(For the women that always tempt me)
I thought about it and nodded before gesturing to a robe. It floated to me and seemed to wrap itself around me before I headed out with the sphere floating behind. I found one of the older classrooms that wasn’t being used and murmured the spell that caused the sphere to expand and change back into the raw gold that it had been. The huge pile flowed around me and I pushed it all into a solid wall that filled most of the classroom.

I thought about it and started murmuring a spell. I ignored Professor George as he poked his head in the door and then came in. A stream of gold moved from the mass and glowed as it was melted. It continued through the air in a stream and began filling large bluish eight sided molds made from air. The liquid gold turned solid quickly and dropped onto the floor before sliding into a corner. I glanced at Professor George, “Yes?”

He grinned as he watched the gold and then looked at me, “We heard about the spell and I came to ask you a few questions.”

I turned back to watch the process, “You want to know where the gold came from?”


I nodded, “Do you think gold is only in the ground above the oceans?”

There was silence as the stream of melting gold split into several streams. The mold split and then split again and I glanced at Professor George to see him absently tucking his wand away, “It will go faster if you use more than one mold.”

I nodded and continued watching, “Why do people always become greedy?”

He sighed, “Human nature.”

I shrugged, “Does the government want the gold I found?”

Professor George laughed, “Of course. The government always wants gold. They usually take it in the form of taxes though.”

The last of the gold flowed through the smelting process and the coins dropped to the floor before scurrying to join the others in the huge pile. I gestured and the gold swirled before becoming the glowing ball of gold again. I turned, “I’ll pay the taxes after I put it in the bank.”

He nodded, “Would you consider explaining the spells you used?”

I smiled and shook my head before leaving with the floating ball of gold following after me. When I walked back into my room, Crystal was curled up on the bed sleeping and Ash and Ivy were gone. The wizard’s bank had been very helpful when I let the coins spill out of the spell I had been using. I sighed as I removed my robe and walked into the bathroom.

I settled into the huge pool bath as it steamed and warmed up. The soft brushes and soap floated to me and started cleaning my body. I glanced at the wood nymph as she climbed through the window and smiled, “Hi Tannia, no boys around?”

She smiled as she walked into the water and sat across from me, “They’re at dinner.”

I nodded, “I guess it is late.”

She looked at the door as Crystal walked in, “Actually I came to see you.”

I smiled as Crystal hesitated and then walked into the water with a hiss. She walked to me and sat on my lap and wiggled her butt. I rubbed her nipples, “relax.”

I nodded at Tannia and she smiled, “I didn’t come to seduce him cat.”

I lifted my eyebrow and she sighed, “Sorry.”

She took a breath, “Everyone thinks it is an accident of chance when a nymph becomes pregnant.”

Tannia sighed, “It isn’t. We plan it and choose the male carefully.”

I looked at her thoughtfully, “We?”

She looked at Crystal, “Our trees and the other nymphs.”

I gestured and she looked at the window, “We are not in agreement this time. We, the nymphs, know you and the woman mage Ash are partnered. If you were like other males you would be easy to tempt.”

She smiled at Crystal, “We know you would normally refuse. Our trees are less understanding and say you are the male they choose.”

I caressed Crystal, “Let me get this straight. Your trees want me as the father for one of your children. You nymphs think differently.”

She nodded, “We are practical and know…”

I shook my head before murmuring a spell, “Ash?”


I smiled, “I’m in the bath and need you.”

“I’m in a class.”

I sighed, “Meet me in the nymph’s grove?”

“The nymphs?”

I looked at Tannia, “They and their trees want to ask something of you.”

I released the spell and stood, I pulled Crystal out of the water and gestured. Water seemed to just slip off her as I began drying myself. Crystal moved to stroke my hard cock and I grinned, “We need to go to the grove and wait for Ash.”

Crystal leaned against me, “please?”

I grinned and caressed her, “In the grove.”

She sighed as I summoned my robe and a dress for her. I nodded to Tannia, “We’ll be out in a minute.”

She grinned as she just walked out of the bath and headed towards the window. I led Crystal out and down through the building before going through a brush choked door. Several naked wood nymphs were waiting for me and Crystal growled in her throat. I shook my head and pulled her dress off before caressing her bare butt, “Hush lover.”

I led Crystal to the center of the grove where Tannia met us. I sat cross legged and Crystal straddled me with her tail wrapping around us. I sighed and lifted her and positioned my cock before she sat down. Her pussy was warm and slick as she leaned against me and purred. Tannia sat across from me, “She is very protective.”

I laughed and caressed Crystal’s back, “Somehow I don’t think that’s it.”

Tannia looked at Crystal as other nymphs began coming to sit with us. One with reddish blonde hair sat next to us and reached out to caress Crystal, “it’s the pheromones we give off.”

