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Sean’s Story
Chapter 4: Ride the Wave

The house next door to my parents’ house had been empty for almost two years when the Purcell’s moved in. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school and hot as hell. The Purcell’s moved into town from California and their son, Josh, was the adonis I had been waiting for all my life. He fit the image of a California surfer boy that I had in my head perfectly. He took his shirt off to help move boxes into the house in the heat which allowed me to see his nice tan and his well-defined swimmer’s build. His hair was long and shaggy and a nice dirty blond. He actually resembled Cameron in many ways, though shorter, which probably explained the almost spontaneous erection I got when I saw him.

I watched the Purcell’s move in. Mom, dad, Josh, and a sister that looked like she was probably around twelve years old. Josh, himself, looked to be about my age. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t ecstatic when I saw that Josh picked the bedroom I could see from my own. I hoped it would take them a while to get curtains in there. Sadly that was not the case.

Casey’s parents took it upon themselves to welcome the newest neighbors to our small community and Casey was required to go along with them. He hit it off with Josh pretty quickly and thus it was through him, at least initially, that I learned everything I knew about Josh. He liked him a lot. He said he was really cool. He missed California a lot; he’d lived there his entire life and had some close friends that he really missed. He was at least happy to hear that the beach was only an hour or so away and that we had a swim team he could try out for.

Guess I was gonna become a fan of our swim team.

Josh and Casey hung out now and then since Josh really didn’t know anyone. School wasn’t for another month or so. I was sometimes invited where they went but it seemed like it was always to do something I was horribly inept at. I was really nervous about making a fool of myself in front of Josh and so, despite my great want to be around him, I declined most of the invitations I was offered.

By the time school had been in session for a while I had hung out with Casey and Josh on a number of occasions. I found that he was a really nice guy, funny and sweet. At some point Casey had told him I was gay and he didn’t give a shit. He was straight but I fantasized about him anyway. I had one hell of a crush on him. Damn straight guys and their cock teasing.

As he was a year older than me and Casey he had his driver’s license while we only had our permits so he could drive without an adult in the car. Whenever we went anywhere that needed a car we hopped in his Jeep. In mid-October Casey called me to ask if I wanted to go to the beach with him and Josh the next day. We’d leave the next morning, enjoy ourselves, have lunch, spend a couple more hours there, then leave and be back before dinner. I was pale as fuck but it sounded good to me. I did like the beach and liked seeing Josh in a bathing suit even more.

That night, like usual, I beat off furiously to the mental image of Josh naked. I saw him on top of me kissing me, his hard cock pressed into my stomach. I pictured him with blond pubes and a massive cock that would fill my mouth to overflowing with warm cum. I jacked myself off until I came all over myself, some of my cum arcing high to land between my nipples.

The next morning us hopped into the Jeep, tuned the radio to 96.5 FM, and headed on our way. Casey always managed to call shotgun before I did and so the back seat was my territory at this point. I felt childish sitting back there and always felt like I was butting into their conversations rather than being a part of them so I just sat in the back and daydreamed for much of the drive. The drive was pretty boring and took us through DeLand, a town only slightly larger than ours but with its own university, to Daytona Beach.

We arrived around 10AM and unpacked the car. I carried the bag of towels and other supplies; Casey carried the cooler; Josh carried two surf boards. We found a nice spot and settled in. While I put on my liquid pants Josh ran down and tested the water. His board shorts were blue & red and hugged his ass perfectly. He wore them just below and as he ran there was just the right amount of jiggle in his cheeks. He dove in, swam a minute, and then came back. Though they hugged his ass perfectly the trunks showed nothing of his cock, even when wet. He looked good though. His legs were covered in a nice amount of light-brown hair and a treasure trail of a lighter blond led my eyes from his belly button to where they disappeared behind the drawstring of his trunks. So my dreams were true. If only he knew how much of a tease he was.

I the morning alternating between swimming in the shallows and sitting on the beach watching the two of them surf. It was never something I’d learned to do. Plus, I needed the vitamin D anyway. Every now and then one or both of them would come on shore for a couple minutes to rest and have a soda or a snack from the cooler. I always watched fondly as Josh retreated back towards the water. Though I was careful not to let him catch me I was pretty sure he noticed once or twice.

