I go to rescue my 14 year old niece from a party and end up fucking her and her blonde friend
I took another sip of my beer and rearranged my feet that were propped up on a foot stool. It was
Saturday night and I was all alone. My wife had gone to her sister's for the weekend and I was
watching a play off football game I had been anticipating all week. It was the third quarter and
the score was 10 to 7, a very tight game.

It was third down on the home teams 25 with 2 yards to go for a first down. Just as the ball was
snapped the phone rang. I tried to ignore the insistent ringing as the players crashed into each
other. Then as the player carrying the ball crashed to the ground, buried under a pile of other
players, obviously well short of a first down, I sighed and reached for the phone.

I picked it up and growled,"This better be important!"

There was silence on the other end for several seconds, than just as I was about to hangup a
young female voice said in a quavering whisper,"Uncle Brad?"

"Chloe?" I ask, my attention split between the game and her.

“Uncle Brad, can you come and get me? I'm scared." She said in a slurred, quavering whisper.

Instantly my attention was totally on Chloe.

"What's wrong? Are you ok? Where are you?" I ask in rapid fire succession.

"I'm at a party with Sam and she's passed out. There are a couple of older guys here and I think
they gave us something. I'm starting to feel woozy too."

"Tell me where you are."I said pulling on my shoes.

She gave me the address and I was in my truck screaming down the street less then a minute
later. It should have taken 20 minutes, but only took ten to get to the address and when I pulled
up I could tell there was a party going on. All the lights were on, I could see people through all
most every window and the music coming from inside was overpoweringly loud.

I double parked right in front of the place and made my way to the door. I didn't even knock, I
just grabbed the door handle to see if it was unlocked, which it was. I let myself in and found I
was in the middle of a press of teenagers.

A blonde boy about 18 or so pushed through the crown and when he was close yelled over the
music,"This is a private party. You'll have to leave if you weren't invited."

"Sure no problem." I yelled back," As soon as I find my niece and her friend."

"If they're here they want to be." He yelled back,"Now leave!"

"She's 14." I yelled back at him,"Do you really want the cops showing up here? If I leave without
her and her friend they will be on your door step in about 2 minutes."

The young man looked thoughtful then yelled ,"Ok, Who are you looking for?"

"Chloe Patterson." I hollered,"She's 4' 10" tall about 90 lbs. Long dark hair and like I said she's

"I think I saw her down stairs." He screamed back,"This way."

We made our way though the crowd and down a set of stairs. The lower room was dim. The
lights were at a very low level, barely enough to see anything by. Couples were sitting and laying
around all over the floor and furniture, making out. I could see several who were openly fucking.
It took me several minutes to find Chloe.

She was sitting on a couch, drunkenly trying to fend off the advances of a young college age
boy and not doing very well. He had her jeans unfastened and one hand down the front. Next to
her sat Sam, her cute blonde thirteen year old friend.. She too had a young guy sitting with her
but he was having more luck then Chloe's companion.

Sam looked to be totally passed out and the boy had her skirt up around her waist with her
panties pulled down around her knees. He had one hand between her legs and also had her blouse
and bra pulled up to her shoulders, exposing her firm little titties. He was sucking on one of her

I was about three inches taller and 50 lbs. heavier then either boy, so I grabbed both of them by
the collar and jerked them to their feet.

"I think you two should take a hike before I get really mad." I growled.

I helped them along with a shove and both disappeared into the crowd.

I pulled Chloe to her feet and said,"Fasten your pants. Can you walk?"

"I think so." She said in an unsteady, slurred voice.

I quickly pulled Sam's blouse and bra down, but not before I took a long look at her tits. The girl
was built in that department. She was a large "A" cup and both her globes looked firm and
inviting. Additionally her nipples stood up like small pencil erasers. As I pulled up her panties I
also noticed the fine blonde pubic hair covering her slit. I could feel my cock growing hard at the
sight of that tight little slit just an inch from my fingers.

I pulled her panties up, than adjusted them. As I did I allowed my fingertips to slide along her panty covered slit, causing my cock to twitch at the feel. I picked her up and cradled her in one arm. She couldn't have weighed more then 85 lbs. I took Chloe's hand and made my way back through the crowd. When we stepped out the front door, I was glad to be out of the din.

I walked to my truck, Chloe in toe. She was having difficulty walking so I had to hold her up as
we made our way to my pickup. When we got there I shoved Sam onto the seat, then helped Chloe in. I walked around climbed behind the wheel.

As I started the truck I said,"What are your parents going to say when I take you home?"

"They....they aren't home." Chloe said in a sleepy, very slurred voice.

Over the next few minutes, in fits and starts, I got the story out of my niece. Her parents were gone for the weekend and they thought she was staying with Sam, while Sam's folks thought she was staying with Chloe. The classic teen scam. I decided they should spend the night at my place and I'd take them home in the morning. I started the truck and drove slowly back to my house.

A few moments into the ride I said to Chloe,"I think you'd better stay with me tonight."

When I got no answer I looked over at her. She was slumped against the far door, passed out. I
reached over and shook her, yelled at her, but couldn't rouse her. As I drove home I glanced
down at Sam's legs. She was slumped against me and I could feel her firm little tit pressed
against my arm.

I glanced over at Chloe. She was laying against the far door totally out of it. I knew I shouldn't
but the image and feel of Sam's little panty covered slit that was burned into my brain flared bright. Before I could think about it I found my hand sliding up between her legs. I pushed her legs apart and my fingers touched the crotch of her panties. They were damp and my cock twitched at the sensation.

I worked my fingers under her panties and as my finger tips slipped into her wet slit, the feel
made my cock begin to leak precum. I drove slowly home, fingering her all the way. When we
arrived I pulled into the drive, shut my truck off, but kept right on fingering her tight little snatch.
I knew it was wrong, knew I could get in big trouble, but it felt way too good not to.

Finally I sighed, pulled my fingers from inside her panties and got out of the truck. I picked
Chloe up, carried her inside and put her on the spare bed, then returned for Sam. As I
pulled Sam from the cab the memory of her firm tits, the feel of her tight wet pussy ran through
my head.

I carried her in and placed her on the bed next to Chloe. I slowly reached out and pulled up her
skirt, exposing her panty covered mound. I stood there a war raging through my head. If I wanted
to fuck this sweet little girl, I had the perfect opportunity. She would never know I had and if she
did figure out she'd been fucked, it could be blamed on someone at the party.

