(For the women that always tempt me)
It was strange to have so many girls come into my room. Ash turned from the desk and frowned. Crystal lifted her head and then sat up as I gestured around the foot of the bed. I sat on the bed as the girls looked around and summoned floor cushions to sit on. Crystal moved to hug me from behind as she peeked over my shoulder and Ash came to sit beside me and take my hand.

I looked at each girl and began explaining how the stalker spell was done. When I finished, I smiled and murmured a spell the made the air in the room scream as their stalkers were ripped away. They looked at each other and I shrugged before going over the banishment spell. By this time Crystal had moved onto the floor and was holding a girl as she purred with satisfaction.

The girl had looked at her strangely before smiling and caressing her face. When I was sure each girl understood the banishment spell, I looked at Ash and started explaining about the ward spells on the dorm rooms. I think the girls were a little surprised at how complex they were. They were grinning as I described the simple charm that changed the complex spell to allow it to recognize both male and female as being the same.

When I finished they stood smiling at me. They left, all except the girl Crystal had decided to play with. She pushed her back on the cushion and moved down her body. Ash was grinning as she rubbed me and watched. I opened my robe and lifted Ash before pulling her over my lap. I murmured a spell and her gown parted and fell away.

As I slowly pulled her down onto my cock, the girl Crystal was teasing was breathing hard and shaking. She spread her legs and one hand held the back of Crystal’s head while the other felt and squeezed her breasts. Ash’s warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock and she leaned against me, “Crystal really likes her.”

I nodded and kissed her neck, “Think she would let Crystal sleep with her tonight?”

Ash groaned and shuddered as her pussy spasmed. I held her and let her shuddering pussy massage my cock. She grinned as she looked at me, “The way Crystal is making her wiggle and squirm I would think so.”

I smiled and gestured, Crystal growled as she was lifted away from the girl’s pussy. The girl sighed and shuddered one last time before looking down at Crystal. I shook my head, “Enough Crystal, if she wants more you can go to her room.”

The girl sat up and grinned, “I’m Holly and she can come to my room anytime.”

Ash shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. Holly grinned as she stood and moved to lean over Ash. She kissed her softly on the mouth and stood up, “I’ll leave you alone.”

She looked at Crystal, “Want to come to my room?”

Crystal looked at me pitifully and Ash laughed, “Yes, you can go.”

Crystal ignored her to touch my face, “need?”

I sighed and caressed her hand, “Come back in the morning.”

She nodded and turned to Holly, a moment later she had wormed her way under an arm and they were leaving. Ash laughed and bounced on my lap, “As much as I would love feeling you fill me, Tannia needs your sperm.”

I sighed and rubbed her nipples through the robe, “How long until she…”

A throat clearing from the window made us look and Ash grinned, “You’re just in time Tannia. Kevin needs to cum and…”

Tannia laughed as she slipped into the room completely, “And you are tempted to let him fill you.”

Ash laughed as she stood and I groaned. Tannia dropped her skimpy clothing and started to move onto my lap. I laughed and twisted as I pulled, Tannia landed on the bed on her back and I moved down to her pussy. I started teasing her clit as Ash sat beside us and caressed Tannia, “You can start your spells.”

She shuddered as one hand cupped the back of my head, “once he is inside me.”

I ignored her words and nibbled on her inner lips before licking through her pussy and covering her clit. I squeezed it between my lips as I hummed and started sucking and she jerked and spasmed. Her hand behind my head pulled my face tighter and Ash laughed. Tannia giggled and released me, “Only the others do this for me.”

I gently bit her clit and shook my head and she arched her back as she screamed, “YES!”

I released her and moved up her body while she shuddered. I slowly pushed into her hot, slippery pussy and she groaned. I thrust all the way into her before relaxing on her. Ash caressed her face, “Now you can start your spells.”

Tannia shuddered one last time as her hot pussy spasmed around my cock. She closed her eyes and started whispering a chant that seemed to make her whole body vibrate. I began short, grinding thrusts and her body responded. She was shuddering as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. It was several minutes before Tannia opened her eyes to look into mine.

After Ash and now her slippery, hot pussy, I was ready to cum and started fucking her hard and deep. Each time I planted my cock, she would jerk and shake. After a few minutes I groaned as I felt my cum begin to rise. I buried my cock and pushed even harder as my cock jerked and then a huge gushing torrent burst out to flow into Tannia’s fertile womb.

I knew in that instant that she would be pregnant as I received a flash of our bright red haired daughter. I shuddered and shook as I pumped and spurted into her. Her womb filled quickly and expanded before I finally stopped cumming. I pulled back to feel a tingle as her cervix closed holding all the sperm inside. I smiled and kissed her softly before pulling all the way out of her.

Ash smiled at me before moving between Tannia’s spread legs. She positioned her pussy on Tannia’s and lay on her before giving her a kiss. She never broke the kiss as she began a spell and magic began to weave around both of them. They both groaned and shuddered as they pressed and humped against each other, their mouths sealed together.

Their bodies shook harder and they began to spasm almost frantically. They were bucking into each other in a parody of mirror images until I felt the spell click into place and they tore their mouth apart to scream in absolute pleasure. They both continued to shudder almost violently but gradually they relaxed and Tannia looked at Ash, “What…”

Ash smiled and kissed her softly, “You are sealed to my body as your child will be sealed to mine.”

