(For the women that always tempt me)
Being pregnant made Crystal more protective and moody, at least the birth of the kittens was easy. I had both Ash and the school nurse there and held a growling Crystal the whole time. Thomas sat beside us swishing his tail back and forth. She had started talking a little more, mostly one word at a time and screamed my name each time a kitten was born.

It was kind of funny because she carried the kittens around in a basket against her stomach and growled at anyone that got to close. The girls were the ones to calm her because when they found out she had kittens, they were all nice and sweet to her so she would let them see and pet the kittens. When Crystal finally weaned the kittens, she started looking for the right person for each one.

Ash was the first one she gave a kitten to, a gray stripped female with a white face. Ash had gotten it for her sister who would be starting school next year. Each of the others went to girls except one, a wild female that was black with four white paws. Crystal led me through the whole school before stopping a young first year boy named Gavin.

She chirped softly and reached out to tilt his face as she placed her daughter in his hands. He looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled, “She wants you to care for her daughter, Alexandria.”

He swallowed and held the kitten to his chest, “Thank you.”

Crystal purred as she turned and tucked herself under my arm. I led her back to our room where Ash was waiting. That was something else that had changed in my life. Unless Ash was in some class she was with me and everyone knew we were sleeping together. We walked in the door and Ash turned from my desk where she had been studying.

Crystal mewed and started for her and Ash stood to embrace her. I rubbed Crystal’s back as her tail wrapped around Ash and Ash cupped her face, “Tell me?”

Crystal chirped and seemed to sigh, “Sad.”

Ash nodded, “Yes, me too.”

Ash sat her on the bed and pulled her dress off, “You know they will be fine. My sister said Bell is chasing everything and she loves her so much.”

Crystal purred as Ash moved onto the bed. I smiled and moved to sit on the edge of the bed as Crystal moved up to cuddle against her. Ash caressed her and cupped her now dry breast before rubbing her nipple. This wasn’t sex, it was making love, Ash slowly kissed Crystal and caressed her body.

They kept kissing and touching each other until Ash slipped a finger through Crystal’s pussy. Crystal shuddered and seemed to purr the word, “Good.”

Ash nodded and kissed her again as she began to slowly finger fuck her. Crystal turned and reached for me, “Kevin?”

I smiled and stood, I stripped before moving over Crystal. I pushed into her pussy slowly and she arched her back as her pussy contracted around my cock, “Good!”

Ash laughed, “Yes, Kevin feels good inside you.”

Crystal purred and turned her head to Ash. Ash caressed her face and kissed her as I started to fuck her slowly. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and having spasms as her pussy squeezing my cock. I slowly pulled out of her and moved over Ash as she laid back and spread her legs.

This was something new Crystal had started too. I slowly pushed into Ash and she put her arms around me as her tight pussy contracted. She was moaning and kissing Crystal as I fucked into her. Before two minutes were up Ash arched her back and shuddered hard, “Kevin!”

I smiled and kissed her as I buried my cock. When she relaxed, I slowly pulled out of her and Crystal rolled me onto my back before straddling me. I thrust up into her warm pussy and she began rocking and thrusting back and forth. She mewed and purred loudly as Ash moved to straddle my legs and hold her from behind.

I felt Crystal’s pussy spasm and squeeze my cock and she started jerking and having twitchy convulsions. She lifted her face to the ceiling and cried out, “mmmyyyyy… Kevin!”

Ash held her as she continued to shake and when she relaxed Crystal laid forward and lifted her hips. She licked along my jaw, “Good… Thank you.”

She moved off me as Ash moved forward and positioned my cock. I know something was different this time as she whispered a spell and my body tingled. She shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock as she thrust back and forth. Crystal continued to purr and rub my chest as Ash became erratic. The feel of her almost hot, slick pussy was wonderful.

Ash pushed back suddenly, pressing the head of my throbbing cock against her cervix. I realized it was open as my back arched and I began spewing a huge, solid stream of sperm. Ash jerked and screamed, “ccccuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

I shook violently as I continued to pump the stream into her expanding womb. Finally it was over and Ash collapsed onto me and Crystal pulled her off. Crystal held her and if it was possible purred louder, “Baby.”

I jerked at that one word and turned onto my side to face Ash, “it was a spell of conception.”

