(For the women that always tempt me)
When I stopped in the front yard the lion was laying down with Bell draped over it. I smiled as I sat, “How many mage cats have found you?”

It glanced at Bell, “Two dozen, most are polite.”

I nodded and looked at another boulder of Jade. I created an image of a small griffin and then started carving. It was an hour before I stopped and glanced at the lion before starting the spells. The griffin glowed as each spell was added and after I stopped it was a minute before the glow faded. I smiled as it stood and stretched, spreading its wings, “This house and yard are your territory.”

It glanced around, “Just this?”

I stood, “For now.”

I walked into the house to see Tannia on the couch with David between her legs. Crystal and Ivy were licking and teasing Dianne next to them. Crystal sniffed and spun as she stood and stalked towards me, “Need you!”

I smiled, “I know Kitten.”

I embraced her as she hugged me and caressed me with her whole body, “NEED YOU!”

I let my robe slip off and gestured to send my staff across the room into a corner. Crystal pushed me down onto the floor and straddled me. A moment later my cock pushed into her cummy pussy. I cupped her breasts, “You let David love you?”

She shuddered and nodded jerkily, “Needed.”

I rubbed her nipples, “That’s because you are pregnant.”

Crystal shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “Know that, remember.”

I glanced at the couch to see Dianne and Ivy holding each other and watching us and David and Tannia. David was grunting as he kept pounding Tannia and she had her legs straight up in the air. Crystal changed from rocking to thrusting and a minute later she stiffened as her warm, messy pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

She jerked and shook and shuddered and finally went back to rocking on me erratically. I heard the door and glanced back to see Ash. She grinned, “She’s started already?”

I laughed and pulled Crystal down to hug her, “Just like last time. After she gets pregnant she becomes hornier.”

Ash sat beside us as Crystal mewed pitifully and rubbed her butt, “Maybe the lion could help? Are they able to do that?”

I rolled and started fucking Crystal with long, deep strokes, “Yes, they could do it if she asks them but you know she likes real flesh.”

Ash rubbed my back, “I know. I see Tannia got dad going again.”

I grinned as Crystal thrust up and spasmed and Dianne and Ivy laughed. Crystal was panting as she clutched me, “Told Dianne spell.”

I buried my cock and looked at her as her hot pussy rippled and milked my cock, “You told Dianne a spell?”

I glanced at Ash as Crystal nodded and then pulled out of her. I turned her over and lifted her hips before burying my cock and looking at Dianne, “Which spell did she show you?”

She grinned, “It was an old scroll from your library. I checked it before I used it. It was a regenitive potenticy spell.”

I held Crystal’s hips and began fucking her hard as her tail wrapping around me and she growled to remind me I was supposed to fuck her. I looked at Dianne, “So did you get your turn?”

She laughed, “No, Ivy was really horny so David fucked her and then Crystal who Needed it and then Tannia showed up and…”

Ash laughed as she stood, “Poor mom, want me to lick you?”

Dianne grinned, “Your sister and Crystal have been doing that.”

I shuddered and held Crystal as I began cumming in thick ropey waves. She spasmed hard and screamed, “nnnneeeeeeedddddd!”

I spurted and pumped a lot of cum into Crystal as her pussy tightened and tried to hold it all. I slowly pulled out of her and caressed her pussy, “Take Ash to bed Crystal.”

I stood and smiled at a satisfied looking David and a tired looking Tannia, “David? I need you to take Tannia and Ivy to bed.”

He lifted an eyebrow, “Why?”

I laughed, “Because you infected both with the spell Dianne used on you. For the next three to six hours your body will keep refilling your balls with sperm and you will need to get it out. After Ash and Crystal finish with each other, Crystal will be joining you.”

Ash was frowning, “What about you?”

I sighed, “I have the infection. Dianne is the one that will need me. Since she is a female, the spell she used will have a secondary affect. For each female David fucks, she has an egg moved to her womb. If he fucked her right now the spell would be passed to the babies and it would affect them permanently. Since my infection is tertiary it won’t be passed. I can speed my body’s time up to produce one very large orgasm. Right now she has maybe three or four eggs soo…”

Ash grinned at her mother who was frowning, “she is going to have a whole litter.”

I laughed and Dianne finally giggled and stood up, “We better go before I end up having more.”

I shook my head, “Here where you cast the spell.”

I touched Ash’s face, “After you and Crystal finish, I’ll need you.”

She put her hand on her stomach, “The baby?”

I shook my head, “The spell won’t pass to a baby already conceived. After Dianne and I finish, the infection will leave me but not before triggering a regenerative phase which will leave my balls full.”

Ash grinned, “Just what I want, a belly full of warm cum.”

Dianne kissed David before pushing him towards Ivy, “Take care of your father honey.”