For lunch we headed to a nearby Subway and luxuriated in the air conditioning for a while but eventually headed back to the beach and just sat around for a while to digest. We talked shit for a while and then Josh turned to me.

“Why don’t you surf?”

“Never learned”

“I guessed that, thanks. Why not?”

He flashed this amazing smile when he said that.

“I don’t know if you can tell,” I said, raising my arms “but I really don’t go outside much.”

He laughed.

“I guessed that too. But why not?”

“I dunno I gu-“

“Sean’s always been the scholar in our group. We play football and he reads. Right Sean?” Casey volunteered.

“Right?” I answered, not entirely sure what the answer to that question was.

“Well, I’m gonna to teach you to surf. When I go out just watch me.”

“I do er will.”

Fuck. Did I just say that? I thought I saw a smirk on Josh’s face for a brief moment but it could have been my imagination. Casey certainly had a smirk on his but Josh couldn’t see that.

“Good. Watch what I do and when I do it. When I come back in I’m going to actually show you and have you do it on the sand.”


“Ready?” he looked at Casey.

“Go ahead. I need another minute.”

Josh got up and headed out. I avoided looking at him as Casey practically stared at me.


“Sean and Joshie sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-“

I threw sand at him.

“Shut up!”

“You do. Don’t you?”

I blushed and turned away. Casey always knew when I was lying anyway. There wasn’t any point.

“He noticed you watching him walk out by the way. He thinks it’s kinda cute.”


I almost got whiplash my head turned so fast. But Casey was ready and was already running towards the water with his board in hand. Josh knew I had a crush on him? He thought it was cute? I felt like my head was going to explode. So he knew I stared at his ass and he let me? Cute? Wuh?

I tried to watch Josh surf but Casey’s comment kept popping up, confusing and distracting me. I had no idea what to make of it.

After about ten minutes Josh started walking up the beach towards me. He put his board down about ten feet out, dug a hole, and moved his board so that the fin was in the hole leaving the board flush with the sand.

“Come here.”

I got up and walked over to where he was squatting next to his board. I squatted down next to him.

“Watch me. There’ll be a quiz when we’re done.”

He got down on his stomach on top of the board like he was swimming out to where he waited.

“When you’re going after a wave this is how you’re going to be.”

He started to mock swim. The muscles on his back were sexy and his ass looked heavenly.

“You need to swim fast enough so that when the wave reaches you you’ll get carried along and won’t just stop after a couple feet. Got it?”

I nodded.

“Good. Now, once you get moving you need to get up onto your feet. You need to do it really quickly but you have to be careful not to lose your balance.”

He showed me how to get up step-by-step. It seemed like he lingered on his knees, in a doggy-style position, longer than he needed to but that could just have been my dreams getting in the way of reality. Regardless it was hot and my cock started to stiffen. It took about 20 minutes total of him showing me how to get up and all that before he decided it was my turn to do it.

“Ok, show me what you learned.”

I got down on the board and Josh kneeled in the sand next to me. When he told me to I started to get up and even though I was on a stable board I started to lose my balance. Hey, I never said I was graceful. Josh reached out and grabbed me on either side of my hips to support me. I blushed.


“Any time but maybe you should work on your balance.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

He pulled his hands away and I continued doing exactly as he’d shown me. When I finished standing up he had me repeat the entire exercise over and over again until he thought I was good enough.

“You ready to try it on the water?”

He looked so excited that I didn’t want him to be disappointed. I wanted to make him proud but I was nervous.

“Next time. I promise. I’m not ready yet.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Just hold me to it. Besides, we’re gonna have to leave in a little while. Don’t you wanna get some more waves in before we go? I’m fine up here. You have fun.”

Josh looked up at the sky as if he could calculate the time and then out at the water where Casey was waiting for a wave to ride.

“Ok. But next weekend we’re coming back and you’re getting on this stick and going for a ride.”

