(For the women that always tempt me)
I was an unusual child, I was reading regular books before the age of three. Even for a wizard that was exceptional. I started with basic magic books of transformation, potions and charms as well as quit a few others. By the age of ten, I had finished all the magic books used in the advanced classes at the mage schools. The problem was that I wasn’t showing any sign of using magic. This worried my mom and dad and made my twin sisters and my brother tease me.

Normally wizards start Mage School when they are ten, but not me. I knew my family was worried but I wasn’t really interested in doing any magic yet. I knew I could do magic if I wanted. I even knew things others didn’t. Like, I didn’t need to use a wand or staff like other wizards. I just continued to read magic books, only really advance stuff. When I was fourteen, everything changed.

I really noticed girls, so much so that I had trouble concentrating. The problem was that I was really smart and knew women didn’t want to have sex with a boy all the time, but boys wanted it all the time. My body was more than ready for sex. I had started masturbating seven or eight times a day. My cock was large for a boy my age and I came more than a normal boy too.

I spent several days thinking about it and decided it was time to do magic. It took me a couple of days to gather all the ingredients and create the spells I planned to use. It was summer and everyone was home so I closed and locked the door into my room. Over the years my room had become the attic because of all my books and my constant quest for peace and quiet while I read.

The mage cat in my lap was special like all mage cats. It was about the same age as me in cat years. Mage cats bonded to their mage for his or her life and I had taken time when I picked her out. She looked like a gray tabby with a long tail and her name was Crystal.

I took a breath and started murmuring the first spell and then I started another. It was similar to a lot of transformation spells but with some subtle differences. The cat in my lap slowly began to change from a cat into a tiny girl. I could hear the loud voices of my parents as well as several spells trying to penetrate my wards.

The next spell I started needed the body of the sheep I had gotten from the butcher in town. It was not really that I needed the sheep’s body so much as that I needed the tissue, bone and other parts separately. As the small body of the girl began to grow, the body of the lamb began to disappear. When I finished, I sighed as the strain of the spell left me.

I looked at the beautiful young woman on my lap. She was five feet tall and had platinum hair down to her waist. Her face was very beautiful with her cute button nose and striking green eyes cat eyes. Her body was still covered in soft gray stripped fur from her neck to her ankles and she still had her tail. Her delicate looking hands still had retractable claws as did her feet. Her breasts were pert and firm and the pink of her nipples attracted me.

I sighed and gave her a caress that caused her to purr. The last few spells were hard because of their nature. All mage cats bonded to a mage for his or her life. I added a sexual attraction and a willingness to have sex whenever I wanted it. I also made sure she would be willing to share me if or when I found a girl to marry.

When the spells were finally locked into place, I sighed and relaxed. I rubbed my temples while listening to the loud voices of my parents, my brother and my sisters. Crystal was caressing my chest and I knew I had to consummate our mating to seal the spells on her. I kissed her and caressed her breasts, amazed at the feel. I stood and murmured a spell that cleaned the mess in the room.

I took Crystal’s hand and led her to my bed. I had prepared another spell and in only moments my bed had widened. I pulled the covers back and lay Crystal on the bed before I took my robe off. I knew my wards would hold for another hour or so and moved onto the bed with her. I gently spread her legs and looked up her body and into her face, “Crystal, I know you are just learning to understand my words. I will try to make this something you can enjoy, but I am not experienced yet.”

She reached down to cup my face and caress me before relaxing. I smiled and leaned down to smell her pussy. She had a little musky scent that I thought smelled wonderful. I started licking and teasing her small clit as it poked out. When I pushed my tongue up inside her hole I found no resistance. I looked up at her in surprise and then remembered how… amorous cats were.

I went back to licking her slit and enjoying the taste of her leaking hole. She shivered and shook while she kept purring. Finally she put her hand down to stop me and I moved up her body. Crystal put her arms around me as I settled between her legs and looked into her face, “Are you ready?”

Crystal only looked back and purred. I caressed her face and lifted myself higher and reached between us to fit my cock to her wet hole. When I pushed into her, it spread the walls of her pussy and she moaned, she wasn’t the only one. She felt so wet, warm and silky smooth that I moaned again as I slowly pushed my cock deeper. When I was finally all the way inside her, she shivered and started humping up at me.

I started fucking her with long, hard strokes trying to enjoy the feeling every time I pushed into her. She growled and shuddered violently, her pussy squeezing my cock as she squirted cum. She kept shaking her head as if trying to clear it or understand what was happening, but then she would shudder and growl. I slowed and cupped her face with my hand, “Just relax and enjoy it.”

She started purring again and her arms squeezed me. I went back to fucking her and a minute later I jerked in surprise as I started pumping cum into her. Crystal just squeezed me a little and purred louder as I shuddered and jerked with each spurt and jet of cum. I must have poured a dozen large loads of sperm into her before I was done. I wanted to do it again and I could tell she did too, but I knew I needed to let my parents through my wards.

I reluctantly pulled out of her cummy pussy and lay beside her, caressing her body. I pulled her half onto me and gestured to the covers, making them move up and cover us. I released the wards and waited. It didn’t take long for my mom and dad to rush into the room with my brother and sisters following. My mom and dad just stared open mouthed, but my brother Ron started laughing, “Wouldn’t you know, the little shit starts off summoning a girl.”

The blanket slipped a little when Crystal growled and hissed at him. Ron closed his mouth and mom stepped closer and sat on the bed. Crystal snuggled closer purring very loud and mom slowly reached out to lift the blanket and look under it. She pulled it up over Crystal’s shoulder and looked at my father, “It’s his cat. It looks like a full body transformation and I don’t know what else.”

I sighed and gave Crystal a quick kiss before looking at my mom, “It’s a permanent body transformation, but not full. I also permanently enlarged her and set certain commands in place and reinforced the bond.”

My sisters were grinning, “He created his own little whore.”

I looked at them, “No. Crystal is and will always be my lover.”

Dad sighed, “Enough of this, all of you out. Kevin, get dressed and put something on Crystal if you can. When you are dressed, bring her down to the living room.”
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