She caressed Tannia’s face, “Kevin is mine Tannia. When next you wish to conceive his will be the seed. The trees have blessed it and the mother nymph approved it.”

Tannia looked at me and I smiled as I reached out to caress Ash’s bare butt. She laughed and kissed Tannia before stalking onto me. I grinned as she straddled me and cupped her firm breasts, “Are we having a boy or girl?”

Ash laughed as she wiggled down onto my cock, “A boy. He will be as wild and horny as his sister too.”

I grinned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She caressed my face, “you know Crystal wants this.”

I sighed, “I know. If I made the child human though…”

Ash shook me as her warm pussy spasmed, “She wants a child like herself.”

I looked at Tannia as she nodded, “A daughter.”

The grumble from the window made me look and then sigh as I moved Ash off me, “I need to go.”

She looked at me in both surprise and frustration, “Go where?”

I glanced at the window as I moved off the bed summoning my robe, “To the storm tower.”

I opened the large wardrobe and pulled out the six foot staff, it was unlike any staff before. It was from the living heart of a golden oak that had been frozen in stone. Instead of regular stone it was a solid golden crystal. The head of the staff was like a cage of crisscrossing golden lattices that held a multi faceted clear crystal that had never seen the light of day.

No spell had ever touched the staff or crystal and I turned from checking it to see Ash and Tannia staring open mouthed. I smiled and left with both of them still on the bed. As I walked through mostly empty halls the few teachers or students all stopped to stare. I reached the tower and climbed through the hatch and closed it behind me before murmuring a ward to keep others out.

I walked around the outer edge of the tower as the wind blew and small drops of rain started to fall. At each point of power, I placed another ward until I was finished. I moved to the exact center and looked up at the black grumbling clouds before looking at the staff and beginning the spell I had created. The grumbling storm grew louder and a sense of what was to come began to be felt.

At just the perfect moment I thrust the staff up. The huge, tree trunk thick bolt of lightning flashed and struck the crown of the staff. It glowed brighter as the lightning continued and other, smaller bolts exploded from the clouds to strike the massive bolt of lightning still attached to the staff. Both the staff and I glowed as I channeled and changed the power that tried to destroy us.

The storm became worse as torrents of rain and hail lashed the tower only to be blocked by the wards that were slowly eroding away. Seconds became minutes and time slowly crept on. Finally everything seemed to stop, the lightning, the rain and even the wind. I dropped to my knees as even my wards seemed to break and people burst up through the hatch. I held the glowing golden staff in front of me as Crystal wailed from behind me, KKeeevvvviiiiinnnnnn!”

She scrambled through the crowd to embrace me from behind fiercely, her body shaking and vibrating as she held me up. Ash pushed her way through the crowd as I was trying to find the energy to stand. She moved to my other side and pulled as Crystal ducked up my arm and stood. I stood on shaky legs before turning towards the crowd.

Ash gestured, “Would you mind? You’ll get your answers tomorrow.”

She helped me to the hatch and frowned before pulling her wand and murmuring a spell that made them shift into stairs. We shifted and moved down awkwardly. Ash glanced into my face, “What do you think you were doing?”

I smiled and tried to straighten as we walked, “making a mage staff.”

She shook her head as we reached my room. Tannia was gone and Ash went to reach for the glowing staff, I pulled it away and gestured before releasing it to watch as it floated across the room. Crystal was struggling to pull my soaking wet robe off and Ash shook her head and gestured with her wand. My robe seemed to just shred and they were pushing me into bed.

I sighed as I relaxed but Crystal sniffed and stroked my cock. Ash looked at her for a minute and then shook her head and grinned as she laid beside me, “Now, why…”

Ash looked at Crystal again as she straddled me while mewing. Crystal sat down and pushed back to seat my cock in her warm, slippery pussy. I sighed and reached up to cup her breasts, “Because I needed the power it will provide.”

I tugged on Crystal’s nipples, “Ash thinks you want to have my baby.”

She stopped and looked at Ash before laying on me, “Want.”

I sighed and caressed her, I didn’t look at Ash, she knew this time it was my decision, “A real baby like you, would mean she would need to learn to speak, read and write. When she is old enough, she will find her own mage to bond to. She will be with us a long time.”

Crystal looked into my eyes pleadingly and nodded. I sighed, my body might be tired but the lightning had provided me with more than enough power. I pushed Crystal up and held her breasts as I began a complicated spell. My balls tingled as they filled and emptied. I felt the sperm inside my body change as Crystal started to slowly thrust back and forth. Ash sat up and put her arms around Crystal, “Close your eyes and picture your daughter.”

Crystal shuddered as her pussy became warmer. Several eggs in her womb vanished to leave just two. She became erratic as my cock throbbed and jerked inside her and pushed deeper. Her body slowly tightened and then she arched her back and growled, “WANT!”

I jerked and spasmed hard as I was suddenly pumping huge, strong streams of sperm into her fertile womb. Crystal jerked at the warm flood that began filling her and screamed, “YES!”

I spurted and spewed until all the sperm in my body had been poured into Crystal and I lay back weakly trying to catch my breath. Ash laughed and hugged a shaking Crystal before pulling her off my body and rolling her onto her back, “You have to lie on your back for a little while.”

Crystal was purring as she pulled Ash down on top of her, “Thank you.”

Ash caressed her face, “Your welcome kitten.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to relax completely.
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