Dad was around, or anyone else for that matter then said, “Our agreement is that once a month your father can let another man fuck me. I’ll be his cheap whore for three hours and then it is over. In exchange I never have to worry about him cheating on me.”

Bianca asked, “So how many men have fuck you, Mom?”

Mom replied, “Well, in the past fifteen years, I dare say that about a hundred different men have fucked me, some more than once. Then there is his friend Charlie, Charlie gets to fuck me every year on his birthday.”

I asked, “How come you get to fuck around but Dad can’t?”

Mom got very serious and said, “Listen here, I don’t fuck around! Your father is the one that wanted me to let his friends fuck me and I said, NO! It was his idea to draw up the contract saying that if I would…he wouldn’t.”

Bianca asked, “So what happens if Dad does fuck around?”

Mom laughed and said, “Other than having his dick stuck up his ass permanently and me eating his testicles…he will wind up flat broke and living in a cardboard box somewhere.”

Bianca asked, “How can that happen? He owns his own company.”

Mom laughed and said, “Oh no he doesn’t! I let him run MY COMPANY for me. I married him, I made him, and I can assure you that I can break him. In exchange for his devotion I have let him turn me into his whore. Believe me I almost never enjoy having the other men fuck me. They are disgusting, they are cruel, and they have been some of the most detestable men in this world. After they fuck me I don’t feel clean again for a week.”

Bianca said, “Sex can’t be that bad or we wouldn’t do it.”

Mom almost growled as she gurgled, “Have you ever let a man that hasn’t bathed in over a year stick his cock in your mouth to get it clean, then fuck you up your ass, and then stick it back in your mouth to get it cleaned again…over and over…for three hours?”

Bianca said, “No.”

Mom said, “And you don’t want to either.”

After Mom had left Bianca said, “We really can’t let Mom know about me and Dad now.”

I just smiled and said, “In that case I want a lot more than just a blowjob. Get naked!”

Bianca only thought about it for a moment. She remember what Mom had told us, “You two can have sex all that you want, just leave your father out of it.”

With that thought Bianca lifted her T-shirt up over her head. She threw it on the hood of the car and then added her bra, her tight miniskirt, and her pink panties to the pile.

I smiled. It looked like my sister had just become my little whore…only I wasn’t going to share her with anyone…especially with Dad.

I pushed her up against the front fender, rolled her back a little, and held onto her ankles as I stepped in closer.

I said, “Guide it in.”

Bianca said, “I’m a virgin.”

I replied, “Not for long. Now aim it or else! If I have too it’s going up your ass.”

Bianca quickly grabbed a hold of my cock, fingered her pussy, and then pulled me into her. I pushed in just a little, she moaned. I pushed in a little more and she groaned. I pushed the rest of my cock into her pussy and held it in there as I enjoyed the feel.

Bianca said, “Oh that does feel good. Yvonne said that it would. She lets her older brother fuck her too.”

I smiled and said, “So you’re letting me fuck you!”

Bianca smiled and said, “I might as well. I can’t let Daddy have sex with me. He was going to fuck me tomorrow and then take me shopping. That isn’t going to happen now!”

I smiled and said, “Well he isn’t going to fuck you, but I can assure you that he and I will be taking you shopping. If he doesn’t want Mom to make him fuck himself, he’ll buy us anything that we want him too…from now on.”

I felt Bianca squeeze her pussy around my cock. She kissed me and smiled at me before hugging me tightly and whispering, “I’m really going to like having you fuck me. Dad can’t say anything and Mom already gave her consent, so we can have sex anytime that we want too. Besides, if you are in my bed at night, Daddy won’t be able to finger fuck me when he kisses me goodnight.”

I pushed my cock in and I pulled my cock out of her sweet tight pussy. I figured that if I went slowly enough that it would last longer and it did. Bianca liked it just as much as I did and pressed her heels into my lower back to push me into her deeper. As my climax got closer I started to speed up and thrust into her harder. Her breathing got faster and faster until she cried out, “Oh my God! I love being fucked! Don’t ever stop.”

As we calmed down we both looked over to the door to see if one of our parents were standing there. Fortunately no one was.

I pulled my cock out of my sister and then I poked her pink panties into her dripping hole. I let more than half of her panties hang out when I told her to get dressed. Then I marched her right into the house like that…a pink silky tail hanging down between her legs.

Mom just smiled but Dad turned white as a ghost and headed into the kitchen. He was in the refrigerator getting a beer when I said, “I saw Bianca sucking your cock. Don’t ever touch her in a sexual way again…or I’ll help Mom cut your cock off and shove it up your ass.”

Dad just looked at me with his mouth hanging open.

I said, “You are taking Bianca and me shopping tomorrow. We have a lot of things that we want you to pay for.”

Dad looked like a beaten man.

Bianca and I noticed how nice he was being to Mom that night.

When the movie ended I grabbed Bianca’s hand and asked, “Who’s bed are we sleeping in tonight?”

Bianca giggled and said, “Yours…my sheets are clean and I want to keep them that way for a while.”

We stood and started toward my bedroom when Bianca asked, “Mom, would you like to go shopping with us tomorrow? Dad’s buying!”

Mom said, “Sure! I’ll help you pick out a new wardrobe. Now that you are your brother’s little whore, I’m sure you will want to look the part.”

Then Mom looked over at Dad and he tried to smile.

Sex in my bed that night and the next morning were better than anything that we had ever experienced before.

Mom delighted in helping Bianca pick out the sexiest blouses, skirts, and underwear possible. My little sister was going to be the best dressed thirteen-year-old girl in the eighth grade. Next year she will be in the high school with me.

Two weeks later Mom said, “Your father told me that you would be fucking me this month for three hours on Thursday.”

“He thinks that it will be embarrassing for me. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. Bianca says that you are really sweet to her in bed.”

“I know that you have something on your father. I don’t think that I want to know what it is. However, if you can arrange to have sex with me more than just this once I would really appreciate it. I don’t want to go behind your father’s back…because I certainly don’t want him to go behind my back.”

I gave Mom a hug and a kiss and then I ran my hand over both of her breasts getting a raise out of her nipples, down over her slightly rounded tummy, and then I grabbed a handful of panty-covered pussy. I said, “It is already arranged. Why do you think he gave you to me this month?”

Then I asked, “Would you like to join Bianca and I in a threesome or do you want me all to yourself?”

Mom smiled and asked, “Can I have both?”

Of course she could.

Dad was a beaten man. Soon I became the head of the house. After completing a four-year degree in business, I took over running Mom’s company for her. Bianca got her degree in advertising and then things really took off.

Dad retired and spent every waking hour with Mom. I just laugh whenever I think about that.

The End
Have Sex, Just Leave Your Father Out
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