(For the women that always tempt me)
I woke to Crystal snuggled against my side and Ash sitting beside me frowning. I smiled, “That doesn’t look good.”

She caressed my chest, “Mom and dad know about Ivy…”

She looked down, “About me letting her experiencing sex with you. She was using an old charm and a new spell to prevent getting pregnant.”

I frowned, “Using charms and spells together can cancel each other out.”

Ash nodded and sighed, “I know and mom told her to only… anyway, the daily charm back lashed this morning and mom checked her.”

I waited but knew what it meant, Ash nodded, “She was pregnant.”

I shook my head and sat up, “What do you want to do?”

Ash smiled, “Raise her baby. She’s going to an intermediate school now, but I want you to teach her in private.”

I looked at her before moving off the bed and gesturing to my wardrobe. A new robe floated out and wrapped around me as I looked at Ash, “I teach her my way?”

She nodded and I sighed before looking at Crystal’s sleepy eyes, “Breakfast?”

Crystal smiled and reached for Ash’s hand before moving off the bed. I smiled as Ash held the dress for her and then put her own gown on. Ash let me think as we went down to eat and then walk out in the soft sunlight. I sat beside the wide river and glanced up at my window before gesturing and pulling. The golden staff streaked out and flew to my hand before I planted it in the ground.

I sighed and thought of the complex spell I wanted to use. I began to speak the words softly and the wind and water seemed to carry it away, even the ground seemed to tremble as it passed the words on. It didn’t really take long to finish and then I released the staff. I watched as it continued to feed the whispering spell and looked at Ash, “We will need a cottage.”

She smiled and her hand rubbed her tummy, “Yes, with a big yard and trees.”

I looked at the school behind us and sighed, “And not to far from the school.”

Ash shook her head, “No, it needs to be close so Tannia can find you.”

I smiled at that and looked at the water, “Crystal will have twins. Your baby I have not seen. Tannia will have a beautiful red haired daughter.”

She laughed, “Of course she will, she’s a wood nymph.”

Ash looked at the staff, “What did you just do?”

I glanced at the staff and stood, “I summoned large gems from under the water and the ground. Gem’s from volcanos and long dormant volcanos under the ground. Not every gem but enough to matter.”

I looked around and murmured another spell before holding my hands down to Ash and Crystal, “Come, I need to find Professor Elgerson and find out what he wants me to make.”

Ash sighed, “I have a class.”

I smiled as we walked and looked at her, “You already know my answer.”

She smiled, “I know.”

I sighed as she squeezed my hand and headed down another hall. I stood in the back of professor Elgerson’s class and watched as he taught second year mages how to change mice into lizards. While they practiced he walked back to me, he was one of the teachers that were always arrogant as if they knew all the answers. He glanced at Crystal and snorted before looking at me, “You are to produce a varmint hunter within a week.”

I smiled, “That’s all?”

He sneered, “If you can.”

I gestured to the mice running around on the floor and pulled in my power before beginning a long complex spell. Professor moved back hastily as the mice gathered around my feet. Slowly they stood on their back legs and began to change into tiny grey furred men and women. I gestured again and a broom shattered before blurring and changing. A spool of thread flew through the far window and shimmered as it flew towards me.

When I stopped my spell, four dozen tiny grey men and women stood around my feet. They each held tiny bows and had quivers of arrows over their shoulders. Their bare tails followed them as I gestured and they turned to jog towards the walls. I looked at an open mouthed Professor Elgerson, “Anything else?”

He silently shook his head and I turned to leave. Crystal was purring as she slipped under my arm and I grinned down at her, “Did you like that?”

Crystal nodded, “Bad man.”

I shook my head as I caressed her, “No, just arrogant and thinks he knows more than he does.”

I was passing a green, wooden door when it opened and Professor Jesse stepped out. He was the only Druid here and I stopped as he glared at me angrily, “Is something wrong?”

He spat at my feet, “You killed a tree!”

I shook my head, “I don’t know what…”

He made a slicing gesture, “I saw the staff…”

I laughed and he shut up, I gestured down the hall, “Come with me and I will show you the tree.”

He fell in step but still seemed mad. Crystal kept growling quietly and I continually caressed her to calm her down. I stopped at a wide window and pointed towards the distant forest, “See the golden oak on the very edge?”

He frowned, “It looks… healthy.”

I nodded, “It is. Several weeks ago I found it on the other edge of the forest by a farm. It was infested and had a lot of rot including a huge crack down the trunk from lightning. I bargained with an elemental and she removed the heart. Before it could suffer I placed it in a stasis spell and brought it here. I removed the beetles and the rot before using a regeneration spell to regrow the dead limbs and other damage. It even regrew the heart and closed the crack.”