I looked at her interested, “Really?”

She nodded, “Some of the lesser creatures are affected too.”

She smiled, “I’m Jill.”

I looked around as Ash came walking towards us quickly, an elderly teacher followed close behind. Ash looked at Crystal as she slowly rocked back and forth on my lap. She sat beside me and took my hand, “I thought it was an emergency?”

I smiled and shivered as Crystal’s pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “I’ll let the nymphs tell you.”

Jill shifted forward and ignored the teacher as she sat behind Ash. Jill looked around at the other nymphs, “As Tannia told your mate, we all get together to decide the father of a child. Our trees also have a voice if they wish. They don’t usually have an opinion about the male but this time they did.”

She looked up and frowned before looking at Ash, “They have all giving your mate’s name. We have tried to explain human…”

Jill sighed and looked up, “I know, just wait.”

She looked at Ash as I whispered a spell. I pulled Crystal against me as her pussy tightened again and she began shaking. I groaned and spurted and spewed inside her as I heard the whisper of voices from above. Ash shook me several minutes later, “Kevin!”

I looked at her and shook my head before banishing the spell, “Sorry I was listening to the trees.”

She blinked and then grinned, “Really?”

I nodded and she looked up before sighing and looking around at the nymphs, “In our bed tonight.”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow, “What about our bed?”

She shook her head as she stood and reached down to help Crystal stand before pulling me up, “What was this about?”

I glanced up, “The trees talking to nymphs?”

The nymphs laughed and the teacher snorted. I looked from the nymphs to the teacher, “What?”

Ash was grinning as she put her arm around my waist and turning me back towards the school, “You are easily distracted, did you know that?”

I pulled Crystal against my other side as I struggled with the dress and her, “Why do you say that?”

Ash grinned, “The trees want the nymph Tannia to get pregnant by you.”

I looked at her and turned to look back, tempted to go back and talk to the trees. Ash laughed, “Come on.”

I sighed, “I wonder why the trees wanted me?”

I looked back again, “How did they know about me?”

Crystal purred and hugged my arm and Ash sighed, “Kevin, everyone knows your name.”

I looked at her, “I don’t think that is possible.”

She grinned as the teacher behind us snorted. Before we reached our room the teacher had slipped away after muttering something about going to talk to the Headmaster. Ash turned me at the bed and caressed my face, “Tonight Tannia is going to need to do magic while you make love to her. Try not to get distracted or interfere.”

I kissed her as Crystal moved onto the bed and Ash sighed and leaned into me, “You always get me going.”

I smiled as I gestured and her clothes came off. I moved onto the bed as my robe seemed to crawl off me and began to float to the clothes stand. Ash smiled as she followed and then squeaked as Crystal rolled her onto her back.

She laughed as Crystal began licking down her body and I moved against her to give her a kiss. I cupped her breast and bent to suck on her nipple as she sighed and shuddered, “ooohhhh!”

Crystal began teasing her clit and Ash kept shaking. Finally she shuddered hard and covered her pussy. Crystal moved up her body and lay on her as she kissed her, “Good?”

Ash laughed and squeezed her, “Very good kitten.”

I caressed them both, “Why do you think the trees want me to father Tannia’s baby?”

Ash sighed, “Because you are a powerful wizard.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think that is the only reason.”

She kissed Crystal and turned to slip her off her body. She turned and straddled me before laying forward to kiss me, “What else could it be?”

I caressed her before rolling until she was under me, “I don’t know.”

I pushed into her slowly, enjoying the warm, slippery tightness of her pussy. I fucked her slowly and smiled at her sighs and coos. Crystal moved next to us and caressed me. Ash shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Maybe they just see that you are different.”

I kissed her as I pressed into her hard and then fucked her hard and fast for a minute. Ash was jerking and spasming as I slowed to long, deep strokes. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock and she shuddered as she hugged me, “Fuck!”

Crystal kissed my shoulder as her hand caressed Ash’s face, “See.”

I slowed even more and looked at her, “See?”

She smiled and rubbed her head on me, “The trees.”

I looked at her and then at Ash who was finally sighing and relaxing. She smiled as she reached out to caress Crystal’s face, “The trees see him?”

Crystal nodded, “They know.”

I sighed and concentrated on Ash and fucked her with deep, firm thrusts. It was only a couple of minutes before I held still deep inside her and began to spurt large, thick ropes of cum. She jerked and spasmed again as warm sperm began flooding her. When I stopped cumming, I pulled out and moved to lie beside her as she fought to catch her breath.

I looked at Crystal as she cuddled against Ash, “What do the trees know?”

Crystal was purring and her eyes were half closed, “You.”

Ash sighed, “You aren’t going to get much more.”

I smiled and cupped one of her breasts, “It doesn’t tell me much.”

