Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. To my surprise I fell for Sandra, a girl I would never have imagined me with.
My Daughter's Girlfriends 6 - Sandra

Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. To my surprise I fell for Sandra, a girl I would never have imagined me with.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet Sandra," Megan said.

Megan was my 13-year-old daughter. She knew I was in a loveless marriage to a woman two years my senior, extremely overweight, and so self-absorbed that she hardly knew her family anymore. She hated me and I quit loving her years ago. All she cared about was her friends and her TV Soaps.

But my darling daughter seemed to want to take care of me, to make sure she had plenty of her girlfriends over for my visual enjoyment. On a few occasions things got out of hand and I ended up having sex with some of these girls. I'm not proud of it. It's pathetic that I didn't have better control. My daughter didn't helped me keep control either, using those opportunities for us to have sex as well.

But I have put down the law with my daughter and myself. No more sex with anyone. Since I haven't had sex with my wife in about a decade, that means a pretty loveless life for me. So I still let my daughter bring her girlfriends around and I just lusted after them, looking but no touching. That's all.

"Nice to meet you Sandra," I greeted her with a smile. This girl was obviously matured physically already. Megan told me later that Sandra had her growth spurt when she was 12, growing nearly 6 inches to a height of almost 5 and a half feet. Her parents apparently were both very tall.

Sandra was a bit overweight though, well maybe more than a bit. She looked about 180 pounds or so with quite a hefty waist and butt. Her face was full but you could see she had a pleasant smile. Because of her weight I couldn't tell how big her breasts were, just that she had them and they were sufficiently large, blending in with her large stomach. Her straight blond hair hung halfway down her back. If it wasn't so ratty it might have hung even lower.

She displayed a sadness about her that made me think the kids at school probably teased her about her weight. It seemed contradictory to me that I loathed my wife's weight and felt sorrow for Sandra's. I wondered if she would ever find a boyfriend, ever feel the loving touch of a man.

"So are you in classes with Megan," I asked Sandra.

"Yes," she said with a smile. I liked her smile. It made me think that this was a girl that some guy would love forever, if he could just get past her size. "We have home room together and PE."

Her mention of PE got me wondering what she looked like standing in the showers at school, what she would be like in bed. But I wasn't going there anymore, I had to stop those thoughts.

"Well I'm glad to meet you," I told her.

"Dad, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind taking us to the cabin this weekend," Megan asked.

We owned a cabin a couple hours drive up in the wilderness. It was lakeside giving us quite a nice access to the water. There were plenty of other cabins around but so many trees that it seemed like you were all alone.

"Your mom doesn't really like going up there anymore," I told her.

"Dad," Megan responded with a look of you've-got-to-be-kidding-me. "Mom can stay here like she always does. Sandra came to my rescue when some girl at school was picking on me and I want to treat her to a nice thank you. I thought a weekend at the cabin would be just the way to do that."

"Tell you what, if it's alright with her parents then it's alright with me. We can drive up after work Friday and come home Sunday, or whenever if you guys get bored."

"Thank you Dad," Megan squealed, kissing me on the cheek. "And trust me Dad, you won't, I mean we won't get bored."

"Thank you Mr. Martin. My parents already said it was OK with them if it was OK with you," Sandra assured me.

"So you guys planned this whole thing, huh?" I chuckled.

"I knew you would go for it," Megan smirked. "You know you love the cabin."

Just to be sure, I informed Alice, my wife, about our plans and to see if she wanted to join us.

"Are you just stupid, Jerry?" Alice berated me. "How many times do I have to tell you I'm never going to your god damned cabin. I hate that place." I was inwardly relieved and glad she wasn't coming with us.

Friday came and the girls were at the house ready and waiting when I got home from work. They each had a backpack with their essentials. I threw a few things into a gym bag and we loaded up. We stopped at the local market for a few grocery items and headed out.

Megan had a habit of always putting her girlfriends in the middle of the front seat, pinned between her and me. Sandra was large enough that our bodies were touching the whole trip up there. The feel of her pressed against me was enough to keep me in a semi-hard state the whole trip. I didn't understand it either. Sure she was pretty enough, but her weight should have been a total turnoff. Yet I found myself attracted to it, to her.

After we arrived we took the few items we had into the cabin. I wanted to get things in order before we lost the sunlight for the evening. But it didn't take us long.

