(For the women that always tempt me)
The professor walked into the class and looked at me before heading towards the front. He pulled his wand and gestured to the far wall. A recipe for a potion appeared and he turned to the class. I looked at the potion carefully and shrugged, ignoring everything as I began preparing the potion. It was a half hour later that the teacher stopped beside me, “You aren’t in my class and you are preparing the potion wrong.”

I glanced at him but kept working, “I was just doing an audit. The potion recipe is wrong.”

He stood there for several moments as everyone in class stopped working to listen, “What is wrong with the recipe?”

I sighed and dropped a pooka hair into the potion before looking at him and describing in detail the corrections and why it was needed. I carefully finished scraping the slimy poison off the back of the small arrow frog and looked at him, “You only have an eighty five percent chance that it will work if you use that recipe. If you change the method and time you prepare it and change the unicorn hair for pooka hair you can do it every time and the potion will be stronger.”

He looked at the potion, “Show me.”

I went back to work on the potion as the whole class gathered around the table. It was an hour later that I nodded and sat back, “Finished.”

The Professor dipped a tiny glass ladle into the potion and poured it into a vial. He walked to the front of the class and pulled a cover off a set of cages. He pulled a rat out of a cage and used a dropper to give the rat some of the potion. The class hissed as the rat glowed and burst into flame.

It didn’t look injured and continued to burn or appeared to burn. Finally the professor waved his wand and the flames disappeared. He turned towards me and bowed, “Well done, now tell the class how you knew it would work.”

I smiled, “The Advanced Potions of Carpathia had it and the old recipe together with a description of why the new recipe was better.”

He smiled and nodded, “I haven’t had the chance to read that one.”

I shrugged, “I had to order it three years ago.”

He nodded and looked around the class, “This is a lesson to you all. Just because you read a potion recipe in one book does not mean it will work.”

He looked around, “Tomorrow we will work together to create a potion to slow time. Class dismissed.”

I was interested in the next potion class but Ash stopped and grinned, “That was amazing. Need a pupil to tutor?”

I smiled and waved at everything on the table, making it sweep into my potion kit. I pulled a vial out and poured the potion into it before vanishing the rest and sending the kettle and burner into the kit. I tucked the potion away carefully and stood to take Ash’s hand as my kit vanished. We walked back to my room where we found Crystal resting with Thomas beside her.

Ash grinned and turned her onto her stomach before lifting her hips. She grinned at me and I dropped my robe before moving behind Crystal and rubbing her pussy. She purred and pushed back as Ash reached for my hard cock. She guided it to Crystal’s pussy and I pushed into her. I started to fuck her slowly and she began thrusting back to meet my cock.

She purred as her pussy squeezed and her tail wrapped around me as I slowly fucked in and out. Ash reached under her and cupped a breast rubbing the nipple. Crystal seemed to purr even louder and then jerked and spasmed as Ash used her other hand to reach between her legs and rub her clit. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered. I kept fucking her slowly and finally pushed all the way into her and held her as I began pumping spurts of cum.

Crystal shuddered and growled as I spurted cum in her and Ash looked at me before grinning. When I stopped cumming, I gently pushed Crystal down onto the bed and Ash surprised me by rolling her over and kissing her. She moved down Crystal’s body as I moved to lie next to her. I watched Ash suck on Crystal’s nipples and then moved down to her leaking pussy.

As she began licking through her pussy, Crystal started purring louder. She gently held Ash’s head as her hips began moving. Ash shoved her tongue up inside her and then licked through her slit again. She covered her clit and I watched as Crystal jerked and spasmed. Ash lifted her wet face up and gently rubbed her before crawling up and kissing her again.

Ash turned to smile at me and moved over me before lying down, “I always wanted to do that with another girl.”

I grinned, “Crystal liked it.”

Ash grinned back and looked at Crystal before turning to caress my chest, “You are a strange and amazing boy.”

I caressed her face and then reached down to rub her erect nipples, “And you are my match.”

She laughed after shivering and moved down and off the bed, “I need to go to the library to study.”

I watched her dress and leave before snuggling against Crystal, “What do you think of her?”

Crystal purred and turned to rub against me. I laughed and cupped one of her breasts before bending to suck on her nipple. She shivered as I moved up and kissed her, “Come to the library. I want to look at a new book.”