If I hadn’t known that “stick” meant surfboard I would have taken that much differently. Even with my knowledge my mind went to some rather dirty places. I grinned back at him as he picked his board up and I watched him as he ran out to the water. The two of them caught some more waves as I laid back and fantasized about all the things I wanted to do to Josh. I was imagining being on my knees, tracing his happy trail down into his board shorts, when I heard the two of them talking about their last waves of the day as they walked up the beach.

We packed up our stuff and headed home. The drive was uneventful and seemed to go quickly despite my deep desire t get out of my board shorts, shower, and put on something more comfortable. When we pulled up in Josh’s driveway we piled and said our goodbyes. Hell, we’d probably see each other the next day. I was really happy with what had happened during the day. I’d gotten to know Josh better today than all of the rest of the time I’d known him. His teaching me to surfing was really nice and I enjoyed spending time with him.

I walked in the door and checked in with my mom before heading upstairs. I told her about my day and about how Josh was teaching me to surf. She was excited that I was learning anything athletic. She told me that dinner would be ready in about 45 minutes so I figured I’d have to time to take a shower and jack off before dinner. With all the tension from the day I was in dire need of relief.

I walked up the stairs and closed the door behind me when I entered my room and almost started stripping right away when I noticed the curtains on my window were open. My room was on the second floor but I was always paranoid about people looking in at me. The idea gave me the willies.

I walked to the window and was about to pull the curtains closed when Christmas came early. Across the gap between our houses Josh had neglected to close his curtains and by some miracle I had arrived just as he was getting undressed. I watched as he started untying the drawstring on his board shorts. The cords fell down and he pulled the two sides apart, giving them slack so that when he let go they fell down onto the floor where he stepped out of them. He was standing there, so close and yet so far, with just his boxers between my eyes and his jewels. My jaw dropped and my cock hardened.

I knew this was wrong. Josh was my friend. He was teaching me how to surf. He trusted me. He knew I was gay and he didn’t care. And I was betraying that; I was betraying that trust he’d placed in me. I was spying on him while he undressed in the privacy of his own room.

All that passed through my head in a split second. And when that brief moment had passed Josh’s boxers were on the floor and I no longer cared about the broken trust. There it was the beautiful penis I had fantasized about for so long. Even with the distance between us it was pretty obvious that his cock was glorious. It was soft and wasn’t huge but it didn’t look small either. He stretched a little and it moved nicely as it hung from a mass of pubes the same color as his happy trail. Heaven!

He stood there for a second and basked in his nakedness. He rubbed his hands off his chest and I followed them down as he cupped his balls and gave them a quick yank. I was entranced and was absent-mindedly rubbing my own crotch. He grabbed his cock and gave it a slow tug. And then another. My eyes were fixated on his cock as he slowly tugged it.

And then he stopped. His hand was frozen on his cock. Why? Why did he stop? It looked so good.

But then I knew. All I had to do was raise my gaze by the tiniest bit to see that Josh was staring straight at me. I was standing in the middle of my window, backlit, watching him with my hand on my cock. There was no way he could miss me and it was amazing he hadn’t seen me sooner. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! His face was a mix of what I could only describe as shock and disgust. I closed my curtains as fast as I could and jumped face-down onto my bed.

What had I done? I knew it was wrong and I did it anyway. I slammed my fists into my bed. I’d done it. I’d betrayed his friendship and I could never fix it. I wanted to cry but tears would not appear in my eyes. I was more mad at myself. I regretted all of it. Shit! By Tuesday the entire school was going to know what had happened and I’d be outed as a peeping tom. My world was going to be over. This was much worse than the Tori debacle.

It seemed like the world stopped and it was just me mentally castigating myself for my stupidity and being a horrible friend.

And then my mom knocked on my door. What did she want? Did she forget to tell me something? She knocked again.

“Come in,” I said, grudgingly.

I stayed on my stomach with my head buried into the bed. She opened the door and then closed it behind her. I heard footsteps on the floor and then she sat on the edge of the bed. She didn’t say anything.

I turned my head and was mortified to see Josh sitting there, facing away from me on the side of my bed. He’d changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt. He was looking down at his hands in his lap. I wanted to apologize him but my voice caught in my throat when I tried to speak. All that came out was a feeble croak.