"Dad, can we do a quick swim," Megan asked.

"It's almost sundown and starting to get on the cool side, don't you think?" I pointed out.

"Please Mr. Martin," Sandra asked. "I don't really swim when I'm home, you know, because of my weight. But I won't mind it with you because of, well Mrs. Martin and all."

She was struggling to be polite. I wondered how many times she had gone swimming and then was called names because of her weight. How many times did it take her to just stop swimming altogether? I couldn't refuse. "Sure, let's all go."

Megan got into her black two-piece suit. She had small breasts but looked good. Sandra had on a one-piece, dark blue. Her chubby fat showed through the lower part of her suit. She had thick legs but no cellulite. They just looked strong. I still didn't have a good idea about her breasts and it started to bother me. I wanted to find out how big they were, what they looked like. I caught myself daydreaming about them, how big they would be in my hands, how much could I get in my mouth. Fuck, I had to stop doing that, day dreaming about her like that. She had not given me any indication of interest in that way.

We walked down to the water and all got in. It was cool but not cold. The heat of the day still lingered in the first half foot of water in contrast to water below that.

Sandra swam over to me. "Thank you again Mr. Martin."

"Now stop calling me that, Sandra," I scolded her. "Please call me Jerry."

"OK, Jerry, I like that name," she said. "Calling you Jerry makes me feel more at ease, more welcome to your family."

"I wanted to thank you, Sandra, for protecting Megan at school," I told her. As I was talking to her I realized that both she and I must have been squatting a bit in the water such that we had just our head and upper chest out of the water.

There was a long silence that was broken when I realized I had been staring at the top of her suit where it covered her breasts. When I looked up I saw her smiling at me.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry for staring, fuck, I mean I shouldn't have sworn." I was stumbling all over the place.

"It's OK Jerry," Sandra calmed me. "I haven't had a guy look at me like that, well never. And your welcome about Megan. I really like her. I hate bullies."

"Never-the-less it was nice of you to do. I owe you big-time." I wanted her to know how much it meant to me to have her protect Megan like that.

"And I apologize for staring," I told her.

"Please don't apologize," she countered. "I told you I liked it. If anything stare some more," she laughed.

This whole time Megan had been out of earshot, jumping off the pier. I looked back at Sandra, wishing I could see more of her, but not daring to try. "I wouldn't want Megan to think I'm some sort of pervert, so I'll keep my staring to a minimum, or at least not when anyone else is around." We both laughed.

But then she put on a serious face. "I meant what I said about liking your staring," she repeated. "You don't know how much it boosts my self-image. Tell you what, I promise not to tell Megan if you promise not to stop staring at me. A little drooling would be nice too," she laughed.

I knew it would be good for her morale so I agreed, "You've got a deal. But don't slap me if I get too forward with you."

She laughed again, "You can get as forward as you want." I felt her knees touch mine for a moment, sending a jolt of energy through me.

Just then Megan swam over. "I'm ready to go in. How about you guys?" We were all ready.

After drying off in the cabin we all got into our night clothes. I had a fire going and hot chocolate made before the girls came out. We ended up playing some kids games, Sorry and Chutes & Ladders, before pulling out a deck of cards.

"Oh boy, strip poker," Megan yelled.

"We don't have a lot to strip off," I warned.

"And your point?" Sandra added with a wink.

Sandra sure didn't talk or act like a normal 13-year-old girl, much older I thought. One thing for sure, she didn't have that sad look about her anymore.

"Oh come on Dad," Megan pleaded.

"Not on your life," I told her. "There was too much risk."

We decided to go ahead and hit the sack. But I couldn't seem to get to sleep. So I got up and went to the living room. I wanted to look at the stars through the large front room window. But to my surprise, sitting on the couch was Sandra.

"Can't sleep either?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. "Just thinking about stuff."

I sat down next to her on the couch. "When I can't sleep at the cabin, I like to sit here and count the stars."

Sandra had her legs pulled up on the couch. When I put mine out onto the coffee table she put hers on top of mine, crossing at the ankle. Her touch gave me that little jolt of energy again, this time in the groin.

I looked at her and said, "You are a different kind of girlfriend than those Megan has had in the past."

"Good different or bad different," Sandra quizzed me.

"Oh definitely good different," I responded.

