(For the women that always tempt me)
Dianne grinned, “Your sister is going to seduce him and we are going to catch them. Of course it will mean I will need to seduce a man and since you and Kevin are so open…”

Ivy laughed, “Nice plan mom. Wait until he does me a couple of times though.”

I rubbed her nipples, “He won’t be mad?”

Ash hugged her and looked at me while biting her lip, “I could…”

I lifted Dianne with a gesture and stood to pull Ash close, “This isn’t what you planned.”

She caressed my chest, “I know.”

I kissed her and looked into her eyes, “Is it because you want to or because you think you have too?”

Ash caressed my face, “Every girl wants their own father.”

I laughed, “Than you don’t wait and join Ivy. Tell him the truth and see what he says.”

Dianne laughed, “You know I have always suspected him of wanting you girls.”

Ash grinned as she looked at Ivy, “What do you think?”

Ivy lifted her head from Crystal, “It sounds like dad is in for a long night.”

I smiled and caressed Ash’s naked body, “Crystal and I will keep your mother company.”

Ash laughed as she looked at her mother, “then dad isn’t the only one that will have a long night.”

Dianne and Ivy both laughed and I kissed Ash. I murmured and gestured and a small image of Tannia floated beside my spell. I grinned and pulled a dark blue sapphire and a large emerald as well as a fist sized diamond to me. This time I was very careful as I carved Tannia’s figure from the emerald. I shifted to the sapphire and made a tiny hip hugging dress that still showed off the figure’s breasts. It almost looked like it was made of tiny scales. I murmured a spell that fit the dress to the figurine.

Next were tiny flakes of diamond that I placed in the empty eye sockets. I used slivers of left over ruby and crafted what would be long full hair down past the figurines waist. I added diamond dust to the sapphire dress and I used a complex spell to add the ruby to the emerald and the diamond dust to the sapphire and finally sighed as I finished. I looked at Ash, “Well?”

Dianne moved closer as Ash stared and then grinned, “Wait until Tannia sees it.”

I smiled and released her as I began the spells that made it begin to glow. When I finished, I started a new variation of the two I had just finished. I added another after I was done and then sighed and glanced at Ash as the figurine settled to the arm of the couch. Bell moved closer but had learned her lesson and sat with her tail around her front paws. The glow finally stopped and the nymph turned her head. Ash grinned and went to her knees, “Hello.”

The nymph walked to the edge of the arm and looked at her, “I have an image of you. Are you my owner?”

Ash smiled, “Can we be friends instead?”

The nymph thought about it and then smiled and nodded. She looked around, “There are no trees in here.”

I laughed and turned to Crystal as she slipped off the couch, “There’s a tree in one of the back rooms.”

A throat cleared from the doorway and Ivy squealed, “Daddy!”

She ran straight to him and straight into his arms. He was blinking in surprise as Ash and Dianne started walking towards him. I turned and gestured to send the left over gems away and then the spells. Crystal hugged me, “Love me?”

I smiled, “Is it your turn?”

She nodded and I caressed her before glancing at the darkening window, “Dragon?”

The ruby dragon turned to look at me and I gestured, “You may wander through the house but don’t go outside.”

He bowed and I turned to the hallway and started for it ignoring Ash and her family as they talked. I walked into the bedroom and patting Crystal on her butt, “Have you been thinking of names for our daughters?”

Crystal purred as she moved onto the bed, “Yes.”

I followed her and held her on her knees. I rubbed between her legs and she shuddered as she pushed back at my hand. Her long tail caressed my shoulders as I slipped a finger inside her warm, wet pussy, “Did you like Dianne?”

Crystal shuddered and looked back to growl as her tail wrapped around my waist and pulled. I laughed and moved all the way behind her, “Okay, you want me to shut up and fuck you.”

I rubbed her butt as my cock entered her and I started to fuck her slowly, “You need to talk more.”

Crystal shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She looked back over her shoulder, “Fuck me.”

I grinned and started using long strokes that Crystal thrust back to meet. We moved together and her warm pussy gripped my cock each time it was completely inside her. She kept shuddering and pushing back a little harder. I finally pulled out of her and she looked back and growled.