Ivy grinned and rubbed her pussy as she reached for him and pulled Tannia up at the same time, “I’m hoping he takes care of me.”

I watched them leave with Ash pulling Crystal behind them. I turned and moved to lay beside the stream as I began the spell to speed up my body’s regenerative time. Dianne straddled me and rubbed my chest, “God I’m horny.”

I rubbed her nipples as she lifted up and positioned my cock. She sat down slowly letting my cock push into her and sink deeper before she began to rock back and forth. She shuddered and wiggled before slowly beginning to thrust back and forth. Her pussy began to spasm around my cock like she was trying to milk me.

She was shaking and jerking as she started fucking me harder, thrusting back and forth before lifting almost off my cock and then slamming down to shove my cock all the way into her. Dianne was howling as her body jerked and spasmed out of control. I gestured and she lifted up with her legs spread and then she rotated until she was facing away.

I pull her down and rubbed her asshole. Dianne jerked and screamed as her pussy seemed to clamp down tight on my swelling cock. I held her as I felt my cock swell and grew larger. It pushed open her cervix as my balls seemed to spasm in time to Dianne’s jerky convulsions. I knew I was screaming as suddenly the spell ended and I came.

I was holding Dianne down as cum erupted out of my cock as if I were peeing. Dianne became rigid as my hot sperm exploded into her womb to fill it before causing it to expand. It was a long time before I stopped jerking and shuddering as the huge fountain became normal spurts and then stopped. Dianne fell off me and curled onto her side with a huge sigh. She turned her head to look at me and smiled, “That, I will never forget.”

Ash laughed from a few feet away, “I hope not. You two were rutting like a satyr and a nymph for a long time.”

Dianne grinned and I shuddered as I felt my balls filling. Ash moved to squat next to me, “Are you okay?”

I smiled and reached out to rub her wet pussy, “Besides a case of blue balls, I’m fine.”

She grinned, “You’ll live. Are you sure it’s safe for the baby?”

I nodded as I rubbed her clit, “I’m sure. I read that scroll and found the hidden curse a year ago.”

Ash shuddered and then grinned as she straddled me, “Crystal mewed pitifully until I took her to dad.”

I shivered as her warm, silky pussy slid down my cock, “She’ll be fine after it wears off.”

Dianne turned to lie against me, “Are you sure there isn’t something you could do?”

I cupped Ash’s breasts as she started rocking, “Not really. The spell will protect David and keep him from injuring himself or any women.”

I pulled Ash down to hold her naked body against mine as I kissed her. She shuddered and Dianne grinned as she reached back to rub her daughter’s butt. Ash laughed and looked back before looking between her mother’s slightly parted legs. Ash gasped, “MOM!”

I stopped as Ash struggled to sit up and Dianne followed her look. I glanced over as Dianne gasped and they both looked at me. I reached over as she parted her legs and pulled them closed, “I know it was a lot of cum.”

Dianne fell back laughing and Ash grinned, “Honey, that’s a large puddle not just a lot of cum.”

I rolled and kept Ash under me, “Well there is more for you.”

She wrapped her legs around my waist and humped up against me. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with short thrusts after burying my cock. Ash laughed happily as she fucked me back and her warm pussy gripped my cock as she shuddered harder. I was fucking her slowly and enjoying her velvety pussy as it squeezed me. It wasn’t long before Ash stiffened and screamed, “Kevin!”

I thrust into her and just held her spasming body as my cock throbbed and jerked. It was a couple of minutes before Ash relaxed and hugged me before whispering, “Okay you can cum.”

Dianne reached out to caress her face as I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. I was pressing against her each time I buried my cock. She started shaking and tossing her head as Dianne came closer. A few minutes later I was close and Ash had become rigid again. When she went wild, bucking and thrashing around I didn’t stop fucking her.

I shoved into her hard as I felt myself slip over the edge. Ash howled as she felt the huge deluge of warm cum flooding her. She stiffened as I groaned and pumped and spewed and sprayed until finally I sagged and relaxed as my cock only throbbed. Ash groaned as her body dropped to the floor and relaxed. Dianne was grinning as she kissed my cheek and then kissed Ash. I pulled out and sighed, “I hope the baby doesn’t have gills.”

Dianne and Ash both laughed and shook me before I slowly stood. I murmured a spell to clean the floor and helped Ash and Dianne up, “Someone should check David and the girls.”

Dianne laughed again as she headed for the hall, “David is in paradise right now.”

I smiled and held Ash against me, “want to take a bath?”

She grinned, “Mom really needs a bath too. I can’t believe you came that much.”

I pulled her towards the hall, “Where’s your nymph?”

Ash laughed, “Exploring the forest, where else would a nymph be?”

Dianne and David were only with us for a week before they went home. Ash and I were married in a small private ceremony just before they left. Ash and Ivy were almost always together and pulled Crystal away many times.
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