She shuddered and twitched but nodded, “I want something of you to keep.”

I looked down at her pelvis and then up into her face, “I don’t understand.”

Ash actually laughed and pulled me close for a kiss. She caressed my face, “The school sent my parents a report of my… behavior. They weren’t happy, in fact they are coming here.”

I looked at her and shook my head, “they are going to make you leave?”

She sighed, “Maybe. They didn’t like the school not interfering or keeping me from having sex.”

I was really worried and Crystal reached out to caress my face, “Sad?”

Ash looked at her and then at me, “We just have to show my parents that we are serious about each other.”

I sighed and moved off the bed, “Why is it so difficult?”

I gestured and my robe drifted to me and wrapped around me. I looked at Ash, “I don’t want you to leave.”

She sighed and moved off the bed to hug me, “I don’t want to leave.”

I turned and walked out, I just walked and thought about Ash and her parents. I ignored the other students and teachers as I finally left the buildings behind and walked down to the wide river. I sat down on a boulder and a moment later a water sprite poked her head out of the water, “Water to play in?”

I shook my head and she hesitated before coming out of the water to sit beside me. I don’t know why but I began telling her my problem. When I stopped she smiled, “When a male water sprite wants a female, he just shows her father he can take care of her.”

I looked at her and then grinned, “Of course.”

I kissed her and stood before walking around for a minute thinking and then stood beside the river. The water washed over my feet as I began one of several strong and complicated spells. The day wore slowly on and more and more people came out because they felt the strength of the spells I was weaving. I shut everyone and everything out and kept going. Crystal was the only one that came close to me and that was to quietly sit right behind me.

Even the dragon that appeared seemed to know better than to come closer and fled. The moon and stars shone brightly when I finally stopped. There was a sense of waiting, from the crowd behind me and I saw Ash with her parents and a girl holding a kitten. Suddenly the water seemed to boil and then erupt in a fountain of gold. It just kept pouring out and dropping to the ground beside me. The pile of gold slowly grew higher and wider.

As the first hint of dawn approached, it stopped as suddenly as it started. The pile was easily three times as tall as I was. I looked at it and frowned before whispering another spell. The pile shrank quickly and a small glowing golden sphere floated where it had been. I sighed and looked at Crystal, “I’m tired.”

She stood and put an arm around me as if to help and Ash came running from the crowd that was finally breaking up. She slipped under my other arm, “That was amazing.”

I shrugged and looked at the man and woman that waited as we slowly walked towards them. I shifted until Crystal was beside Ash and I was standing alone, “I am Kevin Edward Gregory Chandler Grey and I wish to marry your daughter. I will wait until she finishes her schooling. I can finish my exams within a week and as you have seen I have gold to support us.”

Her father smiled as he looked at Ash, “We weren’t happy to hear about Ash having sex. Since we have been here she has been most… adamant that she will not leave here or more exactly… you. She has made us listen while she told us everything about you.”

He looked at his wife and she was smiling as she held the girl I knew was Ash’s sister against her side. He sighed and looked at me, “Very well young mage. You have my permission to marry my daughter.”

Ash came to hug me and I sighed in relief, her mother came closer and Crystal mewed. I looked at her as she sighed and came to hug me. Ash frowned and looked at her sister, “Is Bell happy?”

Her sister nodded and looked at Crystal, “Thank you so much for giving me Bell.”

The kitten was rubbing on her and looked at Crystal to mew softly. Crystal smiled and chirped an answer before looking at me, “bed?”

Ash nodded, “Definitely bed, those spells weren’t easy.”

I looked at her and Crystal pulled on me and Ash’s mom and Dad laughed, “I think you’re going to bed.”

Ash grinned as she pulled on my other arm, “Come to bed with us.”

I nodded and let her lead me back towards the buildings with the glowing golden sphere floating behind me. I looked at Ash, “did you tell your parents about getting pregnant?”

She smiled, “I told them.”

I woke to sunlight and warm bodies and a kitten crawling over me. I turned my head to see Crystal watching with a smile and a loud purr. Ash shifted and opened her eyes, “hey.”

I turned to rub her bare butt and heard a giggle. I turned my head and looked over Crystal to see Ash’s sister. Ash laughed and rubbed my chest, “It’s just Ivy.”

