(For the women that always tempt me)
Dianne’s mage message to Ash and Ivy a month later had them walking into the room I had made into my workroom. I glanced up from the small rainbow falcon I was making. I was using many different gem stones and melding them into one. Crystal chirped from her pile of cushions and blankets beside me and Ivy waved before they stopped.

It had become normal for Ash and Ivy to go naked in the house and Ash bent to open my robe before sitting in my lap, “We got a message from mom.”

Ivy grinned as she leaned against me and moved my cock as Ash lifted up, “She went to a doctor.”

Ash caressed my chest as she sat back on my cock, “She is having five in her litter.”

I smiled and glanced at Crystal as she purred and then looked at Ivy and Ash, “Five?”

Ivy laughed, “You didn’t cum fast enough and dad started fucking me again.”

I reached up to rub Ivy’s hard nipples, “And you still want more.”

Ash grinned and wiggled, “I caught her with the lion this morning.”

Ivy grinned, “He isn’t as good as the dragon but he sure tries.”

I rubbed Ash’s nipples as she started fucking me slowly, “What else did Dianne say?”

Ash shuddered and Ivy walked to Crystal, “She said dad has to go overseas and is going to come stay with us for a couple of days.”

Crystal pulled Ivy down into her nest and kissed her as Ash began thrusting back and forth. I shivered as her warm pussy began trying to milk my cock. She spasmed and I knew she wouldn’t talk until she was satisfied.

I rubbed her nipples and kissed her passionately. Ash’s pussy contracted and she jerked harder and began to convulse. I shuddered as she twisted and jerked and began to spew heavy, thick streams of cum. Ash stiffened as the flood of warm cum fountained up inside her, “YES!”

I shuddered as I pumped and sprayed into her belly before finally sighing. I had been cumming like that since the spell but both Ash and Ivy loved it. Crystal was almost addicted to it and Tannia, the one time I fucked her with Ash, she screamed and shook violently before passing out. Ash shuddered and groaned before leaning against me. Ivy giggled, “Did he flood you again?”

Ash grinned at her sister, “Of course.”

A small sapphire Dragon flew into the room and landed on the desk, “The lion said to tell you a boy is outside.”

I patted Ash’s hip and she stood before Crystal mewed and held out her hand, “Need you.”

Ash smiled as she moved into Crystal’s nest and lay down as I left. Gavin was sitting in the center of a circle. The jade lion was in front on him, the griffin was on one side, the dragon was on the other and the small centaur was behind him. He glanced up as I came out, “These are amazing.”

I smiled as I recognized him, “I let them protect the house and accompany Ash or Ivy when they walk near the forest.”

He smiled and stood before opening the large pouch he was carrying against his chest, “Everyone says you know about curses. Alexandria was cursed somewhere and went missing for two days. She won’t eat and only lies there and…”

I could see the desperation in his eyes and whispered Crystal’s name before holding my hand out, “I need to hold her.”

He lifted the thin kitten out and put her in my hands. I turned to walk into the house, “Come with me.”

Crystal met me just inside the door and both Ash and Ivy were following her. Crystal mewed pitifully at her daughter and followed closely as I went back to my library. I set Alexandria down on a small table and Crystal pressed her face to her as she almost vibrated.

I whispered a seeing spell and watched with Ash, Ivy and the Gavin as Alexandria moved backwards in time in an illusion above her body. I jerked and gestured to stop everything and leaned forward to look closer, “I haven’t been in there and those are curse scrolls.”

I gestured and the illusion began to rotate to show the whole dark room. I saw the parchment on the floor and shook my head as I realized Alexandria had walked across a curse scroll that had been opened. I shifted the display again and pushed Ash, Ivy and the boy Gavin back. I murmured a spell that made the scroll flare and the old inscriptions glow.

I dismissed the spells and pulled Crystal back. I summoned two tiny knives, one silver and the other ebony stone. Around Alexandria I started drawing trapping diagrams that had been old a thousand years ago. I whispered ancient spells that made the kitten rise up and glow before several bolts shot out at me. They struck the edge of the symbols I had drawn and hung in the air waiting.

