My sister got embarrassed at our Thanksgiving Reunion by our Uncles.
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My Embarrassed Sister

We were at my Aunt Emma’s house for Thanksgiving. It had been a family tradition since long before my sister and I were born. It was the one time a year that all of Grandma Gilbert’s children and grandchildren got together at one time. Everyone caught up on the past year, we took family pictures, and they got to see just how much we had grown over the past year. In my case I shot up two inches, not bad for a fourteen-year-old boy. My thirteen-year-old sister Tabatha on the other hand shot up one inch but she shot out a few more. Her bra size went from not quite filling out a 32-A to over filling a 32-B. Grandma told her that all of the Gilbert women got big breasts early in life.

After dinner Tabatha asked me to stay close to her. She said that she needed my protection. Protection from what, I didn’t know.

Soon afterwards I saw Uncle Pete pat her ass. He left his hand there a lot longer than I thought was necessary. When he saw me watching him, he just smiled and moved away.

Uncle Gill…yes that’s right his parents named him Gilbert G. Gilbert. I’m pretty sure that his middle name is Gilbert too. His nickname is G3. Anyway I saw Uncle Gill brush his hand over my sister’s shoulder and down over her right breast to give it a little squeeze. I started toward him and he moved his hand away.

Tabatha said, “Come with me. I have to pee and I don’t want to be alone.”

She took me into the bathroom with her and then made me stand against the door so that no one could come in. I faced the door but I could catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye using the mirror over the sink. Tabatha pushed her pants and her panties down to her knees, she sat on the toilet, and then she started to pee into the toilet. Boy did she ever have to pee.

As she sat there she said, “Uncle Gill walked in on me the last time I was in here. I know I locked the door but he got in somehow. It was so embarrassing.”

I said, “I saw Uncle Pete pat your ass.”

Tabatha scowled and said, “Pat my ass, that bastard felt me up. I’m glad that I didn’t wear a skirt. He would have finger fucked me.”

I said, “I also saw Uncle Gill squeeze your boob.”

Tabatha growled and said, “That’s not all that he has been doing to me. Other than coming in here when I was on toilet he has held my breasts, pinched my nipples, and gotten his hand in between my legs. He is the worst because he is always doing it in front of other people.”

She realized that her last statement could be taken two ways and added, “Not that I would want him to do it in private either.

“He is old and he is drunk.”

“He never does it in front of Dad but I know that Mom watched him pick me up with his hand on my pussy. She never said a word.”

“It is just so embarrassing being a girl in this family.”

I was still checking her out in the mirror when Tabatha said, “You’re no different. You might as well turn around and look at me instead of doing it in that mirror. Just don’t let anyone in that door.”

I turned toward her and watched as she took some toilet paper off the roll, spread her legs, and wiped her pussy. She stood up and let me see her fuzzy pussy. She then lifted up her top and let me see how full her bra cups were.

Then she said, “Stay closer to me, don’t let anyone else feel me up, and I’ll let you see me naked when we get home.”

I then watched her pull her panties up into place, pull up her pants, and then zip and snap them together. She lowered her top, looked in the mirror, and straightened out a wrinkle.

I let her watch me take out my cock and pee into the toilet. She was standing behind the door when Uncle Gill opened it, peeked in, and said, “Oh! I’m sorry. I thought your sister was in here.”

He closed the door and I said, “I know I had that door looked.”

Tabatha said, “See what I mean. He knew that I was in here and he got in.”

We exited the bathroom together and I stood right next to her. I tried to keep our backs to a wall and I tried to get between her and any Uncle headed toward her.

Finally, Mom and Dad said that it was time to leave. Thank God!

In the car on the way home Tabatha tried to tell Mom what had happened. She just brushed it off as nothing to get alarmed about. Then Mom said, “You’re just embarrassed because everyone noticed how grown up you are.”

Tabatha said, “I’m thirteen for Christ sake and all of your brothers felt me up. Uncle Gill was the worst. He walked into the bathroom twice when I was in there.”

Surprised Dad said, “He only told me once.”

Tabatha snapped and started screaming, “Oh my God! You were in on it too. He didn’t see me the second time because I was standing behind the door.”

I said, “He sure looked at my cock while I was peeing though. Is he gay?”

Mom choked and said, “Gay? No way! Your Uncle Gill definitely likes girls. I should know.”

Tabatha asked, “So he felt you up too?”