On the other hand it was illegal, immoral and down right slimy to fuck her. As I stood there
staring down at the pretty little blonde, my brain began to justify what I wanted to do. I slowly
pulled her panties down until her tight little slit, covered by that spare growth of fine hair, was
exposed to my sight.

Again I stood staring, the advantages and disadvantages running through my head. As I thought
about it I hooked my fingers into the bottom of her blouse and slowly pulled it up. I hadn't fastened her bra, so her firm little tits popped out a moment or two later. I leaned down and put my mouth over one.

As I sucked on her small erect nipple, the war in my head grew. Part of me yelling to fuck her, the other part yelling that it was wrong. I slipped my hand down and allowed my thumb to slid between the warm, slick lips of her pussy. As I pushed my thumb into her warm, tight hole the war in my mind ceased. My cock had won.

I stood up and stared down at the unconscious, young girl. I knew I shouldn't fuck her right
there, just incase Chloe came to, so I picked Sam up and walked to my bedroom. I laid her on the
bed, then locked the door, again just incase Chloe woke.

I slowly pulled her skirt down and off, dropping it to the floor. I hooked my fingers into the band
of her panties and slowly worked them down off her legs, dropping them on top of her skirt. I
pulled her top over her head, threw it to the floor, then pulled her bra off her arms and tossed it
after her other clothes.

I stared down at her naked body; pale smooth skin, tight little tits with light brown areolas the
size of a quarter, nipples that were standing tall like twin pencil erasers, and that fine blonde hair
that covered her pussy mound.

Slowly I stripped, dropping my clothes in a pile. Soon I stood naked next to the bed, my hard
cock waving in the air, precum glistening on the tip. I climbed onto the bed and spread her legs. I
leaned down and ran my tongue up her smooth inner thighs, reveling in the smooth soft sensation
of her skin against my tongue. As I licked closer to her pussy, the cock hardening scent of her
young snatch assailed my nostrils, causing my cock to leak even more precum.

As my tongue slid between the warm lips of her pussy, I rammed it in as far as I could. The taste
of her young snatch was heaven. I pushed her legs up and began to slowly eat her pussy, licking
from her tight brown asshole to her clit, over and over, stopping from time to time to ram my
tongue as deep into her tight hole as I could before licking on.

She tasted so fucking good and her cunt was so tight and tender, I knew I could spend hours
eating her tasty little snatch, but I also knew I couldn't hold out much longer. My cock head was
covered in precum and I knew I'd bust my nuts right there on the sheets if I didn't fuck her soon.

I moved up between her legs, pushing them even farther up until her knees were against the
mattress on either side of her. I took hold of my rod and rubbed the head up and down her tight
little slit. I put the bulbous knob of my cock against her hole and nudged forward, pushing the
head between the lips of her pussy.

The visual and tactical sensation of my cock head sliding between the lips of her cunt was
incredible. Her pliable little pussy lips spread around the bulbous purple head of my invading
cock as I slowly pushed forward. As the ridge began to disappear between her labia I felt
resistance. At first I thought it was her hymen. I stopped, my cock head being gripped by her tight
little cunt.

‘Is she a virgin?' I thought,'And if she is, should I?'

I sat still for several seconds considering, then I answered my own question with,'You've already
gone too far. Do it.'

I reached around her legs, grabbed hold of her hips, picked her up, then grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her, propping her ass up off the bed for a better angle. I pressed forward pulling on her hips as I did. I felt my cock slowly start to slide into her tight tunnel. As I felt her sweet, tight pussy gripping my cock, I pushed a little harder, pulled on her hips a bit more. Slowly, very slowly, inch by inch, I slid into her, until I found myself full length in her tight pussy, my balls pressed against her firm little ass cheeks. I could feel my cock head against her cervix.

I sat still, buried in her pussy, enjoying the feel of my cock sheathed in her warm super tight cunt.
I knew once I started to fuck her it wouldn't take me long before I busted my nuts inside her. I
wasn't worried about getting her pregnant for I had a vasectomy years before. I just didn't
want to rush it. I did want to get a few pictures before I finished. I decided to get some
before I filled her warm little pussy with a load of cum.

I slowly pulled out of her, watching as my cock slid out of her tight pussy, delighting in the way
her pussy lips clung to my shaft as if they didn't want to let go. Just before my cock head came
out I stopped and stared at the image of my shaft glistening with her juices. Then I pulled out
completely, my cock popping up as it withdrew from her tight, swollen cunt.

For an instant I felt sorry, then as I glanced back down at her pussy, the pink swollen lips slightly
spread, glistening in the light, beaconing me, I pushed those thoughts away.

I picked up my camera and took several pictures of her pussy, then several more with my fingers
inserted to the knuckle. I put another pillow under her ass, raising it so that I had a great angle to
fuck her and take pictures. I pushed the head of my cock into her and took several more pictures,
then pushed it to the root and took several more.

I took a couple of her firm little tits, then more as I fondled her nipples, all the while staying
buried balls deep in her tight cunt. Finally I turned the camera to video mode and placed it on the
night stand pointed at the bed to catch the action. I pushed her legs up and began to fuck her with
long hard strokes.

With her super tight pussy gripping my cock, it wasn't long and I was close to cumming. I pushed balls deep into her tight cunt as my cock exploded, pumping rope after rope of sticky cum into her violated little box. When I was done, I grabbed the camera and focused it on her pussy
as I pulled my cock out. I recorded the image of my cum covered cock sliding out of her tight
little snatch. When my cock head popped out it was followed by my cum dripping out of her
slippery little hole and running down the crack of her firm little ass. I caught it all on camera, then turned it off and dropped it back in the drawer.

I leaned over and sucked at her nipple, then sat up and said to her,"I'd really like to fuck you one
more time, but I have no idea how long you're going to be out and it's going to take me a few
minutes to recover from that one,. I can't afford to have you coming to while I'm fucking you."

I went to the bathroom and got a wet wash cloth, then came back and wiped as much cum as I
could from her pussy, thighs and ass. I slowly dressed her, taking my time and fondling her as I
did. When she was dressed I unlocked the door and carried her back to the spare room.

Chloe lay as she had been when I left her there. I laid Sam down next to her, than on impulse
walked around the bed and unsnapped my nieces jeans. I pulled them down just enough to push my hand between her legs, curled my fingers as I shoved them into her tight cunt. I had two fingers pushed all the way into her cunt and never encountered a barrier.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned to the air,"I think I'll try your sweet little cunt too!"