"Different how?" she pursued.

"Well for one you are completely grown," I told her. "There is no difference between you and an adult woman."

"Doesn't that sound bad for a 13-year-old?" she asked.

"Oh God no, just the opposite," I began to explain. "It is erotic, sexy, a total turnoff for any guy to look at you and know you are so young, yet so developed."

"So I turn you on?" she asked.

"Well no, I mean yes, no, I mean I shouldn't feel like that, but yes, you do." My answer was a total mess.

"Then do you think I'm pretty?" she asked point blank.

"Yes, of course I do," I assured her. "You have a wonderful smile, and your…"

Cutting me off mid sentence she leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were warm and full. It surely wasn't the first time she had kissed someone. I let the kiss continue for several more seconds before my head took over. I couldn't let this happen again, not to another girl.

I pushed Sandra back away from me. "I'm sorry. I can't do this." I got up and walked away. "I'm going to bed. You should too."

My sleep was erratic that night. But there was one constant, Sandra. I made love to her several times in my dreams. There was no denying that I wanted her. I just couldn't have her. She was too young and I wasn't going down that path again.

In the morning I fixed breakfast. Megan was excited but Sandra looked down. I wondered if it was because of my rejection the night before. As I finished bringing the food to the table Megan asked me, "Dad, don't you think Sandra should wear her two-piece today in the water?"

"Absolutely," I agreed.

"I'm sure your dad doesn't really want to see a fat girl in a two piece," Sandra argued.

"Number one, I think you are beautiful," I told her, "and number two, I think you would look awesome in a two piece and I can't wait to see you in it."

"See, that's 2 to 1. You have to wear it," Megan stated with finality.

After breakfast we all got in our swimming suits. When Sandra came out she had on this bright yellow two-piece suit. Yes she was big, even overweight, but she looked voluptuous. And I could finally get a view of her breasts, covered of course, but a view anyway. They were clearly in the D-cup or larger range and sagged because of their weight. But that didn't stop me from fantasizing about them, of me sucking them dry.

"You look fantastic Sandra," I told her. But she didn't seem to believe it.

We played around in the water and as in the night before Megan sort of went off and did her own thing. I swam up to Sandra.

"You really do look great," I told Sandra again.

"Why do you do that?" she asked. "You say one thing but you do another."

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"You tell me how beautiful I look, but you push me away," she explained. She was talking about the prior night when she kissed me for a few seconds and I stopped it.

I was now in front of Sandra, standing up, with the water to my shoulders. I knew she had to be treading water. "Hold on to me so you don't have to keep treading."

She took her hands and grabbed onto my shoulders, wrapping her legs around my waist, not too tight, just enough to keep her balance and rest.

But with her legs around my waist I reached around her back and pulled her in tight, close enough that I knew she could feel my hardness press against her. There was a little bit of a wind that kept the water moving. Her body was shifting up and down with the waves, rubbing me as I held her tight.

She closed her eyes and I leaned in and kissed her. "Oh, don't tease me," she cried.

Fuck, I didn't care anymore. I wanted her. "Tonight, after Megan is asleep, come to my room, at 11:00 PM," I instructed. "Promise me you'll be there."

"I promise," she said. Then I pushed her away laughing. "See, you're always pushing me away."

"Be there, tonight," I reiterated.

We all messed around the rest of the day, had dinner, played some games (no not strip poker), and then around 10 PM went to bed.

Around an hour later I heard Sandra enter my room. "Jerry?" she whispered. "Are you awake?"

"Just waiting for you," I told her. "Remove your nightgown and get in bed with me."

Sandra dropped her nightgown to the floor and climbed in bed. "You know, I'm older than Megan pretends. I turn 14 next week."

"You look 18 to me, so that's what you are." She seemed happy with that.

I slid over next to her, felt her body with mine. My right hand found her breast and gently massaged. "That feels so good," she said.

We kissed, our tongues taking turns exploring the other's mouth. I lifted myself up and between her legs as she instinctively spread them open. My hard shaft laid against her opening but I did not enter her yet.

Taking turns I played with each breast, sucking and tickling her nipples. Then I worked my way down her stomach. She had plenty of hair around her pussy but I licked her as if she were shaved. She groaned as my tongue split her pussy lips and then slid upwards across her lit. My saliva and her growing wetness prepared her for what I was about to do.