I could see Mom’s face turn pink. She said, “As a matter of fact, yes, he did.”

Tabatha asked, “Weren’t you embarrassed?”

Mom hesitated then softly replied, “No, not at all. Your Uncle Gill has seen me naked all my life, he has felt me whenever we get together, and…and…”

Dad finished her sentence by saying, “And he fucks her once a month.”

I sputter out, “And you let him!”

Dad said, “I don’t exactly have a choice.”

Mom said, “It was part of the pre nuptial agreement that your father signed.”

Tabatha said, “So your brother Gill gets to fuck you once a month.”

Mom softly spoke, “Not just Gill, I have to let Pete, Frank, and Henry fuck me every month also. My father used to fuck me too before he died.”

Tabatha asked, “Why?”

Mom then explained that her parents were worth millions of dollars and that it was all her mothers until she died. Her father had insisted that she let her brothers and him fuck her once a month for as long as he or his wife were alive. Upon Grandma Gilbert’s death our mother would inherit half of the estate. Her four brothers would split the other half. They had traded sex for part of their share of the money.

Tabatha asked, “Am I in that pre nuptial?”

Mom said, “No! They just get carried away.”

Dad again said, “Like I said, I don’t exactly have a choice in the matter.”

Tabatha said, “Then I don’t want to go to any more Thanksgiving dinners at Grandma Gilbert’s anymore.”

Mom said, “Okay” but her voice sounded funny.

At home Tabatha and I went right to her bedroom and locked the door.

Tabatha whispered, “I don’t trust Mom, or Dad for that matter.”

She started to get undressed right in front of me so I started to leave.

Tabatha softly said, “Stay! I promised that you could see my tits. Besides I don’t want to sleep alone.”

Her breasts looked nice. She liked my cock when I was undressed. We got in bed in the spoon position. She reached back and positioned my hard-on up her butt crack and placed my hand on her breast for the night.

I had trouble going to sleep. My hard-on wouldn’t go away. I kept pressing it into my sister’s ass. It didn’t help when she pressed back.

Finally her leg lifted, her hand reached between her legs, and she pulled my cock through. The head of my cock must have been sticking out in the front because she kept playing with it until I came. What a mess I made.

She cleaned it up but said, “Next time I’ll let you cum in me. It will be a lot easier to clean up.”

I asked, “Really?”

Tabatha said, “If Mom can let her four brothers fuck her then I guess I can let you fuck me. That’s it though, I’m not letting Dad fuck me. He seemed like such a wimp tonight.”

Well a few minutes later I was fully hard again and pressing my cock into the crack of her ass. She lifted her leg, reached through for my cock, and then she pulled it right up to her pussy and said, “Push, but be gently. It’s my first time.”

I said, “My first time too.”

Tabatha said, “I like that. We will have something in common for the rest of my life. After I’m married I might let you keep fucking me but I don’t think I would want my husband to know about it. I’m certainly not going to put it in any pre nuptial agreement either.”

I was in her almost all the way and we had gotten into a nice slow rhythm. It felt good and it kept getting better. Her breathing increased and so did mine. She started humping back at me faster and faster. I could feel my cum about to erupt inside her when I asked, “Do you want me to pull out?”

She hissed, “No you jerk. Remember the mess that you made the last time? That’s why I’m letting you fuck me in the first place.”

I let it fly just as hard and just as often as it would. I pumped all of it into her and she liked it. When I was done she said, "Wow! That felt great. Now leave it in there and fall asleep.”

I asked, “Can we do this again sometime?”

She replied, “How about every night. I want you to sleep with me from now on. That will keep Dad away from me. We can do it as often as you like though. We can do it in the morning before school, after school, and all night long if you want.”

I said, “There isn’t any school tomorrow. It’s Black Friday. We will have three full days together before school starts on Monday.”

Tabatha snuggled back into me and pulled my hand around until it was resting on one of her tits.

I slept very well that night.

In fact I slept very well every night after that.

We never did go to another Thanksgiving at Grandma Gilbert’s house and Tabatha was never embarrassed again.

On the contrary it was Dad that got embarrassed a lot. Every night at the dinner table she would tell Mom and Dad what a wonderful lover I was and then she would tell them how many times we had done it.

Several times a month Tabatha would asked, “So Mom, have your brothers fucked you this week?”

It was her job in life to embarrass our parents as much as she could. She became very good at it.

The End
My Embarrassed Sister
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