He looked at me, “But you caused it…”

I shook my head, “I offered it a bargain and it accepted.”

He sighed, “I’m sorry Kevin. I know the nymphs think highly of you and I just… jumped to an answer.”

I smiled and touched his shoulder, “It still needs someone to welcome it.”

He smiled and nodded before turning to walk away. I spent the day in the village looking at several empty cottages while Crystal went to find Ash. The one I liked was on the very edge closest to the school.

Besides being very large, it had several grassy courtyards inside where halls should be and streams running through some of the rooms. In one back bedroom it even had a tree growing through a large hole in the roof in a corner. Of course the bank was more than ready to help me buy the cottage since they just happened to own it.

I walked into my room and stopped to stare at the pile of huge gem stones in one corner. Ash looked at me from my desk and I looked past her legs to see Crystal hiding under the desk. I opened my mouth to ask what was going on when several large gems appeared to drop onto the bed and floor. I blinked and then grinned, “I forgot.”

Ash used her wand to send the new stones towards the pile, “You could have warned us.”

I walked towards her and whispered a spell that sent a new gem floating towards the pile, “I didn’t think any would arrive this soon.”

I bent and reached under the desk to pull Crystal out and she hissed. I caressed her cheek. “You should have come with me.”

She came into my arms, “frightened.”

I caressed her and looked at Ash, “I found a cottage.”

She grinned and lifted her wand for another gem that appeared and started to drop. Before she could do anything it floated toward the corner. She smiled and joined Crystal to put an arm around me, “Where is it?”

I shook my head as my stomach growled. Crystal looked up, “Hungry too.”

I laughed and squeezed her before turning us towards the door, “We can see the cottage tomorrow. Right now we need to go eat.”

Ash laughed and ducked another floating gem, “Thomas refused to come in here.”

I glanced at the door where he sat, “I can understand that.”

While we sat at a table and ate, I told Ash about the house. I glanced around at a lot of missing people in the dinning hall and Ash grinned at my look, “They started using what you taught them.”

I looked at her and she laughed, “The girls grabbed boyfriends and took them to their rooms.”

I smiled, “Good for them.”

Headmaster Thortle stopped beside the table, “You left your staff by the river.”

I nodded, “It’s anchoring the summoning spell. How were the gnomes?”

He sat down and absently caressed Crystal’s cheek, “Angry about dwarves stealing from them.”

I frowned, “There were a lot at the bank trying to get me to tell them how to do the spell I used.”

The Headmaster grinned, “They think anything that finds or brings gold should be theirs.”

I shrugged and he looked at Ash, “I was informed about your condition young lady.”

Ash grinned, “Hardly a lady Headmaster and it was the only way I could convince my parents.”

He sighed, “Probably not the only way but it is done.”

I looked at him as he stood and he smiled at me, “Did you know there was a large boulder beside the staff?”

I shook my head, “Most stones should only be about fist or head sized.”

He nodded, “What did you want them for?”

I reddened slightly, “Promise not to laugh?”

The Headmaster looked at me and smiled softly, “I promise.”

I looked around and then back at him, “I was thinking of a hobby. I read about an ancient mage creating inanimate creatures. I was going to use the gems to make animals and animate them.”

He grinned, “If you perfect it I would like a miniature ruby dragon.”

I grinned, “I’ll work on it.”

Ash laughed as he walked away and she stood, “come to bed and tell us all about it.”

The next few days were busy. Ash loved the house from the moment she walked in the door. As for Crystal, we had to hunt for her before we left. It was a week before we moved and I had switched the summoning spell from my room to one of the bedrooms in the house. Ash helped decorate our bedroom I set aside one room as a small classroom for Ivy and Ash made another up into a bedroom in case Ivy felt like sleeping alone.

I had four huge Jade boulders sitting in the front yard. I had brought them from my staff separately because they were to big for the secondary summoning spell. The teachers treated me with more respect since I had created the mice men and women. I didn’t tell them that they had followed me to my house and set up tents made of rat skins in one grassy courtyard. Tannia had visited the house while I was wondering the forest talking to the ‘wild trees.’

Ash said she seemed to like it especially the room with the tree. I sat in the frontyard and absently carved a crouching three foot lion from one of the four jade boulders since that was the only height that would work. Once I finished, I began the old/new spell that would animate it. It was both simple and complex and slowly the lion began to glow.

It was a long time before I finished and sat waiting. Crystal chirped from behind me and leaned forward to hold me. I was startled when Ash moved forward and leaned against me too. I grinned and looked at her, “I didn’t know you were out of class.”

She smiled but didn’t look away from the lion, “I got out an hour ago but had to wait for mom and Ivy.”

I glanced back, “Where are they?”

Ash grinned, “Chasing Bell around back.”