I finger fucked her for a time, watching my fingers disappear than reappear, slick and shiny, from inside her warm little tunnel. I reached up and pulled Chloe’s tight top up over her tits. She had on a black lace number that showed off the firm roundness of her young breasts.

I shoved my hand up under her back, located the clasp and with a quick flip of the wrist had it undone. I hooked my fingers under her bra and slowly pulled it up off her breasts all the while still finger fucking her tight young pussy.

I grinned as the bra pulled up and her tits popped out. Chloe had dark hair and dark skin. The areola’s of her tits were dark brown and covered a third of the top of her tits. Her nipples were big and standing up. I leaned down and took one in my mouth as I shoved my fingers as deep into her tight box as I could. I sucked at her hard little nib as I slowly fingered her tight hole.

I was rolling her nipple with my tongue, thinking about going to get my camera, when Chloe moaned and twitched. I froze, my lips on her nipple and fingers still buried deep in her pussy. She moaned again, then I felt her hips raise toward my fingers. I wanted to fuck her, but I was afraid she wasn't as out of it as Sam had been. I really didn't need her waking up while I was fucking her.

I slowly pulled my hand out of her pants, zipped them up, then pulled her bra and top down. As I started to reach up under her to try to fasten the clasp, she moaned and rolled her head back and forth. I quickly pulled my hand from under her, then placed a blanket over them both and left the room.

I figured I would have another chance at fucking my cute little niece. I didn’t want her waking up while I was buried in her cunt. I was tired by but before I went to sleep I down loaded the pictures I and taken and hid them in a locked file.

As I climbed into my bed my eyes landed on the wet spot where I had fucked Sam.

‘Damn,' I thought,'to bad she had to be drugged for me to fuck her.'

I drifted off to sleep with the remembered feel of Sam's tight pussy filling my head.

The next morning I got up at 8:00 AM. I let the girls sleep until 10:00 AM then went up and
woke them.

I shook Chloe's shoulder and called her name until she groggily came awake.

She was disoriented at first, saying,"Where...where are we?"

"You're at my house." I said,"In my spare bed. You need to wake Sam so we can talk about last

I left and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Sam and Chloe came down 15 minutes later.
Their eyes were blood shot and both looked like hell.

"Sit."I told them pointing to a couple of chairs.

They slid into the indicated seats and I placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of each.

I chuckled as I noticed they looked a little green and said,"Eat. Breakfast and a shower will do
you good. Then we need to talk about last night."

Both girls ate slowly, and when they were done I said,"Up the stairs and halfway down the hall is
a big bathroom. Go shower then come back down."

They got up and made their way up the stairs. 45 minute later they came back down, looking a lot
better. I was still in the kitchen and as they came in I pointed at two chairs.

They sat and I ask,"Are you two alright?"

Chloe nodded and said,"I think so. Thank you for coming to get us."

"No problem." I replied.

Sam looked up at me and nodded, than said," think I'm ok. I guess I was out of it at the

"You were. Both of you need to be more careful. Do you remember anything about last
night?" I ask looking from one to the other.

"I remember taking a drink someone offered me. Then after that nothing until I woke here."

‘Yes!' I said to myself,'She has no idea I fucked her!'

I looked at Chloe and ask,"Do you remember anything?"

"I remember calling you."My niece said,"Then it's fuzzy until you came to get us, then nothing
until this morning."

‘Hot damn!' I thought,'I have an out if Sam realizes she's been fucked.'

"Yea, well I had to pull a guy off each of you when I got there. I have no idea what they did
before I arrived. Do either of you feel like anything happened last night?"

"Aw....what do you mean?" Sam ask, looking at the floor.

"Are you sore where you shouldn't be?" I ask trying to draw her out, then decided to use the
direct approach,"Is your vagina sore? Do you think someone had sex with you?"

Sam's face turned crimson and she stammered,"! I don't think so!"

Chloe looked at me with a thoughtful look and said,"No I'm not sore and I'm pretty sure no one
touched me."

"Ok than," I said,"Sam I'll take you home. Chloe, your parents won't be home until tomorrow so
I think you'd better stay here tonight."

Sam nodded accent. I was expecting an argument from Chloe, but to my surprise she nodded.

"You're not going to tell my parents about last night are you? Please don't!" Sam said.

"No I won't." I replied, thinking that her not telling them was one more layer of protection for me
if she ever decided she had been fucked,"But you have to promise that if you decide to do this
again you will think about it first. And if you still want to do it, call me so I can be a safety net
for you."

‘And maybe get another chance to fuck your sweet little pussy!' I added in my head.

"Ok, I will." Sam replied.

I took Sam home a half hour later than stopped by Chloe's house on the way back so she could
get some fresh clothes..When we got back to my house Chloe said she was going back to the
spare room to take a nap. I adjourned to the livingroom to watch a game.

Chloe got up late that afternoon and joined me in the livingroom. We watched the last part of a
play off game.

When the final gun sounded around 5:00 PM, Chloe said,"Uncle Brad, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." I replied as I turned off the TV.

"Why didn't you fuck me last night?"She ask in a low voice.

I sat stunned at her question, then, as a feeling of panic began to build in my guts, I tried to dodge
it by saying,"Chloe! You're my niece! And if I had done that while you were passed out it would
be rape! I would never do that! I would never, ever do anything like that!"

"You fucked Sam." My niece said in a calm, level voice.

"I did not!" What makes you think I'd do something like that?" I said, my heart hammering, the
panic in my gut growing, trying to sound indignant but failing even to my ears.

"Well," She said, pulling the pair of panties Sam had worn the night before from her
pocket,"These have cum stains on them, see?" She said holding the crotch of the
panties out so I could see the stains on them,"And Sam said her pussy was really sore this
morning. When I looked at her panties and saw the stains, I knew someone had fucked her."

Chloe took a deep breath and continued, "I know Sam wasn't raped at the party because I
remember everything that happened up to when you arrived.. And she was with me the whole
time so she couldn't have been. I didn't pass out until we were on our way to your house. The
only place she could have been fucked was here. And since you were the only one here, it had to
be done by you. And besides, I've got these,"she held up Sam's panties,"with your cum on

I knew I was caught. With a sick feeling in my gut but still not willing to admit to my niece I had
raped her friend I said,"Ok, what if I did?"

"Did you like it?" Chloe ask quietly.