She rubbed her cheek on mine and moved off the bed. She stood still as I lifted the dress and put it on her. She took my hand after I slipped my own robe on. As we started walking, her tail slipped out the small cut I had learned to leave in her dresses. It wrapped around my waist as we walked through the large common room and only a few boys took notice.

I walked into the library and headed towards the restricted area. When the hulking shadow of the librarian covered me, I glanced back, “Hello Ms. Schmidt.”

She looked from Crystal to me, “You left a curse on one of the reading tables.”

I nodded, “I didn’t know if you wanted it back it the book. I did ward it so a student couldn’t touch it.”

She grumped and turned away, “I can do without curses in my books thank you.”

I smiled at her back and turned to the left and pulled a book down. Crystal growled and I glanced at her, “I know it’s cursed.”

I carried the book to an alcove table and set the book down. I drew a pentagram around the book and then murmured a couple of capture spells. I whispered a divining incantation from a very old book I had found years before. I finally opened the book and it screamed as the pentagram glowed and a small glowing sphere appeared in the air above the book.

“What is that!”

I glanced back at Ash and smiled, “I think it’s a flesh eating curse, probably early Egyptian.”

She looked at me, “That was in a book?”

I shrugged as I turned and gestured to the sphere, “Yes.”

Ash came to sit across from me as Crystal laid down purring and put her head in my lap. I began reading and glanced up a couple of times to see Ash reading. I smiled and shivered as Crystal turned and opened my robe. I glanced down as she started licking my cock. Ash cleared her throat, “Does she do that a lot?”

I caressed Crystal’s face, “No. She’s only done it twice before.”

I glanced up to see Ash smile, “She’s craving your cum.”

I looked at her forgetting my book, “Craving?”

Ash nodded, “It’s the taste I think.”

I shivered and looked down as Crystal put my cock in her mouth and began fucking it. I closed my eyes as Ash came around the table and sat on my other side. When her lips met mine, I opened my eyes and looked at her. I groaned as I felt myself getting close and Ash stroked Crystal’s hair, “He’s going to cum kitten.”

My hips rose as my cock erupted and began pumping thick spurts of cum. I shivered as Crystal swallowed each spurt as I spewed it into her mouth. When I finally stopped, she licked my cock clean and closed my robe before putting her head down and purring. Ash watched and then grinned as she leaned over the table and pulled her books across.

It didn’t take me long to finish reading the book. I sat back to think about it and then stood to return it. When I returned to the table Crystal had her head in Ash’s lap licking her pussy. I smiled and moved down to spread Crystal’s legs and sit between them. I lifted her dress and started rubbing her pussy and teasing her clit.

Ash shuddered and groaned while Crystal purred. I used my other hand to gesture as I murmured a spell of silence around us. Almost as soon as I finished, Ash jerked and spasmed, “Yes!”

I pushed two fingers into Crystal’s tight pussy and started to fuck her. She shuddered and mewed as her pussy squeezed my fingers. Finally she had a jerky seizure and I pulled my fingers out. I pulled Crystal up and turned her to pull her onto my lap. Ash slid over next to me, “She just moved and started licking me.”

I smiled and nodded as I opened my robe and positioned my cock. Crystal pushed back onto my cock and growled as her warm pussy swallowed it. She slowly thrust back and forth fucking me as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She was purring loudly and Ash turned to start kissing me.

I cupped Crystal’s breasts through her dress and she bounced up and down a few times. Ash grinned, “I never thought of fucking here in the library.”

I kissed her and thrust up into Crystal as her pussy tightened. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy spasmed around my cock, “Keevvviiiinnnnn!”

I looked at Crystal in surprise and hugged her, “I have you.”

She shook and shuddered as she thrust back and forth harder. Ash moved to hold her and Crystal wrapped her arms around her. Crystal’s tail kept caressing me as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She began jerking erratically and shaking her head as she growled. I groaned and thrust up into her and held her hips as I suddenly began to cum.

My cock swelled and erupted in a huge torrent. Crystal roared and arched her back as I pumped my sperm up into her, “Kevin!”

I pulled her back against me and held her tight as I spurted and spewed the rest of my cum. Her tight pussy rippled and continued to spasm as she jerked and twitched. I just held her until she finally sighed and leaned her head back on my shoulder. Ash kissed her and rubbed her cheek, “You did good kitten.”