I smiled and looked at the Jade lion as it stopped glowing and slowly stretched. Crystal purred louder as it walked closer and let me pet it, “Don’t go to far. The yard around the house belongs to you.”

It nodded its head and rubbed against both me and Crystal before walking away. I stood and grinned at Ash, “so the basic spells work, now I need to think of how to make them sing or talk.”

She laughed and shook me, “Song birds?”

I smiled, “Yes.”

Once in the house, I headed towards the front room where a small brook wandered through. I sat on a large comfortable couch Ash had found and Crystal curled up with her head in my lap. I caressed her and glanced at Ash as she disappeared towards our room. I sighed and brought to life the image of a dragon in front of me. I slowly turned it as I studied it and absently wrote a spell in the air to make the dragon breath fire and another to make it speak.

The giggling made me look away at Ivy and her mother Dianne who was staring open mouthed at the image I had created. I smiled, “I see you found the door.”

Ivy came to sit beside Crystal as she sat up, “That was a couple of hours ago.”

I frowned and checked my internal time and sighed, “I’m sorry, I was working on a new spell…”

Ash laughed from the door, “We noticed. Come eat before I feed it to the lion.”

I grinned, “He doesn’t need to eat.”

I stood and pulled Crystal and Ivy up before heading towards Ash and Dianne. Dianne gestured to the image and spell still floating in the air by the couch, “I hope it doesn’t fade.”

I grinned and shook my head as we left the room. Ash really didn’t have to cook anything. The kitchen was already enchanted and always seemed to know how many people to cook for. We talked during dinner and Ash’s mother was somber when she talked about her husband, Ash’s father.

He had not been delighted that Ivy had gotten pregnant but he understood. He was supposed to be coming to the house later that evening. Ivy grinned at Ash, “Mom said she is going to let me seduce him.”

I grinned, “Sounds like you are already plotting. You should talk to Tannia.”

Ivy looked at Ash as she laughed, “Who’s Tannia?”

Ash smiled, “She’s a wood nymph. Her tree made her come to us to ask Kevin and I if he could father her child.”

Dianne grinned, “Her tree?”

Ash grinned and nodded, “And the trees of the other nymphs.”

After dinner I went back to the front room with Crystal. I caressed her as I absently worked on the spell glowing in the air. I looked at Ivy when she sat and smiled, “Ready for a lesson?”

She looked from me to Ash sitting across the room with her mother, “um, okay.”

I gestured to the wand she pulled out, “You don’t need that.”

I sighed and looked at the image of the dragon before looking at Ivy, “You do summoning all the time. Most mages do it without even thinking. If your wand is away from you, you just reach out and pull and it is there. I want you to picture a red ruby the size of a person’s head, it is a rough uncut ruby. Picture it and know that it is here in the house. When you have the picture firmly in your mind, pull it to you.”

Ivy swallowed and nodded before closing her eyes. Crystal leaned against Ivy and Bell climbed into her lap. Ivy whispered and pulled at the air with her hand. She gasped when the large stone actually fell into her hand and then into her lap, “I did it!”

I smiled as I gestured and floated the large ruby towards my dragon image, “Of course you did. You’re a mage.”

I turned and shifted the stone as the image shrank until it fit. I began gestures that caused the ruby to flake off. Ash frowned from across the room and I felt her magic before a bowl appeared under the ruby. I smiled and continued to shape the ruby into a small dragon. I finished and nodded before glancing at the spell for a moment before started the other spells I needed. Once it was glowing I continued with the two new spells and then waited as the glowing ruby dragon settled to the floor.

Bell being a curious cat, hopped off the couch and stalked to the glowing dragon. It reached out a paw to hesitantly touch the dragon and the glow stopped. The dragon roared and Bell scrambled back as it breathed a stream of fire at her. I shook my head as Crystal hissed, “That was not called for.”

The dragon looked up at me and blew smoke out its nose, “It was going to strike me.”

I shook my head, “actually she was going to touch you to see what made you glow.”

The dragon looked at Bell as she peeked around Ivy’s leg. “I was glowing?”

Ivy giggled and Ash laughed which made the dragon turn around to look all around. I gestured to the far window, “Why don’t you go look out the window?”

It bowed slightly and leaped into the air to fly towards the window. Ash crossed to straddle my lap and kiss me, “I want a small green nymph.”

I laughed, “Not a real nymph.”

She shook her head as she wiggled on my lap, “Like a little person.”

I nodded and reached between us as she lifted up. She sighed a moment later as she sat and I looked at a grinning Ivy, “Try the summoning again, this time think of and picture a large green emerald.”