When I finished, I murmured a collection spell and the ancient curses slowly moved together into a tiny sphere. I finished with a spell that made the sphere rise almost to the ceiling before there was a flash of light and extreme heat. The sphere was gone and I turned my attention back to Alexandria. I murmured a healing spell and she meowed as her body glowed and I started removing the symbols I had drawn, “She needs to eat and sleep.”

Crystal’s hands snatched her daughter up and held her against her body. Gavin hesitated and I touched Crystal, “Her mage needs her too.”

Crystal mewed sadly, “worried.”

Ash moved to hold her, “You’re a mother Crystal. You worry about all your young. You still clean Bell when she comes home dirty.”

Crystal chirped and turned to hold Alexandria out to Gavin. He smiled shyly, “If I could stay, you could help me nurse her back to health.”

Crystal looked at me with her sad eyes and I shook my head before gesturing, “Not in my library, find a room your daughter likes.”

Ash pulled on her as Ivy took Gavin’s hand and led him out. I looked at the table again thinking of a room full of curse scrolls before summoning my staff and heading for the door. I headed for the school and other students stopped to stare at me with the staff. I think they knew that if I was carrying the staff I was preparing to do strong magic. I knocked and entered the headmaster’s officer as the wall parted, “Headmaster?”

He turned from a spell stand and gestured to a seat before turning back. I crossed to sit and waited as he worked on what appeared to be a spell to control time. When he finished and closed the large tomb I cleared my throat, “there is a room in the school full of curse scrolls.”

He walked to his desk and sat as the ruby dragon walked from the corner of the desk and slipped under one hand. He looked at me hard, “How do you know?”

I gestured and summoned the image of the room, “One of Crystal’s kittens found it and walked across a scroll that had opened.”

He leaned forward as he absently caressed his dragon and stared at the image as it turned slowly to show the entire room. He nodded, “One of the older rooms that was sealed I think.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “You normally don’t read history books.”

He turned to look out a high window, “An age ago those that worked magic were weaker. Not all of course but enough. They brought ancient scrolls here because there were more mages to control them.”

I nodded, “Makes sense but why didn’t they destroy them?”

He sighed, “Because they didn’t want to lose the knowledge.”

I stood, “The scrolls are opening, if we don’t do anything…”

Headmaster Thortle stood and nodded, “you’re right.”

He picked up a tall dark staff that was passed to each headmaster and murmured a spell. A glowing line appeared in the air and we followed it out. It led us around and down through the school. Students and teachers both seemed to know something was happening and followed. The glowing line went through a wall and we stopped to look around. Close to the ground was a small hole and I knew that was how Alexandria had gotten into the room.

The headmaster gestured and the large blocks of stone grated and began shifting and turning to create a doorway. I summoned light and stepped up to the doorway ignoring the headmaster as he hissed. One look had me throwing up a barrier, “it is worse than I thought.”

He nodded, “I don’t know why the school warning charms haven’t began screaming.”

I sighed and backed up before whispering a spell that brought a thick wooden table. I pulled my two small daggers and carefully drew the ancient trapping designs and runes to shield the scrolls. I turned back to the room and summoned the scroll on the floor and used the strength of my staff to wrap it in a shield. Once it settled to the table the wood smoked a little before there was a waiting feeling.

The headmaster looked over my shoulder as I murmured spells that pulled the curses from the parchment into as small glowing ball. He gestured and it flashed as white plasma mage fire engulfed it. When it was gone he turned to the room, “my turn.”

I prepared myself to protect him as he summoned a scroll still sealed. It seemed to flare when it entered my spell trap and the scroll unrolled. The script glowed as it tried to craw off the parchment. Headmaster Thortle murmured the spells I had used and the curses slowly seemed to rise and come together. I looked at it carefully before I whispered the spell that wrapped it in mage fire. There was a flare and then a bloom of fire that tried to escape the shield I had placed on the trap.

Several teachers appeared and pretty soon it was a combined work of moving the scrolls out and revealing the curse before destroying it, sometimes with fire and sometime with other elements. I was the constant and continued to provide strength and direction since some of the scrolls were in ancient scripts or dead languages that only a few could read.