I shook my head and rolled her onto her back before moving between her legs. I pushed into her and went back to fucking her as she wrapped her legs around me. Her arms held me tight as she shuddered and spasmed. A couple of minutes later she jerked and shook hard, “Kevin!”

I kissed her and rolled so that she was straddling me. Crystal sat up and pushed back to push my cock deep inside her. She shuddered before rocking back and forth. Her wet pussy kept squeezing my cock and she started mewing. She was breathing hard when she changed to thrusting back and forth. I cupped her breasts and started to rub her nipples as I got closer to cumming.

I finally arched my back before rolling and thrusting into Crystal deep. I held her as I began spurting cum in strong jets and she jerked and lifted her hips, “YES! Love you!”

Crystal was spasming and jerking as I kept spurting deep inside her. When I stopped cumming, I hugged her and gave her a soft kiss, “I love you too.”

She smiled and looked towards the doorway. I turned my head and Dianne smiled, “Can I come in?”

Crystal purred and held out her hand. I pulled out and moved to her side as Dianne came to sit on the bed. She smiled and looked at me, “Ash and Ivy took David to bed.”

Crystal turned to pull her into bed and caress her. Dianne laughed and hugged her, “You are an amorous kitten aren’t you?”

I smiled and caressed Crystal’s hip, “She got what she was craving and now she wants you to love her.”

Dianne grinned and kissed Crystal before moving down her body and pushing her legs open. Crystal was purring and I grinned before turning and moving down behind Dianne, “What did your husband say when you told him about us?”

She licked through Crystal’s leaking pussy and smiled back at me, “David said good luck because he is going to fuck me and cum inside me too.”

I smiled and slowly entered her. This time I moved slowly as she shuddered and her slippery pussy tightened around my cock. Crystal was moaning as Dianne kept licking her and thrusting back for my cock. I rubbed her asshole and she gasped and spasmed. Her warm, slippery pussy contracted and I pressed into her deeper. Dianne arched her back and thrust back hard, “YES!”

Crystal wiggled and moved down under her to hold her as I started to fuck her with deep strokes. Dianne was grunting and her pussy began grabbing my cock each time I thrust into her. My cock was pressing against her cervix at first and then I felt it give. It wasn’t long before she was whimpering and crying out in pleasure.

Her whole body was continuously racked with shudders and spasms. Her warm, cummy pussy was constantly rippling as it tried to hold my cock inside her. After almost thirty minutes she was incoherent and constantly jerking. I planted my cock as it throbbed and held her tight as I began pumping a huge torrent of cum into her.

Dianne stiffened and howled as my warm sperm filled her completely and just continued to pump into her. She spasmed almost violently and finally fell onto Crystal. My cock came out of her when she fell and I wiped the little bit of escaping cum on her butt before rolling her to Crystal’s side.

I looked at her face to see her breathing hard with her eyes closed. Crystal caressed her face, “Sleeping.”

I smiled and waved the light off before moving to Crystal’s other side. I snuggled behind her and she wiggled her butt back against me. I caressed her, “More?”

Her tail caressed my thigh almost lazily, “Morning.”

I kissed her shoulder, “You say, in the morning.”

Crystal purred as she relaxed and whispered, “Yes.”

I smiled and caressed her before closing my eyes. I woke to giggling and looked around before looking down between Crystal and me. The tiny nymph smiled and kissed my growing cock before looking up to my face, “Ash sent me, she said to come eat.”

I smiled, “And did she say to play with me?”

She grinned and rubbed my cock before turning to the foot of the bed. I looked over Crystal to see Dianne missing and kissed Crystal’s shoulder, “Morning lover.”

Crystal turned and stretched before hugging and kissing me. I rubbed her butt, “Ash wants us to come eat breakfast and you need food for the babies.”

She sighed and caressed my chest as she looked into my eyes, “Not litter? Real babies?”

I smiled and caressed her face, “Yes litter. Two little babies just like you, one for each nipple.”