I looked at her and she moved over me and straddled my waist. She slowly thrust back and forth with my hard cock between the lips of her pussy, “Ivy has been testing the waters and needs your help.”

I looked at her and rubbed her nipples before looking at Ivy, “What does she want?”

Ash shuddered and then looked at her sister, “She wants to feel a real cock.”

I looked at her and then at Ivy again, “Um…”

Ash laughed and lay down to kiss me, “Not sure?”

I held her and rubbed her back, “Are you sure?”

Crystal sat up and held her arms out to Ivy, “Come?”

Ivy looked at her as we watched and smiled as she stripped and crawled onto the bed. Crystal caressed her and looked into her face, “Want?”

Ivy looked at us and Ash smiled, “She means do you want to make love.”

Ivy looked at Crystal and reached out to caress her face, “Yes.”

Crystal started purring and kissed her before pushing her down and kissing down her body. I grinned at Ash and she sat up and then lifted up to position my cock before pushing down. She began rocking and thrusting back and forth as her sister began moaning. We smiled at each other and I cupped her breasts as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock.

She shuddered and groaned before laying on me and giving me a kiss, “Will you do Ivy?”

I sighed as I continued to feel and caress her body, “If you want.”

She kissed me and lifted her hips to pull my cock out of her before moving off me. She rubbed Crystal’s cheek before kissing her sister. She pulled Crystal up and away from Ivy as I moved around them and between Ivy’s spread legs. I positioned my cock and forced it into her slowly. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy was spread open.

I started fucking her slowly and she began lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. It wasn’t long before she began to jerk and thrash around as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She kept spasming and looked at her sister with wide eyes, “oooohhhhh... ggggooooddddd!”

Ash laughed and hugged Crystal, “That is what it should feel like.”

I began to thrust into her a little faster and harder and she shook more violently as she thrashed around. Her eyes rolled up and I finally pressed into her to spew a huge torrent of cum. Ivy screamed as she felt the warm cum filling her body, “AAAAsssssshhhhhhhh!”

I held her as I pumped strong spurts and jets of cum until I was done. Ivy dropped to the bed panting and closed her eyes, “Damn.”

Ash laughed as she and Crystal came closer and caressed Ivy as I pulled out and moved off her. Ash rubbed her tummy, “See? Now you can tell mom you know.”

Ivy opened her eyes and smiled as she pulled Crystal down into a hug, “Thank you.”

Crystal purred and touched her face before turning and pushing me onto my back. She straddled me and sat back on my cock, “Need?”

Ash laughed and turned to caress her as she looked at me, “You heard her, she needs you.”

I smiled as I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She shuddered and began slowly thrusting back and forth before rocking and fucking my cock. She shuddered after a minute and her warm pussy squeezed my cock, “Good!”

Ash and Ivy giggled and Ash straddled my legs behind Crystal. She reached around her to cup her breasts as she became more erratic. Ivy hesitated before straddling me in front of Crystal and embrace her as they kissed. Crystal mewed and purred as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She was shaking as both Ash and Ivy held her and kissed her.

It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and convulsed as her pussy contracted, “Kevin!”

I groaned and thrust up as my cock began to swell. The swirl of magic surrounded us and then I was pumping a huge gushing fountain up into Crystal. She screamed and jerked erratically as both Ash and Ivy joined her in spasming and shuddering violently. I spurted and spewed seven large jets of cum and Crystal continued to jerk with each one.

When I stopped cumming, Ash fell off me one way and Ivy fell another while Crystal fell onto my chest. I caressed her and looked at Ash, “did you enjoy that?”

She shuddered and moved up to lay against me, “God, what happened?”

I smiled as I looked at Ivy, “Crystal wanted to share.”

I reached out to caress her sleeping face, “She used our bond to split her orgasm and share it with the two of you.”

I looked at Crystal as she rubbed her face on my shoulder, “Good?”

I laughed and squeezed her, “Very good.”

Ash sighed and caressed Crystal, “Thank you kitten.”

Crystal purred and rubbed her face on my shoulder again. I smiled and finally shifted before pulling out of her tight pussy. Ash moved as I climbed off the bed, “Where are you going?”

I smiled, “The bank?”

I gestured to the floating ball of glowing gold and Ash sighed, “Melt it into coins first.”
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