Ash laughed, “It’s simple. They see something in you like themselves.”

I blinked and grinned, “Of course. I work in all the fields of magic and not just one. It’s like the branches of a tree, all springing from the trunk of magic; Potions, Charms, Enchantments, Spell’s…”

I looked at Crystal suddenly as she sighed, “I need a charm for Crystal or…”

Ash looking at me sharply, “What charm and why?”

I smiled, “The pheromones the nymphs produce are vital to them…”

Ash’s mouth opened and closed as she looked at Crystal in understanding, “And the pheromones make Crystal sexually protective.”

I nodded and Ash smiled and gestured to her robes summoning her wand, “I have just the thing.”

She touched the tip of Crystal’s nose and whispered a spell. I grinned, “A spell barrier to stop odor?”

Ash blushed, “Sometimes it smells really bad in the potion class.”

I looked at Crystal as she wrinkled her nose and Ash dismissed the spell. I reached out to caress her, “Are you sure I should do this?”

She turned me from Crystal and kissed me, “You are a wonderful man Kevin. They aren’t asking you to be more than…”

I touched her lips, “But that is not what could happen. What if I want to be part of my daughter’s life?”

Ash laughed, “As soon as she is able she will try to seduce you.”

I looked at her and then at Crystal, “But…”

Ash shook me, “You haven’t studied wood nymphs have you?”

I shook my head, “They look normal enough for crossbreeds.”

She shook her head, “They are more than crossbreeds Kevin. They are both a subspecies and an alternate species.”

I looked at her and frowned, “But the texts…”

Ash shook me again, “Everything isn’t in a text. Look at your own magic.”

I sighed, “Okay, so you want me to do it?”

She nodded, “There is a reason the trees want you as a father.”

She moved off the bed, “I need to go get my project. Professor Elgerson let me go but gave me an assignment for you.”

I looked at her in surprise, “What assignment and why should…”

Ash smiled as she dressed, “He wants you to create a hybrid vermit hunter and you should because he didn’t have to let me go.”

I sighed, “I think that’s cheating, but okay.”

She smiled and kissed me before walking out quickly. I sighed and turned to caress Crystal, “Do you think I should get a nymph pregnant?”

She purred and rubbed her face on my chest. I caressed her before moving off the bed, “I’m going to the library. Do you want to come?”

She shook her head and curled up on the bed as I summoned my robe. I left and walked to the library, ignoring the whispering students around me. When a large, older boy moved in front of me, I looked up into his face. He smiled but I don’t think he meant it, “Well wizard boy, it seems even the nymphs have fallen for your stories.”

I frowned, “What stories?”

He grinned and looked around as if he was proud of himself, “That you are some great arch mage.”

I smiled and turned to go around him, “Oh that.”

He stepped in front of me again, “I think it is all a bunch of…”

I gestured and whispered a word of command. His arms slammed to his side and seemed to blend into his body. His legs grew together and his mouth was sealed. I gestured and he rose up to the tall ceiling and stuck there. I shook my head and continued towards the library, leaving all the students that had seen what happened whispering.

I was sitting at my table reading when Headmaster Thortle cleared his throat outside my ward. I looked at him and sat back to gesture to my ward. He and I got along fine, he was probably as strange as I was in his own way. I gestured to the book I was reading, “Have you read this before?”

He turned his head to see what I was reading, “A history of wood nymphs. Yes, I believe I have.”

He sat across from me, “I was told their trees want you to father Tannia’s baby.”

I nodded absently and looked back at the page, “They speak kind of funny. I would like to talk to them sometime. They are different than regular trees.”

He snorted, “Most mages can do the spell and still not understand them.”

I looked at him and smiled, “They were actually interesting.”

The Headmaster sighed and gestured to the door, “The student you changed…”

I shrugged, “I think he wanted to bully me. He should change back in a couple of hours.”

He smiled, “The other students were quite impressed.”

I shrugged, “A simple transmutation.”

I looked at him, “I was thinking of doing some more summoning spells. Would you like to join me?”

The Headmaster laughed as he stood, “I have to go talk to a tribe of gnomes.”

I sighed but nodded, “See you later.”

I looked at the book and stood up, a gesture sent the book towards the shelf I had found it on. I started towards the door only to have it blocked by a large group of girls. I looked at them and they shifted from foot to foot. Finally a long, black haired girl stepped forward, “We heard you don’t have a stalker.”

I shrugged and she looked at the other girls before looking back at me. She smiled, “And Ash goes in and out of your room, evens sleeps with you.”

I nodded, “That’s true.”

She grinned, “Can you teach us how to alter the spells so we can do that too?”

I smiled, “Sure, it isn’t hard.”

The girls all laughed and the black haired girl reached out to caress my face, “You’re sweet.”

I gestured to the door, “If you follow me back to my room I can explain.”
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