Crystal mewed and came to lean against us as Ash slowly rocked back and forth. Ivy closed her eyes as Bell crawled into her lap. Her hand reached out and suddenly a large emerald was dropping into her hand, she grinned as Dianne clapped. I nodded and shuddered as Ash’s pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I gestured and brought the emerald to me before setting it to the side.

I caressed Ash as she shuddered and kissed me hard, everything else forgotten. I looked up as Dianne was suddenly leaning over one of her shoulders and turning her head for a kiss. Ash moaned and shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed. Crystal mewed and Ash laughed as she turned her head to pull her into a kiss too. Ivy giggled as she stood and pulled her dress off.

She moved to Crystal and started pulling hers up and off which made Crystal purr. Dianne pulled her dress off before reaching down to help a shuddering Ash with hers. I shuddered and just gestured and Ash’s dress vanished. She laughed and shook me, “Don’t you lose that.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipples, “Naked nymph.”

She grinned and shook me, “horny wizard.”

I laughed as she began fucking me seriously. Ivy pulled her mother down on the couch and looked at Crystal, “Come help me kitten.”

Crystal’s chirp was the only answer as she moved to suck on Dianne’s nipples while Ivy knelt between her legs. Dianne was shuddering and started moaning in moments and Ash giggled as she leaned against me to whisper, “We haven’t done that for mom before. She said she always wanted to try it.”

I smiled and held her bare butt, “Did you want to do it?”

She hesitated and then nodded, “Would you mind?”

I laughed and turned to look at Ivy, “Ivy?”

She looked up and grinned with a wet face, “Yes?”

I laughed, “Since you are already pregnant would you consider switching with Ash?”

Dianne laughed as Ivy grinned and stood, “okay.”

Ash kissed me and stood slowly letting my cock come out of her. I opened my robe more as Ivy straddled me and Ash took her place between her mother’s legs. Ivy was very tight but she was also wet and slippery. My cock slowly pushed her open as she sat and began to rock. I caressed her and kissed her before turning my head to watch Ash and Crystal make Dianne shudder and spasm.

Ivy shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock before she began to thrust back and fourth harder. I rubbed her bare hips and sides before reaching between us to cup her breasts. Ivy groaned and spasmed as she wet me and shuddered hard, “Fuck!”

Dianne laughed as she looked at Ivy, “Me too.”

Ash laughed and continued to tease her clit while Crystal moved up to kiss Dianne on the mouth and we heard her moan. Ivy kept shaking as she continued to rock and thrust on me. She froze suddenly and began having convulsions as her warm, tight pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. Her head lifted to the ceiling and she howled, “yyyyeeeeessssssss!”

I just held her spasming body as she jerked around and shuddered. Dianne shuddered hard and pushed both Crystal and Ash away before struggling to her feet. She hugged Ivy as she struggled and lifted her off my cock. I groaned and shuddered as I came out of her and then Dianne was taking her place. She guided my cock to her wet pussy, “The girls have me so horny…”

Ash laughed as she pushed Crystal back, “Help me Ivy.”

Ivy grinned and dropped to her knees before pushing Crystal’s legs open. Dianne shuddered as my cock sank all the way into her and began rocking. I held her breasts and started rubbing the nipples as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and thrusting back and forth harder. I looked at Crystal to see Ash kissing her passionately and Ivy sucking on her clit.

Dianne was panting as she rocked forward and slammed back on my cock forcing it deeper. I had waited long enough and groaned before yanking her down and thrusting up. My cock throbbed as it swelled and the erupted. Dianne jerked and screamed as she felt the warm, gushing geyser explode into her fertile womb.

She kept jerking and thrusting down for each new strong spurt of cum and finally shuddered hard before slumping against me. Ash was suddenly beside us rubbing and caressing her mother, “I can’t believe you let him cum inside you mom. You know you can’t use the spells or charms.”

I looked at Ash as Dianne shivered, “What do mean she can’t use…”

Ash caressed my face, “The spells and charms always reverse and…”

I looked at Dianne and she leaned back and smiled, “I guess I’ll risk it.”

I caressed her body and looked at Ivy and Crystal cuddled together on the couch. Dianne giggled, “You wouldn’t have an extra bed would you?”

Ash grinned, “Why? You’re sleeping with us.”

I smiled and looked at Crystal, “That makes four pregnant girls here.”

Ash laughed, “Five with Tannia.”

Ivy looked at me and then smiled at Crystal as Bell crawled onto her, “You’re going to have another litter kitten?”

Crystal rubbed her pelvis, “Baby.”

Ivy looked at her and then grinned at me, “She’s going to have a real baby?”

Ash smiled tenderly, “Two daughters just like her.”

Ivy snuggled against her, “we can be pregnant together kitten.”

Crystal purred and caressed her before absently caressing Bell. Ash sighed and turned to her mother, “What are we going to tell dad?”
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