"If I had done it," I replied, still trying to sound like I didn't,"Yea, I would have enjoyed the hell
out of it."

"Uncle Brad," Chloe said,"Please don't try to act like you didn't. I know you did. You fucked my
friend while she was passed out. Admit it."She waved Sam's panties and said,"I have the

Chloe knew I had fucked her little blonde friend, that was apparent. Even with the sick feeling of
being caught by her I had to admire her intelligence and the way she figured out the clues.

I sighed and said,"Yes, yes I did. When I picked you two up at the party I had to dress Sam. It
started then, while I was looking at her nice little titties and that fine little pussy, all I could think
about is what it would feel like gripping my cock.. When I got you two here, I put you on the
spare bed, but while I was standing there looking at Sam, I just had to feel those tits. When I
sucked on one of her nipples I knew I wasn't going to stop, so I took her to my bed. To
thoroughly answer your question about if I enjoyed it; I licked her pussy, I sucked her
tits and I fucked her. Yes I enjoyed the hell out of it."

I paused for a second than ask,"Does she know I did, or does she believe someone at the party

I couldn't believe my ears when Chloe said,"She doesn't know. I convinced her she was sore
from the booze. And I hid her panties while she was showering so she wouldn't see the stains. I
told her I'd find them later and give them back. If she ever suspects I'll make her think it was at
the party." Chloe said.

I was stunned. Chloe was covering for me.

"Why would you do that?" I ask puzzled,"Why cover for me?"

"You're my uncle and I don't want you to get in trouble." She said, than added," I also want to
know why you didn't fuck me too."

I thought about it for a moment, then decided to tell her the truth.

"I would have if I knew you were going to be passed out as long as you were. But I was
nervous about you waking up and finding me doing it to you."

"It's not because I'm your niece?" She ask.

"Hell no!" I replied,"In fact after I fucked Sam I unzipped your jeans, unfastened your bra, fingered your pussy and sucked on your nipples for a short while. Unfortunately you started to wake, so I stopped. If you hadn't, I probably would have fucked you too!"

“I know you did.” Chloe said smugly,”I woke while you were doing it. And you didn’t fasten my bra so I found it undone this morning, so I know it wasn’t a dream.”

I was stunned and all I could do was stare at Chloe.

"Did you cum inside Sam?"Chloe ask.

I recovered and replied,"Yes. I know what you're thinking and don't worry. There's no way she can get pregnant. I had that taken care of years ago."

We sat silent for a short time than I said,"So what now? You going to report me?"

Chloe smiled and a weight lifted from my gut as she said,"No. I'm not."

We sat silent for a time then she seemed to change directions as she said,"You know Clare has
been having sex since she was my age, did you know that?"

Clare was Chloe's older sister. She was 18 and away at college.

"No I didn't." I said, wondering where she was going with it.

"Yes. She loves sex. And she told me why."Chloe replied, looking slightly smug.

I was still puzzled by what she was doing so I played along,"She did? And the reason is.....?"

"Well Clare told me that when she was a few months from her 15th birthday she had been baby
sitting for the Franco's down the street one Saturday night while Mrs. Franco was out of town
and Mr. Franco had to go to a business dinner. Both the Franco kids were small at the time, Peter
was 5 and Rachel was 4, so Clare had put them to bed early, 7:30 PM."

Chloe stopped for a moment and I waited, still wondering where this all was going.

Chloe continued her story, "Mr. Franco came home at 8:30 that evening. He had a few drinks
under his belt and was feeling good. He ask Clare if she would like to dance with him. Clare was
a little surprised but said yes. Mr. Franco was very handsome and Clare had a crush on him.
Anyway they danced and during the dance Mr. Franco kissed her. Clare was shocked, but
decided it was just a kiss, so she kissed him back, that is until she felt Mr, Franco's hand sliding
up under her skirt. She tried to make him stop but he said that he knew she really wanted it
because of the way she teased him. He didn't stop. Anyway he fucked her that night. And
according to Clare made her cum three times."

I was shocked, intrigued and totally absorbed by her story, so when she hesitated I said,"Yes?
And then?"

Chloe smiled and continued,"Clare thought about reporting him, but didn't. In fact she went back
the next weekend and did it again with him. She said he could make her cum multiple times each
time they did it. They fucked for a few months until his wife caught them. Clare thought it was
all over then, but to her surprise Mrs. Franco joined them. Clare told me that she fucked both of
them until she left for college."

I was stunned. My oldest niece had been fucking the neighbors and I never even had a clue!

‘Damn the luck!' I thought.

I was still puzzled about why Chloe would tell me that story.

"Why did you tell me that?"I ask.

Chloe smiled and said,"I've been groped by boys since I was 12. All of them want to touch me,
but none know how. I even had sex with one of them. It wasn't bad, but he stuck it in and got off
in less then a minute, then wanted to go home. I've always wanted someone to teach me about
sex, like Mr. Franco did with Clare, but I never knew how to go about finding them. If the
Franco's hadn't moved I would have ask him to do it with me. But now I have you. I won't tell
about Sam if you'll teach me about sex."

It took a moment to sink in, then my cock began to swell as it hit me what she wanted.

"You want me," I said slowly,"To have sex with you? Teach you?"

She nodded.

"And you won't tell anyone about what I did to Sam?" I ask, the lump that had been in my
stomach seemed to shrink at the thought of my reprieve.

"No I won't." Chloe said,"In fact Sam and I have talked about this a couple of times. She wants
to find someone to teach her too."

Suddenly the weight of my actions were gone. I not only was going to get away with fucking
Sam, I also had a chance to do it again, only this time with her awake and participating.

I smiled and said,"Chloe, you are something! I will be happy to help you out."

Chloe smiled and said," I'm hungry. Can we order pizza?"

"Sure," I replied.

"I'm going to go shower and change before it gets here." She said.

Chloe ran up that stairs as I dialed the pizza place.

Half an hour later the pizza arrived and I yelled up the stairs,"Dinner is here!"

Chloe came down the stairs and as I saw her my cock grew stiff. She had on a tight white blouse
unbuttoned halfway down, a black mini skirt that barely cover her crotch and showed off most of
her legs. She also had on a pair of red high heels.

I stood staring as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, smiled and slowly pirouetted. Then
looked at me expectantly.

"Chloe my sweet little niece," I said with a grin,"you are the embodiment of any mans fantasy!
My god you are beautiful!"

her cheeks flared red and she said in a soft whisper,"You....really think so?"