He turned and looked at me. He offered a smile. There wasn’t any anger in his face. There were neither of the expressions I’d seen at the window. I sat up and he turned some to face me more directly.

“I’m sorry Josh,” I finally managed “I went to close my window and you were there and I couldn’t help myself. I should have but I didn’t.”

He just sat there.

“I really am sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about me… about me watching you.”

“I won’t say anything if you won’t.”

What? How would I be so stupid as to talk about my tryst with being a peeping tom?

“Why would I say anything to anyone about what I did?”

“Not about that. About this.”

Josh raised his arm up and ran his fingers through my hair and down to my cheek where he turned my head to face him more directly. He leaned closer until his face was only inches from my own and he was staring into my eyes. He had beautiful eyes. I could smell his breath. It was minty so he’d obviously brushed his teeth since we got back. Otherwise he had the manly smell of a guy who hadn’t had a shower after a long day. I was intoxicated.



And then he kissed me. It wasn’t what I’d expected. It wasn’t at all like the kiss I’d received from Casey or the making out I’d done with Tori. It was a kiss from someone who wasn’t sure what to do. Or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. I didn’t have much to compare it against really. But could it really be that I had more experience than this beautiful boy? I started to kiss him back. This is what I wanted and I was going to get it. I was aggressive and got him to kiss me with an open mouth. Our tongues touched and then rubbed against the other. Soon we were in a full-fledged make out session.

When we finally stopped making out both of us quickly caught our breath. I was as hard as rock in my trunks and I knew he had to be too. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I looked at him and he flashed the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. I wanted to rip his clothes off right then.

“That was hot.” He said.

“Fuck yeah it was. So what’s with saying you’re straight?”

“I say what I need to say to get by. What I actually want to say… and do is another story.”

While we had this conversation Josh had been massaging his cock through his shorts. I stopped pretending I wasn’t looking and just allowed my head to tilt down to watch. I could see the outline of his hard cock and it made mine twitch. I knew what I wanted to do. I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down on the bed. In a matter of seconds I was off the bed and pulling his gym shorts down to his ankles and off his feet. I got back on the bed and started rubbing his cock through the thin fabric of his blue boxers.

In the year since the Tori incident my cock had grown. I had hit one hell of a cock growth spurt and was now just about six inches in the cock department and very much comfortable with my size. Not that anyone had seen it hard since then. Josh, on the other hand, was packing a large sausage in his underwear. To my mind it felt massive. I couldn’t believe that he was this good looking and had a massive cock. I had to see it.

I let my eyes travel back up his body, past his delicious abs, and up to his face. He was intently watching my hand on his cock but took a break to meet my gaze.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this to you.” I said.

He was still grinning when I closed my eyes and pulled his boxers down to his ankles. I wanted to do this right. I leaned forward and kissed him again. I slowly moved down his body kissing him as I went. His neck, his chest, his nipple, his stomach… Down to his belly button. I lifted up but kept my eyes upwards and then slowly scanned down his body. When I got to his belly button I could no longer avoid spying my prize.

His cock was long and thick. The large head rested just under his belly button and looked swollen with hot teen blood. A drop of precum was clinging to the very tip. I ran my finger up the length of the shaft, causing it to twitch, before slowly rapping my hands around the hard shaft. I deftly lifted his cock off of his stomach. It looked perfect to me. It veered to the right a bit but was otherwise the epitome of what a cock should look like. At least in my eyes. It was, I was to find out, just under 7.5” and thick. He was circumcised with a pronounced change of color about an inch back from the head that I found very appealing. The glans, itself, was large and pink.

I bet his cock would taste amazing, I thought, as I slowly pumped it up and down. It was now or never. I’d dreamed of this moment for months and now was my chance. I had seen hundreds of blowjob scenes and had an idea of what to do. I lay down next to him but rested on my elbow. As I got closer to his crotch I could smell his manly scent even stronger and it turned me on like never before. I wanted this dick so fucking bad.