Crystal purred and shuddered as her pussy rippled and gently squeezed my cock. She lifted off me and moved down to lie on the bench with her head back in my lap again. Ash smiled and leaned against me before summoning her book closer. I closed my robe and dismissed the spell of silence around us before absently destroying the curse on the table.

Ash finally closed the book she was reading with a sigh and sat up. She smiled, “it’s almost dinner time.”

I caressed Crystal and gestured to a book left on the table. It rose and floated towards the shelves. Ash watched it float away and looked at her book before murmuring a spell and using her wand. Her book floated up off the table and jerkily headed back towards the shelves. She grinned and stood up when I did. Crystal stood and we started for the door.

Thomas appeared and before Ash could pick him up, he jumped and Crystal caught him in her arms. They were both purring as we went through the door. Ash grinned at me and took my hand as we headed towards the dinning hall. Several of the other students looked at us and murmured under their breath but no one spoke up. Ash kissed me after dinner and headed to her room and I took Crystal’s hand as we headed to mine.

In my room I pulled her dress off and then pulled her into the enlarged bathroom I had created. I gestured and murmured a spell to fill the huge pool like bath and pulled Crystal in as she growled and grumbled. I grinned when she sat and leaned against me before starting to purr. I sighed and relaxed in the warm water before turning to Crystal and starting to wash her fur.

After our bath we sat by the large fireplace that I made and I brushed her fur which made her purr even louder. I sat holding her for a long time as she drowsed and thought about my day. I had really liked Ash and something drew me to her, like she was the one meant for me. The clearing of a throat made me glance at the door and smile, “Come in Professor.”

He smiled and came closer before sitting cross legged, “I arranged for an examiner to come give the mid term exams to you.”

I caressed Crystal, “Have you ever been in love Professor?”

He smiled again, “You love Crystal?”

I smiled, “I know I love Crystal already. How do you know when you fall in love with a real person?”

Professor George sat back, “Well, that is a mystery. Sure we have spells and potions that can make a person think they are in love. We also can make someone feel attraction to another. When you love someone, you think about them even when they aren’t there. You miss them and well… your thoughts always long for them to return.”

He sighed, “I was never very good explaining feelings.”

I looked at him, “Can I hold off on taking my final exams for awhile?”

Professor George grinned as he stood, “Of course. I was asked if you would be willing to audit classes?”

I nodded, “I don’t mind doing that.”

He stood, “Don’t stay up all night.”

I sighed and stood, pulling Crystal up and helping her onto the bed. I waved and the light in the room slowly dimmed. I crawled into bed and lay on my back before absently pulling her closer to caress her while I continued to think. The movement of the bed made me turn my head and smile as Ash slipped in beside me on my other side, “I was thinking about you.”

She sighed as she snuggled against me, “I was thinking of you too.”

I sighed at the feel of her against me and relaxed. I woke to purring and the bed moving. I looked at Ash as she lay next to me fingering her pussy with Crystal sucking on her nipple. I smiled and turned to move over her. She groaned as I pushed my cock into her and started to fuck her with deep, firm thrusts.

She put her arms around me and planted her feet on the bed. I kept fucking her slowly and it wasn’t long before she arched her back as her tight pussy contracted and squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I smiled and kept fucking her shaking body as she spasmed and thrashed around. A minute later she shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “fuck!”

I laughed and thrust into her and fucked her hard for a minute. She jerked uncontrollably and screamed, “Kevin!”

Her tight pussy was spasming and she squirted cum on me as she kept cumming. I slowed to just deep thrusts and finally pressed into her to pump thick, strong spurts. Ash bucked and her back arched again, “cum... in... mmmeeee!”

I spurted and spewed thick cummy ropes into her and she kept shuddering until I was finished. She sighed and relaxed when I was done and I kissed her softly before pulling out and lying next to her. Crystal mewed and snuggled against her and Ash smiled and caressed her while looking at me. I leaned into her and sucked on a nipple making her shiver before I caressed her face and relaxed against her. I woke to Ash climbing out of bed, “I have an early class before breakfast.”

I smiled and watched her dress and hurry out. I turned to Crystal as she stretched and reached for me. I pulled her against me and she put her head on my shoulder as she started purring. I caressed her, “You really like her don’t you?”

Crystal continued to purr and gently scratched her claws across my chest. I nodded, “I do too.”

After a little while I slipped out of bed and she looked up. I smiled, “Come eat breakfast. You need it for your kittens.”

She followed me off the bed and held still while I put a clean dress on her.
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