"Absolutely!" I said with a grin, pulling her to me and wrapping my arm around her.

"Are you ready to eat?" I ask, my hand gently sliding down hr back to cup her firm little ass

"I'm...not sure I'm hungry right now." She said, her hands against my chest and her eyes down

"Are you having second thoughts?" I ask, hoping that wasn't the case.

"No," She said, her voice steady,"I'm just a little nervous is all."

"Ok," I said,"If you're not hungry, why don't we dance? That might quiet some of your nerves."

"Sure." She replied.

I took her hand and lead her to the livingroom. I picked out a CD of soft jazz and put it on. As the
music began to play, I pulled her to me and we began to sway with the slow beat.

I let my hands wander of hr body, down her back, over her firm ass, up her sides until I touched
the sides of her breasts, then back down her sides, letting my thumbs rub over her on stomach
and finally her mound, stopping just above her pussy.

I slid my hands around her hips and up under her skirt. I cupped her bare ass cheeks in my hands
as I kissed her. As my tongue invaded her mouth, I let my hands slid under her panties and
allowed my fingers to invade her wet little pussy.

I had her ass cheeks in my palms, one fore finger in her hole and the other stroking her clit. She
moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I sat down and
placed her straddling my lap. With her legs spread across mine I had great access to her pussy. I
pushed two fingers into her cunt to the second knuckle.

As I diddled her I whispered,"Do you play with yourself? Touch your pussy?"

"Oh,oh...yes.....yes...almost every night." She moaned.

"Do you cum when you do?" I ask, shoving my fingers deeper into her tight pussy.

"Oh......y...yes." She sighed.

"Has anyone else made you cum?"I ask sliding my fingers in and out of her now dripping pussy.

"Y...yes." She groaned.

"Who? Who made you cum?"

"S.....Sam." She said.

"Sam played with your pussy?" I ask surprised.

"Yes...oh yes. When we stay over at each other's...oh that feels so good! each other's house.
We...touch each other."

"Have you tasted her pussy?" I ask my fingers sliding in and out of her cunt while those on my
other hand stroked her clit.

"" She groaned.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and placed them against her lips saying,"Here taste. You'll
love it."

She tried to pull away, but I shoved my finger into her mouth. She grunted in protest, then a
moment later I felt her begin to suck at my fingers as the taste of her own pussy got to her. I
dipped my fingers into her slippery little cunt and made her lick them clean twice more. By the
last time she was eagerly licking all of slippery pussy cream off my fingers. As she finished
cleaning the last finger I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the mouth as I stuffed my
fingers back into her tight, dripping little snatch.

"Now," I whispered to her," Cum for me baby. Cum for your uncle...cum for me...."

She groaned, then gasp,"I'm...I'm going to cum....oh...oh...OH...OH.....OHHHHHHH!" She
screamed the last as I felt her body stiffen, then the fantastic feeling of her pussy squeezing my

As her climax faded, she sat slumped against my chest, moaning lightly.

"That....that was fantastic!" She whispered,"I've never had one like that. Can we....can we do it
again some time?"

"You don't think we're done do you?" I ask with a grin,"Hell, we're just getting started!"

I picked her up off my lap and set her on her feet. With a few quick pulls I had her blouse off,
then just as quickly pulled her skirt to her ankles. A second quick yank brought her panties down
around her ankles. I grabbed her by the waist, picked her up, then sat her down on the couch next
to me. I pushed her gently onto her back, putting one leg over my lap and the other over my
shoulder as I did.

As I leaned down I said,"Now it's my turn to taste that sweet little pussy of your's."

I spread her pussy lips with my thumbs, then slowly licked from her hole to her clit with one
long, firm lick. She groaned, I felt her stiffen, then felt her hips push up towards my probing

"You like that do you?" I ask.

"Uh,hu." she said.

I licked her slit over and over, from her hole to her clit. Each time eliciting a moan of pleasure
from her. Finally I gave her a slow lick, then slammed my mouth onto her clit and sucked hard at
it, lashing it with my tongue as I sucked. She let out a cry as I rammed two fingers deep into her
tight little pussy. I hooked them and began to rub her G-spot as I sucked at her hard little nub.

It didn't take very long before I felt her pussy grip my fingers as she climaxed yet again.

I stood and quickly pulled off my clothes, then climbed between her smooth soft thighs, I put the
precum dripping head of my cock against her glistening slit and pushed. Just as with Sam, her
labia spread and stretched around the bulbous head of my cock as it pushed into her.

Another push and I was balls deep in her tight warm pussy. As my balls slapped against her ass I
felt the head of my cock hit her cervix. I reached down and cupped her tits, pinching her
nipples as I began to slide in and out of her slippery tight cunt.

"Oh shit you feel good!" I groaned,"You've got the tightest little pussy I've ever had!"

Each time I rammed into her I could feel her firm little titties jiggle and hear her grunt as my cock
head hit her cervix as I bottomed out in her cunt.

I closed my eyes and fucked her slowly, ramming into her over and over until I could feel my
balls swelling, getting ready to dump a load of hot cum into her pussy.

I pushed into her as deep as I could, until my cock head was shoved against her cervix just as my
cock erupted, blasting cum straight into her teenage womb. As my cock throbbed, I heard her
moans change to a strangled cry and felt her vagina grip my cock, pulsing around my hard shaft
as she too climaxed.

I left my cock buried deep in her pussy as I ask,"So? What do you think of fucking?"

"Oh God uncle Brad!" She breathed,"It's! But why does everyone say it's nasty
and bad?"

"Well," I said ,"moral reasons for one. Lots of people believe sex is bad because religion tells
them it is only for having babies. Me I like to think that it wouldn't have been made pleasurable if
we weren't suppose to enjoy it. There's other reasons too. If you do it without birth control, you
can get pregnant. Also if you're not careful you can catch diseases and some guys aren't very
gentle. They can hurt you. As far as you and I go, incest is not only looked on as a sin, but it's
illegal too! That is because of the chance of me getting you pregnant"

I grinned and shoved my cock deeper into her pussy as I said,"But because I can't get you
pregnant, we don't have to worry about that!"

"So,"She said stretching her arms above her head, which caused her firm little tits to stick up,"If I
get on birth control, watch who I do it with and make sure they aren't going to hurt me, there
isn't any other reason for me not to do this?"

"That's right." I said, looking down at where my cock had her pussy lips stretched around it's

"But if I just fuck you the only thing I have to do is not tell anyone?" She ask.