Crystal looked down at her breasts and then smiled as she purred loudly. I sighed and shifted before climbing out of bed, “We need to eat and I promised Professor Dodolson I would come to potion class.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Bad smells.”

I laughed as I gestured to my robe, “You could always stay and ask Dianne if David could love you since he did Ash and Ivy.”

Crystal slipped under my arm, “Not want.”

I grinned, “Well, you could use the tree and call Tannia. Smelling her will make you want.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Want Ash.”

I laughed as we walked into the kitchen. Everyone was around the table looking at me as I grinned at Ash, “Crystal wants you.”

Ash smiled, “I know kitten but I have a class,”

She glanced at Ivy, “You could ask Ivy?”

Crystal looked at Ivy as she sat beside me, “No class?”

Ivy looked at me and I smiled as two bowls of cereal floated to the table, “Yes, but she can take breaks.”

David shifted and I glanced at him, “How did you sleep?”

He looked at Ivy and Ash, “Like a baby.”

Dianne laughed, “Well, you better have enough to take me to bed this morning or…”

He smiled as he blushed, “I’m sorry honey. The girls drained me last night.”

Dianne smiled, “You waited for it so I shouldn’t be surprised.”

She looked at me, “but Kevin did fuck me and you know how fertile I am.”

He looked at me and then grinned, “Then I guess you need to plan for another girl. You know what the seer said.”

Dianne grinned, “That I would have only girls.”

I laughed as I finished eating and stood up, “Well, I would like to finish this talk but I promised the basic potion professor I would sit in on his class and then I need to retrieve my staff.”

I looked at Ivy, “Practice summoning, but stick to things and not people. Also I want you to try imaging a wand. It is sixteen inches long and flexibly with a core of Sphinx hair woven around a trinity of unicorn hair. When I return, I will tell you what to do with it.”

She grinned, “I can do that.”

I smiled before kissing Ash and caressing Crystal. The potion class was interesting but I didn’t interrupt. I waited and spoke to the professor after the class to explain a different method from an extremely old scroll I had read. Tannia hooked her arm in mine as I left and headed up to the headmaster’s tower, “Can I come visit? Your tree said Ash’s dad was there and she let him have her.”

I smiled and hugged her against my side, “He also fucked her sister so you might have trouble getting him aroused.”

She laughed and kissed my cheek, “I never have trouble with that.”

She slipped away as I knocked on the blank stone wall. It shimmered and a tall pale man with blood red eyes was suddenly looking at me. He smiled with pointy teeth, “Well, a nice tender morsel.”

I frowned and gestured before pushing him out of my way. The vampire was screaming in pain but no sound came out. I walked into the Headmaster’s office to see a coven of vampires turning to look at me with their blood filled eyes. I ignored them to look at the headmaster and pull the small dragon out of my bag, “I added a few spells. Don’t worry about his flame.”

The Dragon looked up at me, “Which is my new master?”

I gestured across the room, “The one behind the desk, the others are just nuisances.”

A pale woman hissed and took a step towards me. I looked at her, “Are you sure you want to try it?”

She hesitated and I flicked the Dragon into the air. I looked around at the vampires, “I think you should find somewhere else to hunt.”

An old looking vampire smiled, “Why young mage?”

I looked at him and glanced back at the pile of ash where the other vampire had once been. I looked at each of them, “Because I know each of you now. If even one student is harmed I will send a gift to each of you.”

He laughed, “You think we are afraid of a mere youngling?”

I smiled showing my teeth, “I don’t think even an ancient one like you can survive a visit from a Sun Phoenix.”

He stopped smiling and slowly bowed, “Your name?”

I laughed, “Death.”

The rush towards me was sudden as was the bloom of twin spells that causes the whole room to explode in blinding light. The screams didn’t last long and then the light disappeared. I opened my eyes and smiled at Headmaster Thortle, “Did they think you would really allow them to stay and hunt?”

He smiled as he absently bent to stare at the dragon, “They thought to persuade me with a false letter from one of the school ministers.”

I nodded and turned towards the door, “I’m ending the summoning spell.”

He laughed, “I was watching your staff last night. It was very… interesting.”
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