I bent forward and licked the head of his cock. His cock head was spongy and tasted salty from the beach but the precum was sweet. He moaned. I licked again. This time, teasing him, I started at the bottom of his shaft and licked up the side to the top of the head. His cock felt perfect against my tongue; slightly rubbery but with a silky feeling. I was hooked in an instant. I took the obvious next step and opened my mouth to take the head inside. I closed my lips just past the ridge of the head and lightly sucked on it.

Josh had been holding his head up to watch what I was doing but couldn’t anymore. When I started sucking on the head of his beautiful cock his other head dropped onto the bed as he sighed in pleasure.

“Your mouth feels so fucking good on my cock.”

I was ecstatic that he liked what I was doing as much as I liked doing it. My dream boy was on my bed with his cock in my mouth and he liked what I was doing. I started to take more of his cock. I bobbed up and down taking more of his huge length into my mouth each time I went down. The feel of his shaft rubbing against my spread lips was amazing in itself but the feel of his shaft rubbing up and down on my tongue only increased my pleasure. Each time I reached the top I caressed the head with my tongue. I was so hard that I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I let go of his cock, continuing to bob up and down, and used my now free hand to free my own cock from my trunks. My cock was aching as I started to jack it. I was really worked up and knew that I wasn’t going to last very long. But I knew that Josh wasn’t going to last much longer either. I wanted this to go on forever but that wasn’t an option.

His breathing was picking up and I could see a pained expression on his face as he fought to stave off his orgasm. In my mouth I could feel that his cock was somehow getting bigger. It was getting thicker. The head was hardening. Josh would be cumming before much longer. I would soon get to taste his warm cum. Everything he is would soon be inside of me. He was practically gasping for breath.

Josh put one of his hands on my head and gently applied pressure to the back of my head.

“I’m…I’m close…”

I started to bob faster. I wanted to taste him.

“Oh god…so fucking good. Don’t stop.”

His dick was now starting to pulse softly and he was trying to thrust up into my mouth as his fingers wrapped into my hair.

“Oh! Oh fuck!”

His cock was now throbbing and jerking. A split second later the first jet of cum shot into my mouth and Josh groaned. I could hardly believe how powerful the spurt was but I barely had time to contemplate it before another blast flooded my mouth.

“Uggh take it!”

And another spurt. And another. Josh was filling my mouth with his warm cum. And I was in heaven. He kept pumping it in. Eight spurts of cum in total coated my mouth and throat in his teenage sperm. As he came I continued to bob up and down on his cock and he moaned with each load deposited. His hand let go of my hair and fell to his side.

As he rode the wave of his orgasm I slowed my bobbing. Finally he stopped cumming and I stopped bobbing. I slowly pumped his cock up once to make sure I got as much of his cum as possible into my mouth. I didn’t want to waste a drop though I knew that wasn’t going to be possible. I lifted my head off his cock, a small amount of cum spilling out of my mouth and onto my chin.

Josh looked exhausted. He was laying back, arms akimbo, and panting. His eyes were glazed over and his mouth was stuck in a smile.

I leaned back and finally took the time to savor his cum. I swirled it around in my mouth. It tasted amazing. It had a powerful taste. It was slightly bitter and salty but it had a sweetness too. It had a texture somewhere between creamy and slightly chunky that is impossible to describe. Like with licking his cock I was hooked instantly. I would need more of this sweet nectar. I swallowed it all and ran my tongue around the inside of my mouth in search of the rest.

I never stopped jacking off while this happened and now I was really close. Josh was all but forgotten for a second as all attention went to my cock as I approached my own orgasm.

“Fuck yeah!” I groaned

It was like a dam broke and a year’s worth of built-up cum was now flowing up the length of my shaft. It was almost painful. The first shot actually hit my neck and each of the proceeding shots all got progressively lower on my t-shirt but never below where my belly button would have been until my cock just started leaking cum. I pumped it until nothing more came out.

My own head hit the bed. I took a second to recuperate and catch my breath. When I opened my eyes Josh was propped up on his elbows and was looking at me.

“That. Was. Amazing.” He said.

I couldn’t help but agree. What seemed like it had lasted forever was the most amazing fifteen minutes of my entire life. I’d blown my dream guy and had experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life up to that point. There really no words which could adequately explain what I’d just experienced.

End chapter 4

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