"Yes, that's the only thing you have to worry about when you do it with me." I said, pulling my
cock out an inch and grinning at the sight of her labia clinging to it.

"And even if I let someone else fuck you, I'll make sure they are safe." I said using my thumb to
rub her clit.

"I think," She said with a smile, "I'll be fucking you for a while!"

I looked over at the clock and discovered it was only 6:00 PM. I grabbed Chloe tight, picked her
up with my cock still in her pussy, then sat down with her astride my lap, still impaled on my

I began to fuck her sliding her hips back and forth which pulled my cock out of, then slid it back
into her wet warm little cunt. As I fucked her I got a great idea.

"Chloe,"I whispered,"Why don't you call Sam and see if she'd like to come over for the

Chloe had her eyes closed and was enjoying the ride on my cock.

She whispered back," want to fuck her again don't you?"

"Yes,"I whispered back, "Yes I do. But I also want you to taste her pussy. If you want to learn
about sex we might as well do it all."

"O....ok." she groaned,"But..can you make me cum....once more...just once more...then I'll call

I reached around her and put my finger tip against her tight little brown eye. As she felt my
finger begin to enter she jumped and her eyes flew open.

"Wha....." She gasp.

"Relax." I said soothingly,"I promised not to hurt you didn't I? And I promised to teach you ALL
about sex, didn't I? This will feel good, trust me. And sometime soon I'm going to put my cock
up your ass too!"

Chloe nodded nervously, closed her eyes and tried to relax as I worked my finger into her tight
hole. Soon I was banging her wet pussy with my hard cock and fingering her tight asshole. I used
my other hand to cup her small firm breast, rolling the nipple between my fingers. After a few
minutes I added a whispered encouragement.

"It feels good doesn't it? Really good. Are you close to cumming my sweet sexy little niece?
Ready to cum on your uncle's cock? Are you gunna show me how much of a little cum slut you
are? That's it baby...cum for uncle.....squeeze my hard cock with your tight little teen pussy."

I had my finger all the way up her ass to the second knuckle, and the head of my hard rod was
pushed tight against her cervix. With one quick move I rammed my finger farther up her ass,
and began to pound her pussy hard, ramming my hard cock into her over and over, the bulbous
head slamming into her cervix at the end of each stroke.

I could hear her moans going up, getting louder and more shrill. I began to fuck her ass with my
finger as I fucked her pussy with my cock, growling as I did,"That's it cunt..cum for me..give
uncle your climax....cum for me you little cunt...CUM FOR ME GOD DAMN IT!"

I punctuated the last by ramming my finger up her ass to the third knuckle. Just as my cock
head hit her cervix on the next stroke I heard her high pitched moan turn into a scream, felt her
body stiffen and vibrate, then felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and her asshole clamp down
on my finger.

She came and came, screaming as she did, her pussy pulsing around my hard rod as her ass did
the same to my finger.

Finally her scream reached a fever pitch, then abruptly ceased as she collapsed against my chest
gasping,"Please...please no more...please I can't take any more right now!"

I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass and let her sit astride of my lap, slumped against my
chest, still empaled on my rod.

She was breathing in gasps as I wrapped my arms around her and whispered,"Aw my little slut
niece, you are a fantastic piece of ass. But rest, then we'll call your little blonde friend to come
join us."

She sat on my lap for a few minutes then slowly got off.

She stood next to the couch as I said,"Go take a shower, it will revive you."

Chloe showered, then came back to the livingroom dressed only in a large T-shirt I had given

As I headed up the stairs I said,"Why don't you call Sam while I'm showering?"

Chloe smiled, nodded and was picking up the phone as I walked into the bathroom. I showered
and returned to the livingroom 15 minutes later with only a towel around me..

As I walked in and sat down on the couch Chloe grinned and said,"Sam will be here in half an
hour. I told her I was spending the night with you and that we could find something to do if she
came and stayed with me. I didn't tell her what we've been doing but we'll let her in on it after
she gets here."

"Why didn't you tell her what we were doing?" I ask puzzled,"I thought you said she wanted to
learn about sex too?"

"Oh she does!" Chloe grinned,"But Sam is shy and has a hard time making up her mind. If I told
her what we were doing she would have spent half the evening trying to decide if she wanted to
do it. Once she's here, I can show her, rather then try to tell her and I'm sure she'll do it."

"How do you think we should tell her?" I asked, wondering what Chloe had in mind.

Chloe smiled, walked over to me, reached under the towel I had wrapped around my waist and
cupped my balls saying with a grin,"Leave it to me uncle!"

Before I knew what she was doing my niece dropped to her knees, reached under the towel and
pulled my half hard cock out of the towel and began to stroke it. It took less then two seconds of
her hand sliding along my cock to have it to full hardness.

"Oh Shit!" I grunted, "If you keep that up I'm going to blow my nuts again! And I won't have
anything left when Sam gets here."

Chloe grinned, still stroking my hard shaft as she said,"We can't have that! Sam deserves a good
fucking. And besides, there are some things I want to do."

"Like?" I ask, wondering what she had in mind.

Chloe grinned again, idly stoking my shaft as she said,"I told you Sam and I touched each other.
And I can still taste the juices from my pussy you put onto my tongue. I lied to you when I said
I've never tasted Sam's. We were staying together one night and we had stolen some of my dads
booze. We drank it then fingered each other. After a while we started to play a game of dare. Sam
dared me to lick her pussy. When I put my tongue between her pussy lips it tasted so good I kept
doing it until she cummed. I want to taste her again," Chloe looked up at me smiled and
added,"while you're fucking her."

I looked down at my niece, stunned. Like a light switch being turned on, in the space of a few
short hours, my niece had gone from a nave young girl wanting to learn about sex, to a sex
hungry young woman wanting to try everything she could. And I was going to be the lucky
bastard showing all of it to her!

"Ok," I said,"We can arrange that. But before we do, I need to give you another lesson. Sam will
be here in a half hour and I think you should know how to suck a cock before she gets here.".

Chloe smiled and nodded. She still had her hand wrapped around my hard shaft.

"Take the head in your mouth," I instructed her.

She leaned forward and slid her warm lips over the engorged purple knob.

"Lack thith." She said around the mouthful of cock.

"Just like that." I replied,"Now the secret to a great blowjob is be gentle. Keep your teeth away
from it and slide it in and out of your mouth."