Licking my way back up her stomach to her breasts I took the left one into my mouth and sucked hard on it. Aligning my shaft's head with her slit I ever so slightly entered her. I took her nipple between my teeth and bit down a bit hard. At the same time I pinched her right nipple between my fingers hard. As I knew she would cry out in pain I muffled her sounds with a kiss and thrust my cock forward as hard as I could.

Sandra cried out in my mouth from both the pain of her nipples and the shock of me breaking her hymen. Letting go of her nipples I quickly pulled my rod back some and thrust in again, not even waiting a moment for her to get used to me. It only took 2 or 3 more thrusts to get a smooth rhythm going.

I stopped our kiss to let her breath as I continued to fuck her.

"That hurt at first but it feels better now," she said. "It's feeling good actually."

I began to pick up the pace, slapping my body against hers. She was full grown and had plenty of padding. I knew I could pound her hard and deep and that's what I started doing. She spread her legs even more and began to push her hips upwards to meet each thrust.

"Oh my god, Jerry," she cried. "What's happening to me."

I tongued her nipples a little. They were rock hard. I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. It spurred me, thrusting even harder.

"Is this what you wanted from me Sandra?" I asked her.

"Uh huh," she moaned.

"So you like me fucking you, do you?" I asked again. "You like your almost 14-year-old body being pierced by my rock-hard prick?"

"Yes, yes," she bellowed.

I knew this was it. She was moments away. Then it hit. Her body lifted me up off the bed as I continued to pound into her. I wanted to cum with her so I just let myself go. I had been holding back until this moment. My first shot of cum is always the best. It went deep inside of her. I pulled back one last time and drove in as deep as I could go. Holding myself there I let go of the rest, shot after shot of my hot cum into this former virgin teenager.

When I was done I collapsed on top of her, my head resting across her breasts. Both of us were out of breath. As I rolled off of her and onto my back, there, standing next to the bed was my daughter Megan.

"Let me clean you off daddy," she said as she climbed onto the bed with us. I didn't have the strength to stop her. But the thought of my daughter taking my half-limp cock into her mouth was too much to pass up. I spread my legs and gave her room to get between, to have better access to my waning prick.

But as she had done time and again before, she kept me from going completely limp. She worked my member in and out of her mouth for several minutes until it began to get hard again.

When she had it sufficient for her use she crawled up onto me and straddling me, slid my prick up into her tiny hot cunt. I looked to Sandra who was staring at us in awe. "I never thought that you and your dad could ever do this," she mused out loud.

"Seeing you two fuck like you did," Megan explained, "was such a turn on, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity." She didn't let on that we had fucked before.

Megan worked me all on her own. I just laid there while she fucked me, too tired to do anything else. Since I had just cum, Megan was able to bring on a pair of orgasms before she finally had me climaxing again.

After we finished Megan fell to the other side of me so that I had a girl on each side. I pulled the cover up onto us all and said, "Well you might as well sleep here tonight, in case we get a little frisky during the night."

But I was too tired for anything else until morning, fucking them both before breakfast.

We stayed a little later than we should have Sunday, taking advantage of our new relationship one more time before leaving.

The drive home seemed to go quickly in spite of an odd silence. No one seemed to want to talk. When the three of us entered the house, my wife Alice greeted us, "Hello darling." She never called me darling. Something was wrong. "You remember Edith don't you?"

I met Edith at one of the parties Alice dragged me to. She was obese like my wife, looking ten years older than what she was. I smiled with a nod of recognition.

"Edith is Sandra's mother," Alice said. My jaw dropped. "Her 15-year-old daughter."

Well that explained a lot, why Sandra looked so much older than Megan. She was older, by two years.

Alice continued, "Her under 16-year-old jailbait daughter."

Just then Sandra produced a small video camera that she handed to Alice. "I'm sorry Daddy. Momma knew what we had done and said she would send you to jail if I didn't play along."

"I just needed hard evidence," Alice explained. "Now I have it. I'm taking the girls out for a couple of hours. I'm sure you will see to Edith's needs, right Jerry?"

I nodded yes, knowing that Alice had me by the balls. I had suddenly become a sex slave to all her friends, starting with Edith.

After Alice left I turned to Edith and cringed as she gave me a big smile and that come-hither move you do with your finger.

The End

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