I saw Ash, Dianne and Ivy as they held Crystal back but kept working. When the last scroll was destroyed everyone sighed except Headmaster Thortle and me. He was drained but I still had strength thanks to my staff. I wrapped myself in a shield before walking into the old room. The feel and taint of curses seemed to fill the air. The two warded obsidian sarcophagi drew my attention.

I checked them carefully before murmuring a spell to remove them. They lifted slowly and turned to float out the door and settle against the hall wall. I looked around one last time and closed my eyes as I began spells that drew their power from me and my staff. I lifted into the air as the room went dark and the air seemed to become heavy. Water, mage fire, earth and air swirled around me and as screams filled the room, sparks of loose curses flared as they were destroyed.

I walked out of the room almost exhausted and drained. Headmaster Thortle put his hand on my shoulder, “that was well done.”

I nodded as I moved towards the sarcophagi which had peaked my curiosity. Crystal was suddenly pushing under my arm, “Mad.”

I smiled tiredly, “I know. I couldn’t let you help though, you carry my babies.”

She looked at me and growled as Ash arrived to embrace me. I hugged her before looking at Dianne and Ivy, “I had to make sure they were destroyed.”

Ash sighed, “You are my husband Kevin, that means you talk to me before doing something like this.”

I looked at her before turning to the sarcophagi, “Why? I wasn’t doing anything I couldn’t handle.”

She shook me, “You tell me before you do something dangerous so I won’t worry.”

I looked at the ancient dead language, “If I told you I was going to do something dangerous wouldn’t that make you worry too?”

Dianne laughed as I traced the script with a finger. Crystal’s claws on my chest made me look at her, “Yes?”

She pulled on me, “Home now!”

I sighed and looked back at the sarcophagi. Headmaster Thortle must have been listening because he laughed, “Take them with you.”

I glanced at him but before I could admit I didn’t have the energy Ash whispered a spell to make them float just above the ground. I grinned, “Thanks.”

She shook her head and tucked her arm in mine. The whole way home I heard Ivy talking about Gavin. I grinned at Ash and whispered, “Want to bet she fucks him tonight?”

Ash grinned and looked back, “Are you going to fuck him tonight?”

Ivy stopped talking and then grinned, “If Alexandria is sleeping I might do it when we get home.”

Dianne chuckled and Ash laughed. I grinned as Crystal rubbed me and purred and Ash grinned, “I think Crystal wants some attention from you.”

I grinned, “Only if she does all the work.”

Crystal purred as Ash and Dianne laughed. Ash glanced at me as we came to the cottage, “Your brother is staying the weekend too.”

I glanced at her, “Ron? Why?”

She grinned, “Professor Elgerson wants him to transform some sparrows.”

I smiled, “He was never very good with Transformations.”

Ash laughed, “Mom wants to bed him.”

I grinned at Dianne as I opened the door and walked in. I turned to watch as Ash carefully moved the two sarcophagi through one at a time. I glanced at Ron as we headed toward my workroom and smiled, “Hey Ron.”

He looked from me to the sarcophagi, “Little brother.”

I had Ash set them in a corner before heading back to the living room. Ash stripped and helped Crystal with her dress before they pulled my robe off. Dianne and Ivy were missing but we found a naked Dianne in the living room with Ron. He was blushing as I sat on the couch with a tired sigh and sent my staff to the corner. Crystal was quick to straddle me as I looked at Ron, “You needed some help?”

He tore his eyes from Crystal’s butt and nodded, “Yeah, I was having problems transforming sparrows into smaller Rainbow Hawks.”

Crystal shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and she began to thrust back and forth as her tail rubbed my legs. Ash pulled on Ron and he struggled a little as she and Dianne stripped him. Dianne sat him in a large comfortable chair before straddling him and sitting on his cock with a moan. He looked at me as I held and caressed Crystal and waited for Ash to sit beside us.

I pulled in what power I could and carefully drew the spell my brother needed in the air between us. He was a little distracted and not quit focusing on the spell. I caressed Crystal’s sides and cupped her breasts as she sat back before turning to kiss Ash, “Are Crystal’s breasts larger already?”

Ash laughed as she turned and bent to suck on one of Crystal’s nipples. Her pussy tightened and she shuddered, “ASH!”