Chloe began to follow my instructions. After I made a few small corrections she was doing great
so I added,"Use your tongue like it's the best tasting lolly pop in the world."

After a very few minutes Chloe was sucking my cock like a pro. It didn't take long and I was
close to blowing a load down her throat.

I pushed her back, pulling my cock out of her mouth as I said,"I think that's enough for now. I'm
really close to cumming and I want to save it for Sam's tight little pussy. Damn girl! You are
really good at that! Sometime soon I'll let you finish it."

Chloe sat with a grin on her face as I praised her.

A knock sounded at the door.

"That's Sam!"Chloe said,"Quick, pull your shirt on and keep the towel over your lap."

I did as she requested, then Chloe went to let Sam in. I could hear them talking, but couldn't
make out what was said. They both came into the livingroom a few moments later.

"Aw....Hi." Sam said shyly.

"Hi yourself." I said.

I could feel my cock get even harder as I looked the young blonde up and down. She had on a
skirt that hit her at mid thigh, showing off most of her smooth, shapely young legs. She had on a
tight tube top that showed off her small but firm tits. And to top it off I could see both her nipples
through the fabric.

"Sit down."Chloe said to Sam pointing to a spot right next to me,"I've got something to show

Sam sat down on the couch and looked a question at her friend.

Chloe grinned, reached under the towel on my lap, wrapped both hands around my hard shaft
and pulled it out into the open.

"Chloe!" Sam gasp, her eyes wide with disbelief,"What are you doing!"

Chloe grinned again and replied,"Brad's been teaching me a few things. Want to see?"

"I....I.....I....don't know." Sam stammered.

"Watch." Chloe said, then leaned forward and swallowed half the length of my cock.

She started bobbing her head up and down, both hands wrapped around the base holding it
pointing straight up so she could slide her mouth down over it. She was giving me a killer blow

"Chloe!" Sam again gasp,"You'' god you're sucking his thing!"

Chloe puled her mouth off and said with another big grin,"Yea! And not only that, I've ridden it
too! Sam I cummed so many times I thought I would faint! It's so good! You have to try it! You
just have to!"

"I don't know." Sam replied, caution in her voice,"It won't hurt will it?"

I laid my hand on her bare knee and said,"I guarantee it won't. Would you like to watch Chloe do
it first?"

"" Sam stammered, then almost under her breath said,"Yes."

Chloe grinned started to and climb onto my lap.

I stopped her and said,"I have to run upstairs first. I have a cock ring up there and I need to put it
on. If I don't I'm going to cum in a very short time and I really don't' want to, yet."

Chloe nodded as I stood.

"Come to think of it,"I said,"Why don't we all three go up to my bedroom? We'll be a lot more
comfortable on the bed."

Chloe nodded enthusiastically, but Sam looked a bit frightened.

"I tell you what,"I said,"I'll go first and you two come up a little while, Ok?"

Chloe nodded and a moment later Sam hesitantly followed suit.

I went to my bed room and grabbed the cock ring out of the night stand drawer. I pulled it over
my cock and down over my balls. I knew from experience it would help keep me from cumming,
for a while anyway. I climbed onto the bed and sat against the head board waiting.

Ten minutes later Chloe came in the door leading Sam by the hand. She walked to the bed and
climbed on, pulling Sam with her.

"Watch this!"My sweet little niece said to her blonde friend as She straddled me.

I reached down and lined my cock head up with her pussy hole, then she pushed downward,
sliding the entire length of my rod into her tight warm pussy in one long push.

"Oh my god!" Sam gasp as she watched my hard cock disappear into her friends body.

"Does it hurt?" Sam ask, sliding closer so she could get a better look.

"God no!"Chloe said, leaning back so Sam could see,"Sam it's totally amazing! It feels so good!
You won't believe it! You have to try it!"

Chloe began to slide back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her wet, tight little pussy.

Sam's eyes were glued to the action and after a few moments said,"Well....maybe."

"Why don't you come closer so you can see better?" I said, gently pulling the pretty little blonde
towards us.

Sam lay with her arm on my chest staring at Chloe sliding up and down on my hard cock. I
slowly let my hand slid down her back, then over her tight little ass cheek. I left it still for a
moment, then slowly pulled her skirt up until I my fingers rested against her panties just where both legs joined.

I could feel that her panties were very damp. I began to gently message her ass crack, slowly
working my fingers under her panties as I did. Soon I had my fingers on her bare skin, rubbing
her ass crack a fraction of an inch from where I wanted to be, her tight, warm little pussy.

Chloe was really getting into fucking my cock. From the way she was going at it I figured she
was going to cum soon and I didn't want her to, yet.

"Chloe." I said to get her attention,""Perhaps you should stop for now so we can show Sam a few
other things."

I winked at her when I said that and she grinned, then nodded. She slowly got off moving up onto
her knees so Sam could watch my cock slowly withdraw from my nieces pussy.

As the head popped out Sam gasp,"It was all inside you! All of it!"

Before Chloe climbed off me I reached up and pulled the T-shirt she had on off over her head
and tossed it to the floor. She climbed off and got on the other side of Sam.

"Sam,"She whispered to her friend,"Let us take your clothes off. This is so cool! And so much
fun! You just have to try it!"

Sam was laying on her back and didn't say anything, but I saw an almost imperceptible nod of
her head. Quickly, but gently, I pulled her skirt down her legs, then tossed it to the floor. A
moment later I had worked her panties down off her hips, pulled them off her legs and tossed
them to the floor.

As I reached up to remove her top I saw that Sam's eyes were closed. I pulled her top up and was
delighted as I saw her put her hands up the make it easier for me to pull it off. I tossed it to the
floor, then leaned down and took one of her erasure hard nipples into my mouth.

As I began to suck on it she gasp in surprise. I slipped my hand between her legs, slid my fingers
into her slit and began to finger fuck her tight little hole.

Sam groaned and I could feel her legs spread, feel her hips begin to push up, a silent request for
more. I glanced over at Chloe. She was laying on the other side of Sam a look of total lust on her
face. I got her attention and nodded my head at Sam's pussy.

It took a moment for Chloe to understand what I was signaling, but then a huge grin broke across
her face as she climbed between her friends legs. I used my wrists to urge Sam's legs farther
apart until she was spread wide.

I nodded at Chloe, who leaned forward and as I pulled my fingers out of Sam's pussy, replaced
them with her tongue. As Chloe's tongue slipped into Sam's pussy the young blonde groaned,
and arched her hips, pushing her pussy towards my nieces lapping tongue.

