(For the women that always tempt me)
That was two months ago. Good luck getting Crystal in anything but a loose dress and forget sleeves. I was sent to Mage School where I firmly refused to attend any classes. The Discipline Master’s attempt to change my mind by force ended with my mother and father coming to his rescue. I did return his face to normal as well as separate his hands from his butt.

That was when I met Professor George. He was an eccentric man the government sent to see me. I had wandered into the restricted section of the school library and was reading a rather gruesome book. While Crystal still refused to speak, she did seem to understand more. She followed me around and anytime I sat she would lay down with her head in my lap.

When Professor George cleared his throat at the end of the table I glanced up and absently threw up a ward before going back to reading. A moment later I felt the ward drop and looked up. Crystal hissed as she uncurled and sat up to stare at the professor. He was calm as he sat across from me looking at Crystal before smiling and looking at me, “Very nice. Did you created the spells or adapt others?”

I glanced at Crystal and reached out to caress her cheek, “A little of both.”

He nodded, “Her structure is still sound. She could have a litter, yes?”

I smiled, “Yes. She does get grumpy during her cycles.”

He nodded, “The other tissue you used is slowly being replaced by her own?”

I nodded, “She absorbs the old tissue as she grows her own to replace it.”

I looked at the old professor, “So… you have my attention.”

He smiled and glanced at the book I was reading, “That book has a curse in it.”

I gestured to a tiny ball of glowing shifting colors, “I wasn’t sure if the librarian wanted it back in the book when I was done.”

He blinked and started to reach out before stopping himself and standing, “walk with me?”

I looked around and finally closed the book and stood. It took me a minute of struggling with Crystal to get her dress all the way back on. I finally followed the old man who seemed in no hurry. He led me through the school to a balcony overlooking a huge grove of oak trees. He gestured, “Wood nymphs.”

I smiled, “I talked to them after I came here. They are very happy, the boys here in school use them for sex.”

Professor George laughed, “Yes, I remember doing that myself.”

He looked at me, “I have spoken to your parents and seen your room. I was impressed if you understood what you read.”

I shrugged, “I understood.”

He nodded and turned to wave at a nymph with bright red hair that came to her waist. He smiled, “My daughter.”

I grinned and smiled at the nymph as she climbed the side of the building easily and slipped over the side of the balcony, “Father!”

I watched as they hugged and he laughed and pulled her hand away from his cock. “Tannia, this is my friend Kevin Edward Grey.”

She smiled as she moved towards me and Crystal moved in front of me and into my arms. I held her and nodded to the nymph, “I remember talking to you.”

She smiled and leaned back into her father. Professor George sighed and looked at me, “You must be officially trained Kevin.”

I smiled, “Actually the law only requires I be given a midterm test and a graduate exam.”

He blinked and then grinned, “So it does. Does that mean you will take the tests?”

I nodded and reached down to hold Crystal’s roving hands. Last time I talked to the nymphs she had done the same thing. I glanced up at the professor, “If you will excuse me, Crystal is feeling amorous and I wouldn’t mind spending time with her.”

I turned with Crystal and the Professor cleared his throat, “What are you going to do after the tests?”

I shrugged, “Go home.”

He shook his head, “Everyone has to grow up Kevin.”

I looked at him as Crystal started rubbing my cock through my robe. “You mean I should get a job and go to work.”

He nodded and I smiled, “Tell me, how much gold is in the ground under the ocean?”

I turned and led Crystal up to my room and warded the door before spell locking it. I turned as Crystal pulled the dress off and reached for me. I pushed her hands away and backed her towards the bed as I let my robe drop to the floor, “Why do you get horny every time we visit nymphs?”

I followed her onto the bed and moved between her legs as she lifted them and pulled my face to her pussy. She was purring as her tail wrapped around my shoulders. I licked through her pussy and sucked on her clit before wiggling my tongue. I smiled as Crystal shuddered and purred louder. I pushed my tongue inside her and she arched her back before starting to shake.

I moved up her body and pushed into her in one long, slow move. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held on as she kept shuddering. I started fucking her with short thrusts. I loved the way her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. I shoved into her nice and deep and humped against her pelvis. Crystal shivered as her tail caressed my back.

I pulled almost out of her and went back to fucking her with long, deep strokes. She purred louder as I slowly fucked her shaking body while her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. When she growled deep in her throat, I laughed and hugged her tight, “Do you want me to cum?”

Her open claws pressing into me were all the warning I needed. I started fucking her hard, trying to cum. It didn’t take long and she was jerking and shuddering the whole time. I pushed as deep as I could and held her as I began pumping huge spurts of cum. Crystal sighed and shivered as she felt my cum spurting into her.

She relaxed as I stopped cumming and let her legs drop to the bed. She purred as I pulled out and moved to lay against her, cupping one of her breasts, “What did you think of that professor?”

Crystal hissed as she turned to snuggle half on top of me. I nodded, “I know, you didn’t care for him.”

She licked my chest and put her head down again. I caressed her, “I think I liked him.”

Her tail swept up to rub my body and I smiled, “Would you like a litter of kittens?”

Crystal’s purr got louder and I grinned, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I rubbed her butt, “time to visit the village.”

I was walking down a narrow cobbled street going towards a store that had mage cats. The young woman that came out of the mage supply shop was bumped by another woman and tripped. I absently gestured to catch her and something happened. It wasn’t a spell or potion, it wasn’t magic. The girl looked up from being suspended halfway to the ground, “Would you mind?”