Ash giggled as she kissed her and I grinned as I reached down Ash’s back to rub her butt. Crystal started rocking again, using longer thrusts as she purred louder. Ash shuddered a moment later and I looked from her to Crystal.

I relaxed and looked past Crystal to see Dianne shaking as my brother stiffened and arched his back. Crystal was panting and purring louder, almost a constant low growl. Ash was laid back panting with her eyes closed and her hands cupping her own breasts. Crystal jerked as and her body spasmed, “Kevin!”

Ash’s scream echoed Crystal’s as she jerked and shuddered hard. I groaned as I felt Crystal using our bond and shuddered as I began pumping huge spurts of cum. Ash and Crystal howled at the same time as they thrashed around and spasmed. I spewed and pumped cum deep inside Crystal and knew it was spewing inside Ash too. By the time I stopped cumming it was leaking out of Crystal and Ash and making a small puddle.

I was too drained to clean up as Crystal slump against me. Ron cleared his throat, “That is a lot of cum. How did you do both… never mind little brother.”

I smiled as Crystal went back to purring and Ash giggled. Dianne chuckled as she stood and walked to Ash, “We better go get cleaned up.”

They helped a tired Crystal off me and I sighed before looking at the glowing spell still in the air. I sat up and began going over it again and Ron came closer to listen. When I finished he grinned, “That sounds easier then how old Professor Elgerson explained it.”

I shrugged, “Would you mind copying it? I’m a little tired and worn out.”

He nodded and used his wand to transfer the spell before sitting back in the chair, “You know we never thought you would turn out to be a mage. All that time you never did anything. Now you use spells many grown wizards flinch from. Mom and dad are patting themselves on the back and Sabrina and Tabitha are always pointing you out to say you are their brother.”

He grinned, “All because you wanted sex.”

I grinned and then laughed, “I guess that’s true. Now I’m getting it all the time.”

He laughed with me and looked towards the hall, “since your wedding I never thought… Ash would be so open.”

I smiled, “She isn’t really. Besides me she has only let her father fuck her since we have been together. She doesn’t mind showing her body off though and neither does Ivy, her sister. As for Dianne, she loves her husband very much but has learned that sex isn’t about love.”

Ron leaned forward, “What about the nymph Tannia?”

I smiled, “What about her?”

He shrugged, “They say you got her pregnant.”

I nodded, “The nymphs and their trees asked Ash and she agreed to let Tannia get pregnant by me. The thing is, she also made a pact with the grove and the mother nymph. I am the only one they want Tannia getting pregnant by. That doesn’t mean I am the only one she fucks, she is a nymph after all.”

He grinned, “Yeah, a couple of the guys were bragging that they stole her from you.”

I laughed, “I think they should have kept quiet.”

He raised an eyebrow and I shrugged, “Tannia has a soft spot for me. If she hears, they won’t be getting anymore from her or any of the other nymphs.”

Ron laughed and leaned back, “I didn’t think of that. Think she would visit me in my room?”

I smiled, “All you have to do is ask.”

I turned as Ash and Dianne returned, “Dinner?”

Ash smiled, “Cooking I imagine. Did you finish helping Ron?”

I nodded, “Yes, tomorrow I’ll watch while he try’s it.”

I stood and Ash slipped under my arm as I started for the kitchen, “Where’s Crystal?”

Ash smiled, “Where else, in her nest.”

Ivy and a tired looking Gavin appeared in time for dinner and Crystal mewed towards the pouch he carried on his chest. The kitten poked her head out and chirped before struggling to climb out. Gavin smiled as he lifted her out and held her out to Crystal. Crystal put her on the table and rubbed her face against the kitten as they both purred.

As soon as dinner was over Dianne whispered something to Ron and he smiled as she kissed Ash and Ivy good night. I watch her led him out and turned to Ash, “She is willing to play around now?”

She grinned, “Only here where she is safe and only since she is already pregnant.”

I turned to Ivy who was holding Bell and watching Gavin as he fed Alexandria with Crystal hovering beside him. I smiled and stood to look at Ash, “I would say we could go for a walk in the forest but I am a little tired.”

She stood and took my hand, “It’s no wonder, you were doing all the heavy support work.”
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