"Oh...o...wha...what's happening? Wha...what are you doing....OH!" Sam groaned.

I leaned down and whispered,"Relax. Chloe is licking your sweet little pussy. She wanted to taste
you. I think if you relax, she will make you cum."

Sam moaned again, then I saw her hands reach down and grab the back of Chloe's head, pulling
Chloe's tongue farther into her dripping little pussy.

"That's it,"I whispered to Sam,"Relax. Enjoy it."

I slid down far enough so I could get my hand between Chloe's legs. As she felt my touch her
legs parted and my fingers slid into her warm, sopping cunt. I lay there fingering Chloe's pussy
as I watched her eat her little blonde friend.

It wasn't long and Sam groaned, her hips lifted and I could tell she was cumming.

As she did I pushed Chloe to the side saying,"My turn! I want to feel that tight little pussy around
my cock!"

I scrambled between Sam's soft thighs, lined my cock up with her dripping hole and pushed,
shoving ½ the length of it into her very tight tunnel. It was just like the first time. I could only get
my cock halfway in she was so tight. She cried out and arched her back as she felt my rod inside
her stretching her tight pussy. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders, grabbed her hips and
lunged forward, I felt the incredible tightness of her cunt surround the length of my cock as it slid
all the way into her and my cock head hit her cervix.

Sam again let out a cry and arched her back as my cock head hit her cervix.

I had hold of her hips and began to fuck her with long slow thrusts. Each time my cock would
bottom out in her tight cunt and she would let out a gasp. Soon I was very close to cumming. I
wanted to make it last, but knew I couldn't, so I began to fuck her with hard strokes.

When my cock exploded, I rammed balls deep into her, my cock head tight against her cervix as I
filled her tight little pussy with cum. As my cock throbbed the first time I felt two things: Sam's
pussy began to pulse, squeezing and milking my cock as she too climaxed and Chloe's hand
stroking my balls.

It seemed like I came for an hour. Finally I had pumped all the cum I had into Sam's sweet depths. I looked down as I pulled out of her, watching my cock slide out of her cum filled hole. Even as slick as she was now, her pussy lips clung to my cock, as if it didn't want to let go. My cock head plopped out immediately followed by a stream of cum dribbling out of her.

I looked at Chloe, who was staring transfixed at Sam's cunt. She slowly bent down and licked at the stream of sticky spunk coming from Sam. She sat still for a moment, then again leaned down and rammed her tongue into Sam's cum dripping pussy.

I sat back, watching as my niece licked her little blonde friend. My cock had wilted when I pulled it out of Sam and I didn’t think I could get hard again for a while. But as I watched my niece lick Sam, Chloe’s tight little ass clenching each time she would lick up Sam’s wet dripping slit, Sam would arch her back and moan, my cock stirred and began to grow stiff.

I got behind Chloe, grabbed her hips and lifted her to her knees. I leaned down and ran my tongue up Chloe’s slit, causing her to tremble and groan. I pushed two fingers into her tight cunt and finger fucked her as I licked at her clit. As I licked her, my fingers sliding slowly in and out of her tight tunnel, I felt my cock grow to rock hardness once more.

I got up behind Chloe and put my cock head against her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pushed forward, sliding my cock balls deep into her tight teen pussy. I began to fuck her. Each time I slid into her I pushed her face into Sam’s wet little pussy, which brought a gasp form Sam and a groan of pleasure from Chloe. This time I was in no hurry and knew I’d last for a while. I fucked into my niece with long slow strokes.

I had been fucking into Chloe for a good ten minutes when I heard Sam begin to whimper, then she grabbed the back of Chloe’s head and pulled my niece’s face tighter against her pussy as a long shrill cry broke from the young blondes lips. A moment later she collapsed back onto the bed and lay still.

Chloe was still between Sam’s legs but was laying with her eyes closed, one cheek against the other girl’s wet slit, moaning lightly as I continued to fuck into her tight pussy. A minute later I saw Sam move. She sat up and crawled down until she was laying next to Chloe. She pushed her hand under Chloe and a moment later I could feel Sam’s finger’s rubbing at my nieces clit as I slid into her.

Soon I heard Chloe’s groans go up an octave. A little while later I felt her hips begin to quiver, then suddenly she gasp, she pushed back Against me, wanting all my cock inside her. I obliged and pushed forward until my balls were against her pussy and my cock was sheathed to the root in her tight slippery tunnel. I felt Sam begin to fondle my balls, As she did Chloe’s body went ridged and I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as she climaxed. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of Sam’;s hand fondling my ball sack while Chloe’s tight cunt squeezed at my cock.

I wasn’t sure if I could cum again so I pulled my cock out of Chloe to give her a rest. As I sat back on my heels I noticed Sam staring at my cock.

“Aw...can I...can I I suck on it?” She ask.

“Anytime you want.” I said with a grin.

Sam climbed over to me and hesitantly took hold of my cock. It was wet and slippery with a combination of my cum and Chloe’s juices. Sam slowly leaned forward and tentatively took a timid lick at the head. She stared at it, then took a longer lick. A moment later she slowly put her mouth over the head.

“That’s good!” I groaned,”Suck it like it’s a lolly pop, but don’t let your teeth touch it, that hurts.”

Sam began to suck on my rod and she was a natural. Be fore long she had half the length in her mouth. I lay back and closed my eyes enjoying the young girls efforts. To my surprise I could feel my balls stirring and knew if she kept going I’d cum.

“Sam I’m close to cumming again. You want me ot cum in your mouth?”

Sam never even slowed down as she nodded her head. It took another 5 minutes before I came.

As I did I groaned,”Here’ it comes! Swallow...of!”

I yelled the last as my cock throbbed, blasting spunk into Sam’s young mouth. She swallowed, then again and again, taking every drop of my spunk.

When I was done Sam pulled her mouth off my cock, smiled and said,”That’s fantastic! I love the taste of cum! Can I suck you off agin later? Please?”

“Sure.” I replied with a grin.

Sam licked my cock totally clean, then both girls climbed up and snuggled against me.

“Can we come stay with you next weekend?” Chloe ask.

“Yea. We can come over Friday night and stay all weekend!”Sam added snuggling closer.

‘This might kill me.’ I thought as I cupped one of Sam’s firm little titis in my left hand and one of Chloe’s in my right,’But what a way to go!’

The End

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