I cleared my throat as Crystal purred and looked over my shoulder almost shyly. I gestured and the girl rose to her feet and then turned to face me as my spell dropped away. “Thank you for catching me…”

She stared and then shook herself, “I’ve seen you at school… I’m Ash.”

She looked at Crystal curiously and then at me. I shook myself again and glanced at Crystal again before looking at Ash, “Kevin.”

She looked at Crystal again, “They say she is your cat.”

I smiled, “Yes.”

Ash grinned, “Smart. Most boys try enchanting a girl for sex.”

I looked at Crystal, “She takes care of me. I was going to find a male cat to give her a litter of kittens.”

Ash laughed and looked around, “Thomas!”

I looked around and then saw a grey tom mage cat poke his head around a building before walking towards Ash. She knelt and scooped him into her arms, “Want to help a lady have a litter?”

I could hear him purring and Crystal seemed to purr louder. I looked at Ash and she grinned, “How were you going to do it?”

I looked around, “Well, I was thinking of someplace private to work in.”

Ash grinned and walked closer, “We could go to your room. I’m afraid the enchantments around my room won’t let boys in.”

I turned with her and started back towards the school, “You tried to bring boys to your room?”

She nodded, “Girls get horny too.”

I grinned, “Want me to change the enchantment for you?”

Ash laughed and looked at me, “How about I just use your room and fuck you when I get horny?”

I smiled as Crystal bumped her and mewed softly. Ash reached out to take her hand, “You to kitten.”

I laughed at that and whispered a spell as we crossed the school grounds. The school stalker spell screamed behind us and faded away. Ash looked back, “I hate those things.”

I smiled, “Every time I banish one the mage it belongs to gets bad headaches.”

Ash grinned, “Good. Nasty peepers.”

When we walked into my room, Ash set her cat down and smiled as she looked around. She looked at me as I pulled Crystal away from her and pulled her dress off. I shrugged, “She doesn’t really like wearing clothes.”

Ash grinned as she began undressing and I started to do the same thing, “I can understand that. How are you going to…”

I pulled Crystal the bed, “Lie back Crystal.”

She meowed as she climbed onto the bed and lay on her side. I leaned over and pushed her onto her back. I rubbed her nipples, “I need to check you.”

Ash slipped onto the bed beside her as I put my hand over Crystal’s pelvis and whispered a spell. A glowing sphere appeared above her pelvis and showed me what I needed to know. Ash was playing with Crystal’s breasts as she watched, “What did you see?”

I glanced at her as I bent to pick Thomas up, “She is ready and has six eggs in her womb.”

Ash grinned and reached out to rub Thomas’s face, “do a good job Thomas.”

I set Thomas between Crystal’s legs with his front paws on her tummy. I pushed his butt until they were touching and then held him and began a spell of compulsion and levitation. Thomas humped once and froze as Crystal shuddered and mewed. I continued to murmur as I released Thomas and placed my hand under him against Crystal’s pelvis.

I felt the cat’s seed as it moved deeper into Crystal and entered her womb. I started a third spell, this one of seeking. Thomas moved up onto Crystal and lay between her breasts as she purred. I finally sat back and smiled at Ash, “Do you want one of the kittens?”

She grinned, “Of course, my little sister wants a cat.”

She turned to lie on her back and held out her arms, “my turn.”

I grinned but moved down and leaned into her pussy and licked. She jerked in surprise, “Oh!”

I sucked in her clit and teased it with my tongue while she held my head and shuddered. When I pushed my tongue up inside her, she spasmed and thrashed around. I licked through her leaking pussy and moved up her body. Both Crystal and Thomas were purring as I slowly pushed into Ash. She grunted and spread her legs wider as I began to fuck her.

It wasn’t long before she began to shake and jerk. She held me tight as she suddenly went rigid and her pussy tightened before she squirted, “Yes!”

I kissed her and kept fucking her slowly. Ash squirted me again as she thrashed around and her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I fucked into her hard, making her grunt and spasm. A couple of minutes later I shoved into her nice and deep as she arched her back. Her body became rigid as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock before it suddenly erupted. I pumped huge, gushing torrents deep inside her and Ash gasped as the warm sperm pumping into her.

She dropped to the bed panting but held her hips up as I continued to spurt inside her. When I stopped cumming we both relaxed and she grinned, “Thanks.”

I smiled and pulled out to lay next to her, “I haven’t met anyone like you.”

She turned onto her side and caressed my chest, “What, horny?”

I grinned, “Open and honest. Willing to share and… not judging me.”

Ash laughed and leaned over to kiss me. She looked into my face, “I’m only willing to share with your cat. If you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I still have two years left so…”

I smiled, “I guess I could take your classes to stay that long.”

She rolled on top of me and sat up, straddling my waist. “You are a strange boy, I think I’ll keep you.”

I grinned and pulled her down and kissed her. A bell began ringing and she sighed, “I have an extra class.”

I patted her butt, “Get dressed and I’ll walk you to class.”

She grinned, “It’s an advanced potion class.”

I shrugged and followed her off the bed looking at Crystal, “Are you coming?”

She purred and curled up on her side. I smiled, “Okay, stay here and relax. I’ll come get you after the class is over.”

I slipped my robe on and followed after Ash, watching her hips as she walked. She glanced back and laughed, “Walk beside me.”

I grinned and moved up beside her as we walked to her dorm. I waited until she came back down and several girls looked at me strangely. Ash seemed to ignore them as we left and walked to class. She walked in and hesitated before leaving me and walking to her seat. I glanced around and sat in the back and relaxed. I absently did a summoning and my potion kit appeared on the wide table in front of me.
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